The Luciferian world dictatorship control the school system, the organised religion system, the entertainment system, the main stream media system and the university education systems throughout most of the world.   They create a false reality for us and they force us to believe it because we hear it repeated continually from almost  every information outlet throughout the course of our lives. If any group claim to disbelieve any aspect of this false reality construct they are then ridiculed on the main stream media or some are even incarcerated inside psychiatric hospitals by mind controlled psychiatrists. NASA has faked space exploration because NASA employees are mostly high level  freemasons who have taken a vow of secrecy under pain of torture and death.
The world dictatorship have consolidated nations, corporations, banks and even organised religions under their management.   They are neuro connecting unaware men, women and children to a central internet of bodies via implants and neural dust where they steal data from our brains and bodies and they also transmit data to our brains and bodies in order to gain more and more physical and mental control over us. The rand corporation has recently published a book called ‘The internet of bodies’ which is a basic introduction to the topic and is free to download at their website which is www.rand.org. It is misleading in the sense that most of the information in the book focuses on collecting data from the human body and sending it to a central data stroage system rather than the other capability of the internet of bodies which is about transmitting information from an external location into the human brain and body, mostly without the awareness or consent of the individual concerned.
As soon as you register a smart device or a digital media device to your name it begins to gather information about you and transmit it to an electronic data file under your name. This is made possible because the brains and bodies of most men, women and children are now permanently embedded with dust sized implants which they either inhaled, ingested or had vaccinated into them at an earlier time without their awareness.
The data which is gathered about you can be used to build a map of your brain. This map of your brain would allow unknown others to identify any weakness you have such as an addiction, a health problem, financial problems, potential enemies and false belief systems. If you ever challenge their false authority their agents are ordered to infiltrate your life and further manipulate you through exploitation of your weaknesses. This map of your brain is ultimately used to help the world dictatorship with the process of digitally enslaving you because when this brain map exists it can be used to externally physically, mentally and emotionally control you by your central nervous system under United States patent number US6965816. When your brain is sufficiently mapped you can be placed under brain to brain interface with a team of neuro scientists against your will and without your permission. While you are brain to brain interfaced the bodily movements of the dominant member of the brain to brain interface team would be made to over ride your bodily movements so that you could be then physically controlled like a robot or puppet. Many individuals who are being non-consensually experimented on by black budget military experimentation have reported that they have experienced partial or total external physical control of their bodies. Some of these individuals have been interviewed on the Ramold D Reports youtube channel. All smart devices are dangerous weapons.
Because of this capability, Smart phones, smart radios, smart watches, Fit Bits, Smart televisions, Alexa and generally all smart technology as well as some digital media devices which are not registered as smart are dangerous weapons.
There is a possible solution to technological invasion of the human brain and body to be found by listening to a signal jamming CD which can be purchased at www.antitinnitusv2k.com. In order to jam all digital signals from coming into your brain and body you need to own a cd player and a specialized brand of reasonably priced head phones, details of which can be found at the aforementioned website.


We have been instructed to wear masks when ever we are surrounded by our fellow men, women and children.   Most individuals go along with the wearing of masks without analysing why we have been ordered to do so by the Luciferian unelected world dictatorship.  If we refuse to wear those masks we will receive heavy fines and also   many  are under heavy technological mind control to be obedient to church and state  by the use of silent sound spread spectrum and even transcranial magnetic stimulation or other types of mind control and brain entrainment which is being administered by technology in their environments.

There are other reasons why we have been ordered to wear masks.   The wearing of masks is not related to a virus.   It has been scientifically proven that viruses are not contagious.   However, we are now being brow beaten by the Luciferian owned and controlled main stream media into accepting that viruses are contagious even though we know that they are not contagious.   The wearing of masks and the accepting of the lies of the Luciferian world dictatorship is about slowly and gradually manipulating us to accept that the Luciferian world dictatorship is a legitimate leadership of the men, women and children of the world, which it is not.

The men, women and children of the world are now being programmed to worship the state via technological mind control.  The main stream media no longer question the agenda of the state.  They promote it at all times.   They never challenge any of the dictates of the state and the state leadership never challenge any of the dictates of the Luciferian world dictatorship.

The controlling interests in central banking systems throughout the world are owned by private families, most of whom may be Luciferian world dictatorship private families.   They have consolidated nations, corporations, banks and even organised religions under their management.   They are neuro connecting unaware men, women and children to a central internet of bodies via implants and neural dust where they steal data from our brains and bodies and they also transmit data to our brains and bodies in order to gain more and more physical and mental control over us.

