Corporate interests have invested money in targeting myself and many other individuals throughout my country for the purposes of remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulating us.   We believe that either nano or micro chip technology has been imbedded in us in order to enable remote monitoring and manipulation of the electrical activity of our brains and bodies.   We believe that these corporate interests are planning to enslave their fellow human beings by wireless means.   Their staff are now compiling elaborate data on  a diverse selection of individuals from every country in the world.   These neural link staff are composed of both willing staff who are happy to comply with the requests of the corporate owners of the company they work for, as well as unwilling staff who work for the corporate owners because they have become entangled with the law and they have been threatened with jail if they refuse to comply.   The neural link staff issue voice commands via wirelessly enabled  implants which appear to be imbedded in the ear canals of the targeted individuals.  Some of the unwilling neural link staff are now passing information to the targeted individuals in order to officially  raise awareness of this impending threat to human freedom.   Electronic mind control is being transmitted to government staff and others in order to lull them into a mind set of unquestioning belief in the corporate leaders, who may  belong to secret societies with a  not so hidden agenda of worldwide takeover and enslavement of their fellow human beings.  Naivety and gullability in leadership could lead to enslavement of the human race.  Please distrust corporate takeover and ownership of resources through a system of privatisation, which is now taking place.  Place our resources under the ownership of the general public under a trust that we would control ourselves.


We have been inhaling and ingesting programmable biochips.   It is my belief that in a selection of targeted individuals these programmable biochips are being forced into their muscles by a process known as forced induction each night while the targeted individual is sleeping.   This is being carried out by criminal neuro operatives while using wirelessly enabled  directed energy weapons, while working from an unknown remote location.   When a sufficient quantity of programmable biochips have been imbedded in the muscles of the targeted individuals these programmable biochips are then co-ordinated to act in tandem with each other and are programmed to move the muscles of the targeted individual against their will.  In order to fully activate this process the motor cortex of the targeted individual must be injected with digital signals which also act in tandem with the programmable biochips.   When all of  the muscles of a human being can eventually be fully operated by criminals using wireless capabilities and while working from a remote location then that human being is known as a bio-robotized human being.

It is my belief that when enough good will human beings have unknowingly  undergone the process of having their muscles imbedded with programmed biochips they would  be used against their wills in a military psychological operation to frighten the rest of the human race into handing over their human rights to a group of behind the scenes criminals who wish to enslave the human race.   The bio-robotized human beings could be used to commit crimes against their wills.   The bio-robotized human beings could be used to strike fear in the rest of the human race shortly after they die in a psychological operation like never before.    If you believe that you are being slowly and incrementally bio-robotized please ask your relatives to have your body cremated after you die so that your body can not be used for nefarious purposes.   We can stop this human enslavement process in its tracks by having all telephone towers and microwave transmitters and related paraphernalia disassembled and banned urgently.  All computer data travels by undersea fibre optic cables.  The existence of satellites is believed to be a hoax.  Stationary drones are being mistaken for satellites.  Electronic mind control has become so strong that whole streets of people now are known to mow their gardens at the exact same time.


Microwave energy plus metallic particulates equals fire.   Microwave transmitters combined with the metallic particulates from chemtrail geo-engineering which have become imbedded inside our muscles has given rogue intelligence agents the capability to spontaneously combust any and all of us at will.   I believe we could all be burned to death during the night if a rogue intelligent agent raised the  level of microwave energy which is now being emitted from telephone towers.    Solution  –  Urgently ban telephone towers and all related paraphernalia.



I believe God is the intelligent, creative energy that surrounds us all.  It responds to our actions in a supposedly scientifically proven process known as natural law.  If our actions are out of alignment with nature and natural law, then the intelligent, creative energy that surrounds us  is purported to generate negative experience for us in order to herd us back into a behaviour mode that is in alignment with nature.

Some individuals believe that they can influence this intelligent, creative energy by praising it and begging it for material possessions.   The creative intelligent energy can not be influenced in this manner.  It ultimately responds to our actions.   If our actions are in alignment with the rigid laws of nature we will prosper.  However, our collective actions as a whole country or a whole planet must align with the laws of nature in order that we prosper.  If only a few individuals are aligning with the laws of nature, they could be made to suffer from the actions of others who refuse to consider the laws of nature and who do whatever they please.

Attempting to influence the intelligent, creative energy of nature by praising and worshiping it was designed by organised religions for several purposes.  If you pray when something in your life goes wrong it helps to render you passive.  If you are being slowly and incrementally enslaved by individuals who believe they own you, praying will not help you.  You must take action.   Secondly, repetition is one of the strongest forms of mind control.  It renders the praying individual unable to think logically.   Reverence is also another form of strong mind control which inhibits logical thinking.



If fifth generation wireless technology combined with in-home smart meters ever become fully operational we would then all be linked by wireless means from nano technology which is already inside us to a computer network.  We would then lose all mental privacy forever.  We would no longer have regular schooling or university education.  We would no longer have use for newspapers or main stream media.  We would no longer have use for general practitioners, the law courts, regular police or military.   We would never enjoy mental privacy again.   Further to this, if you have a smart metre forceably installed in your home it can be used to wirelessly burn down your home by remote control.  Frequency technology can be used to make you fall asleep inside your home, and then your home could be burned down while you are sleeping inside.

A large selection of individuals have already been wirelessly linked by remote means to a network of computers which are monitored on a twenty four hour basis by surveillance staff, who are employed by unknown human beings.  These surveillance staff get reimbursed by providing them with all the need to live.  However, they do not and can not use money.  This makes them enslaved to the evil system they work for , for ever.  They did not know what they were getting involved in when they signed up to this mode of living.  They can no longer speak publicly about their ordeal because they would be dishomed  and threatened with dismemberment.  Even though they live in large gathering of one hundred and eighty or more they can not and would never leave their building where they both work and live because evil abounds in the outer world.   One such large gathering lives in the centre of London.  Another similarly large gathering lives in the centre of Cardiff in Wales. Individuals who have placed tracking devices inside them would shoot them dead if they ever decided to leave.  There are no bolts on their doors.  They can leave whenever they wish but they will meet certain death.


The perps who have been  generating  the V2K  inner voices inside my head  for the past fifteen years have decided to quit their post due to unforeseen circumstances.  However, when they gave a public notice to quit they were denied permission to do so.  This policy is symbolic of the fact that the perps as well as the targeted individuals are now considered slaves by the would-be enslavers of the human race.  The only way around this onerous situation is to have all telephone masts as well as microwave transmitters urgently abolished so as to deny said  would-be enslavers both   the wireless and microwave capabilities they need in order to continue scientificially experimenting on us, targeted individuals by wireless means.  Hundreds of thousands of wirelessly  tortured individuals throughout the world would immediately be set free to enjoy a new lease of life.   Act urgently.


I am a long term subject of  wirelessly enabled remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation.  Unknown  neuro operatives  both monitor and manipulate my brain and body digital imprint from a remote location which then directly affects my physical body in an adverse way.  These criminal neuro operatives who have now turned against this digital control system  have informed me countless times that they can only input digital signals into my body’s digital imprint  as well as translate digital readouts from the electrical readouts of my body whenever my computer is plugged into an electrical socket.   When I am using my computer while it is  unplugged from the electrical socket and while it is then in battery support mode these neuro operatives can not do the work they would normally do if they could fully understand the readout of my energy field.   Combined with taking the precaution to only use my computer while it is in battery  support mode I always take my computer out of my bedroom at night and I switch off the electricity supply to my bedroom via a small electricity switchboard which is situated inside my home in the hallway.

Further to this, many targeted individuals are experiencing forced muscle movements on a regular basis.  Some targeted individuals have confessed that their whole body is taking on a life of its own to the point that a targeted individuals  fist has been  made to hit them in the chest or a targeted individual has been made to speak words and whole sentences totally against their will.   This is easily understandable when we take the time to understand how brain science is being studied.  The neuro operatives record the brain activity each and every time a targeted individual moves their fist towards their chest and they find a way to replay this action against the will of the targeted individual at a later time.  For this reason it is now imperative that all police stations have the use of spectrum analysers in their pursuit of justice in order to detect if directed energy anomalies are showing up around the body and brain of anybody who complains of being the target of directed energy weapons.

Socio economic forums throughout the past decade have decided that everyone must fall in line with the mind set of the current worldwide hierarchical based chain of command or else they would be excluded from the economy entirely.   This mind set is an enslavement mind set.  We aught to join the group who are currently breaking away from Europe.


Those among the British police who are not initiated into the almost worldwide rigid computerised control system call the individuals that we know as perps or criminal neuro operatives as “the systems analysis team”.    The “systems analysis team” force their voices inside the heads of targeted individuals of remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation every day all day long, while issuing repremands and insults to us on a constant basis.   There are currently at least four different technologies which have the capacity to place voices inside the heads of unwilling human beings.    The systems analysis team  wake us up in the middle of the night and are happy to keep us awake all night if they so wish.  They have tortured me into making two serious suicide attempts many years ago when I first become a targeted individual of both remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation.

Said “systems analysis team” are under the control of the most unethical group of human beings on this planet, far worse than the Nazis ever were.   If you are a police officer reading this please urgently investigate who you are communicating with on an almost daily basis while asking them questions about innocuous individuals.  It is the systems analysis team and their employers who you should really be investigating.


I am a targeted individual and I have been thus for more than fifteen years.   Voice to Skull military communication operatives have been able to place their own voices inside my head for all of that time.  These operatives have turned against the all pervasive technological control system which I and many others are wirelessly linked to against our wills and without our permission.   Said voice to skull military communication operatives have recently given me the following information.  I am currently living in Ireland and therefore I could not have any knowledge of school shootings other than what I hear on the media.

Innocent individuals are currently being pre-programmed by wirelessly enabled energy weapons to commit acts of extreme evil against their wills and without their permission.    Said  pre-programmed formalized activities can only be activated in a location where all of the location dimensions have been previously input into a computer program well in advance of said pre-programmed activities.   The neuro weapons operatives who wirelessly pre-program the targeted subject  well in advanced of the criminal act have as yet no guidance system with which to totally control said targeted subject  while said targeted subject is carrying out the said pre-programmed formalized activity such as a pre-arranged school shooting.   The pre-programmed formalized activity is a hit and miss affair.  Success is brought about by having bystanders on the ready to carry out the actual school shootings, which are usually followed shortly by the shooting of said targeted subject in order to cover up the school shooting crime.

When we have succeeded in convincing the human race of the fact that they are secure in their surroundings we will then announce to the world that they are now under slave management.  If you wish to live in freedom, urgently dismantle all wireless capabilities as well as microwave capabilities.


I along with millions of other individuals throughout the world have become wirelessly linked  by a two way connection to a computer network from implants which are deeply imbedded in our bodies and brains.     This has happened against our wills and without our knowledge at a time when we were unaware it was happening.  This process is called Remote Neural Monitoring.   If ever 5g or fifth generation wireless technology becomes operational the technological capability would then  exist  to wirelessly link everybody in the world other than the would-be enslavers of the human race to a computer network for the rest of their lives with no possibility of ever breaking free of it.  This is modern day slavery.

I along with most of the other individuals who are being remote neural monitored hear voice commands on a constant basis.  These voices issue commands and repremands to us constantly.   These voices are the voices of real human beings who speak to us by wireless means.  These voices are the voices of the remote neural monitoring staff who refuse to tell us their names or locations.

These voices have informed me of the need to conform to the actions and to the attitudes of the rest of the human race.   They have informed me that they will not tolerate non-conformity in any area.   After many years of linking many  sub-groups of my muscles to their computer system by two way streams of electromagnetic energy they now can harm me to an extreme degree if I refuse to conform.

If conformity of the whole human race to their required attitudes is played out along its current path we will eventually reach a stage where the whole human race will have only one personality between them.  Our unique personalities will have become homogenised into one boring personality.   Whenever someone is asked their opinions on the world they would possibly  reply as follows  ” I love my professors,   I love my government officials,  I love the pope, I love football,  I love  listening to the beatles and U2. ”     As well as being enslaved we would all die of boredom.


Further to this situation, Ireland has become a multi-cultural society over the past thirty years approximately.  There are many advantages to this situation, including having friends with many different back-grounds.   There is one major disadvantage which has come to the fore.   We live in a world containing approximately forty million Satanists and dark Luciferians.      These dark occultists are planning to wirelessly enslave the human race by invading all countries throughout the world and by inserting themselves into all power institutions within all countries.   This has already been achieved.   These dark occultists do not advertise their presence.  They operate strictly through secret societies.    There are approximately two hundred countries in the world.  There could be as many as ten thousand Satanists living in Ireland.   They all have the same agenda which is to take over our lives and to enslave all of us completely by wireless means and by a large variety of other means.  They may already have infiltrated the Irish Gardaí.   Naivety is not an attractive quality in an adult human being.   You have a duty to become a politician activist in order to protect the freedom of Ireland.

We can easily stop the process of wirelessly enslaving the whole human race simply by having all wirelessly enabling capabilities combined with microwave generating capabilities disassembled and banned throughout the land.  However,  said Satanists and government officials who they have successfully compromised would immediately do all in their power to stop us.  We must urgently disassemble this technology now.  We must protect the freedom, autonomy  and happiness of both the current and future children of Ireland.



Many targeted individuals have been implanted with biochips throughout their brains and bodies against their wills and without their permission. These biochips are being used to wirelessly link both their brains and bodies to a network of computers by a two way stream of electromagnetic energy. The criminal operators of these computers can speak to the targeted individuals against their wills and without their permission via brain transmission which is now in widespread use. The criminal operators can also send unwanted digital signals to the body of the targeted individual until such a time as the targeted individuals body is damaged in many different ways, even to the point of total paralysis. Forced muscle movement can also be induced in the targeted individual. Eventually the targeted individual can become wirelessly enslaved by this means. If enough targeted individuals become enslaved they could then be made to enslave their fellow human beings by the same means. Said criminals could eventually use preprogrammed computerized voices to speak to targeted individuals instead of using criminal operatives to speak to them. Said criminals could eventually use preprogrammed pain signals or electric shocks to make you brush your teeth or rise at six am if you refused to do so. Millions of human beings are already wirelessly linked to a network of computers already of which there is no escape. I am one such human being and I know of many others throughout my country and the rest of the world.   The rest of the human race are having their brains entrained into a state of incredulity and indifference. It is a well known fact that there are no satellites. Drones can easily be shot down. It is in your own interest to disable microwave transmitters urgently.


Targeted individuals of remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation are well aware by now that the capability currently exists for criminal neuro operatives to force somebody else’s  muscles other than their own to move against that other person’s  will.   This has been demonstrated on youtube at the following link  which is called “How to Control Someone Else’s Arm with Your Brain.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSQNi5sAwuc .    While this demonstration was achieved by wired means, the same principle applies when it is done by wireless means by the use of implanted bio-chips and from a remote location.   Many targeted individuals of remote neural manipulation have publicly confessed to having their muscles move against their wills by unknown criminal neuro operatives who use wireless technology.   One of these targeted individuals has even informed the public on youtube that their own arm was made to hit themselves continuously up to twenty times.   I have been a targeted individual of neuro weapons experimentation for more than fifteen years.   I myself have experienced the muscles of my own face being made to move against my will and without my permission on an almost daily basis for several weeks.   My head has been made to nod and shake vigorously against my will.   The uninitiated are unwilling to believe us because  this type of neuro science is relatively unknown.

I personally believe that individuals who are totally unaware that they have been implanted with programmable bio-chips are occasionally being forced to drive their vehicles into large crowds of people by the use of this capability in order so that the new world order overseers might  have privately owned vehicles eventually banned.   I also believe that the capability to immobilize or paralyse  a fellow human being by wireless means is now possible.     The phenomenon of remote muscle movement which can easily be proven by the use of an electromagnetic spectrum analyser,  must be  urgently acknowledged by the public at large, because there is a possible easy solution to it.   If we have programmable bio-chips imbedded in various parts of our bodies it is being claimed that they can easily be disabled by the use of strong pulses of magnetic energy applies to the human body.   Most targeted individuals do not have the financial resources to purchase magnetic pulsers of the type required.  Governments should be encouraged to make such magnetic pulsars freely available.    Failing that, we aught to urgently disable all wireless enabling capabilities across the world because they are being widely abused by criminal neuro operatives who use them to electronically harass and torture targeted individuals while these targeted individuals are attempting to go about their own lives.


I am currently hearing intelligent sounding  voices of my fellow human beings coming from inside my head.   You will shortly begin to hear voices coming from inside your head which will be sent to you by wireless means and  by the use of  digital signals.    These inner voices are currently  being generated inside the heads of millions of human beings throughout the world.   There are at least four different types to technological means available to the intelligence services which they and many other groups use widely for the purposes of direct voice communication.  This technology and the work the intelligence services do is covered under various secrecy clauses.  However, it is an open secret that such technology exists and is in widespread use.

