An industrialist who is now resident in the United States called Elon Musk has set up a company called NeuroLink for the expressed purposes of connecting the human brain to the internet. Elon Musk and many other private industrialists are being financed and indirectly monitored and controlled by agents of the Satanic New World Order. Some of said private industrialists who are being indirectly monitored and controlled by agents of the Satanic New World Order are Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Besos, and many others, too numerous to mention.
” Whoever controls the sea then controls the fish ”
Quote by David Icke.
We are now swimming in a sea of electromagnetic radiation which is being secretly used by the predatory satanic New World Order cartel to control our bodies and minds. There are ways to block this phenomenon which we must urgently make use of because if we succeed then true freedom, abundance and piece of mind will be ours.
Our brains work electromagnetically and with frequency vibration. The predatory satanic New World Order cartel agents have been projecting frequencies containing information into the human brain within the frequency band of human brain activity, and the individual human being who unknowingly receives the information contained in the projected frequencies then believes that information is their own thoughts and opinions, which would most certainly not be the case if they know what was really occurring behind the scenes of our lives.
In order to be programmed to believe this false information, extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields or pulsed microwaves need to be first of all applied around the human being. This is allowed to occur whenever a human being keeps smart technology close to their person. Many individuals who have been keeping some if not all mobile phones or other types of technology close to their persons are receiving more of those projected frequencies containing false information that the rest of us. They are the individuals who receive promotions into positions of power within communities, such as newspaper editors, journalists and politicians. Their brains have been rewired to the extent that they are no longer able to interpret the warnings of their fellow human beings accurately and with appropriate outrage and action. They are now only able to see things from the perspective of what is sanctioned by the dark occultists who wish to eventually enslave them by slow and incremental means over many years and decades, in what is in essence as a war of attrition. ” Why are police stations and government offices placed directly under microwave transmitters?

If a scientific experiment is being conducted and the experimentation subject is wearing a cap over their brain which has electrodes on it while looking at a picture of an orange the evoked potentials which are generated on the computer screen of the scientist are automatically translated into information which lets him know that the subject is looking at a picture of an orange. If the subject simply conjures up a mental image of an orange with their imagination and no picture of an orange is present the scientist will then be allowed to know that no picture of an orange is present and the subject is simply conjuring up an image of an orange with their imagination. However, it is possible that their is a second scientist in another room looking at the same evoked potentials but that second scientist is not allowed to know whether the image of an orange which is presented on his screen is conjured up by the imagination of the subject or whether the subject is actually looking at a picture of an orange.Every time you think a thought you generate a unique electromagnetic frequency which is downloaded to the smart phone and it is then wirelessly transmitted to a central location where it is automatically translated into that unique thought.

. All of your other thoughts, words and actions which also generate their own unique electromagnetic frequencies are stored at that central location as well. That central control centre stores unique details about you such as how long you sleep each night, how often you eat, what your moods are like and many other personal details.
By reading and translating the vastly different types of electromagnetic frequencies which are constantly being generated by my brain and body this internet of things system allows my thoughts to be read as well as allowing unknown neuro monitoring operatives to reply to them in real time, among many other unwanted experiences
.When you undergo an EEG examination your brain wave tracings show up on a computer screen. These brain wave tracings show distinctive patterns all of which have been translated into individual words and feelings and they have been compiled into a computerized dictionary which can be translated at the speed of light into what you are thinking and feeling. By this method anyone’s thoughts can be read. Further to this, the brains of all targeted individuals who are also known as smart citizens have been turned into antennas to the extent that their brains can be read wirelessly in real time by unknown neuro scientists and ancillary staff who work from a remote location and without the permission and without the targeted individual ever having met any of them. These unknown neuro scientists then use the human antenna capabilities that have been internalized inside the body of the targeted individual to reply in real time to the thoughts and words generated by the targeted individual.
The human brain and body and the environmnet all work off electromagnetic frequencies. The television, radio, internet, mobile phone, RFID chips etc all work off electromagentic frequencies. When the human brain thinks a thought it produces an electromagnetic frequency which can be measured by wireless means from a distance and automatically translated into what the human subject has just thought about.
In order to measure the electromagnetic frequencies of the human brain, an electroencephalogram is used. It is also known as an EEG machine.
In the 1970s at Stanford University, United States, Dr Pennial put electrodes on the scalp of human subjects and gave them cards to look at. He captured the electromagnetic frequency for each though and emotion of each human subject while that human subject looked at pictures and words on those cards.
Dr Pennial compiled a dictionary of the differnet brain patterns and electromagnetic frequency measurements which corresponded with each picture or word. He then computerized his dictionary to the extent that each brain pattern and electomagnetic frequency measurement would automatically be translated into whatever picture or word that it corresponded with.