Meanwhile, those of us who don’t use smart phones, don’t own or watch televisions and don’t live or work under microwave transmitters or GWEN towers can think clearly and can see the big picture of world events clearly.    We know that the men, women and children of the world will slide under the enslavement of the Luciferian world dictatorship if the military and police don’t  soon go out and have all infrastructure which enables the mind control and the central nervous system control of the men, women and children of the world both disassembled and banned.

We have been brow-beaten since early childhood to believe in the spinning ball earth hoax even though our own senses tell us that the earth is fixed and flat.    The Luciferian world dictatorship control the school system, the organised religion system, the entertainment system, the main stream media system and the university education systems throughout most of the world.   They create a false reality for us and they force us to believe it because we hear it repeated continually from almost  every information outlet throughout the course of our lives. If any high profile individual  claims to disbelieve in any aspect of this false reality construct they are then ridiculed on the main stream media or they are even incarcerated inside psychiatric hospitals by mind controlled psychiatrists. NASA has faked space exploration because NASA employees are mostly high level  freemasons who have taken a vow of secrecy under pain of torture and death.

The spinning ball earth hoax is the hoax which the Luciferian world dictatorship push most strongly on the men, women and children of the world.   The highest level Luciferians live in a part of the fixed and flat earth which is never under surveillance from drones or other sky based technology.  The highest level Luciferians live in a part of the fixed and flat earth which is not being geo-engineered by chemtrail spraying of their food, water and air.   They live apart from the control and enslavement system which they control through their agents, some of whom are evil doers while others are under mind control influences and who don’t understand the big picture.  For the moment, we are unable to differentiate between the evil doers and the mind controlled agents but it is possible to ascertain which is which by reading their bio-fields using advanced technology.

Church and state use terror theatre to control the masses of humanity. They have been doing so for thousands of years. A fearful, superstitious and uninformed mass of people are very easy to control and manipulate. For that reason secret societies have been creating hoaxes down through the centuries. Some of those hoaxes have been listed  in online resources as follows:- global warming, the second coming of Christ, Alien Invasion, Astroids from space, bird flu, swine flu, school shootings. I agree that all of those are hoaxes.  Global warming which has now come to be known as climate change is simply weather engineering by the use of HAARP phased arrays.  You can read about it in a book called ‘Under an Ionized Sky’ by Elana Freeland. 

I herewith enclose a few more hoaxes which I am aware of such as demonic possession, channeling of information, the moon landing and space travel.   The hoax of demonic possession is created when one becomes connected to ‘the internet of bodies’ which Rand.org have recently published a book about. The book is called ‘the internet of bodies’ and it is very misleading. When a man or woman becomes connected to ‘the internet of bodies’ system they are more often that not connected to it without their awareness or permission. Instead they are imbedded permanently with technology inside their bodies and brains which they are unable ever to take out of their bodies. They are then permanently wirelessly connected to the internet of bodies system where data is stolen from their brain and body and transmitted to an unknown central location. Furthermore, data is also transmitted back to their brain and body to disable them and to physically control them via their central nervous system. The system operatives can and do transmit data to the central nervous system of human beings in order to make them appear to be demonically possessed. I am under the control of the internet of bodies system and I have had voices and swearing forced out of my mouth.  I have been made to move against my will.     There now appears to be a solution to the vast world wide problem of enslavement via the internet of bodies to be found at this linked website www.antitinnitusv2k.com.   

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 My website is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net.  

My name is Gretta Fahey.


During brain to brain interface, the facial expressions of the encoder over ride those of the decoder. If the encoder laughs or frowns the decoders face is automatically forced to laugh or frown against their will. All of their facial expressions become externally controlled against their will.


Police stations, government buildings, council chambers, hospitals, some schools, the main stream media and prominent businesses have been deliberately situated in locations which are normally close to each other so as to cocoon them under or very close to microwave transmitters, thereby cocooning them under an electromagnetic field where their thoughts and actions can be controlled. This electromagnetic field is not due to be switched off until all of us are tethered from dust sized implants which we have ingested and inhaled and had vaccinated into us to the internet of bodies. The internet of bodies which is similar to the internet of things is being set up quietly while politicians and others are being distracted by the hoaxed covid pandemic.
The various types of mind controlling technology which is being used against them are some of the following:- transcranial magnetic stimulation, silent sound spread spectrum and microwave mind control among others.
It breaks my heart to listen to them on the radio. They believe and push the agenda of the Luciferian world dictatorship. They are unable to question anything that comes from the Luciferian evil doers. They have become gullible and naive. I am sad because millions throughout the world are being tortured by external means because they have already been connected to the internet of bodies where data is being stolen from their brains and bodies and other information is being received into their brains and bodies which hurt them.
Reject all vaccines. Reject the main stream media and obtain your news from the internet. Research the internet of bodies because it is an enslavement, torture and genocide program.
If any one should disagree with the false reality which is being constructed by the Luciferian world dictatorship and which is being disseminated by the main stream media, the public school system, Hollywood, governments and the Vatican, they are then considered to be mentally unwell and often then forced to attend for mandatory psychiatric evaluation.
The men of this world must go to war now but not for the purposes of killing anyone. They must simply disassemble all of the infrastructure which is enabling the Luciferian world dictatorship to mind control some of us and to body control others via the internet of bodies control system.
My website which I alone own and control is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net.

