It takes at least four generations of eating a healthy diet and living in a health giving way before you can correct the faulty genetics which you inherited from your ancestors. If your ancestors of four generations ago were gluttons and ate too much junk food you are definitely more degenerate than some of your fellow human beings now because of their practices.

If you eat junk food your descendants will be degenerates directly because of your behaviour. Some of them will undoubtedly be psychopaths, sadists, or serial killers. They will have crooked teeth and crooked bones. They will suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and other chronic illnesses. We are all degenerates now because the food pyramid is wrong. Please read my post from yesterday which I have enclosed herebelow.

If you breast feed your baby and align with nature and natural law then four generations later your descendents will not have developed crooked teeth or crooked bones, and they wont have become psychopathic or homosexual and they wont have developed irritable bowel syndrome and your female descendants will not ever menstruate. We have been falsely let to assume that having crooked teeth and needing to wear braces is natural when it is not. We have been falsely let to believe that outward manifestations of menstruation is natural but in fact the lining of the uterus is naturally absorbed back into the body in women who have not degenerated. We are not being told the full truth about how far we have degenerated over the past few hundred years or more. For further information please read a book called “Pottingers Cats” by Francis M Pottenger which is widely available at online book stores.

Leslie and Susannah Kenton, in their book, Raw Energy went a long way towards proving that menstruation is a consequence of diet and not a natural phenomenon. I found some of the following information at this youtube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzeN4iofXbc where the speaker claims that bleeding during menstruation is unnatural. Monkeys, apes, gorillas and even some rodents and bats have monthly menstrual cycles but they do not bleed because their endometrium is being reabsorbed back into their bodies. The structure of the bodies of monkeys, apes and gorillas are close to the structure of human beings. The reason the bodies of women who eat a western diet shed their endometriums is because our bodies have become toxic due to eating too much protein as well as due to eating processed foods and even some non-food items which are being dressed up as food and included in the public food supply. Ancient African women did not bleed during menstruation. If fact ancient women of all races did not bleed during menstruation. Female bleeding during menstruation in western society has become so common place that it is considered normal but it is not natural. We have degenerated in a myriad of ways since we begin eating the western diet. The food pyramid needs adjusting.


Brain science is being developed for military and warfare applications. Professor James Giordano of Georgetown University Medical Center, U.S.A., who works in this particular area had this to say in the below linked youtube video “The human brain can be assessed in real time by utilizing convergent forms of neuro imaging when coupled to a host of neuro electric physiological techniques. This has created an opportunity to be able to affect the way humans think, feel and behave on a variety of levels, both individually and in groups.” Professor Giordano went on to say that this has allowed brain scientists to conduct intellectual assessment, knowledge acquisition, and CONTROL on an individual level, a group level and a global level. “This also allows brain scientists to physically affect the brain using these techniques and tools in ways that are important to, and highly leverageable within national security, intelligence and the defence agenda. They can foster thoughts and feelings of affiliation and passivity in whole populations. “

Hundreds of thousands of targeted individuals throughout Ireland and the rest of the world combined are being targeted and both psychologically and physically tortured by directed energy weapons while going about their everyday lives. We have failed to get agents of the state to take us seriously because the state have been rendered passive by the brain weapons that Professor Giordano refers to in the afore mentioned youtube video which I have linked here below. The human race are about to be totally and utterly disempowered and enslaved if they fail to overcome this technologically induced state of passivity. Frequencies are currently being broadcast from telephone towers and other paraphernalia throughout most of the world which carry information and perceptions which align with the natural frequencies of the human brain, which allows the human brain to accept that false information as true. We need to urgently disassemble and ban said telephone towers because otherwise a terrible fate awaits each of us. We would no longer be allowed to own anything or make even the smallest decision regarding our own lives. I have been wirelessly linked to the worldwide computerized human control system from nano implants inside my brain and body for many years and I am fully aware of the extreme cruelty of this computerized human control system which lies in your future if you fail to act.


