Invasion of both my brain and body, supposedly for the good of the human race.


A voice which I once heard coming from inside my head was heard by me to say the following  “The rudimentary control system which I had set up inside the brain and body of Gretta Fahey has been expanded to such a degree over the years that we can now control both her arms and legs against her will and without her permission.  There is no reason for this level of experimentation  other than to tie her down if we wish, or even to lock her inside her own body, both of which we can now  do .   There will undoubtedly be laws against human experimentation soon but it might be too late for said Gretta Fahey who I have come to know  as well as to  respect”.



I am tethered by a two way wireless link from bio particulates inside my body to a computer network, where all of the electrical activity which my body and brain generate on an ongoing basis is uploaded to a data processor and stored. This data that my brain and body have generated on an ongoing basis is analysed by computer algorithms and translated into daily activities such as how long I have slept, what exercise I have taken, type and quantity of food I have eaten, how many times I have visited the bathroom and much other information about me. It is planned that in the future algorithms would be used to award or deduct points to a social credit score system in my name based on my general behaviour, a large part of which would be deduced from the electrical activity gathered in this way from my brain and body.
By injecting extra false digital information into my body and brain via the two way wireless link which I am tethered to a computer network by, , criminal neuro operatives can now make me hear their voices against my will, see visions, and have virtual reality experiences without the need to wear a virtual reality helmet. They can force the muscles of my face and neck to move against my will, which is something they do to me on an almost daily basis.

In the long term, this technological enslavement system is being planned for the whole human race, except for the new world order cabal of would be enslavers who do not plan to be part of the social credit score system themselves. They will escape this system because they have not been registered at birth. They do not come into contact with the police because they always travel by privately hired cars, buses and airplanes. They never drive a vehicle themselves on public roads. It is believed that they now own and control a large percentage of all of the money and resources on the earth and they are attempting to own it all through dishonesty. They have placed themselves above the law.
The new world order cabal are afraid of the internet because it has no central focus of control. They have flooded it with hoaxes in order to cover extreme advances in technology which they have been using against a selection of targeted individuals. Some of these hoaxes are the demonic possession hoax, the near death experience hoax, the poltergeist hoax, the religious apparition hoax, the moving statue hoax, the extra terrestrial visitation hoax, the existence of satellites hoax, and a large number of other hoaxes.

In order to stop the new world order cabal from having you and all of the people you care about from being linked against your will, from bio particulates inside your brain and body to a network of computers by wireless means, please canvas your neighbours to forceably demolish all cell phone towers in your area without the permission of the false authority of the state which is largely controlled by the new world order cabal by indirect means. We do not know who the new world order cabal are because they have the capability of controlling senior statesmen and women by wireless remote means. However, they now own and control the worlds money supply. We must gain back the worlds money supply by any means possibly. We may be able to select senior diplomats from each country to negotiate with the shareholders of the federal reserve bank who sit on the board of most of the privately owned central banks of each country throughout the world. Please make representation with your national politicians in order to make this happen. Please share this information widely.


If artificial intelligence had got out of control, the human beings who own the wireless enabling infrastructure and the microwave transmitters and all related paraphernalia  would simply disable them within each country in order to gain back control of artificial intelligence.   It is evident to anybody who has researched the subject that satellites are a hoax and all worldwide computer data travels via undersea fibre optic cables.   Therefore, out of control artificial intelligence is a hoax.


My name is gretta fahey.  I live at Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode #  F12 Y560, Ireland.   My landline home phone number which I am posting herein as a validation of my identity and which is billed to me from Pure Telecom, Ireland, on a monthly basis is 0949360901.   I am currently in receipt of disability allowance, half of which is paid to me by the tax payers of Ireland and the other half is paid to me by the tax payers from the rest of Europe and I was informed that this is the case when I first was accepted for disability allowance payments.   I have been on a covert system of control for more than fifteen years.  This covert system of control that I am under is commonly known as remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation.    My brain and spinal cord and my muscles are imbedded with neural  dust and I have been wirelessly connected to a network of computers from said neural  dust against my will and without my permission and without being informed by anyone whatsoever that this situation was about to occur.    Because of this situation my thoughts can now be read in real time and unwanted voices of individuals who I perceive as criminals  are being transmitted into   the auditory centres of my brain on a continual basis, each and every day for more than fifteen years.  As well as this,  visions and holograms and sensations are occasionally transmitted into the centres of my brain that govern seeing images and feeling sensations,  at random times.

