Wherever there is enslavement each slave camp is kept to a small scale and is kept separate from all other slave camps so that if there is an uprising it can easily be contained in one small area without alerting the other slave camps.  Likewise, towns are now being bypassed by motorways which have a hidden duel purpose.  When some towns are bypassed in certain countries gates are then placed between the new motor way and all entrances into the town.   The towns people are then contained inside the gates.    The town is grid referenced so that each individual can be tracked where ever they travel inside the town.   All grid referencing has been cancelled within Irish shores because of this fear.   If human beings  were wirelessly linked via implants inside their brains and spinal cords to a computer network they could not go anywhere without permission.   I myself have been wirelessly tethered to a computer network for more than fifteen years and I can not break free.  I was born in Ireland, Europe and I have lived all my life in Ireland.  I have never committed a crime and yet I am being treated like a slave.  Still others have been electronically mind controlled.  Consider asking the government to stop the building of all motorways until we free outselves from our current enslavement by the new world order cabal who run the European Parliament from behind the scenes.  It is better to be frightened now while we still can act against the growing enslavement system rather that be frightened in twenty years time when we might have less options.  Everything happens by gradual and incremental means.  If people object, the new world order cabal pull back but again reemerge with a modified version of their plan about two years later.


Some human beings are having their biological processes directly affected by the unethical imprinting of unnecessary digital signals into their auras. Even though we dont know what method is being used against us, many human beings throughout most of the world are now reporting that they are experiencing their own body energy fields being forced to move against their wills thereby forcing their own muscles to move also against their wills. One possible method being considered may be that surveillance operatives can now imprint said unnecessary digital signals into human auras by the use of a spectrometer which may be capable of being used to see inside the home of the individual being unethically interfered with. It may even be necessary for the targeted individual to be using a digital media screen because there may be reverse energy field cameras being built into digital media screens so as to enable the unethical operatives to see the human aura of their target.

I am a targeted individual of directed energy weapons and voice to skull voice harassment  for more than fifteen years and my facial, eyes, neck and body muscles move against my will occasionally.  When ever I have informed state officials in the past that I hear voices coming from inside my head and that I experience  involuntary muscle movement which is being conducted by wireless means by the use of advanced technology,  I have been disbelieved and I have been sent for psychiatric evaluation.

Demonic possession does not exist. It has been hoaxed over many decades and perhaps even more than a century in order to provide a cover story for unethical human energy field interference which is ongoing on a large scale throughout most of the world now.

I currently am experiencing extreme disharmony in my human energy field.   When I am in bed at night my energy field appears to take on a life of its own and moves about against my will.   Neuro operatives who are accessing me by wireless means and from a distant location against my will and without my consent are inserting unwanted codes into my body energy field which then may make changes within my physical body.   These same neuro operatives can conduct a whole body analysis of my body whether I have access to a digital media screen or not by using a spectrometer.   They frequently conduct analysis of various parts of my body.   I know this to be the case because I can feel strong surges of unwanted energy going through that part of my body while they are conducting the unwanted analysis.   They speak to me via voice to skull direct communication while they are doing this.  In the distant past, when I have posted important information online, they would then request  that I should come back online a few hours later so that their staff could then verify that I had indeed written the post myself.  They would achieve this by comparing the energy imprint of whoever wrote the online post with my energy imprint while I am sitting in front of my computer in order to check if they compart.  Based on the validation of my energy imprint readout they would then decide whether to endorse the content of the material in  my online post.   They have now informed me that most of my posts have been declined for endorsement in the past.

I  have placed posts on this website over the past three years and I have offered many different and contradictory opinions of how I believed that I was been targeted   based on the knowledge and understanding that I had at the time of writing each individual post.   Therefore my opinions vary and sometimes even contradict each other but they are genuine. 


I am a targeted individual of remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation. Over the past fifteen years, unknown individuals gained more and more control over the muscles of my body against my will and without my permission.   These individuals speak to me using a two way stream of electromagnetic energy which has become locked on to me wirelessly by my unique brain signature.    Many of the muscles in my face and body can now be moved against my will.   I now believe that I know how they are achieving control over my muscles based on conversations which I have had with these inner voices.

All digital media screens are reverse cameras which enable other individuals who work from a distance to see our body energy fields while we are using the digital media screens.   These other  individuals inject digital signals into the body of a selection of individuals who have come to be known as targeted individual while the targeted individual is using their screen, while being largely unaware that their energy field is being interfered with.  Eventually, over many years, the targeted individuals muscles can be made to jerk and move by the other individuals who constantly work on them from a distance.   Still later, the targeted individuals feel that their whole body is taken on a life of its own and they may even experience their arms and legs moving against their wills.  Targeted individuals have reported that they have been forced to hit themselves with their own fist.  One targeted individual, a Canadian woman called Rohinie Besisar claimed in a court of law that her whole body was taken over and she was forced against her will to stab another woman to death.    She is widely believed to be telling the truth by the targeted individual community.  For further information on her story please see the following link


If you are a targeted individual of remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation and if a large amount of extraneous digital information has already been downloaded onto your human energy field also known as your aura there may be a chance that you can distort the extraneous digital information which has been inlaid into your human energy field  by using an ultrasound machine such as a pest repellent device which uses high frequency sound waves which may or may not distort the extraneous digital information in your aura.  You can clean your aura of all unwanted extraneous digital information by drinking your own urine which was considered by many ancient cultures to be  the body’s own best medicine.   This practice is known as urophagia or urine therapy.  For more information about urine therapy please see the following link    http://www.extremehealthradio.com/why-you-should-start-drinking-your-own-pee-the-many-benefits-of-urine-therapy/

If enough extraneous digital information has already been downloaded onto your human energy field, at that stage even if you stop using all digital media screens it may not help you because the individuals who work on manipulating your human energy field from a distant location will have enough information already inlaid into your energy field to continue with their work of gaining total control over your body to the extent that they could paralyse you at will on a whim in order to enslave you.  If and when they achieve their aim of totally enslaving you by rendering you paralysed if you refuse to obey their every command, then you are amalgamated into the worldwide slave community.  You would then be either given a new name and taken out of your country to a new location or otherwide  work would be found for you in your own country.  You would be forced to marry one of the slave handlers.  Your own family would not be allowed to  know that you were a secret slave.  This worldwide slave community exists and is growing exponentially.  It is governed over by the dark luciferians who own large tracts of land inside every country throughout the world including Ireland.   The Irish land they own may be in County Roscommon, near Athleague.  There is a lake near the entrance to the slave compound.