We are bathed in a sea of electromagnetic waves.   Secretly and unbeknownst to most messages are being secretly carried on those carrier waves into the heads of most of society without their consent.   These messages are being used to render us obedient to the false hierarchical based chain of command that is being set up behind the scenes of our lives.  These messages are being used to cause division among us because the strategy of ‘divide and conquer’ is being used to manipulate us.

When you attend a football match or a concert or a movie theatre or when ever you are in church there might be five hundred smart phones in that confined place with you and even if they are all switched off they are still emitting extreme amounts of electromagnetic radiation.  The extreme build up of electromagnetic radiation in such confined spaces is being used to experiment with the moods as well as with the belief systems of the individuals who attend these confined places, to the extent that those who regularly attend these places appear to become addicted to reattending as often as possible and their belief systems appear to become more fanatical as time goes by such as becoming religious fanatics as well as becoming fanatical in support for a certain football team or fanatical in support of a certain political party above all others without respect for their activities whatsoever.   The police are the most vulnerable to the build up of electromagnetic radiation around their persons because they are required by law to keep a dangerous communication device close to their person at all times during the working day.  Many of them are also required to work very close to telephone masts which are a further source of dangerous electromagnetic radiation.   When a police officer is heavily surrounded by electromagnetic radiation then messages can then be carried on those electromagnetic waves into his or her brain creating a mind set in the mind of that police officer of being a dominant authority figure that all citizens should be unquestioningly obedient to as well as creating a mind set in the mind of that police officer that the general public who pay his salary and who he is responsible for serving and protecting are inferior to him in some way and that it is permissible for him to treat them with disrespect and distain.   This is no fault of the police themselves.  It is entirely the fault of whoever is sending the messages on top of the carrier waves into their brains via their communication devices and via the telephone towers.   This is occurring now across the United States.  The United States police officers tazer their own people for the slightest misdemenor as per hundreds if not thousands of youtube videos of them doing so.

I live in a rural area and due to ongoing ill health I never attend any crowded places whatsoever and I try to avoid becoming bathed in too much electromagnetic radiation by keeping my computer in a different room than the one I sleep in and by keeping my phone inside a wallet which is supposed to safeguard against sending or receiving digital signals.  I am beginning to notice changes in the behaviour and belief systems of those who spend a lot of their time in crowded places to the extent that they are no longer able to understand the extreme danger they are in, now more than ever from the capabilities of this electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic weapons in general.