I and many other individuals from the Republic of Ireland where I live and throughout most of the world have been non-consensually implanted with programmable bio-chips which wirelessly tether us to a centralized human control and enslavement system. This covert system of wirelessly enslaving a selection of individuals by non-consensual bio-chip implantation was set up by a group of millionnaires who now invade our privacy to an extreme degree but who do not lose their own privacy. I and many other of my non-consensually implanted fellow human beings receive constant voice commands from the staff who run the centralized human control and enslavement system and we often receive pain. Many of us have informed the local police of our predicaments only to be disbelieved and sent for psychiatric evaluation. When under the care of false psychiatry we are further punished because we are mandated to ingest poisonous substances posing as anti-psychotic medication many of which have such extreme side effects that they torture us from the inside out. That is why that it has taken until now to get the message out that all of the individuals inside the Island of Ireland are shortly in danger of becoming similarly enslaved. We aught to discuss having whatever infrastructure enables this wireless torture disassembled and banned.