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Humanity is soon to be under collective mind control if we continue on our current path of indifference to modern technology. This mind control is being achieved by agents of the deep state who have created many control projects over te past one hundred years or more. These control projects work as a multi facited approach to slowly and incrementally bring in totalitarian and neo-feudalism on a worldwide basis. The following are a list of some if not all of these control projects, most of which I obtained from the following youtube video where Jan Irvin was being interviewed.

The dumbing down of compulsary education.

The psychadelic movement.

The New Age Movement.

The removal of the fallacies from the classical trivium.

The as yet to be achieved destruction of the family.

The destruction of the middle class.

The as yet to be achieved destruction of privately owned farms.

Bogus Science also known as scientism.

The environmental movement.

Neo Feminism

Fluoridated water.

The Gaia Hypothesos.

Geo Engineering

Global Warming

Genetically Modified Foods

Informal fallacies.

Neo Shamanism

The New Age Movement

The Pharmaceutical Industry which is just another way of dumbing down and sickening the population.


Positive Thinking.

Professional Sports. (Brains are being entrained in large stadiums with the aid of screens).


The Sexual Revolution.

U.F.O.s and Extraterresterials. (An easily achieved phenomenon with the use of directed energy weapons.)

Crowd Control (by hidden means)

Early Education which is mostly about indoctrination.


There is a race on to unify consciousness. It is virtually impossible to enslave a free thinking individual. It is easy to enslave a coherent collective. People who are seen to be stand alone individuals are being covertly targeted with directed energy weapons and voice harassment technology, also known as voice to skull technology,  by agents of the state, and if they should complain they are being accused of being mentally ill and incarcerated in mental hospitals, supposedly for their own good.





Public schooling is being abused. It is being used to inculcate children into the cults of church and state. Moreover, it is being used to disempower children by encouraging their belief in collectivism rather than self motivation. Public school is being used to lie to children about a wide range of subjects including preparation for their future life. Children are led to believe that they can achieve nothing without the interference of church and state in their lives. Children are being trained to be obedient to false authority and never to raise their head above the radar unless for a government approved reason. We must revert to home education immediately, thereby saving enormous amounts of money for the public purse.

Public Health is being abused. Undocumented drugs are being urged on people against their own best interests. They are being put into the public food and water supply. These drugs are being used to make people ill so that certain interested parties can slowly but surely take over control of this planet against the interests of the rest of mankind.




Why I may have been chosen as a Weapons Test Subject.


The voice to skull direct communications coming from directly inside my head once told me that I was put on this government watch list, along with all that entails, because I was making claims about doctors in my locality in such a way that they weren’t able to defend themselves. The one and only time I ever complained about doctors in my locality was in the privacy of a government funded office in Claremorris, Ireland, some time between 2001 and early 2003. I complained to a disability assessment doctor about the way people who suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome were generally being treated for it in a way that served no practical purpose, and I complained about the way I was treated for it in the past, as I had visited up to and including twenty doctors about the matter over a period of many years. I had been denied disability allowance for Irritable Bowel Syndrome in the past by a certain doctor in my locality.   I told the disability assessment doctor that I had a meeting with in Claremorris many years ago that I believed I had not been given the help I needed, when I asked for it, by being allowed to go on disability allowance when I requested it. I believe the particular doctor I made the request to may have been trying to save tax payers money by denying my request. I made all of these complaint in the privacy of a government office with only two other people in the office, the disability assessment doctor and her secretary. I never, ever complained to anybody else about this matter, before or since until now.   Back in nineteen ninety five, I was in the workplace when I was unwell and not fit for work due to irritable bowel syndrome. It was immoral of me to behave in this way. I wish to apologise for this behaviour.  The particular medical practitioner who refused me disability allowance was Dr John Connolly, Pontoon Lodge, Castlebar, Co. Mayo.  He is a psychiatrist who I elected to attend at is own home Pontoon Lodge, because I had read that I.B.S. is largely psychosomatic and I had already looked for help from many and varied general practitioners and alternative practitioners who were mostly drug based.  I eventually got disability allowance through my own current medical practitioner, which I am very grateful for.

Over many years and on many occasions, the voice to skull direct communication voices in my head laid the blame on me for my inability to get disability allowance for Irritable Bowel Syndrome on my inability to communicate effectively with my doctor. I personally have no interest at all in discussing something that happened in the very distant past. However, the direct voice communications would not stop quizzing me about the issue and blaming me constantly, so that is why I have decided to write about this private matter here. I strongly disagree with their claim that I failed to adequately inform my doctor of my problems. The voice to skull direct communications then informed me that they wish to continue experimenting on my body so they are obliged to pretend it has some type of purpose. To that end they amplify any flaws I have with my health to an enormous extent in order to give them a reason to continue their weapons testing and voice harassment and non-consensual medical experimentation. Furthermore, the voice to skull direct communications further went on to say that they believed the only reason they were asked to using me as a weapons test subject and voice harassment experimentation subject and non-consensual medical experimentation subject was as a means of distracting them from focusing on the real reasons for these non-consensual human experiments, which is take down of humanity.

In 50% of visits the patient and the doctor do not agree on the nature of the main presenting problems. In one study, patients were interrupted by physicians so soon after they began describing their presenting problems (on average within 18 seconds) that they failed to disclose other significant concerns. Most complaints by the public about physicians deal not with clinical competency problems but with communication problems. The language doctors use is often unclear, both as regards the use of jargon and in relation to a lack of the expected shared meanings of relative common terms. The level of psychological distress in a patient may also hinder effective communication. “Doctor Patient Communication – The Toronto Consensus Statement. “

I visited by doctor at the very least five times and at most eight times and I outlined the very same complaint each time.

I was raised to fear authority to an enormous degree because of corporal punishment all through the public school system, therefore I was afraid to be forceful and disagreeable with my doctor.  Therefore when he refused me the disability allowance I did not feel able to challenge his authority or question him about his decision.


If doctors and their patients had an effective method of communication, for example if each patient was obliged to fill in a detailed form about their general health and specific health complaint in an unhurried manner, while in their own home, this would rule out any and all communication problems between doctor and patient forever. However, it is not in the interests of drug companies or medical schools to have effective communication between doctor and patient because the drug companies and medical schools have something to hide. The controllers of drug companies and controllers of medical schools who are one and the same wish to cause ambiguity throughout main stream medicine and psychiatry in order to fudge their own failings which are many and varied.

Some of the responsibility should have been put on the doctor to illicit my concerns rather than all of it put on to my shoulders.

I have found down through the years that even if I go to great extremes to convince somebody of something, if they are not perceptive to my message, they will not heed me no matter what I say. Because of that, when my doctor refused my request for disability allowance, I became too discouraged and too tired to repeat my story, because I believed that my story would again fall on deaf ears.

Doctors dont take Irritable Bowel Syndrome seriously, as almost nobody ever died from it.  I had previously asked for help for my irritable bowel syndrome from a wide range of medical practitioners throughout Ireland.  Professor McCarthy of Galway saw me twice and informed me on both occasions that he could do nothing to help me.  I only attended him on the second occasion because a general practitioner I was attending at the time asked me to attend him again.   I was seen and tested by the medical practitioners of Galway Regional Hospital on more than a few occasions.    I was seen by numerous other private general practitioners throughout many years.  I realise that general practitioners or occupational therapists or gastroenterologists are not responsible for the irritable bowel syndrome that many individuals suffer from in todays world.  I lay most of the blame for that phenomenon on the dark occultists who run this planet from behind the scenes and who deliberately imbue our water, food, air, tooth fillings, toothpaste, medication, vaccinations, face makeup and deodorant with a wide variety of poisonous substances.  They carry out these atrocious acts deliberately in order so that humanity might have low grade physical health and low grade intelligence.  They are aware that planetary wide take over is not  viable in a planet full of extremely intelligent and vibrantly healthy individual human beings.

If we are not allowed to complain about any aspect of the government without being put on a watch list and then locked on to a computer enhanced human steering and guidance program by our unique brain signature, via brain link technology, where we are being watched by signals intelligence operatives on around the clock and second by second basis for the rest of our lives in some instances and for a short few years of our lives in other instances, we are indeed living in a fascist dictatorship, worse than any fascist dictatorship that ever existed before.

I am not and never have been looking for compensation from anybody, not general practitioners or psychiatrists or neuro scientists or indeed anybody at all.  I am not a vengeful individual in any way.  I am reasonable and forgiving.    I am not interested in the subject I am currently writing about.  I am writing about it because the voices coming from inside my head were obsessed with my health status and constantly asked me questions about myself and why I was not in the work place with everyone else.  If I post everything about myself online nobody else will ever force their voice inside my head against my will with voice to skull military communication technology ever again.

I realise now that the most reason why I may have been chosen as a weapons test subject and targeted individual of directed energy weapons is because I am a free will human being, which is the type of human being that the would-be enslavers of humanity can not get any leverage on for any reason.   The would-be enslavers can not get leverage on me because I am not addicted to any substance  and I don’t drink alcohol.   I am not in debt, I do not have a guilt signature for any reason,  and I have never had children so they can not accuse me of being a bad mother and thereby involve the law. 

I have never been married so they can not turn my husband against me and involve the law, which is a tactic they regularly employ if they wish to disempower somebody.  If I lived in public housing which I don’t,  the would-be enslavers would come up with a reason to evict me.   I live in my family home which I was born in nearly sixty years ago.  If I had been born in a hospital,  which I was not,  the powers that be would have more legal rights over me than they did because of being born at home.  Being born in a delivery room has legal implications which favour the powers that be. 

   More important than any of the other methods of obtaining leverage on me is the fact that I do not belong to any organised religion, as all organised religions were deliberately created in the distant past as mind-control mechanisms in order to enslave humanity. Once you are inculcated into an organised religion you are very easy to manipulate from then on.   Organised religions were created to get humanity to ignore critical thinking so that they become easy prey to social control.   Races of people have been enslaved through manipulation by organised religions on many occasions in the distant past.  I have already stated in another blog that I am an agnostic which is the knowledge that nobody knows whether there is a god or not and nobody knows if there is an afterlife or not.  It is all presumption and is a useful tool as a mind control mechanism to prey upon humanity. 

I don’t subscribe to any other false belief systems such as new age spirituality, a belief in the existence of extra-terresterials or a false belief in constant positive thinking which are all erroneous belief systems which were deliberately created by the powers that be in order to confuse,  destabilize  and distract humanity for the purposes of planetary wide takeover and long term enslavement. 

I no longer own my own car.  I mostly cycle everywhere I need to go and occasionally I am driven by my sister in her car.  By owning a car you might have more involvement with legalities than you can have by being a cyclist.  The electrical components in your car can be targeted with directed energy weapons at any location,  thereby stalling your car  at any time. 

I only socialise  with my extended family in our own homes.   We are all ethical people.    I almost never make new friends because I am wary that the people who were involved in my electronic harassment in the past may try to get close to me and exploit me or set me up in some way.   I no longer currently vote in any election as I  believe that by voting I may be  legally disempowering myself.   I do not now have a birth certificate.  I am now known as gretta of the family fahey.  I live in rural Ireland.   The only reason I am revealing all of this information about myself is in order to advise other targeted individuals that no matter how difficult your life might get always stay away from psychiatry which, unbeknownst to the unwitting mental health staff is just another arm of the slow enslavement system.    (I have dealt with the subject of psychiatry in another one of my blogs on this website



This post is heavily based on information which I found online and which I have added to myself.


Work is not a virtue in itself. However, the self-proclaimed elite wist to convince us that work, even if utterly useless and harmful to humanity, is a moral value in itself. It is in the best interest of the self-proclaimed elite to make sure the ordinary masses work endlessly, with very little financial reward.  According to British newspaper, the Guardian,  the American military dropped 26,171 bombs in overseas countries in 2016 alone.  It would take a great deal of work in order to rebuilt the damaged cities and towns caused by such mindless destruction.

Six Types of Work.

(1) Useless and Pointless work,

(2) Unclassified  Harmful Work that furthers the Powers of the Criminal Oligarchy which is financed by black budgets and most people are unaware that it is being carried out. 

(3)  Classified Work which is destructive to our freedom but humanity is being fooled into believing it is advantageous to us because most people don’t know where it is leading, 

(4) Real Productive Paid Worthwhile Work

(5) Real Productive Unpaid and Unrecognised Worthwhile Work.

(6) The Great Work.   If we eliminated the first three categories of work, we could limit the working week down to a maximum of five hours, per person, per week, very easily.

More than three quarters of the work done on the planet at this time is  work which is harmful to humanity in the long term.  A few common examples of harmful work are government administrators who work at tightening of the control structure and eliminating our  freedoms, journalists and media who are paid to knowingly and deliberately lie to humanity, intelligence services who work at furthering of unnecessary surveillance, factory workers who work at manufacturing of landmines and other weapons, pharmaceutical personnel who work at poisoning us with mandatory vaccinations and medications which are deliberately blended with harmful ingredients , politicians and lawyers who smothering us with unnecessary regulations, teachers who work in the forced schooling industry instead of allowing children and university students to use interactive software to teach themselves at home,  technology workers who work at laying down the ground work for would-be technological enslavement,  and soldiers who fight in wars that nobody wants, except for the self-proclaimed elite. “Wars cause a number of people to manufacture high explosives and a number of other people to explode them just to keep alive the notion that a great deal of severe manual work must be the lot of the average man and woman.”

A computer operating system was created from pure mathematics which could not be hacked into.  The kernel of that operating system was deliberately corrupted my Microsoft in order to create unnecessary work for anti-virus software companies thereby making vast amounts of money for Microsoft and pointless work for millions of their staff.   Monsanto also corrupted the kernel of a seed in order to create seedless plants so that farmers would be obliged to purchase their seeds from there on from Monsanto, thereby making vast amounts of money for Monsanto and pointless work for millions of farmers.   In the very same way the self proclaimed elite corrupted our languages in order to stop our words from retrieving information from our subconscious minds in an effective way.  By corrupting our languages a rift was created by our conscious and subconscious minds thereby corrupting the human operating system which is the human mind.  The self proclaimed elite then claimed the vessel under salvage by a law called cannon law.    You can  remove the corruption from your operating system by refusing to co-operate with whatever organised religion or  new age belief system you belong to.  Maintaining New Age belief systems and all organised religions is a form of pointless and harmful work.   New age belief systems were  for the most part developed by the self proclaimed elite in order to catch anyone who happened to be falling away from organised religions.  You aught to stay away from all belief systems and become an individual thinker, thereby freeing the kernel of your mind.  You aught to also stay away from all smart engineered technology because it can make you believe in beliefs without your conscious awareness of the fact that you have lost your mind.    When you no longer belong to any belief system whatsoever your thinking becomes free and accurate.    I obtained  most of this information from Mark Christopher at the following link

I believe we might also be able to eliminate hospitals, nursing homes, mental hospitals, dentists, and the pharmaceutical industry, if heavily suppressed natural cures were released to the public and if the self-proclaimed elite stopped deliberately adding unnecessary chemicals to our water, food, air, tooth fillings, medication, vaccinations and if they stopped bombarding us with unnecessary electromagnetic radiation from cell phone masts and smart engineered technology.

Manufacturers deliberately withhold efficiency when designing all products, so that these products will need constant maintenance and constant replacements. For example, buildings should be built to last for thousands of years. Ballintubber Abbey which is a building located close to my home in the West of Ireland has been in public use for eight hundred years without a break. The raw materials that are being put into building blocks may be being changed for the worse in some instances so that buildings may have built in obsolence built into them in order to keep builders pointlessly busy. I believe that pyrite may have been deliberately introduced into building materials recently, by agents of corporate interests giving deliberate misinformation to concrete block manufacturers, in order to introduce built-in-obsolescence into our homes. On this occasion, the criminal cabal got the balance wrong by destroying new homes and infuriating the home owners. We are told the practice of planned obsolescence is to ensure that there is a constant supply of customers for the products. However, the real reason is to keep people working unnecessary long hours, so that they will not question the status quo and are easier to control.


Alcohol and tobacco are poisonous to humanity. They cause addictions and chronic illnesses. Because they are heavily taxed they are then heavily promoted. The more people drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes, the more taxes that can be then collected. The more illnesses that are generated by both of these poisonous substances, the more work that is generated for the health services. This increases taxes in a round about way, and keeps people occupied doing what otherwise would have been unnecessary work in these three industries, namely tobacco, alcohol and health service.

Cannabis is a viable safe alternative to substances like alcohol and tobacco. People can easily grow their own cannabil and therefore no work needs to be done to enjoy it. While alcohol is a mind contracting drug, cannabis is a mind expanding plant. Most mind expanding plants are considered to be highly beneficial and therapeutic. The plant based drug called Ayahuasca has been described as ‘ten years of therapy in a week’.  If you wish to take a mind expanding drug such as cannabis you must only take it under controlled conditions such as on an empty stomach during a full moon.  However, I have never taken cannabis myself but I hope to take it if  it is ever legalised.   We are wasting our time and energy working in the alcohol and tobacco industry.  Unfortunately, we are not currently allowed access to most therapeutic plants.

  • According to the Austrialian, Max Igan, people with more human potential than business potential can not function within the corporate work place. Caring people with real humanity can not operate in harmony with a brutally competitive and aggressive work environment, which is out of alignment with all that is real and good. If you display human qualities, for example, a strong social and loving conscience, you wont get a job. If you display ruthless, sociopathic qualities, where you are willing to be cruel to your fellow man for the sake of profit for your corporation, then you will be offered a top job. If everybody was self-sufficient, and nobody had paid occupations, most people would work anyway for the good of humanity, free of charge. It is unnecessary for a person to work in a salaried occupation in order to make themselves useful to the world.
  • According to Jordan Peterson, Professor of psychology at the University of Toronto,  approximately forty five percent of people have occupations that make the world a better place and approximately fifty five percent of people do work that is damaging to the planet and its people.
  • There are two forces currently at play on planet earth. One force is the control system whose ultimate wish is to regiment everybody under rigid dicipline. This causes stagnation and fear among humanity. The other force is called anarchy which is a system of rules without rulers. This force allows total individual freedom but also total individual responsibility. When there is a system of anarchy in place in any area this signifies that this area is healthy and vibrant and the human beings who live there are for the most part blissfully happy and totally free to make all their own decisions. The Great Work is any work which we do that helps to erode the control system and  helps to reclaim our individual freedom and also freedom for all of humanity.    Do you work towards helping or hindering human freedom?.   If you work towards helping it you are participating in The Great Work.

It is a major tactic of criminal oligarchy psychological warfare to encourage us to expend our energy in futile unnecessary work, while they conserve their strength. We are kept so busy we have no time to figure out what traps are being set for us by the self-proclaimed elite. If all of the really intelligent and capable people in society are constantly working, they will have no time or energy to stage a counter insurgency against the would-be enslavers. While we are exhausted and confused, they are secretly attacking us with energy and purpose.

The majority of people in the workplace are deliberately being over worked, because the self-proclaimed elite wish to over stimulate mankind, in order to render them ineffectual. When people are over worked their brain waves move too fast and the work force begin to suffer from sensory overload. In order to be effective we need to be able to focus. In order to make changes, we need to first be able to slow down our thinking and become mindful. The best way to achieve focus and mindfulness is through being alone with silence in an uncluttered environment. Silence has immeasureably relaxing effects. As little as two minutes of silence reduces heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure. By over working everybody in todays world, the self-proclaimed elite have rendered us powerless to work against their attempts to further enslave us.

It has been claimed that the European Parliament have enacted a policy that people who are work shy will be forcefully persuaded to go back to work by the use of black operations. However, I have not researched the matter.

I am in receipt of disability allowance because of chronic thyroid, bowel and bladder disabilities. My disabilities are unrelated to any mental health issues. I was in receipt of disability allowance for more than a year before I began to be overtly attacked by electronic weapons, and before the voice transmissions began to be downloaded into my skull, by the use of Voice to Skull military communication technology. The voice to skull technologically transmitted voices once told me that they had an instrument of torture prepared for me if I did not get back into the workplace. If it is common policy now to put work shy people on psychological torture programs, this truly means that we are indeed slaves, and the self-proclaimed elite are human livestock farmers, who subsist off the tax payers. I also subsist off the tax payer, and I try and thank the tax payer by creating awareness of issues, which support the interests of the tax payer and oppose the interests of the parasitic human lifestock farmers.


Some of the information in this synopsis came from the following essays

“In Praise of Idleness” by Bertrand Russell

“On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs” by Professor David Graeber,

“The Right to be Lazy” by Paul Lafargue.

“The Art of being Happy” by Joseph Droz.

For two centuries, a strange delusion has tortured sad humanity. We have been programmed to believe that we came into this world mainly to work, when in fact, the direct pursuit of happiness should be the principle objective of our lives.

The word ” work” means – altering the position of matter on the surface of the planet.

Work is not a virtue in itself. There is no special nobility about altering the position of matter on the surface on the planet, unless there is a good reason for doing so. The privileged oligarchy want to convince us that work is a moral value in itself, and that anyone not willing to submit themselves to some kind of intense but utterly pointless work discipline should be dispised.

