Enormous amounts of money and human ingenuity is being spent to maintain the illusion of the existence of satellites. The hoax of the existence of satellites was created as part of worldwide takeover war propaganda.

People hear voices and feel electronic harassment while on airplanes not because of non-existent satellites but because of horizontal drift plasma antennas which is a phenomenon created by chemtrail aerosol spraying, and these antennas are used to direct and redirect signals.   Chemtrails contain nanobots which can get direct access to the brain and nervous system in humans.

In order to escape this electronic prison, it may be only a matter of making the following changes:-

We must dismantling all cell phone towers because they generate microwave radiation which is necessary to carry signals to and from the human brains.  (They may also affect human brain waves.)

We must also stop chemtrail aerosol spraying which creates horizontal drift plasma antennas which are used to direct and redirect signals.

All of the infrastructure that is being used for electronic warfare is on the ground, where we can access it and dismantle it. It is clear to a minority of people that there are no space based weapons.

We must stop using smart technology, because smart technology is being used to entrain the brains of humanity into a state of happy apathy.

We must stop using high definition televisions and high definition computers because of their subliminal influencing capabilities, and we must return to the use of analogue televisions.

We must ban all vaccination programs, because they may be being secretly used to implant people with a network of body sensors, which are two way communication systems, which can be used to send audio, video, and pain signals to selected targeted individuals, and can also be used to receive information from their bodies.

We must allow all suspected targeted individuals to be interviewed, in a situation where they are safe guarded from claims of presumed mental illness.

We must sever all under sea fibre optic cables which are being used to conduct unnecessary mind invasive and body invasive surveillance on random people throughout the world with a view to spreading this human body and mind surveillance to the whole of humanity other than the luciferian would be enslavers.

Targeted individuals can easily be indentified by the use of an industrial strength microwave radiation meter, which would detect the unique levels of microwave radiation coming out of their bodies.

Targeted Indiiduals ought to have their biofields photographed in order to identify unique and anomalous patterns in their biofields, in order to compare their biofields to the biofields of non targeted individuals.

The commodity number which corresponds to the number on the original birth certificate of each targeted individual should be checked for any anomalies relating to the stock exchange activities of that commodity number.   The wireless voice to skull direct communications have informed me that a birth certificate which was associated with my birth has serious anomalies.

I have been informed that extra and totally unnecessary technology has been installed on the telephone poles outside the homes of all Republic of Ireland targeted individuals.  This matter should be independently verified by people who are not employs of Eircom.

I have the contact details of twelve Irish targeted individuals who may also wish to be tested for any anomalies, bit I would only give their contact detail to scientists with their written permission.

Chemtrail aerosol spraying being conducted across our skies on a continual basis for the past several years is being used among other things to create what is commonly known as horizontal drift plasma antennas. (Patent No US6118407.) Horizontal drift plasma antennas is being used to direct and redirect signals, and without this the signals intelligence operatives would be totally disabled from doing any type of signals intelligence work, including both voice to skull direct communications and electronic harassment.     Stop Chemtrails Now

If we are not allowed to complain about any aspect of the government without being put on a watch list and then locked on to a computer enhanced human steering and guidance program by our unique brain signature, via brain link technology, where we are being watched by signals intelligence operatives on around the clock and second by second basis  for the rest of our lives in some instances and for a short few years of our lives in other instances, we are indeed living in a fascist dictatorship, worse than any fascist dictatorship that ever existed before.  I have been psychologically tortured on a constant basis over many years  in the past because of being once locked onto this computer enhanced human steering and guidance program.  I have been told by voice to skull direct communications that the computer enhanced, human steering and guidance, systems analysis program, which was run by signals intelligence operatives via voice to skull direct communication technology which I was put on, has cost my country Ireland, the sum total of forty eight million Euros.  It wont stop there because I have been told via voice to skull direct communication that a doctor I once attended in the distant past was put on the same computer enhanced human steering and guidance program.  I wish to reiterate that the computer enhanced human steering and guidance program that a selection of people are being brain linked to by their unique brain signature is currently being run by a wide variety of people including systems analysts, neuro scientists, signals intelligence operatives, computer programmers, psychologists and many other strategists.  However, in the future they are attempting to have this computer enhanced human steering and guidance program run by artificial intelligence alone.  In this way,   according to the voice to skull military communications which I have received in the distant past, this sub set of the Irish government and other governments across the world eventually hope to enslave all of us by artificial intelligence means.

The voice to skull direct communication once told me that in order for their staff to conduct surveys on selected targeted individuals, those targeted individuals need to have ingested particulates of certain food additives in the past number of days, so that said particulates would be in their system.   A product called biscuit bake is put into all mass produced biscuits at the initial stage of baking.  They claimed that this biscuit bake contains the particulates the staff need to conduct their surveys on targeted individuals.  If a human being only ever eats one ingredient foods and not mass produced foods containing many hidden ingredients, they will definitely not be targeted.  The voice to skull direct communication also told me at that time that crisps, commonly known as potato chips in the United States are a common source of the particulates needed by the signals intelligence staff to carry our their work.

The voice to skull direct communications once told me that if I did not agree to become their slave, they would enable their technology to eventually tie up all the neurons in my brain to a degree that I would be then locked inside my body without ever being able to move a muscle again.   That is the final analysis of their work.  I refused to become a slave.

According to the voice to skull direct communications, personal records are being kept on all of the micro surveilled targeted individuals, and many other high profile people, to a level bordering on the forensic.  These records include how many hours each human being sleeps every night, whether their sleep is REM sleep or otherwise, how many times they have had sexual intercourse in their whole lives, and with how many different partners, and how many times each human being visits the toilet every day.   If you are a senior politician or other high profile human being, there is almost certainly information concerning your daily bathroom routine and other minutae of your personal life being made available to people in high places, namely the self-proclaimed elite.  The self-proclaimed elite keep every possible record about us in order to be able to totally control humanity from every possible angle, sometime in the future.   We can very easily stop them in their tracks just by stopping chemtrail spraying of the sky.   If we stop chemtrail spraying of the sky, we will render most of their directed energy weapons inoperable.  We must stop chemtrial spraying now.

The direct voice communication once said that this program for government of the shadow world government which is currently being used against anybody who does not appear to fit in to the current control structure or who dissents from the current agenda of church and state is seen as scaffolding to keep the whole control structure in place.  However, in the future the dark agenda had plans to spread this cruel and unusual control mechanism to the whole of humanity barring themselves.  However, owing to unforeseen circumstances, this current plan  has been brought to a halt behind the scenes.  However, we all have a duty to remain vigilant at least, if not to dismantle the control structure entirely before it is too late for the whole of humanity.

