Some of the tactics being used by the self-proclaimed elite against humanity are as follows :- •Hegelian Dialectic is a technique of bringing about change using a three step process. Create a problem. Generate a reaction.

Offer a solution. The self-proclaimed elite constantly use this technique to disempower sovereign states. They deliberately bomb a city center, while blaming some random group. This generates hysteria among the occupants of that city, who demand that new laws be enacted to make the city safer. The government then takes away some of the rights and freedoms of those people under the guise of keeping the city safe. • •Pharmaceutical medications and vaccines deliberately contain harmful ingredients. Vaccinations contain formaldehyde, MSG, antifreeze, aluminum, lead, acetone, among other ingredients. Vaccinated children are found to be far more chronically ill that unvaccinated children. The goal of the pharmaceutical cartel is depopulation, mind-control and the debilitation of humanity. More people die from the flu vaccine than from the flu.

IATROGENIC DEATHS, each year, in the U.S.A. alone, number 783,936. It is now evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the United States. For further information please read a research paper called ” Death by Medicine” By Gary Null, PhD; Carolyn Dean MD, ND; Martin Feldman, MD; Debora Rasio, MD; and Dorothy Smith, PhD. This research paper can be found at •   My own personal opinion is that there is insufficient oversight into the drug industry.  I believe that all pharmaceutical drugs are being blended with poisons in order to dumb down and sicken humanity.  I believe the reasoning behind this blending of pharmaceutical drugs with minute poisonous substances is being achieved through compartmentalisation in the workplace in the pharmaceutical industry and through misinforming the chemistry students while they are still at medical school.  It is my opinion that a cabal of the super-rich wish to achieve planetary wide takeover and they can not take over the planet and enslave the human race while said human race is vibrantly healthy and enjoying superior intelligence.  I would like to see the following change of name.  Groups who are now known as complementary medical practitioners aught to revert to being called alternative medical practitioners rather than continuing the use of complementary medical practitioners which is now the case,

•Because of the compartmentalization of work, factory workers surrender moral responsibility for their actions in the workplace to the corporate controllers. Workers tend to embody the values of the workplace. If the corporate controllers are dishonest, the workers are willing to morally disengage from the type of work they do, in order to earn money. In a landmine factory, the assembly line staff are not generally told that they are manufacturing landmines. If they were told what they were really manufacturing, surely nobody would work there. In the same way, people employed in the business of wireless torture are being fed a tissue of lies about the people they are being paid to wirelessly torture. When they are working through a computer screen, agency staff might be told they are working in a simulated reality rather than with real people. If people are not being told the true purpose of their work, this unknowingly leads them into acts of extreme evil. •   Everything is so heavily compartmentalized inside military intelligence that the people who are doing evil don’t know that they are doing evil because they are not allowed to see the big picture.



I dont wish to live in a meritocracy, where people are awarded medals and knighthoods. Awards are only ever given out by people who have something to gain by giving out those awards.  The awards are only and always given to people who have been knowingly or unknowingly conforming to the dictates of a certain ruling class, and that ruling class give out the award merely to accentuate the morality of accepting their and only their dictates.   The people who receive the awards are compromised for the rest of their lives. By accepting the awards, they are silently consenting to abiding loyalty to the givers of the awards, be they government or crown. If at a later date they realise that the award givers are corrupt in their dealings in any way, it is much more difficult for the award receivers to speak publicly against said corruption.

By having a built-in award system in a country, we are teaching our children to look outside themselves for approval rather than looking for their validation internally. When children have internal self-belief, they are confident and stable. When children are taught to look outside themselves constantly for approval, they become like puppets, who are only happy when there actions are approved of by society, even if those actions are questionable.

A meritocracy is more about the award giver than the award receiver. Award givers may have an agenda of wanting their ego stroked by people who are anxious to receive an award, which often comes with an increase in status. We are all equals in this planet of equals. We are all made from the same genetic material. We are all of infinite value, therefore human beings should never be classified into groups. Most people believe that we are all immortal beings who are here to have an earthly experience. People who try to classify human beings into various groups according to their income or credentials or superficial beauty or health levels or indeed any type of classification do so in order to polarise these groups of people against each other, so as to divide and conquer. Meritocracy is being used for evil purposes in this war of attrition that we are now living through.


