A social credit score system in combination with a universal remote neural monitoring system while also in combination with a heirarchical based false chain of command is being rolled out throughout the world for most of the human race. First of all humans would be wirelessly linked to a computer network from what has been described as either neural dust or implants inside our brains, spinal cords and various parts of our bodies. This is being called “Remote Neural Monitoring” . All electrical activity generated by the brain and body of each human is then sent by a wirelessly enabled two way stream of energy to the computer network which would both store it indefinitely and analyse it for categorization into dozens of categories such as quantity and type of food eaten based on particulates in common processed foods, amount of hours slept, amount and times of sexual intercourse, bathroom visits, amount and intensity of daily exercise and a myriad of other actions. Other aspects of the life of each human would also be blended into the social credit score system such as work activities, taxes paid, academic credentials, religious observance, dissident behaviour and online comments.

I, myself, have been an unwilling subject of Remote Neural Monitoring for more than fifteen years and I have been informed via voice communication technology which I hear coming from inside my head that I am being studied on a second by second basis in order to set up a social credit score system for myself and others based on my activities for every minute of every day which can already be discerned from said “Remote Neural Monitoring”. The neuro staff who are studying me via the electrical activity readouts of my brain and body which are automatically translated into my activities on their computer screens are using complex and intertwining algorithms to help set up this absolute enslavement system for most of the human race for and on behalf of dark occultists who I am led to believe no longer legally classify themselves as humans so as to avoid inclusion in the social credit score system. The dark occultists are already beginning to create a hoaxed story line suggesting to their fellow human beings that the artificial intelligence network which would control the complex and intertwining algorithms which would run the social credit score system for humans is in danger of going out of control and taking on a life of its own in order to cover up their extremely cruel and torturous future enslavement plans for the rest of us so that all blame is deflected away from them. They have already created the unbelievable hoax that artificial intelligence has now become sentient. Many other hoaxes have already been created to cover up both remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation of hundreds of thousands of individuals who are now calling themselves “targeted individuals” for all walks of life, throughout most of the world.

This social credit score system now being set up has been inspired and preprogrammed by individuals who have a satanic mind set of extreme cruelty without any respect for their fellow human beings. They leave no room for privacy because when a remote neural monitored and remote neural manipulated human being is heavily intertwined to a network of computers from implants which are imbedded in their brains and bodies their outline can be seen by the unknown neuro operatives as if they are not wearing any clothes, similar to an airport security camera. Even if said neuro operatives purport to belong to a positive oriented organised religion or belief system they are upholding the tenets of dark Satanism so they are in reality Satanists whether they agree with this or not.

Endless social and other problems have been deliberately caused in our towns and cities over the past few decades so that we would be more likely to adopt this cruel social credit score system. The main stream media may be used in future to indoctrinate the youth into falsely believing that this social credit score system is valuable to them, when in fact it is an enslavement trap. People who are already being unwillingly linked to remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation are being tortured to death in many cases.

We can instantly stop this enslavement process in its tracks by disabling, disassembling, banning and outlawing all wireless enabling capabilities throughout the whole world. Please consider doing this urgently.