My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland. My landline home phone number is 0949360901. My website which I alone own and control is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net. My main email address is gretta2011@hotmail.com


If we all become technologically enslaved by being wirelessly linked to computerized human control networks from technologically which may be already deeply embedded in our brains and bodies we will lose all of our birth rights. I and millions of others have already become wirelessly linked from either technology inside or bodies or from our human energy fields or from both to the computerized human control network. We are being disbelieved by government staff and others who appear to be under electronic mind control to automatically disbelieve us. I now appear to have absolutely no human rights and nobody is acting to stop this slow and incremental enslavement of the human race.

My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland. My landline home phone number is 0949360901. My website is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net. My facebook page is called www.facebook.com/gretta.fahey.98


If we ever become locked inside a killer grid electric fence which would some day surround all smart city reservations we would then no longer be able to demolish the electrical infrastructure which is slowly and incrementally enabling our technological enslavement. Act now to ensure the freedom of your children. Many individuals have already become secretly tethered by wireless means to a computerized control and enslavement network by technology which has become embedded deeply inside their brains and spines. We now know for definite that this human computerized control and enslavement system is run by dark occultists. We are at a critical stage in this secret worldwide war of attrition. You must help by spreading awareness of the current dangerous situation which is happening in secret throughout most of the world. I have already become wirelessly connected to this human computerized control and enslavement system by a two way stream of energy, where all of the electrical activity being generated by my brain and body is being automatically translated into what I think, say and do by the computer network. Teams of operatives issue commands to me as well as death threats on an almost continual basis. This system could eventually be automated so that commands and punishments would be fully automated. This system could eventually be automated to automatically connect everybody who already has embedded technology deep inside their bodies and brains.

Have You Been Wirelessly Connected to the Human Control System from technology inside your body Yet?

I have become wirelessly connected to a worldwide computerized control system from technology inside and throughout my body. The wireless connection which I am tethered by against my will and without my permission allows two way traffic. Unknown neuro operatives upload all of the electrical activity that my brain and body generate on an ongoing basis. These electrical signals being generated by my brain and body are then automatically translated by the computerized equipment of the neuro operatives into everything I do, and say, and think as well as every time I eat and sleep and visit the toilet room and the shower room and numerous other events. Further to this, the two way link which tethers me to their computerized equipment allows them to reproduce their voices inside my head against my will and without my permission. I often post in detail in many online forums some of what they say to me.

Today, the unknown voices of the neuro operatives which I hear coming from inside my head have informed me that there is a class system now in place. I asked the neuro operative how individuals could be classified into a class system considering the fact that we are all equal and all human characteristics which divide us are temporary and transitory. A neuro operative replied that the ruling classes have vastly superior intelligence to the rest of us. I then replied that a group of individuals who segregated themselves from the rest of society many years ago and who now call themselves the ruling class have hoarded information for multi generations because they believe that a differential in knowledge eventually leads to a differential in power. These same individuals have taken control of the government controlled schools curriculum throughout most of the world and more recently they now also largely control what is being taught at universities and they are using their false authority to spread misinformation to students in almost all disciplines. They have also ensured that fluoride and other dumbing down agents be placed in the public food and water supply in order to dumb us down further. In order to further divide us into classes based on intelligence they have secretly devised speed reading capabilities which they contain among themselves.

In order to further instil a false belief in the human race that some human beings are superior to others these same individuals employ opulent surroundings and staff who treat them in a superior manner at all times to try to make themselves appear superior to others. They employ an authoritative manner when speaking in public and they even arrange behind the scenes to have fawning fans on display when they are due to make a public appearance.

Please be aware that you and your family are in imminent danger of having technology which may or may not be already inside your brain, wirelessly link you to a human control and enslavement system. Please canvas so that all police can have equipment installed in their premises which would be able to detect anomalies in the human electric field. Please consider the possibility that we will soon have to disassemble and ban all wireless enabling equipment throughout the world in order to bring wireless enslavement of human beings to a stop.