Natural Laws are laws that man did not create, which govern the manifestations that occur as the direct result of the behaviour of a human being. Natural Law is also called the Law of Cause and Effect. Natural Law is the most hidden knowledge in the world. It is being kept hidden from us by the Dark Occultists. Natural Law is a knowable, testable and proveable science.

A deep understanding and integration of the Natural Law principles by humanity is what the Dark Occultists fear the most. They fear this more than they fear any war. The Dark Occultists wish us to adopt a poisoned world view mindset based on Satanic principles, so that they can control us more easily. They push this poisoned world view mindset on us through main-stream media and the public school system, which they control behind the scenes.

Natural Law states that morals are not relative. Natural Law states that morals are absolute. Moral Relativeism is one of the four evil tenets of Satanism. We must not conduct our lives on opinions and perceptions of right and wrong. We must conduct our lives on objective right and wrong.

We are usurping each others natural law rights. Our rights are inherent. They are granted by creation itself. They are a birth right that we have that can never be separated from us. They are inalienable. They can not be made foreign to us. Our rights can not be taken from us regardless of what anything scribbled down in a law book may happen to say, or regardless of any claims which might be made by people who think that they are God in this world, and can take whatever power that their ability to wage violence affords them.

For further information on Natural Law, please see the work of Mark Passio of

  • Bank Baleouts help to enrich self-proclaimed elite bankers, in the long term, and help to impoverish the country that has been baled out.
  • The self proclaimed   elite bankers  have accumulated untold wealth through borrowing and investing.  This is the biggest on going scam perpetrated on humanity. The other is their  wars that soldiers have fought and died for, believing that they were fighting for liberty and freedom, when it was only for more power and more wealth for the same self proclaimed elite bankers. These self-proclaimed elite bankers have fed on us and ruled over us for generations…
  • If the self-proclaimed elite and private bankers ever succeeded in locking us down in total enslavement, they would deny us the right to save money. We would then only be allowed pocket money. Humanity will never allow this situation to arise.


When some psychopath at the top of a government orders an army to kill people in a neighbouring country, the soldiers unquestioningly follow the orders of said psychopath. The soldiers say ” You can not blame us for killing our neighbours. We are obediently following orders.” Unquestioning obedience is a psychopathy. People who are unquestioningly obedient to the Luciferian and Satanic principles offered to us by the think tank groups within the world establishment have thrown their gift of free will back in the face of the creator, and are flatly refusing to use it. They are breaking Natural Law and they will be punished in the fullness of time.

Blind obedience to authority, and blindly following orders without questioning them is the true pathway to evil. When we are weak minded, we take pride in our blind obedience to authority, no matter what the order giver asks us to do. Blindly following orders should never be seen as a virtue. One has a moral responsibility to judge whether something is right or wrong, before carrying out an order. We must always strive to be co-operative rather than obedient. Governments do not have the right to ask us to be obedient, because by doing so they are asking us to abdicating our moral responsibility to judge whether something is right or wrong, before behaving in a certain way. Deference is another word for submission, and for failing to recognise that we are all equal in this planet of equal. Governments and organised religions were constructed by the forces of evil many thousands of years ago in order to eventually enslave humanity. For further information on the fallacy of government please see Larken Rose on youtube.   Attending a military or other boot camp achieves a similar objective to joining a cult.  They both create unquestioning obedience in the subject who attends the boot camp or joins the religious cult.   The same basic steps but in a more extreme form are used when creating an assassin.  Unquestioning obedience is the objective in all of these initiatives.