The public health agenda has been set up and rigidly enforced through various means, especially propaganda meted out to general medical practitioners and the pharmaceutical industry, in order to keep the iatrogenic (medically induced) kill list deliberately high.  It has been set up to both slow and fast kill patients unknowingly to most medical staff, but knowingly to the public health authority of the European Parliament and elsewhere.

The direct voice communication once told me that they have been forcing literally millions of people to listen to their voices without the permission of said people.  They went on to say that they are neuro scientists who are developing a system whereby they will be able to force anybody anywhere to listen to their voices even if said people have no will whatsoever to listen to the direct voice communications.  This current situation is causing hundreds of thousands of people to commit suicide on a planetary wide scale every year.


The voice to skull direct communications once told me that they would have preferred if I was a ward of court, because they would be entitled to decide where I lived and what food I was allowed to eat.  Because I was erroneously diagnosed as having paranoid schizophrenia, they might even  have succeeded in illegally making me a ward of court if they used illegal tactics.  On another occasion, the voice to skull direct communication considered if it would be viable to have me confined to a long stay mental hospital, by falsely proclaiming me to be unstable.   However, they rejected this idea on the grounds that they themselves would have accessability issues if I was being kept in an enclosed and locked mental health ward.  The voice to skull direct communication informed me that their operatives would need to gain  regular access to my living quarters in order to sabotage my possessions or in order to gain direct control of my mind.  This is never likely to happen as I no longer encourage any new friendships, for the above reason.

The voice to skull once told me that I would need to ask permission of the voice to skull direct communication supervisor before I would be allowed to visit certain websites, any time I was surfing the internet.  This is the type of inane drivel which I was forced to listen to, on a constant basis, for many years, in the distant past.

I sometimes heard the voice to skull communications  tell each other that they must recalibrate their instruments if I decided to move to another bedroom, or if I didnt switch off the lights before I went to sleep, or if my normal circumstance changed slightly in any way.  If I left my computer near my head at night before I went to sleep, they would tell my that it would interfere with their work of weapons testing and scientific experimentation, and if I didnt move it they would threaten me that they would use it to entrain my brain in order to keep me awake all night.

I wish to reiterate that when targeted individuals of directed energy weapons technology are travelling by airplane they still hear voice to skull direct communications because of a phenomenon known as chemtrail spraying of the sky. An essential aspect of geoengineering and using directed energy weapons is to spray harmful substances, such as aluminium, from aircraft.

Chemtrail spraying turns the sky into horizontal drift plasma antennas, which can direct and redirect all sorts of signals. Chemtrails contain nanobots which can get direct access to the brain and nervous system in humans. Even though satellites and all other space based weapons were formerly considered by many to exist, they are now invariably considered to be part of the manufactured reality of recent years.

Please ask your political representative to enact a law to stop all chemtrail spraying of the sky, thereby rendering the majority of all directed energy weapons inoperable.    We can easily put a stop to chemtrail spraying of the sky by organising groups of our own police and military to monitor and control all airports in order to ensure that there is no chemtrail spray material allowed on any airplane as it leaves each airport.

What I and others who have been targeted with directed energy weapons in the past wish for, most of all, is to receive a letter on official headed paper, from our government, stating that, if we wish to speak to the police about our experiences of being targeted with directed energy weapons, we will not be send for psychiatric analysis. If such a letter is not forthcoming, it would indicate to us that the police are either under deep mind control via the communication technology they are legally obliged to wear on their person, or else the police know about our targeting and are afraid to speak out lest they be targeted themselves. If this is the case, as I have stated already I believe it is easy to disable the majority of the directed energy weapons, by ceasing all chemtrail spraying of the sky, thereby rendering the majority of the directed energy weapons inoperable.

It has been noted that a small number of senior politicians with positions of significant authority over the masses of humanity appear to be blinking at least once per second in a totally unnatural manner, in online video footage, which is leading a small portion of society to believe that these politicians are under subliminal influence, via directed energy brain weapons.

I personally used to get an electric shock from my spring coil mattress occasionally, in spite of the fact that there are no electric cables around my bed, and I don’t use a bedside light.  If you are ever replacing your mattress, you should consider replacing it with a foam mattress, in view of the existence and abuse of electromagnetic and directed energy weapons.

The voice to skull direct communication once told me that the energy field that a personal computer or mobile cell phone gives off is a completely different energy field than the energy field of the human body. However, when a human being is working on their computer or using their mobile phone, the energy field of their body is entrained to harmonise with the device they are using. By this method, signals intelligence operatives can call up information gleaned from the energy field of the human body of the targeted individual. The signals intelligence operatives can then use this information to further develop a control system over that particular targeted individual, and eventually with further development, they could use that same control system to control sections of humanity who appear to have the same personality type as that particular targeted individual who the signals information was gleaned off. The voice to skull direct communication operatives once told me that they themselves almost never use mobile cell phones or personal computers or any smart technology. It is downright dangerous to do so at this point in time.   The technologically induced voices coming from inside my head later informed me that this whole point was a lie created to try to make me stop using my computer.  I personally have no  opinion of whether it is true or not.

I wish to advise other targeted individuals to always remain at least four feet away from anybody who carries brain entrainment technology, also known as smart engineering technology, on their person.    I will shortly cease using my computer.  People who use a land line corded telephone and an analogue radio and read books as their only home entertainment, and who have no interaction with a digital clock can not be programmed in any way.  They will always be in control of their own mind.

I know of targeted individuals through out Ireland who are reluctant to tell the police and psychiatry of their experiences, because under European law, the police and psychiatry are legally obliged to have any body who believes they are being targeted with directed energy weapons and voice to skull technology legally incarcerated in a mental hospital and forced medicated with concoctions posing as anti psychotic medication, when in fact these concoctions are psychotic and anxiety inducing formulas.

Most of the time when under this program of in-home surveillance and monitoring, I demonstrated hostility to the direct voice communication operatives.  It appears that the direct voice communication operatives have the capability to make me laugh at will.  They claimed to have deliberately made me laugh on occasion in order to dissipate my hostility, so that they were enabled to glean information as to my personality type by using an informal chat format.  However, this period of appearing to make me laugh did not last for long because the people behind this program for government have now banned the use of behind the scenes canned laughter.