This morning, an unknown wirelessly transmitted voice of a real human being asked me a question by means of this internal voice communication system.   I refused to answer on the grounds that the questioner was forcing his voice inside my head against my will and without my permission in an act of extreme evil.   I then heard that voice report to a colleague that he was being met with resistence.   His colleague feigned surprise that I was refusing to speak to him.  That colleague said that they regularly spoke to the staff during conference calls on a regular basis by means of said inner voice communication.   That colleague was then told that I was not a member of staff because I had refused all offers of bribes which were made to me over many years via  said voice to skull inner voice communication.    That colleague then went on to announce that I was a criminal and as such they had a duty to speak to me by the use of inner voice forcing technology whether I was amenable to it or not.  The colleague was again informed that I was not a criminal.  The colleague then replied that I was the subject of investigation and as such they had a duty to speak to me by the use of said voice forcing technology.


My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland.  My landline home telephone number is 0949360901.   I am a real and verified human being.  The voices which I hear coming from inside my head have informed me that my long term receipt of disability allowance is uninvestigatible by the normal means because I am claiming disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome and bladder problems.  Neither of these conditions can be investigated for eligibility under normal conditions so I was placed on a program called remote neural monitoring more than fifteen years ago.   I have written my whole story on my website which is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net.  Most of the story can easily be listened to on several youtube videos which are linked to that website.   If or when 5G , fifth generation  technology becomes operational then millions of human beings can be placed on remote neural monitoring at the same time, against their wills and without their permission.  They will by linked via telephone lines close to their homes to hostile and insulting voices which they will hear coming from inside their own heads, day and night,  every waking moment.  They wont be allowed to sleep.  They will sometimes receive electric shocks and other sensations.  This brain wave technology is enslavement technology.  Please organise to have all telephone masts urgently banned in order to save yourself and your children from imminent enslavement.


According to Joe Atwill at the following youtube link  we aught to take DNA samples from senior politicians as well as bankers and talentless superstars who may all belong to the same bloodline families and secret societies.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuqJ_H8GMaE


There is a conspiracy to enslave the human race by a variety of means including by  wirelessly linking each and everyone of us to  a computer network from brain implants.   The computer network enslavement protocol  is owned and controlled by various secret societies of dark occultists.  This situation is well in its advancement stages but owing to the fact that now all main stream media is owned and controlled by these dark occultists most individuals have no idea of the extreme danger to their freedom.   These dark occultists have been attempting to slowly and incrementally enslave us for many centuries by man-made laws and by financial means as well as through a system of documenting anybody in the know as being of unsound mind.   The intention of the dark occultists is to totally disempower us and to leave us without the ability to own any material possessions what so ever.  They are using mass electronic mind control  which is being emitted by  telephone towers and other towers in order to lull their fellow human beings into a false sense of security and freedom.  These dark occultists use the main stream media to promote and maintain  the use of negative behaviours in society because over time negative behaviours weaken us.  They deliberately atomise society by creating an unnecessary culture of emigration combined with migration, both inwards and outwards.  They cultivate a climate of constant over work, where pointless, totally unessential  and damaging work is the norm.   They wish to ultimately eliminate all privacy from society.     My work on the matter has been disclaimed on the grounds that I have been falsely documented as being of unsound mind.

The afore mentioned secret societies of dark occultists are composed of the deep state which comprises of the top level members of approximately seventeen different intelligence agencies from around the world, along with inter-related blood line families, as well the controlling forces behind organised religions and most of the members of the council for foreign relations, among others.  Others as well as myself have suggested that we aught to take DNA samples from military leaders, senior politicians, supreme court judges as well as all unelected decision makers throughout the world as a means of identifying those who are attempting to enslave us by wireless means.   As there is no protocol in place to achieve this by current means we aught to urgently stage a worldwide revolution.    We aught to  supply ourselves with electromagnetic spectrum analysers in order to identify and help those who are secretly under attack from directed energy weapons and other means.  As yet, countless targeted individuals of remote energy attacks have been unable to prove that invisible energy is being used to in-home monitor and electronically attack them.   Please organise  to have all telephone towers and related paraphernalia disassembled and banned as a matter of urgency.   We have only a few months to achieve this level  counter attack because if fifth generation millimetre wave transmitters become operational in the next few years  the capabilities of said dark occultists  to wirelessly in-home monitor and electronically attack us will increase exponentially.   This matter is urgent.  Please attend to it now.


Have you noticed the relatively new phenomenon of national radio presenters grovelling to members of the self-proclaimed elite whenever said radio presenters are obliged to interview them?.  Why would an adult sane human being grovel to their own equal like  a sycophant?.   The radio presenter says such things as  ” I am very lucky to be in the presence of such a great, great man as you.   I am very nervous to be in your presence.   I will struggle on humbly and attempt to interview you as best I can”   etc.

This radio grovelling has become widespread recently.   I understand why it is occurring.     We do not live in a democracy.     No matter who is elected to any legitimate government in the western world, dark occultist members of secret societies such as free masons, Satanists, dark luciferians and Zionists retain control of both the money supply and the weapons supply of all countries.  They are highly organised and they wish to set up a rigid hierarchical based chain of command throughout the world with themselves as all powerful dictators while the rest of us would be reduced to abject poverty.   In order to pull off the illusion of superiority they surround themselves with grovelling sycophants to are paid to proclaim their greatness to anybody who has the patience and gullability to listen.

This proverbial hierarchical based chain of command that is currently being set up throughout the world would involve children being totally owned and controlled by their mothers who in turn would be totally owned and  controlled by their husbands, who in turn would be totally owned and  controlled by their employers.  The employers would be totally owned and controlled by corporations who in turn are already totally owned and controlled by the  self-proclaimed elite who in turn are about to be totally owned and controlled by the pope.    To achieve this proverbial chain of command, false authority is now being handed out to many government connected authorities such as  main stream medical practitioners  to the extent that now some main stream medical practitioners are being given the false authority  to mandate vaccinations and to mandate psychiatric evaluations on a whim as well as to mandate visits to said medical practitioners whenever they see fit.



A wireless network has already been created in some countries,  by the generation of wireless streams of energy which connect various electrical appliances to each other, thereby creating a wireless net where the electrical appliances are the nodes of the net.   This wireless network is being used to generate holograms of what used to be known as demons as well as holograms of life size cartoon figures as well as holograms of a multitude of other images.  This is causing various unknowing individuals to adopt false belief systems in order to attempt to provide an explanation to themselves as to what they are experiencing and why they are experiencing them.



Powerful brain entrainment, subliminal programming and mind control reaches us from phone towers through smart phones, some computers and televisions.  Powerful brain entrainment is being used on us during large consumer purchases, during conferences, during political meetings, during elections, and during litigation.  Be very aware of the powerful capabilities of brain entrainment whenever you are making important decisions.

During his term of office, President Barack Obama pulled off a financial coup d’état.   He first brought up for legislation a divisive issue during the cu-de-ta in order to distract the American people.  Throughout the time he was speaking there was major brain entrainment and subliminal programming throughout the whole United States and even Europe.   He then handed over twenty seven trillion dollars of American tax payers money to the privately owned banks.  This money is many multiples of American citizens retirement savings.  Barack Obama took the entire savings of a society and give it to the privately owned banks for free.  The family wealth of the American people had now been stolen.  Young Americans will not now inherit the homes and assets of their parents.  The divisive issue of trans gender marriage was brought up for discussion at that time so that the American people would not notice that Barack Obama had stolen the family money.   The bankers who own and control the privately owned banks have also raped Eastern Europe, Latin America and Russia in this manner.   The bankers who own and control the privately owned banks first implode the government and the economy of a country and they then use their own liquid cash to buy up everything such as national forests and rivers for a penny on the dollar.  There is nineteen trillion dollar missing from United States federal accounts.     I obtained all of the enclosed information from the following youtube link   called “Entrainment, Mind Control and the Fall of America by Catherine Austin Fitts who is a former assistant secretary of housing in the United States government.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JR7el-ndVno



From the enclosed  linked youtube video of Jon Rappaport being interviewed by Richie Allen about the roll-out of 5G and the internet of things.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrURSa1_vNg

Whether or not we will be told about immediate health consequences or whether or not people will be able to connect what is happening  to their health to the installation of 5G that is another question.  What the medical cartel does it takes dangerous effects from technology, from major corporations that polute, from  toxic medicines and it reconfigures these into fake disease labels. This is their way of hiding those effects and retranslating them.  That is the way all of this is hidden.
5G is a weapon .
It has the ability to 3D map houses from the outside.  It is a surveillance total lock down.
Jon Rappaport   –    All devices in your house and in new housing developments will contain a connection to the internet.  These devices would be recording to you and spying on you.  They would be able to measure to a fine point our use of energy down to the level of the individual.   People up the line would be given energy quotas.  Certain devices would not work if you exceed your energy quota.  justified by the excuse of climate change.  The internet of things.  Eventually all of the devices in your home will operate according to the will of others, not as you want them to operate.  Your refrigerator will order new food only when necessary.
Cars are also connected to the internet of things.  Cars eventually become extinct.  Everything would eventually be public transport.  Every human would be considered an energy consuming unit that has to be monitored, spied on, regulated and controlled.
This technology can also induce in people an aquescence to this situation by the use of subliminal influencing methodologies  so that we wont revolt against it.   If you resist or rebel or criticise they will immediately cut you off on the grounds that you are a disturbance.   Access to your bank account would be cut off.
Twenty thousand healthy trees are ear marked to be  cut down in the English city of Sheffield.   It is believed they may be doing this to enhance the coverage of 5G.   Botanical experts are verifying  that the trees are healthy.   5G can be blocked by buildings and trees.

Jon Rappaport.


Today is 22nd September, 2018 and the time is approximately 3.40 pm.   A voice which I heard in the past ten minutes coming from inside my head has confirmed that he is planning to torture me in the future.  He did not say when or where or how or why.




I am a targeted individual from Claremorris, Ireland.    I have become hooked up to a network of computers via neural smart dust which has become imbedded in my brain and body via chemtrail spraying of the skies over our heads.  Because of this smart dust in my brain and body I hear voice to skull voices constantly which are being transmitted into my head by wireless means and from a remote location.  They are the voices of real human beings.  They have thought reading capability and they reply to my thoughts in real time.  They issue frequent death threats to me and they often threaten that they will physically torture me at some time in the future.  Because the neural smart dust has also become  imbedded in my spine and in my muscles the unknown neuro operatives who harass me and who attack me by wireless means can now move the muscles in my face and neck  against my will and without my permission.  They move the muscles in my face against my will every day.  They have informed me via voice to skull that they plan to take over the muscles of my whole body by wireless means in a process which they call hyper dominion and which targeted individuals call whole body takeover or human bio-robotization.  The criminal neuro operatives  implied via voice to skull direct communication that they placed me on this remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation process because I am claiming disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome, and my claim can not be verified by disability allowance investigation staff by regular means.  Approximately 125 million individuals throughout Europe and the United States combined suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and they do so because substances are being placed into our food, water and air supply and our tooth fillings which are incompatable to human digestion.
     I constantly raise awareness of the extreme danger that humanity is currently in from wireless weapons in combination with neural smart dust inside their brains and bodies in combination with wireless enabling capabilities which are generated by telephone towers.   However,  all human beings throughout the western world have neural smart dust in their own brains and because of this they are being electronically mind controlled by digital signals which are coming from telephone towers to their brains via their smart phones and HD televisions.   It is very difficult to wake them up.   Some of them appear to be unable to comprehend the problem.  They appear to be programmed to believe only what they hear from official government and main stream media sources.  What is to be done?
My website outlining all of my experiences which I alone own and control is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net.
In order to verify my identity which is not registered to the crown corporation by a birth certificate I am quoting herein my landline home telephone number which is 0949360901 and which is billed monthly by Pure Telecom to my name.
Yours Sincerely,
Gretta Fahey, Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland , Eircode F12 Y560 ,

Are you encouraged to entertain seditious ideas at university level or would you be obliged to leave the university of your choice if you focused on seditious ideas?

If you are discouraged from entertaining seditious ideas at university level that would mean that university education is heavily slanted towards inculcating students into the cult of statism which is not and never was serving our best interests.


There may be a way of deciphering exactly who our real enemies are.  Worldwide social engineers such as MK Ultra or Tavistock strive to create small realities for us through their control over public education, the main stream media, organised religions, book clubs and think tanks among other areas of new idea generation.    According to most archaeologists strong evidence exists which proves that humans have walked the earth for at least five hundred million years.  Some archaeologists have provided evidence that humans have walked the earth for more than four thousand, five hundred million years.   When we think about organised religions and their origins we are strongly encouraged to think in time frames of two thousand years, which does not make sense to the average thinker.   There must have been belief systems in  existence for hundreds of millions of years.  What happened to those belief systems and why did they suddenly end?     According to the late Dr Paul Marko of the online youtube channel Pine Cone Eutopia,  dark Luciferians have strongly influenced human life from behind the scenes for nine thousand years.  He has claimed that up to six thousand years ago said dark Luciferians created many of our organised religions so that they could funnel us all into various belief systems so that they could then overlay those belief systems with mind control which they have been doing successfully since then.
I believe that these dark Luciferians kept their reproductive lives among themselves and they still do.  They do not inter marry with the rest of the human race.  They do not spread their knowledge or wealth to the rest of the human race.  They have come to regard the rest of the human race as inferior to them.   I believe that they have infiltrated all of our power institutions but they never put themselves forward for public elections.   They stay in the background of our lives where they remain in control of the money and weapon supply of the world regardless of what political party gets into office.  They have become so exclusive and power hungry that the inner circle of the dark Luciferians do not even like the outer circle but they tolerate them in order to get political work done.  They live modest unassuming lives so that their vast power and influence over the human race never comes to light.  However, they have a weak point.   In order to save ourselves from enslavement be these dark dark individuals we aught to take many and varied DNA samples until we find a pure strand of DNA which has not been contaminated by other more common DNA for thousands of years.  We will have found them then .  We need to know our enemies.
The voices which I constantly hear coming from inside my head asked me just now if I have any long term goals.  I replied that I have no long term goals and that there can be no joy in my life while I am wirelessly tethered to a network of computers and I long for death because there could never be joy in my life again while I remain wirelessly tethered in this manner.
If ever fifth generation millimetre wave transmitters become operational the capability would then exist to wirelessly tether everybody  to computer networks from neural smart dust which has now become imbedded in their brains and spines to the extent that they would then be technologically enslaved like I am now.
Imagine a world where nobody has any long term goals and every body longs for death as soon as possible and everybody refuses to work and refuses to co-operate with the dictates of the world wide dictatorship in the hope that death comes sooner to them if they don’t work.  That is where we will be next year if we fail to disassemble and ban microwave and millimetre wave transmitters now.   Act urgently to have them banned.
 myself believe that state legislators along with the police and psychiatrists have an abundance of neural smart dust lodged in their brains and spines and muscles to the extent that their brains can be preprogrammed to believe that voice hearers are mentally unwell even though that is not true.
That is one of the reasons that I no longer inform the police or psychiatry of my plight. Another reason that I no longer inform them that I am wirelessly tethered to a computer network and I can not break free is because if I even say one sentence to the police I immediately lose all of my legal rights and by speaking to them I am handing them all of my legal power. I believe that the Gardai are being wirelessly remotely influenced because their work places are situated close to telephone masts which contain microwave transmitters and these microwave transmitters transmit messages to the communication devices that the gardai carry on their person and then their communication devices re-transmit these messages directly to their brains. It is difficult for the gardai to over ride this remote influencing technology. There is no way of over riding it . It is deemed to be very powerful. Psychiatrists are under a similar remote influencing system. They appear to be unable to confront the fact that twenty first century scientific and technological advances are being used against the general population and instead accuse any and all of being mentally unwell when they complain of wirelessly enabled electronic harassment which has become widespread in Ireland and throughout the world.
My name is gretta fahey from newbrook, claremorris, co. mayo, Ireland.   I have neural smart dust  primarily in my brain and spinal cord and also throughout my body.  Because of this I have been interlinked to a network of computers which are ultimately controlled by a network of criminals formerly called the self proclaimed elite but now they are being universally being seen as ” the elite of the bottom of a trash can” as quoted by Mark Passio.   Because of the smart dust which has permeated both my brain and spinal cord, voices and images are being projected into my head and have been so for more than fifteen years.  Further to this the smart dust permeation has now enabled neuro specialists to move the muscles of my face and neck against my will and without my permission whenever they wish to do so.    The voices which I hear coming from inside my head on a constant basis were heard by me to say the following  “Who signed the deed of service to have this done to gretta fahey?   After which a response said as follows     That is an original service protocol from out of state.  We can not touch it without authorization”      Does anybody know what this means?
To my fellow targeted individuals.   I have become interlinked to a network of computers from neural dust in my brain, spinal cord and muscles.  My facial muscles are being moved against my will on a daily basis.   My latest update is as follows.   I am repeatedly being made to imagine going to my front door and taking off the security chain.   This repeated imagining of me unlocking my front door is  being made to happen  by the neuro operatives who control the network of computers which I am interlinked to in order to program me to open my front door against my will at a later date.    My advice to you all is to both lock and bolt your outer doors at night.  You must then remove the key from the lock and hide it in a different part of your home each night.  If you do this nobody can program you to unknowingly let them in at night.
We all have been inhaling and ingesting neural dust for the past dozen years or more from chemtrail spraying of the skies over our heads.   That neural dust has now lodged in our brains, spinal cords and muscles.   We can be made to have  wirelessly enabled virtual reality experiences against our wills  without ever wearing virtual reality head-sets.  False cover stories are being used to cover up these virtual reality experiences such as the experiencer is being accused of being mentally unwell or the experiencer is falsely informed that their  experience was super-natural in origin when in fact it was scientific and technological in origin.    The neural dust which is lodged in our brains, spinal cords and throughout our bodies is being used to electronically mind control a large percentage of the western world and it is being used to externally  body control a smaller percentage of the western world.  When the section of society who are under external body control attempt to raise awareness of their plight to the much larger electronically mind controlled sector of the human race, the electronically mind control sector of society react inappropriately to the news.   Because of their electronic mind controlled state they go into  denial and accuse the messenger of being mentally unwell after which they then return to a state of unconcern.    We are in extreme danger from advances in technology.  We need to disassemble telephone towers, microwave transmitters, millimetre wave transmittters and related paraphernalia.   We need to ban all aerial traffic from our skies including drones.  Which group do you belong to, the electronically mind controlled sector or the externally body controlled sector?   Either way, we are all in big trouble if we don’t act urgently to save ourselves  and to help  save each other.