  • Public Education is being used to indoctrinate students into the political principle of collectivism, which means central control of humanity. Students are stripped of the ability to think for themselves, as they are always expected to ask an “authority figure” at the top of the room what they should think, and do at all times, while at school. This is a method of engendering “learned helplessness”. Students are taught to stand up and sit down when a bell rings, which is a method used to train animals. School makes everybody think alike, like a school of fish. Individuality and originality are squeezed out. Citizens are standardized and dissidents are put down. Public education aims at destroying free will, and it imprints children with fear. Forced schooling does not educate us. We just memories and regurgitate information, which we are not allowed to question, no matter how ridiculous that information is. There are thousands of topics which are possible to study. However, students are all obliged to select from the same segment of subjects to study. By this method, the criminal oligarchy can keep certain subjects off the study agenda completely. • It takes fifty hours to teach a child to read. After that, the child could educate themselves at home, on their own, without the need to be imprisoned on a part time basis, for the whole of their childhood. In todays modern world, interactive educational software should eliminate the need for all public education.
  • The criminal oligarchy encourage group think and collectivism. They discouraging individualism. A unique individual has unlimited power. A number of people in a group are easy to manipulate. They have their beliefs decided for them, by use of the Delphi method, which is a tool for achieving consensus. The Delphi method ensures that all meetings are controlled through having a predetermined outcome, with the illusion of public participation.   In group think scenarios, for example public education, it is more difficult to assess whether some act is right or wrong because some beings in the group will exert more influence than others.
  • False Patriotism is comparable to blind, unquestioning obedience to an organized religion. Under false patriotism, a country can do enormous wrong, and yet, the citizenry is not allowed to question that wrong. If they challenge government criminality, they are then accused of disloyalty to their country, and also of being unpatriotic. In some countries, the population are asked to support the troops, even if those troops go to a foreign country and kill innocent men, women and children, for reasons of stealing the resources of that country. There are two types of patriotism, False Patriotism is when you are inculcated to love your country despite its wrongdoings. False Patriotism is heavily endorsed and even directly mandated by the Satanic and Luciferian run establishment that currently pull the strings of the worldwide control system, in order to hide a multitude of abuses within governments and militaries throughout the world. True Patriotism is when you openly call attention to authority abuse or other wrong doings within your country, for the sake of love and respect and future freedoms of your fellow country people. True Patriotism can sometimes engender extreme hatred against you. For more information on patriotism please see the work of Mark Passio at



It has recently been claimed by people within the targeted individual network that plans are taking place to sub-divide the people of Ireland into two classes, a middle class for the wealthy elite and a lower class for everybody else.

Most people would be initially classified as middle class in order to get the people of Ireland to agree to the proposal. However, it has been further proposed that at a much later date a small group of wealthy people will be further classified as the elite and the remainder, which is most of the Irish people, will be further re-classified as lower class. It is proposed that the lower class will have less rights than the elite. This is where we are currently heading because of the use of directed energy weapons being used on people behind the scenes in our lives, without the knowledge or concent of most of the Irish population.

If we should erroneously agree to the heirarchical division of society, which runs contrary to every value system of the Irish people, this would more than likely result in discrimination in all areas of life, in such areas as political, economic, social and cultural rights.

As each human being has hundreds of different facets to their characters, there can be no objective way to classify a human being. An accident of birth can not be grounds for conferring a high status on a human being.

We are all equals in this planet of equals. We are all made from the same genetic material. We are all of infinite value, therefore human beings should never be classified into groups. Most people believe that we are all immortal beings who are here to have an earthly experience. The hidden establishment are currently initiating this human classification system in order to polarise groups of people against each other, so as to divide and conquer.

“We are not our positions in society, our occupations, our culture, our beliefs, our financial status, our social status, our matrimonial status, our sexuality, our clothes, or how we speak.  Take away all of these and we are still  ourselves underneath.   All of these are superficial identities, like masks.  All of these superficial identities are transitory.    We are consciousness, having a human experience.”      By anonymous.

Some human beings attempt to convince their fellow human beings that they have a higher status than the rest of the human race.  They achieve this by using mind control tactics over their fellow human beings.  They also send messages of their supposed superior status by acting superior at all times.  They  enhance the message  by displays of superiority in the public arena by the skilled use of oratory.   They also employ uniforms, titles, credentials , possessions and opulent surroundings to further enhance the lie that they are superior to others in some way.  They sometimes pay attendents to attend to their every need and to bow to them when they are in the public arena.  They have their staff organise large gatherings of fawning fans whenever they wish to push the notion of their supposed superiority further.
We are all equal.  We came into this world empty handed and we will leave this world empty handed approximately eight decades later.    We must value equality in the world above all else.  Unquestioningly following the orders of our equals leads to acts of extreme evil because when we do so we refuse to take responsibility for our own actions by refusing to assess whether the order given is moral before we carry it out.

