I had attended a medical practitioner for help with irritable bowel syndrome between five and seven times. The medical practitioner who I attended was a practicing psychiatrist and the reason I went to him for help was because I had attended many main stream medical practitioners and specialists and I had been informed that there was nothing that they could do to help me. I read that irritable bowel syndrome was psychosomatic and because of that reason I elected to attend a psychiatrist to see if he could help me to solve my problems with the aforementioned irritable bowel syndrome. He administered medicines and they were absolutely of no help to me whatsoever so I then asked him to put me on disability allowance because I could not afford to exist without financial assistance and I felt that I was unable to work because of the irritable bowel syndrome. The psychiatrist refused to let me have disability allowance on the grounds that people on disability allowance lead aimless lives and eventually commit suicide. Those were his exact words to me “People on disability allowance lead aimless lives and eventually commit suicide.”. The name of the psychiatrist who said this to me is Dr John Connolly, Pontoon Lodge, Pontoon, Castlebar, Co. Mayo. On that occasion he asked me if I had money. I understood at the time that he was asking me if I had enough money to pay his fee which was usually thirty five Euros or Pounds (I dont remember what currency was in use in the Republic of Ireland at that time which I believe was approximately 1989 and it was either Pounds or Euros). I did not realise that he was asking me if I had any financial resources of my own as his question was too vague for me to understand correctly. I now realise that he was asking me if I had any financial resources of my own. I was in a state of distress because of the ongoing irritable bowel problems which I was suffering from and I misinterpreted his question because I had never heard a medical professional asking personal questions about the financial status of the patient before even though I had attended alot of medical professionals before I attended him.
I had no option at that time but to continue working because I was living in rented accommodation and I would have become homeless if I had been unable to pay the rent. I had very little savings to the extent that I felt that I would never waste money of main stream medical practitioners again because they did not appear to care whether I was able to cope or not. I genuinely did not have the money to attend any more medical practitioners because at that time I just had enough money to eat and pay my bills with very little extra.
As far as I can remember Dr John Connolly then informed me that if I needed any further medical assistance I should go to St Teresa’s Unit in Castlebar which is a psychiatric hospital and ask them for help. I had never had any dealings with a psychiatric hospital at that time and I felt uncomfortable about visiting one while looking for help.
If I had applied for social welfare assistance, then in that case I would have had to prove that I was available for work and actively looking for work in order to receive the social welfare assistance so I would have had to lie to the social welfare staff in order to receive the assistance, so that was not a legal option for me.
My questions to all medical lawyers is as follows – If somebody who is legally entitled to disability allowance is legally denied access to it what should they do then? and secondly as follows :- Is there a legal standard of care which medical practitioners should abide by when denying a sick patient access to disability allowance?

During the late nineteen seventies and all through the nineteen eighties I had been attending many and varied main stream medical doctors and other medical specialists while seeking help for my irritable bowel syndrome problems. I attended Professor McCarthy of Forster Street, Galway at least twice about this matter. He informed me that there was nothing whatsoever he could do to help me and he also informed me that he would write me a prescription for some medication if I wanted one and he informed me that the prescription medicine would more than likely make no difference to my problems.
I attended a general practitioner called Dr Betty Maguire in Claremorris on numerous occasions about my irritable bowel syndrome and she sent me for tests to Galway Regional Hospital and so did a number of other general practitioners which I attended. One of the last times that I went as an out-patient for an examination to Galway Regional Hospital to have my irritable bowel syndrome problems investigated I waited in the waiting room from approximately 9.20 am until 5.10 pm in order to be seen. I was the first one in the waiting room that morning and all of the other patients were seen and nobody had called me for my examination. At approximately ten minutes past five in the evening at least four medical personnel came into the waiting room and informed me that they had lost my files. I was in a state of absolute despair but I felt intimidated by the number of staff and by their authority because I had been raised by the Irish educational system to have an extreme fear of authority so I just mumbled that I was alright even though I was not alright and I then left quickly.
Much later I applied for and successfully was awarded disability allowance for my ongoing irritable bowel syndrome. I no longer eat sugar or wheat but I still have problems in that area. I was then placed on a remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation program where I am now being surveilled around the clock while I am inside my own home and I am being delivered voice commands and pain as well as forced muscle movement and other upsetting experiences. All of this is against my will and without my permission and I was not ever made aware that it was going to happen to me before it happened. I have been informed via the aforementioned remote neural monitoring system that all of my muscles will eventually be tied down and I will be denied all of my human rights to even move a finger if you refuse to accept that I must stay in my own home and garden for the rest of my life because certain individuals who have financial power behind the scenes of all of our lives wish to enact a law which would entitle rulers of the future to force any body who is accepting disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome to stay inside their own home and garden at all times and be denied all access to public spaces for the entirety of their lives.

My name is Gretta Fahey and my permanent address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland.