Targeted individuals of both remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation have been wirelessly tethered by illegal  implants which have been placed inside their brains and spinal cords by means of a continuous two way stream of low frequency electromagnetic waves to both networks of computers combined with super-computers.   This enables neuro operatives  (also called testers) who are unwilling to reveal who they are and where they are located to slowly and incrementally tie down sub groups of  neurons of said targeted individuals over many years, to the extent that each sub  group of neurons within the body of the targeted individual is individually linked by a two  way stream of low frequency electromagnetic waves to both the network of computers as well as the network of super-computers to the extent that eventually said targeted individual can eventually have their whole body wirelessly  controlled from a remote location by these unknown neuro operatives.   When a targeted individual is fully connected to this binding process they no longer are allowed to use their own muscle structure of their own free will.  The targeted individual has by this time become a neuro slave.  They can be forced to place their hand on a hot stove against their will or they can be forced to commit suicide or homicide against their will.   If they agree to carry out the wishes of the enslavers by enslaving others in a similar manner they may be allowed to continue to use their muscles of their own free will.

This problem of remote controlling human beings has been completed on several occasions.   If this process of slow and incremental neuro enslavement of some if not all targeted individuals of both  remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation  is allowed to continue nobody anywhere throughout the world  would be safe because they might some day be murdered by a neuro slave, who would be presented by the main-stream media as a psychopathic killer when in fact they are really a victim.   We aught to  urgently disable and ban all wirelessly enabling technology throughout the world in order to stop this evil process in its tracks.  We aught to make available to all targeted individuals a process where   strong pulses of magnetic energy are fired at their bodies in order to disable  the illegal implants which have been placed inside their bodies at a time when they were unaware that it was occurring.  These illegal implants have been placed inside the bodies of the whole human race by a process known a chemtrail spraying of the skies over our heads, but only a small selection of individuals have as yet been selected for whole body neuro enslavement which is a long and laborious process which takes dozens of years and involves multitudes of  unwilling neuro operatives who initially agreed to carry out this evil process on the basis that they did not fully understand where the process was leading as well as the fact that their work was well paid.   They now wish to warn the human race that time is short before this process of total and complete  neuro enslavement of a selection   of targeted individuals leading to wireless remote control of these same targeted individuals  could become a major problem to the whole world .