Because of advances in brain science combined with black budget technology, it appears to me from the perspective of my unique experiences of being a brain and spine weapons test subject that black budget neuroscientists have the capability of deliberately programming faults into the screen of my imagination.  Any time I used to try to imagine a certain image, the image would be presented in the screen of my imagination as a perverted image and not the normal image I used to previously imagine.  Any time I try to imagine a flower the image of the flower might manifest as a flower with a sinister appearance.  Only other people who have been targeted with directed energy weapons for brain research will truly understand what I am trying to explain.   I realise I am leaving myself open to accusations of being mentally ill by unscrupulous people who do not have humanities best interest at heart.   This phenomenon only began to manifest in the final stages of my experiences when I was a brain weapons test subject, in the distant past.

Humanity is being manipulated to be passive by being fed a diet of false stories.  We are being told that a saviour will come to save us from a dark destiny which is currently being prepared for us behind the scenes of our lives, so that we will be persuaded to do nothing to save ourselves.  We are sometimes told that this saviour is a religious figure or an extra-terrestrial race of beings.  Other ways of engendering passivity in the human race is to persuade humanity that the end times are here and it is all over, so there is no point in taking action.  We are also being told that humanity is transitioning from one stage of being human to a more highly evolved stage of being human, which is another falsehood being used to keep us in a state of passivity.  None of these stories are true.  We must urgently take action to save ourselves from this slowly encroaching control system and the advanced technology that comes with it.  There are many possible solutions.


The data which was gleaned from readings taken from my bodily functions and my actions and utterances would have been sent throughout the world via telephone poles directly outside my home, and from there to telephone masts in my neighbourhood, and from there to under- sea fibre optic cables, which carry data all over the world. This is the future of neuro science. Anybody, any where, and at any time, can be enslaved in their own home and have their body and mind analysed by unknown neuro scientists. These neuroscientists have claimed in the past that they had no ability to immoblise anyone, but often succeed in deceiving frightened targeted individuals into believing said neuro scientists could immobilise them. It is commonly believed among people who are up to date with advances in science and technology that no such creation as satellites was ever brought into existence, and is merely planetary wide takeover propaganda.

I have been called Gretta since the day I was born, and it is the name I use on all documents. The name Gretta has been validated by the fact that it is the name on my drivers licence and bank account. However, by a lucky accident, it is not the name on the birth certificate. If a man or woman calls themselves a name other than the name on their birth certificate, and if it has been validated by some other means other than the birth certificate, then it is legal and valid to use said name.    Government policy is to accuse you of having an identity crisis, and accusing you of being mentally ill, and incarcerate you in a mental asylum until you agree to use the legal name fraud name, which is on the birth certificate. Governments have no legal rights over you if you don’t use the legal name fraud name.

We must leave the European Union now before we are brain linked to artificial intelligence mass control and before the enslavement structure is solidified.  We have been told that no country is allowed to leave the EU until  we have all our debts paid, even though the debts were accrued by unjust means.   We aught to dismantle the  citizen spy network that has been set up in Ireland on a similar model to Infragard in the U.S.A. and also similar to the stasi citizen spy network of  former East Germany.  The last line of offence linking our brains to the planetary wide super computers are half a dozen under sea cables, which carry the pain signals and two way communication signals to and from the targeted individuals in Ireland.  Gretta Fahey is the name I was born with.  It is the only name I have ever been called, but it is not the legal name fraud name.

On one occasion in the distant past, the direct voice communications informed me that some individuals within Irish governments of the past  are aware that there are several Irish people currently being targeted by directed energy weapons involving in-home uber surveillance and monitoring on a continual basis, both day and night.  The direct voice communication went on to say that this in-home soft torture is government sanctioned by the Irish government.  The direct voice communications went on to say that the reason some members of the Irish government sanctioned the soft torture of some Irish born free will human beings is because said politicians were told to sanction it under European parliament directives.   This effectively means that anybody who is linked to this control system will have their whole lives laid bare before hundreds of other Irish people.     They are being monitored on a continual basis both day and night. All of their thoughts, words and actions in addition to their memories are being monitored by unknown people.    This human control and thought monitoring system is being enabled through both wifi and brain link technology.

At this point in time, this wifi enabled human monitoring and control system is being enabled through the use of a large workforce who remain invisible behind the scenes of our lives. However, it is planned that this workforce will be largely replaced by artificial intelligence in the future, if allowed to continue on its current path of destruction.

Some of the totally unknown direct voice communications people informed me that they were told I was taking them to court.  I am not now or ever would take anybody to court.  I despise man made law, and I would never do anything to give it energy.  Nobody can use the courts anymore because judges, barristers, lawyers, defendents, and police all can be targeted and thereby secretly manipulated by directed energy weapons.  My one and only reason for setting up this website and telling the readers of my experiences of directed energy weapon attacks and voice harassment is merely to raise awareness of the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons and direct voice communication technology.  I am not looking for vengeance or money from anybody.  I don’t ever wish to know who has psychologically tortured me over many years.  I believe in a justice system called Natural Law, which is a testable, proveable, knowable science, based on the laws of vibration.  Whatever frequency of vibration a human being gives out is the only frequency of vibration that human being can get back.  My motto which I always live by is “Without Fear or Favour”.

On one occasion I mentioned to a friend of mine that a tractor had passed by me, which was being driven by a youth.  By the use of voice to skull technology a female direct voice communication immediately asked me what age the youth was.  I replied that it was none of her business.  She replied that she was only interested in public safety.  I then informed her that she was being dishonest, and what she was really interested in was not public safety but in fact public rigid control and enslavement.  During that same time direct voice communications had been searching for ways to entice me to drink alcohol, which I rarely ever drink, and they had also been searching for ways to re-addict me to cigarettes, which I had given up decades earlier.  If they were really interested in public safety they would not have been trying to do that.  They are interested in finding unique methods to control and enslave every human being on this planet, either by addiction or debt or vanity or guilt or any of thousands of other control methods.

The direct voice communications once told me that government staff from every country in the world are currently being invited to listen in on all interactions between the state services of that particular country and a pre-selected targeted individual from that same country.   The government staff member is not being told that the verbal discourse is being communicated directly into the cranium of the targeted individual, day and night, totally against the will of the targeted individual, while that targeted individual is in the privacy of their own home.   The government staff member is being told that they will be given advancement in their career if they take on the new role as caretaker of a particularly difficult human being in their area.  When the uninitiated government staff member first takes on this role of listening in on private conversations between signals intelligence operatives, now thought to be the intelligence services, and the targeted individual, they presume that the targeted individual has initiated the conversation, not realising that this is not the case.  As soon as the government staff member introduces their own voice into the mix, they are then informed that the interactions that are happening between the intelligence services and the targeted individual are non-consensual on the side of the targeted individual, and there is nothing they can currently do to stop them.   When the government staff member complains of the situation, they will be accused of being undisciplined in their work and will be fired from their government job with no pay if they do not comply with said requirement.  This is the method good people everywhere are being roped in against their moral judgement to do evil.