What humanity is currently doing is making far too much stuff, for no good reason, except to keep people grossly over occupied, so they wont have any time to figure out what is really going on. When we have an over-accumulation of stuff, we then go to war and explode all the stuff, and start all over again.

When machines and factories first appeared, it was clear to all thinking people that human drudgery and human inequality was no longer necessary. The masses would realise that the privileged super rich had no function and would be swept away. A hierarchical society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance. Because of this fact, it is in the best interest of the super rich to make sure the ordinary masses work endlessly with very little financial reward. In order for the super rich oligarchy to figure out ways to make us work more, they created three main types of jobs.


Huge swathes of people, in Europe and North America in particular, spend their entire working lives performing tasks they secretly believe do not really need to be performed. These jobs have just been invented and created to keep us all working. The moral and spiritual damage that comes from this situation is profound. It is a scar across our collective soul. Yet virtually no one talks about it.

These pointless jobs are found mainly in the administrative sector and include financial services, telemarketing, corporate law, health administration, managers, academic administration, security support and public relations. Also, large amounts of time is spend organising and attending motivational seminars. Some other utterly meaningless jobs include CEOs, lobbyists, PR researchers, actuaries, bailiffs and people who work in the weapons manufacturing industry.

Some people dedicate every waking second to paper pushing office jobs, but what they are doing is meaningless. These people immerse themselves in utter pointlessness, but treat it like it is of the most vital importance imaginable. They see what they are doing as massively virtuous. However, if they stayed in bed for their whole lives, their work would not be missed by the human race.

Every child is programmed to believe that its lifes purpose is to occupy the whole of their lives with meaningless toil. They have come into the world to experience the richness of life, and yet they are not supposed to point out the absurdity of toiling at some pointless and unrewarding job, decade after decade. If they dare to question the system, and declare that they dont want to spend the whole of their one and only life doing pointless drudgery, they are made to feel inadequate.


This is called immoral work. We now live in an open prison, due to the excessive regulations that are coming onstream gradually. We are slowly being enslaved by our own civil servants and government employees. Examples of immoral work is the type of work conducted by main stream medicine, lawyers, teachers, priests, and the reasons I adhere to this opinion are briefly listed herein.

Some medical practitioners are not healers. They spend their lives pushing poisonous drugs on humanity. This enriches the oligarchs, it sickens and dumbs down humanity so much that they are unable to think clearly enough to realise that pharmaceutical drugs never healed anyone. Their main purpose is to expand the powers of the oligarchy through medicalising the masses. Main stream medicine is becoming more and more fascist since the introduction of manditory vaccinations in some countries.

Lawyers are employed full time in enforcing stupid regulations which leads to more and more rigid control of humanity. What once were merely vices are now regarded as crimes. These laws may be legal, but they are not lawful or just.

The purpose of public education is to mislead and confuse and indoctrinate. It is also to teach the child to jump up and sit down to the sound of the school bell, just like you would train a dog. It indoctrinates the child to leave all decision making to the so called expert at the top of the room. It never teaches the child to think for himself or herself. That is totally frowned upon. An example of lies that are being tought to small children is that the earth is round when, in fact, it is flat. We are taught to believe the word of authority over our own senses. This is called cognative dissonance. Thousands of independent scientists have proven to themselves that the earth is flat, but they have no way of getting their beliefs out to the public, because the oligarchs own the main stream media.

Priests are also an example of immoral workers. Nobody knows what happens after we die, because nobody ever died and came back to tell us. Priests claim to know what happens after we die and they help spread the message to small children that they will burn in a fire for all eternity if they do not conform with church teaching.   They force this mis-information into the minds of small children before these children have the ability to critically analyze this information.  This practice must be abandoned because from the point of view of a very young and very gullible  child this belief in eternal torment in an afterlife  is a form of psychological torture.  For further information on this particular topic please see my other blog on this website which is called “Rational Evaluation of Organised Religions.”

In some sales positions, dishonesty is expected and required.  In fact, most institutions of power throughout the world are based on a system of organised dishonesty.  Recently employees have been questioning the ethical value of the work they are being asked to perform for large corporations.  They are sometimes being told that the moral aspect of the work that is being carried out in the workplace  is solely in the domain  of  the corporate leaders, and the workers must not concern themselves about it.  By this methodology workers are being manipulated to carry out acts of extreme evil on a daily basis.  It is my belief that objective right and wrong is scientifically proven to exist.  Moral relativism was created by agents of evil in order to manipulate humanity to follow the dictates of extreme evil.

Psychiatry is the most immoral occupation of all. Psychiatrists force medicate their patients on drugs that have such strong side effects that they torture their patients from the inside out, in some cases. The psychiatrists then turn a blind eye to the suffering of their patients. There are easy suppressed cures for all ailments, including mental health issues. We are just finding out about them now, with the help of the internet.




These are the people that the others resent because their work has clear and undeniable social value. They include motor mechanics, farmers, builders, scientists, actors, singers, writers, bakers.

Creative people may be at their most productive when they appear to be doing nothing.

Less is more. Being constantly busy can simply be a way of creating an image of someone who is very very important. Modern work is soul numbing. Whether it takes place in the office or factory, it has become mechanical and meaningless. The modern workplace condemns man to play the part of a machine, turning out work without rest and without thanks.

Five hundred years ago, personal identity or ethos was not based on jobs. Instead the meaning of life was predicated on conviviality and conversation, singing and gossiping, good food and good sex. Our ancestors were not afraid of sex or idleness. They believed the impulses of men were good and natural and must be given a free reign.

Five hundred years ago, the traders of religion had not yet corrupted the noble savage with christianity, syphilis and the dogma of work. The Greeks in their era of greatness had only contempt for work. The poets sang of idleness, that greatest gift from the Gods. Modern man has let itself be perverted by the nonsensical dogma of work. They have allowed themselves to be degraded by the religion of work.

Man must return to his natural instincts. He must accustom himself to working but three hours a day, reserving the rest of the day and night for leisure and feasting.

If nobody in the world had paid occupations, people would find enjoyable ways to occupy themselves because people really like to be active. People would still do whatever really needed to be done to provide themselves with the means of subsistence, but would not be forced into doing it. It is unnecessary for a man to work in a salaried occupation, in order to make himself useful to the world.

Many people have proposed that we reduce work to four hours per day and still provide the “necessary and elementary comforts” of life where people will have the freedom to pursue cultural and intellectual interests.

In general, it is not the police or the threat of violence that force us to work, but rather a social system that ensures that working is the only way that most of us can meet our basic needs. In this way, as Moishe Postone notes, the specific mechanism by which goods and services are distributed in a capitalist society appears to be grounded not in social convention and political power but in human need (1996, 161).

Let me be clear: to call these traditional work values into question is not to claim that work is without value. It is not to deny the necessity of productive activity or to dismiss the likelihood that, as William Morris describes it, there might be for all living things “a pleasure in the exercise of their energies” (1999, 129). It is, rather, to insist that there are other ways to organize and distribute that activity and to remind us that it is also possible to be creative outside the boundaries of work.

As Robert Anton Wilson once put it, “most ‘work’ in this age is stupid, monotonous, brain-rotting, irritating, usually pointless and basically consists of the agonising process of being slowly bored to death over a period of about 40 to 45 years of drudgery.”

A New York Times piece, meanwhile, summarised one of the biggest-ever surveys of the American workplace by stating: “For most of us, in short, work is a depleting, dispiriting experience, and in some obvious ways, it’s getting worse.”

We must strongly distrust a worldwide initiative who manipulates the human race into unknowingly building a technological enslavement structure for themselves slowly and incremently over many generations.   We must strongly distrust a worldwide initiative who manipulates humanity into unknowingly  performing acts of extreme evil and doing extreme harm to each other and to future generations.  We must strongly distrust a worldwide initiative who makes us adhere to a system not of our own making which is not in the best interests of the public at large.  We must strongly distrust a worldwide initiative who makes human beings work billions of unnecessary hours all because they wish to keep us occupied so that we will not question their nefarious activities which are only and ever in their own interests.   We know who these evil characters are at this stage.   We can easily take back our power by the simple act of dismantling the telephone masts and refusing to register our births, marriages and deaths among many other easy to implement acts.  We must act now.

The following quotation supports my understanding that there is nothing moral about tedious work done for no apparent reason other than utilising unnecessary labour hours.  For further information which supports my claim see the link below the following quotation.

“It’s immoral to ask people to work when there’s no work that needs to be done. It’s immoral to create unnecessary labor so people have “something to do”.




Random human beings and animals are being picked off, one by one, throughout every country in the world, for directed energy weapons testing. This weapons testing is being conducted by criminal gangs, who are experts in the area of signals intelligence and the operation of all types of directed energy weapons, including but not limited to remote neural monitoring and voice to skull direct communication. The criminal gangs are financed by and are given access to these directed energy weapons by a cabal of billionaires and trillionaires who are commonly known as the self proclaimed elite. The criminal gangs are allowed to select who they wish for the purpose of around the clock micro surveillance and voice to skull direct communication harassment, and both mental and physical experimentation. However, all data gained from an assortment of experiments conducted by these so-called signals intelligence operatives is handed over to the self proclaimed elite, who are also the manufacturers of these directed energy weapons.

The self proclaimed elite find this information useful as a tool to further control and enslave humanity. The self proclaimed elite are currently planning to wirelessly connect each human being throughout the world to a computer aided human guidance system, via brain link technology, where each human being would be microsurveilled throughout every second of their lives, totally against their wills. They would also be constantly communicated to by voice to skull direct communication several times each day. This computer enhanced human guidance system has been operated by human beings up to this point. However, evil neuro scientists and computer programmers are currently working towards creating a purely artificial intelligence operated, computer enhanced, human guidance system in order to control every human being on the planet, without the need for a behind the scenes work force.

The signals intelligence operatives can adjust their signals in order to gain vantage inside the human skull, and in order to dip sight into the internals of the human body. The signals intelligence operatives can force their voices onto the hearing centre of the human subject, until such a time that subject has a nervous breakdown, after which time the human subject loses all credibility. Neuroscientists and medical scientists and other high level operatives are granted the capability to dip sight into the internals of the interior of the body of the human test subject, while the human test subject is in the so-called privacy of their own home.

Even though many people have come forward throughout the world telling of their experiences of being weapons test subjects and electronic harassment and voice to skull victims, they are unofficially being gagged by the unrealistic laws of psychiatry. They are being officially disbelieved, followed by incarceration in psychiatric hospitals, followed by forced medication with poisonous, psychotic inducing concoctions, posing as anti-psychotic medication.

The victims of weapons testing are further disbelieved by senior politicians and the main stream media, because both politicians and members of the main stream media are having their brains entrained to a state of sublime indifference by brain entrainment frequencies eminating from both mobile phone towers and from any smart technology which they keep within four feet of their bodies.

Chemtrail aerosol spraying being conducted across our skies on a continual basis for the past several years is being used among other things to create what is commonly known as horizontal drift plasma antennas. (Patent No US6118407.) Horizontal drift plasma antennas are being used to direct and redirect signals, and without this process the signals intelligence operatives would be totally disabled from doing any type of signals intelligence work, including both voice to skull direct communications and electronic harassment. Chemtrails also contain nanobots which can get direct access to the brain and nervous system in both humans and animals. Up until twenty years ago, the only trail that was being generated by large aircraft were contrails, which were residues of steam, among other things, which took all of thirty seconds to dissipate from across the sky. Chemtrails, on the other hand, remain in the sky for up to two hours and expand during that time. We must cease all chemtrailing now.

Enormous amounts of money and human ingenuity is being spent to maintain the illusion of the existence of satellites. Satellites are an invention of the planetary wide, take down propaganda machine. Satellites are purported to be stationary in the thermosphere, which is purported to have a temperature of approximately two thousand degrees centegrade. If this were the case, the satellites would burn up on impact.

A central command and control centre has been created within each continent, where all orders are issued from, to all senior politicians, the police, the intelligence services, the military, main-stream medicine, psychiatry, social workers, senior civil servants, and anybody else who receives government funding. They are now working towards a worldwide human electronic totalitarian control system, through the policies of Agenda 21, under the dubious claims of sustainable development, and I believe they have joined forces with all major organised religions, who appear to be working towards the same agenda. Public education is being used to indoctrinate students into the political principal of collectivism, which means central control of humanity, where everybody is an obedient slave to the same world-wide system of rigid control.

“The existence of systems for telemetering information from sensors, implanted in or on the body makes possible the observation and control of human behaviour without actual physical contact. Through such telemetric devices, it is possible to maintain twenty-four hour-a-day surveillance over the human test subject, and to intervene electronically or physically to influence and control selected behaviour. Throughout Ireland and the world, these sensors and other micro paraphernalia are being implanted into the bodies and brains of selected individuals without their knowledge and consent. Signals intelligence agents gain illegal entry into the homes of these targeted individuals, and with the use of hand held devices, which render the targeted individual and the whole family unconscious, the signals intelligence agents then illegally and immorally implant the selected future weapons test subject with a variety of sensors. The weapons test subject is then brain linked to a super computer, where they will be made available for in-home surveillance and voice to skull interrogation, for many years. These medical sensors, are two way communication systems which transmit data to criminal medical doctors and black budget neuroscientists, who are at secret remote locations. These sensors can wirelessly identify you, track you, analyse every word that comes out of your mouth, and monitor all of your bodily functions

The cover stories which have been used to cover the existence of these non-consensual in-home microsurveillance and human experimentation programs over the past few decades are, among others, the extra terresterial hoax, the religious apparation hoax, the demonic possession hoax, the near-death experience haox, and a wide variety of other hoaxes.

An extremely detailed personality profile of all Irish citizens, both at home and abroad is now archived by the Irish signals intelligence operatives. Personality profiles of Irish people, both at home and abroad are regularly sent overseas, whenever requested by members of organised criminals, who now reside in positions of power throughout the whole world.

We must stop using high definition televisions and high definition computers because of their subliminal influencing capabilities. We must return to the use of analogue televisions both in the home and workplace.

Targeted individuals can easily be identified by the use of an industrial strength microwave radiation meter, which would detect the unique levels of microwave radiation coming out of their bodies.

Targeted Individuals ought to have their biofields photographed in order to identify unique and anomalous patterns in their biofields, in order to compare their biofields to the biofields of non targeted individuals.

The commodity number which corresponds to the number on the original birth certificate of each targeted individual should be checked for any anomalies relating to the stock exchange activities of that commodity number. The wireless voice to skull direct communications have informed me that a birth certificate which was associated with my birth has serious anomalies.

Some targeted individuals have been advised not to publicise their unique stories about their targeting experiences less they destableize the economy. If the self-proclaimed elite succeed in enslaving us, we will have no further use for money.

We aught to divide the land and other resources of the world by the amount of individual humans on this planet under average circumstances.  If there happen to be five billion humans in the world under average circumstances each human being will be given ownership of approximately one five billionth of  the land and all other resources of this planet for their lifetime when they reach a certain age,  a right which will be dissolved after they die.   While each human is alive their one five billionth of the land surface will be their own sanctuary where they can build a home and grow all of their own plant based food under a multi shelf green house system.  They will be able to access their own primary water supply from under the earth.  Primary water is free from all contaminants and chemicals.  They will be given a free energy generator which will generate energy to power  their home and vehicle.  They will be totally autonomous inside their own one five billionth of earth land and they will not be obliged to work outside their own territory unless they volunteer to do so which all healthy humans most probably will.  No human being will be allowed to work more than one day per week outside their own territory because most work will be fully automated and there will be no need to work any longer than that.    No body of individuals will be allowed to inculcate any human with false belief systems.  All children will be taught to think logically.    No human will be obliged to sign legal documents whatsoever because this eventually leads to worldwide enslavement which is currently becoming the case with regard to registering of children at birth.  Humans will be able to access their rightful territory at the age of sixteen by secure means via their word because all children will have been taught that the universe is governed by unseen laws commonly known as Natural Law.    All DNA sampling and unique energy imprint sampling will be banned as this route leads to neurological enslavement.    All inheritance rights will be disallowed.   The contents of the Vatican library will be made public and placed on microfilm for all of humanity to access.   Human kind will regulated themselves by a linear based self regulating system most commonly known as Anarchy which is a system of rules without rulers.   When this new system is in place human kind will take a quantum leap into a place of intellectual and spiritual evolvement because they will no longer need to spend half their lives worrying about obtaining the basics of food and shelter.   This plan is currently capable of being put into place because we already have free energy generators which have been banned from being marketed for the moment but will very soon be for general release.



This website is called

The content of this website is not authenticated.  However, it is real.









Enormous amounts of money and human ingenuity is being spent to maintain the illusion of the existence of satellites. The hoax of the existence of satellites was created as part of worldwide takeover war propaganda.

People hear voices and feel electronic harassment while on airplanes because of horizontal drift plasma antennas which is a phenomenon created by chemtrail aerosol spraying, and these antennas are used to direct and redirect signals. Chemtrails contain nanobots which can get direct acess to the brain and nervous system in humans.

In order to escape this electronic prison, it may be only a matter of doing four things. One, we must dismantling all cell phone towers because they generate microwave radiation which is necessary to carry signals and Two, we must also stop chemtrail aerosol spraying which creates horizontal drift plasma antennas which are used to direct and redirect signals.

All of the infrastructure is on the ground, where we can access it and dismantle it. It is my belief that there are no space based weapons.  I don’t know if scalar weapons exist or if they are planetary takeover propaganda similar to the satellite hoax and similar to the globe shaped earth hoax.

We must stop using smart technology, because it is being used to entrain the brains of humanity into a state of happy apathy.

We must stop using high definition televisions and high definition computers because of their subliminal influencing capabilities.





The direct voice communications coming from inside my head once told me that the long term plan of the self proclaimed elite was to install all of the people in each area, separately,  is one setting, on a regular basis, similar to a church, or mosque, so that strong mind control, administered by directed energy weapons, via signals intelligence, would be administered to them. This particular type of mind control can not be administered in an open setting.  This organised religion would comprise of a large variety of belief systems.  It was planned to be non denominational.

The self proclaimed elite decided they would manipulate miscreants and doubters into attending this Unitarian church on the grounds that they would get a lighter sentence or some other social benefit.    While these undecided group where in attendance, they would experience extremely unusual and ecstatic states of mind, which would be covertly administered to them by behind the scenes signals intelligence operatives.  This would induce the doubters and the miscreants to continue their church attendance for further inculcation, on a bi-weekly basis for the rest of their lives.  I hope this explains the recent phenomenon all over America of people falling down in church, in a state of ecstacy.  This is all staged for now.


I was raised to be a committed Christian, just like at least a billion other people. However, as soon as I gained access to the internet, I was shocked to find contradictory information, which led me to question everything I had ever been taught about the Vatican. I am publishing this information with all due respect, because I was once as committed to Christianity as many people still are.   I have many questions and theories and grave doubts about the Vatican which I have listed below. I am sending this information out to several members of the clergy, as well as publishing it on my website

This is mostly not my own work. It is information I researched online from many websites.

According to well known American researcher and film producer Joseph Atwill, Jesus never existed and Rome never fell. He further claimed that the Roman armies did not disappear, they merely transitioned into what is now known as the Vatican. The Romans realised that it costs money and time to keep standing armies on patrol throughout their dominion. It is much easier to mind control people to be obedient and subservient through the mind control mechanism of an organised religion. The Romans then went on to create what is now known as Christianity. They created the Bible from historical literature and other ancient books.

The Vatican and its popes, who I now totally distrust, may have set a trap for Christians and for the whole human race. Over many hundreds of years, the Vatican clergy have set up a system of ownership of all property, all humans, and souls that exist on this earth through the Papal Bulls and Cestui Que Vie Trusts.

All of the theologies and all of the philosophies and all of the religions on this planet are all one, based on hermetic science, which was founded in Egypt between fifty thousand and sixty five thousand years ago.

Christianity is an invented technique of mind control so that the serfs would not rebel because they believed that there was a religious basis for their servitude.  The Romans informed the serfs that they would be rewarded for their work in the afterlife.

The story of Jesus has numerous parallels with many other ancient Gods, e.g. Horus, Attis, Kirshna, Dionysys, and Mithra to name a few. They were all born on 25th Dec. by a virgin birth. They all had twelve disciples and performed miracles. They were all eventually crucified, died for three days, and were then resurrected. The reason most of the ancient religions have the same general mythological structure, is because they, as well as Christianity, are all based on astrotheology. The virgin Mary is based on the star constellation Virgo. The Jesus crucification sequence is based on the sun moving south in the sky for six months. By December 22nd, the sun is at its lowest point in the sky, in the vicinity of the Southern Cross star constellation. This is where we get the symbology of the crucifiction . Three days later, on December 25th, the sun moves one degree north, giving us the resurrection. For more information see And for further information see a book called “THE WORLDS SIXTEEN CRUCIFIED SAVIORS” by Kersey Graves. We are told that the Vatican library has millions of books and archived documents, therefore, it is safe to assume that the Vatican clergy already know of the numerous duplications between the story of Jesus and numerous other ancient saviours. Yet they never mention this fact to their followers. They have lied to us by omission.