Further to that,  the neural dust which has become imbedded in my brain, spinal cord and muscles have been interlinked with a network of computers to the extent that criminal neuro operatives now move the muscles in my face and neck  whenever they wish, which they do on a daily basis.  I know of other targeted individuals of remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation who are complaining of having the same experiences as I am.  I know of one particular  targeted individual who was forced to beat himself with his own fist repeatedly totally against his will.   In order to cover up these scientific capabilities the cover stories of demonic possession and other false super-natural events have been used.   Further to this,  false psychiatric diagnoses have been ascribed to the experiencers.

I believe that there is a simple but urgent solution.  Disable all wireless capabilities throughout the land for the following two reasons.  Wireless capabilities are being used to remote neural manipulate individuals and wireless capabilities are  also being  used to electronically mind control the masses of the population into a state of unconcern at a time when their freedom is about to be taken away  if nothing is done.   The existence of satellites has been proven to be a hoax.  All of the technology that is being used both to remote neural manipulate and to electronically mind control us are easily accessible to us so that they can easily be disabled, then disassembled and banned.    We must also ban all aerial traffic and drones from the skies over our heads because they are being used against us.  All air travel must cease and we can return to the use of ships when we wish to travel overseas.

Because of what I believe is due to mass electronic mind control, government officials and psychiatrists refuse to believe that targeted individuals of remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation are mentally well and instead they erroneously attribute the unusual experiences of said targeted individuals to  some type of a mental illness.   Combined with this, when and if we, targeted individuals, visit psychiatrists or government officials to inform them of our unusual experiences our conversations are held in  private, a situation which is not in the best interests of the human race because it is a rule of thumb that secrecy allows evil to flourish and full disclosure allows good to flourish.  For that reason I propose that when targeted individuals of said remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation are having conversations with government officials or with psychiatrists they should only and ever agree to do so if they are accompanied by other targeted individual friends who video record the whole proceedings and who then upload the whole of said video recording to the world wide web immediately following the conversation.   Please adopt this strategy because many government officials are deemed to no longer be capable of independent thought due to country wide  mass electronic mind control.



There are secret which are also known as shadow governments being generated throughout the world which are generally not known about by members of elected governments. They are far reaching and are being run by dark occultists who do not have our best interests at heart.

Your secret government may already have set up a permanent record of your whole life by using computer programs which are known as algorithms which collect all discernable data that can by found about you based on your school and college reports, your work records, taxes paid, academic credentials, church donations, medical card records, government grants received, online activities, credit card records, loans, telephone contact numbers and many other details. Combined with this, if you are already a subject of remote neural monitoring either known to you or unknown to you where implants buried inside your brain and body are wirelessly interlinked by a two way steam of energy to a computer network, then other data is being collected from you also and it is being blended into your permanent record. When you are being remote neural monitored all of the electrical activity generated by your brain and body is collected and stored in data banks and it is then translated into some of the following categories such as number of hours slept in any given day, number of steps taken in any given day, amount of bathroom visits in any given day, amount, times and duration of sexual activity in any given day, blood pressure in any given day, and a myriad of other deeply personal facts about you. These any many other details are all being collected by algorithms and placed in your permanent record.

Algorithms are also being programmed to ensure that every aspect of your life runs smoothly if you fall in line with the enslavement agenda of the dark occultists. If you refuse to fall in line with the dictates of the dark occultists algorithms can been preprogrammed to ensure that your credit card refuses to work at inappropriate times or that your car breaks down constantly or that your computer broadband becomes so slow as to be unworkable.

When your brain and body are wirelessly intertwined with a computer network from bio implants which you may have obtained surreptitiously you can be made to have either positive or negative virtual reality experiences without the need to wear a virtual reality headset. All of your senses can be taken over simultaneously and digital signals can be sent to you by outside forced where you then can be made to have unwanted experiences which you might then mistake for supernatural events.

Food, air, water, clothing, building materials, medicine, electronics and many other items have already been weaponised. History has been rewritten. Human beings have lived on planet earth for at least five hundred million years according to archaeologists. However, organised religions which are owned and controlled by dark occultists would not stand up to scruteny if placed in such a time frame so therefore a false reality has been created for us by social engineers which reduces the time frame which we are directed to focus on for the most part.

Many human beings are being in-home electronically harassed to the point of torture by means of the remote neural monitoring system and are are being wrongly categorised as being mentally unwell whenever complaints are made. Other individuals have been electronically mind controlled into a state of absolute trust in their enslavers . Still others are being electronically mind controlled to make wills leaving all of their property to state controlled charities. The would-be enslavers wish to own and control everything on this planet and leave the rest of us with absolutely nothing to the extent that we would not be allowed to even own our own clothing. There is one easy solution. All aspects of this enslavement system depends of wireless interconnectivity. Please consider disabling wireless capabilities urgently. The existence of satellites are an evident hoax and drones can easily be shot down if necessary. Take action now.



