“The ultimate goal of this proposed elite group is to bring about a single global marketplace, controlled by a world government, policed by a world army, financially regulated by a world bank via a single global currenty, and populated by a microchipped population connected to a global computer, a computer that both monitors and updates our personal location and financial status, and regulates our emotional state via transmitted electrical signals – technology that already exists.”
The above is a quote from an article called “Blueprint for Total Control” which was written by Nick Sandberg in 2001 and which is freely available to read online.

The author, Nick Sandberg further writes as follows “The elite believe that all their power is ultimately derived from the repression of emotions. The entire source of their power is their ability to corrupt natural instincts and direct subconscious needs into channels of expression that further the ends of total control.” The author claims that they bring about this situation by making sure we are all conditioned in early childhood through both school and church system which they ultimately control from behind the scenes. He goes on to suggest that we could use any of the following therapies to free ourselves from this damaging childhood conditioning as follows – psychosynthesis, gestalt therapy, rebirthing, primal therapy, psychodrama, hypnotherapy, reiki, transactional analysis, and pulsing – to name but a few.