A sacrament is something that is regarded as possessing a sacred character or some mysterious significance by people who have been inculcated into most organised religions. People who have later managed to deprogram themselves from false belief systems go on to realise that sacraments are just a form of mesmerism.   When in church, people are held spellbound by a display of incense and candle light, opulent surroundings and required solemnity,  accompanied by extravagent costumes and elaborate posturing combined with the power of suggestion.   After the act of mesmerism is over, nothing has changed other than the willingness of certain involved parties to believe that something has changed.  This is a form of strong mind control which allows interested parties within the Vatican to wield dangerous control over the masses.  Just because a lie is accepted by the masses, it still does not make it true.  Human beings have lived on this planet for at least six hundred  thousand years according to well known historian of ancient history on youtube called Michael Tsarion,    How is it that we are asked to believe that religions sacraments were only created two thousand years ago?  How did people manage to live their lives successfully without a form of mesmerism called religious  sacraments for more than six hundred thousand years before Christianity made its appearance?.   A similar act of mesmerism is used to make us believe that a pope is actually being ordained when in fact nothing happens during the ordination other than the mesmerising of the people in attendance.    Papal power does not exist in reality.  It is made to exist within the minds of the catholic faithful.

Religious people become reprogrammed each time they go to Church on Sundays. The Vatican inculcates us when we are very young children, so that we will be too young to critically analyse what we are being taught. We are tricked and guilted into believing in religions.  It is my personal opinion that interests within the Vatican are inherently Satanic, and they have tricked Christians into enacting a Satanic ritual, every Sunday, in order to give energy to the dark side.  Why else are Christians encouraged to eat what is purported to be human flesh, and drink what is purported to be human blood.  We are not allowed to question this.

Saint Thomas Moore tortured people for daring to own a bible in English. In the year 2000, Pope John Paul II declared Saint Thomas Moore to be the patron saint of statesmen and politicians.

How can my sins be forgiven by the torture of another person. This is called scape goating. All morality depends on the concept of personal responsibility and does not depend on the concept of passing on responsibility for our sins on to another being who is eventually tortured for them..

The Catholic church is the biggest financial power and property owner in existence, possessing more material wealth than any bank or corporation anywhere on the planet. The pope is one of the richest men on earth, while one fifth of the worlds poor is starving to death. Nine million children die every year of hunger before they reach the age of five.

The Vatican appears to be a protection racket, in the sense that we are led to believe that by paying the clergy we are guaranteed to be taken care of in the after life.

There are Satanic principles in the Christian mass.  Christians must question why they are encouraged to celebrate the re-enactment of brutal human torture on a weekly basis. During the celebration of this brutal human torture, the blood of the victim is symbolically drank by the priest, and the flesh of the victim is eaten in what might be considered a symbolic gesture of cannibalism. The only reason to celebrate an act of extreme human torture repeatedly is to imprint the human psyche with fear and repitition. The God of the bible is purported to have sent his son to earth to be sacrificed on a cross. A loving God would not ask anybody to be sacrificed to death. The creator God would love us unconditionally no matter how badly we behave. This act of celebrating brutal human torture is worshipping the opposite of God. This ritual feels more like Satan worship. I believe the Christian mass is a Satanic ritual, which the Satanists use to empower themselves. I am claiming that Satanists set up the Vatican in order to use used black arts for the purposes of making Christians believe the opposite of what is true. Repetition and fear are both powerful mind control methods.


We are all equals in a planet of equals. We are all made from the same genetic material. The pope has the same genetic material as the rest of us, so why does he believe his opinions are infallable. Why did the pope not intervent to persuade the military to stop the second world war or the Korean war or any war what so ever.

Last year Pope Francis encouraged the people of the world to continue using corporal punishment on their children, which means he is encouraging parents to hit their children . This is systematic abuse. This damages the confidence of a child and it also causes the breakdown of relationships between parents and children, sometimes permanently. Who decided that punishment is an appropriate response to anyone who has done something wrong. If somebody does something wrong, they need extra attention, kindness, love and information, and the natural law way would be to ask them to pay restitution, and not to lock them in a human cage called a prison.   Obedience is not a behaviour that should be encouraged in children, or indeed anyone.  Obedience is a refusal to use our own free will, in favour of blindly and unquestioningly going along with the will of somebody other than yourself, whose true agenda you have no way of knowing.  Obedience is denial of your own responsibility to judge whether something is right or wrong before carrying it out.  Co-operation and not obedience is what we should aspire to obtain from children in our care.   If a child is slapped very hard if they don’t immediately obey the parent, the child will be taught to never ever think for themselves, but to react immediately to orders.  The child could eventually, at a much older age, end up carrying our acts of extreme evil, because of their extreme fear of confronting order givers.


The Christian church should be repremanded for falsely claiming that children will go to hell when they die, if they dont obey the dictates of their religion. The Christian church is implying that the creater of humanity does not believe in unconditional love. There is no proof for the existence of a hell. Creating a false place called hell is a form of psychological torture, deliberately perpetuated on young children before they have the ability to critically analyse that they hear. This ensures that the church will be able to live off an income from those children when they become adults, and for the rest of their lives.

According to the well known historian of ancient history called Michael Tsarion, homo-sapiens have been living on this planet for at least six hundred thousand years. The Vatican are asking us to believe that the Christian God only decided to intervene in the lives of humanity two thousand years ago, by enacting a human sacrifice in primitive Palestine. The news of this human sacrifice has not spread to a large part of the world yet.

We can not love somebody while simultaneously fearing them. Yet Christians are asked to love and fear God at the same time. Christianity makes it compulsory to love a God we have never met.

Religions trap people.  They do not liberate them.


The Vatican failed to warn the faithful about the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons and a type of direct voice communication capability which is commonly called voice to skull technology, and which has been in common use for up to seventy years, but has been kept hidden from the masses.    Pope Frances has been attending think tanks which are also attended by the self proclaimed elite.

It is being claimed that advances in technology are fifty years ahead of what ordinary people are being told about. These advances in technology are being hidden from us because a differential in knowledge is there to create a differential in power. I personally believe that the religions apparation at knock, Co. Mayo, in 1879 was achieved by either a cinema projector or a magic lantern which may have been used to project images of religious figures on to the gable wall of Knock church. Religious apparations only ever appear to uneducated and gullible peasant people, living in remote areas. Religious apparations have never appeared to wealthy members of the educated class. These people would not accept something to be true without thorough investigation.

The Vatican Library has not been catagorised and made available online.  Organised religions control the masses by denying access to knowledge.

Many people, of late, are claiming to see apparitions of both religious entities and demons. This phenomenon can easily be explained from a scientific standpoint. When smart meters are installed in any area, these meters send and receive beams of energy to and from all the other smart meters in the area, and also to and from all nearby electrical appliances. These beams of energy then create a smart grid which can be used to create holograms, both inside and outside buildings and also across the sky. In combination with this, wireless voice to skull military communication technology can be used to transmit voices into peoples heads, from a distance. There is a planetary wide media blackout pertaining to this technology because it is classified by military intelligence.


It is being claimed that pre-recorded brain waves can be artificially injected into the human brain, by the use of High Definition Television and other means. This method can be used to artificially input new ideas into the brains of the clergy, or indeed, anybody. There is no conscious defence possible against this Silent Sound Spread Spectrum. This was achievable in 1974. For further information on Silent Sound Spread Spectrum see Other mediums which are being used to subliminally influence people are digital radios, smart phones, cinema screens, and all smart technologies. It is being claimed that if members of the clergy continue to watch smart television or use any type of smart technology, they will soon be incapable of independent thought. If any type of smart technology is installed in churches, the congregation may not be able to think critically for much longer.

It is being claimed that Christianity was invented by a group of Roman Caesars called the Flavians. They borrowed religious concepts from many different ancient religions. The character of Jesus was a composite of many leaders of the time. It is entirely a fictional character. We need to encourage society to escape from the grip of religion, pseudoscience and superstition. Otherwise, another generation of children will grow up in a mental cage of confusion, without the ability to think logically. They will sacrafice their time, energy, talents and money for a lie. Organised religion is a ball and chain against our progress.

I believe papal authority does not exist in reality because the ordination of any pope or bishop is only an act of mesmerism to make good people believe that something supernatural has happened, when nothing supernatural has happened.  This being the case, the pope has no power over anybody only himself.  Nobody empowered the current pope francis to encourage people to hit their children.  Children have the right to live without violence.  The pope is encouraging violence towards children.  I , on the other hand, wish to encourage  patience and understanding and gentleness towards children.

“How well we know what a profitable superstition this fable of Christ has been for us.” Pope Leo X.

I am now an agnostic.  When I was a catholic I was terrified of death.  On one occasion I began to imagine I was about to die within minutes because I was feeling ill.  I began to imagine that I could possibly be burning in an eternal fire within one minute if I died right then.  I had lived a reasonably good life but catholics are made to believe they can never be good enough.  I was lying in my bed and I believed that if I died at that moment my reality could change instantly from being in a warm comfortable bed to being in a burning fire of hell.  Many catholics have reported that they too are terrified of death.  Now that I am an agnostic and all of the catholic inculcation has disappeared from my mind I know of no such fear.  I have serene feelings about death.  The Christian church practices a form of psychological torture in order to keep their followers from ever leaving this cult.

Mind Expanding Drugs In the past, people conducting spiritual practices used entheogenic substances, also known as mind expanding drugs in order to commune with higher consciousness, so that they could wake up to a higher reality. Mind expanding entheogenic plants are plants such as cannabis and mescaline. They are not in any way associated with hard drugs such as heroin or cocaine. Organised religions have substituted these mind expanding plant based drugs with an inert piece of unleavened bread. These organised religions seek to put a blockade on our spiritual evolvement.

Over many years, the Vatican and its popes have set up a system of ownership of all property, all humans, and souls that exist on this earth through the Papal Bulls and Cestui Que Vie Trusts. In 1302, Pope Boniface VIII created a trust called Unum Sanctum, which declared that the Vatican owned the earth and all the souls in it.  The Unum Sanctum trust has recently been rebutted by a woman from the U.S.A., called Cindy Kay Currier.   The Vatican later went on to create other trusts which I have listed herebelow. These trusts make people the slaves of the Vatican, even if they are not Roman Catholic, and they are used to claim that the Vatican owns our souls.

1455 Testimentary Trust.

1481 Regis Crown Trust.

1531 Convocation Trust.

The Romanus Pontifex Trust was used to create the crown corporation.



The Crown Corporation, which is another name for church and state, has enticed humans into slavery, via deception.

When anyone uses the legal name on their birth certificate as identification, they are committing an illegal act, and they are considered a criminal. All legal names are owned and copyrighted by the crown corporation. The birth certificate name is considered to be a slave name. A fictional person is created by the government, in the form of the birth certificate. That fictional person is not alive and has no rights. It is a corporate entity, that must function according to corporate parameters and corporate rules.

In the legal world, we are all considered slaves of the crown corporation, and our bodies are presumed property of the crown corporation, which is another name for church and state.

Without legal name fraud at the front line lever, the whole system of control is destroyed. I found some of this information at the following web sites

Religion is manipulation and control of the masses by suppression of free thought. Religion is a device which is used to modify the behaviour of the general public, which allows the public to be manipulated and controlled.

Religion undermines the intelligence and rationality of humanity, and by doing so it harms society at its core.

Religion corrupts our sense of reality and encourages us to believe untestable claims.

Religion encourages us to contemplate the nature of reality through analysing folk tales, which they call sacred texts.

Religion undermines respect for evidence, in favour of blind faith.

Religion propogates beliefs by cultural conditioning instead of unbiased scientific inspection.

Religions protect themselves at the expense of human rights.

Religion implies that doing things for God is more important than doing things for your fellow man.

Religion does not teach you how to think in a logical way. It just tells you what to think.

Religions divide people into mutually distrustful and antagonistic groups of people. These people believe they are doing Gods will by fighting against other religious groups.


Religions put religious purity in the afterlife ahead of genuine moral concern for other in this life.

Religion reduces human responsibility to the effect that God controls everything, and therefore there is no point in taking any responsibility to try to change anything.

Religion supports blind submission to authority and handing over of our own duty to utilise our free will.

Terrible crimes can be justified in the name of religion.

Religious myths serve as the soil in which other myths can flourish.

Religions pretend to know things they can not know.

Religions invented supernatural commands that are unrelated to compassion or justice or fairness.

People do good things because they are good, not because they are religious.

Religions deny individual power. They tell us power comes from somewhere else. They shrink a persons concept of their own power.

Religion is mental slavery. People who belong to an organised religion are locked in a mental cage. They are unable to think logically and rationally. Religions train us to disrespect our own reasoning power and logic.

Religion blocks further cognative development in a human being, because when they decide they believe something without question, they then stop looking any further.

You must not link blind faith with morality. Moral values are founded on human empathy and scientific understanding.

We have a right to freedom from religion in public places.

If you could reason with religious people, there would be no religious people.

Theology obfuscates. Science illuminates.

Organised religions obstruct people from obtaining accurate information. In the past, books and newspapers with information that conflicted with catholicism were banned by the Vatican.

Religions wish us to believe that moral ideas are their property. However, we get our morality from human empathy, which we are born with. We can easily generate our own moral structures from secular moral philosophy and rational discussion. Religions would have us believe that we were all immoral before their religion came in to being.

Bible verses dont carry any weight because man wrote the bible. However, the bible is a useful source of information in a variety of areas.


I believe faith is not a virtue. Science and reason lead to more reliable knowledge than faith. Reason is the way to truth. There are ten thousand different religions in use today and all of them conflict with each other. The bible supports slavery, bigotry, sexism, and other human rights abuses. I believe the bible is not the word of God. Organized religions don’t own morals. Humanity had a moral system for six hundred thousand years before Christianity was put in place.

“All churches appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolise power and profit.” Thomas Paine.

If Jesus and Mary actually existed, as Middle Eastern Jews they would have dark skin.


Inculcation into a religion is the opposite to critical and logical thinking. It has been found that people who live within totalitarian regimes are obliged to ask permission of Father government and Mother religion before they are allowed to take action within their own lives. This forces these people to adopt a child-like mind set.

Religions create in us a child-like mindset that somebody is going to come and save us. They indoctrinate us to believe that we must never solve our own problems, but always look to a so called ” authority” figure to solve them for us. The indoctrination methods they use are achieved through the use of government and religion. Belief in government is the binding of the left brain hemisphere. Belief in any type of organized religion is the binding of the right brain hemisphere. Government and religion were created by the multigenerational self-proclaimed elite families to convince humanity to stand down from their responsibility to take real world action to create positive change on this planet. These false belief systems were deliberately created to keep most of humanity in a state of inaction, and to put a ceiling on our true spiritual and intellectual evolvement.

If a man, while wearing casual clothing, gives us an order, we are always advised to question the order.  However, if that same man wears the elaborate garments and crucifixes of the Christian church while giving us an order, a large majority of people are dumbfounded if we dare to question the order.

We are morally obliged to govern ourselves. When we live our lives according to the dictates of an organized religion, we are blindly following orders without questioning them. We are abdicating our moral responsibility to judge whether something is right or wrong, before behaving in a certain way. Blind obedience to authority, and blindly following orders without questioning them is the true pathway to evil. When we are weak minded, we take pride in our blind obedience to authority, no matter what the order giver asks us to do. Blindly following orders should never be seen as a virtue. One has a moral responsibility to judge whether something is right or wrong, before carrying out an order, especially if it is an order given by the Vatican.

“Waiting for a saviour to come and save us is an abdication of personal responsibility.”     Mark Passio

“Religions have been put forward as mind control techniques to prevent people from taking action and to propagate passivity so that we will accept our enslavement.”    Mark Passio.


In the past, when invaders wished to take over a country, it was easier to achieve domination by indoctrinating the local inhabitants of that country into belonging to a fake organised religion, rather than invading the country with a large army and getting the locals to surrender. When the local citizens were sufficiently inculcated into this false religion, they would willingly and unquestioningly submit to the invaders. The invading group could easily obtain power, status, money and control of the minds of the locals, without ever shedding a drop of blood. They no longer needed an expensive standing army, when they could rule their subjects by mind controlling them through a religion.

All new recruits to the catholic church are still infants when they are first inculcated.  The catholic church seldom gets any new recruits after  a person has reached an age when they can effectively analyse what organised religions are all about and what the catholic church is all about.  These children are not given any lessons on the dark history of the Vatican.

An agnostic is somebody who believes nobody can know what happens after we die.  I once heard somebody explain why they became an agnostic. They used an analogy of oranges in an unopened box.  That person compared someone who believes in a God even though there is a lack of proof as similar to someone who believes there are oranges in the unopened box.   He compares someone who believes there is definitely no God even though there is a lack of proof similar to someone who believes there are no oranges in the unopened box.    An Agnostic, who declares he or she does not know whether there is a God or not, and does not claim to know what happens after we die as similar to someone who does not know if there are oranges in the unopened box. That is why I abdicated from the Roman catholic church in Ireland and I became an agnostic.  I believe love towards other human beings and all sentient creatures is what oils the wheels of humanity, and that is what I practice in my own life.

Why must we assume there is only one God and he is male. Perhaps there might be both a male and a female God. There could also be a linear based control structure in the heavenly realm. Heirarchical based control structures are totalitarian in nature. Who decided to have only one God. If there is a control structure in the heavenly realms, it can only remain a mystery to humanity. Anybody who claims they know what is unknowable is being dishonest with us.

I am questioning the reason that forces within the Catholic church have not warned humanity about the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons, considering the fact that the Pope attends some of the annual think tank meetings.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information which I mostly researched online. This type of information is available all over the internet. I am sorry if I have upset you by outlining my views in this way. My only intention is to logically explore the aims of the Vatican, because I no longer trust them. Are they blindsiding the Irish clergy and the Irish people. I am no longer loyal to the Vatican. I am now of the belief that nobody knows what happens after we die, and it is ok to live in a mystery. I believe in moral order. I believe the way forward for humanity is to set up a moral structure based on moral philosophy and rational discussion. Even though I don’t belong to an organised religion and I never will again,  I love all people but I hate all power institutions.  They have been secretly infiltrated by evil people and used against us.

A linear based control structure, also called Anarchy, is in harmony with the laws of creation, because all human beings have total free will, which is a cherished birth right, in order to rule their lives. In such a linear based control structure, all human beings are also totally responsible for all of their own decisions and the outcome of their decisions.

In a pyramid based control structure, such as government and organised religions, human beings refuse to take responsibility for their most cherished gift of free will. They hand over their free will to the people at the top of the pyramid based control structure. They throw their gift of free will back at their creator. The creator then creates a situation where they become enslaved. A pyramid based control structure is out of harmony with the laws of creation. Humanity must always organise themselves by systems of Anarchy and Agnosticism, rather than the current pyramid based control structures called church and state.

If the pope and the college of cardinals gathered together to decide policy for their corporation, which is called “The church of Rome,” while they were wearing jeans and jumpers, we would be very wary of their business practices.   Elaborate uniforms and medals should be eliminated from the face of the earth.  They intimidate us and they distract us from what is real and true.

The city state called the Vatican is a privately run country within another country.  Washington D.C. is a privately run country within another country.  The City of London is a privately run country within another country.   These three small privately run countries are the three controlling arms of the planet.  Because they are three private countries that operate as one unit, the rest of humanity are unable to render them harmless.  We must render these three countries, operating as one, null and void.   We must penetrate and arrest the people who run these three countries as one unit.   We must decimate their buildings  as they are symbolic of many centuries of public oppression and torture.  We must arrest their leaders, because they have failed to warn us that either they themselves or the intelligence services are planning to enslave us one at a time by brain linking us via wifi to an artificial intelligence human control and guidance system.  Finally, we must then organise ourselves in a linear based control structure in small groups from now on.  Never ever organise in large groups.  Disunify the planet at every opportunity.

God does not bestow spiritual authority on the pope.  The pope has no supernatural authority.  He is interested in making people believe that he has supernatural authority.  That is all that the people who stand behind him need us to believe in order to control our minds and bestow status and power on them.

It is being claimed that the individuals who created all of the book religions did so for the purposes of eventual over-all control of humanity, a situation which they hoped would materialise multi-generations  after these same individuals passed away in order to have power and control bestowed on their own lineage to the end of time.

Organised religions have a monopoly of power over the minds of humanity which has never been useful to the human race.  There are laws governing human behaviour, which have been proven to exist by scientific means.  There are sometimes known as Natural Law.  I have found valuable information on the subject of Natural Law on a website called  We aught to instruct all children to live by a strong moral code found in Natural Law.  It teaches that whatever one sends out to the wider world will come back to them in time.  We aught to instruct them to  send out kindness, love, tolerance, honesty, generosity, abundance and true knowledge to the world, and then they will receive it back at a much later date.