When this automatic translation capability was fully completed Dr Pennial could then use it to read the thoughts of human subjects by having a long series of their brain patterns automatically translated into what they were thinking about by using the computerized automatic translating capability to do so.
By using this method Dr Pennial could also determine the emotional state of each human subject he studied.
If you take the electromagnetic frequency for ice cream and send it to the brain of a human being who is not hungry and who has not been thinking of eating ice cream you can manipulate them to then eat ice cream.
If you take the electromagnetic frequency for any possible human emotion and if you send it by wireless means to the brain of an individual you can change their mood instantly in any way you wish. You can use the electromagnetic grid to send the electromagnetic frequency of any human emotion to a whole household or to a whole city.
60 hertz electric wires are to be found in every home and work place. The 60 hertz electric wires in our walls or in our electronic devices have a dual purpose. Ultrasonic wave form pulses ride on top of the sixty hertz power lines and are being used for mind control purposes. This wave form is called the lilly wave after the inventor John Lilly. This wave form is being used to bypass the resistance of the human mind and program the brain. The signature for any emotional state can be placed in this mind controlling wave form. It can be used to create civil unrest or it can be used to create a state of happy apathy in individuals whose freedom is being taken away from them which is currently the case unless we find a way to stop it.
Patent Number US 5123899 which was filed in 1992 can stimulate your brain in order to alter your state of consciousness. You can be put to sleep or rendered uncouscious. You could then be raped. Many women have reported that they have woken up from sleep to find that their clothes are on backwards and they are in a state of disarray but they have no memory of what occurred while they were asleep or unconscious. It is no longer safe for women to travel alone.
Dr Robert G Malech created a frequency modulator machine. A frequency modulator machine is used to play back the electromagnetic frequency of a particular emotion to a human being or a selection of human beings.
A frequency modulator can be used to take frequencies from the human brain and mix them with other incoming frequencies so that the incoming frequencies over ride the original brain frequencies and in this way you can effect the thoughts and emotions of a human being, thereby modifying their behaviour, even without their knowledge. A frequency modulator can be used to modify the behaviour of a law court judge and jury so as to manipulate them to find a defendent guilty or not guilty. It can be used to sports men and women to change the outcome of a football match. It can be used to change the outcome of an election. It can be used on senior politicians to change their decisions. It is being used on psychiatrists to make them wrongly believe that individuals who are being remote neural manipulated are mentally insane. It can be used to turn followers of any organised religion into fanatics which I believe is currently allowed to occur.
The individuals who currently have access to mind reading systems and frequency modulators are the military industrial complex and the medical industrial complex among others.
Most human beings no have nano sized neural dust inside their brains and spinal cords which allow neuro scientists and others to remote neural monitor and remote neural manipulate them at will. We have been turned into antennas. We currently have no defence against remote neural monitoring or remote neural manipulation. This technology has become so advanced that in a selection of cases neuro scientists can access the visual cortex of our brain and translate the evoked potentials of said visual cortex in order to show them what we are currently looking at. They can translate the evoked potentials of the auditory cortex of a human being into what that human being is hearing. They can manipulate the motor cortex of a human being in order to control their movements or in order to curtail their movements or in order to temporary or permanently paralyse them and they can do all of this by wireless means while working from a remote location.
Because a number of the police are under mind control themselves they are wrongly being led to believe that all who complain of wireless electronic harassment and torture are insane. Most of the targeted individuals who are being wirelessly electronically harassed and tortured are anti-authoritarians and dissidents. They are then be taken away, locked up and drugged without due process. This is why their complaints never get dealt with.
I obtained some but not all of the above information from a youtube channel called Sherry’s Research and Reviews.
1. Keep a piece of carbonized ionized iron (steel) on your skin such as a a necklace. Any type of steel which doesn’t rust will do such as stainless steel. It will absorb the digital signals and keep you safe.
2. Take a product called carbon 60 or C60 mixed with olive oil. Toxins are neutralised within minutes of taking it because the toxins in the human body pull electrons off the carbon 60.
3. Use shungite which is a stone found in Russia and if you keep it near you of if you hold a peice of it in each hand it will cause coherence from electric bombardment. It neutralises radiation and it makes the bio-electric energy of our bodies more coherent.
4. Take a product called ormus which puts your brain waves into gamma waves. Your brain waves go into harmony when ormus is in your mouth.