Some people in false authority may claim that the direct voice communications which I have heard continually for many years in the distant past is only a computer program run by artificial intelligence, and no real people are involved.  I strongly believe this to be untrue.  I wish to state truly that I honestly believe that the majority of the direct voice communication voices were real people who were interacting with me in real time.  No computer program would be able to copy the emotions they transmitted to me when they were speaking to me.  Some of these direct voice communication voices transmitted emotions of anger and arrogance and hate.  Some of them exploded in rage at my responses.  Some of them were civil towards me.   It is understandable that people who have done wrong will try to blame a computer program in order to take any blame for cruel behaviour off themselves.

I visited the Garda station in Claremorris, Ireland one Sunday in the early afternoon in February, 2014. I asked if I could speak to somebody behind the counter as I felt I had a great deal of detailed information to give to the police with regard to my personal experiences of directed energy weapons harassment and of hearing voices directly in the centre of my brain by the use of voice hearing technology.

I was allowed behind the counter where I was greeted by two Gardai who introduced themselves as Brenda and Olga. I began to tell them of my experiences of what various voices had said to me over many years.

While I was at the police station, I began to feel very warm. I now believe that I may have been deliberately targeted with directed energy weapons in order to excessively increase my temperature in order to make me lose my composure in front of the Gardai (police officers are known as Gardai in Ireland where I live.) The Gardai asked me many questions and asked me if I drove a vehicle. They asked me if I had taxed and insured my vehicle and how much had it cost me to do so. Both Gardai were friendly to me and offered me a drink of water, as I was burning up from being too warm.

The Gardai informed me that they had no wish to hear the details of what the voices I had been hearing had said to me. They led me to believe that they had rang the local health department who located my medical files, who informed them I had been under the care of psychiatry in the distant past. The Gardai then asked to me see a psychiatrist, Dr Patrick O Toole, at the regional health centre in Knock, Co. Mayo. in order to ascertain if I was in good mental health.   Dr O Toole confirmed that I was in excellent mental health, because I informed him that even though I had heard voices in the distant past I was currently not hearing voices at the time of seeing him.  I then went home.   Dr O Toole normally works out of a clinic at Lisbaun Industrial Estate, Tuam Road, Galway, This is information which I obtained by ringing an our of hours medical service called Westdoc sometime after my visit to the police.  Westdoc  give me full details of who had attended me at the regional health centre at Knock, Co. Mayo, on that Sunday afternoon in February, 2014.   My medical card records will confirm that this medical intervention took place at the behest of the police.

I should not have expected the Gardai to understand the concept of hearing voices with the aid of voice transmitting technology, which uses energy to carry sound signals directly into the centre of the human cranium using brain link technology which is attached to a large selection of unknown human beings by their unique brain signature.   Each individual human brain signature has its own individual telephone number, which can be dialled directly into by anybody in the know, and any type of message can be transmitted into either the conscious or subconscious mind of that particular human being.     At this late stage of operations, most of the minds of the police and military throughout the world have been captured by this brain link technology which transmits voices directly into their subconscious minds, totally unperceived by them. This voice transmitting technology is located in a central area close to the water cooler in every Gardai station in Ireland and throughout the world.

The direct voice communications who used to communicate with me in the distant past once informed me that some senior politicians are aware of the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons and voice to skull direct communication technology.   Unlike the police and the military, the minds of these politicians have not been captured.  Instead a unique method of setting them up was used, by getting them incriminated by misdirecting their attention while they were signing documents.

Direct voice transmissions, directly into the centre of my cranium, once told that they personally wish to dismantle this cruel brainlink enabled, continual human monitoring and control system from the inside, as they understand clearly that this cruel system is being created to include everyone in the known world, bar none.

Occasionally in the distant past,   direct voice communications have informed me that they had been authorised by the government to target me with directed energy weapons and voice harassment technologies to a point of psychological torture.   This could not be the case as there is nobody on this entire planet who has the authority to enact laws which empower the police or military to commit acts of supreme evil against targeted individuals.  Likewise there is no body of people anywhere on this entire planet who has the authority to hand a mandate to their government empowering that government to enact laws which authorize any public or private body of people to commit acts of supreme evil against targeted individuals.  Therefore, harassing and tormenting members of the general public with directed energy weapons and voice harassment and torture technologies is now, and always has been, and always will be an illegal and immoral act.

The whole situation in a summary is that some group of people who are more commonly known as the self proclaimed elite are aspiring to control humanity by attaching key people with powerful positions who work behind the scenes in each community by wifi enabled brainlink to a supercomputer via each human beings unique brain signature, where they would be controlled artificially on a continual basis throughout the entirety of their lives.  Human beings can only be enslaved if they are agreeable to it.  I will never agree to abide by the rules that have been transmitted directly into my brain in the past by an unknown workforce, who are currently setting up this enslavement system throughout NASA countries and even further afield.

The direct voice transmissions into the centre of my head once told me that all programs for government against targeted individuals can only be achieved by the use of digital media.  They went on to say that if the targeted individual does not use digital media interested scientists can not access the targeted individual.  However, the perps who enable the project can continue to access the targeted individual for as long as they wish.  However they might not have any interest in pursuing the targeted individual without the financial backing of the scientists.  They also said that television screens and computer monitors and smart phone screens give off energy which interacts with the human or animal biofield.  They use that intermingled energy to download messages and visions and sensations to the human brain.  They said that it is totally unnecessary to have the television or computer or smart phone switched on in order from this energy to be emitted from them.    I, myself, do not own a television or smart phone.  I stopped using my computer and other digital devices for one week.  I asked my relatives to leave their smart phones in their cars when they came to visit me.  I noticed almost no difference in the level of harassment I experienced during that week.  However, I plan to try living without digital media again in the future as I found the experience of living without digital media very relaxing.  The direct voice transmissions directly into my head may have given me this information because digital media might be a threat to them and they might wish to destroy it by sending out  misinformation so that people will be afraid to use it in the future.   The reason I am publishing this and other messages I have received from them is so that all targeted individuals will recognise similarities in the messages they are receiving from the people who are using  voice harassment technology.   Targeted individuals would easily be able to see if we are being manipulated.

The direct voice transmissions into the centre of my head once informed me that when natural light shines into the bedroom of a targeted individual, it enables the directed energy weapons operatives  to cause visions such as shadow beings or floating heads of demons to manifest in that bedroom quite clearly if the operatives wish to do so.  However, they assured me that if a targeted individual keeps their bedroom dark or if the targeted individual keeps a small artificial light on at all times, then no such visions could become manifest.

