If you are rich in personal space and if you are rich in personal time and if you are rich in true knowledge you are wealthier than the slave masters themselves despite their billions. However, an effort is being made to slowly and incrementally steal all personal time away from school children. If every minute of what was once your free personal time becomes supervised and micro-managed then all of the joy is subsequently squeezed out of your life because of this. Everybody needs personal time so that they can allow their brains to think freely without constraint because in so doing we can then resolve all previously unresolved emotional traumas in our minds whether they are big or small. If children are not allowed free unstructured play each and every day of their lives then their thoughts are almost never allowed to flow freely in an unstructured way and all emotional traumas which they experience remain unexplored and then accumulate inside their heads eventually leading to both mental and physical illness.
The real reason that more and more of the free time of children is now becoming structured time is because they are slowly and incrementally being acclimatized to getting used to being wirelessly tethered slaves where they would be under surveillance around the clock through being wirelessly remote neural monitored which is now deemed to be in their future.
Many individuals throughout the whole world have already become wirelessly controlled slaves simply by having technology inserted inside their brains or bodies or both and then wirelessly connecting that technology to centralized computerized enslavement systems. For then on they can be forced to hear voice commands by means of a computer to brain interface. I am such a permanent wireless slave. I hear voice commands and I have received pain and disablement at the will of the slave masters and their enforcers. many of who may be wireless slaves themselves. Many others throughout the world are under mass mind control to the point where they never question anything anymore.Smart phones create a bio-digital flow-cycle between then and the human beings who owns them allowing information to move at rapid speeds to and from the person and the smart phone. The flicker rate of the smart phones is also being used to transmit coded data through their eyes. Electronic mind control is also being transmitted wirelessly from microwave transmitters and many other sources.
Those who have already had their minds bio-digitally programmed have been programmed to resist heavily all information which contradicts their programming. Therefore, the voices of reason among them remain unheard.
If a topic which they have been programmed to resist is brought up for discussion they are programmed to immediately either change the subject, scorn the speaker, inform the speaker that they will discuss it later or even walk away from the speaker. Because they have no idea that they have been programmed to resist all discussion on the topic of concern they also dont know how to go about attempting to override their programming to check if they are able to do so. Many people are in a state of cognitive dissonance and they cling with all of their might to the false reality construct which has been prepared for them by those who own and run television, cinema, newspapers, advertising, Hollywood, the school system and all university curricula which is heavily manipulated to be slanted towards the false reality which is being perpetrated by the aforementioned slave masters. Because of this mass mind control of society the police themselves refuse to validate statements which the wireless slaves give them about their wireless enslavement and instead sometimes mandate that they attend for immediate psychiatric evaluation, which occurred in my case when I attempted to give them a statement. Because of the aforementioned mass mind control both politicians and psychiatrists are also unwilling to believe the true stories of wireless slaves either, which I have personally found to be the case. I have asked politicians to provide the police with non-linear junction detectors and other devices which would allow them to prove to themselves without a shadow of a doubt that those claiming to be wireless slaves are indeed telling the truth because of proveable anomalies in their energy fields and because of proveable digital interference and by other means. This has not yet been looked into at any level. The brains of senior politicians could easily be entrained into various artificial states without their knowledge and consent and they are not doing a single thing to protect themselves from this. Why is this?
Because of mass mind control, the slave masters and their enforcers have an easy time convincing all who know the wireless slaves that said wireless slaves are simply insane and that there is no truth to their assertions that they have become wirelessly enslaved.

We must urgently disassemble and ban microwave and millimeter wave transmitters and thereby we would then have to stop using smart phones. There are attempts to turn the whole world into a type of wifi hot spot by electrifying the atmosphere and if that is successful there will then be no point in banning microwave and millimeter wave transmitters after that time because mind control would then be ubiquitous, except for Madagascar which is where our slave masters would possibly live. There are online suggestions that Madagascar has never been sprayed with chemtrails and also that large tracts of land have been purchased in Madagascar by the super-rich new world order cabal.

I dont know who any of the slave masters of the world are because when an individual becomes wirelessly enslaved that individual interfaces with their slave masters by wireless means only and are almost never allowed to know who they are. As this enslavement program is worldwide in scale if you know any of the names of our slave masters please let me know. Thanks.
Yours Sincerely,
Gretta Fahey, My address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland.  My website which I alone own and control  and which gives some details about my seventeen years of being a wireless slave is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net.  My landline home phone number is 094 9360901.