When I once belonged to the roman catholic church  I believed in the existence of hell which was  form of low grade psychological torment for me.  Eventually I managed to deprogram myself from a belief in hell.  However, I then found a community of individuals  who claimed in many widely published books  that they had vivid near death experiences, and some of these near death experiences involved having visions of going to hell.  It took me many years of researching into the capabilities of brain weapons research to finally realise that brain weapons researchers are capable of inserting all manner of false memories into the human brain.  It is in the best interests of the individuals who own and run these brain weapons research programs to have all of us locked into a mental cage of false belief systems.  We would be much easier to manipulate and slowly enslave if that were the case.  I believe these would-be enslavers have also created false religious apparations in order to achieve the same objectives.    I am much happier since I finally managed to finally deprogram myself from believing in any and all of these enslavement agenda psychological operations.  It is a wonderful feeling to be non-religious and to be able to think freely.

Many countries throughout  the western world operate under the illusion that there is a two party system.  However, we now know that both parties are merely two arms of the same head.  It is my firm belief that the same concept applies to the dark luciferians on one hand and the Vatican on the other hand.  I know believe they are both arms of the same head and they have been so for many years.  Please do not be deluded into believing that you are being given a choice between good and evil.  Both sides have the exact same agenda of worldwide enslavement, and both are controlled by the same people from behind the scenes.    Heirarchies are always based on taking away the free will of people,  which is against the laws of creation.  We are morally obliged to use our free will to decide if something is right or wrong.  Heirarchical control structures do not allow us to use our free will therefore they stand against the laws of creation also known as Natural Law.  We are morally obliged to organise our lives on the lines of a linear based control structure also known as Anarchy.



The following story that I found online, clearly explains why love is the only way to interact with other human beings.


THE TWO ISLANDS            ( I think the author of this story is Dr Thomas Campbell)

There once existed two islands, each containing 10,000 people.

On one island, called the love island, the people who lived there interacted with each other with love and co-operation. They were supportive and helpful and constructive, and they shared all of their discoveries.

On the second island, called the fear island, the people who lived there interacted with each other through fear. They hoarded possessions for themselves. They lived in a state of apprehension and dread and lack. They indulged in civil war against each other in order to own the most resources. In order to protect themselves they had to join little groups for mutual protection. One ruthless group became more and more powerful and began to own most of the resources. The rest of the people had to work for this group as miserable slaves. The ruthless slave owners had to constantly watch their backs. Nobody on the fear island could relax and be happy. In the fear island there was disorder, loss, social decline, inefficiency, which led to high entropy.

In the love island the people grew towards greater and greater evolution and happiness. Consciousness evolves by becoming love. Love is the optimal way in which people can interact. Love is the oil that greases the wheels of the human race.


“Treat everybody you meet every day as if they are the most important person in the world.”

Some people believe that if one were to promote information that would critically analyse organised religions, it could do incalculable damage to the structure of society, and no good could come of it.  At this point in time, the structure of society is being used as a means to psychologically and sometimes physically torture good living people with the use of directed energy weapons, while these people are behind closed doors in their own homes, and not harming anybody.  The structure of society is being used to keep the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons  a secret from the masses.  The structure of society needs to be destabilised to an extreme degree.

Even though I am an agnostic on a few occasions I attempted to talk, some would say pray,  to what might be the intelligent energy which created us and our planet and I was answered by the internal voices, voices which come from inside my head.  These voices are staff members of neuro scientific research centres.  These neuro scientific research centres are owned and run by agents of the secret cabal who I believe  mostly practice Satanism or dark Luciferianism as their religion of choice.  If we ever allowed this neuro scientific research to take a hold within our world and inside our minds we would no longer be able to pray to anybody other than agents of Satan or Lucifer.


“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.

Noam Chomsky

“The Vatican is the religious center for the New World Order (NWO). Every church in the USA is directly or indirectly controlled by the Vatican, especially Roman Catholic Churches. All churches in the USA are incorporated and therefore they belong to the U.S. federal government. The idea that there is a separation of church and state is a big fat lie!

The Vatican also controls the Crown of England, the Crown Temple, and the court system in the USA. This is why when you go to court, there is always an agent that represents the Crown and a judge wearing a black robe. The black robe uniform is the symbol representing a Jesuit priest.

Nearly every church in the USA and the world has been infiltrated by the Jesuits and the Knights Templar, which is why churches have crosses on their walls and roofs. The cross is the main symbol of the Knights Templar and it has been used by certain secret societies long before the existence of Christianity. In other words, the cross is not really a symbol of Christianity. For strong evidence of these claims, download or view my third seminar and study the information in it.

These secret criminal organizations are the same organizations that the American people in the 1700s fought against to win their independence. The Vatican is in the middle of all this corruption, which is why all roads tend to lead to Rome, home of the Vatican. This criminal corporation is committing crime against humanity in the name of “religion.”  ”   By Pao L Chang.

Pao Chang is the author of and For more content related to the article you just read, visit his websites and read his book titled Word Magic: The Powers & Occult Definitions of Words

Pao Chang also wrote the following words. –

Seminar 3 by PL Chang

] The topics I will be discussing in this presentation are: – The ascension process – The “forbidden” secrets of religion – The covert meanings of Christmas and Easter – The hidden messages and secret codes in the Bible – The secret organization behind religion – The solutions for freeing our souls

What is Ascension?

The word “ascension” comes from the Latin word ascensionem, which means “a rising.” It also comes from the noun of action from past participle stem of ascendere, which means “to mount, ascend, go up.” Based on these definitions, ascension means “to go up or rise.” Ascension is not only a spiritual process; it is also a scientific process that utilizes the Laws of Nature to assist spiritual beings to evolve back to the Prime Creator in a multidimensional reality system. This process allows all souls to eventually evolve and ascend out of time and space to re-emerge with their higher identities of pure consciousness.

The process of ascension involves increasing the particle pulsation rhythm of the body, allowing the body to absorb higher frequencies into its morphogenetic field and therefore increasing its frequency. The more accurate term for this process is frequency accretion. This process causes the body to become lighter and less dense. When the body’s frequency reaches a certain level, the body will shed its matter-based body and transform into a light-based body. Souls who have reached this state of evolution are often called angels or light beings. We are nowhere near that level yet so do not get too excited.

The Evidence of Frequency Accretion The evidence of frequency accretion can be found by measuring the Schumann resonance, also known as the “heartbeat” of Earth or Earth’s base pulse frequency. For thousands of years, the Schumann resonance was vibrating at a constant frequency of 7.83 Hz. Shortly after 1980, it started to increase slightly and has been increasing since then. As human beings, our bodies are attuned to Earth’s “heartbeat.” As her heartbeat increases, it affects the frequency of our bodies, causing it to increase. This process creates the feeling that time is speeding up.

Time acceleration is nothing new to NASA and certain engineers who design special machines that rely on frequency and vibration to measure time. These people knew since the early 1980s that time has been accelerating. They knew this because they had to adjust their machines to match the Schumann resonance. Without this adjustment, the machines would not calculate time accurately. The increase in pulsation of the base pulse frequency of Earth is one of the main reasons why you have been experiencing the phenomenon known as time acceleration.

The Two Main Types of Ascension

The opportunity for ascension becomes available during certain special time cycles. We are currently in one of those special time cycles. There are two main types of ascension, which are the fast version and the slow version. As human beings, we have not evolved enough yet to take the fast route of ascension. Because of this, we will have to take the slow route.

The fast route of ascension involves using Earth’s natural star gates, also known as chakras. Certain spiritual teachers believe that these natural star gates are portals to other realities and higher dimensions. The slow route of ascension involves slowly absorbing high frequency energies from the higher dimensions. Since the galactic alignment in 2012, these energies have been flowing into our reality field. As our bodies adsorb more of these energies, our consciousness will expand, causing us to be more spiritually awakened.

Will Humanity Achieve Ascension?

Humanity is currently involved in a spiritual war between the Light Forces and the Dark Forces. This spiritual war is a war for our souls and energies. This Earth Drama is getting near its climax, which is why the Dark Forces are speeding up their diabolical plans. If we, as the human race, can increase our frequencies beyond a certain level, the Dark Forces will not be able to stop us from ascending to higher levels of consciousness. It is my understanding that we have until 2017 to do this.

The Dark Forces are made up of demons and evil spirits. Their minions are the leaders of the New World Order (NWO). Some people like to call them the Elites or the Globalists. I like to refer to them as the Controllers or the Dark Magicians. To prevent us from increasing our frequencies, the Controllers have been ordering their agents to poison our food and water and destroy the environment. One way they are poisoning us is by manipulating companies to add harmful substances, such as arsenic, sodium fluoride, MSG, refined sugar, and aspartame in food and drinking water. As for destroying the environment, they are doing this because they believe this action can stop the frequency of Earth from increasing too high. If they were to succeed, it would make it much harder for us to raise our frequencies.

What Can You Do to Help Humanity Ascend to Higher Levels of Consciousness? Help heal the planet by stop destroying nature and polluting the environment with toxic chemicals. Take actions to unite the human race and stop supporting hatred and wars. Meditate on a regular basis with the intention to raise your frequency and the frequency of Earth. Teach people about their spiritual powers and how to use them wisely.

Stop supporting the systems of the Dark Forces as much as possible. You can do this by removing your consent, taking back your sovereignty, investing your money in small and local businesses, and working with others to create systems that work in harmony with Nature. Share the information in this presentation to anyone who wants to listen. The right knowledge is power, so if you teach people empowering knowledge, it will help them to overcome their fears. Fear is one of the most powerful energies for preventing the frequency of humanity and Earth from rising.

The “Forbidden” Secrets of Religion

Since the day we were born, we have been conditioned by society and the mainstream media to not question religion and to believe everything in religion, because it supposedly contains divine knowledge, which according to religion, is never wrong. By not questioning religion and believing that all the information in religion is the truth, it has made us vulnerable to being controlled by the Dark Forces. Religion is one of the most powerful tools to use for enslaving our minds and souls, because it manipulates us to think that we are weak and powerless, and need to rely on a savior to save us. This causes us to think like slaves, making us easier to be controlled and enslaved.

Religion also uses the power of fear to scare us to obey a supreme being. It does this by brainwashing us to believe that if we do not follow the teachings of religion, we will be banished from the kingdom of God forever and suffer for eternity. This is designed to keep us living in a constant state of fear and compliance. Religion does contain some empowering and enlightening information, but this information is added into religion for the purpose of deceiving us. If all they put in religion is disempowering and negative information, we would lose interest in religion and know that it is a tool for enslaving us. No matter how we look at religion, at the end of the day, it is still a tool of enslavement. By the end of this presentation, you will know exactly what that means.

In this presentation, I will concentrate mostly on Christianity for the reason that I am more knowledgeable in Christianity than other religions. Plus, I used to go to a Baptist church, so I am aware of the information in the Bible. Before I expose some “forbidden” secrets of the Church, I want to make it clear to you that my intention is not to offend anyone. I am only doing this to show you the facts. It is up to you to accept them as truths. Another thing I want you to be aware of is that I am not here to play the role of the nice guy. Because of this, I am not afraid to expose some of the darkest secrets of religion. My intention is not to spread fear, but to inform you of the facts, so that you can become awake and aware. Becoming awake and aware is one of the first steps to spiritual freedom.

A Short History of the Church

For you to understand how the church system works, you need to know its history. According to some religion scholars, the early churches were Pagan churches, which were churches that worship Pagan gods. In general, Paganism is a religion that worships many gods or goddesses and tends to be nature oriented. During the time of the Roman Empire, Christianity was a minority religion, but it soon became popular and spread throughout Rome. This religious movement became so strong that it threatened the Roman religion, which was heavily based on Polytheism and Paganism.

As the Christian movement grew, it caused a lot of conflicts between the Christian and Roman religion, so Emperor Constantine ordered that the basic principles of the Roman religion and the Christian religion be merged together into one religion. The official unification of these two religions occurred at the Council of Nicaea, which resulted in the birth of the Holy Roman Church. This is why there is a lot of Pagan beliefs in Christianity. For example, Christmas and Easter are Pagan holidays. Most Christians do not know this because the Pagan beliefs and stories in Christianity are encoded to prevent Christians from knowing that their religion is filled with Pagan ideologies.

The Covert Meanings of Christmas

Most of us see Christmas as a holiday for giving presents and spending time with our loved ones. Many Christians like to celebrate Christmas to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. What most of us do not know is that Christmas, in its original sense, is a Pagan holiday for worshiping a solar deity. The word “Christmas” has a strong connection to a medieval custom of the Roman Church called Mass, which was celebrated at midnight on the eve of December 25. Put the word “Christ” and “Mass” together and you get “Christ-Mass” or “Christmas.” The person named Jesus in the Bible is not a person with a body made of flesh and blood; instead, it is just a name of a character. A lot of the time when the Bible refers to Jesus, it is actually referring to the sun that rises in the East and sets in the West. Without the sun, we can not survive because we need the energy (sunlight) of the sun to keep us warm and grow food. Therefore, the sun is our savior.

Here are some quotes from the King James version of the Bible that give us some clues as to why Jesus represents the sun. Keep in mind that this version is copyrighted in 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. – Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.” (John 8:12) – As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world. (John 9:5) – Then they will see the Son of Man coming in the clouds with great power and glory. (Mark 13:26) – Then Jesus came out, wearing the crown of thorns and the purple robe. (John 19:5)

When the Bible says that Jesus is the “light of the world,” it is talking about the sun that rises in the East and sets in the West. This is why the Bible talks about Jesus coming in the clouds and wearing the crown of thorns. The thorns represent the rays of the sun. If the sun does not rise tomorrow, we will eventually all be dead; therefore, the sun (Jesus) is our savior. Besides being the sun, Jesus also represents other things too, such as the light and the Christ consciousness inside each of us.

Once you understand that Jesus represents the sun, the story of Jesus being born on December 25 in Bethlehem and the story of the three kings following the brightest star in the sky to find Jesus will make more sense. Certain branches of Christianity like to teach their followers that Jesus was born on the 25th of December. This religious story of Jesus being born on the 25th of December is a metaphor for the “birth” of the sun. As the winter solstice approaches from the Northern hemisphere, the days become shorter and shorter until it reaches the shortest day of the year, which occurs on December 21. On the day after December 21, which is December 22, the sun stops moving south for three days. Because of this event, it is said that the sun “died” for three days.

On December 25, the sun moves one degree north; therefore, it is said that the sun died for three days and was resurrected on December 25. This one degree movement of the sun is very subtle but can be measured using very sensitive equipment. This movement of the sun is one of the core meanings of Christmas, which is a holiday for worshiping the “resurrection” of the sun. Once you decoded the hidden meanings of the story of Jesus and Christmas, you will know that December 25 or Christmas has nothing to do with a man named Jesus Christ. Instead, it has to do with celebrating the sun being born again as it moves one degree north.

The Christmas tree that is often used to celebrate Christmas symbolizes Nimrod. In the ancient legend of Nimrod, when Nimrod was destroyed, he was symbolized as the evergreen tree that was cut off. Nimrod was believed to be born on December 25 and had a wife named Semiramis. According to his wife, on the anniversary of Nimrod’s birth, he would visit the evergreen tree and leave gifts under it. This story of Nimrod and Semiramis is why we celebrate Christmas with evergreen trees and gifts.

The origin of Santa Claus goes back to ancient Egypt and Greece. In Egyptian mythology, the sun god named Osiris was born on December 25. During the anniversary of his birth, he would ride through the heavens in his chariot. The Greek sun god Helios was also believed to be born on December 25. Helios would also ride through the sky in his sun chariot drawn by horses during the anniversary of his birth. Today we have a similar character named Santa Claus who rides across the sky in his reindeer-drawn chariot on Christmas eve.

The origin of the word “Easter” comes from the Old English word Easterdæg and Proto-Germanic word Austron, which means “dawn.” Austron is also the name of a goddess of fertility, spring, and sunrise whose feast was celebrated at the spring equinox. defines Easter as “an annual Christian festival in commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, observed on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox, as calculated according to tables based in Western churches on the Gregorian calendar and in Orthodox churches on the Julian calendar.” The Covert Meanings of Easter

To find the hidden meanings of Easter, you need to know what Jesus represents in the religious story of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. In this story, Jesus represents the sun because he is personified as the sun. Once you know that the religious story of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is talking about the sun and the spring equinox, you will know that Easter is a holiday for celebrating the “resurrection” of the sun (sunlight), the light of the world. One of the covert meanings of Easter is the celebration of the light overpowering the darkness, which occurs during the spring equinox. After the spring equinox, the days get longer and the nights get shorter.

Easter can be celebrated anywhere from March 22 to April 25. The reason why Easter does not have a fixed date is because it is celebrated on the first Sunday following the full moon that occurs on or following the spring equinox (March 21). Easter originated from the Babylonian story of Nimrod and Semiramis. It goes back to ancient Babylonia and has been passed down through generations. It is nothing more than a Pagan holiday for celebrating the sun gods and moon gods of ancient religions. The rabbit and the egg are used as symbols for celebrating Easter because they represent fertility. This religious concept of fertility also originated from the Babylonian story of Nimrod and Semiramis.

Easter does not really have anything to do with the resurrection of a “messiah” named Jesus Christ, because Jesus Christ is just a character used for personifying many different things in the Bible. This does not mean that there was not a man from the past who taught about the Christ principles. Throughout history, the sun has always been the most worshiped celestial body in the sky. This is why most of the saviors in religion have the qualities of the sun. These solar messiahs are considered the saviors of the world because they are personifications of the sun, which is the savior and the light of the world.

The sun is the savior and light of the world, because it produces sunlight and ejects it towards mother Earth to nourish and “fertilize” her, so that she can produce life during the spring season. If the sun were to not rise tomorrow, all the life on Earth would eventually die. This is why the sun is the savior of humanity. Because the sun is the savior of humanity, many religious ceremonies and practices are done on Sunday. If you separate the word “Sunday” into two words, you get “sun-day,” which means the “day of the sun.” It is right in your face! This is why Christians go to church on Sunday, so that they can worship the sun, the light of the world. This process of using the power of words to trick you into believing something that is deceptive is what I like to refer to as “word magic.”

One very important thing you need to know about holidays is that most major holidays were created by the Dark Forces. If you make the choice to celebrate them, you are telling the Dark Forces that you support their “con game” to enslave the human race. In other words, you are agreeing to be a part of the “game” to enslave humanity. Nearly every major holiday was created by minions of the Dark Forces to trick you to enter into a contract with them. If you celebrate their holidays, then through your actions you are giving them your consent. Once you do this, Prime Creator refuses to send Its cosmic forces to penalize or punish the Dark Forces, because they did not violate your free will. If most of us understand that the Dark Forces can not win the con game without our consent, we can end this game in no time by removing our consent and support. Once enough of us do this, it is game over for them.

Zeitgeist: The Movie (Religion: The Greatest Story Ever Told) To watch The Greatest Story Ever Told (part one) of Zeitgeist: The Movie, visit the link below. I highly recommend watching this video because it has video clips and images that will help you understand the information in this presentation at a deeper level. To watch the full movie, visit the link below. If the two links above do not work, go to and do a quick search using this keyword phrase “zeitgeist the movie.”

The Bible is a Religious Book Filled with Secret Codes and Parables Once you know the hidden meanings of Christmas and Easter, you will know that the Bible is a religious book filled with secret codes and symbols about astrology, ancient history, and future prophecies. The Bible does contain a lot of truths, but they are hidden within its content using metaphors, allegories, codes, symbols, esoteric anagram, and parables. Because of these things, if you do not know how to decipher the codes in the Bible, you are not reading truthful information but are reading deceptive information.

If you look at Matthew 13:34-35, you will find evidence that the Bible contains parables. – All these things Jesus spoke to the multitude in parables; and without a parable He did not speak to them, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying: “I will open My mouth in parables; I will utter things kept secret from the foundation of the world.” (Matthew 13:34-35) What is a parable? defines parable as, “a short allegorical story designed to illustrate or teach some truth, religious principle, or moral lesson.”

Once you know how to decipher the secret codes in the Bible, you will realize that it is a religious book that has a lot of information about astrology, ancient knowledge, and sun worshiping. You may also realize that a lot of the stories in the Bible were copied from the Egyptian and other ancient civilizations. The stories and information in the Bible were written by members of secret societies. To find evidence of this, all you need to do is learn how secret societies operate and understand their symbols. The cross itself is a symbol used by secret societies long before the existence of Christianity.

As for the prophecies in the Bible, some of them were predictions based on ancient astrology. However, many of the prophecies in the Bible were and are still being engineered by secret societies of the New World Order (NWO). The End Times prophecy was one of the prophecies that they engineered to a large degree. They can engineer catastrophic events by using weather modification technology, scalar weapons, and advanced particle accelerators to alter certain layers of Earth’s biosphere. These technologies can cause damages to the biosphere of Earth, resulting in magnetic field shifts and earth changes. For earthquakes, the leaders of the NWO like to order their agents to use HAARP to cause earthquakes. They can also cause earthquakes by planting small nukes between plate tectonics and detonating them. By artificially creating these earth changes, they can trick and deceive people into thinking that Armageddon is coming. [Visit this link for more information on artificial earthquakes and weather modification technology.]