I have noticed some online high profile individuals on youtube and elsewhere have begun to only wear black and white and grey clothing most of the time.  I have noticed that new apartments being showcased on youtube are invariably decorated in black and white and grey themes.  I have noticed online clothing websites display clothing that are mostly black, while and grey.  I have noticed that currently most bath towels and hand towels come in block colours with no design.  When I was a child back in the nineteen sixties all of the towels available had a multitude of colours and elaborate designs.  If fact you would find it difficult to purchase a plain towel.   This trend of losing our choice of colours would only be noticed by somebody in the older age group as it appears to be happening gradually and incrementally.  I am fifty seven years old.  If you wish to purchase colourful clothing they are still freely available, especially in the most expensive clothing stores and in the clothing stores that are not owned and controlled by the self-proclaimed elite.  If you are not sure of my claims please try to purchase womens clothing online yourself and try to ascertain what percentage of those clothes are black, white, or grey or a combination of same.      I have learned that in ancient times slaves were not allowed to wear colours.  Colours were only available to slave owners.  The self-proclaimed elite always work through gradualism and incrementalism and if nobody notices and complains they bring it into being.     I would not like to live in a world where individuals were classified for no good reason and were obliged to wear coloured clothing which denoted their classification.  All human beings are of infinite value.


School children are erroniously being taught to believe in the concept of survival of the fittest, which is one of the four evil tenets of Satanism.

The worldwide would-be controllers are also attempting to create a top down chain of command throughout the world, which would include all people of marriageable age. The marriage laws are currently being tightened throughout the world in order to slowly erode our freedoms by incremental means over the next few years.

Mind Expanding Drugs In the past, people conducting spiritual practices used entheogenic substances, also known as mind expanding drugs in order to commune with higher consciousness, so that they could wake up to a higher reality. Mind expanding entheogenic plants are plants such as cannabis and mescaline. They are not in any way associated with hard drugs such as heroin or cocaine. Organised religions have substituted these mind expanding plant based drugs with an inert piece of unleavened bread. These organised religions seek to put a blockade on our spiritual evolvement. • •  If mind expanding drugs such as cannabis and mescaline are ever legalised, it is generally advised that one should only take them once a month on an empty stomach at the full moon.   If taken oftener one may become addicted.  If these drugs are taken with food in the stomach, the drug might react with that food causing a negative experience.   The moon affects the tides and it also affects the amount of water in the cells of the human body.  I have never taken mind expanding drugs myself but I would like to try them if they were ever legalised in Ireland

•Creating the Santa Clause lie. This evil custom was implemented hundreds of years ago by the criminal Oligarchy, in order to break you, so you are easier to program. When you are a child the people you trust the most are encouraged to lie to you over something that is really important to you at that age. Your brain is then imprinted with the fact that you can’t trust your own parents to tell you the truth. How can we teach our children not to lie, if we, ourselves, deliberately lie to them? Encouraging children to literally believe the Santa Clause lie is a way of preventing children from being able to think critically, and reason effectively. Childrens story books and videos constantly promote the theme of kings and queens, princes and princesses. This thinking indoctrinates small children into believing in a hierarchical control structure, which is a structure that empowers enslavement, rather than a linear control structure, where people would be empowered to run their own lives.

Deliberate Encouragement of School Leavers to Emigrate Overseas.

School leavers of Ireland are encouraged to emigrate to overseas countries such as Australia and Canada, which have no ties to Ireland.  Polish school leavers are strongly encouraged to emigrate to Ireland.  Even though a set  policy of encouragement  is being denied by top level officials within Ireland we can all see a strong pattern where this is  constantly happening.  There has to be some form of manipulation that is occurring that is not evident.    This policy of encouraging school leavers to work overseas is occurring all over the world.  This helps to disenfranchise large amounts of individuals so that if the self-proclaimed elite and their agents wish to make major policy changes within a country which are not in the best interests of the people of that country there might not be enough native people left within that country to say to them  “This is our country.  You have no permission to make any changes to our internal policies.”

  • Some governments deliberately cause problems within their countries as a means of expanding the power base of that government. If constant problems arise, then that government has an excuse to enact more laws and to employ more police and military and social workers. The aim of the self-proclaimed elite is worldwide totalitarianism, with themselves in charge.
  • Farming   –   Agricultural finances appear to  have been engineered by European economic experts, so that some farmers do not make any profit whatsoever from farming.  They rely totally on their income from extra farm subsidies which they receive off their government, in return for carrying out the wishes of the government in all areas throughout the farm.   This effectively means that people behind governments can collapse the farming industry if they wish, in the future, for the purposes of planetary wide enslavement.