My name is Gretta Fahey. I reside at Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland. My landline home phone number is 0949360901. My website which I alone own and control is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net and my facebook page which I also alone own and control is called www.facebook.com/gretta.fahey.98.

Immobilization of the human body by wireless directed energy weapons.

I have become wirelessly tethered from technology inside my body to a network of computers which are controlled by criminal gangs. The wireless link between me and this computer network allows two way traffic. The criminal gangs who control the wireless tethering equipment steal information from by body and brain on an ongoing basis. They also send information into my brain and body against my will and without my permission by the two way link. They can reproduce their voices inside my head. They can send moving images both to my minds eye and also to the room I am in, which usually appear in the form of moving holograms of people. They can force me to feel sensations or pain on any part of my body. They can give me a severe limp which they can then remove within minutes to allow me to walk perfectly fine again. They can move my facial muscles against my will. They have forced my neck to nod vigorously against my will on only one occasion without my permission and against my will.

The neuro operatives who reproduce their voices inside my head have informed me that if they ever crack the code which would allow them into certain information centres inside my brain and body they will eventually be able to immobilize me at will. They have informed me that they would at some future time be able to immobilize me so rigidly that they could then mail me in a box and nobody would know that there was a real live human being inside the box because I would be immobilized so rigidly that I would not be able to move even slightly. They have also informed me that if I ever thought about attempting to commit suicide they would immobilize me immediately so that I could never succeed in even attempting suicide.

This cruel system of being wirelessly tethered to computer systems from technology inside the human body is meant for all other than the would-be enslavers of the human race. If the process could be fully automated that scenario is a possibility because senior politicians throughout the western world are either under a process of mind control or else they have already become wirelessly tethered to the control system themselves or else they have become compromised and thereby controllable by trickery or by other means.

The neuro operatives who reproduce their voices inside my head have informed me that they are gaining more and more control over my brain and body through a process known as coding which is currently being taught to university students. Are university students involved in my electronic harassment and torture and are they being informed that they are coding information inside a real live human being or a laboratory animal? If you know, please answer.

If we fail to disassemble and ban all infrastructure which allows wirelessly enabled harassment and torture, soon we will reach a situation where babies will be implanted on the day they are born and shortly thereafter they will be wirelessly linked for life to a computer tethering system which I believe is being run behind the scenes of our lives by both Satanists and Luciferians who pose as honest business men. If that ever happens the human race would then be enslaved for all eternity. You have a duty to raise awareness and you have a duty to canvass to have all infrastructure which enables wireless enslavement disassembled and banned throughout the world immediately.

The reason you have not heard the above information from your government is because anytime targeted individuals of wireless harassment and torture inform the police of their experiences they are immediately send for psychiatric evaluation, which is followed by a stay in a psychiatric hospital which causes them to lose all of their credibility from that day forward. They are publicly classified as mentally unstable. This scenario is happening all over the world. You and your family are in grave danger of being wirelessly enslaved. It is extremely cruel.

My name is Gretta Fahey. I live at Newbrook, Claremorris, County Mayo, Republic of Ireland. My landline home phone number is 0949360901. My website which I alone own and control is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net.


Can the wearing of organic copper ear rings or indeed the wearing of any organic copper jewellery serve to inhibit digital signals from being sent into the brain stem in order to turn a human being into a biological robot over time? Do you know of any other measure which might provide a firewall for a human brain against remote digital attacks against the human brain and body?


The current Queen of England, Elizabeth II, takes a vow of fealty to the head of the Knights of Malta, Matthew Festing, who himself in turn then takes a vow of fealty to the Pope of Rome. All members of the Knights of Malta take vows of fealty to the Pope. Because of the fact that Pope Francis is a member of the Jesuits, this means that the Jesuits now have complete control over the entire Curia of Rome.