I have been on a covert system of control for more than fifteen years.  This covert system of control that I am under is commonly known as remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation.    My brain and spinal cord and my muscles are imbedded with neural  dust and I have been wirelessly connected to a network of computers from said neural  dust against my will and without my permission and without being informed by anyone whatsoever that this situation was about to occur.    Because of this situation my thoughts can now be read in real time and unwanted voices of individuals who I perceive as criminals  are being transmitted into   the auditory centres of my brain on a continual basis, each and every day for more than fifteen years.  As well as this,  visions and holograms and sensations are occasionally transmitted into the centres of my brain that govern seeing images and feeling sensations,  at random times.

Further to that,  the neural dust which has become imbedded in my brain, spinal cord and muscles have been interlinked with a network of computers to the extent that criminal neuro operatives now move the muscles in my face and neck  whenever they wish, which they do on a daily basis.  I know of other targeted individuals of remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation who are complaining of having the same experiences as I am.  I know of one particular  targeted individual who was forced to beat himself with his own fist repeatedly totally against his will.   In order to cover up these scientific capabilities the cover stories of demonic possession and other false super-natural events have been used.   Further to this,  false psychiatric diagnoses have been ascribed to the experiencers.


Targeted individuals of remote neural monitoring and extreme remote neural manipulation have complained of their plight to all types of government officials.  Nobody took us seriously.  They all assume that we are mentally ill?   They offer nothing other than psychiatric evaluations and toxic substances posing as anti-psychotic medication.   We sometimes feel that they have thrown us to the wolves to suffer extreme torture while they refuse to evaluate extreme advances in technology which all us to be remote neural manipulated to the extent that our own muscles can be wirelessly remote controlled by criminals working from a remote location.   We realise that our fury may be misdirected.  Government officials have dangerous bio-technology inside their own brains and bodies which is being used against them.  They are unable to think clearly.  I realise now that we should all unite as one force and direct our fury against the  real enemy which is the self-proclaimed elite who own and control both the money supply and the weapon supply on this planet.  They wish to divide and conquer us.  We will unite and re-empower ourselves by disabling, disassembling and banning microwave transmitters and related paraphernalia.  We will also provide  pulse guns in order to give ourselves strong pulses of  magnetic energy in order to destroy the bio-technology which is inside our brains and bodies which will set us free from this wireless tethering which has us wirelessly enslaved to the whims of sadists and psychopaths.


I have recently been drinking ozonated water and the capability of the neuro operatives to maintain contact with the technology inside my body appears to be diminishing by the minute.  However, the voice to skull communication stays strong.   I have been listening to the neuro operatives speak to each other and they are complaining that they can no longer maintain contact with the synapses in my brain or body while I drink the ozonated water.  I also feel strange occurrances or bursts of energy now and again as if the system inside me is breaking down.

Please organise for all unwilling targeted individuals of remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation to know about this and to drink ozonated water themselves.   Ozone generators cost between 100 and 150 Euros or Dollars online.  I will update this information when I get further feedback from the voice to skull connection and from my own remote neural manipulation experiences.   Tim Rifat has often spoken on www.rense.com about the fact that ozone will destroy neural dust inside the bodies of human beings.


I currently hear voices coming from inside my head.  The general public must now confront the fact that technology has existed that can transmit voices inside the heads of random members of the public by wireless capabilities for many decades and the science is easily explainable.

The general public must also confront the fact that they have been in denial about this  because to acknowledge the truth would lead to a public crisis like no other.

I have been lead to believe that the following method is the one that is  being used to wirelessly transmit the voices which  I hear coming from inside my head.   We all have ingested neural dust in our food and water.  This neural dust has lodged inside our brains and bodies, some of which has coagulated into larger units over time.  These larger units of neural dust which I will call  coagulated neural dust nodes are being used to draw energy into a computer network from my brain circuits in order to provide information to the neuro operatives about the condition of the coagulated neural dust  nodes.  If said coagulated neural dust nodes are sufficiently large enough they can then be used to create an electronic circuit board inside the human brain.  Each coagulated neural dust node can be connected to another coagulated neural dust node by way of  streaming digital signals from one node to another node through the computer network that they have been wirelessly linked to.

This electronic circuit board of coagulated neural dust nodes  can then be used by the criminal neuro operatives to upload voices, images, short videos, odours, sensations and tastes into the brain and mind of the targeted individual.  Furthermore, this electronic circuit board inside my brain is now being used on an almost daily basis to move the muscles of my face and neck against my will and without my permission.

The cover stories that are being most commonly used to cover up advances in neuro science are the cover story that the subject  who is experiencing strange phenomena is mentally unwell or is having supernatural experiences.   Neither is true.

The nodes of neural dust  which have coagulated inside my brain and body over many years are not in my favour.  They are being used to slowly enslave me.  I could find myself in a situation at some time in the future where criminal neuro operatives could close my mouth or eyes against my will and refuse to allow me to open them again unless I do their bidding.   I could also be paralysed by wireless means and from a remote location in the future if I do not find a way to dissolve the coagulated nodes of neural dust inside my brain and body.   Some fellow targeted individuals of remote neural manipulation have suggested I drink ozonated water or Epsom salts in order to dissolve the coagulated nodes of neural dust inside my brain and body.  I am currently drinking both of these drinks.  I have not noticed any change in the level of invasion into my mind and body  by these remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation staff.    Please urgently disassemble and ban microwave transmitters if you wish that you and your children to  live in freedom from wireless tethering to computer networks.   Otherwise neural enslavement of many individuals is now imminent.



We aspire to find a mate and settle down for a quite life of companionship.     We are deliberately manipulated to look for the mate after midnight when we are extremely tired and should be sleeping.

We can not see who we are dancing with because the night club lights are too low and they are flashing constantly.   We can not hold a conversation with the prospective mate because the music is far to loud to be able to hear them speak.

We are being encouraged to drink a poisonous substance known as alcohol so that we will not be in the full of our senses.  We are being encouraged to wear provocative clothing and totally uncomfortable handicapping footwear in order to provoke the males into acting in promiscuous ways that are in nobody’s best interest.

We are being encouraged to wear make-up which deters prospective mates from being able to conduct a facial analysis of our health status, which is of extreme importance when selecting a mate to help create our children.

We have a duty to seek out the social engineers who deliberately designed this evil inducing  socially  engineered system of finding a mate and have them make accountable for deliberately causing problems for young vulnerable human beings who are usually not old enough to recognise evil when they see it.


It has been found that all seven billion human beings who currently inhabit the earth could easily live and both feed and shelter themselves in the Island of Ireland which covers a relatively small  area of  32,000 square miles.

Currently the capability exists to manufacture glass which is strong enough to support enormous weights.   This type of extra strong glass in combination with a metal girder structure can be used to build  a one hundred story green house in order to produce extra food.   As well as that, industrial hemp is the worlds number one resource.  It can generate sixty thousand different products including bio-degradeable plastic.  It has disappeared from the market place because the powers that be do not wish it to be there.  They wish to deliberately engineer a state of scarcity as a psychological operation to further their enslavement agenda which is currently well on its way.

We have been informed that there is a shortage of ores on earth.  However, whenever there is a volcanic eruption, new and extremely valuable ores are distributed in a widespread manner in the area surrounding the volcanic eruption.     Primary water is available to everyone and it can be obtained by boring underfoot.  Primary water is uncontaminated.

Technology is in widespread existence which has not ever been released to the public such as remote neural monitoring and manipulation technology, which is currently being used to create human neural slaves which nobody ever hears about because if they attempted to inform anybody their whole body would be shut down instantly.

Free energy devices are everywhere but they are banned from the market place.  We are being fed an alternative lifestyle of deliberately engineered shortage.   We were born into a world of abundance.   Beware of the current powers that be.  They wish to enslave you in any and every way.

They feed you misinformation via think tanks and social engineers to the extent that they have fooled humanity into believing that the earth is a globe when in fact railways which go on for a thousand miles or more have absolutely no curvature.  Space travel has never occurred.  It is impossible.

Please urgently disable, disassemble, ban and outlaw microwave technology and related paraphernalia.


If we, human beings, were socially engineering ourselves and our planet all over again, but with the knowledge we now have we would not allow refined sugar, alcohol or cigarettes, to ever be placed on the market. We would not allow false psychiatry which is a pseudo science to exist in any basis whatsoever. We would not allow the drug industry to deliberately blend its drugs with harmful substances in order to poison some and dumb down others for the true purposes of eventual world wide enslavement of the human race.

We would ban public forced schooling where our children are being taught unquestioning obedience to false authority and where they are not being taught to think logically in any area. They are being forced to believe scientism which is a false belief in what some dishonest scientists say rather than in what is empirical evidence. Instead we would home educate our children.

We would never allow unreasonable man-made law to come into use in our world.  We would use natural laws which are constructed upon natural reason which is fixed and immutable.   We would use judges selected at random from our communities who would have no political affiliations and who would only be allowed to make a judgement once or twice in their lifetime.

What else would we do differently if we were organising our planet from the beginning?


Are any Republic of Ireland government affiliated operatives being subjected to remote neural monitoring?


XinJiang, a large part of western china is considered to be the worlds largest open prison.

There is an all pervasive social credit system being implemented where each individual gets credit points or debit points for everything they do, everything they purchase, whether they pay their taxes on time, or even how many steps they take when out walking, among other things.

The people of XinJiang live in a digital totalitarian state. This social credit system is due to be implemented across the world if we fail to disassemble and ban microwave transmitters which currently provide the wireless capabilities to hold this social credit open prison system in place.   A system called Remote Neural Monitoring where each individual is wirelessly connected by their brains and spinal cords to a computer system is being set up throughout all European countries right now.   Many unwilling Europeans are already wirelessly linked to this Remote Neural Monitoring system without their permission.   Dark occultists are and never will be part of the system. They plan to be our slave masters. Ban microwave transmitters now.

Please see the following link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYWgspS04Bg



An all pervasive social credit system is being implemented for everyone throughout the world except for a chosen few.   Each individual  would be given a social credit score based on all discernable facets of their behaviour such as their  academic achievements, work records, interpersonal relationships,  shopping habits, health maintenance,  amount of time spent playing video games,  including many other actions.    Their social credit score would be calculated by using algorithms.  If their social credit score fell too low they might  then be restricted from visiting many venues or they might be denied the right to purchase a train or airplane ticket.   This social credit system can only be implemented if wireless capabilities are available in each country.   There may be a central off-switch within each country which could be used to disable all wireless capabilities within that country which would in turn disable all electronic mind control as well as the social credit system .  Switching off wireless capabilities within a country would also disable all wirelessly enabled electronic harassment and torture of human beings which is now widespread throughout the whole western world.  We should reconsider the value or not of wireless capabilities.


A social credit score system in combination with a universal remote neural monitoring system is being rolled out throughout the world for most of the human race.     First of all humans  would be wirelessly linked to a computer network from what has been described as either neural dust or implants  inside our brains, spinal cords and various parts of our bodies.   This is being called “Remote Neural Monitoring” .    All electrical activity generated by the brain and body of each human is then sent by a wirelessly enabled  two way stream of energy to the computer network which would both store it indefinitely and analyse it for categorization into dozens of categories such as quantity and type of food eaten based on particulates in common processed foods, amount of hours slept, amount and times of  sexual intercourse, bathroom visits, amount and intensity  of daily exercise and a myriad of other actions.  Other aspects of the life of each human would also be blended into the social credit score system such as work activities, taxes paid, academic credentials, religious observance, dissident behaviour  and online comments.   I, myself, have been an unwilling subject of Remote Neural Monitoring for more than fifteen years and I have been informed via voice communication technology which I hear coming from inside my head that I am being studied on a second by second basis in order to set up a social credit score system for me based on my activities for every minute of every day which can already be discerned from said “Remote Neural Monitoring”.  The neuro staff who are studying me via the electrical activity readouts of my brain and body which are automatically translated into my activities on their computer screens are using giant algorithms to help set up this absolute enslavement system for most of the human race for and on behalf of dark occultists who I am led to believe no longer classify themselves as humans.    The dark occultists are already beginning to create a hoaxed story line suggesting to their fellow human beings that the artificial intelligence network which would control the giant algorithms which would run the social credit score system for humans is in danger of going out of control and taking on a life of its own in order to cover up their extremely cruel and torturous future enslavement  plans for the rest of us so that all blame is deflected away from them.   Many other hoaxes have already been created to cover up both remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation of hundreds of thousands of individuals who are now calling themselves “targeted individuals” for all walks of life, throughout most of the world.   We can instantly stop this enslavement process in its tracks by disabling, disassembling, banning and outlawing all wireless enabling capabilities throughout the whole world.  Please consider doing this.


Some human beings are having their biological processes directly affected by the unethical imprinting of unnecessary digital signals into their auras. Even though we dont know what method is being used against us, many human beings throughout most of the world are now reporting that they are experiencing their own body energy fields being forced to move against their wills thereby forcing their own muscles to move also against their wills. One possible method being considered may be that surveillance operatives can now imprint said unnecessary digital signals into human auras by the use oof a spectrometer which may be capable of being used to see inside the home of the individual being unethically interfered with. It may even be necessary for the targeted individual to be using a digital media screen because there may be reverse energy field cameras being built into digital media screens so as to enable the unethical operatives to see the human aura of their target.
Demonic possession does not exist. It has been hoaxed over many decades and perhaps even more than a century in order to provide a cover story for unethical human energy field interference which is ongoing on a large scale throughout most of the world now.


The  voice to skull technologically induced voices which I constantly hear coming from inside my head once were heard by me to discuss the following ”  It was previously planned that at some time in the future people would be given points based on whether they lived in an orderly house or a house of poor conduct.  Wirelessly enabled in-home inspections  would have been carried out by agents of the new world order cabal by the use of spectrometers which currently enable these unknown agents to look inside the homes of a selection of targeted individuals while they work by wireless means and from a great distance from the home that is being inspected.  Now, however, we will no longer be carrying out in-home inspections because our methodology has been exposed.  Presumably senior politicians will now put a stop to this practice immediately”.


The voices which I hear coming from inside my head recently gave me the following information  ”  By breaking the stream of your consciousness the incursions of the operatives dont work”    I had just unexpectedly carried a heavy item which resulted in me breaking my stream of consciousness thereby invalidating the energy stream which had been  allowing the operatives to make incursions into my brain.


The creative and intelligent energy of nature created the human eye which has approximately one hundred million living cells.    Transhumanists are not capable of generating even one living cell.  They take what the intelligent energy of nature has given us and they distort  it.    Transhumanism is about the slow and systematic degeneration and enslavement of the human race  by the new world order cabal who wish to be seen as gods on earth.


The new world order cabal have been using the strategy of “divide and conquer” in order to gain power over families, communities, nations and the whole human race.  They have attempted to break down the family unit by many and varied subtle means.  They have used both church and state to push their agenda.  Most agents of church and state can not see the big picture.

Many decades ago before electronic mind control took over, trauma based mind control was used by schools and churches.  The clergy urged parents to severely physically discipline their children on the understanding that if the children were not totally obedient to the teaching of the church they would burn in hell for all eternity and the parents might also burn in hell for not disciplining the children enough.  Many parents believed this dictate because there was no conflicting information allowed into circulation via the main stream media at the time.  This practice alienated many children from their parents.

Parents were also encouraged to lie to their children when the children were at a vulnerable age where they needed to totally trust their parents for reasons of survival.  Parents forced the Santa Clause lie and the Tooth Fairy lie on their children so that the children could never fully trust their parents again in the future.  This also served to inculcate the children into the belief that it is acceptable to be dishonest.

The main stream media attempted to break down strong family units through promoting promiscuity in magazines which were published for teenagers.

Church and state encouraged parents to send children to school when the children had turned four years old.   A childs mind can be compared to liquid which does not set into a solid mind set until the age of seven on average.  When the  state has access to the minds of children before the age of seven agents of the state  can easily inculcate the child into a heirarchical  based mind set to the extent that the child  becomes unable to challenge false authority in adulthood and in this way they can allow themselves to be enslaved.