Polarization of various groups against each other, for example, polarization of organised religions or countries or races or men and women against each other, for the purposes of dividing and conquering.

  • Deliberate high corporate taxation rates in order to put privately owned businesses out of business. The criminal oligarchy own the majority of central banks. They create Fiat money out of nothing in order to pay the taxes on their own businesses, as well as buying up the privately owned businesses that go into liquidation because the impoverished owners cannot afford to pay such unfair taxes.
  • People can not think clearly because of fluoride in the public water supply. Fluoride is a sedative, and a fluoridated population finds it difficult to organise themselves, because of a diminished ability to think clearly. I have recently started to distil all the water I use for drinking and cooking.
  • Criminal Law courts have become defunct, as all judges can be manipulated by remote control, by directed energy weapons, from a distance. The same applies to politicians. They can be remotely manipulated into acting against the good of their own respective constituents.
  • Including harmful ingredients in the public water and food supply. • •Dirty Community Policing Initiatives also known as Citizen Spy Networks encouraging people to spy on their neighbours, so eventually everybody in a community begins to distrust each other, and community cohesiveness breaks down. We need to maintain strong community bonds in order to protect each other from our common enemy, the self-proclaimed elite. I believe the new community policing initiatives may be being used to set up a system of vigilanteism. The policy of the self proclaimed elite is always to divide and conquer. The criminal oligarchy break cohesiveness within communities by encouraging Stazi type spying and reporting and precrime initiatives. They wish that the first loyalty of each person will be to church and state. They would like us to put the state before family and community. Community policing initiatives are first of all about placing everybody under the thumb of societal control, through legislation and other means. (The marriage laws have been tightened up to include control by the state over all children produced by the union.) The true aim of the unseen establishment is to turn everybody into models of subservience.


I obtained the following information from Mark Passio of

All feminism is not equal. It is widely regarded that there are two type of Feminism

Classical Feminism, which most people agree with simply means equality for both genders.

Neo-Feminism demands additional rights for women over men. It is a program of social engineering by the Satanic and Luciferian control system, in order to incite a war between the sexes in a divide and conquer strategy. The long term goal of this manipulated gender war is to weaken both genders to such an extent that it becomes much easier for the entrenched ruling class to subjugate both men and women under their world wide system of totalitarian control.

I obtained the information about feminism from

CONTROL ISSUES.    We all come into this world without any knowledge or possessions in order to spend approximately eight decades here in this world so as to evolve  and experience and learn how to get along with each other.     After two or three decades here some individuals suddenly develop a wish to own and control some of the other individuals.   They also develop a wish to own a control as many things around them as they are able to.    According to basic psychology these controlling individuals are unwell.  When we are unwell we develop a wish to either be controlled or to control others.  This manifests because the unwell individual has unresolved issues from their past.  When individuals are well they only wish to control themselves and nobody else ever and this behaviour is in accordance with Natural Law.   This information can be found in all basic psychology books which would indicate that we should organise ourselves in a linear based self-regulating system.


