The Deep State is comprised of the powers behind the Vatican. It is a well known fact that the Vatican own and control the British Crown Corporation which in turn controls the birth certificate business from behind the scenes. This empowers the Vatican via the British Crown Corporation to legally enslave every man, woman and child on this planet whether they have a birth certificate or not. By the time you manage to prove that you do not have a birth certificate they have already ensnared you in their net and you have no way of ever getting out of it. This entitles me to presume that the Vatican is a criminal corporation.

The Vatican owns and controls free masonry which is a front for money laundring all over the world. The Vatican legally controls the Pentagon combined with Washington DC.

The Deep State is a network of secret societies comprising of banksters, satanists, luciferians, Zionists, freemasons and bloodline families going back at least one thousand years. They have been planning to enslave their fellow human beings of this planet for the past hundred years or more. They created numerous psychological operations including the moon landing hoax, the false existence of satellites, the false existence of both demons and demonic possession, the extra-terresterial hoax and many more. They created these psychological operations using innuendo, rumour, outright lies, magic lanterns, video, holograms, actors, and brain weapons. Brain weapon technology has been sufficiently advanced for a number of years to the extent that it can insert whole experience sets into the human mind to the extent that an uninformed human being could not tell the difference between a real experience and a manufactured experience.

The Deep State fund the intelligence services. Neuro technology has vast capabilites which are largely unknown by the majority of the human race. Neuro technology is being used for thought control throughout large parts of the Western world as we speak. The main purpose of thought control is to create a situation where most intelligence men and women will not realise that they are being heavily influenced by it. Currently the majority of intelligent men and women are only prepared to believe what their government informs them of. They are unwilling to listen to alternative ideas regardless of where they hear them, even if they are from a reliable source. This situation has gone on too long to the extent that now the intelligence service can turn a valued member of the human race slowly and incrementally into a remote controlled bio-robot by slowly taking control of the muscles of that human being and nobody is prepared to believe her.

The Deep State are unelected members of the human race, yet their create policies in order to directly control their fellow human beings. Their evil policies are then pushed down the ranks to the rest of humanity who unthinkingly implement them. In this way and by the use of neuro technology thought influencing technology they have manipulated largely good people to commit acts of extreme evil. They have manipulated largely good living psychiatrists to incarcerate totally sane human beings into mental hospitals under the false belief that they were mentally ill. They have manipulated the main stream media to turn a blind eye to the fact that many of their fellow country men and women are being in-home psychologically tortured by the use of neuro weapons and military grade wireless electronic voice to skull voice harassment technology.

We are not only fighting against the Deep State which comprise of approximately one thousand members of the human race. We are also fighting against agents of governments who are so extremely deceived by thought control technology that they are willing to commit almost any act of extreme evil as long as a member of their government mandates it. They are no longer capable of independent thought.


We must dismantle all telephone towers and related paraphrenalia in order to destroy both thought control and in-home torture.

We must educate the masses of humanity who are currently being lied to on an unimaginable scale by both church and state.

We must dismantle the intelligence services all across the world. They have no use whatsoever.

We must organise a mass movement to stop paying taxes.

We must organise our selves into a system of anarchy. Anarchy is a system of rules without rulers. Anarchy is a linear based self-regulating system. We must allow for personal property which is the private ownership of our homes and vehicles and gardens and boats etc. We must disallow for the private ownership of trains, prisons, hospitals, public buildings, land, lakes, rivers and seas etc. We must urgently do this because the deep state bankers and their allies currently have enough money to purchase everything on the whole earth and they would then leave us bereft. We would be obliged to purchase our food off them. They would only give us food supplies if we agreed to be their slaves. We must act urgently.




Wireless neuro enslavement of the human race by electromagnetic means is being rolled out behind the scenes of our lives. The cabal of would-be enslavers are obsessed with erecting telephone towers as quickly as they can before the rest of the human race wake up to the threat to our freedom. Our politicians aught to dismantle all telephone towers urgently.
Satellites are a hoax. The satellite hoax was created to distract us. It is important to have all telephone towers dismantled urgently. If we succeed in dismantling telephone towers we will be free again.
I am considered a slave by some. These unknown neuro weapons operatives can move a portion of  my muscles against my will. They can force words and sentences out of my mouth against my will. They have informed me via microwave hearing military communication technology that they have the right to decide how much electricity I use and how much food I am allowed to purchase and what clothes I should wear.
If you wish to remain free please ask your political representative to have all telephone towers dismantled as a matter of urgency.

Voice hearing is not the domain of the mental health services. It is under the control of criminals who abuse advanced technology to force voices inside the heads of totally sane individuals while those individuals are attempting to go about their lives.

At thirteen minutes into this linked video Dr Robert Duncan states that there are currently four techniques and technologies that can be used to place voices inside peoples heads.


At approximately seven minutes into the following linked video Dr Barrie Trower clearly states that the military can now put voices into peoples heads. He goes on to explain clearly how this feat is achieved.



I am a non-consensual neuro weapons research subject. The technologyically induced voices which I regularly hear coming from inside my head constantly repeat individual words and phrases to me. When these words and phrases register in my brain the neuro weapons research operatives are then enabled to compile these words and phrases into whole sentences which I may have never said before in my life. The neuro weapons research operatives are further enabled to program my speech centres to repeat these and only these words, phrases and sentences at a later date whenever I am in the presence of some authority figure such as a medical practitioner, so that I would be enabled to compromise myself in some way in front of said medical practitioner.

The neuro weapons research operatives have compiled two very different personality profiles for me in order that I may be enabled to use one of these personality profiles at some future time when I have been electronically tied down and neuro enslaved. If I co-operate with the as yet unknown agents of these neuro weapons research operatives I will be made to use a very positive personality profile. If I refuse to co-operate with the as yet unknown agents of these neuro weapons research operatives I will be given a very negative and totally bogus personality profile and I will also have my bodily movement further restricted at a later date. At this moment of time the neuro weapons research operatives can partially restrict the movement in my face and right arm. They can also cause some of my muscles to move against my will.

If I still refuse to co-operate with the as yet unknown agents of these neuro weapons research operatives I will then be brought before the courts on some bogus charge and under condition of my discharge back into the public arena I will be put under the direct control of some of the worst criminals this world has ever known.

Many other human beings throughout the world are being targeted in similar ways inside their own homes and while they go about their own lives on a day to day basis by directed energy weapons and neuro weapons combined with voice to skull military communication technology and electronic brain link capabilities. The courts are now a facade. No justice occurs there anymore.