Once you become connected to the internet of bodies you will no longer be able to pray.

When you become connected to the World Economic Forum controlled internet of bodies from implants inside you data will be transmitted to and received from your brain and body.  Some of the information you will receive will be either the voices of neuro scientists or voices generated by pre-programmed algorithms. If you attempt to pray you will be answered by those voices, sometimes even scornfully.   Your days of private praying are over forever if the infrastructure which enables the internet of bodies is not soon disassembled and banned.

I personally do not wish to pray because I believe prayer is simply talking to myself and I also believe that prayer is repetition for the purposes of self-mind control.


To Whom it Concerns,

Reject any and all covid vaccines because they will contain hydrogel biosensors and other materials which will wirelessly connect your brain and body to a supercomputer run invisible enslavement system for permanent enslavement by the unelected Luciferian world dictatorship. I and millions of others have already been invisibly enslaved by this method and it was brought about without our awareness or consent and this system enables others to transmit voice commands and pain among other unwanted experiences to us. We were being disbelieved for many years because the enslavement system we have become fused with is invisible but now others are finally waking up to the fact that we are telling the whole truth. This enslavement system is being called many names. Sometimes it is being called remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation. It is also being called the internet of bodies system which the World Economic Forum have provided basic and misleading details about in their website which is called www.weforum.org.

Reject any and all smart technology because if you purchase it and place it on your home it can and will be externally and remotely controlled either by agents of the unelected Luciferian world dictatorship or by pre-programmed algorithms. You would then only be allowed to use your own smart technology if you were unquestioningly obedient to the unelected Luciferian world dictatorship. If you were disobedient to their dictates your smart technology would be disabled by external means from an unknown remote location.
Reject the purchase of any and all electric smart cars and electric smart bicycles because they would in future be externally remotely stopped and clamped by pre-programmed algorithms while you were travelling if you were deemed to be disobedient to the unelected Luciferian world dictatorship.
Yours Sincerely,
Gretta Fahey, Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland.
My landline home phone number is 094 9360901.
My website which I alone own and control is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net

I enclose an online post below which supports my above claim that I and many other good living Irish men and women have been invisibly and secretly connected to a computerized enslavement system where we receive inner voice commands and pain among other unwanted experiences. This is being done to us using black budget military science and when we complain to the Gardai, psychiatrists and our General practitioners we are still being accused of being mentally ill and then we are being sent for mandatory psychiatric evaluation. Because of this government policy of having us falsely classified as mentally ill in order to cover up evidence of our directed energy weapons enabled torture this situation renders it unsafe for us to ever again inform the police, psychiatrists or our general practitioners that this situation is and remains ongoing. What are we to do to resolve this situation?



The New World Order is Ready To Decode Your Brain – taken from a website called wakingtimes.com
December 17, 2020
Dr. Mercola, Guest
Waking Times

Davos is a city in Switzerland, known as much for its excellent skiing as it is for hosting the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting. The meeting is formally described as “the most creative force for engaging the world’s top leaders in collaborative activities to shape the global, regional and industry agendas at the beginning of each year.”1

This elite oligarchy, however, is behind a technocratic plan to govern society through technology, programmed by scientists and technicians and automated through the use of artificial intelligence, rather than through democratically elected politicians and government leaders. The video above shows snippets of the World Economic Forum’s 2016 meeting, with narrative by Truthstream Media.2

It’s compared to the meetings of the secretive Bilderberg Group, created by Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands in 1954 to “foster dialogue between Europe and North America,”3 but unlike Bilderberg meetings — the details of which are not made public, but which have reportedly referred to protestors as “cockroaches”4 — WEF is an open forum that may be filmed and released to the public.

This particular discussion, therefore, is eerily polite, but that doesn’t make its content any less chilling.
Scientists Scheming How to Use Your Own Thoughts Against You

What if, one day in the next decade, it becomes possible to read your thoughts? The WEF panelists suggest that different ways of scanning the brain and brain mapping could be incorporated into the legal system, used by lawyers as part of trials, including against you.