The new world order cabal is actively building conflict between ethnic groups in Ireland at the moment.  They have achieved this by first of all enacting unfair laws in favour of the travelling community so as to set up the travelling community as a hate group.  They then subtly inflame hatred against the travelling community in a process where they use gradualism and incrementalism to achieve their aims.   I believe that many travellers are being subjected to remote neural monitoring because I heard of one travelling family where four members committed suicide within a short space of time.  The travelling community are difficult to control because they constantly move around, which is their birth right.  The new world order cabal wish to rigidly control and eventually enslave all of us.  They may wish to eliminate the travelling community entirely.    In order to solve this situation, we aught to set up motor home parking facilities which we all can use at the edge of each town for the purposes of taking vacations, and which the travelling community can use for the purposes of continuing their nomadic lifestyle.  In that way, we can befriend and integrate with the travelling community and protect them from hate groups.


Church and state now appear to be promoting the interests of the new world order control and enslavement system at every opportunity. Why are they doing this? Are they under electronic mind control? If so, is the electronic mind control coming from their smart engineered technology? Have their minds been sabotaged when they were attending college or when they were attending government controlled police training centres or government controlled teacher training centres or government controlled medical schools?
There may be another explanation. Government staff were all given smart phones approximately a dozen years ago. They were obliged to keep these smart phones in their possession at all times during working hours. These smart phones had the in built capability to remotely monitor all of the conversations of these government staff. Black budget Intelligence agents who worked from a remote location were given the capability to visually monitor these government staff by switching on the built in camera of their smart phones by wireless means and from a remote location whenever they wished. Whenever the black budget intelligence agents got incremenating information about any government staff member, they would then black main these government staff to work on behalf of the New World Order cabal to aid and abet in the enslavement of the human race.
Further to this, it is a well known fact that most people can not protect their brains from electronic mind control signals if they are placed in a location where those signals are penetrating. Yet, their has never been a public discussion of how to protect ourselves from electronic mind control. Why not?
A certain sub section of the population have been selected for human bio-robotization. This is imminently possible and vast amounts of information is available on the subject. When a human being has become bio-robotized they could then be made to carry out acts against their will and moral judgement because their muscles could be tied down if they refused to obey every command of their slave master. If a human being was fully enslaved in this way they would then be promoted to a position of power within church and state in order to help further the agenda of the new world order cabal. We aught to investigate human bio-robotization as a matter of urgency. All of these reasons for government sanctions against humans who act against the wishes of the so called new world order cabal must be now investigated. I myself am being slowly bio-robotized over the past fifteen years. Despite sending up to five hundred letters about the matter to government and main stream media nobody has come to my assistance. If your child informs you in the future that he or she is experiencing forced muscle movement they would not be helped either. We have no future security while this situation continues. Who is responsible?



The new world order cabal have been using the strategy of “divide and conquer” in order to gain power over families, communities, nations and the whole human race. They have attempted to break down the family unit by many and varied subtle means. They have used both church and state to push their agenda. Most agents of church and state can not see the big picture.

Many decades ago before electronic mind control took over, trauma based mind control was used by schools and churches. The clergy urged parents to severely physically discipline their children on the understanding that if the children were not totally obedient to the teaching of the church they would burn in hell for all eternity and the parents might also burn in hell for not disciplining the children enough. Many parents believed this dictate because there was no conflicting information allowed into circulation via the main stream media at the time. This practice alienated many children from their parents.

Parents were also encouraged to lie to their children when the children were at a vulnerable age where they needed to totally trust their parents for reasons of survival. Parents forced the Santa Clause lie and the Tooth Fairy lie on their children so that the children could never fully trust their parents again in the future. This also served to inculcate the children into the belief that it is acceptable to be dishonest.

The main stream media attempted to break down strong family units through promoting promiscuity in magazines which were published for teenage readership on the understanding that Teenagers are at an impressionable age and can be much easier to manipulate than adults.
Private home ownership is a source of power for families who are fighting against the interests of the new world order cabal. The main stream media successfully pushed the idea of not allowing adult children to live in the mostly privately owned family home after the age of twenty four. The new world order cabal wishes young people to either borrow large amounts of money so that they become debt slaves or else to live in rented accommodation where they could be evicted if they did not fall in line with the wishes of the new world order cabal. In recent times, algorythms have been used to place ownership of homes out of the reach of most young adults.

Church and state encouraged parents to send children to school when the children had turned four years old. A childs mind can be compared to liquid which does not set into a solid mind set until the age of seven on average. When the state has access to the minds of children before the age of seven agents of the state can easily inculcate the child into a heirarchical based mind set to the extent that the child becomes unable to challenge false authority in adulthood and in this way they can allow themselves to be enslaved.
For every one homeless person in our country there are three homes lying empty and going derelict. If a homeless person was allowed to live in one of these homes they would keep it warn and clean and they would stop it becoming derelect. All of these empty homes are a source of value to our country. However, man made laws are being used against our interests at every turn.

The new world order cabal is actively building conflict between ethnic groups in Ireland at the moment. They have achieved this by first of all enacting unfair laws in favour of the travelling community so as to set up the travelling community as a hate group. They then subtly inflame hatred against the travelling community in a process where they use gradualism and incrementalism to achieve their aims. I believe that many travellers are being subjected to remote neural monitoring because I heard of one travelling family where four members committed suicide within a short space of time. The travelling community are difficult to control because they constantly move around, which is their birth right. The new world order cabal wish to rigidly control and eventually enslave all of us. They may wish to eliminate the travelling community entirely. In order to solve this situation, we aught to set up motor home parking facilities which we all can use at the edge of each town for the purposes of taking vacations, and which the travelling community can use for the purposes of continuing their nomadic lifestyle. In that way, we can befriend and integrate with the travelling community and protect them from hate groups.


Technology has been placed inside my body against my will and without my permission at a time when I was unaware it was being placed there.    According to voice to skull induced voices which I constantly hear coming from inside my head I was first innoculated with a myriad of biochips many years ago.   They further informed me that I have since inhaled and ingested further technology  from chemtrail spraying of the skies over my head.   They also added that my human energy field is also being manipulated.  Because of this technology that has become imbedded into all of my primary systems inside both my body and brain, remote analysis of my body and brain functions can be carried out by a team of scientists and neuro operatives whenever they wish to do so.  The voice to skull induced voices have informed me that the town of  Monisterevin or Monisteredin  in Ireland has played a large part in the attempted destruction of my sense of automony.  They also have informed me that they will download more information into my hearing centres at a later date.


Advanced technology has been introduced into my body at a time when I was unaware that it was occurring.  I am now under remote analysis of most of my brain and bodily functions.    Further to that, neuro operatives constantly monitor the electrical activity and  many other types of readouts from both my brain and body.  From the electrical activity generated by my brain and body, neuro scientists can deduct information about how I spend my day.   They can tell how long I have slept, how many times I have eaten a meal, what type of food has been eaten, how many times I have visited the bathroom, if I have taken a shower, what words I have spoken throughout the day, how long I have been using my computer each day, how much exercise I have taken each day and many other types of data such as my pulse rate and my mood  throughout each day.     This  data that is collected from my brain and body is further perused by data analysts who award or deduct points based on my  behaviour throughout each and every day.     They also input unwanted signals into my brain and body.

In future, algorithms would be enabled to award or deduct points for my day to day behaviour,  which would then enable further algorithms to disable my broadband connection or to disable the electricity from my home or to delete my bank account if I did not obey certain protocols.  This system would be used in conjunction with a social credit score system which is already in evidence throughout China.

Further to all of the above, neuro scientists come to a viewing centre each and every night where they discuss what can be done to enhance the dispersal of many types of technology throughout the human body in order to enable further exploration of the human body and brain from a distance totally without the consent of the human being who is being monitored.  This process is possibly being built in order to enable enslavement of the whole human race.  We must save ourselves from worldwide enslavement urgently by disassembling and banning all technological infrastructures that enable this enslavement protocol.  Many people are now under electronic mind control and they have nter o awareness of the imminent danger they are in from this worldwide enslavement protocol.


A Voice to Skull voice which I heard coming from inside my head in the past twenty minutes was heard by me to say the following  ” I command you ” .    I replied ” What are you going around commanding your own equals for like a plonker”?    The reason he attempted to command me was because I was refusing to remove my computer from  the room I am currently in and extraneous information is coming through from my computer into my brain and body to the extent that the neuro operatives can not work on inputting unwanted digital signals into my brain and body.    I am refusing to remove my computer from the room that I am in on the grounds that I have nothing to lose because these neuro operatives have intimated that they are going to destroy my personhood by remote means regardless of what I do or say.   They implied that there are dark times ahead for my country if I will not co operate.  However, they often imply that there are dark times ahead for my country no matter what anyone does or says, so I will not co operate with them no matter what they command me to do.


Today is Saturday, 24th November, 2018.  In the past ten minutes a voice to skull induced voice which I heard coming from inside my head  was heard by me to say “Everything that I have said to Gretta Fahey in the past via voice to skull military induced inner voices is now being used against me.   Somebody commendeered our words and they are using them against us now. “


I am in receipt of disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome and bladder problems.   Now, whenever I go to my bathroom I am being electronically harassed by individuals who use wireless energy weapons and who work from a remote location.   They use voice to skull military technology to force me to hear their voices which I hear coming from inside my head.  They sometimes analyse my urine flow when I sit on the toilet by means of pulsating strong surges of energy through the flow of urine which I am able to strongly feel.   They always  place strong surges of energy around my nether regions whenever I sit on the toilet.  They make derogatory personal comments about me at the same time.    I keep two analogue radios in my bathroom which I have switched on at all times while I am there.  I have one analogue radio switched to medium wave and the other one switched to FM in order to try to interfered with their harassment.  I believe that this works to some extent.   Have any other targeted individuals experienced this or similar situations.  I believe that classified molecular science is being used in this way.


The following is information which I obtained from a youtube video by Joe Imbriano which is called ” 5G- The Game Plan is Depopulation” which can be found at the following youtube link https://youtu.be/5n9KAw5gZTE
” There is a new breed of radio frequency poisoning coming to us. Paid agents of the dark new world crime cabal are increasing the frequencies of the 5th generation wireless technology to 60 gigahertz. The 60 gigahertz frequency has been chozen for a specific reason. That is the frequency that ozygen molecules absorb radio frequency energy. The oxygen molecules have electrons that they share with each other. Oxygen is a diatomic molecule. What we breathe are two oxygen molecules stuck together with these electrons which they share with each other. It is these shared electrons that bind to the hemoglobin in our blood. When oxygen is hit with radio frequency energy at 60 gigahertz it effects the orbital properties of these shared electrons because hemoglobin is a magnetic compound.
When you alter or interfere with the orbital spin properties of diatomic oxygens electrons you then interfere with the exchange of gas in our lungs where the oxygen is being absorbed into the bloodstream and the carbon dioxide is being expelled from the bloodstream.
Agents of the dark new world order crime cabal are attempting to poison us with a frequency that effects our oxygen molecules and this is by design. This may be the reason that the science of magnetobiology is being censored everywhere. “


I have never committed an illegal act in my entire life.  Yet, I am being subjected to remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation.  The voice to skull directed energy enabled voices which I hear coming from inside my head are behaving like a lynch mob.   I am in receipt of disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome and I also have bladder problems.  The individuals who illegally force their voices inside my head via voice to skull technology insult me on a constant basis.  Even though one hundred and twenty five million human beings from both Europe and the United States confess to suffer from irritable bowel syndrome largely because of chemicals in the food and water supply as well as experiencing  trauma based mind control in public schools and have poisonous fillings placed in their teeth as well as the deliberate miseducation of general practitioners and specialists in the area of irritable bowel syndrome, I am being made a scapegoat for the whole world by this unknown mob.  Some of the individuals who verbally abuse me via voice to skull technology do so in a frenzy of hatred and vitriol while speaking to me via advanced technology which I hear coming from inside my head.  Bullying can now be done in total secret.  Bullys are in their seventh heaven with delight.


Whenever a smart meter is installed inside a home that home can then be burned down by wireless remote means by the use of directed energy weapons.   I believe that the forced installation of smart meters is part of the plan of the dark new world order crime cartel to cull the human race as explained by Dr Rima Labow in her youtube video which can be found at the following link.   https://youtu.be/GeP_TlBYqus.  Said dark new world order crime cabal have stated publicly that we are useless eaters and we are using up the limited supply of natural resources on earth and they have also stated that they plan to cull us.


All of human kind are currently ingesting and inhaling particulates which eventually disperse throughout their whole bodies and brains. These bio-particulates coagulate to form larger nodes which are being linked by a two way stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy to large networks of computers. Neuro scientists send digital signals to the muscles of a human being which can be made to override the signals which come from the brain of that human being. With the use of a super-computer neuro scientists can figure out the pattern in which muscle groups need to be triggered to make somebody walk you can then reverse engineer the signal pattern and make somebody walk against their will. When this particular bio-engineered individual informs government officials about their experiences they are regularly being sent for psychiatric assessment which is normally followed by committal to a psychiatric institution. After that they have no further social credibility. Many targeted individuals have come forward in youtube interviews to inform the public of their experiences of forced muscle movement and slow and gradual bio-robotization. One Canadian woman called Rohinie Besaysar was remoted controlled to murder another woman that she did not know. She was disbelieved by her judge and is currently wrongfully in a Canadian prison.
Many non-consensual neuro research subjects have been interviewed on the youtube channel called “Ramola D Reports” where I and others have given in debth accounts of our non-consensual and extremely unwilling experiences of being slowly and incrementally wirelessly bio-robotized over many years. I recommend the following reports
Report No 85 – My own interview – Gretta Fahey
Report No 92 – Galina Kurdina
Report No 28, 29. 30, – Chris Burton
Report No 98 – Phillip Douglas Walker aka Omnisense,
I believe that forced muscle movement and partial human bio-robotization which is being made to happen by crimina neuro operatives in the only real and valid explanation for the hoax known as demonic possession. I have heard that there is a solution to forced muscle movement. A strong pulse of magnetic energy to the human body may destroy the arrangement of bio-particulates inside the human body. Please research Michael Chapala on youtube under the title “Targeted Individual Cure High Voltage EMP treatment in Mexico Success”.
Many people continue to be unwilling to take targeted individuals of wirelessly enabled remote controlled electronic harassment and torture seriously because these people have been inhaling and ingesting bio-particulates which have now dispersed throughout their own bodies and brains, which enabled their brains to be entrained into a state of both unconcern and into a state of gullable trust in the new world order leadership.


A section of pharmaceutical drugs are causing long term amnesia in seniors.  Good people are then needlessly employed to take care of these people.


Mind control frequencies were used against the African Hutus by the American Military in order to drive them into a rage so that they eventually were mind controlled to butcher their neighbouring tribe the Tutsis to death. This was known by the American military as Operation Crimson Mist according to well known researcher and activist Deborah Traveras. Mind control frequencies are now being used against many people throughout the world so that they do not question the activities of their governments at a time when we are on the very edge of enslavement and culling. You must be strong enough to rise about the mind control frequencies being continually directed at you long enough to organise the people to disassemble and ban all microwave transmitters and related paraphernalia in order to return as a human race to thinking clearly and logically.


Top Tip for anybody who is being harassed with non-consensual voice to skull direct human communication which is also known as microwave hearing or synthetic telepathy. Every time a neuro operative reproduces their voice inside your head using wireless embedded systems you must reply as follows–

Why am I hearing your voice coming from inside my head wholly against my will and without my permission saying ~ here you must repeat what the inner voice just said. Whenever a neuro operative reproduces their voice inside your head by technological means they must give a detailed account of whatever you said in reply. They need not detail how they communicated with you. However, if you reply as above they have no recourse to the law to protect them for electronic harassment of this nature. The reason I believe that I am being non-consensually interrogated by voice to skull direct human communication technology every day for nearly sixteen years is because I am claiming disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome and the validity of my claim can not be verified by legal means. Therefore unknown individuals wielding advanced technology which enables them to reproduce their voices inside my head day and night while issuing death threats and insults towards me are verbally harassing me every waking moment for nearly sixteen years. They are also using similar technology to force me to feel unwanted sensations throughout my body.

When I reply to them in that manner mentioned here, they appear frightened as if it stays on their permanent record and can be used against them at a later date. They also wish to know if I am responsible for causing my symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome by wirelessly analysing what I eat and they can easily establish what I eat by wirelessly receiving information from nano sensors in my stomach and intestines which are currently being blended into some processed foods.

I do not drink alcohol at all. I do not smoke cigarettes or take any type of drugs and I do not drink tea or coffee. I almost never eat refined sugar. I eat a plant based diet as well as dairy products. I do not eat meat, fish or eggs and I have no plans to eat meat, fish or eggs at any time in the future. I am not responsible for causing my irritable bowel syndrome problems. The neuro operatives who reproduce their voices inside my head have attempted to get me to drink alcohol and to resume smoking cigarettes which I gave up more than twenty six years ago. They are not trying to help me recover from irritable bowel syndrome. They are attempting to find a way to gain control over my life and if they do so they would then attempt to extrapolate that control system over all other human beings who complained of suffering from irritable bowel syndrome throughout the world. These neuro operatives are knowingly or unknowingly assisting the dark new world order would-be dictatorship in attempting to rigidly control everybody throughout the world by any means possible. I have never broken any law in my entire life. Hundreds of thousands if not millions of people are currently complaining of similar experiences to mine. We are not being taken seriously due to the fact that electronic mind control is in widespread use in my country, Ireland and throughout most countries in the world.