The Cross is a Masonic Symbol

The cross was used as a religious symbol in ancient Egypt and Babylonia long before the existence of Christianity. In Babylonia, the cross was used as the symbol for the god Tammuz. Certain archaeologists believed that the cross originated from the cross of the zodiac. The secret society that uses the cross as its main symbol is the Knights Templar. Today, you can find this same cross on the walls of churches or on the top of their roofs.

The Crosses of the Knights Templar

The Knights Templar is a secret masonic organization made up of a few factions of knighthood, which are the Knights Hospitalers, the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, the Knights of Rhodes, and the Knights of Malta.

The Pope is One of the Leaders of the Knights Templar

Did you notice the Knights Templar symbols on the Pope?

Great Britain, the Red Cross, and Most Churches are Controlled by the Knights Templar

Did You Know the Headdress of the Pope Represents a Fish?

The Fish Symbolizes the Age of Pisces The headdress of the Pope is actually a “fish head” that represents the age of Pisces. The headdress symbolizes the fish god Dagon below.

The fish symbol also symbolizes Jesus. According to certain astrologers, Jesus (the sun) is currently in the age of Pisces. The symbol for Pisces is two fishes. In Matthew 28:20 (King James version), Jesus said, “I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” What this sentence is trying to tell us is that Jesus or the sun will always be with us even to the end of the age of Pisces.

By now you should know that nearly all churches throughout the world are controlled by secret masonic organizations, such as the Knights Templar, the Vatican, and the Jesuits. According to Judge Dale, author of The Great American Adventure: The Secrets of America, all the variations of religion in the United States are all incorporated. When people incorporate a business, they unknowingly give up their ownership of that business to the U.S. federal government. They can call themselves Presidents, CEOs or CFOs, but they are still just employees. What Judge Dale is telling us is that there is no separation between church and state, and all churches are owned and controlled by the U.S. federal government. Guess who controls the U.S. federal government? The secret societies of the New World Order (NWO).

Modern Religion is a Tool Used by the NWO to Enslave Our Souls All major modern religions are heavily controlled by secret societies of the NWO, including the New Age. One of the main purposes of their religions is to use them to divide and conquer us. Another purpose is to use them to enslave our minds and souls. This is why they teach us to worship an external creator and rely on a savior to save us. In the New Age, they like to teach people to concentrate on only love and light and ignore the evil things. Ignoring the evil things is one of the main reasons why the NWO got so powerful. When we worship an external creator, we are giving our energies and spiritual powers away. This process disempowers us, making us easier to enslave. This is why most religions teach us to blindly obey religious authorities and worship their religious teachings. Instead of worshiping an external creator, we should acknowledge the Prime Creator inside each of us and use Its powers to empower us. The true kingdom of the Prime Creator is inside each of us, not out in the external reality.

The Dark Forces have done such a great job of manipulating and deceiving us that they have already enslaved our souls without us even knowing it. Have you ever heard of the phrase, “The Lord is my shepherd?” Most people think that this phrase is talking about God watching over Its people to prevent them from getting lost. There is some truth to this but its deeper meaning is not what most people think it is. To find the deeper meaning of the phrase, “The Lord is my shepherd,” you need to know the job of a shepherd. One of the main roles of a shepherd is to take care of his flock of sheep. If you have studied sheep, you will know that they are some of the dumbest animals on the planet. Sheep have a strong instinct to follow the sheep in front of them, which is why when a sheep decides to go somewhere, the rest of the flock usually follows, even if that sheep jumps over a cliff.

Remember, the minions of the Controllers were the ones who created the modern Bible. When they added the phrase, “The Lord is my shepherd” in the Bible, they were making fun of how ignorant and stupid Christians were. This is why Christians are sometimes referred to as “sheep.” The Controllers are not only making fun of Christians, but are also making fun of the human race. This is why they like to use the words “sheeple” and “useless eaters” to describe us. Unfortunately, most of us are like sheep because we lack knowledge, we do not have much courage, we are great at following orders, we are easy to control, and we do not question things. When they call us “sheep” or “sheeple,” they are also calling us “slaves,” because people who act like sheep think like slaves. The scary part is that these people do not even know that they have been enslaved.

The sad thing about this Earth Drama is that our souls have already been enslaved. The Dark Forces were able to enslave us by using contract to trick us to give up some of the power of our free will. They also used trickery to trick our souls to go back into their matrix after the death of our bodies. For most of us, shortly after the death of our bodies, we start the journey of traveling to the spiritual realm, so that we can go back home. Before we can get to the spiritual realm, we have to go through a realm that exist between the spiritual and physical plane. It is at this realm that the Dark Forces will try to trick us to go back into their matrix.

One of the Dark Forces’ favorite ways to trick us to go back into their matrix is to manifest themselves to look like angels or people we know, and then lead us to the light at the end of the tunnel. They like to use the tunnel and light technique, because they know we are attracted to the light. Once we go into the light, we unknowingly agree to play their con game all over again. This process is sometimes referred to as the reincarnation program of Earth. To prevent the Dark Forces from trapping you in their reincarnation program, all you have to do is not follow them into the light. Also, do not make any agreements with them. Whenever you encounter beings in the astral realm, use your intuition and spiritual powers to sense their intentions. Question them as much as possible and do not follow them into the light, unless you know for sure that it is the correct path.

One thing you should never do while living on Earth is agree to allow a member of a church to baptize you or your baby. When you look at the word “baptism” carefully and study its definitions to see what other words are associated with it, you should eventually come to the conclusion that baptism is a dark magic spell! When someone is baptized, that person is considered to have entered into a “covenant” with the Lord. When you break down the word “covenant,” you get “coven-ant.” The word “coven” means “an assembly of witches, especially a group of thirteen.” The suffix definition of “ant” is “causing or performing an action or existing in a certain condition.” It can also mean “serving in the capacity of.” The word “Lord ” means “a person who has authority, control, or power over others; a master, chief, or ruler.” The people who consider themselves to be our masters are the Controllers or the Dark Magicians!

Once you know the relationship between the word “baptism” and “covenant,” you will know that when a person is baptized, that person has agreed to serve in the capacity of a coven or make a “contract” with a “coven,” which is a group of witches (male or female). The group of witches who controls nearly all the churches of the world are the Dark Magicians or the Controllers, which are the leaders of the New World Order. Baptism is nothing more than a dark magic spell to trick parents to give up their baby’s body, mind, and soul to the Dark Magicians and their demonic masters. Since you now know the real reason behind baptism, you might want to not baptize your new born or future child. In my opinion, it is best to stay away from churches because nearly all churches are under the spell of the Dark Magicians, especially Roman Catholic churches.

The Solutions for Freeing Our Souls

Stop relying on a savior to save you. The savior ideology was created by secret societies of the Dark Forces to enslave your soul. When you rely on a savior to save you, you are basically telling the Universe that the Prime Creator did not give you the spiritual powers you need to achieve spiritual freedom. This is an “insult” to the Prime Creator, because you are basically saying that the Prime Creator is irresponsible and a bad creator. If you need to rely on a savior to save you, you are not using your spiritual powers wisely. Three of the most powerful energy forces in the Universe are Love, Thought, and Consciousness. The fact that you have these spiritual forces inside you is proof that you are a spiritual being with infinite potential.

Stop supporting wars and crimes against humanity. All the major wars on Earth have been ENGINEERED by the Controllers, which are the minions of the Dark Forces. The Dark Forces like wars because wars create a lot of negative energy for them to feed on. Claim back your sovereignty, remove your consent, and stop relying on the government for everything, especially the federal government. When we rely on the government too much, the government sees us as a bunch of 5 year old kids who need to be governed every second and everyday of the year. The problem with our government is that it has been heavily infiltrated by the NWO, which is why it is corrupted. Learn and study Natural Law, Contract Law, Trust Law, Common Law and Admiralty/Maritime Law, and how the legal system works. Doing these things will help you learn how to defend your natural rights.

Take personal responsibility for your spiritual growth and stop acting and thinking like a slave. Being responsible is very important for spiritual freedom. In fact, it is a requirement for spiritual freedom. When it comes to spiritual freedom, educating yourself about Natural Law and your natural rights are the two most important things you can do. This is because learning how to live in harmony with Natural Law is a requirement for ascending to higher levels of consciousness. [To learn about Natural Law, download my second seminar and study the information in it.] Avoid making contracts with the NWO. A contract is their favorite way of conning you to give up your natural rights. This is why it is called a “CON-tract.”

Write your own declaration of spiritual freedom. This will help you void certain fraudulent contracts and remove your consent to be governed. The people who are governing you do not really care about you, so it is best to not support them. One way to not support them is to not vote. When you vote, you are giving the government your consent to be governed. If this government were to go to war with other countries and kill thousands of innocent people, you would be partially responsible. Learn knowledge of empowerment by studying information from truthful sources. One of the best places to look for truthful knowledge is inside you. The information about life, reality, and the Prime Creator is stored in your DNA. To access this information, you need to learn how to balance your left and right brain, increase your frequency, heal your DNA, and expand your consciousness. These things can be achieved using meditation techniques, studying knowledge of empowerment, and by living a healthy lifestyle.


A computer operating system was created from pure mathematics which could not be hacked into.  The kernel of that operating system was deliberately corrupted my Microsoft in order to create unnecessary work for anti-virus software companies thereby making vast amounts of money for Microsoft.   Monsanto also corrupted the kernel of a seed in order to create seedless plants so that farmers would be obliged to purchase their seeds from there on from Monsanto, thereby making vast amounts of money for Monsanto.   In the very same way the self proclaimed elite corrupted our languages in order to stop our words from retrieving information from our subconscious minds in an effective way.  By corrupting our languages a rift was created by our conscious and subconscious minds thereby corrupting the human operating system which is the human mind.  The self proclaimed elite then claimed the vessel under salvage by a law called cannon law.    You can  remove the corruption from your operating system by refusing to co-operate with whatever organised religion or  new age belief system you belong to.  New age belief systems were  for the most part developed by the self proclaimed elite in order to catch anyone who happened to be falling away from organised religions.  You aught to stay away from all belief systems and become an individual thinker, thereby freeing the kernel of your mind.  You aught to also stay away from all smart engineered technology  because it can make you believe in beliefs without your conscious awareness of the fact that you have lost your mind.    When you no longer belong to any belief system whatsoever your thinking becomes free and accurate.    I obtained  most of this information from Mark Christopher at the following link












All government funded staff and politicians are legally obliged to carry smart phones, which have the built-in capacity to entrain the brain of the user into a state of indifference when they should be enraged. I believe this smart technology is being used by the hidden occulted establishment to entrain the brains of politicians throughout the world,  Smart phone technology also has evesdropping capabilities. Your conversations, conducted in the privacy of your own home may be being relayed to other people, unbeknownst to you. For further information see


There is a secret war being waged across the world that we are not being told about. It is a war of attrition, which is the gradual wearing down of humanity by slowly and incrementally eroding our human rights, by any and every means possible, over a long period of time. This war of attrition is being waged by an unelected cabal of the super-rich, with advanced weapons and warfare tactics that are difficult to perceive or understand. Many of these secret warfare methods involve infiltrating and corrupting all worldwide institutions of power, in order to bring in a planetary wide control system, where the authoritarians would rule the world and where all of the rest of humanity would be electronically controlled slaves. The weapons they are using to enslave humanity are weapons that give you the illusion you are being manipulated from both inside and outside the human body. These weapons have been in development for more than one hundred years and have not yet come into full usage. However, it may be a very simple matter to disempower this technology, and to take back our power.

Many people are being persecuted by a new types of technology, based on radio waves, while in the privacy of their own homes. These people are calling themselves targeted individuals or weapons test subjects. Our governments can not openly admit to the existence and misuse of these weapons because the fabric of society would collapse over night, as soon as people realised that senior politicians and the judiciary could be covertly manipulated by remote means. Whatever might happen, governments have a moral duty to tell their fellow country men and women everything. Evil can only flourish in a climate of secrecy.

Targeted Individuals are people who are selected for persecution and non-consensual experimentation, for no reasons that we know. I have experienced being targeted by these directed energy weapons and also by extreme psychological torture,  and I am telling my story here. It is important that you know about this technology, and who the people are who control it, because if you or your children are ever targeted with these new directed energy weapons, you will know what to expect, and how best to protect yourself. There is a criminal conspiracy of silence in high places with regard to the existence and abuse of Directed Energy Weapons and of weaponised bio-medical telemetry.

Barton L. Ingraham and Gerald W Smith published an article back in 1972, in a United States government document called “Issues in Criminology”, Volume 7, Number 2. The article is called ” The Use of Electronics in the Observation and Control of Human Behavior, and its Possible Use in Rehabilitation and Control”. The article states the following:- “The development of systems for telemetering information from sensors, implanted in or on the body will soon make possible the observation and control of human behaviour without actual physical contact. Through such telemetric devices, it will be possible to maintain twenty-four hour-a-day surveillance over the subject, and to intervene electronically or physically to influence and control selected behaviour”.

This system is now called a computer enhanced human guidance system, soon to be called an artificial intelligence human guidance system, which uses  signals intelligence operatives, who use voice to skull direct communication to wirelessly nag and threaten any human being who is wirelessly connected to the human guidance system, on a second by second basis.

More than forty years later, this electronic control and surveillance system has expanded to such an extent that it is being used to persecute and experiment on hundreds of thousands of people and children throughout the world, who have committed no crime. In some cases, a network of biomedical sensors are secretly being implanted into peoples brains and bodies, by syringe, without their knowledge and consent. This non-consensual medical telemetry has been weaponised in order to control and enslave people. These medical sensors, are two way communication systems which transmit data to criminal medical doctors and black budget neuroscientists, who are at secret remote locations. These sensors can wirelessly identify you, track you, analyse every word that comes out of your mouth, and monitor all of your bodily functions. In the distant past, voice to skull direct communication  has told me that plans are currently being made to implant all children at babyhood with a network of body sensors, which could be used to transmit pain signals to anybody who might not be co-operating with the evil satanic control system. The body sensor network could be used in the future to enslave all of humankind. We must be forever vigilant. Even without these biomedical implants, with the aid of advanced technology, voices or images or pain signals can be transmitted to you, wirelessly, or you can be enslaved or tortured or murdered by remote control. Remote Personal HealthTracking generated revenues of more than four billion Euros in 2013. See

Psychiatry, through intentional false mental illness diagnoses, is being used as a cover for the widespread abuse of these electronic telemetering systems. This method of total enslavement was once intended for most people in the future, but now it will possibly not happen, because humanity will dismantle all mobile phone towers and stop all chemtrail aerosol spraying, and ban vaccinations, smart technology and high definition screens, and return to analogue television. It is possible that some infants and children are being seeded with telemetering sensors through their vaccination programs. This silent human surveillance and control system is slowly spreading from person to person, and will soon include almost everyone, if we don’t urgently find a way of jamming these illegal transmissions and of bringing the unelected cabal of the would-be dictators under control.






CHAPTER ONE. The Current Situation Throughout the World.


Everything you have been told about the world is a lie. An unelected cabal of dark occultists rule the whole world through three city states, which belong to no nation and pay no taxes. These city states are the (inner) City of London, which controls the world economically, Washington D.C., which controls the world militarily, and Vatican city, which is the mind control arm of world control. The whole world is controlled through the crown colonies.. Everyone on the planet who is not one of the would-be dictatorship is considered a slave to these organizations, who dictate the state of affairs across the world. The Vatican , which is the biggest business on the planet, control the drug trade, wars, assassinations, people trafficing and genocide. For further information, please see. .

All armies, secret societies, organized crime syndicates and main-stream news outlets are ruled by this unelected cabal. As well as owning and controlling the Vatican these self-proclaimed elite comprise of European Royal families, private banking families, high freemasons, high Jesuits and the United Nations. For the purposes of this internet and book research paper, I will collectively call them the unelected cabal, even though some people collectively call them the  New World Order, the Illuminati, the Zionists, the Khazars, the Authoritarians, the private bankers, the Human Livestock Farmers, and the dark occultists. All of these people are Luciferians and Satanists, but outwardly deny this. Their people hold prominent positions in every country in the world, and they appear to adopt the belief system of wherever they happen to live.

The electromagnetic weapons currently being used to persecute ordinary people in their own homes are known by many names. They are called psychotronic weapons, directed energy weapons, microwave weapons and ELF weapons. The main- stream media is heavily controlled, and all information concerning the existence and abuse of these directed energy weapons is suppressed from the public. Governments from all countries throughout the world go along with this charade, for fear of repercussions by the powerful.

The weapons testing, trauma based program being run against targeted individuals is based on something known as cointelpro, which is short for counter intelligence program. I know of up to a dozen other targeted individuals throughout Ireland. I believe these cointel based programs are being run on an illegal basis throughout the island of Ireland. I also believe that some Gardaí (Irish police) at a high level, have been compromised through no fault of their own, into becoming involved into all kinds of illegal activity, but I also have no way of proving this.

The unelected cabal of dark occultists have access to classified knowledge, which they have been using to deceive and disempower us for many centuries. They have been hoarding knowledge, secret technology, money and power for hundreds of years.

In order to gradually create a two tier society of a ruling class and a slave class, with no middle class, the unelected cabal, who operate totally above the law, have been secretly pulling strings behind the scenes. On March 9th, 1933, in the U.S.A., an emergency banking act – “House Joint Resolution No 192 – 10, was voted into law, which made the United States and its citizens the property of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank. This made all American citizens into unwitting slaves of the self-proclaimed elite.

These controlling forces behind global banks and corporations are currently setting up a global dictatorship. This has been going on for many centuries, but most of humanity appear to be totally unaware of this. Our rights and freedoms are slowly and gradually being taken away. The unelected cabal have been gradually taking more and more control over all of our fundamental systems. They wish to gain total control over all money, food, water, energy, information, healthcare, technology, land, animals, homes, property and weapons. They wish to create a planetary wide authority, with themselves in charge. They are using U.N. Agenda 21 as a blueprint and action plan to control all people and property in the world. They falsely justify the recommendations in UN Agenda 21 under the misleading excuse of sustainable development.

The American government spend one hundred and ninety Billion dollars, annually, on weapons research. Directed Energy Weapons currently being deployed, include a microwave weapon, manufactured by Lockheed-Sanders, and used for a process known as wireless voice synthesis, which is remote transmitting of voices directly into the brain of any selected target. By 1974, “voice to skull” direct communication  (carried by microwaves) was available as an electronic harassment or communication method for United States Special Forces. This technology is based on modulating a microwave carrier signal with electronically superimposed, subliminal words, and is now being used to force voices and other sounds into the heads of selected targets, totally against the will of that targeted individual, day and night, for years at a time.

A basic version of a weapon, capable of wirelessly transmitting voices directly into people’s brains can be bought online, by any member of the public at Remote neural monitoring (using microwave technology to intercept the extra low radio frequencies, emanating from a person’s head, to listen to their thoughts and see what they see,) is also being used against selected targeted individuals.

The science of cybernetics first became public in 1948, when the American professor, Norbert Wiener published a book called “Cybernetics”. At that time, it was already possible to intercept thoughts, memories, and sensory functions such as sight or hearing. One can only imagine what is achievable now, sixty-nine years later. See the work of Robert Naeslund at

Psychiatry, through intentional false mental illness diagnoses, is being used as a cover for the widespread misuse of various types of directed energy weapons.

Some members of the public, throughout all NATO countries, are randomly selected to be put on non-consensual, experimental programs of psychological harassment and no-touch torture, conducted on them wirelessly, from a distance, through the walls of their own homes, by the use of directed energy weapons. On the instructions of corrupt politicians who owe favours to criminals, government run intelligence agencies conduct invasive surveillance on random people, who are not guilty of any crime. They pick people indiscriminately, and conduct research and experimentation on them, and they are building a behavioral and psychological database, from which they hope to exercise mass control all the way from the individual level to the population level. The members of the public who have been picked for these soft torture programs are known as targeted individuals.

The minds of targeted individuals are being read through signals intelligence EMF brain mapping programs. The Criminal oligarchy figured that if they could find a way to utilize the EMF fields around the body, as a way of keeping tabs on us, that they could use the same system to enslave us. The NSA was charged with finding a way to do so. Their solution was to create a means of scanning the electromagnetic spectrum to search for the unique EMF fields produced by the body. The NSA’s Signals Intelligence EMF scanning network is being used to remotely track us, experiment upon, torture, and even murder us.

When a member of the public is first selected for one of these psychological torture programs, they will be gang stalked for many months, in order to get that person committed to a mental institution and classified as mentally ill. This is an essential part of a non-consensual, electronic harassment program. This enables the perpetrators to carry on torturing the target at will, without any interference from human rights activist’s groups or the police.