Spectrometers and other instruments may  now be being used to look inside privately owned family homes.  Further to that,  we have  ingested metallic particulates which are now to be found in most processed food and which have turned us into  weak antennas.   Once you become an antenna then your thoughts can be read in real time your knowledge or consent.  Thought surveillance has been ongoing against a number of people for many decades and during this time many individuals have been found guilty of crimes they have committed in the past, and in liu of spending time in jail many of  these individuals have been repatriated into becoming  agents of the criminal cabal  themselves.  They have compromised themselves to the extent that they are obliged to carry out the orders of a small cabal of individuals who wish to gradually and incrementally enslave the whole human race by secret means.   They surveill the thoughts of others in the hope that they can repatriate more people into becoming secret agents my similar means.

As well as that and by the use of a combination of other as yet secret technologies, more and more people are now complaining that their own muscles are being made to move against their wills and without their permission, which is possibly being achieved by criminals who use energy weapons to inject harmful codes into the energy bodies of a selection of human beings.   Over many years more and more control is then gained over the muscles of a human being until such a time whole body takeover is eventually achieved and the targeted human being becomes enslaved.  They must then do the bidding of their criminal slave masters or else they can be immersed in their own body energy to the extent that they can no longer move a muscle ever again.  When these people complain to government officials they are deemed to be mentally ill and sent to live in psychiatric hospitals where the substances posing as antipsychotic medication which they are then induced to take are so toxic that they engender extremely debilitating side effects in the patient to the extent that the patient feel they would be better off dead that being continually forceably induced to ingest these extremely toxic substances, for no good reason.   That is the real reason people who are being targeted on an ongoing basis by directed energy weapons refuse to inform their general practitioner or any government official of their plight.

Forced muscle movement is now being experienced by a large amount of individuals throughout most of the world.  Not many of them are admitting that it is happening to them online as yet.   Many individuals are now being prepared for whole body take over throughout the world.  From what I know they are then being left in a dorment stage where they could be misused to commit crimes many years later.  A worldwide psychological operation could be  created in the future in order to induce extreme fear in people so that they would be willing to hand over their freedom to a criminal cabal in return for security.  These bio-robotized sleeper agents could be activated all at once to cause widespread havoc across the world and the real culprits could never be brought to justice because they are invisible to all but a few.  Those few hold the key to how this future scenario is allowed to play out.  You know who you are.

I am a targeted individual of forced muscle movement.  My facial and neck muscles can be moved at the will of other individuals who work on me from a remote location my either wireless or wifi means.  My head can be made to nod and shake vigorously against my will.    I have written and spoken about my experiences on my website which I alone own and control and which is called   Other targeted individuals are easily found online who speak about similar experiences on youtube.


Almost any ramdomly selected member of any community can now be attacked while inside their own home by unknown operatives who may be  using spectrometers to single them out and who may be using energy weapons to attack them in a wide variety of ways.   The individual due to be targeted with  energy weapons might or might not first be  wirelessly linked by a two way stream of energy from a computer network to their unique brain signature or else to their unique energy field imprint or to both.   From then on the targeted individual might have their biological processes indirectly affected by the unethical imprinting of unnecessary and harmful information on to their body energy field.   I am unsure whether it would be necessary for the targeted individual to occasionally use a digital media screen in order to enable the unknown operatives to carry out their unethical work.  Digital media screens may or may not have built in reverse energy field cameras.   Nothing has been verified as yet other than many and varied individuals throughout many parts of the world are coming forward online while claiming similar experiences which have not been explained scientifically.  Numerous patents have been published which have capabilities which would support their stories.

It is my opinion that if enough harmful information is inlayed into the human energy field of the targeted individual then it begins to affect the physical body of the targeted individual in many and varied ways to the extent that the whole body of a targeted indvidual could eventually be taken over completely  against the will of the targeted individual for short amounts of time for the purposes of using that human body to commit serious crime.  In my opinion some human beings have now become weaponised by this or similar means and they could be used at a later date to help destroy the freedom of the human race if this wide ranging problem is not solved.  It is also my opinion that by this or similar means human beings could eventually be paralysed by wireless means if they refused to obey the commands issued to them by voices which they can be made to hear coming from inside their heads by a similar process.  Sound signals can now be sent in a narrow beam to and from a particular person that only that person can hear.  Similar sound systems can now be purchased on the open market.

Targeted individuals of extremely advanced technology have reported their unusual experiences to the main stream media, to a wide variety of government officials and to psychiatrists.   They are not been given any information as to what may be happening to them or why it may be happening to them.  Perhaps government officials and psychiatrists and the main stream press are unknowingly being electronically mind controlled or subliminally influenced themselves by similar processes.  Many targeted individuals have lost trust in church and state and no longer confide in them.