  • It has been suggested that vegetarianism is being encouraged because if we only ever ate plants, and if animal farming was eventually banned, we would lose our self-sufficiency with regard to generating our own food. At that point, the would-be dictators would find it easier to gain total control over the food supply. I have been a vegetarian from time to time, for ethical reasons, but I realise that vegetarianism is only possible in countries that are warm enough to grow vegetables and fruit and other plants. I can not imagine that anybody in Northern Canada or Northern Russia could ever be vegetarian. Vegetarianism is only suitable for people who live in warm countries. Vegans never discuss this issue on their Youtube videos.  They also never discuss the fact that vegetarianism is only viable where there is reliable motorised transport.  Parts of my country Ireland have stony soil which is only suitable for raising sheep and fishing and keeping chickens.  If you tried to plough the soil in some areas it might be too sandy and unsuitable for crops.  Lectures on vegetarianism don’t always address this fact.  I love animals and I wish they could be killed humanely.  The vegetarian argument is not being fully addressed.   Another aspect to vegetarianism I wish to address is the concept that vegetarians are grazers whereas meat eaters only need to eat once per day.   In the animal kingdom the lion eats once per day and sleeps for twenty hours.  Cattle and horses are vegetarians who graze all day long and they sleep less than meat eaters.  We know from now commonly used energy field photography that a plant has a wide energy field when it is freshly plucked from the bow or from the ground.  The energy field mostly abates after about twenty minutes and the plant loses much of its goodness as soon as that happens.  When hunter gathers gathered plants for food they would have eaten these plants as soon as they plucked them from the bow.  They were grazers.  They ate constantly.  Therefore vegetarians need to eat much oftener than meat eaters.  We aught to discuss this issue because it is not being built into our current life styles.
  • •The self-proclaimed elite created a false science of water scarcity in order to privatize water for profits and control. They suppressed the existence of primary water. Primary water originates from geological processes, and can be tapped for use at or near the surface of the earth. Primary water sources are independent of rainfall and appear to be virtually unlimited. Primary water is free of bacteria, fluoride and other chemicals. For further information see
  • The use of moderators in internet forums to block helpful information and to block helpful comments. Governments are now using filters in order to block certain dissenting websites. •Chemtrails are chemical warfare.
  • It is being alleged that all pharmaceutical medications are deliberately blended with harmful substances to make us chronically ill. It would be impossible to enslave a vibrantly healthy and well informed population. I am eternally grateful to my own G.P. who saved my life on two occasions. I like and admire him enormously. My complaint is with the pharmaceutical industry, who control the teaching agenda of the medical schools.
  • It is my private opinion that the cervical smear test for women and the testicular cancer test are primarily about debasing men and women so as to acclimatise them for enslavement, to dark occulted shadow world government.


Academic credentials are more than certificates which declare that a student has a considerable amount of knowledge about a given subject.    Academic credentials are ultimately handed out by agents of the self-proclaimed elite who themselves have similar academic credentials.  Academic credentials are generally handed out to students who are sufficiently inculcated into the cult of statism  as created by the self-proclaimed elite to serve the interests of the self-proclaimed elite.   A strong ability to think and act independently outside the system of state control is not a desireable trait in a university student.  Some holders of academic credentials are sufficiently inculcated into the system that they still believe that the world is a globe despite undisputable evidence to the contrary.    Knowledge and wisdom are not contained inside the four walls of a university.  It is freely available throughout the whole world.   Many adult individuals who are not university educated are self-educated in a broad based way  and are independent thinkers.    Credentials are sometimes handed out as favours.   A credentialed human being can become mentally ill or demented over their life time to the extent that their credentials are rendered invalid.  Their credentials should also be invalidated if they become deluded as a result of being mind controlled by what is known as Silent Sound Spread Spectrum which is a mind control system which is digitally transmitted through certain technology and which there is no defence against.   Their credentials should be invalidated if and when they come under the influence of what is now known as brain link information code.

I have read at the enclosed link here that university educators have lost their autonomy because corporate donors now have a large say in what isbeing taught.  It is generally believed that university education which was once thought of highly as a process for the human being to form the most desireable version of themselves  (Nietzsche)  has now been reduced to training in a set of practical skills with which to make money and to serve the interests of a secret cabal of super-rich whose ultimate goal is to enslave the rest of the human race. 


DEHUMANISATION is a central tool of propaganda, war and oppression.

HITLER used the technique of dehumanisation when he referred to German Jews as viruses, parasites and rats. In Rwanda, Hutu extremists did it to the Tutsis, calling them cockroaches before killing half a million of them in the bloody genocide of 1994. Dehumanisation has long been thought of as a precursor to extreme acts of violence. The signals intelligence operatives, with the use of Voice to Skull military communication technology sometimes refer to me in terms as if to say that I was a commodity, under their ownership, rather than the free will human being that I, in fact, am.

  • Mercury amalgam dental fillings might be being used to conduct electricity to the brain for the purposes of non-consensual human experimentation.

