“Regiment these people so that they are obedient to us”. I heard those words coming from inside my head because I have been non-consensually implanted with two way voice technology. The military and the intelligence services have been non-consensually implanting their fellow human beings with many and varied types of technology over the past few decades for the purposes of controlling them. This fact is still not widely known for reasons of national security which is in reality national suicide. Further to that I heard another unknown person speaking to me through the same medium who informed me that the speaker who wishes us all to be regimented into a state of complete obedience to this criminal syndicate is called Andrew Partagenet. I don’t know anybody called Andrew Partagenet and I dislike posting names on my posts but in order to raise awareness of the slow and insidious enslavement policies of the dark new world order criminal syndicate I am beginning to post the names that I am being given by these inner voices. We must disassemble and ban all wireless enabling capabilities urgently in order to stop this in-home wireless harassment and torture that many are currently experiencing because of advanced wireless torture capabilities.


I am experiencing non-consensual brain-to-computer interface which is being coupled with non-consensual brain-to-brain interface. Further to this I am being remote neural monitored and remote neural manipulated. The unknown neuro operatives who run this wirelessly enabled abuse can reproduce their voices inside my head due to imbedded technology whenever they wish. They can also input moving images, sensations, and pain signals into my brain and body. They can input virtually any brain capability into my brain.

This morning I woke up with a strong mental image of me being alone in a hotel room with a man. I was fully clothed and I felt that I was being programmed to tolerate this situation as if I was being prepared for some unknown situation in the future. I have already been informed by the voices of the neuro-operatives which I hear coming from inside my head that anybody who has been sufficiently remote neural monitored and remote neural manipulated can eventually be wirelessly enslaved totally and utterly to do anything and everything that they would never dream of doing in their normal everyday life. Yesterday I had been informed by one of the unknown wirelessly enabled inner voices that they would eventually enslave me totally and utterly and get me to do their bidding.

I am a fifty nine year old woman, and I have never found myself alone in a hotel room with a strange man in my life. This is something that would alarm me to an extreme degree. The fact that I appear to be being programmed along those lines via brain-to-computer interface and brain-to-brain interface is upsetting to me. I have been writing about all my experiences of being remote neural monitored and being remote neural manipulated for many years now and my work can be found all over the internet. This is simply one more incident. If the rest of the human race knew who evil this control system that is being introduced methodologically and by stealth really is they would immediately tear down all the telephone towers, HAARP phased arrays and related supporting paraphernalia immediately. Remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulating systems are eventual enslavement systems.