Apparently, according to one of the panelists, Jack Gallant, head of The Gallant Lab at UC Berkeley, “Anything that’s in current conscious awareness can be decoded, it’s just a matter of [finding the] technologies”5 to do so.

If brain mapping became mainstream, it could have major applications applicable to the law, such that even if a person chooses not to confess, their brain could be tapped to do it for them. This has already occurred in India, when brain scan technology was used to criminally convict someone based on the data received from their brain, not via their spoken words.6,7

It’s possible, for instance, to decode signals in the brain in such detail that you could reconstruct a movie a person has seen, including not only the objects and actions in the movie, but also how that person felt about the movie — whether it made them feel happy, sad or otherwise.

Already, in 2017, researchers with Japan’s ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories and Kyoto University created a program to reconstruct images from brain activity.8 In one example, a person saw or imagined an image of a cheetah, which led the program to reconstruct an image of a cheetah, albeit one with a dreamlike, somewhat abstract aura.9

Further, every emotion you feel leaves a signature in your brain that can be “read.” Mindreading, then, is no longer a work of science fiction. WEF cited a study by Carnegie Mellon University researchers who are using mindreading technology to decode complex thoughts.10,11 According to WEF:12

“The technology, the researchers say, is able to understand complex events, expressed as sentences, and semantic features, such as people, places and actions, to predict what types of thoughts are being contemplated. After accessing the mental triggers for 239 sentences, the program was able to predict a 240th phrase with 87% accuracy …

Marcel Just, who is leading the research, said … ‘This advance makes it possible for the first time to decode thoughts containing several concepts. That’s what most human thoughts are composed of.’”

‘The Worst Possible Brain Decoding Device’

There is currently no such thing as protection of “freedom of thought” the way there is protection for freedom of speech, and the notion of “mental privacy” isn’t even on the radar. Yet, this brain decoding technology is being slated for use against the public.

Gallant stated, “There’s a huge government program now to increase measurement technology for neuroscience … as it helps basic research so we can measure the brain better, that will have applications in brain decoding and interpretational brain function that will be applicable to the law.”13

Another panelist, Brian Knutson, professor of psychology and neuroscience at Stanford, describes thoughts and feelings that you may not be able to verbalize, or may not want to verbalize, that still leave a signature in your brain. “And we might be able to decode that,” he said.14

One goal, it appears, may be to decode a person’s brain even without their consent. Rana Foroohar, TIME magazine’s assistant managing editor in charge of economics and business, also a panelist, said:15

“If we could get to the point, where either you can have an unwilling suspect or an unwilling individual having their brain decoded in some sense … legal systems don’t bake in any presumption that we can do that and so there’s no legal protections that can be afforded to you.

So if you look nationally, internationally at whether or not there are any human rights … if there are constitutional protections for something like freedom of thought or mental privacy or cognitive liberty, nothing like that exists yet.”

Scientists have already decoded various aspects of language, such as phonetics, syntax and semantics. From there, it’s just a matter of time before internal speech — your very thoughts and mind — can also be decoded.

“Once you have those models,” Gallant said, “you can actually decode language. Now, of course, the obvious application of that is decoding internal speech. And once you decode internal speech, then you essentially have the sort of worst possible brain decoding device, or best possible, depending on your view. Certainly, the most controversial brain decoding device.”16 Then the panelists laugh.

Are Portable Brain Decoding Devices a Few Years Away?

Gallant said he believes it’s just a matter of time before there will be portable brain decoding technology that decodes language as fast as you can text on your cellphone: “Everyone will wear them, because people have shown that they’re quite willing to give up privacy for convenience.” A prototype could be here in the next decade.

While they bring up the “scary” ethical and privacy questions this raises, there’s no question of whether or not they should move forward. This is already occurring.

“Technology is about to openly bring us an era where government authorities can read people’s minds without their permission and use it against them including in court, pre-crime, thought police/thought crime and labeling people including children as potential criminals based on their brainwaves and all of this was discussed casually at Davos,” Truthstream Media noted.17

In fact, Kent Kiehl, of the University of New Mexico and the MIND Research Network, has used brain scans to uncover what he believes is a specific brain signature for psychopathy.18,19 He’s also noted, “A great deal of research suggests that the core, precipitating features of psychopathy are developmental in nature, with relatively persistent traits becoming apparent before the age of 10.”20

If it turns out you can decipher who may become a psychopath via brain decoding, and identify them by the age of 10 — then what? Scientists are also trying to use brain decoding to figure out how likely it is that someone may commit a crime again, in order to influence criminal sentencing.