If the signals intelligence operatives were attempting to entrain my brain by trying to make me listen to their voices in order to conduct experiments  on me, if I shined  a small light into either of my eyes the brain entrainment would stop instantly, thereby stopping the voices immediately.   This proves without any doubt that I do not and never have suffered from paranoid schizophrenia.

On one occasion in the past, I was alone in my home thinking my thoughts aloud when I heard a direct voice transmission from inside my head reprimanding me for the thought I was thinking, which I assumed was totally harmless and I was totally alone in my home.  He informed me that he was a moderator of my thoughts.  I objected strongly to his activities.  I felt deep despair at the level of intrusion I was experiencing into all facets of my life on a continual  basis every waking moment at that time in the distant past.  At a later date I realised what I had done to annoy this man who had assigned himself the power to moderate my private thoughts.  The thought I was thinking about at the time was a criticism of my own country, Ireland.  Those who wish to enslave can not enslave individuals.  They can only enslave a collective.  Brutal dictators have always stressed the importance of the collective.  Would-be enslavers always wish us to elevate the collective ideology of the nation state to a position of superiority which we must then submit to.   I have noticed that these direct voice transmissions constantly interrupt my thoughts if I ever think negative thoughts about any aspect of my country.

This program for government (shadow government) involving directed energy weapons and voice harassment technology is extremely cruel and illegitimate and the body count within Ireland and elsewhere is high and steadily growing.   I once asked a voice to skull direct communication voice if he felt he had the right to torture anybody for the reason that they were in receipt of disability allowance.  The voice to skull direct communication answered yes, he had that right.

When a large group of people willingly hand over their power to a control structure in exchange for false security and money, later on, those same people begin to feel disempowered. In order to give themselves a power boost they then begin to bully and disempower other people around them. If you have the type of personality that wishes to assume power and control over another human being, this fact automatically indicates that you have low self esteem.  The only healthy and moral way for humanity to organise themselves is by the use of a linear based control structure known as anarchy.

There are people who falsly assume that a piece of man made legislation gives them the right to assume authority over another human being. This can never be the case because we all have the same rights. Our rights are not written in some law book. In fact, the law has nothing to do with our rights. No government can give us our rights. No legislation can ever change our rights. Our rights are actions we take that dont harm anyone. Our rights can not be added to or subtracted from by another human being ever. Mark Passio

The direct voice transmissions once informed me that ultrasound messages are being constantly sent into the brains of the military and the armed police in all western societies.  The military and the armed police are unable to consciously hear these messages.  This capability of sending undetectable messages directly into peoples brains is being enabled by smart engineered technology which is built into the communication devices that the military and the armed police wear on their persons during working hours.

The direct voice communications once informed me that in my case the neuroscientists have already brought me to a state of occlusion.  When I looked up occlusion in the dictionary it meant to shut or to block up a body passage.  When I asked the voice to skull harassment operatives which body passage if any they meant, they lead me to understand that they have already occluded my voice box.   I understood from what they were saying that they could physically force me to repeat at a later date anything I said after they had brought me to that state of occlusion.  They can achieve this by forcing me to speak against my will and my judgement at any time they wish.    I am including this information here just in case it resonates with anybody in the know about remote control of the human body and all it involves.

At one time in the distant past, the direct voice communications informed me that conversation concerning the trivium is normal discourse among our would-be enslavers who are some of the super rich of the world.  They also informed me that both the trivium and quadrivium are some of the most important subjects that can be studied in this world today.

The voice to skull direct communications once informed me that main stream medicine and psychiatry are being used to destroy humanity, and this fact is not being recognised by todays medical men.  To this regard, iatrogenic events are the leading cause of death in the western world.

People who are tasked with enacting our laws are currently and unknowingly being targeted with directed energy weapons to the extent that their levels of intelligence are compromised, to the extent that these laws have deviated from moral law to an alarming degree.  Therefore, it is safe to assume that we should ignore their laws and use moral law for our only compass for the foreseeable future.



On one occasion in the past the direct voice communications were heard by me to say ” I can not market Gretta Fahey as a single woman”. (My name is Gretta Fahey). The voices were also heard to say at an earlier time that same day “If a woman doesnt have a ring on her finger she must be sexually promiscuous.”

I dont have a ring on my finger and I am not sexually promiscuous and never have been so.   Many targeted individuals have spoken of the fact that the direct energy weapons operatives have put strong pressure on them to get married. I can only surmise that they are doing this for the following four reasons.

(1) When you sign a marriage licence in some countries you sign away a significant portion of your legal rights to the government, thereby disempowering yourself.

(2) The direct voice communications have repeatedly informed me that at some time in the not too distant future it will be a legal requirement that everybody will be married by the time they leave school as a form of social control and conformity.

(3) If I were forced to get married at the age of fifty seven, my current age, I imagine my husband would be found for me by the directed energy weapons operatives, and he might behave as a handler and enslaver.

(4) The direct voice communications have told me that married women would have less rights than their husbands if the new world order is ever fully operational.

The direct voice communications informed me that they wished to market me as an new business entrepreneur in order to carry out financial transactions in my own name, but in reality I would be carrying out the financial transactions on behalf of them.   The direct voice communications once informed me that Voice to Skull technology is being used for the purposes of insider trading.   Some of the the people who operate the direct voice communication technology never appear out in public and never carry out financial or other transactions in their own names. They nearly always use other people by manipulating them from behind the scenes via directed energy weapons and by communicating with them by the aid of voice to skull military communication technology. Some of these would-be directed energy weapons operatives and would-be enslavers endeavour to remain low key and anonymous. If their plans to totally control humanity do not come to fruition they hope that they can disappear off the radar until they see another opportunity to regain some power.   However,  many of them have failed to remain anonymous and are have become well known figures on the world stage while leading double lives harassing and torturing people behind the scenes by the use of directed energy weapons.      I hereby declare that I will never co-operate with them in any way.   I am writing this article without fear or favour.

The voice to skull direct voice communications once proclaimed they now had me where they wanted me from an energetic standpoint.   They said that I was now under their control.   If I didn’t cooperate with them they would shove a virtual thorny stick up my arse.    At that time, I had just discovered the power of magnetic pulses which would enable me to destroy their work inside my body and help me to regain my freedom.

