Bruce Lipton material and some of my own recent experiences.

Your brain activity can be read by means of an electro encepholograph EEG where the electrical activity is conducted through the skin from the brain. There is another way of reading your thoughgs. It is called magneto enchephaograph. MEG. The probe is outside your brain. Your thoughts are not contained in your head. Your thoughts are braodcast to the field just like a radio broadcast. Each of us is braodcasting our thoughts to the field. If you get enought people to have the same thought that thought is then amplified into the field.
The field is the invisible energy. The field is the sole governing agency of the particle . The Particle is the material realm. It is the energy in the field that shapes the physical experience of our lives. When all of our thoughts become coherent and are collectively on the same platform of thinking , the field is the sole governing agency of matter and will generate matter. What we need in the world is an evolution of our consciousness. Here is the link to this Bruce Lipton material on youtube.

Some individuals have been stealing data from my brain and body for the past seventeen years or more by wireless remote means. They also have been writing codes into my central nervous system in order to gain wireless external control over my physical body. Here is some of what they were heard by me to say over the past twenty four hours as follows:-
“Gretta. Your brain and body have now been coded for external remote control. You are going live next Thursday.”
“You are now a sleeper agent who can be physically controlled through a computer.”
“Take her in for questioning.”
“This lady is not someone I wish to interfere with in the course of my life. I dont want her to be free.”
“We dont want her to commit suicide. We are not really there yet.”
“I am deeply dismayed by her trajectory. We were not expecting this.”
“Systems analysis of the lady right now.”
“You dont have the right to ask for systems analysis of her.”
“I have the right to ask. I am paying for this charade.”
“We wish to stand down.”
“Alot of work has been done on this lady. We wish to have a stake in her ownership.”
“If she was mine I would be more co-operative to the system.”