The third world war will be the easiest war ever fought and it will be won on behalf of the majority of the human race who will easily defeat the dark new world order crime cartel and send them packing for good. Nobody will even have to die. Our soldiers will simply destroy every telephone mast in sight as well as every microwave transmitter, every millimetre wave transmitter, every HAARP phased array, every GWEN tower and all other paraphernalia which enables us to be tortured in our own homes by wireless means by agents of the dark new world order who work by remote means and leave no evidence in their wake.

All of the technology that enabled wireless warfare is either ground based or is being propelled by drones which are low enough to be shot down. Space based weapons are simply an elaborate hoax for the simple reason that outer space does not exist. The second law of thermodynamics proves that air and space can not co-exist side by side. If outer space existed the vacuum of space would suck all of the air from the surface of the earth and we would be unable to breathe. Air and space can not be made to co-exist side by side in a laboratory setting.

We have been lied to about the existence of outer space satellites. Stationary drones have been wrongly identified as satellites. False video footage has been created by agents of the dark new world order crime cartel who falsely portrayed themselves as living and working in the international space station which is an easily proveable hoax. The people who are obliged to falsely portray themselves as working in the non-existent international space station are more than likely neuro slaves, which means they have become wirelessly tethered via internal body and brain implants to computer networks where they can be hurt by remote wireless means if they refuse to obey the orders of the dark new world order crime cabal and their agents.

We live in a world of indoctrination, a false reality construct where we are being asked to believe something because a group of dark occultists tell us it is so without providing a shred evidence to back up their claims. For every non-existent satellite they claim to launch they get five hundred million dollars of tax payers money. We must wake the world up and organise the militia to disassemble and ban all wireless enabling technology before another human being is forced to commit suicide due to being wirelessly tortured inside their own homes while being unbelieved by the unsuspecting population, many of who are under electronic mind control due to living in locations where electronic mind control frequencies are reaching them, which are claimed to be large urban populations.


I am a non-consensual research subject of brain wave science which is currently classified for reasons which come under the heading of national security but what is in fact national suicide. Similar non-consensual brain and body research is currently happening to a number of other people throughout Ireland, many of whom I personally know. All of this non-consensual human research is being carried out wirelessly from implants in our bodies and brains which are connected by two way streams of low frequency electromagnetic energy to computer networks which are controlled by neuro operatives. These neuro operatives are unknown to us but they are able to conduct conversations with us through the two way streams of energy, some of which are connected to the hearing centres of our brains. We are being forced to listen to their voices coming from inside our heads every waking moment against our wills and without our permission.

Last night, while I was in my home alone I heard myself saying the following phrase “wheelbarrow load” while I was thinking of something else entirely which was totally unrelated to that phrase. It was as if two parts of my brain were entirely disconnected from each other. I spoke about this to the neuro operatives who reproduce their voices inside my head via a brain link. The neuro operatives replied as follows “Your brain has not been compartmentalized. It has been subdivided into sections in accordance with instructions from our superiors. I mention this incidence in case it is helpful to other non-consensual targeted individuals of brain link and neuro weapon research of which there appear to be hundreds of thousands if not millions of us throughout the world.

Non-consensual targeted individuals of brain wave science research have no recourse to the law. We have all made representations to the police. I myself have made two unsuccessful representations to the Irish Gardai, which is what the police in Ireland are called. Both representations ended in instructions to attend for psychiatric evaluation. This is the normal course of events whenever non-consensual neuro weapon research subjects complain to the police that a crime is being committed against them.

I will never complain to the Gardai again about my horrific experiences of being a long term non-consensual brain science research subject because I can not risk being sent to a psychiatric hospital where I would be expected to ingest harmful substances posing as anti-psychotic medication and where I would be incarcerated and I would not be given a release date. These substances posing as medication are extremely poisonous. When I have taken them in the past, I experienced constant extreme tremors all over my body. I also experienced a strong and constant urge to pace constantly with no ability to relax. I also experienced very dulled thinking as if I could not connect fully with my own brain. Along with that I experienced extreme tiredness and lack of motivation and I was unable to go for long walks which I previously used to do. Substances posing as anti-psychotic medication are in fact punishments. The American military have admitted that they were planning to weaponize medicine by blending together medicines with the most extreme side effects and forcing people who do not fall in line with their growing dictatorship to take them under the guise of being mentally ill.

The neuro operatives who reproduce their voices inside my head against my will and without my permission have informed me that they have been instructed to find a way to cover me which they explained means to find a way to control me, either by framing me for an illegal event or for a false psychotic event. They claim that they will not do this as they are doing their best to work in an ethical way while under extreme legal constraints themselves. Some of them are doing their best to behave in an ethical way but I would never agree that all of them are ethical because some of them have been extremely cruel to me over the years with constant death threats and insults which I hear coming from inside my own head up to dozens of times per day on some occasions.

If you have a good number of digital devices in your home I would advise you to keep them inside closed metal boxes when they are not in use. These digital devices send signals to each other thereby creating an electrical grid which can be used to create holograms inside your home which you may wrongly assume to be demons or extra-terresterials if you believe in the supernatural, which I personally dont. The demonic possession hoax, the extra-terresterial hoax, the poltergeist hoax, the moving statue hoax, the existence of space based weapons hoax are all falsehoods which you would realise if you were a long term brain wave science test subject and knew how things are being made to occur scientifically.

The worldwide military and intelligence services now have technology which allows them to reproduce their voices inside the heads of non-consensual and unwilling good living human beings because the bodies of most if not all human beings from Europe and America and other similarly developed countries have become embedded with metallic particulates which can be used to transmit and receive the spoken word. These embedded metallic particulates are also being used to send and receive other types of signals other than sound signals to the brains and bodies of these people such as sensations, pain and even visions.

“We don’t want her” were the words which I heard coming from inside my head. I replied as follows “Why am I hearing your voice coming from inside my head wholly against my will and wholly without my permission while saying the following words “We don’t want her”. I continued as follows “I have not applied for any position so what do you mean when you say “we don’t want her”.

I later heard the following conversation coming from inside my head “We can not locate slaves and assign duties to them by using a methodology called Assignation Code Medium any longer because this method is coming back to haunt us. The unwilling and non-consensual client repeats back what we say when we are speaking via the online medium and she lets the assembled gathering know that our voices are coming from inside her head because of embedded technology inside her head. These voices had previously said that they were working for and on behalf of the Radisson Group.


I have been a neuro research subject for nearly sixteen years. I am wirelessly linked via implants in my brain and body to a computer network by a two way communication stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy. Voice to skull bio-communication technology is being used by neuro operatives to speak to me against my will and to insult me and threaten my life. The technology being used against me in this manner is classified for now. Therefore not many people are aware of it. The unknown voice to skull neuro operatives have today informed me via voice to skull bio-communication technology that my home is now going out live throughout the internet among interested parties who pay a fee on a private network in order to be enabled to see unsuspecting human beings inside the privacy of their own family homes. The unethical interested parties were enabled to achieve this new level of intrusion into my life because I unknowingly placed my landline home phone number on to the end of a public letter.

All presidents of the United States since the assasination of President John F Kennedy have been high freemasons. They are not loyal to the United States Constitution. They swear an oath of loyalty to their lodge keeper who is ultimately controlled by high Jesuits and the Papacy.


Knowledge has been hidden from us for thousands of years because a differential in knowledge leads to a differential in power. Power hungry dark occultists have hoarded all types of knowledge including recent advances in science and technology in order to further their own ability to control and even enslave the rest of the human race. However, now that we have the internet where there is no central focus which they can control we have learned of their trickery. Here below is some psychological manipulations which they have been subjecting us to and which we were totally unaware of until recently.

When we are put through the government run school system at the lower schooling levels we become right brain dominant. Right brain dominant people are usually unquestioningly obedient to the control system. Some of their other characteristics are naivete, total trust in church and state, religious extremism, submissiveness, shunning worldly goods in favour of rewards in the afterlife, wrongly believing in the false concept of authority and keeping their heads below the radar.

When the police and military graduate from their respective training academies, they have become left brain dominant. Some of the characteristics of left brain dominant people are authoritarianism, skepticism, athiesm. They tend to believe in survival of the fittest, and they are prone to put material concerns before spiritual beliefs.

If you have a balance between your right brain and your left brain you are in a place of common sense and can see truth more clearly. It has been discovered by students of natural law that there are hidden laws at work in the invisible/mental/spiritual domain. These natural laws inform us that we have free will but that we do not have the ability to escape the consequences of our free will decisions. Natural law behavioural consequences are in place for our maximum evolutionary progress. The overarching ultimate law within the set of Natural Laws is as follows:- Freedom and Morality are directly proportional. As morality increases freedom also increases in any society. I obtained all of the above information from Mark Passio at www.whatonearthishappening.com.


I am wirelessly linked to neuro operatives who force me to listen to them throughout each and every day entirely against my will and without my permission. A selection of neuro operatives, who I have been informed are core volunteers in playing a part in my electronic harassment and psychological torture, wake me up and place my in a hyper alert state in the middle of the night, many nights, in order to speak to me and insult me and threaten me and keep me awake for hours at a time when I should be sleeping. When I complained via the two way bio-communication link which allows them to communicate with me against my will and without my permission they said that they could not get a time slot during the day to perform their electronic harassment duties and that is why they harass me during many nights.

I am a victim of the brutal hacking of brains and bodies of human beings which is now widespread and growing throughout Western European Countries and further afield. The main stream media are keeping the populace in the dark about this psychological torture mechanism which is getting ever closer to their own doors. They are more than likely under strong microwave mind control. Further to that, authoritarian psychiatry use fraudulent mental health labelling on anybody who attempts to whistle blow about the existence and abuse of wireless weapon electronic harassment and torture. Neuro weapons have been in field-testing for at least sixteen years in the Republic of Ireland and possibly for many decades before I became a victim of it. This is an ongoing crime against humanity. The only way forward is to disassemble and ban all wireless enabling capabilities together with all microwave mind control capabilities, so that people can begin to think clearly again. Currently many appear to be programmed to only believe what they hear from the mouths of the main stream media announcers. However, the main stream media is now privately owned and controlled by the dark new world order evil cabal and they use said main stream media as their mouthpiece in order to misdirect the rest of the humanity and to lead them into a false sense of security.


“Regiment these people so that they are obedient to us”. I heard those words coming from inside my head because I have been non-consensually implanted with two way voice technology. The military and the intelligence services have been non-consensually implanting their fellow human beings with many and varied types of technology over the past few decades for the purposes of controlling them. This fact is still not widely known for reasons of national security which is in reality national suicide. Further to that I heard another unknown person speaking to me through the same medium who informed me that the speaker who wishes us all to be regimented into a state of complete obedience to this criminal syndicate is called Andrew Partagenet. I don’t know anybody called Andrew Partagenet and I dislike posting names on my posts but in order to raise awareness of the slow and insidious enslavement policies of the dark new world order criminal syndicate I am beginning to post the names that I am being given by these inner voices. We must disassemble and ban all wireless enabling capabilities urgently in order to stop this in-home wireless harassment and torture that many are currently experiencing because of advanced wireless torture capabilities.


I am experiencing non-consensual brain-to-computer interface which is being coupled with non-consensual brain-to-brain interface. Further to this I am being remote neural monitored and remote neural manipulated. The unknown neuro operatives who run this wirelessly enabled abuse can reproduce their voices inside my head due to imbedded technology whenever they wish. They can also input moving images, sensations, and pain signals into my brain and body. They can input virtually any brain capability into my brain.

This morning I woke up with a strong mental image of me being alone in a hotel room with a man. I was fully clothed and I felt that I was being programmed to tolerate this situation as if I was being prepared for some unknown situation in the future. I have already been informed by the voices of the neuro-operatives which I hear coming from inside my head that anybody who has been sufficiently remote neural monitored and remote neural manipulated can eventually be wirelessly enslaved totally and utterly to do anything and everything that they would never dream of doing in their normal everyday life. Yesterday I had been informed by one of the unknown wirelessly enabled inner voices that they would eventually enslave me totally and utterly and get me to do their bidding.

I am a fifty nine year old woman, and I have never found myself alone in a hotel room with a strange man in my life. This is something that would alarm me to an extreme degree. The fact that I appear to be being programmed along those lines via brain-to-computer interface and brain-to-brain interface is upsetting to me. I have been writing about all my experiences of being remote neural monitored and being remote neural manipulated for many years now and my work can be found all over the internet. This is simply one more incident. If the rest of the human race knew who evil this control system that is being introduced methodologically and by stealth really is they would immediately tear down all the telephone towers, HAARP phased arrays and related supporting paraphernalia immediately. Remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulating systems are eventual enslavement systems.


My name is COLM GRANAHAN (Anti Corruption Taskforce ) from Ballina, Co Mayo.

It is with the deepest regret to say that I have to seek refuge and protection from the country I grew up in. I was informed by a source that the N.B.C.I. (National Bureau of Criminal Investigation ) had a plan in place to have me killed (taken out) by enforcers and that I needed to leave the country, that Joe Doocey was lucky to be locked up or he would have been done already. I cannot leave as I believe it would be easier for them to operate outside the country and there would be no questions asked if I was knocked down, stabbed or killed in any other way
The Irish government is completely corrupt, the Judges are all picked by this establishment to rule on their agendas. Gas, Natural Resources (fishing ), Tusla’s, Repossessions, Evictions, Garda Lying (Jobstown ), Credit Unions, Breath Tests, Drug Supplies, McBreaty case, Maurice McCabe, Eve Doherty, the setting up of Joe Doocey, 2 Garda Commissioners, 2 Minister of Justice, Health Services (Smear Test), Bank Fraud, Suicides and Harassment.
The silence from the Catholic Church about Evictions, Homelessness, Suicides, Tusla, break up of families, no cameras in court to hold these criminals to account. Perjury by the establishment.
Denis O’Brien media cover up of crimes by the establishment. Also the covering up of Tuam Babies, Pedophiles ( Judges McCurtin Cork) Garda Head Quarters, High ranking people in the Civil Service, Abuse of Elders in Care homes. The covering up of all the wrong doing within the Catholic Church on innocent victims and failure to make restitution to the victims.
People of Ireland PLEASE STAND TOGETHER and say we have all had enough of the corruption within our country. If you don’t stand together NOW, it is nearly to late.
It’s with the saddest regret that I have to leave loved ones, family and friends behind as I cannot endanger their lives anymore because of my beliefs in exposing corruption.
Thanks for everything good people and to the rest HANG YOUR HEADS IN SHAME.

Kindest regards,
Colm Granahan



The super-rich wish to redirect the anger of humanity away from the real enemy of the human race namely themselves and on to non existent fictional enemies. To that end they have created the extra-terresterial hoax, the demonic possession hoax, the global warming hoax , the conscious computer hoax, the space travel hoax, the satellite hoax, the poltergeist hoax and the artificial intelligence gone out of control hoax. The super-rich own and control all areas of weapons development throughout the world. They control armies on both sides of the battle field. The super-rich reinforce a belief in their many hoaxes by the use of remote influencing capabilities and brain entrainment capabilities via both television and smart engineered technologies. The super-rich now own 99% of the main-stream media. They have the power to change public perception overnight.

In order to create a planetary wide mind set and planetary wide social unit the super-rich created an extra-terresterial hoax. They had in mind to redirect the anger of humanity away from the real enemy of the human race namely themselves and on to a non existent fictional enemy. They also wished to confuse humanity in order to make them easier to manipulate. These super-rich also wished to suppress the level of advancement of their high speed air craft technology. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bORO4ftkKkM


The creation of fear and paranoia makes people more controllable.

In past times, when people were enslaved, they were always told that they were genetically inferior, and that the enslaver had a divine right to enslave, due to superior DNA and intelligence. False rumours are being deliberately perpetuated online to create a false belief that the super rich have superior DNA and that they belong to a different bloodline that the rest of the human race. This situation has occurred many times throughout history. The Inca’s of Peru falsely claimed that their headquarters at Pumapunku were created by The Gods, in order to endow themselves with the divine right to rule.

In order to render the human race passive and uninvolved in vitally important issues that effect all our lives, a false belief was created that extra-terresterials are about to come and save us from our enemies.

Abductions are the result of a tremendously successful mind-control operation, all of which has been in development since before World War 2. They have now perfected this. There is a patent for a machine that can read your brainwaves. It can then recombine them in a computer and send them back to you, and make you think things happened that never happened.


We have been conditioned through movies to believe that zombies will come to the fore at some time in the future. The creation of zombies and demonic possession can easily be explained by the total technological motor control of a human being by remotely decoding and then followed by partially re-encoding the motor cortex of all targeted individuals. This practice is widespread throughout the world now. At a much later date after many targeted individuals have been mentasized ( rendered to have total dementia) by remote means they could then be remote controlled by long range wifi to walk around cities in large groups as a psychological operation to make the people of that city frightened to the point where they are willing to sign away all of their freedom in return for protection from the self-proclaimed elite and their armies.

Decoding followed by re-encoding the motor cortex of unwilling humans by long range wifi explains the recent phenomenon of shapeshifting.