On one occasion in the distant past the voice to skull direct communication once informed me that I had recently become fully operational.  They went on to explain that their operatives had set up a control system inside my body and brain which enabled them to detect every single sensation in my whole body at any given moment.  They further claimed that I had become multi operational.  They went on to explain that when a targeted individual becomes multi operational it means that many people throughout the organisation of the directed energy weapons operatives have the capability to both read and write the operation system of the mind and body of the targeted individual at any given time.  This effectively means that a selection of computer operatives located throughout the world and in all positions in society can secretly effect the workings of the brain and body of any fully operational targeted individual located anywhere through the known world.  However, the operatives can only affect the workings of the mind and body of the targeted individual to a certain extent at this stage.   This system was enabled through brain link technology which is common place at the moment.   When people proclaimed that privacy is now dead they did not realise the horrific  extent of that loss.    We can cancel the capabilities of directed energy weapons and voice to skull voice harassment technology by the use of strong pulses of magnetic energy.

The voice to skull direct communications also known as voices in my head once informed me that by living in a stone built house, such as the one I live in, has the  advantage of offering complete protection from directed energy weapons  provided the occupant shielded their bedroom window  with at least twenty layers of mylar sheeting.  The mylar sheeting could be taped or stuck on to a wooden panel which could be hung up inside the window every night.  Prospective targeted individuals would be left alone in such circumstances as they would be too difficult to access.   I did not know this information when I first became a targeted individual and so I did not shield my windows.  The voice to skull direct communications also informed me that it is still not possible to access targeted individuals through the roof tops of their homes.

The voice to skull direct communications also known as voices in my head once informed me that the only people who  governments listen to and takes advice from are university educated people because these university educated people are fully inculcated into the cult of statism through neurolinguistic and other programming in the lecture halls of their universities.  All of this programming runs concurrently with their lectures at this point in time throughout the whole world.  This programming comes from the wording of the lectures.    If this is true and governments only listen to a select portion of all of the people they purport to serve this means that we no longer have a democracy.  If this situation is allowed to continue governments will shortly decide they will no longer listen to university educated people either and will only listen to a group of people who are sometimes known as the self-proclaimed elite.   I have no university education but I have unique experiences of hearing voices for many years in the past.  I and all people have a right to be listened to in this democratic process.    We have our own accumulated wisdom and valid points of view.  It shouldn’t matter if some of us are currently unemployed and don’t pay taxes,  the government was set up by the people to serve the people.  Government is a servant of the people.  If government no longer wishes to serve the people we will disband it and continue to run our lives by a system of rule by the people for the people, which is a system of rules without rulers known as anarchy.

On one occasion in the past when I got a cramp in my leg I was screaming with pain.  The voice to skull direct communications were heard to say by me “the stakeholders are wondering what is going on.  One of their investments is screaming”.

Over the years I have sent hundreds of letters to members of the Irish government and to the Irish and overseas media in an effort to raise awareness of the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons and voice to skull voice harassment technology.  The voice to skull direct communication also known as voices in my head once informed me that all of these letters arrive at a central location where unidentified private individuals choose which letters should go forward for perusal by the people these letters are addressed to.  The voice to skull direct communication once informed me that all of my letters in email form were stopped by them as I had no university credentials and my letters were deemed of no importance.  This effectively means that I have no access to the democratic process.   This also means that there can be no criticism of government by the media because all letters to government and the media are sourced from the same group of people who the government have employed in an official letter writing capacity.   The voice to skull direct communications further said that this situation has been organised by the department of defence in every country throughout Europe at the behest of the unelected heads of European Union.  These unelected heads of the European Union are sometimes known as the self proclaimed elite.

On one occasion in the past the voice to skull direct communications informed me that severe restrictions will be placed on me if I travel by car some time in the future.  The car will deliberately be caused to stop on the road by means of directed energy weapons.

The voice to skull direct communication once informed me in the past that there is no such thing as a free market economy.  The price of every product under the sun is deliberately calculated by computer logarithms and codes are assigned to each logarithm so that the powers that be will know how to cost each product at a later date.  This has been going on for more than twenty years throughout Ireland and the wider world totally unknown to the majority of humanity.

On one occasion in the distant past the voice to skull direct communications were heard to say by me the following “I can see Gretta Faheys body in 3D.  That is ultimately what it is all about.    On a completely separate occasion I also heard through voice to skull direct communication more commonly known as voices in my head the following “People at conference tables throughout the world are horrified that this type of information is going out to the public before it is censored formally.     These voices in my head have been heard to say by me the following “The end justifies the means”.    I wish to quote Mahatma Gandhi by saying “If the means are cruel and unjust, the end result will by used for cruel and unjust purposes.”  “A lawmaker can not make something moral simply by decreeing is so.  If a lawmaker enacted a law stating two plus two equals three, it would never make it so.”   Mark Passio.

It has been claimed that down through the years whenever the would be controllers wishes to cover up their crimes, they present themselves as book publishers wishing to purchase the crime story.  Then when they own the rights to the story they bury it.  I will never sell a story because secrecy allows evil to flourish.  I am publishing everything I have experienced while being a target of directed energy weapons and voice harassment technology, by unknown criminal gangs,  online, on this website, free of charge.

On one occasion in the past the voice to skull direct communications were heard to say by me the following ” Get an actor who looks like Gretta Fahey to make a statement to the police concerning her targeting”.     If such an actor pretending to be me did in fact make a statement to the police about having experienced being a targeted individual of directed energy weapons and voice harassment technology in the distant past, that fact alone might give the police the legal right to have me incarcerated in a psychiatric hospital under the guise of being mentally ill.   The regular Irish police are legally obliged to send anyone who claims to hear voices to see a psychiatrist.   The psychiatrist is legally obliged under European law to incarcerate that person in a mental hospital until they no longer claim to hear voices.  People who are knowingly being targeted by voice to skull voice harassment technology and many other types of voice harassment technology have nowhere to turn.    It has been made clear to me by voice to skull direct communication that the police are under considerable pressure from outside forces.

On one occasion in the past the voice to skull direct communication informed me that they heard their employers say to each other the following “We have a serious amount of money invested in the medical experimentation of Gretta Fahey and it seems like we have to abandon it because of over publicity both in Ireland and further afield.”

On one occasion in the distant past the voice to skull direct communication informed me that bio-medical implants have been implanted in both my eyes which can be seen by the aid of instruments regularly used by any ophthalmologist.  I have not had this checked out as yet.


The voice to skull direct communications also known as voices in my head once informed me in the distant past of what their job with relation to their use of directed energy weapons and direct voice persecution legally entails, as follows :-

When a person who has been targeted with directed energy weapons and voice harassment technology finds a way to telling their story to the public a sequence of events is put into place to neutralise the situation so that the general public will remain uninformed as to some of what their tax payers money is really being used for.

