A computerized control system is being set up in secret throughout the Republic of Ireland as well as throughout the whole world which involves wirelessly linking each individual to a centralized computer control system either from internal implants and internal neural dust or else in some instances entirely from the individual human beings unique DNA signature alone without the need for any implants whatsoever. When you become wirelessly linked to this centralized computer control system you can then be wirelessly tortured at the will of unknown individuals provided you have metallic particulates inside your body which we all have at this stage. Some nano sized neural dust may also penetrate your blood brain barriers and adhere to the neuro transmitters of your brain and your spinal cord so that you could eventually be controlled more thoroughly.
There is a master plan being put in place throughout Ireland by dark occultists where all police stations as well as radio stations and government offices are being situated directly under microwave transmitters so that politicians, government staff and radio station staff are being bathed in microwave radiation and because of this they are bound to be heavily influenced by microwave mind control leading to some of them now being unable to comprehed the seriousness of the situation we are all in.

Some Gardai who remain uninformed about the existence and abuse of wirelessly enabled directed energy weapons are unintentionally doing everything they can to cover up all incidences of wireless torture in their own communities and throughout the world by refusing to accept statements from anyone who shows up at a Garda station informing the Gardai that they are experiencing wireless electronic harassment and torture. The Gardai instead punish the victim by forcing them to attend for psychiatric evaluation where the victim can then be imprisoned inside a psychiatric hospital and forced to ingest highly toxic substances which have been especially blended by the dark occultic would-be controllers for their extremely distressing side effects. The original complaint of wireless electronic harassment and torture then goes completely uninvestigated by the Gardai.
I have already become wirelessly linked to such a computerized control system and I have been so for more than sixteen years. I am in telephone contact with many other Irish people, who are also wirelessly connected in this away. You may not have heard much about this computerized control and torture system because the main stream media appears to be totally locked down through a myriad of control system including electronic mind control of many of the staff as well as supervision by members of the dark occult who now own and directly control 95% of the main stream media throughout the world.
The control system collects electrical data from my brain and body on a continual basis and this electrical data it automatically translates into my verbal thoughts, words and actions. The neuro operatives who operate the computerized control system send me voices, visions, pain, sleep deprivation, heat sensations, cold sensations, forced muscle movement and other unwanted bodily sensations. On several occasions the neuro operatives who operate the computerized control system used wireless signals to place me in a virtual reality hold for a short space of time where I was obliged to watch moving images against my will. I had to keep my eyes open in order to attempt to disable said virtual reality hold. They can also place me in a frequency hold which they did for a whole year back in approximately 2008/2009 where the frequency which generates terror in a human being was locked on to my unique DNA signature for approximately a full year. Further to this, pre-programmable bio-chips have now been created that can be pre-programmed to block you from ever passing pre-set boundaries such as your town or city limits so you must refuse any and all requests from programmable bio-chip implantations.
In 1995 a patent was created that would subsume all other patents in order to control everybody and everything on planet earth and which is euphemistically known as “the internet of things” patent but is called the Walker patent after Richard C Walker who filed it. However, it is now believed that Richard C Walker is a front man and that the patent is in reality owned and controlled by Sir Geoffrey Pattie of the British Privy Council, which works within the City of London Financial District. Please watch the following “American Intelligence Media” youtube video which gives details about the Walker patent which is believed to be owned by Sir Geoffrey Pattie of the British Privy Council and which would be used to technologically enslave the whole human race

