Most of us have inhaled and ingested particulates which have penetrated the blood brain barrier and turned our brains into two way transmitters and receivers.   The technology was activated in my brain and body many years ago without my consent and I have been non-consensually receiving voices and other transmissions every since.  I sometimes post online some of what these voices say to me in order to warn others of the extreme danger we are in from wireless technological enslavement.   Here is a small sample of what I heard these unknown voices say to me and about me among themselves in the past number of weeks as follows:-

“We can move her body against her will.  We could make her create havoc in a workplace.  She would have no control over it.”  (Forced muscle movement can easily be achieved by wireless means by the use of a frequency modulator  against anyone who has been implanted in a certain way.)

“We gave classified ourselves as slave masters and we have classified Gretta Fahey as a slave because she has been deemed to have no legal rights.”

” We will hurt you very badly if you eat food that we don’t sanction.”

“We are no longer in the installation process.  We are in the information process.   You will be obedient to my command.”

“These individuals are not allowed personalities.  They are only allowed prototypes.”

“While we have wireless reach of somebody we can compromise them.”

“I hate these modern conveniences.  Break a few of them.”  (That was said in response to a remark I made that I had switched on the dishwasher and the tumble dryer.)

“Tell her she is not allowed to use her computer at certain hours.”

“She doesn’t need online access because she is not working full time.”

“I am not a moderator.  I am a slave master and she will do what she is told.”

“Rope her.”

“We can afford to lose her.  She hasn’t done anything for us.”

“If you don’t co-operate with me I’ll make you blind and deaf.”

“Where are you off to?.   I’ll hurt you if you don’t answer me.”

“Enforced muscle movement in order to hybridize into the system in order to bio-robotize the human being.”

“I don’t care if she is non-consensual.  If I ask her a question she will answer it.  Otherwise, she will experience extreme pain.”

“Are the cameras off?”   “There are no cameras.”   “She is too heavy to lift”  “She will electrocute herself so we wont be able to recover her body.”

For more information my website is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net.


When Barack Obama was president of the United States he had hundreds of journalists and whistleblowers locked up.  However, President Donald  Trump has never had any journalists or whistleblowers locked up.

It is my own personal belief based on my independent research that the President of the United States, Donald Trump is being deliberately demonized on the main stream media by the CIA in order to unjustly impeach him and I believe that unbeknownst by many of their own staff the CIA actually work for the British Crown and not for their own United States citizenry.

.   This  view point  is endorsed by an online source called the American Intelligence Media who report the findings of hundreds of independent researchers who laborously examine legal and financal documents in order to establish who is really behind the attempt to wirelessly and technologically enslave the human race by wirelessly connecting our brains and central nervous systems to a central human control and enslavement system from dust sized implants which we have already been made to inhale and ingest.  This viewpoint  is also endorsed by high profile online journalist,  Alex Jones of Texas Liberty Radio.

“The future does not belong to globalists.  It belongs to sovereign independent nations.”    Recent Quote by U.S. President Donald Trump.


If circumstances were normal which they are not, psychiatrists would receive prison sentences for attempting to dissuade the police from investigating wireless directed energy weapons enabled crimes against members of the general public throughout the world on the false reasoning that such individuals were mentally ill.

However, in view of the fact that microwave mind control is being used on almost a worldwide  scale and in view of the fact that  psychiatrists are not able to mentally over ride the mass microwave mind control because microwave transmitters are deliberately being erected very close to  hospitals and nursing homes  where the majority of psychiatrists  work they are not to blame.  They have a public duty to now  reconsider all past diagnoses of mental illness of totally sane and well behaved human beings and to cancel such false diagnoses.

Psychiatrists have recently admitted that they have been forbidden from conducting any independent research into psychiatry whatsoever so they are legally obliged to take all of what is now known to be their false psychiatric based belief system  from a few men at the top of a psychiatric hierarchical based chain of command.  These unknown men are now known to have a private hidden agenda of their own which is not known to many but which is known to myself  because of the fact that I am non-consensually wirelessly linked by a bi-directional  wireless link to unknown individuals who communicate with me by this wireless link and they have been doing so for many years.

In the past, I have informed the Irish police who are known as the Gardaí as well as my general practitioner and also many psychiatrists as well as psychiatric nurses about the fact that I was hearing voices and experiencing many other unwanted wirelessly generated directed energy assaults.  I was not believed by any of them at any time.  The Gardaí did not allow me to finish speaking before they assessed me as needing to see a psychiatrist so I was unable to inform  them of the full extent of my experiences and I was also unable to give them a statement of the fact that I was experiencing the full force of directed energy weapons assaults.  So, in order to protect myself from being illegally incarcerated inside a psychiatric hospital  and mandated to ingest toxic substances I was then forced to tell the police psychiatrist that I was no longer hearing voices, even though that was not true and is still not true.

I no longer report that I am hearing voices and experiencing many other unwanted wirelessly generated  directed energy assaults to my current general practitioner because he failed to take me seriously when I first informed him  of this fact.    I am unable to inform any government employees that I am being violently assaulted by  directed energy weapons without illegally losing my freedom.   Government employees are unable to speak freely without fear of losing their positions because of extreme legal constraints.   Therefore communication between government employees and the  men and women who they work with is severely undermined because of harmful man made laws.

How can we now improve honest and truthful communication between government employees and the individuals who they work with?   I suggest that we communicate online using skype or zoom while simultaneously  having our conversations broadcast live to the rest of the world.   In that way, the secrecy which is now allowing evil to flourish would be totally eliminated for ever.  Please consider this strategy when communicating with targeted individuals.

If you fail to take this matter seriously, your children will be wirelessly and technologically enslaved before long and you will experience the same fate yourself.

US6470214 B1 |: US Airforce patent from 1996 that can send “Voice to Skull” microwaves which makes you hear voices coming from inside your head

Yours Sincerely,

Gretta Fahey.


Kathrine Zappone is a puppet politician in the paid service of the self proclaimed elite.