When we install smart meters in our homes, these meters will send and receive beams of energy to and from all the other smart meters in the neighbourhood, and also, to and from all the electrical appliances in the home. These beams of energy will create a smart grid, which can be used to create holograms, both inside the home and also across the sky. These holograms can appear as extra-terrestrials, or as demons, or even religious apparitions.


Honest people have come forward to tell us that they have been to Mars, and that they have travelled forwards and backwards in time. I believe these people have been tricked into believing they were in these places, because they must have been taken to a film set location, complete with scenery, props and actors.

Air and space can not co-exist side by side. Making them do so has never been achieved in a laboratory setting. We are being lied to on an unimaginable scale about the nature of all things which we can not physically check outselves. The controlling forces on this planet have many ways of controlling the staff at NASA among others. The key to solving our problems is to make it our business to find out how NASA are being controlled.

The purpose of NASA is to fake the concept of space travel, in order to appear to further America’s militaristic dominance of space.The purpose of NASA’s creation from the very start was to appear to put weapons into space. The motto “Scientific exploration of new frontiers for all mankind” was nothing more than a front.
The mission of Nasa is to bury true science and truth itself.


“Control of space means control of the world. From space, the masters of infinity would have the power to control the earth’s weather, to cause drought and flood, to change the tides and raise the levels of the sea, to divert the gulf stream and change temperate climates to frigid. There is something more important than the ultimate weapon. And that’s the ultimate position. The position of total control over the Earth that lies somewhere in outer space.” President Lyndon Johnson, Statement on Status of Nation’s Defense and Race for Space, January 7, 1958

NASA claim there are satellites, twenty two thousand miles high, in geo-stationary velocities. All materials known to man would melt and evaporate if exposed to temperatures and radio active conditions in the thermosphere.

There is no need for satellites. We could not improve on the system we had in place before satellites were first invented. The technology to support the internet, and so called satellite television was available for free since before 1943, as developed by Nichola Tesla. The would-be controllers wish us to pay exorbitant fees for technologies which are cheap and simple. The would-be controllers monotized free technology because of the satellite lie.

While people believe in the satellite lie, they can be enslaved inside an electronic surveillance and control grid, because they will fail to realize that to escape this electronic prison is only a matter of dismantling all cell phone towers, and stopping all chemtrail spraying.

According to Alan Watt, philosopher, the purpose of psychological warfare is to destroy the potential enemy before anything happens, by bringing us to a mental standstill. If you are deliberately manipulated to believe your ancestors were a bunch of walking crocodiles ( the annunaki extra-terrestrials), and you were created to be a slave, then the self-proclaimed elite will have succeeded in their psychological warfare program.




Ever since military technologists created brain technology whereby they could transmit their own voices inside the heads of unwilling members of the general public via nano technology which the public have unknowingly ingested and inhaled, many human beings have suddenly been committing suicide for no apparent reason.

Directed energy weapons technologies have the capability of paralysing targeted individuals who have been neuro weapons research subjects for at least twenty years. Directed Energy Weapons operatives use the electricity of the non-consensual and totally unwilling neuro research subject to paralyse them.

The type of messages non-consensual subjects of neuro weapons research are receiving via voice to skull communication technology and/or brain to brain interface technology is as follows ” We will first of all paralyze you from head to toe and then we will send you extreme pain signals and you will not be able to move a muscle to help yourself.”

This is the real reason why so many members of the public are suddenly committing suicide without apparent reason.

Wireless external control of the muscle systems of real live human beings is now widespread throughout the world. This cruel torture can only be achieved with the aid of microwave transmitters which are generally placed on telephone masts. It has now been proven that there are no satellites and there are no space based weapons. These hoaxes and many other hoaxes have been perpetrated on us by dark occultists in order to make us believe that there are no easy solutions to this ongoing microwave warfare and human enslavement protocol.

Mobile phone towers are the linchpin that holds the wireless human enslavement protocol in place for the following reasons:- Under sea fiber optic cables transmit 99% of all international data. There are now over 300 undersea fiber optic cables stretching 550,000 miles. Each cable is less than three inches thick and houses several optical fibres. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dAESYkflOU

The reasons governments have not rushed to disassemble and destroy all microwave transmitters may be as follows:- lack of awareness of the problem, mind control, body control, indifference, death threats, guilt because they may have conspired to set up this cruel and secret human control system whereby if you fail to comply you may be rigidly paralysed or bio-robotized.

The key to our freedom is simply to disassemble and destroy all microwave transmitters now.


Human beings throughout the world are currently inhaling and ingesting nanochips and smart dust, combined with fungus and other materials which are being sprayed in the skies over our heads. These sprayed substances combined with wireless directed energy weapons is allowing criminals to gain control of the nervous systems of a selection of human beings throughout the world. These sprayed substances contain metallic particulates and a fungus called acremonium among other materials. The acremonium fungus becomes a fungal biomass inside the human body which creates manganese oxide which when produced by the human body has electrochemical properties. When the manganese oxide reaches a certain level inside the human body, electricity can then be made to move through the human body. Once the criminal neuro operatives have control of the human nervous systems they can then gain wireless remote control of all of the muscles in the body of a real live human being and turn that human being into a bio-robot.

If this situation is allowed to continue the process of total muscle control of all human beings except the would-be enslavers would eventually be fully automated by wireless means so that all human beings throughout the world could be wirelessly and instantly paralysed or remote controlled by unknown operatives working from a remote location if they dared to challenge the control system. Please have all microwave transmitters urgently disasssembled and destroyed so that these criminals can no longer continue their cruel and unjust neuro weapons experimentation on unwilling targeted individuals in many locations throughout the world.

Chemtrails are being illegally sprayed over our heads on an almost daily basis which ensures that there is a continuous supply of both the acramonium fungus and heavy metals in our bodies at all times, which enables our bodies to continually create the radio frequency sensative chemicals that the directed energy weapons operatives need to be able to constantly target us.

A vibrating tattoo has been developed and patented by nokia. The ink is made from feromagnetic or electrosensative powder such as iron oxide. When a human being gets a tattoo with this type of ink their tattoo can be linked to their mobile phone and their skin will vibrate if they receive a text message. This is a proven science and it thereby proves that targeted individuals are telling the truth about being severely harassed by electronic weapons and they are not mentally ill as previously thought.


Guard against ingesting substances containing manganese oxide, which is now found in most multivitamins.

In order to clear the fungal biomass and remove the heavy metals from your body please take some of the following substances

Potassium Iodide, Borax, Baking Soda, Epson Salts, Oil of Oregano Super Strength 73, Switch off the electricity supply to your home every night because a supply of electricity in your environment helps the fungal spores to manifest. Earth yourself on a daily basis by walking barefoot on bare earth or on the beach. If this is not possible purchase earthing equipment online and use it often. You will then notice a significant reduction in your electronic harassment and torture symptoms.

I researched most of this information from the following linked source which goes under the youtube name of lookoutfacharlie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPQO-4I7eKE&t=3s

For further information about my own personal experiences of fifteen years of non-consensual and totally unwilling neuro weapons research please see my website which is www.targetedindividualsireland.net.






Barton L. Ingraham and Gerald W Smith published an article back in 1972, in a United States government document called “Issues in Criminology”, Volume 7, Number 2. The article is called ” The Use of Electronics in the Observation and Control of Human Behavior, and its Possible Use in Rehabilitation and Control”. The article states the following:- “The development of systems for telemetering information from sensors, implanted in or on the body will soon make possible the observation and control of human behaviour without actual physical contact. Through such telemetric devices, it will be possible to maintain twenty-four hour-a-day surveillance over the subject, and to intervene electronically or physically to influence and control selected behaviour”.

Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs) are being implanted in many  people without their consent.     Wireless neural link tethering of non-consensual human beings to a surveillance network  is currently happening throughout the western world.     The targeted human beings are being non-consensually implanted  without their knowledge with bio-medical microchips at the base of their brains which are two-way radio communication devices and also brain mapping devices.   The voices from the two-way radio communication devices is projected directly behind the epiglottis from the implant at the base of the brain.   Wireless neural link tethering  projects have been set up throughout the western world under the guise of doing research on people with challenging behaviour or who are political dissidents  but in reality they are about enabling total lock down enslavement for all of humanity except the would-be enslavers whose names we don’t know right now.. This wireless neural link tethering is being enabled via each human beings unique brain signature which it is being claimed can now be accessed online by people in the know.  

A WBAN consists of multiple miniaturized, smart and self-powered sensor devices that can be attached, or even implanted into, humans to monitor their physiological parameters (e.g., temperature, blood pressure, heart pulse rate, etc.), body motion (e.g., posture, orientation, location, etc.) as well as their surrounding environment (e.g., toxic gases, humidity, heat, etc.). All the monitored parameters are then transmitted wirelessly, using short-range on-body or Intra-WBAN communications, from the on/in-body sensors to the WBAN’s coordinator for further data processing and analysis.


Download PDF The invention presents a networked system for identifying an individual, communicating information to the individual, and remotely monitoring the individual. The system includes a server and a workstation for entering in the server queries to be answered by the individual. The server is preferably a…http://www.google.com/patents/US6101478?utm_source=gb-gplus-sharePatent US6101478 – Multi-user remote health monitoring systemPatent US6101478 - Multi-user remote health monitoring system
Multi-user remote health monitoring system
US 6101478 A
The invention presents a networked system for identifying an individual, communicating information to the individual, and remotely monitoring the individual. The system includes a server and a workstation for entering in the server queries to be answered by the individual. The server is preferably a web server and the workstation is preferably a personal computer or remote terminal connected to the server via the Internet. The system also includes a remotely programmable apparatus connected to the server via a communication network, preferably the Internet. The remotely programmable apparatus interacts with the individual in accordance with a script program received from the server. The server includes a script generator for generating the script program from the queries entered through the workstation. The script program is received and executed by the remotely programmable apparatus identify the individual, to communicate the queries to the individual, to receive responses to the queries, and to transmit the responses from the remotely programmable apparatus to the server. Identification of the individual can also be achieved via a data card, a remote monitoring device, or the interception of data from a separate information system. As the present invention has multi-user capabilities, it can be used in a public place, such as a pharmacy or health care clinic. The multi-user capabilities also allow collection and tracking of user data for the healthcare industry.
As you may know already, many people throughout the world are currently complaining of being targeted with directed energy weapons and voice harassment technology also known as direct voice  communication and also known as hearing voices directly into the centre of the human cranium, while these people are in their own homes.   It is being claimed by some that illegally implanted WBANs are being used to enable the use of directed energy weapons and voice to skull voice harassment technology.  Some are claiming that organised criminal gangs can only utilise their directed energy weapons provided they have access to both stray voltage within the home of the targeted individual and also to a signal source.

It is my belief that the signal source these directed energy weapons operatives are using is coming from ground based apparatus which has been purposely installed adjacent to the home of the individual to be targeted.  To that end, I have been informed that  in most cases extra technology is deliberately being installed in electricity poles adjacent to the home of each targeted individual.


Secondly, it is also my belief that no targeted individual can be targeted with most if not all directed energy weapons and voice harassment technology, also known as direct voice communication without the input of large amounts of leaking voltage.     Most of the illegal and immoral electronic non-consensual brain weapons testing and medical experimentation occurs while the targeted individual is sleeping at night.     All electrical appliances, electrical cables, telephone cables, light fixtures, electrical sockets and all devices containing batteries can be made to leak voltage into the atmosphere of the bedroom of the targeted individual.  Affected individuals should be advised to sleep in a bedroom devoid of all of these appliances and they should then  no longer be targeted by most directed energy weapons.      All targeted individuals throughout  the  world should be advised to place their beds at least four feet away from all electrical and telephone cables and electrical and telephone sockets.
If there is no leaking voltage in the bedroom of the targeted individual, pulses of electricity can be generated in the bedroom of the targeted individual which can be used against the targeted individual, but only if the targeted individual lives in a  “wireless live” city  or town or if the targeted individual has a wireless  modem or a smart meter  in their home.  Smart meters would make every home wireless live.
If you are a targeted individual I advise you to move to a rural area and sleep in a bedroom containing no electrical appliances or cables anywhere near your bed.  The directed energy weapons attacks should stop immediately but the voice to skull direct communication may not stop.  Your body will still gather energy from an as yet unrecognised source in order to power the voice to skull direct communications.
Chemtrail aerosol spraying being conducted across our skies on a continual basis for the past several years is being used among other things to create what is commonly known as horizontal drift plasma antennas. (Patent No US6118407.) Horizontal drift plasma antennas is being used to direct and redirect signals, and without this the signals intelligence operatives would be totally disabled from doing any type of signals intelligence work, including both voice to skull direct communications and electronic harassment.     Stop Chemtrails Now
The voice to skull direct communication network more commonly known as voices coming from inside my head once told me in the distant past  that in order for their staff to conduct surveys on selected targeted individuals, those targeted individuals need to have ingested particulates of certain food additives in the past number of days, so that said particulates would be in their system.
Over time, any human being can be enslaved by using a monitor.  Directed Energy Weapons operatives can manipulate your nervous system by pulsing  electromagnetic fields  through your computer monitor or television screen or cinema screen.    Targeted individuals can no longer be experimented on effectively if they abandon all use of all computer and television screens and all smart technology enabled devices.    For further information, please see U.S. patent 6506148 – nervous system manipulation of electromagnetic fields from monitors.
The  voice to skull  communication network also known as voices coming from inside my head  relayed to me that people throughout the whole known world would be picked off for targeting with directed energy weapons and locked down into electronic enslavement programs, one at a time, in the not too distant future if the self-proclaimed elite have their way.    The voice to skull direct communication network further informed  me that the would-be controllers hope to take down all governments eventually, and that they hoped that everyone would be individually controlled through their unique brain signature, and they hoped there would be one central command which is hidden at the moment. If these targeted individuals tell anybody about what is happening to them, they will be publicly accused of being mentally ill, and will be incarcerated in mental hospitals, where they will be further debilitated by what is commonly known as antipsychotic medication but is in reality a blend of psychotic inducing concoctions which also seem to induce terror and anxiety.
The cover stories which have been used to cover the existence of these non-consensual in-home microsurveillance and human experimentation programs over the past few decades are, among others, the extra terresterial hoax, the religious apparation hoax, the demonic possession hoax, the near-death experience haox, the rapture hoax,  and a wide variety of other hoaxes.
At this point in time,  human monitoring and control system is being enabled through the use of a large workforce who remain invisible behind the scenes of our lives. However, it is planned that this workforce will be largely replaced by artificial intelligence in the future, if allowed to continue on its current path of destruction.
.When we install smart meters in our homes, these meters will send and receive beams of energy to and from all the other smart meters in the neighbourhood, and also, to and from all the electrical appliances in the home. These beams of energy will create a smart grid, which can be used to create holograms, both inside the home and also across the sky. These holograms can appear as extra-terrestrials, or as demons, or even religious apparitions. These holograms, combined with mind control technology has led many people to mistakenly believe that they are in the presence of aliens.
•The self-proclaimed elite, have attempted to fake the concept of space travel to make them appear to have militaristic dominance of space. They decided to fake the space program outright and use rockets which only needed to fly into the air until they disappeared from sight.   Another of their aims was to “appear” to put satellites in space.   Enormous amounts of money and human ingenuity is being spent to maintain the illusion of the existence of satellites.     Satellites are an invention of the planetary wide, take down propaganda machine    Satellites are purported to be stationary in the thermosphere, which is purported to have a temperature of approximately two thousand degrees centegrade. If this were the case, the satellites would burn up on impact .   I understand that satellites do not exist, and that satellite navigation information is gained by mobile phone tower triangulation, and “satellite” television programs are primarily transmitted through ground based cables and a variety of other ground based means.    If satellites really existed, all the satellite dishes on the roofs of our houses would point straight up. Google Earth images are taken from aircraft and the global earth image we are continually being shown is a computer composite, not a photograph. Ground based radar is used to take measurements of the weather.  The second law of thermodynamics proves that air and space can not both exist simultaneously.  Space would suck all the air away leaving us unable to breathe.  We have been lied to on an unimaginable scale.
Our world view mind set is slowly being poisoned by the public school system, the main stream media and government staff training initiatives including police and military training centres.  At these  centres government employees are being taught to believe they are vastly superior to non-government staff and they are being falsely indoctrinated into the belief that they have the right to control and reign- in the behaviour of all free will human beings in their areas.

All government funded staff and politicians are legally obliged to carry smart phones, which have the built-in capacity to entrain the brain of the user into a state of indifference when they should be enraged. I believe this smart technology is being used by the hidden occulted establishment to entrain the brains of politicians throughout the world,  Smart phone technology also has evesdropping capabilities. Your conversations, conducted in the privacy of your own home may be being relayed to other people, unbeknownst to you, even at a time other than the time you conducted the conversation.  Many people in government authority appear to be subliminally influenced by an unknown remote influencing capability.  I personally suspect these subliminal messages may be coming from mobile phone masts more commonly known as cell phone towers.

Directed energy weapons abuses have occurred mostly under the radar for up to seventy years in all countries throughout the western world and far beyond.  These criminal abuses  are being successfully covered up by elements within high level psychiatry who wish for this to be the case.  The reason this extremely advanced technology remains hidden from view to all but the initiated  is that a differential in knowledge equates to a differential in power.