It appears that we are not allowed to know “The News” anymore. What passes for news at present is nothing but trivial nonsense and outright lies. The American media are legally allowed to lie to the American people. For details see

Over Regulation.-The more rules and regulations our government enacts, the more we are all locked down into a state of submission, and the less leeway we have to fight the would-be controllers. More and more trivial rules and regulations are being enacted gradually and incrementally, so that we don’t notice the extreme danger we are in. We must instruct our government to suspend all law making until we the people give them further instructions. After all, governments are servants of the people. We, the general public, did not mandate our government to break moral law. We, the general public, did not mandate our government to psychologically torture any men, women or children of Ireland, at any time. We, the general public, did not authorise our government to use in-home surveillance technologies, or through-the-wall torture technologies, or voice-to-skull voice harassment technologies at any time. We, the general public, did not mandate our government to punish individuals who had not been tried for any crime. I believe these policies were sanctioned by the European Union. We must break all ties with the European Union urgently. The European Union have taken away all our rights. The European Union must be disbanded as a matter of urgency. It is being suggested that a shadow government is being created behind the scenes of each legitimate government, at the moment. If the legitimate governments are ever dissolved by the public, then we must do all in our power to stop the shadow government from trying to take power. We must reclaim our power by governing ourselves through a system of Anarchy, which is a system of RULES WITHOUT RULERS.

  • Fear Propaganda – We are being told Fukushima radiation has destroyed the Pacific ocean. The Zionists wish us to believe the planet is about to die, in order to get us into a mind set of deep despair so that we will give up on our birthrights without putting up a fight. However, a scientist named Galen Winsor has come forward who claims he swam in a nuclear cooling pool every evening after work, and he remained totally healthy. We are repeatedly lied to about everything we can not physically check ourselves. For further information please see a youtube video called “Man Who Swam in Nuclear Pooling Says Radiation is Not Dangerous”. •Creating a slander campaign against any dissidents or targeted individuals. • •Back in 1892, at a scientific convention in Geneva, geologists were persuaded to fraudulently call oil a fossil fuel, in order to make the public believe it is scarce. A fossil is residue of formerly living matter. There has never been a real fossil found below 16,000 feet. Yet, we drill for oil at 33,000 feet every day. The self-proclaimed elite wish to create a standard world wide price for oil. The Peak Oil Theory is based on errors. Oil is the second most prevalent liquid on earth.
  • SURVEILLANCE GRID    I live a distance of twelve kilometres from a small town in the west of Ireland called Ballinrobe, in County Mayo.  Ballinrobe has a population of 2,500 people.   Back in 1921, almost one hundred years ago, when there was no electricity supply in Ireland, and most people knew very little about electricity, the people of Ballinrobe got together and built their own electricity supply for their town, complete with street lighting.  I know this to be true because my grandmother told me that she first saw the lights of Ballinrobe from a distance of twelve kilometres, on the night my aunt Mary was born.  The people of  Ballinrobe achieved all of this without the aid of a national grid.  It has become apparent that the real reason we have a national grid is for purposes of surveillance and control.   The rural electrification scheme did not begin in earnest in Ireland until 1946.


We now know that we have been lied to on an unimaginable scale about all manner of things because a differential in knowledge leads to a differential in power and because a confused populace are much easier to manipulate.  Many  historians of ancient history and many archaeologists now know that human beings have lived on this planet for much longer than what is officially being declared by the criminal oligarchy.  The independent  archaeologists and historians generally believe that humans have lived on this planet from between five hundred million years  and four thousand five hundred million years.   It is claimed that an organised religious group called the Jains believe that this planet has always been here.  They ask  if this is not the case who brought the raw materials here to create this planet.    We can never know  the truth but we must always question the criminal oligarchy.  Their past activities have never been about our best interests.  The  theories from Copernicus, Galileo, Darwin, Newton and Einstein are being heavily questioned by independent thinking scientists.  The word planet means flat plane.   It is absurdly obvious that the earth is flat.  Mathematicians,  civil engineers and airline navigators have provided at least two hundred proofs of a flat and fixed earth on many websites and videos which are freely available online.


It has come to be known that a human heart can not be transplanted without the organ donor being alive at the time of the transplant.  Therefore if the transplant surgeon wishes for a perfect heart so as to succeed with his transplant surgery he might omit to give the organ donor any numbing agent in case it endangers the heart while it is in the process of transplantation.


