Governments can not admit to the existence and abuse of wireless directed energy weapons because by doing so all law court judgements would then be rendered unsound and the government would collapse immediately.  Meanwhile, human beings are being electronically harassed and even forced to commit suicide while attempting to peacefully go about their lives.  Psychiatry is compliant with dishonest government officials.  What will targeted individuals of wireless directed energy weapons do to expose this ongoing technological holocaust which is now occurring throughout all European Countries, all American States and most of the world.  


Neuro experimentation is being carried out on non-consensual human subjects throughout most countries in the world at this time. It is highly co-ordinated and costly. The only individuals who would have the money and resources to co-ordinate such a program are the dark new world order crime cartel and their affiliates “The council on Foreign Relations” . They have fused nearly all of the central banks throughout the world as well as the privately owned federal reserve bank into one bank which they alone own and control and which is headquartered in Switzerland. They have also fused all of the intelligence agencies throughout the world including the KGB, the CIA, the FBI, MI5 and all of the other intelligence agencies into one worldwide intelligence agency which they alone own and control and which is also headquartered in Switzerland. There are still about three countries remaining in the world who own and control their own central banks. The dark new world order crime cartel have demonized these three remaining countries .
President George W Bush called these countries the axis of evil countries and accused them of supporting terrorism possibly because they refused to fall in line with the dark new world order crime cabal.
Many large pyramid organizations such as scotland yard and the intelligence services themselves are in “deep capture”, which means they have been infiltrated and taken over at the top level by agents of the dark new world order heirarchical based control system. For further information on the dark new world order crime cartel please watch the following youtube video – “Super rich are in a conspiracy to rule the world” by G. Edward Griffin – 2007 . Please research the work of Dr Katherine Horton at www.stop007.org.
According to Dr Rima Labow, The World Health Organization which is a private corporation, along with the privately owned United Nations, the Club of Rome, the United States government and the Council on Foreign Relations have stated publicly in writing that they have deemed that there are too many people in the world. The have further stated in writing that in order to create a sustainable planet they have to eliminate ninety percent of the worlds population. They plan to cull what they have termed “useless eaters” who are deemed to be everyone who is consuming their non-renewable natural resources. The dark new world order crime cabal have staged an ongoing war of attrition against most of the human race. This has been going on for many decades and most individuals are unaware of this ongoing covert war of attrition due to the effects of electronic mind control which entrain their brains into a false state of unconcern about growing worldwide totalitarianism. The new world order crime cartel have deliberately rendered many women infertile through vaccinations. They have attempted to dumb us down by adding fluoride which is a neuro toxin to the public water supply. In Africa, the small pox eradication program was deliberately designed to eliminate one hundred and fifty million excess sub saharain Africans. This was put in writing by the crime cartel and Dr Rima Labow has retained those documents . . For further information on the over population hoax and the ongoing worldwide human culling program please watch the following youtube video by Dr Rima Labow https://youtu.be/GeP_TlBYqus
The dark New World Order Crime Cabal now own and control most of the main stream media. They subvert public education and they attempt to keep people distracted with less important matters such as with in-fighting within governments. They possibly own up to eighty percent of the earths resources and money. On most occasions when some sovereign country privatises property pertaining to that country, the dark new world order crime cartel purchases it and controls it from that time on. The crime cartel are frightened of the internet because it lacks a central focus that they could attempt to control. In order to confuse the general public about the new world order crime cartels true agenda which is firstly to cull a large majority of the human race and then to set up a rigid world wide dictatorship, the crime cartel have flooded the internet with hoaxes such as the near death experience hoax, the space travel hoax, the extra-terresterial visitation hoax, the artificial intelligence could become sentient hoax, the poltergeist hoax, the religious apparation hoax, and many other hoaxes, all of which are deliberately engineered using classified technology. Further to that many individuals are now being targeted by electronic mind control by the following means – many modern electronic devices are designed to send and receive signals which happen to be in the same ones sent and received by the human brain to the extent that such technology has the capacity to entrain the human brain and reprogram the thoughts, actions, and feelings of the human beings who use such devices. These human beings are totally unaware that their minds are being manipulated by technologists who use brainwave science against them.
If 5th generation wireless technology is erected against our wills it will be able to interface with any non-consensually implanted bio-chips inside our bodies to the extent that it could be used to kill us instantly if we refused to obey any member of the crime cartel who gave us an order. This 5th generation wireless technology could be used to change the frequencies around us to the extent that it might be able to liquify a human being, or create a sink hole under our homes at the will of a would-be slave master.
Gun control is not about confiscating all guns. It is about taking guns away from the general public and giving them to the dark new world order crime cartel, so that the general public are defenceless against a group of individuals who wish to enslave them and their children. Throughout history, governments have banned private ownership of guns and have then gone on to murder millions of their own citizens.
There are approximately seven thousand of them and there are seven billion of us. We must disassenble and ban both microwave and millimeter wave transmitters urgently.

I am a non-consensual neuro research subject and I have been so for more than fifteen years. I am led to believe that we have all been inhaling and ingesting metallic particulates including barium and aluminium as well as fungus. If or when the fungus grows inside the human body it helps to disperse the metallic particulates throughout the human body. These metallic particulates turn human beings into antennas. Barium acts like an electrolyte neurotransmitter. Aluminium is a strong conductor of electrical signals.
I am let to believe that my brain and body may be now linked by wireless means to a network of computers from implants in my body. I constantly hear voice to skull directed energy enabled voices coming from inside my head. I see images and short videos occasionally. A selection of my muscles are being forced to move against my will on occasion. My head has been made to nod and shake vigorously against my will in the past.
Forced muscle movement has become more and more common among individuals who complain that they are unwilling and non-consensual neuro research subjects. I and many other non-consensual neuro research subjects have been interviewed on the youtube channel called “Ramola D Reports” where we have given in depth accounts of our forced muscle movement experiences as well as a wide variety of other experiences, all of which stem from being non-consensual neuro research subjects. I recomment the following reports concerning forced muscle movement.
Report No. 85 – my own interview – Gretta Fahey
Report No. 92 – Galina Kurdina
Report No 28, 29, 30, – Chris Burton
Report No. 98 – Phillip Douglas Walker aka Omnisense.
I believe that forced muscle movement which is being made to happen to targeted individuals by criminal neuro operatives who use wireless technology and work from a remote location is the only real and valid explanation for the hoax known as demonic possession.
I have heard that there is a solution to forced muscle movement. A strong pulse of magnetic energy to the human body may destroy the arrangement of bio-particulates inside the human body. Please research Michael Chapala on youtube under the title “Targeted Individual Cure High Voltage EMP treatment in Mexico Success”.