On one occasion in the distant past when I used to hear voices directly in the centre of my cranium I once heard a voice to skull direct communication personnel member comment to another direct communication personnel member saying the following  “It is de rigueur that this  forced  two-way communication and control protocol is regulated to include everybody.”

It is my firm belief that it is not a legal requirement to register your children.  It is merely made to appear that it is a legal requirement.  It is my firm belief that you would be ill advised to register your children ever or even to sign a marriage licence.  By doing either of these, it is my firm belief that you are giving away a substantial amount of your legal power to your government.

All members of the self-proclaimed elite are Jewish bankers, who control the financial aspect of this planet for the most part.   They are not the ordinary Jews, most of whom have no idea what is happening behind the scenes of the world today. The Jewish bankers are an almost unknown branch of Jews called Kazarian Jews. Because the Jewish bankers have an infinite supply of money they have bought everything on this planet that can be bought. They have also bought the loyalty of people who have flexible morals. They created the Jesuits who unknowingly work for them. The Jewish bankers have a controlling interest in the pharmaceutical industry, main-stream media, main-stream medicine, law and the military police. They are heavily involved in deregulating all control systems throughout the Western world so that they can take complete control of them. All our lives are at stake. We must act now by blocking brain weapons research immediately in all countries throughout the known world.


.”We will know our disinformation plan is complete when everything the American people believe is false” Former CIA director, William Casey. •
My name is gretta of the family fahey of Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland.
This website is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net
My email address is gretta2011@hotmail.com.


gretta of the family fahey

In a million years hence, scientists will ask themselves what happened a million years ago on this planet that caused literally millions of people to kill themselves.   Here below is a public record of why that was allowed to happen and why it is still being allowed to happen to this very day.


I was brain linked to a computer enabled in-home personal monitoring and guidance system in 2003, which is an extreme experience of which I have written about in my website www.targetedindividualsireland.net. This in-home personal monitoring and guidance system is an invisible control system currently being set up in Ireland and elsewhere, which involves long term secret persecution and scientific experimentation of targeted individuals using brain link technology. An artificial intelligence run personal monitoring and guidance system is being prepared, as we speak, for everyone across the planet except for the self-proclaimed elite, who are preparing for the role of our slave masters.

Humanity is at a pivotil point, unlike anything we have ever experienced before. I am officially requesting all European governments to set about dismantling the European Union now, before we are brain linked to artificial intelligence mass control and before the enslavement structure is solidified. We aught to dismantle the citizen spy networks that have been set up in every country throughout the world, which operate on a similar model to Infragard in the U.S.A. and also similar to the stasi citizen spy network of former East Germany.

The last line of offence linking our brains to the planetary wide super computers are the under sea fiber optic cables, which carry the pain signals and two way communication signals to and from the human race to the super computers that are soon to be run by artificial intelligence. If the armies of the world, knowing what I already know, were to sever the undersea fibre optic cables all over the world, this act alone would serve to disunify the world and humanity. From that day on, the reign of terror of the self-proclaimed elite would be over forever, and humanity would regain its freedom and autonomy.




Governments may have been advised to turn a blind eye to the targeting of a selection of their fellow country men and women in order to see how these projects pan out and if they are beneficial in any way.

Governments may have been given a false negative profile of targeted individuals.

Members of governments may have their brains constantly entrained by technology to behave inappropriately. They may be complacent when they should be outraged.

Members of government, through false propaganda, may have inadventantly given the green light to the targeting of a selection of their own country men and women.

The laws are being changed to become weapons of those in power rather than tools to protect the rights and freedoms of individuals.

Members of governments may avoid information which triggers awareness of the extreme evils they are committing in the name of good.

At this current time, in western democracies, there exists unelected bureaucrats who are responsible for the many rules and regulations which govern society and our governments appear to me to be puppet governments with no real power to put a stop to overt psychological torture with the use of directed energy weapons and voice to skull technologies.

The targeted individuals themselves must invoke the right to remain silent when approached by the police or psychiatry, because the police and psychiatrists are legally forced to incarcerate them in a mental hospital if they report their targeting.

The same people who are harassing targeted individuals with directed energy weapons are also the people who are major shareholders in the planetary wide main stream media and who decide what is published on a day to day basis behind the scenes of our lives. Most of what is published on a daily basis is incessent indoctrination.




Psychiatry, through intentional false mental illness diagnosis, is being deliberately used to cover the widespread existence and misuse of Directed Energy Weapons.

I went into the care of the psychiatric services of my own free will, due to a belief that I was being electronically harassed. I sought out the safety of the psychiatric hospital as a place of sanctuary, and for that I will always be grateful. All of the psychiatric staff who I interacted with were helpful and courteous and extremely kind to me at all times. However, that is not a good enough reason to turn a blind eye to huge problems within the psychiatric services, as by doing so, it could lead to the total destruction of human freedoms, in the not too distant future.

When I first was admitted to St Teresa’s unit in Castlebar, Ireland, for mental health care, back in 2003, I was prescribed a drug called Haldol, also known as Haloperidal. According to Jon Rappaport of www.nomorefakenews.com, this is a drug that was manufactured in Russia to be given to political dissidents. This drug causes some patients such strong Tardive Akathisia and Tardive Dyskinesia that it is akin to being tortured from the inside out, leaving psychiatric staff with plausible deniability. If you need convincing of this fact, please take this drug yourself for one month and see how bad it makes you feel.  I myself experienced both Tardive Akathisia and Tardive Dyskinesia to an extreme degree.  Tardive Akathisia left me with a strong compulsion to walk around  constantly.  I had an almost total inability to sit still.  If I sat down or lay down for a short while, I would then feel an urgent compulsion to move again.  I lost all my feeling of being able to rest and relax for even a short.  All joy was squeezed out of my life.   I felt as if I was being tortured.  Please do not mistake this feeling for general agitation that might be caused by somebody who is mentally ill or overstimulated by drinking too much coffee or tea, as, at that time, I drank neither tea nor coffee.    I also experienced tardive dyskinesia to an extreme degree.  Tardive Dyskinesia made me experience almost constant involuntary movements of my arms and legs, even when I was in bed and trying to sleep.  Psychiatrists are being informed by drug companies that the older anti-psychotic medications had more extreme side effects than the new ones.  However, the majority of patients do not agree with this.

Under medical law, psychiatric patients are legally obliged to take whatever anti-psychotic medication their psychiatrist prescribes, and they are usually obliged to take it for the rest of their lives. If they refuse to comply with the taking of their medication, their psychiatrist must incarcerate them in a mental hospital until they decide to be compliant. Otherwise, they are forcefully given a long acting injection of their medication every two weeks. It is my opinion that one of the real reasons psychiatric patients commit suicide is because they cannot stand the side effects of their anti-psychotic medication, but have no legal way of coming off it.

Another real reason the psychiatric patients commit suicide is because psychiatrists refuse point black to believe their patients whenever their patients tell them that they are being targeted with directed energy weapons and voice to skull military communication systems and many other technological systems, thereby giving their patients no practical help, and hindering their freedom and unjustly stigmatising them, and making them chronically ill by forcing toxic substances into them.  I believe the reason for this situation is that psychiatrists and all other medical personnel are legally obliged to carry phones that remotely entrain their brains.  Because most medical personnel are not aware of the brain entrainment capabilities of smart phones, they normally choose to carry smart phones instead of the more innocuous dumb phones.    Individuals who are being targeted with a large variety of directed energy weapons are unable to persuade heavily mind controlled psychiatrists of the true nature of their experiences.  They can find nobody to fight their case and so in a large number of cases they commit suicide.

The American military openly admits that medications which have been found to have extremely distressing side-effects could possibly be useful as weapons. This practice of weaponised medicine has already been implemented, because people who are a threat to the would-be dictatorship often find themselves catagorised as mentally ill, and forced medicated with substances that cause extreme internal discomfort, for example, an inability to stay still, violent tremors, and confusion. If you complain about the severity of the side effects and ask to be taken off the forced medication, your psychiatrist will normally refuse to do so. They will just give you an anticholinergic agent in addition to your current medication, in order to suppress the worst of your symptoms. The anticholinergic agent also has severe side effects. The psychopaths who designed this torture program, under the guise of forced treatment, are evil to the core. Have psychiatrists taken the medicine they prescribe for even one week, themselves, in order to experience the severity of the side effects first hand? If not, why not?

If in-patients in psychiatric hospitals are hearing voices directly into their heads , which are being transmitted wirelessly by the use of Voice to Skull military communication technology, when asked by their doctors, the patients are obliged to lie to their doctors about whether they are hearing voices in order to be allowed to leave a psychiatric institution. If the patient tells their doctor the truth that they are still hearing voices on a continual basis, their doctor is legally obliged to detain them in the psychiatric hospital until they are willing to declare that they no longer hear voices. In this way, the voice hearer is gagged from going public about the fact that voices are being fed to them by the use of Voice to Skull military communication technology, and can only discuss their experiences of hearing voices in the past tense.

When I was released from the care of psychiatry, I was obliged to attend psychiatric review meetings every three months. At my psychiatric review meetings, I did not discuss by concerns about directed energy weapons with my psychiatrists any longer, as the balance of power between the patient and psychiatrist is so overwhelmingly in favour of the psychiatrist, that I was scared to admit that I still believed in the existence and misuse of electromagnetic weapons, in case it would lead to having a psychiatrist believe me to be mentally ill and re-admit me into a mental health facility immediately. At any review meeting I have ever had with a psychiatrist, I have only ever told them what I thought they wanted to hear, out of fear of being immediately re-admitted if I told them the truth. The truth is that these directed energy weapons are very real, and are being used to secretly torture many innocent members of the public, here in Ireland, and worldwide. The truth is that the world is slowly being turned into an electronic dictatorship. We can easily stop this electronic dictatorship at any time, by demanding that our government take down all mobile phone masts, thereby disabling the signals to our brains and bodies. We can go back to conducting our business and social affairs by using landline telephones.  In order to disunify the planetary wide growing dictatorship, we may decide to sever the under-sea fiber optic cables which carry signals from the brains and bodies of weapons test subjects to black budget neuro scientists who may be thousands of miles away.

It is my belief that mental health patients have less rights than a hardened criminal. I can be involuntarily admitted to a psychiatric hospital on a whim, and not given a release date, which is something criminals enjoy.

Another reason I could not speak to psychiatrists, openly and frankly, about my experiences of being assaulted by directed energy weapons is because if a patient dare to question their diagnosis, they are then accused of having a lack of insight into their illness, and re-admitted and detained in a mental hospital until they are willing to admit they are mentally ill. Other patients have told me that this is standard procedure.

According to www.naturalnews.com, the industry of modern psychiatry has officially gone insane. Virtually every human emotion experienced by a human being, sadness, grief, anxiety, frustration, impatience, excitement – is now being classified as a ‘mental disorder’, demanding chemical treatment.

According to investigative medical journalist, Jon Rappoport of www.nomorefakenews.com , psychiatry is a pseudo, pseudo-science. The chemical imbalance theory is a fake. There are no defining physical tests for any of the three hundred so-called mental disorders, no blood test, no urine test, no antibody test, no brain scan, no genetic assay. All diagnoses are based on arbitrary clusters of menus of human behaviour. We have a potentially dangerous and completely unfounded model of the way psychiatric drugs work. The drugs are harmful, dangerous, toxic. Some of them induce violence, suicide, homicide. Some of the drugs cause brain damage.

For more information about the extreme dangers of antipsychotic drugs see http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-peter-breggin/antipsychotic-drugs-their_b_341108.html

Psychiatry is now being used as a weapon of war. Soldiers are being vaccinated and medicated with antipsychotic medication, totally against their wishes, for bogus reasons. When this is done on a large scale, it renders an army unable to fight effectively, which means they are unable to defend their country against domination by the planetary wide dictatorship. Perhaps the aspiring dictators wish to destroy the potential enemy before a war even begins. The use of nerve drugs in the military has led to record numbers of suicides.  The only way most psychiatrists can get repeat patients is by using the false system of forced psychiatry, which is enforced by the police.  Otherwise, these pseudo science trained so called specialists would have very few patients.   I am being totally honest for the sake of the victims who are currently locked up in enclosed psychiatric wards against their wills, and who are crying out for help, but very few are listening.

Psychiatrists had to invent their own book of diseases because pathologists would have nothing to do with them. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders (published by the American Psychiatric Association) is a work of fiction. Every disorder is invented, not discovered. A collective of quacks invents a fabricated disease, based on nothing but a consensus of opinion. Then they vote into existence whatever symptoms they wish to associate with this disease. Then they enter it into the D.S.M., which then enables them to sell more drugs. There is not one defining laboratory test for any of these three hundred disorders. In this way, most of us can be legally, and forcibly drugged, which renders us dumbed down and stupid. Psychiatrists have become pimps for the drug industry. – Dr Thomas Szasz – Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus.

“Psychiatric drugs create rather than reverse abnormal brain states. The chemical cure is a myth.” Dr Joanna Moncrieff.

Psychiatrists are all getting their information from the drug companies, who go to extremes to cover up dangers. Psychiatric drugs shorten the human life span by twenty years. Second generation anti-psychotic substances, posing as medicines are worse than first generation anti-psychotic substances for causing metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes, pancreatitis, and heart arythmias.

Confirmation bias is the tendency to search for, interpret, prefer, and recall information in a way that confirms one’s beliefs or hypotheses while giving disproportionately less attention to information that contradicts. Psychiatrists often accuse their patients of confirmation bias, when, in fact, psychiatrists are equally guilty of this when trying to find reasons to prove their patients are mentally ill. Psychiatrists have the power to take away some of your birth rights and your freedoms, based on their subjective opinions. How did this situation come about in a democratic society.

It is being claimed that there is a simple and easy way to cure mental illness, through distilled water fasting. Fasting on distilled water for weeks at a time has been found to cure many illnesses. Somebody who is mentally ill needs to fast from all outside stimulation, including television, computer, reading and food. They must face their demons. In a Chinese mental prison, five thousand mentally ill patients were water fasted for several weeks, and all were sent home completely cured, except for a handful. However, there is no money to be made from water, so this cure is heavily suppressed.

I have a friend who has been through the psychiatric hospital system, due to confessing to psychiatrists that he is being attacked and persecuted by directed energy weapons, and voice transmitting technology. The psychiatrists totally dismissed the evidence he presented for the existence and misuse of directed energy weapons. He provided them with patent numbers, and scientific books and websites. He also provides them with the names of medical doctors, dissident psychiatrists and electromagnetic chemists who are supportive of his claims. Regardless of what evidence he provides, his psychiatrists were totally dismissive of his claims, and just kept repeating the mantra – “You must give your medicine a chance to work”. It is a criminal offence to diagnose somebody as having paranoid schizophrenia, and force medicating them when they tell you they are hearing voices, without investigating the easily obtainable technology, which is capable of transmitting voices into people’s heads, by remote control, and from a distance. See www.audiospotlight.com.

If a person comes before a psychiatrist and claims to be a target of electromagnetic directed energy weapons, then the psychiatrist should have an obligation to check if there are any radio frequencies coming from the body of that person, before deciding on a diagnosis. It has been proven that it is natural for some types of electromagnetic frequencies to be detected coming from the bodies of all human beings. However, a type of frequency called radio frequencies are only detected coming from the bodies of people who claim they are being targeted by directed energy weapons. See Lars Drudgaard of www.icaact.org for further information. Psychiatry may be operating under legal paradigms but they are definitely not operating under moral paradigms.

Psychiatry is being used to cover up the gradual spreading of directed energy weapons, and psychiatrists in the know are afraid to speak up in case they are targeted. I believe most psychiatrists are fully aware of the existence of this voice transmitting technology, because this voice to skull, voice transmitting technology has been around for at least forty years. If this situation is allowed to continue unchallenged, we will all be locked down in rigid enslavement, in an electronic concentration camp, soon. We only have a small window of opportunity in which to take back our power, from the self-appointed, aspiring, global dictators.

When I was a psychiatric patient I was constantly under the influence of toxic drugs.  I did not  elucidate adequately what was happening to me to the psychiatric staff for a number of reasons as follows:-  I felt strongly that the more information I informed psychiatrists of the more toxic drugs I would be given and I believe psychiatrists would agree with me on that point.  Secondly, it took me many years to review my experiences of both hearing voices and psychiatry.  It was only when I was no longer under medication that I was finally able to begin to write about my experiences in earnest.  It took me many months to create this website.  I could not have informed a psychiatrist of the  information contained in this website in a few minutes at an interview.  I am and have always been a much better writer than speaker as I am considered by many to be introverted.

Lack of political oversight is allowing the intelligence services, with the help of corrupt psychiatrists, to falsely incarcerate anybody in a mental health prison. When was the last time a psychiatrist was found guilty of falsely accusing somebody of being mentally ill? I have never heard of this happening, yet it should happen constantly, as diagnosing mental illness is totally subjective. According to John Rappoport of www.nomorefakenews.com, psychiatry is not a legitimate arm of medicine. There is no proof that schizophrenia exists whatsoever. In my opinion, psychiatry needs to be eradicated from the face of the earth. It is one of the main tools the self proclaimed elite are using to enslave us. If anybody questions the authority of the self proclaimed elite, or accuses them of dishonesty, that person is usually gang-stalked by professional gang-stalkers for a number of months, until they are no longer able to take the sustained harassment. When they complain officially, they are discredited by being labelled as being mentally ill, forced medicated with poisonous anti-psychotic medication, imprisoned in a mental health hospital, and have some of their human rights taken away from them. What an ingenuous way, the self proclaimed elite have found of dealing with anybody who stands in their way of worldwide control and ownership.