The first thing they do is if the targeted individual is married the directed energy weapons operatives turn the spouse against the targeted individual by entraining the brain of the spouse with hostile and negative emotions from all advanced digital media which the spouse uses. These include advanced computers, smart phones and televisions and any other nearby advanced digital technology. This type of advanced digital technology has not become main stream yet. I have been informed that my old computer is not advanced enough to entrain my brain. However it has other negative properties which were and still are being used against me.

The second action these operatives take in the event of any type of unforseen action on the part of the targeted individual is that the operatives explore all areas of leverage they can find against the targeted individual, for example if the targeted individual is in public housing they can be evicted or if the targeted individual has a university degree it can be revoked.

The third action these directed energy weapons operatives take is to report said targeted individual to psychiatry. Psychiatrists are now fully aware of the true extent of the proliferation of directed energy weapons and voice harassment throughout the western world but they are afraid to deviate from the forced control system for reasons they have yet to divulge. The voice to skull direct communications further said that in the case of Gretta Fahey,  psychiatrists have no leverage against her because she is claiming that the voices were all heard by her in the distant past, therefore no action will be taken unless we can get leverage on her, which looks unlikely as her whole life is above board. (I have written more about leverage in another part of this website.)

These cases of directed energy weapons harassment accompanied in most cases also by voice harassment  sometimes end in a siege. This technology has been used in Ireland on and off for many years for many and varied reasons. The people who remain invisible behind the rigid control system in every NATO country and many other countries decide who will be selected for invisible hostility which this phenomenon has now come to be known as in every police force throughout this nation and the wider world. ( I personally believe that the majority of the Irish police know nothing of this advanced technology and the real reasons the voice to skull direct communications keep insisting that the Irish police are heavily involved in harassing private individuals with this technology is because the directed energy weapons operatives wish to wrongly polarize the people against the police.  I believe this technology is mostly operated by private contractors.  It is claimed by Mike Lofgren, a United States congressional staff member for twenty eight years that in the United States, up to four hundred thousand private American citizens have above top secret clearance.  The reason private individuals are given above top secret clearance is so that nobody has the power to regulate or question their activities.  I believe the people who have targeted me were private contractors some of whom wished me to believe they were the Irish police.  The reason I am publishing what the voice to skull direct communications have told me is so that people will understand why targeted individuals do not generally trust the police as they are falsely manipulated to believe the police are monitoring them and harassing them.)

Hundreds of thousands of people throughout the known world have committed suicide because directed energy weapons and voice harassment technology remains hidden from humanity.  It is high time this extremely advanced technology was brought out into the open for public scrutiny and then destroyed forever.

On one occasion in the past the voice to skull direct communication informed me that I would need to physically present myself in a more fashionable way in order to work with them and that if I wasn’t cooperative they would put me down into the pit of fire.  I replied that I would prefer to go down into a pit of fire than to ever cooperate with them because I regarded them as arch-criminals.  They then replied that the pit of fire they had in mind was a virtual pit of fire rather than an actual one.  A virtual pit of fire does no damage to the human body so the pain and sensations could possible  last for a life time.  I asked the voice to skull direct communication if this  virtual feat was actually possible at this point in time.  They replied that it was not possible now but they hoped that one day that they might achieve this virtual reality.    I am writing this so that people will urgently find a way of jamming or shielding themselves from these directed energy weapons.

On several occasions in the distant past, violent surges of electricity swirled up and down my body and also up and down my arms and legs.  When I first began to be targeted with directed energy weapons the swirling of electricity that I felt each day was minimal.  I would feel swirling electricity going up and down one of my fingers on one day followed by swirling around my wrist another day.   However, as the years went by the surges of electricity became stronger and stronger until such a time came when I would feel surges of electricity going through my head or sometimes even my whole body.  On some occasions I would be lying in bed at night and the surging of electricity going through my body was so forceful that my whole body would move constantly with the surging but the movement would be very slight to an almost imperceptible level.   I decided to switch off my electricity supply at the mains switch every night because I now know without a shadow of a doubt that it is essential that the directed energy weapons testers  need an electricity supply in order to conduct their weapons testing.    I later began to get little tremors in my head when ever I heard a very loud noise.  These tremors are scientifically known as petit malls.    If for any reason you become a targeted individual and you can not switch off your electricity supply at the mains supply each night because other people in your household may need it, it may be possible for you to switch off the electricity going into your bedroom only if there is a switchboard near the mains electricity supply in your home.

And finally, a male voice to skull direct  communications once informed me that if he ever saw me in public at any time in the future he would chain me to a rail and set me on fire.

On one occasion in the distant past I placed a very strong neodymium magnet on my head while I lay down in order to experiment with ways of shielding myself from being targeted by directed energy weapons and voice to skull voice harassment technology.  Almost immediately I felt strong surges of electricity pulsating through my body.  The direct voice communication operatives seemed to panic.  They began issuing instructions to each other.  One voice informed the other voices that he was in his parked vehicle at a distance of one mile from my family home in the direction of Ballyglass.  A short while later he confirmed to the other voices that he was at a distance of one thousand meters from my family home.  The directed energy weapons operatives appeared very worried that I would die as they apparently are involved in making money of my non-consensual medical experimentation.   One voice was heard by me to say “Contaminate the scene a bit will you if she dies”  and I also heard someone giving instructions to spill wine around my home.  (There is no wine in my home as I very seldom drink alcohol.)  After about five minutes I removed the magnet from my head and the sensation of electricity surging through my body stopped completely.   The voices subsided at that point.  My life was not in any danger.  I was merely experimenting with methods of blocking the voice to skull voice harassment technology.



Chremtrails are composed of both micro organisms and nano technology which are sprayed in to the air from airplanes. These land on our hair and bodies. We breath them in. They create a microscopic electric circuitry within our bodies which can be used against all people other than the would-be enslavers. According to a website called pulsed magnetism is a viable way to destroy this electric circuitry within our bodies.  It is possible to purchase a medical magnetic pulser online for approximately three hundred euros.  However, some targeted individuals are claiming that is may be enough to place strong neodymium magnets on both sides of one of your legs, , held in place by an elasticated stocking, which can be purchased at any pharmacy or medical supply store.  The magnetic energy transmitted from one magnet to another through your leg may destroy any electric circuitry in your bloodstream or indeed any nano-technology in your blood stream.    This may be a solution to save us from further electronic harassment,. However it may take several weeks of wearing strong neodymium magnets on your arm or leg before the voice to skull harassment or other electronic harassment stops,.   I can not promise that this will work .  However, some people in the online community of targeted individuals are claiming that it works.