5. Use an antenna sink hole in your home.
6. Take bentonite clay in order to detoxify your body from neural dust.
7. Peat moss can be turned into a fibrous material and worn as clothing and will act as a faraday cage.
8. Make printed sigils, free copies of which can be obtained from www.ourspirit.com and place them around your home.
9. Purchase a qube which transduces erratic electromagnetic energy into coherent energy among other capabilities according to the owner of www.ourspirit.com
10. The American Intelligence Media youtube presenter Douglas Gabriel said that there is a way that negative energy waves can be cohered into positive energy waves so that the more we are bombarded by 5G the more positive energy will be in our homes. Please check the following youtube link for information

Electrical signals are generated inside your head and body whenever you move a muscle. When you decide to move a finger an electrical signal is steered through our brain and central nervous system and travels right down to your finger via your neural system. The movement generates and electric current which generates off your brain and body and which can be read by external means by unknown neuro operatives who work from an unknown remote location. These neuro operatives can then read that electric signal and they can reconstruct the strenght of the current and in what direction it is flowing because we have implants and microdust which contains sensors inside our brains and bodies which now allows them to conduct these manipulations on us from an unknown external location. Neuro scientists and neuro operatives who are agents of the dark occultists can now read out elecromagnetic fields in great detail and have a computer analyse them rapidly so that they can now know what a human being is doing inside the privacy of their own home at all times, down to how many times that human subject blinked their eyes or breathed each day.
Further to that, they can now demodulate all electrical signals and then remodulate them and send them back to the human subject in ways that can then force the human subject to move a muscle entirely against their will, either knowingly or unknowingly. The electromagnetic field which surrounds your body when you are in inside such and electromagnetic field can be used against you to force an electric current inside your head and force it to travel down your neural system and into your limb and make that limb move against your will. This can be used to make you fall a break your ankle against your will while allowing you to believe that it occurred accidentally.
The sensors that read your brain and body activity do not have to be in your brain and body. They can be further away. There are sensors hidden in your smart technology that are being enabled to read your brain and body activity whenever you are within five feet of your own personal computer or your own personal smart phone. This is possibly because one of your energy fields extends our from your body for a distance of five feet. However, if you were inside a smart television store which was full of smart televisions your body activity would not then be read on that occasion because none of those smart televisions would be directly linked to your name and address. Not alone are all of the electromagnetic frequencies which are generated by the brains and bodies of individuals who are wirelessly and non-consensually connected to the smart grid automatically stored at a central location and also automatically translated into everything we think, say and do but as well as that, a frequency modulator is used to send us back other electromagnetic frequencies which are made to over ride our own electromagnetic frequencies to the extent that now our arms and legs can be forced to move against our wills among many other unwanted experiences. Information is being wirelessly sent to my brain and central nervous system over many years to the point that now I can be grounded at the will of the unknown bio-engineers who illegally remote neural monitor and remote neural manipulate me. At this stage, my right leg can be disabled for a short space of time by wireless means at their will. When I am cycling my bicycle I can be made to come off it in a state of pain and I am unable to complete my journey until I recover, a process which can take between five and twenty minutes. This has happened to me on many occasions while said bio-engineers speak to me by live link directly to the hearing centre of my brain.

Some partially bio-robotized human beings have been interviewd on Ramola Dharmaraj’s youtube channel which is called Ramola D Reports, namel y Chris Burton, Galina Kurdina, Philip Walker and others. Philip Walker also known as Skizit has often endured take over of his muscles to such an extent that his own hands and fingers were manipulated to move against his will and to delete his own website which he has been working on for many years and which contained much important material about his experiences. Galina Kurdina experienced whole body takeover and was forced to walk against her will. Chris Burton was forced to hit himself against his will with his own fist among other unwilling acts. Both human and animal whole body takeover and bio-robotization is real and is here to stay if governments refuse to disassemble and ban all technological infrastructure which enables this capability.
It has now become apparent to all well informed and free thinking human beings that the Vatican controllers are the real and only power throughout the world. All roads lead to the Vatican. It is being estimated that the Vatican controllers now own up to forty percent of all transnational corporations and they are entitled to receive sixty percent of all profits from worldwide commerce. Further to that, many countries have signed secret contracts to donate up to four percent of the annual public purse to the Vatican controllers who are known to be dark occultists, Said dark occultists wish to implant each and every one of us with a variety of microchips and then wirelessly link our brains and central nervous systems to their computer control system and they wish to use the technological capability which is outlined in the internet of things patent number US6965816 to achieve their aims. I have already become secretly and non-consensually wirelessly linked to an unknown computerized control system by both my brain and central nervous system to the extent that I know without any doubt that this capability exists and is being widely used to electronically harass and torture a selection of targeted individuals from most if not all countries throughout the world already.
