Almost any ramdomly selected member of any community can now be attacked while inside their own home by unknown operatives who may be  using spectrometers to single them out and who may be using energy weapons to attack them in a wide variety of ways.   The individual due to be targeted with  energy weapons might or might not first be  wirelessly linked by a two way stream of energy from a computer network to their unique brain signature or else to their unique energy field imprint or to both.   From then on the targeted individual might have their biological processes indirectly affected by the unethical imprinting of unnecessary and harmful information on to their body energy field.   I am unsure whether it would be necessary for the targeted individual to occasionally use a digital media screen in order to enable the unknown operatives to carry out their unethical work.  Digital media screens may or may not have built in reverse energy field cameras.   Nothing has been verified as yet other than many and varied individuals throughout many parts of the world are coming forward online while claiming similar experiences which have not been explained scientifically.  Numerous patents have been published which have capabilities which would support their stories.

It is my opinion that if enough harmful information is inlayed into the human energy field of the targeted individual then it begins to affect the physical body of the targeted individual in many and varied ways to the extent that the whole body of a targeted indvidual could eventually be taken over completely  against the will of the targeted individual for short amounts of time for the purposes of using that human body to commit serious crime.  In my opinion some human beings have now become weaponised by this or similar means and they could be used at a later date to help destroy the freedom of the human race if this wide ranging problem is not solved.  It is also my opinion that by this or similar means human beings could eventually be paralysed by wireless means if they refused to obey the commands issued to them by voices which they can be made to hear coming from inside their heads by a similar process.  Sound signals can now be sent in a narrow beam to and from a particular person that only that person can hear.  Similar sound systems can now be purchased on the open market.

Targeted individuals of extremely advanced technology have reported their unusual experiences to the main stream media, to a wide variety of government officials and to psychiatrists.   They are not been given any information as to what may be happening to them or why it may be happening to them.  Perhaps government officials and psychiatrists and the main stream press are unknowingly being electronically mind controlled or subliminally influenced themselves by similar processes.  Many targeted individuals have lost trust in church and state and no longer confide in them.