A superconducting quantum interference device commonly called SQUIDS is used to take measurements of magnetic brain activity, which may be another reason why targeted individuals should look to wearing magnets on their person to shield from targeting.

The voice to skull direct communication once informed me, in the distant past, that an MRI scan which is in fact, magnetic resonant imaging, where the human being  is bathed in a magnetic field five thousand times stronger that the earths magnetic field, would undo all the damage that has been done to my body during the time I was erroneously fitted up to be a weapons test subject in the distant past.   I may have an MRI scan done in the future if I deem it safe to do so.

The voice to skull direct communication once informed me in the distant past that the levels of oxygen in my body at any given time affects their ability to manipulate the nanotechnology which had by then proliferated through my bloodstream. They went on to say that drinking ozonated water or adding droplets of hydrogen peroxide to my drinking water enhanced the levels of oxygen in my body which in turn made their work much easier. I immediately ceased drinking ozonated water and adding hydrogen peroxide to my drinking water, both of which I had been using in the past for health reasons. The voice to skull direct communication informed me that biomedical implants which had been implanted in the soles of my feet in 2003, nonconsensually and while I was drugged while sleeping in my own bed in the privacy of my own home, would be damaged if I decided to wear magnetic insoles which are freely available to purchase online.

I was warned never to use my computer in the evening time in the same room that I sleep in,  because electromagnetic energy would build up in that room which could then be amplified and used to manipulate me when I was sleeping.  Even though I initially heeded the warning I eventually became complacent and occasionally I began to used my computer in my bedroom again.  I found to my horror that anytime I did this my muscles would be manipulated to an extreme degree by the use of directed energy weapons sending signals to the nanotechnology which had built up in my muscles over many years.  I would feel enormous surges of energy moving through my body and my limbs and my neck and even my mouth would be manipulated to move to a small degree totally against my will.  I now always move my computer out of my bedroom before I go to sleep.





Over time, any human being can be enslaved by using a monitor.  Targeted individuals can no longer be experimented on effectively if they abandon all use of all computer and television screens and all smart technology enabled devices.    For further information, please see U.S. patent 6506148 – nervous system manipulation of electromagnetic fields from monitors.            *****                   I was once informed by voice to skull directly into the centre of my cranium that when  targeted individuals use any digital media that has  a screen near their heads or bodies,   the plasma coming off the screen is coagulated with the energy field of the user.  This process takes many years and when the process is completed  the plasma from the screen and the human energy field are completely unified.  A targeted individuals thoughts can be read anytime they use their computer and for several days afterwards while the plasma coming off the screen is still coagulated with their energy field.   When the plasma and the human energy field are completely unified, the directed energy weapons operatives can send pain signals into the human nervous system at will, thereby forcing the targeted individual to obey them.   Even though I have received many sensations including voices and visions and a large variety of other sensation, which I believe have come from being targeted by directed energy weapons over many years, I have never received intense pain signals, so therefore I can not verify if any of the information pertaining to the coagulation of my energy field with plasma energy from my computer screen is true.   I avoided all contact with all digital media containing screens for a period of seven days on one occasion.  This was easy for me to achieve as I live in a rural area and I asked people who visited me to leave their mobile phones in the cars during that time.   However,  this avoidance did not seem to make much of a difference except for the fact that I slept much longer than usual.

I now believe I may have been lied to by the voice to skull direct communications regarding most of the above information in lilac print.   The only method humanity has of currently  receiving true and unadulterated information is through the medium of the internet.   If I promote the idea of the avoidance of all digital media including the internet I may be doing more harm than good, which is not my intention.   I have been advised by online sources that directed energy weapons operatives make a policy of finding out what the targeted individual enjoys doing the most and these operatives then use voice to skull manipulation techniques to poison the enjoyment of that targeted individual to whatever that hobby or interest happens to be.    A second reason  the voice to skull direct communication may be trying to discourage use of our computers is because every time a targeted individual switches their computer on or off a surge of electricity may interfere with the non-consensual human experimentation work of the directed energy weapons operatives  I strongly hope that independent scientists investigate the safety or otherwise of using digital screens before we finally make a decision about them.  I plan to write to the independent scientist Dr Robert Duncan for further information on the viability or otherwise of coagulation of screen emitted plasma with the human energy field.  I have thought about this point about digital media usage from all angles for quite a while and I have reviewed all known information about the matter and I have come to the logical conclusion that I will rarely use my computer again.

The voice to skull direct communication once informed me in the distant past that because I have placed a very strong neodymium magnet in my bed while I am sleeping the energy field from the metal in my bed springs distorts the pattern recognition capabilities of their technology which degrades the capabilities of their equipment when trying to conduct non-consensual medical experimentation from a distance.  (I have no way of knowing if this is true.)

I have been a subject of remote neural monitoring and voice harassment technology on a constant basis for nearly fifteen years.
Today, I was sitting quietly in my home. I had a radio switched on and set to medium wave. The noise coming from the radio began to get much louder and much lower in a highly erratic way. Then I heard a womans voice coming from inside my head which said the following “I can not get a signal from this womans duodenum.”
I have realised for a long time that a radio set to medium wave and placed near a targeted individual will help to drown out the digital signals of criminal energy weapons testing operatives who have been harassing and torturing me for nearly fifteen years.

I continue to hear the technologically induced voices coming from inside my head.  I used to write that the technologically induced voices were coming from inside my head only and ever in the distant past in order to protect myself from false psychiatry heretofore.  However, I am in fact hearing these technologically induced voices in the present and I always have been doing so day and night without a break for nearly fifteen years.  I no longer need to protect myself from psychiatry because of my present day voice hearing because many main stream scientists have come forward and confirmed that technology exists which can place voices inside the heads of members of the public.   These unknown voices continue to inform me that a day will come when I would be totally captured and ensnared and if that day should ever come I would no longer have any free will.   An unknown voice led me to believe tonight that  from that day forward he would then be able to come to my home at night whenever he liked.  I would prefer to be dead than to ever have to live through such a scenario .  Whoever he is I wish him dead right now.  I don’t know what the human being behind the voice was implying.  Was he implying that he would be able to then  program me to let him in to my home at night.  I always keep my doors both locked and bolted.  I would never knowingly let anybody inside my home during the night.   I wish him dead right now.  The human beings who have this voice  harassment technology are using it to frighten and horrify women who live alone.  They have been thoroughly corrupted with the amount of power this voice harassment technology has given them.  This voice harassment technology can now be purchased on the open market by any member of the general public.

Here below are links to two youtube videos where I read the above information regarding what the voices coming from inside my head have informed me of in the distant past.



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