Technology exists that can subliminally influence people to act against their own best interests. This technology is built into smart phones and high definition television screens and high definition computer screens.

Technology also exists that can wirelessly interrogate people in their own homes, by the use of voice to skull military communication networks, which are being operated by signals intelligence personnel.  This and many other types of advanced technology is currently being used against selected members of the general public throughout most of the world, at this point in time. Our governments can not openly admit to the existence and misuse of these weapons because the fabric of society would collapse over night, as soon as people realised that senior politicians and the judiciary could be covertly manipulated by remote means. There is an easy solution.

We are living in the illusion of a democracy. People who question the authority of their government or who do not conform to the government control system are being put on covert psychological torture programs, which have been initiated by an unknown criminal cabal. These psychological torture programs are conducted by military intelligence operatives with the aid of remote controlled electronic technology, using brain-wave science. These psychological torture programs are being conducted on people throughout the world, and they are being covered up by false mental illness diagnoses. Other cover stories that are currently being used to suppress information about the existence of sophisticated electronic weapons are the extra-terresterial hoax, the religious apparation hoax, the channelling false information hoax, and the near-death experience hoax. All of these hoaxes and many more can easily be generated by the use of electromagnetic weapons which can create holograms, and voice harassment, which can be wirelessly transmitted from a distance.

Electronic weapons are currently being used to de-democratize society and to gradually and incrementally turn all countries into dictatorships. There is a planned program to take over all countries throughout the world in this way. Senior politicians are surrounded by people who stop real information getting through to them, and who create a false reality for them. Politicians in the know are being silenced by the threat of remote controlled electronic torture. A false reality is also being created for the general public via the controlled main-stream media. Remote influencing capabilities are being used to re-inforce this false reality.

A central command and control centre has been created within each continent, where all orders are issued from, to all senior politicians, the police, the intelligence services, the military, main-stream medicine, psychiatry, social workers, senior civil servants, and anybody else who receives government funding. They are now working towards a worldwide human electronic totalitarian control system, through the policies of Agenda 21, under the dubious claims of sustainable development, and I believe they have joined forces with all major organised religions, who appear to be working towards the same agenda. Public education is being used to indoctrinate students into the political principal of collectivism, which means central control of humanity, where everybody is obedient to the same world-wide system.

There is abundant evidence that we have been lied to on an unimaginable scale in order to keep us from interfering with the plans of an unelected criminal cabal who are currently manipulating governments from behind the scenes. It is being widely claimed by credible scientists that nuclear weapons are a hoax, space travel and the existence of satellites are also a hoax. Electronic weapons are being used to kill any scientist who questions the fraudulent science being created by this criminal cabal.

We, the general public are the highest authority in the land. Because of advances in knowledge and capabilities, we no longer need a government. Governments deliberately cause problems in order to expand their power and keep people trapped in a cycle of dependence. We are all equals in this planet of equals. We are all equally capable. Governments dont want us to be self reliant, because that would make them redundent. When we elect governments to make our decisions for us, we are adopting a child-like mind set. We must run our countries ourselves, using a system of anarchy, which is a system of RULES WITHOUT RULERS.


There are two easy methods to instantly dismantle the whole evil electronic surveillance and enslavement system. Either method would work. If mobile phone masts were dismantled or disabled, or chemtrail aerosol spraying ceased, vital links needed to carry wireless messages to and from human brains and bodies would no longer be possible. Additionally, we should urgently find a way of disrupting the electronic signals by using some type of jamming system.. I believe that if we dismantle our telephone masts as a matter of urgency, we are freeing ourselves and our children from a future of rigid enslavement in a planetry wide electronic concentration camp of our own making. Some telephone mast technology has now been placed on the top of church steeples and tall trees in some European countries, but the active signals from these can be easily detected by means of signal detection meters, so that they can be dismantled also. I am not advocating breaking the law, even though I believe our laws are no longer in harmony with moral laws. We are now in the middle of a silent war, being fought with weapons that leave no trace. In an emergency situation, when there is no time to physically dismantle mobile phone masts, militaries could render all mobile phone masts useless, with pulses of electromagnetic energy. Without telephone masts, electronic weapons can still be used, but only on a local scale.


Throughout the world, remote controlled electronic weapons can only legally be used by government agents. I believe that tax money is being used to wirelessly electronically harass and torture selected people who have committed no crime, while these people are in their own homes.

Please research abuses of signals intelligence.Please consider the idea of having telephone masts dismantled.

Please consider the idea of dismantling the intelligence services.

Please consider the idea of switching from digital television back to the old system of analogue television.

All countries must enact a law, banning the misuse of any type of directed energy weapon which can be used to attack and torture people through the walls of their homes.

All countries must provide financial incentives to people with the knowledge and ability to jam the electronic signals of these nightmare weapons.

We should ask politicians and judiciary and all people who are agents of governments to cease using technologies which might allow them to be remotely influenced, into making decisions not in the best interests of their people. If a person with a government funded position insists in continuing to use digital and smart technologies, the citizenry can no longer trust their ability to have sound judgement, and these government funded staff includes the police, and the military intelligence personnel.

We should enact a ban on the use of all secrecy clauses in politics. Politicians are public servants. They can not serve us if they refuse to answer our questions. In some countries, politicians have begun to avoid answering our questions by answering a different question, not asked. This is not democratic. Secrecy is synonymous with evil.

In some countries, agents of the government, including military and police are now being falsely taught that they have excessive powers which have not been granted to them under their constitutions. The general public are the highest authority in any country.


If the unknown criminal cabal should succeed in their plan to enslave humanity, which they wont, humanity would never be able to release themselves from their enslavement. If we act now to expose the covert electronic holocaust, it will make a huge difference to the freedoms and happiness of billions and billions of future children, growing up on this planet. We must rally all governments to have all telephone masts dismantled immediately. Without telephone masts, we can still continue to use landline phones for our business and social use, without any negative impact on our lives

Please do not organise a human rights march. These marches are being deliberately infiltrated by trouble-makers, and, in some instances, mood altering technology is covertly being used against the marchers. I have friends, throughout the world, who claim they are being electronically harassed in their own homes by electronic weapons. The electronic surveillance and control system is never openly talked about or reported in the predominantly privately owned and controlled main-stream media. . Remotely transmitted mood altering technology exists which can make you feel apathetic and indifferent. I believe all of the points that I have raised here are true but I can not prove them.

If you ever find yourself on a virtual reality in-home torture program, switch off your electricity supply at the mains every night, or else switch off all electricity to your bedroom each night. This will help you to a large extent.