The United States patent office has been proven to be corrupt to the extent that any and all patents which are being registered there are automatically being stolen by the cabal of criminals who wish to take over and enslave the human race. The Gardai could easily prove that their are irregularities in the human energy fields of all victims who complain of being wirelessly linked to this computerized human control system if they were supplied with high end spectrum analysers which would show up said anomolies.
The dark occultists who are attempting to wirelessly control and enslave the human race wish to misdirect out attention away from themselves by giving us false information such as the lie that machines are now capable of making independent decisions without any outside influence from human beings whatsoever and that machines are able to grab totally unique ideas out of thin air and use them to attempt to enslave the human race and that machines are now conscious in a similar way to human beings .Computer programmers are renewing computer code on an almost daily basis because of anomalies. Subroutines are being implemented in computer software to make it appear that a computer can make uninformed decisions but said subroutines are being constantly created by hundreds of thousands of computer programmers in the background. Nobody actually believes that machines have conscousness but because the dark occultists now own and run 95% of the main stream media it is difficult to find a way to contradict the innuendo and lies of the dark occultists.
The well known whistle blower and experiencer of electronic harassment and torture from the United States, Bryan Tew has stated online that according to his research the neuro operatives who operate theis computerized human control and enslavement system do not actually need any physical equipment to run it and instead they can be placed into a virtual reality setting by wireless means where they can then use virtual reality screens to run this system. If this is in fact the case I believe that they would have to have a variety of electrical implants implanted throughout their heads and bodies which would allow such a virtual reality workspace to be wirelessly manifested around them. The reason that this fact is important is because if the police show up at the home of any criminal who is thought to be electronically harassing and torturing their fellow human beings, they would not be able to find any physical equipment which they might be expecting to find in order to prove that the suspect was electronically torturing their fellow human beings in order to then arrest the suspect. The police instead might need to bring a high quality spectrum analyser to the home of all suspects in order to detect anomalies in the energy field of the suspect.
All of our politicians , police and psychiatrists must make public statements acknowledging the existence and widespread abuse of wireless directed energy weapons weapons and their capability to wirelessly torture people to death or we will refuse to recognise western government s any longer. We will not tolerate any politicians or any government staff members who continue to deny the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons , thereby enabling criminals to continue to electronically harass and torture their own fellow country men and women to death.
I requested a letter to be sent to me on government headed paper which would safeguard me from psychiatry so that I could make a statement to the local Gardaí concerning my more than sixteen years of wireless harassment and psychological torture but I have heard nothing back. I will not speak to the Gardai until I get such a letter. If they should ever ask me anything about my experiences of being a targeted individual of electronic torture I will be obliged to invoke the right to remain silent in order to protect myself from psychiatric intervention. It is my belief that government staff are not being informed about current weapons capabilities because they are already being regarded as slaved by the dark occultists.
There are three small independent sovereign states which are situated within other countries and which are not in any way affiliated to thse other countries that they are land locked inside and which work as one unit from behind the scenes and who plan to take over and technologically enslave the whole human race by wireless means. They are the Vatican state which is not legally affiliated with Italy, the London Financial District which is not legally part of the United Kingdom and Washington DC which is not legally part of the United States. Those who work inside these three small independent states are known as globalists and some of them are the British Privy Council, The United States Senior Executive Service and a number of Jesuits who work within the Vatican. I do not know if they are the individuals who plan to enslave the rest of the human race or if they are wirelessly enslaved to a computerized control and enslavement system themselves. However, all the paperwork which has been created to further globalization and enslavement of world citizens leads to these three small indepedendent states according to hundreds of independent researchers who report their findings via the American Intelligence Media. The United Nations is also privately owned and controlled by them. We should not be focused on blaming these individuals or anybody else for the situation we find ourselves in because we have no way of really knowing who is being wirelessly enslaved and who is doing the enslaving. We should only be interested in disassembling and banning all infrastructure which allows any and all human beings to be wirelessly tortured inside their own homes. I am not interested in provoking blood shed or vengence.
Whoever controls this cabal of globalists already control China. They own and control most giant corporations which have more power and money than most countries. They own and control the federal reserve bank and most central banks. They print money out of blank paper and they are buying up all of the resources of this planet. They start wars for profit. They manufacture and sell the arms used in those wars to all countries fighting the war regardless of what side that country is on. They practice insider trading. They steal patents of entrepreneurs through a corrupt United States patent office. They are responsible for the deaths of millions of their fellow human beings.
It is believed that Donald Trump is working against them and is working towards decentralization of world power and placing it back into the hands of individual countries. Because the globalists now own up to ninety five percent of the worlds media they demonize Donald Trump at every opportunity. They have their own news reporters refer to themselves as the elite in order to help them to create a rigid heirarchical based chain of command across the world. They have their own news reporters generate fake news in order to misguide the general public at every opportunity.
Disassembling and banning all microwave transmitters throughout Ireland as well as banning the installation of any and all 5G millimeter wave transmiiters aught to be under discussion by all politicians right now. I personally believe that Minister Denis Naughton who was the Irish Minister for Communications in 2017 and who gave the order to have 5G installed throughout Ireland is himself wirelessly fused to a network of computers or a supercomputer or both and could receive extreme pain signals if he did not co-operate with the heirarchical based chain of command. Anybody can be placed in a state of temporary unawareness while they are being injected with a wide variety of implants and later wake up without any awareness that they have been implanted. It is only much later that those implants would be activated. If this happened to Minister Naughton, he would not be able to inform the general public about the matter because the main stream media is not accessable to him as it is privately owned for the most part and he would be immediately arrested and placed on psychiatric hold if he informed the public that he was now receiving voice commands and pain signals such as what I myself receive on a continual basis.
Microwave mind control has been in use throughout Great Britian since at least 2001. It is also more than likely being used throughout Ireland, a fact which renders all judicial findings unsound which gives us yet another reason to disassemble and ban microwave transmitters as soon as we can.
If we wait until 5G is fully installed the bandwith capable of wirelessly linking and thereby enslaving the whole population of Ireland would be available to the dark cabal of globalists. You may already have the particulates inside your body and your body may already be prepared for further activation. Please organise a discussion on disassembling the technological infrastructure throughout this country now.
If satellites exist the signals which they would send from space would need to travel sixty five thousand miles through extreme conditions in order to relay digital signals to satellite dishes and telephone towers. No science exists that supports this situation. All signals are transmitted throughout the world via undersea fibre optic cables. The Irish military should be asked to sever all under sea fibre optic cables coming in to the Republic of Ireland in order that this act of severing may block unwanted digital signals containing voice commands and pain which come by wireless means into the brains and bodies of Irish targeted individuals. I believe that some signalled attacks come from stationary drones and not from satellites as originally thought but stationary drones can easily be shot down and we must organise our military to do that.
I know that demonic possession is a hoax which was created in order to cover up technological possession. Individuals who are deemed to be demonically possessed are in fact technologically possessed. I know this to be true because wireless external control can and has been taken of my own facial muscles on many occasions. All of my facial muscles can now be externally controlled vigorously. My head has been made to nod and shake vigorously against my will in the past. Many other hoaxes were also created in order to mislead the general public such as the religious apparition hoax, the moving statue hoax, the hoax that signals can travel sixty five thousand miles down from satellites in space to attack us.

Please watch any and all youtube videos being presented by Professor James Giordano of Georgetown University, Washington DC because his presentations support the capabilities which I have outlined here.

Anyone who might publicly declare that no such technology exists and that this letter should be disregarded would be using implied authority rather than actual authority when offering such an opinion because no one can possibly know what wireless capabilities exist today unless they are one of the criminal perpetrators or else one of the victims. I am such a victim and have been so for more than sixteen years.
Please read my website which is called
My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. My landline home phone number is 0949360901. Please share this letter.