Because of the misuse of this technology, humanity is now in an extreme crisis situation. However, most people are in a haze of indifference because of being subliminally mind-controlled through their television sets, and through lilly waves which are being emitted from their electric cables, and through entraining their brains with electronic frequencies  which come from all smart technology, which is being directed through mobile phone towers. The public are also being lied to on an unimaginable scale by the corporate owned and controlled main-stream media.

The ultimate purpose and goal of gang stalking is to create a self-policing society of easily controllable citizens, where all rights have essentially been taken away from the individual, and special privileges are earned through acts of loyalty to the fascist government that currently lurks in the shadows of our society. In a long essay entitled “Nation of Stalkers” Robert Guffey argues that gang-stalking is on its way to becoming the primary means of dealing with non-conformists and especially pesky dissidents. Due process has been suspended. Justice has been contracted out.



My direct experiences of being a weapons test subject has been written about in another post, towards the top of this website.





CHAPTER TWO. – AN GARDA SIOCHANA (The Police Force of Ireland)


I visited an Garda Siochana in Claremorris, Ireland, in February 2014, in order to report my experiences of being targeted with directed energy weapons. They told me that, in light of the fact that I was diagnosed as mentally ill, they would not deal with my suspicions, and sent me to see a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist declared me mentally well, as I had not been hearing voices at that time, and he sent me home. Wikipedia states that the Irish Garda National Surveillance Unit is increasingly using technical and electronic espionage, rather than physical and human intelligence. I wish to know if this electronic espionage technology, that is being used against the Irish public, is regulated? When people ask the police how they might protect themselves if they are ever attacked by weapons which are based on radio waves, the police just say that they have received no instructions from governments, with regards to this issue.

Some governments are instructing their police forces to wear communication devices which pulsate at a frequency of 17.5 gigahertz, which generates aggressiveness and impaired judgement in some police officers. I hope this system will not be implemented in Ireland. We must be forever vigilant.

A few million self-proclaimed elite have organized themselves into a vast network of secret societies, based in all countries throughout the planet. Through murder, blackmail and other criminal means, they have worked their way to the top echelons of society. They hoard secret knowledge and secret technology, which is far in advance of anything the rest of humanity know about. They sit at the very top of all the institutions of power on this planet. They are prepared to be cruel and ruthless, and they despise our naivety and complacency and passivity.

In many overseas countries, these self-proclaimed elite have taken control over the methods being used to initiate the police and military into service. Classic techniques used to create cults are being used in these police and military training centres. All of the systems of indoctrination and brain washing which have been used to create cults, from the ancient world, all the way through to the modern day, are being used, to the letter, in police and military training centres. These methods are also being used in other control based institutions, for example, prison officer training centers.

The police and military experience trauma based abuses in their training camp and initiation regiments. They experience a breakdown and compartmentalization of the mind.

The police and military become left-brain chronically imbalanced. They become lacking in emotions, and they become cold blooded. The police and military are led to believe that there is a social hierarchy, and that their first loyalty is to protect and serve the private banking and corporate controllers. These methodologies of police and military initiation may not have reached Ireland yet, but we must be forever vigilant. The self-proclaimed elite know that the Irish Guards would not be willing to bully their own people. The way the self-proclaimed elite might get around this problem is by sending some Irish guards overseas, and employing foreign police officers to police the Irish people.

We really need the sympathy and help of the military and police, in order to combat the growing power of the self-proclaimed elite. We can only hope to succeed in taking back our power, if the military and police choose to take our side against the self-proclaimed elite. I hope the police prove stronger that the inculcation methods being used against them. According to the following link by Tim Rifat, British Scientist, the Digital Tetra Police Radio System causes disruption of higher brain function and increased suggestibility in any police, who are exposed to this system and also All police throughout the world, and all government funded people should refuse to carry smart phones and any type of government ordered communication system on their person. These technologies are being subverted and are now being used to heavily subliminally influence all government staff to follow the dictates of the Luciferian command. The police and other government staff should use dumb phones (mobile phones that are not smart phones) in order to carry out their police duties.

There are no safeguards in place to protect targeted individuals from deliberate psychiatric misdiagnoses, if they wish to tell their stories to the police. If people who are being targeted by voice to skull military communication technology and other electromagnetic weapons tell their local police of their psychological and physical torture at the hands of the worldwide intelligence services or organised criminals, no matter what the police privately think about the matter, they are obliged to follow the directives laid out by the hidden Luciferian establishment, and they are then obliged to ensure that the targeted person see a psychiatrist, who is obliged by the regulations which have been laid down by his/her profession to have the targeted individual locked up before nightfall. Because of these regulations, the targeted individuals are obliged to invoke the right to remain silent if they are asked by the police or psychiatrists about their experiences of electronic harassment. For further information about police and military inculcation techniques – see



If the whole of humanity becomes a strong cohesive group, we can easily conquer the self-proclaimed elite and gain back our power. That is why the self-proclaimed elite consistently polarise various groups in society against other groups, at every single opportunity. They achieve this attitude of polarisation at university level and training school level, when students are unable to see the divide and conquer strategy, which is being implemented at all levels of society.

Students in general are being indoctrinated to perceive people as existing in a heirarchical power structure, where some people have more rights than others. This belief system is a sick system which is based on satanic principles and it serves nobody but the self proclaimed elite themselves. We are all equals in this planet of equals. We are all made from the same genetic material. All people are of infinite value, therefore all people are, and always will be of equal status, and deserve to be treated as equals.

At some level, we are being subliminally influenced to put the police on a pedestal, and the police are being subliminally influenced to see ordinary people as beneath them. When I refer to the police, I am not referring to the ordinary police in Ireland, as I rarely interact with them. I am referring to my past experiences of voice to skull direct communication, who sometimes claimed to be the police. Some of them expected me to grovel to them and they expect me to curb my tongue when I was speaking to them. I told one voice to skull direct communication who was claiming that he was a police officer that he was a guardian of the peace, and his salary was being paid by the people of Europe, so as to carry out their wishes. He replied that he was a guardian of the courts. The courts are creations of the establishment, and they are currently serving the best interests of the self-proclaimed elite, who are our would-be enslavers. If they police now consider themselves guardians of the courts instead of guardians of the peace, they have changed sides. They are now on the side of the would-be enslaver instead of being on the side of the people. I hope this is not the case.

Even though the police work for the people, and their salaries are being paid by the tax payer, I believe that on a European and American level, the police are being taught to believe that their should give first loyalty to the self-proclaimed elite, and that they should treat the people they purport to serve, as lesser than them.

I was told on that occasion, to curb my tongue when speaking to the police through the voice to skull direct communication. If somebody was forcing their voice into the centre of your skull, without your permission, late at night, with the use of directed energy weapons, when you were trying to get some sleep, would you feel like being polite.




CHAPTER THREE – Shielding Tips



I have experienced being a targeted individual, and these suggestions are based on my research and experiences. The perps try to make us believe there is nothing we can do to help ourselves. This is a normal strategy of criminals, and it is totally untrue. There is alot you can do, very cheaply and easily, to put a total stop to your targeting, even if you are on a very low income. Get the first suggestion done immediately. It doesnt cost much money. The longer you remain unprotected, the more power they criminals will have gained over you.

Put bolts on the doors of your residence. Put a bolt on your bedroom door. The perpetrators have master keys to most locks. Burgular alarms can be disabled by remote control. Perps will try to enter your home each night in order to break or steal your belongings, as a form of intimidation. They have the ability to render you and your family unconscious while they do this, by the use of advanced technology.

Try to sleep in a bedroom with zero electromagnetic radiation levels. Purchase a Trifield meter to help you find out where there are high levels of electromagnetic radiation in your home. Switch off and unplug all electrical appliances in your bedroom. If fact, you must leave all electrical appliances in another room. Weapons research technicians can utilise inert electrical appliances against you. Ask an electrician to remove any cables or sockets that are near your bed. Even if there is no electricity running through these cables a weapons research technician can use them against you. Consider switching off your electricity at the mains each night.

We all have a human energy field around our body, popularly called an aura. The human aura and meridians can be photographed by using a biofield camera. Meridians, are invisible channels of energy that run through our body in an organized and predictable way.

For a while, I was convinced that my human energy field was being manipulated, and I believed it was being pulled away from my body. This method generated intense fear in me over many years.

Non-Ionising radiation builds up in a bedroom from any electronic equipment that is being used there, for example a television screen or computer screen. When you are sleeping, this non-ionising radiation is directed by the, non-consensual, brain wave experimenters, to your energy field, causing your brain to become positively charged. When they have completed this work, the experimentors then go on to direct extra low frequencies to our brains. This requires special technologies that are unavailable to the public. At this point, the scientific experimentors are enabled to see inside our brains. This is the only method by which the scientific experimenters are able to conduct experiments on the human subject, during the night.

Scientific findings tell us that any type of flowing water, for example, a waterfall generates negative ions. I got some advice from the voice to skull voices that I should keep flowing water in my bedroom, by means of a simple homemade fountain, made from a mini aquarium water pump in a basin of water, causing the water to flow downhill. The flowing water will generate negative ions that will cause interference with the equipment of the scientific experimentors. The negative ions also cause the ionizing radiation to evaporate. Some of the V2K perps led me to believe they were on my side and they told me the neuroscientists will no longer be able to conduct either surveillance or experiments on me because running water would interfere with their equipment. If a targeted individual is in the vicinity of a water fountain or a waterfall or walking by the sea, scientific findings indicate that they should feel a general improvement to their wellbeing. However, now I believe these signals intelligence operatives deliberately lied to me, in order to enhance their abilities to conduct experiments on me. When I slept with a small home made water fountain in my bedroom, I felt I had done something to enhance the abilities of the signals intelligence operatives to conduct experiments on me, because the non-ionizing was allowing my brain to become positively charged, so that the operatives could direct extra low frequencies to my brain. I don’t always trust the information that comes through the Voice to Skull communication network. Not all of these signals intelligence operatives are trustworthy, but some signals intelligence operatives inside the control network are working to try to get some information out to the public about what is really happening behind the scenes in the criminal intelligence network. I don’t understand the science but I have written down much of what I have heard through the voice to skull communication network, in case any science graduate or neuroscientist reading this website will be able to glean some information from it.

. A wonderful method of clearing all non-ionising radiation from your brain and body is by earthing yourself on a weekly basis. Dig a hole in your garden and stick your legs into the loose soil for one hour. This practice of earthing will infuse your body with negatively charged ions. This will offer you protection for a full week. Any excess positive charge in your brain discharges into the earth as soon as you earth yourself. We should earth our bodies on a daily basis. It is important that people do not electrically insulate themselves from the ground, by wearing rubber or plastic soled shoes. When we walk barefoot on bare earth, or on the beach daily, we receive health-giving free electrons into our bodies. These free electrons are some of the most potent anti-oxidants known to man. This is called earthing, and it naturally protects the body’s delicate bio-electric circuitry against static electrical charges and interference, while dangerous free radicals are neutralized. EARTHING ranks right up there with the discovery of penicillin. Earthing mats can be purchased for underneath your computer. Earthing sheets can be purchased to put on your bed. These are enormously beneficial for your health.

Most animals will not sleep in an area where the earths energy field is disharmonious. The only animals who will sleep in disharmonious energy fields, full of radiation are cats. I wish to reiterate that I can not verify if this information is correct. New energy vision cameras, invented by the British scientist, Harry Oldfield, which photograph energy fields of all living matter, which might help me to prove or disprove my theories, are not within my financial means.

Human energy field studies are highly discouraged at university level. The self-proclaimed elite wish to hide this field of wisdom from us because a differential in knowledge is there to create a differential in power.

Delete your online google, facebook, twitter and youtube accounts. Otherwise they will be used against you in the future. I believe that the aforementioned online accounts are being used to suck up information from all your social media sites and store them in such a way that this online information, which the perps call meta data, will at some future time be used to build a profile of you, which will then be used to decide your fate, whether you live or die. Meta data is information concerning what websites you choose to visit and how long you remain active in each site. As soon as you delete your google, facebook, youtube and twitter accounts, no further online records will be held about you. All of your past activities will be deleted. If you have no profile, nothing will happen to you. . Taking down the mobile cell phone towers is the key to saving humanity from enslavement and remote controlled death. People can only be targeted by electronic weapons on a local scale if the perpetrators don’t have the use of mobile cell phone towers to both carry and direct the electronic signals.

The best way to cope with constant Voice to Skull military communication transmitted voices is by studying and using Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques. The program the Voice to Skull criminals use is based on illusion and Neuro Linguistic Programming. Check out the work on youtube of Tom Monahan from San Diego, and many other Neuro Linguistic Programming experts. These techniques will help you to counter the negativity of the perpetrators and to heal the perpetrators.

Never give permission to have your brain scanned by E.E.G. The perpetrators will hack into your medical files, and use the information from the EEG to help them map your brain.

When the weapons test operatives are experimenting on a weapons test subject during the night, the amount of light in the bedroom is highly significant.  The direct voice communications informed me that they do their best work  in darkness.   If the bedroom is well lit, it reduces the amount of time they can work on the human test subject without tiring out their own eyes due to some unknown factor.  However, if the human test subject uses a flash lamp also known as a torch and constantly moves it around the room, the weapons test operatives will be unable to do any work until after the weapons test subject goes to sleep.  If the weapons test subject found a method of moving light around the room all night long while they slept  they would then be totally protected from all harm forever.   A night light that follows a strict pattern is of no use.

Take your mattress off your bed, and remove it from your bedroom. The coils on your mattress are claimed to be MRI energy coil arrays. Energy coil arrays may be used to make energy weapons and coil guns. These metal springs on your mattress are radio conductive. It is claimed that they might be used to create a magnetic field, which might be used to effect your energy field negatively. I found this information on the following youtube video People recommend foam mattresses as an alternative to coil mattresses.

Sleep with potted plants in your bedroom. Plants dampen down ionizing radiation.

We must remove Wifi from our homes. Scientific EMF studies suggest prolonged exposure to Wifi cause tumours as well as memory loss and other forms of brain damage. Experiments find that shrubs die when placed next to wireless routers. Use a hard-wired internet connection.

Free radicals in the body of a targeted individual act like tiny magnets, which are used by the perpetrators for induction purposes. Be careful with your diet and eat food containing anti-oxidants, which destroy free radicals.

When writing of your experiences and offering advice, write everything in the past tense. Psychiatric legal eagles can not touch you then. Psychiatry is not your friend. It has been subverted by the satanic control system. Anti-psychotic medication is brain damaging.

Switch on one or more analogue radios at medium wave. Medium wave is similar to the energy the perpetrators use to target people. This causes too much amplification of energy in the surroundings of the targeted individual, which interferes with the work of the perpetrators.

Throw out your television. We must not leave unplugged televisions or universal remote controls in our homes. They both must be physically remote from our homes. It might be safe to watch television through your computer, provided your computer is not a high definition computer. Televisions emit ionizing radiation. While watching television, your brain can be entrained into the alpha wave state, by the flicker rate and the picture change rate. Your subconscious mind will then be opened up and prepared for programming. Symbolism can then be used to affect you on a subconscious level.

All smart technologies have built in components which are being used to mind control you. If you continue to use smart technology, you will shortly be incapable of independent thought.

If activists were to mail letters through the mail boxes of people in a certain city, giving valuable information to the people of that city with regard to the workings of internal body control weapons, in this situation the intelligence services will direct calming frequencies from telephone towers throughout the city, to every home in the city in order to temporary dull the thinking of the population of that city, and to lull them into a state of relaxation. You must also refuse the new government mail boxes that are currently being sold. It is being claimed that, in the future, nothing but sanctioned mail will be allowed to be put through these boxes eventually. It is also being claimed that the government will have the authority to open these mail boxes, and remove any unsolicited mail, and dispose of it.

Jamming the incoming transmissions is a more effective method than shielding from them. Dr Barrie Trower, retired British physicist, states on one of his youtube videos that it is quite easy to discover what direction the directed energy transmissions are coming from, by the use of a directional meter. He states that it is an easy matter to redirect the beams back to where they came from. However, he states that if you do this, shortly thereafter, the authorities will knock on your door and order you to stop interfering with government wavebands.

If wireless Voice to Skull military communication technology is being used to transmit messages, which you hear inside the centre of your head, you have been put on a trauma based mind control program. You will be threatened with extreme torture at some unknown time in the future. This never happens. You will also be threatened with death, by many different means. Eventually, you will become so used to the constant threats, you will get bored by them. My first experiences of Voice to Skull military communications occurred in 2003, and it is now thirteen years later, and I have not experienced any of their threats of violence.

Stay far away from psychiatry. Psychiatrists will erroniously misdiagnose you as having paranoid schizophrenia. Then you will be incarcerated in a mental hospital, which I prefer to call a prison, you will be forced medicated, stigamatised and have some of your birthrights taken away from you, including your rights to drive a vehicle.

Do not make any new friends after you become a targeted individual. Keep within your circle of extended family, neighbours and old aquaintances. Your new friends will more than likely be perpetrators, who will have alterior motives.

Targeted individuals have a moral obligation to warn the rest of society about the electromagnetic weapons and their ability to slowly erode human freedom. It is very easy to set up a website. I learned how to set up my website by watching youtube videos, which I found helpful. I set up my website in a matter of days. Please outline all of your experiences of being a targeted individual in precise detail on your website. In this way, our elected officials will be able to decipher common threads among all of our experiences, and in that way, they will come up with a way of jamming this Orwellian technology.

Targeted individuals are being advised to surrounding ourselves with orgone pyramids, when we are sleeping. I plan to put small neodymium magnets, monoatomic gold and a quarts crystal into my orgone pyramids. (I have not done this yet.)

All of the digital technologies in our homes emit pulsed electromagnetic frequencies. When we allow a build up of these pulsed electromagnetic frequencies in our homes to reach a certain amplitude, (called electro smog), these frequencies can then be further amplified by remote control, and these energies can then be used to electronically harass and torture the occupants of the home. In my home, there is a digital computer,  and a digital phone. I don’t own a digital television or microwave oven. I plan to replace my digital appliances with analogue ones. I will continue to use my computer, because my computer is not a high definition one.

Make a faraday cage out of screen door mesh. Place it over your mattress and sleep under it.

At this point in time, extensive files exist on each person in western society. Each person is profiled, based on numerous facets of how they live their lives, for example, exam results, amount of tax paid to date, any ailments they suffer from, addictions, credentials, online history, type and amount of television programs they choose to watch, shopping choices which are taken from loyalty cards and credit cards, what electrical appliances you use and how often you use them based on smart meter readouts, social networking activities, charity donations, DNA readout, blood group, employment history and employer references, travel history and many others. A targeted individuals file can be automatically accessed by the shadow government agents, the secret profile of a targeted individual can be read by security personnel, when a target enters a business which is being surveilled by the perpetrators.

Tile the walls of your bedroom with ceramic tiles, and place mylar sheets over your windows, at night.

Shielding paints, shielding clothes, head-wear and shielding socks can be purchased from many online stores. Earthing shoes and earthing bed-sheets can also be purchased online.

It has been suggested that protective energy fields which surround us, are strengthened if we keep orgone ornaments and quartz crystals near us, in our bedrooms.

The perpetrators of this technological harassment have the ability to introduce an icy cold feeling around your feet, when you are lying in bed at night. They can even override the power of an electric blanket. However, they can not introduce cold air to the region of heat surrounding a hot water bottle. Always use hot water bottles when the electronic technique of extreme cold torture is used against you. The perpetrators can not cancel out the heat that comes from a hot water bottle.

Neodymium magnets redirect the magnetic current in the human body. Some people recommend them as an aid to protect against directed energy weapons. However, I dont know enough about them to be able to figure out if they are helpful or harmful. Over many years, the voice to skull communication network have advised me to place a neodymium magnet at my brain stem, at the back of my neck, and to keep it there for a considerable amount of time, for example a full day. Even though I own a very strong neodymium magnet, I have not taken their advice in case it enhances their ability to see deep into the interior of my brain stem.

Cellular phone use can wreak havoc with the human bio-field. When using a cell/mobile phone, always use a hands-free wired air-tube head-set, which keeps the cell phones antenna at a distance of six to seven inches from the body, thus eliminating near field exposure.

Have lots of movement around you while you sleep, in the form of a fan blowing air against your free hanging protective devices, e.g. mylar strips or neodymium magnets or orgone ornaments, in order to keep them moving. Because of the constant movement of these protective devices, the criminal perpetrators have a much more difficult time trying to direct their beams of energy to the source, which may make them cease their targeting of you.

Be careful of dental work. Some people are claiming that dentists are unknowingly inserting crowns or filling material that contain micro computer chips.

We could try sleeping under hollow domes filled with electrified water, using alternating currents, in order to diffuse the directed energy beams, before they hit our bodies.

We should stop ingesting fluoride in water and toothpaste and all other forms. It is an ingredient of rat poison, and it is a sedative. It dumbs you down.