Richard C Walker holds patent number 6,965,816, which was issued to him on 15th November, 2005, which can identify, tag, track and control everyone and everything on planet earth. The patent information allows him and his colleagues to put chips into people in order to control their motor responses. Many other people are also working in the development of brain to brain interfaces in order to gain control and even total enslavement over their fellow human beings.
By putting minimal sized electrodes in a network within the brain of a real live human being, some neuro scientists are then able to read and write into the brain function of a real live human being  in real time while working from a remote location, while the human being is fully conscious and going about their life. The targeted human being has no way of shielding his/herself from receiving the digital signals which affect their motor control because the human brain and body have no firewall, as yet.  By this means and others the neuro scientist would then be able to immobilize any human being at any time into a state of absolute paralysis on either a temporary or permanent basis.​ This also allows neuro scientists to remote control a real live human being into committing acts of extreme evil by remote means. Many crimes have been committed throughout the world by this method while the remote controlled human being goes on to be blamed for committing whatever act of evil was committed and the real culprits of the evil who are the neuro operatives remain free of all blame forever after.

The process by which all of this is being allowed to occur is as follows – First, a random anonymous individual is selected for targeting in this manner. They first of all are wirelessly linked from a network of electrodes inside their brain to the computer network which is controlled by the cabal of would-be neuro enslavers. The would-be neuro enslaver read and write into the brain function of the targeted individual over many years. Over time, the neuro enslaver can gain control of all of the muscles of the human body of the targeted individual. When sitting at the computer which is linked to the targeted individual, and while wearing a helmet which is further linked to the brain and body of the targeted individual, the neuro enslaver can read the thoughts of the targeted individual in real time and can reply to them in real time. The neuro enslaver can also force the targeted individual to speak whatever words the neuro enslaver speaks. The neuro enslaver can select any one of a large amount of disturbing images from files on his/her computer and download them to the mental imaging centre of the targeted individual. The neuro enslaver can select from any one of a selection of odours from files on his/her computer and then download them to the nasel cage of the targeted individual. The neuro enslaver can select from any one of a large selection of emotions or feelings and then have them downloaded to the emotional centre of the targeted individual. The neuro enslaver can move the facial muscles or indeed any muscles of the targeted individual at will by this process.

At a later stage when more control has been gained over the brain and body of the targeted individual, the targeted individual reaches a stage when they lose all of their free will and can then be totally controlled by virtual reality and can be made to commit acts of extreme evil by the controllers. I have been informed by the voices of neuro operatives which I hear coming from inside my head that many individuals, especially school shooters have been used in this way on many occasions in the past. This situation of using remote controlled human beings to commit acts of evil is about to get infinitely worse if we don’t immediately use all of the resources of the state in order to stop the roll out of 5G and in order to disassemble the infrastructure which allows neuro enslavement to continue. The police need to have access to spectrum analysers and millimetre wave readers among other equipment in order to establish if complainers of electronic torture are indeed showing signs of having abnormal electronic energy coming from their bodies. Further to that, all members of the public aught to carry on their persons both microwave energy readers and millimetre wave energy readers and should notify the police immediately they notice any unusual energy readings around them.


The world is now beginning to be controlled by a few individuals by use of patent control via the United States patent office which is being run by a British owned company known as Serco.

Inventors are now being endangered if they attempt to turn in their patents to the United States patent office. If said patents can be used as a weapon control of them is taken by the patent office and the inventor is forbidden from discussing them ever again under threat of legal procedings.

On 7th December, 1942, Franklin D Rosevelt signed a document which allowed the patent office to take control of privately owned patents and the documents was legitimized under the pretence of United States national security. By this manner, fifty thousand patents were literally stolen from inventors throughout most of the world. If they inventors complained publicly they were murdered. The United States patent office now steal between three and five thousand patents per year.

After President Barack Obama came to power, David Capos and his company rewrote the patent laws in order to make it easy for multi-national corporations to attack patent holders with something known as patent re-examinations, which is a legal way of continually harassing a patent holder until that patent holder runs out of money from continually attempting to protect said patent.