The WEF panel even put out a public poll to find out who people would trust with access to their thoughts and memories — government, police, your doctor, your employer, your spouse or none of them? Three percent said they would give over access to the government, compared to 25% to their spouse.
False Memories Can Be Implanted

Part of what makes brain decoding, and the use of mindreading, so terrifying is that memories can be manipulated. Elizabeth Loftus, a professor of psychology at UC Irvine, has done extensive research showing that memory is not only not reliable, but easily manipulated.

“We can easily distort memories for the details of an event that you did experience,” she told The Guardian in 2003. “And we can also go so far as to plant entirely false memories — we call them rich false memories because they are so detailed and so big.”21 What her decades of research have shown is that memory doesn’t always work like a recording device that simply plays back scenarios as they occurred.

“Memory works a little bit more like a Wikipedia page,” she told NPR. “You can go in there and change it, but so can other people.”22 False memories, then, can be implanted in people’s minds, and that’s not all.

Another area of research is pain detection — understanding the circuitries that cause pain. If that can be manipulated, it’s possible that instilling pain could also be used as a coercive measure in the legal system, the WEF panelists noted. “That’s amazing,” one of them responded.
US Government Has History of Mind Control Experiments

If this sounds too conspiratorial, too outlandish to be real life, consider the CIA’s top-secret MK-Ultra project, which engaged in mind control experiments, human torture and other medical studies, including how much LSD it would take to “shatter the mind and blast away consciousness.”23

In decades past, the technocrats — the global, mostly unelected, elite that steer the management of nations worldwide — called for a “new world order.” Currently, terms like “the Great Reset,” “the Fourth Industrial Revolution” and “Build Back Better” are being thrown around, as fear and social control, triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, grow.

All of these terms refer to the same long-term globalist agenda to dismantle democracy and national borders in favor of a global governance by unelected leaders, and the reliance on technological surveillance, i.e., brain decoding, digital “health passports” and more, rather than the rule of law to maintain public order.

The warning signs are all around us, if we’re willing to see them for what they actually are. The only question now is whether enough people are willing to resist it to make a difference.


Cybernetics is the fusion of man with machine.   The World Economic Forum, on their website weforum.org have published a document informing the world that they are running a program called ‘the internet of bodies’  which involves fusing your body and the bodies of all of your family with a computerized control system by wireless means and from a remote location.     They would then download information directly to your brain and central nervous system against your will whenever they wished which would force you to listen to simulations of the voices of either the ‘internet of bodies program staff members or to voices which are being generated by pre-programmed algorithms.   They would also download pain, electric shock, disablement,  forced muscle movement, paralysis and virtual sexual abuse among other unwanted experiences.   They would also upload data from your body and brain  such as your EEG patterns into their centralized super computers and computer networks.   They would be able to discern from your uploaded EEG patterns such intimate information about you as to how many times you eat food each day, how often you urinate each day,  and how often you have sexual intercourse each year as well as your heart rate, your pulse rate and your breathing rate among many other pieces of data about you.

I am cybernetically linked by wireless means to such  a computerized control system without my consent and I have been so for a number of years.  It is worse than death.  I would prefer to be dead than to have to experience this  situation.  I have no mental privacy because I am locked on to the internet of bodies  computerized control system by a bi-directional stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy which is locked on to my unique brain signature and to implanted material inside my brain and body.   I am not the only targeted individual of this type of situation.  In my country, the Republic of Ireland, I know many other targeted individuals who are experiencing the same experiences as myself.  We have attempted to inform Irish politicians, the Gardai and the main stream media of our targeting which is sometimes known as no touch torture, silent torture or cybernetic torture but they refused to believe us and instead they mandate us to attend for psychiatric evaluation.   This immediately makes it unsafe for us to continue speaking to them and it also makes it unsafe for us to ever return to them to make a follow up statement.   Some of the targeted individuals which I know of throughout the Republic of Ireland and the wider world have attempted suicide in order to escape from the aforementioned cybernetic torture.

Under the internet of things protocol which is a similar protocol to the internet of bodies your computer would be placed under partial external wireless control where you would be only allowed to use it at the discretion of cybernetic staff if you conformed in every way with the demands of the Luciferian world dictatorship.   Your electric car or electric bicycle would be wirelessly clamped on the road if you were found to be disobedient to the demands of any member of the Luciferian world dictatorship.  Your smart television and smart washing machine and smart fridge would no longer work if you were disobedient to the Luciferian world dictatorship.   Never purchase and electric bicycle, electric car, smart watch, or any smart technology.  By wearing a smart watch, data is being collected from your body and transmitted wirelessly to an unknown remote location which allows your brain to be automatically mapped which further allows your brain and central nervous system to be placed under cybernetic control.