Electronic chemists are the key people to look for information from with regard to bio-weapons. Most of them work for the government or the military, so it might be difficult to find an electronic chemist who might be willing to offer professional help.

We are being lied to on an unimaginable scale, by criminals who are aiming for planetary control. Their war propaganda machine constantly create new lies, and exaggerate their almost non-existent powers, in order to try and make us lose hope. Stay optimistic.

Become an activist. Spread information about the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons. Spread information with regard to helpful shielding tips and with regard to your own experiences of being targeted by these weapons. The enemy needs secrecy to empower themselves. Do not allow them any secrecy. Disclose everything you know now. Secrecy allows evil to flourish. Ask your councillor to organise to have a law enacted which would ban the use of secrecy clauses in all work places.

The person to be targeted needs to live within three kilometers of a telephone towers. That is the only framework that needs to be in place in order to conduct basic weapons assault. We must canvas government officials in order to have all telephone towers dismantled, and we must go back to using land line cables to conduct our business and social affairs. This act alone will ensure freedom for future generations of the human race.

The Voice to Skull transmissions informed me through their technology that if I was successful in shielding their technology from my brain and body, while living in my own home, they would organise a sojourn in prison for me, by falsely attributing me with committing a crime. People in prisons have no way of shielding themselves from non-consensual experimentation with directed energy weapons.

If you are new to being targeted with directed energy weapons, do not write to the media or to senior politicians or to any organised religion, or do not appeal to psychiatry or any type of main-stream medicine. They follow the orders which come from a European central command, which come directly from the self-proclaimed elite. Your letters will be ignored and you may even be locked up in a psychiatric hospital. The best way to legally create awareness that I have found is to appeal to the general public.

THE POWER IS ENTIRELY WITH THE GENERAL PUBLIC. THE GENERAL PUBLIC ARE THE HIGHEST AUTHORITY IN THE LAND. You aught to write a letter to the people of your local city. You must put your name and address on it, otherwise it is illegal. You should tell them of the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons in a general way, but not pertaining to yourself and your own experiences. If you write about your own experiences in particular, the people who receive your letter might report you to psychiatry, and you might get locked up. Warn the public in a general way, and post the letters through their doors yourself. This is perfectly legal, for now. However, when the new post boxes, which are owned by the post office are fully operational, this method of creating awareness might no longer be an option. DO IT NOW.












CHAPTER FOUR– Mind Control.

The United States Department of Defence are spending billions of dollars to link targeted individuals to the Information Integration Centre. I am reading conflicting information about how it is being done. The targets brain is connected wirelessly to the network, and it becomes a transmitter and receiver of information. The targeted person can then receive voices, visions, false memories, heat, cold and pain signals. The targets mind can be read and their life can be destroyed. This may not be happening yet on a large scale. We have a window of opportunity in which to take back our power, and stop this from ever happening on a world wide scale. Some people argue that you don’t need any brain implant or biomedical sensors implanted in the body in order to become a target of electromagnetic weapons, I dont know if this is true. The scientist Jose Delgado was able to control aspects of people and animals behavior with a brain interface device which he called the stemoceiver, back in the 1960s. Keep your doors bolted at night, as ordinary locks can be hacked into with a master key. Burglar alarm systems can be disabled. Do not accept any type of vaccinations or injections, for the moment, in case micro sensors are being imbedded in disposable syringes.

Television is a form of basic mind control, which modifies attitudes and behaviours. In the near future, people who watch television, go to the cinema or use a smart phone will no longer be capable of independent thought. A decade ago, the American government subsidized high definition television sets for their citizens, for approximately seventy percent of the cost. I believe these high definition televisions have a dual purpose.

Pre-recorded brain waves can be artificially injected into the brain, by the use of High Definition Television and other means. This method can be used to artificially input new ideas into the brains of politicians or the judiciary, or indeed, anybody. There is no conscious defence possible against this silent sound hypnosis. This was achievable in 1974. For further information on Silent Sound Spread Spectrum see

High Definition technologies are just the mediums being used to carry the subliminal hypnosis signals to our brains. The real culprit that is actually transmitting the signals to the digital devices in our homes, are telephone masts, which are also known as cell towers in the U.S. Telephone masts have many purposes, so it may not be feasible to demolish them. However, we must find a way of disabling the subliminal hypnosis signals which are being transmitted from them. Many people appear to have no idea how powerful modern mind control technology and subliminal hypnosis really is.

A smart meter is a surveillance device which receives information separately, from all electrical devices in your home. It knows what electrical devices you use, and when you use them. It sends data to your personal file on you whether you used the electric shower or laundry washing machine each morning before you come to work. It can tell the police what time you go to bed at, based on your bedside light use. In some countries the police are using smart meter data to punish people for doing things in the privacy of their own homes. Some people have resisted having a smart meter installed on their property and they were tasered and arrested. All basic inkjet and lazer printers automatically read and store all your private data, which they send to a data bank, where it is sent to a personal file, which is being kept on you. Smart meters have not been rolled out in Ireland yet, but we must be forever vigilant.

If a person voices an opinion in front of their computer microphone, or their smart technology, or their high definition television, a recording of these people, voicing that opinion, can be filed by a technician, and replayed at a later date, to whosoever they wish. At the moment, there is no methodology in place to file these voice recordings automatically. This is all done manually, by brain research technicians. These criminals hope that some day, by the use of voice recognition technology, this information can be filed automatically, by technological means, to the file of the person who the comment is pertaining to..

I will now outline an aspect of what this ability is being used for, at this point in time. If a person gets a letter printed in a small local newspaper, signals intelligence operatives will monitor how local people are reacting, in real time, to that letter, by gaining vantage inside the homes of the local people, using signals intelligence, and by monitoring their responses when they read their newspaper.. Unbeknownst to the people reading and responding to the letter, these unseen signals intelligence operatives will record their response to the letter. Not the actual response itself but a roll played version of the responses will be played at a later date into the ears of the targeted individual.

Targeted individual can be made to hear voices each day, all day long, without a break, and are sometimes kept awake during the night with these voices. There are hundreds of thousands of ordinary people and young children being targeted in this way, throughout the planet, at this point in time. We need to create a method of stopping this nightmare technology, before it spreads to everyone on the planet. In the United States alone, two billion dollars is being spent on an annual basis, on this brain weapons research.

Some people are unwilling to believe this information because their brains are entrained by Silent Sound Spread Spectrum, (U.S. Patent # 5,159,702).



CHAPTER FIVE. – The deliberate creation of an extraterrestrial hoax, (generated by brain weapons and the black arts.)


I obtained some of the information in this chapter from a youtube interview of Philip and Paul Collins, called “JaysAnalysis w Collins Bros – The UFO-Alien Scam Dismantled”.

The secret oligarchy of the super-rich, also known as the self-proclaimed elite who operate from behind the scenes of our lives, decided to create a space alien hoax. This alien hoax is part of a much larger manufactured reality.

They decided that in order to rule the planet more easily they would need to create a planetary wide social unit. In order to achieve worldwide unity, the masses had to become universe conscious. They needed to change human thinking so that it not only transcended national boundaries, but the very planet itself. They decided that an extra-terrestrial threat would provide the pretext for the social engineering project that they had in mind.

1.An extra-terrestrial threat helps to redirect the anger of humanity away from the super-rich would-be enslavers on to a completely imaginary non-existent alien enemy.

2.A confused and ill-informed populace, who believes all kinds of nonsense, is easy to enslave.

4.The Nazi’s had U.F.O. aircraft, which may have looked like flying saucers, as early as World War 2. However, they wished to suppress the level of advancement of their technology, so they used the hoax of an alien presence as a cover story for the existence of what are man-made air craft. The controlled media is deliberately handled in such a way as to intentionally and falsely interpret these aircraft as to be of extra-terrestrial origin. It is also being rumoured that when there are UFO sightings, jets are being scrambled by governments, as a way of legitimizing a possible extra-terrestrial threat.

5.When we install smart meters in our homes, these meters will send and receive beams of energy to and from all the other smart meters in the neighbourhood, and also, to and from all the electrical appliances in the home. These beams of energy will create a smart grid, which can be used to create holograms, both inside the home and also across the sky. These holograms can appear as extra-terrestrials, or as demons, or even religious apparitions. These holograms, combined with mind control technology has led many people to mistakenly believe that they are in the presence of aliens. Electronic weapons can also be used to beam voices into the heads of people, with voice to skull technology, which has been patented with many different patent numbers as follows:-

(a) Microwave Hearing – The Brunkan Patent, # 4877027

(b) Ultrasound – Silent Sound – The Lowrey Patent # 6052336, #5159703

(c) Synthetic Telepathy – Patent # 6587729 and # 3951134.

A 1998 Department of the American Army report “Bioeffects of Selected Nonlethal Weapons”, declassified in 2006, states, “Application of microwave hearing technology could facilitate a private message transmission

7.The secret Oligarchy employ actors, who wear chicken skin which has been dyed grey and then wrapped tightly across their faces, to act as space aliens. They may also use robots. Extra-terrestrial abductions mostly happen in the U.S.A., which has a huge military budget and Hollywood expertise. However, I have never heard of any alien abductions happening in Ireland.

8.A vampire cult was deliberately created in South America, in order to generate superstition among the natives. The creation of fear and paranoia makes people more controllable.

9.The hoax extra-terrestrials, who are really Illuminati actors, claim that they must put heavy restrictions on humanity in order to stop us destroying our planet. Their long-term plan, under U.N. Agenda 21, is to make most of us move into cities. They are gradually over-regulating us to the point that living on this planet will be like living in an open prison. And yet, Agenda 21 appears to have gone mostly under the radar.

10.In past times, when people were enslaved, they were always told they were genetically inferior, and that the enslaver had a divine right to enslave, due to superior DNA and intelligence. At the moment, the internet abounds with claims that the Illuminati have reptilian DNA and that they belong to a superior bloodline. Some of the more farfetched rumours even claim that they have the ability to shape-shift.

11.In order to render the human race passive and powerless, a false belief is created that extraterrestrials are about to come and save us. A belief is created that we don’t need to do anything to help ourselves in times of a great crisis. This child-like mindset takes away our initiative and self-reliance and makes us much easier to disempower and enslave.

12.According to the late great Bill Cooper, the author of “Behold a Pale Horse”, technology exists that is being used to promote the concept of an alien threat. Abductions are the result of a tremendously successful mind-control operation, all of which has been in development since before World War 2. They have now perfected this. There is a patent for a machine that can read your brainwaves. It can then recombine them in a computer and send them back to you, and make you think things happened that never happened. According to Bill Cooper, you cannot get a patent for something like this unless it really works. You have to prove to the patent office that it works.

13.Up until now, anybody who could see the big picture was labelled legally insane, and institutionalized. Psychiatry is being used to suppress the existence of electromagnetic remote control beam weapons.

14.When speaking of UFOs, Mr. Nick Pope of the UK government, Ministry of Defense said – “Our air defenses do seem to be penetrated regularly by structured craft”. This way of speaking is alarming and dangerous, because it gives authority and approval to the false belief in extra-terrestrials. For further information, see a You tube video called “Nick Pope, New UFOs”, and another Youtube video called “Nick Pope Exposed”.

15.British Councilor, Mr. Simon Parkes, who openly claims to being a hybrid alien, one third Draco reptilian alien, one third mantid, and one third human has given numerous interviews concerning the information he is receiving from extra-terrestrials, and has been elected by the British people to a position of power and authority, as a local councilor. Even though there are other websites debunking the claims of Mr. Simon Parkes, this situation sets an alarming and frightening precedent. Mr. Simon Parkes has a moral duty to allow any member of the British public, who so wishes to have Mr. Parkes DNA independently analyzed.

16.By splicing human and animal DNA, and joining them together, human animal hybrids may have been created in underground laboratories. These entities may be being passed off as extra terresterials.

17.  The capability exists to create synthetic beings, which are very advanced robots with a synthetic skin that almost appears human.  They can be seen on many youtube videos.  Perhaps these advanced robots can be programmed to appear as if their eyes change shape, from normal shaped eyes to slits.  That would explain why some people are currently  concerned about seeing entities whose eyes suddenly appear to change shape.

17.On a wonderful website called it is being claimed that our own human ancestors had the technology to move and lift enormous stones of up to one thousand tons or more in weight. The author successfully debunked the need for ancient aliens to have been involved. Also, the Inca’s of Peru falsely claimed that their headquarters at Pumapunku were created by The Gods, in order to endow themselves with the divine right to rule.

18.Honest people have come forward to tell us that they have been to Mars, and that they have travelled forwards and backwards in time. I believe these people have been tricked into believing they were in these places, because they must have been taken to a film set location, complete with scenery, props and actors. I believe the self-proclaimed elite are capable of engineering such an experience in order to fool humanity into believing they are far more powerful and scientifically advanced than they actually are.


19.According to Alan Watt, philosopher, the purpose of psychological warfare is to destroy the potential enemy before anything happens, by bringing us to a mental standstill. If you are deliberately manipulated to believe your ancestors were a bunch of walking crocodiles ( the annunaki extra-terrestrials), and you were created to be a slave, then the self-proclaimed elite will have succeeded in their psychological warfare program.






If this remote controlled psychological torture technology is deployed by your government, and you are a government employee, you must never agree to a secrecy clause. Secrecy is synonymous with evil. You must never join a secret society or the secret service. Evil can only flourish in a climate of secrecy. •Why do our governments suddenly think they have the right to keep more and more secrets from the people? The people created their government for their own use. The politicians are employed by the people to do the bidding of the people. The government is a servant of the people. Governments have given themselves a licence to murder people, at will. They then stamp the murder case “Classified” or “Top Secret”. This allows them to get away with murder. All governments should release all classified documents. If they refuse to do this, we should dissolve governments. The population of any democratic country have the authority to dissolve their governments if they wish. When governments start to turn a blind eye to the torture of their own people, by the use of Directed Energy Weapons, it is time they were dissolved. We would then have a period of short term hardship, but in the longer term we would have freedom and abundance. Why are children’s courts being held in secrecy? In some countries, any parent who questions government corruption can secretly be accused of being an unfit parent, and have their children taken away from them, all without any oversight by elected politicians.. •People with academic credentials are technically gagged by their credentials. If they write about what they believe with regards to Directed Energy Weapons, they may lose their hard won credentials,, as they are only allowed to write about what can be proven in a court of law. The method of implementation of the non-consensual human experimentation program is almost invisible and traceless. • •”The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and secret proceedings…” J.F.Kennedy.


Under the various rules which were laid down for me by the military intelligence personnel who spoke to me directly into my skull, by means of Voice to Skull military communication technology, I was ordered not to discuss personal details concerning the lives of my friends and neighbours. I only ever discuss people from a positive perspective. I would never look at people in a negative light. We all have our vices and virtues. None of us have attained perfection in this life.

However, the military intelligence personnel were deeply unhappy that I refused to go along with their regulation to cease discussing minor details about the lives of my neighbours and friends. The Satanic and Luciferian would-be control system wish to know all details about each family in the neighbourhood, but in such a way that each household is a pocket of secrecy, and the secrets are only known to the evil control system.. Secrecy allows evil to flourish. Secrecy is synonymous with evil.

I replied to the two-way communication system personnel that my creator did not send me into this world wearing blinkers. I am an immortal being currently having a human experience. I can not learn from my experience on this earth if I am obliged to live my life while wearing blinkers. It is being claimed online that when the Bilderbergers are holding their annual meeting, the staff where they are staying are not allowed to make eye contact with them. Why arent good people outraged. We are all equals in this planet of equals. We are all made from the same genetic material. Survival of the fittest is a Satanic principle, which is currently being used against us. We must never classify people, because all people are of infinite value. •




CHAPTER SEVEN. – Natural Law versus Organised Religions.


Natural Law is the most hidden knowledge on earth. It is hidden from the masses by the evil oligarchy, who wish to enslave us. They hide it from us because a differential in knowledge is there to create a differential in power.

I learned most of what I know about Natural Law from a website called

Methods have been set up by which the criminal shadow government social engineers, who are operating from behind the scenes in a vast network of secret societies throughout the world, lock us down into a child-like mindset. They create in us a child-like mindset that somebody is going to come and save us. They indoctrinate us to believe that we must never solve our own problems, but always look to a so called ” authority” figure to solve them for us. The indoctrination methods they use are achieved through the use of government and religion. Belief in government is the binding of the left brain hemisphere. Belief in any type of organized religion is the binding of the right brain hemisphere. Government and religion were created by the multigenerational self-proclaimed elite families to convince humanity to stand down from their responsibility to take real world action to create positive change on this planet. These false belief systems were deliberately created to keep most of humanity in a state of inaction, and to put a ceiling on our true spiritual and intellectual evolvement.

In the past, when invaders wished to take over a country, it was easier to achieve domination by indoctrinating the local inhabitants of that country into belonging to a fake organised religion, rather than invading the country with a large army and getting the locals to surrender. When the local citizens were sufficiently inculcated into this false religion, they would willingly and unquestioningly submit to the invaders. The invading group could easily obtain power, status, money and control of the minds of the locals, without ever shedding a drop of blood.

The story of Jesus has numerous parallels with many other ancient Gods, e.g. Horus, Attis, Kirshna, Dionysys, and Mithra to name a few. They were all born on 25th Dec. by a virgin birth. They all had twelve disciples and performed miracles. They were all eventually crucified, died for three days, and were then resurrected. The reason most of the ancient religions have the same general mythological structure, is because they, as well as Christianity, are all based on astrotheology. The virgin Mary is based on the star constellation Virgo. The Jesus crucification sequence is based on the sun moving south in the sky for six months. By December 22nd, the sun is at its lowest point in the sky, in the vicinity of the Southern Cross star constellation. This is where we get the symbology of the crucifiction . Three days later, on December 25th, the sun moves one degree north, giving us the resurrection. For more information see And for further information see a book called “THE WORLDS SIXTEEN CRUCIFIED SAVIORS”by Kersey Graves. We are told that the Vatican library has millions of books and archived documents, therefore, it is safe to assume that the Vatican clergy already know of the numerous duplications between the story of Jesus and numerous other ancient saviours. Yet they never mention this fact to their followers. Why is this??? They have lied to us by omission.

The Catholic church is the biggest financial power and property owner in existence. The pope is one of the richest men on earth, while one fifth of the worlds poor is starving to death.

I have abdicated from the Roman Catholic Church, because my beliefs about the Vatican have radically changed, and I am now an agnostic. An agnostic is somebody who believes nobody knows what happens after we die, and I believe organised religions are all about control, money, status and power. I still believe humans are spirits first, and physical second, and we will eventually be held accountable for our actions. I believe everything in the world, including human behaviour runs on strict laws based on mathematics. This is called Natural Law. Whatever behaviour we give out comes back to us in the fullness of time. Perhaps there is a way of tapping into a different reality through deep meditation, or by astral travel, or by the use of mind expanding drugs. However, I have not tried any of these methods.

I believe faith is not a virtue. Reason is the way to truth. There are ten thousand different religions in use today and all of them conflict with each other. The bible supports slavery, bigotry, sexism, and other human rights abuses. I believe the bible is not the word of God. However, it is a very valuable and important source of information. Organized religions don’t own morals. Humanity had a moral system for one hundred thousand years before Christianity was put in place. I live by a set of moral principles, based on Natural Law.

“All churches appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolise power and profit.” Thomas Paine.

Christians must question why they are encouraged to celebrate the re-enactment of a brutal human sacrifice on a weekly basis. The only reason to celebrate an act of extreme torture repeatedly is to imprint the human psyche with fear. Repetition and fear are both powerful mind control methods. The Vatican inculcates us when we are very young children, so that we will be too young to critically analyse what we are being taught.

Around five thousand years ago, the Khazars, who are a branch of the self-proclaimed elite, decided they would set up a book religion and inculcate the surrounding countries into believing in that religion. Five thousand years later, they covertly control all of the organized religions throughout the world. They regularly generate wars in order to further solidify their power. They supply arms to both sides of the war, and they decide the outcome.


For the past six hundred and thirty thousand years, which is as far back as the historian of ancient history, Michael Tsarion has gone, people have settled down with a mate without needing to get written permission off some so called authority. The concept of needing to get permission reduces adult men and women to the status of children, who dont have the ability to make their own decisions. The concept of signing a legal document called a state marriage licence and being legally locked into a relationship is supremely unnatural. Being legally locked into a relationship might make two people feel like pulling away from each other.

If you are legally locked into a relationship with a spouse, you dont know if your spouse is with you because they want to be with you. Perhaps they are with you because they legally have to be with you. This situation engenders suspicion between couples, and destroys the trust and happiness that comes with knowing that somebody you love is with you because they love you in return, and not for any legally binding reason.

