I am wirelessly linked to the smart grid against my will and without my permission from what I believe is a bio-chip implant. The wireless link is bi-directional allowing the smart grid operatives to send me voice commands and pain as well as many other experiences. The smart grid link allows two way traffic and this allows for all of the electrical activity being generated by my brain and body to be downloaded to the storage systems of the smart grid operatives where it is immediately translated into everything I think, do and say on a continual basis.

I sometimes visit websites which show homes for sale or rent. I hear the conversations of the smart grid operative as they speak to each other about my activities while I am viewing these sites. The smart grid operative who is monitoring and controlling me at that time will inform the British realtor via the live smart grid link that I am not interested in purchasing a property and I am just passing the time. However, if I was interested in purchasing a property that realtor would be informed via said smart grid link that such was the case inclusive of the amount of money that I was able to spend on said property. Any and all realtors who do not yet belong to the wireless smart grid are unaware of this type of insider trading but they are lucky to be unaware of it because being non-consensually linked to said smart grid is akin to being wirelessly enslaved where linked individuals can be wirelessly murdered or tortured at the whim of unknown network owners and controllers. Many of the neuro operatives who monitor and control the non-consensually linked targeted individuals are themselves non-consensual and they only remain there because they have no way out without being murdered by the system if they attempt to leave.