Reject any and all covid vaccines which you will be offered.  They would most likely contain hydrogel sensors and other materials which would be used to fuse your body with the wireless internet of bodies program which would enable the Luciferian world dictatorship to enslave you for the rest of your life and to torture and genocide you if they saw fit.

You have a moral duty to raise awareness of this situation before unaware others are manipulated to accept covid vaccines.  Ask the scientific community to find a method of disabling the technology which has been implanted inside our brains and bodies without our awareness and consent.  Ask your politicians to have all microwave transmitters, HAARP phased arrays,  5G millimeter wave transmitters and related technology disassembled and banned so that we can all return to living in freedom again.    The Luciferian worldwide dictatorship do not legally under just laws  own the aforementioned microwave transmitters, HAARP phased arrays, 5G millimeter wave transmitters and related technology because anything they obtained over the past fifty years approximately has been obtained by mind controlling senior politicians and others to sign over property to them and to their front men.   Therefore we the human race own those technologies and we have a moral right to have them disassembled and rendered unoperable.

My website which I alone own and control is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net.


All of your smart technology including your smart phone can be externally wirelessly controlled.  Under both the internet of things protocol as well as  the internet of bodies protocol  your every move would be assessed and managed by preprogrammed algorithms which would be wirelessly transmitted from a centralized control location.   Do not purchase smart technology ever.

You would not be allowed to have a long warm shower in a future of new world order dictatorial tyrannical control.   Your presence would be detected  as being close to the smart shower from digital technology inside the smart shower and digital technology inside your brain and body.  Preprogrammed algorithms would be in place to run the shower for a short time while maintaining the temperature of the water at a cool temperature under the guise of sustainable development.

The distance from your brain to your smart phone would be calculated from digital technology inside the smart phone and digital technology inside your brain.   If your smart phone was calculated to be close to your brain then preprogrammed algorithms would transmit information into your brain in order to technologically mind control you to be obedient and docile at all times.    If the program managers wished to cause political unrest in order to enable themselves to then inforce more stringent laws they could cause you to be aggressive in public.   Both of these scenarios are already occurring.   Carefully dispose of your smart phone by removing its sim card and battery and then by wrapping it up in tin foil.   Use a landline home phone in future, preferably an old model without a digital screen.


You would be wirelessly connected to the internet of bodies under the power of the self-appointed memberst the World Economic Forum. All of your actions and bodily functions would be uploaded to their super computer on a continual basis by wireless means from materials inside your brain and body and this system would be run by pre-programmed algorithms. You would be allowed to eat only the type and amount of food that they decided you were entitled to eat. You would be allowed to use only the amount of water for showering that the preporgrammed algorithms would allow you to use. Preprogrammed algorightms would even decide the temperature of your shower water under the guise of sustainable development. You would be considered immoral if you were overweight and your food allowance would be reduced. You would be considered immoral if you had any luxury items because they are now consudred unsustainable. Pre-programmed algorithms would decide where you live. Preprogrammed algorights would decide if you are allowed to live or die.
Every bite of food you eat would be assessed by preporgrammed algorithms to see if you deserved to eat it. Your clothing would have bio-sensors which would detect the level of cleanliness of them. If they did not pass at all times you would be removed from society. Your brain and body may already contain much of the artificial material necessary to connect you to the internet of bodies. One of the only ways to protect yourself from the internet of bodies abject enslavement system is to help most of the rest of the human race take down the wirelessly enabling infrastructure which enables this internet of bodies system of enslavement. Some of the technology which enables the internet of bodies to work is based in the skies over our heads such as drones but they rely on ground based infrastructure to run them. Therefore all we need to do to free ourselves from this enslavement, torture and genocide system is to destroy the ground based infrastructure. We need to do it in a hurry because as soon as this system is installed preporgrammed algorithms would be used to paralyse you if you attempted to take down any and all infrastructure then. You can also be sent pain signals if you disobeyed the preporgrammed algorithms.
There is a problem in the sense that technological mind control is now being used to mind control many leaders in society to unquestioningly push the agenda of the would be slave masters. They wrongly push the need to vaccinate because they dont realise that the vaccinations themselves may contain the materials needed to help connect the recepients of the vaccinations to the internet of bodies. They dont realise that the covid-19 is a hoaxed pandemic which has been hoaxed using false science and that anybody who is already unknowingly connected to the wireless internet of bodies can be wirelessly eliminated from a long distance away by unknown operatives and they also dont realise that deaths from other means have been wrongly attributed to covid-19 in order to artificially create numbers of so called covid-19 casualties.
I believe that when we have all wireless internet of bodies systems removed from the face of the earth that those who are heavily technologically mind controlled now will be able to think clearly again. Their minds are being controlled in a similar way to programming a computer. It is heart breaking to listen to them on our national airwaves.
I am already connected to this internet of bodies and it is a known torture system in my case. I am speaking the truth. You are in grave danger of being enslaved. You must attend to this message now by taking some action.