Instead of asking for written permission to settle down with a spouse, by getting a state marriage licence, or marrying in a church, an alternative suggestion might be that couples who wish to spend their lives together should make a public declaration of fidelity to each other in front of their friends and families, without involving so called authority figures.   By doing it this way the woman protects her reputation, and nobody can accuse her of having loose morals or being a fallen woman as is so often claimed in the bible about Mary Magdeline.  If you legally marry in the United States or elsewhere, you are not just marrying your spouse, you are also legally marrying the state, which gives the state the legal right to own your children. By obtaining a marriage licence, you lose parental authority if you later have children. According to well known online activist, Sanchos Bonacci, the marriage certificate is the first trap of enslavement. The birth certificate is the second trap of enslavement. Do not fall into these traps. As government staff and politicians are transitory, the state is, in essence, only a piece of paper, and we are expected to ask a piece of paper for permission before we can have an intimate relationship with our life partner. For six hundred thousand years, according to the work of ancient historian Michael Tsarion, people settled down with the life partner of their choosing, without needing to ask anybody’s permission. Why have we been asked to hand over the ultimate treasure of our free will to people whose agenda I no longer respect.

The real purpose of public education is to inculcate young children into the cult of organized religion and government. They are both cults. Inculcation is the opposite to critical and logical thinking. It has been found that people who live within totalitarian regimes are obliged to ask permission of Father government and Mother religion before they are allowed to take action within their own lives. This forces these people to adopt a child-like mindset. In order to function in a happy and well balanced way, an adult human must have a certain level of autonomy. Even when people live with an abundance of money, it has been found that there is a high suicide level among adults who are not allowed a large say in how their lives are governed.

The military are obedient to their general. When the general tells them to jump they all jump.   The military have totally and entirely handed over their free will to the general. The military are willing to commit acts of extreme evil if the general asks them to do so.  The military are order followers.  The general can be any old criminal who happens to wear the fancy uniform of a general.  He could even be mentally insane.   Why do the military obey their general even to the point of committing the most brutal actions.    The only people who wish to go to war are the weapons manufacturers.  They arrange wars behind the scenes and they then manipulate, coerce and lie to the military and the tax payers in order to engage them in the war.  The military are told that some other ordinary people are their enemy.  Their real enemy are the leaders who are safe and comfortable, while they use the military as weapons test subjects.   Those within the military with the courage to question the  authority of the leaders are protectors of human freedom.

Obedience is doing what you are told, no matter what is right. Morality is doing what is right, no matter what you are told.

According to Natural Law, we are morally obliged to govern ourselves. When we live our lives according to the dictates of government and organized religions, we are blindly following orders without questioning them. We are abdicating our moral responsibility to judge whether something is right or wrong, before behaving in a certain way. If we refuse to own our own personal responsibilities, it leads to a totalitarian culture. We are tossing away the greatest gift and greatest duty to always use our own free will. If we refuse to use our own free will, then Natural Law will cause us to lose it. We will become enslaved.

Blind obedience to authority, and blindly following orders without questioning them is the true pathway to evil. When we are weak minded, we take pride in our blind obedience to authority, no matter what the order giver asks us to do. Blindly following orders should never be seen as a virtue. One has a moral responsibility to judge whether something is right or wrong, before carrying out an order. An obedient child or adult is a person who has been psychologically broken. We should always strive to encourage children to be co-operative rather than obedient.

We must urgently enact laws which make it illegal to be an order follower.  Everybody should be obliged to have total freedom and to take total responsibility for all of their actions. This would restore this world to a state of harmony instantly.  This is known as anarchy.

We should never show groveling respect to people with titles, money, status or uniforms. Subordinate male chimps will show their bottoms to the alpha male, which is the same as humans bowing before kings and popes. The only people who demand titles are egomaniacs. Any group who would wish to be called ” the elite” must have lower ego problems. It seems to me that they wish to demean and downgrade us by expecting us to call them that. If we call them the elite, we are implying that we ourselves are common, inferior or lower-class. We should always call them the self-proclaimed-elite instead. After all, we are all equals in this planet of equals. We are all made from the same genetic material. We are conscious awareness, having a human experience. How could these self-proclaimed elite have deluded themselves into believing they are better than everybody else?. They are group thinkers, who look to humanity for their validation and glorification. They are not yet mature enough to get their personal validation internally.

The key to planetary enslavement is through the creation of a pyramid shaped control structure, with only a handful of people at the very top of the hierarchy, with the power to control everything. These hierarchical control structures only exist through government and organized religions. We were never meant to allow ourselves to be subservient to any type of hierarchical control pyramid. Under Natural Law, we are obliged to organize ourselves by a linear control structure. Dismantling the hierarchical structures and decentralizing on a planetary wide scale is our route to freedom.

The independent contractors who operate the signals intelligence computer enhanced human guidance system have their own unique way of catagorising human beings. They had a pledge to only target and micro surveill people they regarded as sub human. They now have decided they have miscategorised at least one of the weapons test subjects, who they should not have targeted under their own laws. This means that now they are operating under a free for all selection process when they are selecting weapons test subjects among themselves as well as from the wider community, from here on in. Under the natural laws which govern human behaviour here on earth, whatever frequency of vibration you give out, this is the only frequency of vibration that you can get back. What this means is if you give our cruelty and injustice, you will get back cruelty and injustice in the fullness of time. This is a testable, proveable, knowable science, and it has been proven scientifically. The independent contractors and signals intelligence operatives will reap what they sow.

I published this blog in the  past.  Since that time the direct voice communications have informed me that a small selection of soldiers have been wirelessly connected to the voice hearing network where they wirelessly  receive messages into the centre of their brains similar to the messages I have received in the past.




CHAPTER EIGHT – Cestui Que Trusts and Legal Name Fraud


Over many years, the Vatican and its popes have set up a system of ownership of all property, all humans, and souls that exist on this earth through the Papal Bulls and Cestui Que Vie Trusts. In 1302, Pope Boniface VIII created a trust called Unum Sanctum, which declared that the Vatican owned the earth and all the souls in it. Until recently on one has ever legally challenged Unum Sanctum. However, Unum Sanctum has recently been rebutted by a well known lawyer from Lake Normond, Colerado, by the name of Cindy Kay Currier. Her website is called The Vatican later went on to create other trusts which I have listed herebelow. These trusts make people the slaves of the Vatican, even if they are not Roman Catholic, and they are used to claim that the Vatican owns our souls.

1455 Testimentary Trust.

1481 Regis Crown Trust.

1531 Convocation Trust.

The Romanus Pontifex Trust was used to create the crown corporation.

The Crown Corporation, which is another name for church and state, has enticed humans into slavery, via deception.

When anyone uses the legal name on their birth certificate as identification, they are committing an illegal act, and they are considered a criminal. All legal names are owned and copyrighted by the crown corporation. The birth certificate name is considered to be a slave name. A fictional person is created by the government, in the form of the birth certificate. That fictional person is not alive and has no rights. It is a corporate entity, that must function according to corporate parameters and corporate rules.

In the legal world, we are all considered slaves of the crown corporation, and our bodies are presumed property of the crown corporation, which is another name for church and state. Fraud is committed whenever you register a birth. You are signing your child over as a legal slave to church and state, provided they go on to use the registered name.

Church and state are aiding and abetting us into fraud. This makes church and state criminals. Church and state have committed a crime against humanity, because they use trickery to ensnare us, with intent to enslave us. Church and state profit from criminal activity, in as much as all commerce is based on legal name fraud.

Each VOTER Registration is FRAUDULENT as the Legal Name/I.D. is used in order to register to vote. Therefore, as it is true that any/all use of a Legal Name is FRAUD, which is ILLEGAL, it follows that ALL registered voters’ papers are FRAUDULENT! Which means ALL their VOTES were/will be FRAUDULENT too!

I have been called Gretta since the day I was born, and it is the name I use on all documents. The name Gretta has been validated by the fact that it is the name on my drivers licence and bank account. However, by a lucky accident, it is not the name on the birth certificate. If a man or woman calls themselves a name other than the name on their birth certificate, and if it has been validated by some other means other than the birth certificate, then government policy is to accuse you of having an identity crisis, and accusing you of being mentally ill, and incarcerate you in a mental asylum until you agree to use the legal name fraud name, which is on the birth certificate. Governments have no legal rights over you if you don’t use the legal name fraud name.

Not many people know that if a baby is born in their own family home, this fact gives them the right of residence until the day they die. The voice to skull military communication generated voices once told me that a person who is born at home has legal jurisdiction over their own home. I believe there are stringent laws governing what jurisdiction one comes under when one is born in a hospital ward. Parents should look into the legalities of having their baby born in a hospital before they make any decisions about the location the mother chooses to give birth in. I was lucky to have been born in my own family home where I reside now, and as such the self proclaimed elite have absolutely no legal power over me.

Another, and frequently overlooked reason I remain a free woman of this land is the fact that I have legally abdicated from the Roman Catholic church in Ireland no later than 2015. This fact alone means that the catholic church in Ireland does not have a legal say over my right to live or die. I am a free woman of the land and as such I and all human beings should never be put on a program of subjugation and control. I believe all man made laws including admiralty law are fraudulent law because they are out of harmony with Natural Law. Natural Law states that our rights are not written in some anonymous law book. Our rights are actions we take that don’t harm anyone. We all have the same rights. Man made laws have nothing to do with our rights which are birth rights. Some people falsely believe they have the authority to bestow rights. These people can not bestow rights they do not have themselves. They can not bestow the right to agents of church or state to harass me electronically, because they do not have that right themselves and no legislation in any law book can ever turn a wrong into a right.

The voice to skull military communicated voices told me once that if I had earned any credentials that they could use that situation to reign me in by revoking my credentials if I ever wrote anything that they did not publicly sanction. I have no credentials.

There is NO legitimate government, president, prime minister, politician, mayor, etc. All public offices which heretofore claimed a position of ‘authority’ are no longer able to make such claims. There is NO legitimate authority anywhere. The Legal Name Fraud Scandal, what is known as #Namegate, is PROOF positive the whole construct of the control system/government, political influence and decision-making is now at an end. NULL & VOID!

Without legal name fraud at the front line lever, the whole system of control is destroyed. I found some of this information at the following web sites

Coupled with the fact that I don’t use the legal name fraud name on the birth certificate the people who would normally have jurisdiction over me dont exist, owing to the fact that I was born in my own home. I believe all individuals are given approximately eighty years of free will by their creator, on the day they are born. Evil forces on this planet try to take our legitimate free will away from us, gradually and incrementally, by making false laws which they have no authority to make under the eyes of our creator. These false laws are not in harmony with moral law, therefore they are immoral laws and also horrible human rights violations. I also believe that the words paralegal and para psychiatry and any other para in use is just another word for crime.

In March 2011, in Washington D.C., U.S.A., victims of organised stalking and electronic harassment addressed the Obama Presidential Bioethics commission on how these crimes are affecting their lives. Please see attached link

. I recently came across the following website which outlines methods of field research data collection on humans. 1.Ethical guidelines prevent many experiments. Informed consent of the human subjects required by scientific societies, universities and funding agencies alerts the subjects and puts them on their guard. 2.Humans are very self-conscious when they know they are being observed and may intentionally or unintentially alter their behaviour.

Here is the link to further information




CHAPTER NINE   – Solution


I love all people, but I hate all public power institutions. At this present time, all the public institutions of power on this planet are being run by a system of organised dishonesty.

I wish to include a quote by Michael Ellner here – “Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.”

Love and Compassion are the true religions to me. But to develop this, we do not need to believe in any religion.” ― Dalai Lama XIV •A basic military strategy is for the aggressor to falsly magnify their strengths. The Zionist Jews have enormously exaggerated their militaristic ability. It is far weaker than we are lead to believe. •Satellites do not exist. They are clearly a hoax. •Nuclear warheads do not exist.

The criminal oligarchy are few in number. There are seven billion of us.

It is being claimed that the laws that Barack Obama have passed are invalid. It is being claimed that he did not produce a legitimate American birth certificate, which makes his presidency invalid.

If you are constantly hearing voices by wireless means, you may be linked up to the Information Integration Centre, which is an information highway for humans.

All of the electronic warfare technological infrastructure is on the ground. It can easily be dismantled. •There are two easy methods to instantly dismantle the whole evil human wireless control structure. Either method would work. If cell towers were dismantled, or chemtrail aerosol spraying ceased, vital links needed to carry wireless messages to and from human brains and bodies would no longer be possible. The whole lynch pin of the Zionist takeover plan depends on convincing humanity that satellites exist, and are the main link in controlling humanity. Satellites are war takeover propaganda, and millions of people already know that they don’t and have never existed. We must dismantle cell phone towers, and go back to using land line telephone cables for our industry. You must throw out your high definition television set and your smart phone and all of your smart technology. This technology is being used right now to control your moods. The wireless voice to skull military communication technology transmitted the following information to me, which I believe is important. Mobile phone masts, also known as cell towers are an important part of the infrastructure when targeting someone for the purposes of remote non-consensual experimentation and psychological torture, but in most cases, extra technology is installed on the electricity poles close to the home of the victim. However, in the future, the criminal cabal hope to have this extra non-essential technology installed on all electricity poles throughout the world. WE MUST NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN.

Satellite Hoax and Various other Hoaxes.

Thousands of serious scientists, who disagree with the so called establishment, have no way, other than the internet, of getting their views out to the public, as most of the main-stream media is owned and controlled by this private club of the super-rich. Large numbers of credible scientists are coming forward on the internet, to inform us that human beings cannot travel to the moon, global warming is a hoax, and atomic bombs do not exist. It is being claimed that the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were carpet bombed with napalm, and not wiped out by atomic bombs, as we were previously led to believe. (Nuclear reactors exist, but I believe nuclear bombs don’t exist) These hoaxes were deliberately perpetuated to frighten us into handing over our power to the corrupt bankers, without question For more information see – • •The self-proclaimed elite, have attempted to fake the concept of space travel to make them appear to have militaristic dominance of space. They decided to fake the space program outright and use rockets which only needed to fly into the air until they disappeared from sight.Another of their aims was to “appear” to put satellites in space. I understand that satellites do not exist, and that satellite navigation information is gained by mobile phone tower triangulation, and “satellite” television programs are gained through cables. If satellites really existed, all the satellite dishes on the roofs of our houses would point straight up. Google Earth images are taken from aircraft and the global earth image we are continually being shown is a computer composite, not a photograph. Ground based radar is used to take measurements of the weather. We are told satellites are in the thermosphere, which ranges from 600 to 2000 degrees Celsius. If this were the case, the satellites would burn out. The actors who pretend to be aboard the non-existent International Space Station, act out their roles so badly, it appears that they are desperately trying to subliminally let us know that they are obliged to lie to us, under duress, or else they are mind controlled into believing they are actually on something called The International Space Station. If you see what appears to be a satellite in the night sky it may be a drone called “The Pathfinder” or it may be a brightly lit hologram. We are being lied to on an unimaginable scale about issues which we cannot tangibly investigate ourselves. The self-proclaimed elite back up their lies with their own privately owned mainstream media

.”We will know our disinformation plan is complete when everything the American people believe is false” Former CIA director, William Casey. •

The alternative to the child-like mind set of blind obedience to government and organized religion is called Anarchy. Anarchy means – rule by the people, for the people. The word Anarchy is ridiculed and demonized at every possible opportunity, by the oligarchy, because it is the greatest route to tapping in to the true power and freedom of the whole human race. On television, the word Anarchy is always accompanied by images of violence and mayhem so that people will falsly associate Anarchy with evil. In a system of Anarchy, nobody on the planet looks up to anybody else. Nobody on the planet looks down on anybody else. We are all equal, with equal rights. Anarchy is a system of individualism, whereas fascism, naziism, socialism and communism are all systems of vertical collectivism. Vertical collectivism is a system of big government, with centralization of all power in the hands of a few men. Vertical collectivism is the graveyard of freedom. When we vote we are given a few choices of political party. These political parties are all arms of the same head, which is the criminal control system. No matter which party you vote for you still elect the same criminal oligarchy control system. Therefore, we are not being offered a choice, just the illusion of choice. Anarchy as an alternative way of governing ourselves. Anything is better than technological enslavement. Globalization made us all dependent on forces outside of ourselves and it made us vulnerable to enslavement. We must reclaim our power by decentralization of all areas. Each community must become totally self-sufficient. Each country must set up our own not for profit central bank, which is owned by the people, and not by a private family bloodline, which is currently the case. All of human kind must reclaim their power from the evil cabal, by making a few small changes to our lives. We must become self-sufficient. We should access underground “Primary Water”, or else we should install rain-water harvesting systems in all of our homes. People with a back garden can easily grow all of their own food, using modern food production methods which involve growing up to twenty shelves of plants simultaneously, in a greenhouse. A water-powered system of generating free energy which is currently in existence is being suppressed from humanity.

Using advanced psychological manipulation methods, the intelligence services have perfected the art of inducing deep and overwhelming terror in a human being. The intelligence services can only achieve this outcome, if the subject is not allowed to examine, understand and share what is happening to them. In order to continue their dark arts, the intelligence services need to keep humanity in the dark. Isnt it time to disempower the intelligence services forever, by exposing their terror induction methods to the world., Because once we understand exactly how they manage to reduce us to a state of intense and overwhelming fear, only then will we learn how to stop them in their tracks. We must openly list everything the voice to skull military communication system say to us, no matter how frightening, so that others will be fully prepared if it ever happens to them. Some people who read this story will not realize the true implications of this technology, if it is not blocked immediately, Children of the future could be electric shocked by remote control if they don’t get up at a set time in the morning. People are not waking up to the crisis we are in because our water supply is being drugged by a sedative called fluoride, and because of mind-control technology. We should take back our power from the high Jesuits, the Vatican, the Zionists, the private bankers, senior Nasa officials, and the rest of the self-proclaimed elite.

“Freedom and morality are directly proportional to each other. As morality increases in any given society, the freedom of that society will increase. The solution is to understand the Natural Laws and live in harmony with them.” Mark Passio

The contents of this web page are based on my internet and book research and they are also my personal experiences and honest opinions. I have no academic credentials. I took some of my information, word for word, from the websites of other people and I have provided links to where I got most of it. I did this in order to put an overview of all self-proclaimed elite tactics all together on one blog, so I could see the big picture more clearly. I know of many other targeted individuals in Ireland, other than myself. They have woken up to the fact that they have been lied to on an unimaginable scale, by the criminal establishment, all of their lives. For the first time in history, we now know who our enemies are. What is more, a large online opposition of millions of people are forming against these enemies. Now is a good time to take back our power. I am very optimistic that this wireless torture is just a short term phenomenon, for the following reason. Natural Law is not a faith based belief system. Natural Law has been proven to exist by many facets of science. Natural Law is governed by mathematics. Many high profile intellectuals of past times lived their lives by the dictates of Natural Law. Pythagoras, Cicero, Socrates and Gurdjieff were all followers of Natural Law. Natural Law is also called moral law by some sections of society. Natural law states that if you give out kindness and truth you will receive back the same in the fullness of time. If you give out fear, hatred and cruelty you will receive back the same. Nobody is exempt from Natural Law, not even the self-proclaimed elite.

The more I understand psychological torture techniques, the less I fear them. However, I have spent many years in a state of intense and overwhelming fear, because of these methods being used against me. By continuing to share our experiences, we get a clearer picture of how these psychological torture black projects work.




A highly organised criminal cartel, using directed energy weapons to get what they want, are swelling the ranks of the judiciary and the civil service and many other power institutions throughout the world.

This criminal cartel, with thousands of employees, worldwide, are electronically harassing and psychologically torturing people in their own homes, by the use of extremely advanced electromagnetic weapons.

The reason this criminal cartel have become so powerful and so well organised over many many years is because they constantly swell their ranks by deliberately compromising very powerful people, by setting up a honey trap to video tape them in a sexually compromising position, while that influential person has been unknowingly put under the influence of very powerful drugs or alcohol. This practice of sexually compromising very powerful people has been reinacted on a number of occasions in Ireland alone, thereby guaranting that Ireland has fallen under the heavy influence and manipulation of organised crime.  I have been given this information through voice to skull communications which were downloaded to me in the past by signals intelligence operatives using directed energy weapons systems, which are largely unknown to most of the world at this time.

Because of this policy of compromising people in the public arena and then offering positions of power to anyone and everyone who have compromised themselves in various ways, the criminal cartel is expanding its power base on a daily basis. We must act now. We must find a new way of governing ourselves.

There is an easy solution. We must organise ourselves in a linear based control structure, rather than a pyramid based one. We must set up a system of rule by the people for the people where all people have equal power to organise society . Even though we deeply appreciate what the politicians and civil servants of Ireland have done for the Irish people down through the years, this top heavy system is no longer workable.  Top down government can no longer work, because of the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons and organised criminal gangs.

There is a useable natural law structure to be found at a website called   We must organise our legal system under natural law principles. A Judge and jury will be selected by choice of both the accuser and defendent, from their own community. The guilty party will pay restitution to the victim, rather than suffering a punishment, which is against natural law. The judge will have no political or longterm power.    There is also a useable structure of self government to be found at the many websites of well known activist Larken Rose, of youtube fame.