When you use your digital computer in order to input your facebook entries you are encouraging a large amount of predator type individuals to take your input information so that they might use the exact pattern of your input information in order to digitize your brain patterns. When they have successfully digitized your brain patterns they internalise their findings in their …super computers where they combine that information with many and varied minor details about you in order to successfully build a map of your brain. When these evil individuals succeed in their quest to even partially build a map of your brain they can then control every muscle and organ in your body regardless of who you are. Many individuals were aware that this was happening to them over many years and they successfully committed suicide while they could because they were unaware of the simple answer to their plight which is to omit digital media input devices from their lives.

For further information please see all US patents by Hendricus G Loos which can verify this capability.


Washington DC, The London Financial District, and the Vatican City are all states within states who work as one unit from behind the scenes. They are bound by no known laws and they own and control all of the legal power on earth.

The are now attempting to own and control all of the corporal power on earth. There are currently two types of corporal power on this earth, one types of corporal power which they already have control over is control over business corporations and the second type of corporal power which they are now attempting to have total control over is total and absolute control over the human physical body. To that end they have sprayed us with chemtrails from our skies, which contain nano-bots. We then inhale and ingest those nano-bots and the nano-bots then can penetrate the blood brain barrier. Some individuals are then being selected to be totally and absolutely controlled by means of sending and receiving wireless signals to and from the nano-bots inside their brains and bodies. Nano technology may also be gaining entry to our bodies and brains via vaccinations and other surreptitious means. These selected individuals more commonly known as targeted individuals can be totally bio-robotized in the sense that they can be forced to speak and act totally against the wills and moral judgement. This can all be achieved wirelessly by unknown bio-robotizing operatives working from an unknown location. I myself am a targeted individual of non-consensual remote neural monitoring and I have been so for nearly fifteen years.

The powers behind the above three states within states can only ultimately control our bodies and brains while telephone towers remain standing. Without telephone towers these interlopers have virtually no power over us. We aught to dismantle all telephoen towers and related paraphrenalia as well as dismantling the super-structure of the three states within states acting as one unit which are Vatican City, Washington DC, and the London Financial District.

These three usurping powers working from behind the scenes as one unit have created many hoaxes over hundreds of years including the existence of space based weapons and satellites, demonic possession, the existence of extra-terresterials and many others too numerous to mention.
The bloodline families of these interlopers have planned to enslave the human race over many centuries. These bloodline families have produced most of the popes, most of the United States Presidents and all of the European Royal families over the past many hundred of years. They manipulate us from behind the scenes via duplicity, wars and trojan horse technology.
It is my personal belief that corporate think-tanks are composed of a large proportion of members of these bloodline families.

Under Natural Law we do not have a right to take a human life or to cage a human being. I would ask that we give safe passage out of the states within states to the staff who work and live there. The public can no longer tell which of these individuals are evil and which are simply under bio-robotization constraints which is sometimes known as neural enslavement.
We must first dismantle our own telephone towers in order to render our own people totally safe. Then we must dismantle all three states within states because they are symbolic of generations of  war and oppression. We can then return to self-sufficiency within our own countries and within our own homes.



I constantly hear electronically generated voices coming from deep inside my head. I also feel surges of electricity surging inside various parts of my body. Combined with all of this I feel random muscles of my body beginning to take on a life of their own. On occasions various muscles within my body are being made to move vigorously of their own accord by means of wireless neuro weapons which are being operated by unknown criminals who work on my body and brain on a constant basis, from an unknown location. These experiences have been occurring on a constant basis for nearly fifteen years.

I have been led to understand from these electronically generated internal voices that a small number of individuals work on my body and brain on a full time basis. Their main job is to provide access to hundreds of outside contractors who wish to study my thought processes combined with both my body and brain structures . The main team themselves did not select me for this process. That job of selecting the individual who is to be targeted is done by members of the self-proclaimed elite who have their own private agenda towards me. These members of the self-proclaimed elite are unknown to the main-team of private contractors. The self-proclaimed elite communicate with the main team of private contractors by means of remote access inside the brains of the main team. One member of the main team informed me that they were once investigated for criminal activity and they agreed to carry out this targeting work on me in lieu of a jail sentence. They now regret that decision.

After I had inhaled a sufficient amount of nano technology inside both my body and brain from illegal chemtrail spraying of the air which is being carried out throughout the whole world largely unnoticed by our elected representatives, the main team of private contractors proceeded to set up communication with said nano technology by installing extra installations on to a telephone pole adjacent to my home and garden. When said communication was eventually set up these individuals proceeded to collect data from my brain and body. They also began to transmit voices and visual images combined with both external and internal sensations to me.

Over many years they began to map my brain. In order to gain accurate data to facilitate the brain mapping process extra staff are employed by the main team in order to verbally insult and humiliate the targeted individual in order to gain more accurate feed back for the brain mapping process. I have written about this in more detail in my website which is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net. When my brain is partially mapped it is then an easy step to bio-robotize me or to paralyse me from head to toe. I am at that stage now after fifteen years of continual surveillance and harassment.