Further to monopolizing the United States patent office, all venture capitalists are now singing from the same hymn sheet. Whenever they are approached by entrepreneurs who wish to obtain finance in order to start a business, the venture capitalist will then demand detailed ideas about the venture without protecting the intellectual property of the entrepreneur. They will then allow the entrepreneur to believe that he or she needs to be in partnership with the venture capitalist. Because of the method by which the business is then set up because of the exact specification of the venture capitalist, the entrepreneur will have lost control of his or her company within a number of years. The venture capitalist will then move in their people and take over control of the company, giving themselves the lions share of the proceeds.

Over a century ago a group of British entrepreneurs, among them were Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Milner and John Buchan, monopolized trade throughout the world in gold and diamonds. This allowed their direct descendents to further gain monopolies on uranium and electronic communications. The control of electronic communications allowed them to control all election outcomes through the control of the use of propaganda through their control of the main stream media. These same individuals further gained monopolies on cyber warfare. They wish to control the world by use of a world currency.

I obtained all of the above information from the following linked youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqY03UIjwJ0


My name is Gretta Fahey. I live at Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland. I am being subject to Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation and I have been so for more than sixteen years. I am connected to a computerized system by a two way energy link from my brain and body. I hear the voices of the operatives who control the computerized system coming from inside my head on and off throughout each day. The operatives are always in the background of my mind where they monitor my thoughts and activities throughout the course of each day and night via the afore mentioned two way energy link. I have written about my experiences in extreme detail over many years and posted them online in several social media sites as well as in my own website which is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net. Today I am going to discuss some of my experiences of thought control.

I was cycling my bicycle on a beautiful sunny day. I was coming home from my local village of Hollymount where I had purchased some groceries. I was cycling through a back road because it has very little traffic and beautiful scenery. I was passing by Gregory and Eva Grogan’s house in Cashel. I don’t know Eva very well . She went to Newbrook National school with me but she was older. I was harmlessly looking in at their garden and wondering to myself about their lives and if their children were old enough to have left school and be working now. Suddenly a voice of one of the remote neural monitoring operatives which I heard coming from inside my head reprimanded me from thinking about the Grogans. She told me that I was to look at the road when I was cycling and I was not to engage in thinking about my neighbours. I was deeply and suicidely upset over this. I am also deeply upset that this same fate of being Remote Neural Monitored is about to befall on the majority of humanity and many of them still refuse to believe that it is even a capability. Since that incident I have been reprimanded occasionally for my thoughts. On another occasion I was passing the home of my own first cousin Marie Gilmore and her husband Henry when I was reprimanded for absent mindedly thinking about them and their lives as I passed by. I am also reprimanded for checking out the homes for sale on a website called www.myhome.ie and making personal comments about them. The most time that thought control is used against me is when other individuals or their homes are involved.

I am currently reading a book called “Solitude” by Anthony Storr. He says that thinking can be regarded as a preliminary to action, a scanning of possibilities, a linking of concepts, and a reviewing of possible strategies. Therefore the ability to think freely is essential for the human race. Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation is hell on earth.


If a computer were ever to make a decision it would have to be pre-programmed to do so by being pre-programmed to take into consideration many variables. A computer can not think independently. Therefore artificial intelligence is a hoax and the reason it was hoaxed was so that we would blame artificial intelligence for the directed energy torture which we experience which would then allow the real culprits to go free.

I have been targeted by directed energy weapons for more than sixteen years. I hear the voices of the directed energy weapons operatives coming from inside my head due to the fact that I am linked to their equipment via directed energy systems. I strongly believe that they are real human beings. My name is Gretta Fahey. I live at Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland. My Eircode Number is F12 Y560. My landline home phone number is 0949360901. My website which I alone own and control is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net. My facebook page is called www.facebook.com/gretta.fahey.98.