A Satanic Control System has been controlling the world for thousands of years and now it is being exposed. The Department of Homeland Security is run by the Jesuits. The Jesuit Superior General, the Black Pope, not only controls his powerful Jesuit Order, but also controls the powerful Knights of Malta, top-level Knights of Columbus, and the top-levels of Freemasonry. Through his control of the top levels of Secret Societies (especially Knights of Malta and high-level Freemasons), he controls the top intelligence agencies of the world. A good example of this occurred in World War II: the top intelligence man in the OSS (later CIA) was Knight of Malta William “Wild Bill” Donovan; the top intelligence man in Nazi Germany on the eastern front was German Knight of Malta General Reinhard Gehlen; and the top intelligence man in the Soviet Union was Knight of Malta Prince Anton Turkul (who used Jesuit priests for his couriers). Thus, the Jesuit Order was in control of the major combatants, and able to ‘steer’ the war in the directions they wanted – and in the process to slaughter millions of their favorite targets. teleprompter: https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/dctvt... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtYdQamXyMM&list=PLTqEXdGACJWcHF0-uGpjqcIWAVUTcAhNL&index=4 ****************************************************************************** The mass is a ritual of soft satanism where the participants celebrate the reenactment of a brutal human blood sacrifice on an altar. They then repeat certain phrases so that they may be mind controlled through repetition to remain faithful to the belief system which they have been inculcated into before they were allowed to reach the age of reason. Stay away from churches. They are mind control centres. The Head of the Jesuits who is also known as the black pope controls secret societies throughout the world. Secrecy allows evil to flourish. Full disclosure allows good to flourish. The Jesuits, the Freemasons and all other secret societies throughout the world are evil doers of the most absolute evil. The World Economic Forum is backing a program known as ‘The Internet of Bodies’. The ‘Internet of Bodies program controllers would force most people throughout the world to be implanted with technology which would spread throughout their bodies resulting in all parts of their bodies being connected to a computer network and possibly a super computer where their private and personal data which is continually generated by their body and brain is uploaded on to a supercomputer. Also information would be sent into their brain and central nervous system which would control their ability to think clearly and it would also control their physical body resulting in anybody who challenged the system being paralysed or being sent intense pain or death. Further to that, ‘the internet of bodies program’ is not meant for everybody most especially the head of the Jesuits himself or in fact any of the Vatican controllers. You can not afford to remain complacent any longer. If you refuse to act now you could be paralysed from a remote location in some future time if you try to act then. Extremely evil groups select benign names for themselves such as ‘The Society of Jesus’ or ‘The Jesuits’ in order to engender trust in them by an unsuspecting public. Evil was hiding in plane sight but it is now being exposed for what it is.

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I am not contactable by official means most of the time because I dont carry a cellular phone and I dont wear a watch or any type of jewellery which might contain in-built technology. I also unplug my landline home phone many nights before I go to bed. I place my computer and online connection technology inside a faraday case and I disconnect the electricity to my bedroom.
However, I have been illegally implanted with technology which enables others to remain in constant communication with me. I believe that if you allow your children to receive childhood vaccinations they will be illegally implanted with similar technology which would enable criminals to communicate with them against their wills throughout their lives. However, there may be a way of disabling all implants by the use of strong pulses of magnetic energy which disable such implants. If the ability to disable implants does not exist then we aught to tear down the infrastructure which enables criminals to forceably communicate with us and to forceably receive information into said implants which are inside our brains and bodies.
Dont allow yourself to be contactable by official means on a continual basis. Dont accept vaccinations or other procedures which might enable others to implant you with any foreign body. We can no longer trust church and state. Church leaders including pope francis are encouraging their followers to accept vaccinations.
The following is a quote by United Kingdom television personality Steven Fry.
“What we really have an objection to is the priestly cast that decides it has knowledge that is special, that is revealed knowledge, that can not be questioned, that is a truth that doesnt need to be proven, that will set you free and that without it you are in some way damned, and the people who are most likely to be controlled by that are the most vulnerable, are the poorest, are those with the least education.”

Criminals are writing computer codes into my central nervous system. How can I prove that this is occurring to me?

I have become wirelessly connected to the World Economic Forum backed ‘internet of bodies’ program by a bi-directional stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy which is being received and transmitted from implants and biosensors and nano material which has been illegally implanted inside my body.     Data is being stolen from my brain and body.   Data is also being sent to my brain and body.  By body is being computer coded by unknown neuro scientists who work from an unknown remote location.   An invisible silent crime is being committed against me.  The Police dont believe me because I can not prove it because I lack evidence.  How do I stop the aforementioned neuro scientists from transmitting computer codes to my body in order to eventually gain total external control of my central nervous system so that they could then permanently totally enslave me. How can I provide evidence to the people of the world that this aforementioned crime is being perpetrated against me?