It has also become apparent to all well informed and free thinking human beings that all agents of the Vatican are simply wealthy slaves who are being controlled through fear. All of the European monarchies, the Knights of Malta, the British monarchy, the British Privy Council, the American Senior Executive Service, some movie stars as well as the Pilgrim Society are simply wealthy slaves with no free will whatsoever. They all have take oaths of allegiance either directly or indirectly to the Vatican which require them to be unquestioningly obedient to all of the dictates of the Vatican who themselves appear to be controlled either directly or indirectly by the Ninth Circle of Satanists who regularly conduct human blood sacrifices inside crypts of churches after dark throughout most of the world.
It is being claimed widely that Prince Frieso of the Netherlands attempted to leave the Ninth Circle and he was then ritually sacrificed by the Ninth Circle in a very painful manner, while the privately owned main stream media falsely published a report that he had died in a skiing accident. Many of the wealthy slaves are being given the job of precuring sacrificial victims and they possibly carry out this act because of extreme fear of what will become of them if they refuse.
According to the high profile Vatican watcher and well known author Kevin Annett all church congregations aught to place a statement in the church collection box in lieu of money stating that they will no longer contribute financially to the support of their church until it breaks off all ties with the Satanically controlled Vatican. Please urgently set this program in motion in your area because many have become wirelessly controlled already and you aught to act urgently in order to save your own children from being wirelessly controlled by said Ninth Circle Satanists who would select children at random for ritual and extremely painful human sacrifice. Please find link to youtube video of Dr Katherine Horton and Kevin Annett discussing this and other topics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oD8VU2VrxNo
I am a long term victim of non-consensual remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation. Over many years unknown neuro operatives have attempted to wirelessly gain more and more external control over my central nervous system which would lead to them having more and more control over the muscles of my face and body. Their ultimate aim is to bio-robotize me so that they can wirelessly control me from an unknown remote location.They have now gained almost total control over my facial muscles which has led to me not always being unable to synchronise my mood with my facial expression.

“We have a few blissful years left until enforced telepathic reading.” Quote by Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks.
The Richard C Walker patent which has also come to be known as the wireless internet of things patent number US6965816 describes the ability of neuro scientists to aggressively go in, take over, control, track and manage any system whether it be an airplane, a car, a motor cycle or a human being.
Non-consensual human experimentation is secretly being carried out with a view to eventually technologically enslave most of the human race. I am being subjected to non-consensual remote neural monitoring Knowledge of this and other processes are continually being suppressed through psychiatry. I hear the voices of the neuro experimentators coming from inside my head because they have been enabled to wirelessly send me voice commands and other digital signals by wireless means. I write about all my experiences on my website which is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net.
( According to Cambridge scientist Dr Katherine Horton, there are fine sensors and strong processing power inside our computers and other smart technology which can read all of the electromagnetic signals being generated by our bodies and brains, and also the better the processing power and the finer the sensors that are inside those smart devices the further away the smart devices can be from our heads and bodies and still be able to read the electrical activity being generated by us.
If you keep a smart device on your person all day each day and if you leave it on your bedside table all night beside you near enough to read your energy imprint at all times, then you are uploading all that you think, do and say, how long you sleep for, how often you visit the bathroom, what moods you are normally in and all other private details to an online forum for many others who work in the media and intelligence services to see and to use at will. This information is then automatically used to build an extensive personal profile of you and the details of it are now stored at a central location which a large number of people have access to.
One one occasion in the recent past I decided to take a break from all digital devices and I got rid of them from my environment for more than a week. Then I heard the following conversation being conducted by the neuro operatives who speak to me directly inside my head by still classified military communication technology which is sometimes known as voice to skull as follows:-
“Gretta Fahey has no digital media screen for us to draw our research from.”
“We can then place a camera in her home.”
“No we can not because she is innocent of all crime.”
“Gretta Fahey is an unwilling and non-consensual participant in our research. She lives in a rural area and she only visits her local town by bicycle on one occasion each week where there are no appropriate cameras from which we could gain a picture of her digital imprint from which to continue our research.”
“If there is no visual access to her home we will illegally take her out of it.”
“By what means.”
“No means will work at this stage. We have tried everything.”
“Is Gretta Fahey a transactional participant in our research?”
“No she is not and never has been and never would be so of her own free will.”
Later on I was informed that if I refused to use my own personal digital media device which was registered under my own name in the future agents would be sent to my home late at night and they would send energy beams through my bedroom window in order to take the energy imprint from my brain and body which would be necessary for their continued research of me. I then resumed using my digital media screen again because I find it helpful to post and share information online as a stress releaving measure because the non-consensual neuro weapon research I am experiencing is psychological torture.