I am what is known as a targeted individual or a smart citizen.  I am a non-consensual subject of wirelessly enabled brain and body experimentation and I have been so for many years.   Information is being wirelessly sent to my motor cortex and my spinal cord in order so that those who are illegally and cruelly experimenting on me might gain external control of my facial and body movements.    I appear to be continually brain to brain linked with a member of a team of neuro personnel and they appear to be gaining more and more control over me as the years go by.   They can now gain external control of my vocal cords and force me to speak words which did not originate from my own brain.  When the individual who I happen to be brain to brain linked with laughs I am then forced to laugh also.  When the individual who I am brain to brain linked with is angry my own face grimaces in anger but what is even more difficult to understand  is the fact that my own eyes blaze in anger also even though I myself would not be angry at that time.  When the individual who I am brain to brain linked with is gleeful my whole face takes on an expression of glee but what is much more difficult to understand is the fact that my  own eyes fill with glee even though this gleeful feeling in my face and eyes would  not have come from me at the time.  It is easy to understand external control being taken of my facial muscles by various scientific means but it is more difficult to understand how external control can be taken of my eyes to make them blaze in anger or to make them dance with glee neither of which has sprung from my own feelings.   Has any other targeted individual of remote neural experimentation experienced such extreme experiences such as external control of their eyes.   I would appreciate feedback because I am frightened of what is happening to me and I know of many others who are reporting similar experiences.

Over the years I have come to realise that demonic possession does not exist and never has.  The only type of possession that exists is technological possession.   All diagnoses of demonic possession are false and are being used to cover up the real truth that people can and are being technologically possessed by wireless means by neuro operatives who work from unknown remote locations.     Based on my current experiences I have come to realise that any and all  supernatural stories can easily be explained away by black budget science and technology.