According to new information which I have obtained today by synthetic telepathy, whatever you say or do in front of your smart phone can and is being used to build up a psychological profile of you. Your voice is also being copied and could be used to identify you at any time in the future even when you no longer in possession of your smart phone. Your image is also being taken from your smart phone and is being added as a component to your profile. Both voice recognition and image recognition software will be used in the future to profile you whenever you are in a public space, totally unbeknownst to you. If we wish to return to a time when we had total privacy, we must urgently disassemble and ban microwave transmitters and all wireless enabling technologies. There are many and varied reasons as to why we should ban wireless enabling technologies apart from lack of privacy. Wireless enabling capabilities can be used to murder all of us by remote means as well as burning down our homes as well as an aid to electronically mind controlling us or even wirelessly torturing us while we are in the privacy of our own homes. Electronic harassment and torture programmes are already in place throughout every country in Europe but agents of governments are under strong electronic mind control and appear unable to confront the reality of what is occurring slowly and incrementally on a day to day basis.


Microwave Mind control frequencies have been identified for each unique emotion. The unique frequency of trust has been identified and tabulated. Frequencies are being transmitted to the general population of each country from telephone towers as well as from mobile phones. Whenever senior politicians are asked to sign over valuable resources belonging to the people of their country they may first be bombarded with electronic mind control frequencies of trust in the new world order. A good example of this phenomenon may be the discovery of natural gas approximately 80km of the west coast of County Mayo, Ireland, which was sold cheaply to foreign interests. Because of this concerning the abuses of electronic mind control, I now believe that the legal ownership of any and all property which is now purported to be owned by vast conglomerates of private groups is under question. I also believe that the people of each country remain the sole owners of telephone towers which are now being used to electronically mind control us. Therefore, being the sole owners, we have the legal right to demolish all said telephone towers in a bid to wipe out electronic mind control from our own countries and take back ownership of the workings of our own minds and bodies. Please ask your politicial representative to have all telephone masts also known as telephone towers disassembled and banned from your all countries across the world now.


The European parliament has got no real power. Elected members of the European parliament can not make their own laws. The real power resides with unelected bureaucrats who are known as the European Commission and they can not be removed.

The European parliament is based in Brussels but is obliged to move all of its documents four hundred miles away to Strasburg for four days each month at a cost to the tax payer of three hundred million Euros each year.

The accounts of the European parliament have not been given a clean bill of health by the auditors at any time for the past twenty years.


I have been subjected to a classified wirelessly enabled process known as remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation since 2003. I believe this process has been enabled because of microscopic sized implants which are attached to my body and brain. All of the electrical activity which my brain and body generates on a continual basis is being wirelessly sent on a two way stream of electromagnetic energy to neuro scientists who analyse it and who also translate it into what I have been saying and doing while I go about my life. These neuro scientists and their staff also use these wireless two way links to speak to me throughout each day.

These neuro scientists who reproduce their voices inside my head against my will and without my permission have informed me recently that they are not on board with any remote neural monitoring program. They have compromised themselves in some way during the course of their lives and now they must pay a price. They must monitor and control a selection of their fellow human beings via remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation to the point where they could eventually enslave whoever they are currently remote neural manipulating. They claim that they can achieve this by tying each neuron of the human body of the targeted individual wirelessly to their computer network and then bio-robotize or even paralyze the targeted individual if the targeted individual refused to obey them. I know they are telling me the truth because they have vigorously and repeatedly moved a selection of my facial and neck muscles on many occasions against my will.

These neuro staff who speak to me on a continual basis throughout each day via brain to brain link have informed me that they would prefer to face jail than continue on with this remote neural manipulation process because they now realize that this remote neural manipulation process is a process of virtually enslaving the whole human race one at a time. Whoever, becomes enslaved would then be obliged to work for them or else commit suicide. By this manner, the whole human race could eventually become exponentially enslaved by virtual reality. Each country throughout the world is being secretly invaded using stealth weaponry and this is one of the means that they are being taken over. Targeted individuals of remote neural manipulation have no recourse to the law. They are being disbelieved each and every time that they approach the police. The judiciary can also be targeted by virtual means, therefore we no longer can place our trust in the courts. Our only option at this moment is to tear down the telephone towers and all other towers that enable this attempt at virtually enslaving the whole human race. We are being informed that the telephone towers are in private hands but whoever is attempting to enslave us is at war with us and we must do all in our power to protect the future freedom of ourselves and our children. The existence of satellites is now largely believed to be an outright hoax which has been promoted by NASA staff who I believe are either all high level freemasons or who have become compromised themselves by wireless means. If you do nothing you may be next for wireless brain and body hacking.

Positive thinking has been deliberately pushed by the dark new world order criminal cabal in order to persuade us to ignore our problems so that they can slowly and incrementally enslave the whole human race.


We have been given a conscience in order to use it to discern what is objectively right or wrong before we say or do anything. Under natural law, which is a known and respected science we are not allowed to abandon use of our conscience for any reason whatsoever. However, when nuns profess total obedience to the Pope they are abandoning use of their conscience from that day forward without knowing the true agenda of the Pope and the papacy which he serves. I believe that at the time that novices profess to become nuns they are under a state of brainwashing. They have effectively been manipulated to enslave themselves to an institution which I believe do not have the good of the human race as their agenda. When a religious ceremony is performed in which novices officially become nuns nothing of a supernatural nature actually takes place. This religious ceremony is simply an act of mesmerism. During the brainwashing that subtly takes place in order to get these novices to profess obedience to the Pope for the rest of their lives, a shift happens inside their brains moving them from a central and balanced position on the left brain/right brain continuum to a position of extreme right brain dominance. The characteristics of left brain dominance are cruelty, authoritariansim, intolerance, sadism, vindictiveness, selfishness and greed. The characteristics of left brain dominance are subservience, naivety, obedience, submissiveness and total compliance.

I do not wish to insult nuns. I wish to urge women to reconsider before professing obedience to the Papacy whom I do not trust. The Vatican are considered to be the wealthiest corporation on the planet. A corporation is a business. A business has money and power at the top of its agenda. Please reconsider before you become a nun.