Industrial hemp is the earths number one resource.   Industrial hemp is an environmentally friendly plant.  Industrial hemp only takes ninety days to grow to full maturity.  Industrial hemp has sixty thousand different uses.  Industrial hemp can be used for building materials, clothing, fuel, food, paper, vehicle manufacturing,  bio-degradable  environmentally friendly plastic, animal fodder and medicine, among thousands of other products.  Industrial hemp stops deforestation of the soil.   The cultivation of industrial hemp would give all of us lives of abundance.   Because industrial hemp is so versatile it posed a threat to the profits and monopolies  of large corporations such as giant oil, steel, paper and fossil fuels to such an extent that they launched a smear campaign against it and eventually had it banned throughout large parts of the world.  They had industrial hemp banned on the grounds that it is a close relative to marijuana.  However, no matter how much industrial hemp you smoked it could never drug you or make you high.  Industrial hemp is genetically distinct from marijuana.  The banning of the cultivation of industrial hemp is an example of deliberately engineered scarcity by members of the self-proclaimed elite.  However it is not the only example.  Nearly all famines are caused by deliberately engineered scarcity.  If the self-proclaimed elite wish to reduce a population they will first make access to certain common food products scarce and then they will delibeerately introduce a virulent strain of virus into that area in order to reduce the population of that area over time.  This saves them a lot of money on armies and ammunition.  The great Irish famine of the eighteen forties was deliberately engineered by this manner.

Peer Review can easily be abused by allocating scientists from the same secret society to review the work of a fellow scientist, thereby allowing pseudo science to be accepted as real science. This is a non-sequitur. The same applies to allocating an expert witness in a court case. • •Politicians have began to give non-answers, when questioned about anything. They avoid the question by answering a different question, not asked.

The People now know that Income Tax is not Mandatory … and that all taxes go to feed the Political Aristocracy and the State Oligarchy, and that their trickle-down economics determines that the People of this Island get to subsist and exist off the drippings from the masters table.

The above and following information in italics was posted by Charles Magus at This information appears to indicate that the Irish people no longer own our own homes or farms. You will find more information at the link provided below.

The People now know that under the Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009 (Part 2), they do not legally own any land, property and or any of the territories of the Island of Ireland, and all the land, the property and the homes on the Island legally belongs to the State for the purpose of plying their business, as in generating revenue and making profit for the State. The People now know that when the Sheriff calls to “your home”, he is not calling to “your home”, he is calling to a business, a business that is no longer providing revenue for his employer the State, and therefore is legally entitled to take all necessary steps to recover any losses, including leaving the tenants, or as some might call them People, legally destitute.



The current planetary wide system of governing by the self proclaimed elite  does everything it can to ensure that people remain in a state which is not economically viable in order that they might eventually take over the entire planet for their own ownership. One way this is done is through a process of total criminalization.   The way they do this is by gradually introducing more and more laws, so that eventually almost everything becomes a crime. This includes all the things you would normally do as a normal, functioning human being. They then attach fines to these breaches of so-called law, again placing economic stress on people. This again leads to homelessness, which eventually leads to prison terms.


Peer Review is primarily about censorship of viewpoints and innovations that threaten vested interests and the would be establishment, while allowing through all types of junk science.

Plausible Deniability.

In order to create a state of plausible deniability in any and all situations the self-proclaimed elite almost never initiate problems.   I believe they have a policy of exacerbating problems that have already occurred.   Some examples come to mind.  1.  If you present with a problem of voice harassment to a psychiatrist  you will then be given psychosis inducing formulas posing as anti-psychotic medication which cause severe  agitation and low moods similar to a state of psychosis.  The unwitting psychiatrists have never actually ingested  the substances posing as anti-psychotic medication that they are forcing on their patients on a daily basis so therefore they have absolutely no idea what they are force feeding these patients.  If a patient should refuse to take their medication they are given long acting injections of their medication under threat of being re-admitted into a lock down psychiatric facility if they should refuse them.    2.  I have an acquaintance in Sligo, Ireland who is a targeted individual.  He once was burned by remote control by the use of directed energy weapons while he was lighting his fire.   The fact that he was lighting his fire at the time would serve to make his family disbelieve his story and add credence to the false belief that he is mentally ill even though directed energy weapons and voice harassment technology is widespread and he has been a targeted individual for thirteen years and counting.