The Internet of Bodies is a system which is endorsed and backed by the World Economic Forum where your brain and central nervous system will become wirelessly connected from internal implants to a supercomputer and a network of computers by a bi-directional stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy. Data will then be stolen from your brain and body and sent to a central location where a large number of individuals will have access to it. Information will also be sent to your brain and body which will force you to hear voice commands coming from inside your own head against your will and without your permission. Further information will be sent to your brain and body which will force you to receive pain, electric shocks, visions, unusual odours, tactile sensations on your skin, disablement of any part of your brain or body, partial or total paralysis or any number of other unwanted experiences.
If you accept the covid-19 vaccine you will by that means be implanted with materials which will spread throughout your internal body and fuse with your internal body parts. When the material has fused sufficiently with your internal body parts the wireless connection to your body will then be activated from a distance and data will be sent to and received from your brain and body from that time forward.
The Richard C. Walker scientific patent number US6965816 describes the ability to aggressively go in, take over, control, track and manage any system whether it be an airplane, a car, a motor cycle or the central nervous system of a human being. This scientific patent number describes the ability to remote control all vehicle platforms, equipment and machines, including human, animal tracking and telemetry and stand alone sensing and management functions as part of a great machine messaging matrix. This invention, a Protected Primary Focal Node PFN is a Trusted Remote Activity Controller TRAC and mobile communication router platform that provides accountable remote and robotics control to transportation vehicles by interfacing with the vehicles E/E systems. It connects each vehicle either on the earth’s surface or near the earth’s surface with application specific intranets for air, sea and land travel, via either host commercial servers or agency providers through wireless communication gateways and then further interfaces these vehicles in a larger machine messaging matrix via wireless and IP protocols to further coordinate movement assess and manage equipment use and impact on the world resources, societies infrastructure and the environment. This connected communication matrix of computers and humans provides an enhanced Human Machine Interfacing HMI scenario both locally and systemically in real-time in order to totally enslave most of the men, women and children of the world wirelessly.
For further information on United States scientific patent number US6965816 please read the information found at the following online link https://patentcut.com/6965816
For information about the Internet of Bodies please read a document which is available on the following link on the World Economic Forum Website http://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_IoB_briefing_paper_2020.pdf
For information about the contents of the proposed covid-19 vaccine please watch online videos of three vaccine experts Dr Carrie Madej, Dr Andrew Kaufman and Celeste Solum which are available at the following links
The following is the link for an interview between vaccine experts Dr Carrie Madej and Dr Andrew Kaufman

The following is a link to a youtube video by vaccine expert Celeste Solum. which is called ‘Hydrogel and Quantum Dot Covid Vaccine – Celeste Solum.’

I am already wirelessly connected to the Internet of Bodies against my will and without my permission and I am experiencing ongoing psychological torture and partial central nervous control which is being transmitted to me through this wireless connection. I can not break free of it because it is locked on to my unique brain signature. . My own website which I alone own and control is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net. My youtube chanel is called gretta fahey.
Mind Control signals are already being transmitted to the brains of the main stream media journalists who never question any information which comes from the United Nations or the World Health Organisation which are both centres for control and enslavement of most of the rest of the human race.
Christine Grady is head of bioethics at the United States based National Institute for Health. Her role is to preside over the ethical questions of testing vaccines. She has been given the power to accelerate the acceptance of the proposed covid-19 vaccine for public use. She is the wife of Anthony Fauci who is the top infections disease expert in the United States and has been one of the leading members of the corona virus task force and he is also a former colleague of Bill Gates who is part owner of the covid-19 vaccine. There is a massive ongoing conflict of interest here. It is not being investigated because Bill Gates donates money to branches of the main stream media.
Yours Sincerely,
Gretta Fahey, Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland
My landline home phone number is 094 9360901



The internet of bodies is about embedding technology inside the bodies of non-consenting human beings so that the embedded technology fuses with the internal body of the human being and it connects the human being to a network of computers or a super computer or both. The human body then becomes a data platform so that data can be continually collected from the human body and stores on the computer network. The operatives of the computer network can send data to the human body to make the fused individual hear voice commands, see visions or feel pain or experience their own muscles move against their will. This is a human enslavement process and many have already been enslaved by it including myself.
You must organise to have the infrastructure which allows this taken down, disassembled and banned while you are still allowed free will. Otherwise you and your children will be enslaved by it too.