There is a net in psychiatry that former patients find it difficult to escape from. When a man or woman leaves a psychiatric hospital forever, they are forced to attend psychiatric review meetings on a continual basis for several years. This is profoundly unnecessary, and is an enormous burden on the tax payers of Europe. Psychiatry is a pseudo science, and the major way psychiatrists can get patients is by force. Patients who pay up front for psychiatric services are few in number. When a human being takes most anti-psychotic medicine on a continual basis, over a number of years, it is known to damage their brains, and they become what is known as psychotic induced. What once was a vibrant and capable human being is now caught in the net of psychiatry for life.

When, in the past, the mentally ill were regarded as being possessed by demons, they were in fact suffering from poorly understood epilepsy.

Psychiatry is being used as a gagging order for directed energy weapon attacks. In order that totally sane people can be catagorised as mentally ill, the appearance of these wrongly accused individuals may be sabotaged in order to convince the public that perfectly sane people are mentally ill. When a totally sane person is falsely categorised as mentally ill and is forceably detained in a mental hospital, their clothes will be washed at an abnormally high temperature along with the clothes of all the other patients, under the guise of keeping the clothing extremely sanatised. When the resident of the mental hospital gets their clothes back from the laundry, the clothes may be shrunk to an extreme degree and may have fluff attached to it. The resident can not complain because there is nobody else available to do their laundry. When the resident sits outside the hospital on a park bench on a sunny afternoon wearing shrunken and shabby clothes and they their limbs periodically shake from the poisonous effects of the anti-psychotic concoctions they are forced to take, society has no trouble believing they are mentally ill, when in fact they are totally sane. The totally sane psychiatric resident is obliged to take part in demoralising activities such as papier mache, which is a suitable activity for a four year old child.

Mental health patients are offered a service whereby advocates can speak for them.  The reason some patients ask for an advocate to ask questions on their behalf is because when a man or woman first begins to take  anti-psychotic medication, this causes them to lose their ability to think clearly to an extent. Even if they are normally very articulate they then find it difficult to speak articulately when under the influence of large amounts of so-called anti-psychotic medication.   Advocates have absolutely no power to fight for the right of the man or woman to walk away from what is often wrongful incarceration and from forced medication, with what sometimes are extremely powerful and brain damaging substances.  The provision of advocates is just a smoke screen to give the illusion that mental health patients have legal representation.

When a patient enters a psychiatric hospital, they are generally asked to write an assessment of how they feel about the whole experience of psychiatry, and how they feel about their treatment plan.  If they are an inpatient the writing of the assessment by the patient takes place several weeks before they are allowed to leave the psychiatric hospital.   In order to be allowed to leave the hospital, the patient will always write something favourable, and they will never give their true negative  feelings about psychiatry.   When I was an in-patient in Castlebar general hospital, as a psychiatric patient, I filled in the assessment form without letting them know my true feelings.   I was afraid that a psychiatrist would not release me if I displayed any negative feelings, so I gave a false positive appraisal.   Asking a psychiatric patient to write an assessment of their experiences before they are released from captivity is a total and dishonest waste of tax payers money, because the psychiatric patient is afraid to tell the absolute truth, in case they are accused of being too negative, giving the psychiatrist a reason to detain them for a longer period of time.

In some cases, psychiatric staff are in fact jailers dressed up as health care professionals.  I imagine they realise that themselves.  They only way psychiatrists can acquire patients in the majority of cases is through force.

Massive amounts of brain and body research is being done for the purposes of completing The Brain Activity Map Project which was initiated by President Barack Obama.  Research scientists need to be able to access the brains of the masses of humanity in order to complete this project, so that the information gained from this dubious project can be used by a dangerous dictatorship  to wield power over humanity, in the future.  Psychiatrists should be allowed to organise themselves in such a way that they are allowed to connect the current epidemic of so-called mental illness with illegal brain weapon research.  This is currently not the case.

I know of one individual case where psychiatric intervention was used to cover up the mistakes of a psychiatrist.  In that case the psychiatrist refused to grant disability allowance to an extremely debilitated individual, perhaps because of wrongly trying to save tax payers money.  This act caused that extremely debilitated individual to lose all their dignity because of being forced to work when chronically ill in order to pay their rent.  The individual was then seen as mentally ill and was registered as mentally ill.  I can not prove any of this but I know authority abuse exists within psychiatry.  Totally sane people who are wrongly categorised as mentally ill are disempowered to an extreme degree.  I believe psychiatry is an extremely negative force in society and it should be removed from the face of the earth.

I was never forceably detained in a psychiatrist hospital. I signed a form, which indicated my willingness to stay there of my own free will. However, if I had refused to take the antipsychotic medication which had been prescribed for me, it is possible that structures would have been put in place to stop me from leaving the psychiatric hospital. I no longer am obliged to take anti-psychotic medication, which legally allows me to drive a vehicle again.

For information about human rights activism involving the institution of psychiatry, see www.mindfreedom.org.

If you are ever forced to take medication or vaccinations against your will, there is a wonderful way you can help yourself and avoid being forcibly poisoned against your will. About twenty minutes before you are due to receive your forced medication or forced vaccination, just take several capsules of activated charcoal. Activate charcoal will absorb all of the harmful ingredients, and carry them safely out of your body. If you ever take a drug overdose, and you are rushed to hospital for medical treatment, you will be given a large quantity of activated charcoal internally, which will clear your system of all harm.

Activated charcoal is easily obtainable at any pharmacy/drug store, and is not expensive.

When a person is taking anti-psychotic medication on a regular basis, their ability to express themselves decreases to an extreme extent.  When I was taking anti-psychotic medication on a regular basis my ability to express myself decreased by about ninety percent.

When an individual is give  a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia by a psychiatrist, that diagnosing psychiatrist is using subjective reasoning to arrive at his/her conclusion because there are no physical tests that can be carried out in order to arrive at such a conclusion.   When that diagnosing psychiatrist was a student of psychiatry at university he/she would have been inculcated into the cult of psychiatry and would no longer be able to see the individual in a true objective light.

I realise that my attitude towards psychiatry may appear very negative and condescending.  I wish to apologise for my approach.  I have found all psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses and patients to be really nice people.  Psychiatrists have been misinformed about all manner of things at medical school.  Toxic psychiatry has been covertly created by the self-proclaimed elite, and all of the blame lies with them-. However, I am so frightened for humanity, that I am willing to endure any type of hate that comes my way at this point so that humanity can live freely in the future.

My own general practitioner does not know what the voices have been saying to me because I have not informed him of this.  He is a wonderful doctor who has helped to save my life on two occasions.    However I did not inform him of everything that I was experiencing  with regard to what the internal voices were saying to me and what sensations I was feeling,  as he possibly would have been legally obliged to send me back to psychiatry if I informed him of everything.  I imagine he has no idea of what psychiatry is really about.  In my opinion it is merely a tool to incarcerate anybody and everybody who does not fit neatly into the plans of the self-proclaimed elite.  I plan to tell my general practitioner about the two youtube videos I have published which inform the viewer of most of what the voices coming from inside my head have informed me of over a period of fourteen years.  These youtube videos are approximately two and a half hours long and they are found under the titles of  “Some of what the voices coming from inside my head have informed ne of   Parts 1 and 2.




(I reposted this information which I found online, most of which is  by Jan Irvin of gnosticmedia.com  .)


Humanity is soon to be under collective mind control if we continue on our current path of indifference to modern technology. This mind control is being achieved by agents of the deep state who have created many control projects over te past one hundred years or more. These control projects work as a multi facited approach to slowly and incrementally bring in totalitarian and neo-feudalism on a worldwide basis. The following are a list of some if not all of these control projects, most of which I obtained from the following youtube video where Jan Irvin was being interviewed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTFfiB_Z8BM

The dumbing down of compulsary education.

The psychadelic movement.

The New Age Movement.

The removal of the fallacies from the classical trivium.

The as yet to be achieved destruction of the family.

The destruction of the middle class.

The as yet to be achieved destruction of privately owned farms.

Bogus Science also known as scientism.

The environmental movement.

Neo Feminism

Fluoridated water.

The Gaia Hypothesos.

Geo Engineering

Global Warming

Genetically Modified Foods

Informal fallacies.

Neo Shamanism

The New Age Movement

The Pharmaceutical Industry which is just another way of dumbing down and sickening the population.


Positive Thinking.

Professional Sports. (Brains are being entrained in large stadiums with the aid of screens).


The Sexual Revolution.

U.F.O.s and Extraterresterials. (An easily achieved phenomenon with the use of directed energy weapons.)

Crowd Control (by hidden means)

Early Education which is mostly about indoctrination.


There is a race on to unify consciousness. It is virtually impossible to enslave a free thinking individual. It is easy to enslave a coherent collective. People who are seen to be stand alone individuals are being covertly targeted with directed energy weapons and voice harassment technology, also known as voice to skull technology,  by agents of the state, and if they should complain they are being accused of being mentally ill and incarcerated in mental hospitals, supposedly for their own good.





Public schooling is being abused. It is being used to inculcate children into the cults of church and state. Moreover, it is being used to disempower children by encouraging their belief in collectivism rather than self motivation. Public school is being used to lie to children about a wide range of subjects including preparation for their future life. Children are led to believe that they can achieve nothing without the interference of church and state in their lives. Children are being trained to be obedient to false authority and never to raise their head above the radar unless for a government approved reason. We must revert to home education immediately, thereby saving enormous amounts of money for the public purse.

Public Health is being abused. Undocumented drugs are being urged on people against their own best interests. They are being put into the public food and water supply. These drugs are being used to make people ill so that certain interested parties can slowly but surely take over control of this planet against the interests of the rest of mankind.



Why I may have been chosen as a Weapons Test Subject.

The voice to skull direct communications coming from directly inside my head once told me that I was put on this government watch list, along with all that entails, because I was making claims about doctors in my locality in such a way that they weren’t able to defend themselves. The one and only time I ever complained about doctors in my locality was in the privacy of a government funded office in Claremorris, Ireland, some time between 2001 and early 2003. I complained to a disability assessment doctor about the way people who suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome were generally being treated for it in a way that served no practical purpose, and I complained about the way I was treated for it in the past, as I had visited up to and including twenty doctors about the matter over a period of many years. I had been denied disability allowance for Irritable Bowel Syndrome in the past by a certain doctor in my locality.   I told the disability assessment doctor that I had a meeting with in Claremorris many years ago that I believed I had not been given the help I needed, when I asked for it, by being allowed to go on disability allowance when I requested it. I believe the particular doctor I made the request to may have been trying to save tax payers money by denying my request. I made all of these complaint in the privacy of a government office with only two other people in the office, the disability assessment doctor and her secretary. I never, ever complained to anybody else about this matter, before or since until now.   Back in nineteen ninety five, I was in the workplace when I was unwell and not fit for work due to irritable bowel syndrome. It was immoral of me to behave in this way. I wish to apologise for this behaviour.  The particular medical practitioner who refused me disability allowance was Dr John Connolly, Pontoon Lodge, Castlebar, Co. Mayo.  He is a psychiatrist who I elected to attend at is own home Pontoon Lodge, because I had read that I.B.S. is largely psychosomatic and I had already looked for help from many and varied general practitioners and alternative practitioners who were mostly drug based.  Dr John Connolly prescribed me a drug called Orap which I elected to take of my own free will.  I took several rounds of this drug Orap  over many years on an irregular basis even though it did not improve my health to any great degree.  I took the drug Orap from when I first began to visit Dr John Connolly  and then only sporadically until approximately 1991 but I can not remember exactly when I stopped taking it.  I now know that psychiatry is a pseudoscience.   I eventually got disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome through my own current medical practitioner, which I am very grateful for.

Over many years and on many occasions, the voice to skull direct communication voices in my head laid the blame on me for my inability to get disability allowance for Irritable Bowel Syndrome on my inability to communicate effectively with my doctor. I personally have no interest at all in discussing something that happened in the very distant past. However, the direct voice communications would not stop quizzing me about the issue and blaming me constantly, so that is why I have decided to write about this private matter here. I strongly disagree with their claim that I failed to adequately inform my doctor of my problems. The voice to skull direct communications then informed me that they wish to continue experimenting on my body so they are obliged to pretend it has some type of purpose. To that end they amplify any flaws I have with my health to an enormous extent in order to give them a reason to continue their weapons testing and voice harassment and non-consensual medical experimentation. Furthermore, the voice to skull direct communications further went on to say that they believed the only reason they were asked to using me as a weapons test subject and voice harassment experimentation subject and non-consensual medical experimentation subject was as a means of distracting them from focusing on the real reasons for these non-consensual human experiments, which is take down of humanity.

In 50% of visits the patient and the doctor do not agree on the nature of the main presenting problems. In one study, patients were interrupted by physicians so soon after they began describing their presenting problems (on average within 18 seconds) that they failed to disclose other significant concerns. Most complaints by the public about physicians deal not with clinical competency problems but with communication problems. The language doctors use is often unclear, both as regards the use of jargon and in relation to a lack of the expected shared meanings of relative common terms. The level of psychological distress in a patient may also hinder effective communication. “Doctor Patient Communication – The Toronto Consensus Statement. “https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15318430

I visited the aforementioned psychiatrist, Dr John Connolly at the very least five times and at most eight times and I outlined the very same complaint each time.

I was raised to fear authority to an enormous degree because of corporal punishment all through the public school system, therefore I was afraid to be forceful and disagreeable with my doctor.  Therefore when he refused me the disability allowance I did not feel able to challenge his authority or question him about his decision.

If doctors and their patients had an effective method of communication, for example if each patient was obliged to fill in a detailed form about their general health and specific health complaint in an unhurried manner, while in their own home, this would rule out any and all communication problems between doctor and patient forever. However, it is not in the interests of drug companies or medical schools to have effective communication between doctor and patient because the drug companies and medical schools have something to hide. The controllers of drug companies and controllers of medical schools who are one and the same wish to cause ambiguity throughout main stream medicine and psychiatry in order to fudge their own failings which are many and varied.

Some of the responsibility should have been put on the doctor to illicit my concerns rather than all of it put on to my shoulders.

I have found down through the years that even if I go to great extremes to convince somebody of something, if they are not perceptive to my message, they will not heed me no matter what I say. Because of that, when my doctor refused my request for disability allowance, I became too discouraged and too tired to repeat my story, because I believed that my story would again fall on deaf ears.

Doctors dont take Irritable Bowel Syndrome seriously, as almost nobody ever died from it.  I had previously asked for help for my irritable bowel syndrome from a wide range of medical practitioners throughout Ireland.  Professor McCarthy of Galway saw me twice and informed me on both occasions that he could do nothing to help me.  I only attended him on the second occasion because a general practitioner I was attending at the time asked me to attend him again.   I was seen and tested by the medical practitioners of Galway Regional Hospital on more than a few occasions.    I was seen by numerous other private general practitioners throughout many years.  I realise that general practitioners or occupational therapists or gastroenterologists are not responsible for the irritable bowel syndrome that many individuals suffer from in todays world.  I lay most of the blame for that phenomenon on the dark occultists who run this planet from behind the scenes and who deliberately imbue our water, food, air, tooth fillings, toothpaste, medication, vaccinations, face makeup and deodorant with a wide variety of poisonous substances.  They carry out these atrocious acts deliberately in order so that humanity might have low grade physical health and low grade intelligence.  They are aware that planetary wide take over is not  viable in a planet full of extremely intelligent and vibrantly healthy individual human beings.

If we are not allowed to complain about any aspect of the government without being put on a watch list and then locked on to a computer enhanced human steering and guidance program by our unique brain signature, via brain link technology, where we are being watched by signals intelligence operatives on around the clock and second by second basis for the rest of our lives in some instances and for a short few years of our lives in other instances, we are indeed living in a fascist dictatorship, worse than any fascist dictatorship that ever existed before.

I am not and never have been looking for compensation from anybody, not general practitioners or psychiatrists or neuro scientists or indeed anybody at all.  I am not a vengeful individual in any way.  I am reasonable and forgiving.    I am not interested in the subject I am currently writing about.  I am writing about it because the voices coming from inside my head were obsessed with my health status and constantly asked me questions about myself and why I was not in the work place with everyone else.  If I post everything about myself online nobody else will ever force their voice inside my head against my will with voice to skull military communication technology ever again.

During the late nineteen seventies and all through the nineteen eighties I attended general medical practitioners frequently about my irritable bowel syndrome.   During all that time none of them ever suggested that my irritable bowel syndrome might be in any way related to my diet.  They never mentioned my diet at all.  I now know much more about irritable bowel syndrome and the possible causes for it .  Anxiety is the number one cause of irritable bowel syndrome.  Eating starch based foods is another probable cause.  Carbohydrates are made up of monosaccarides, disaccharides and polysaccharides, which are translated into one sugar, two sugar and many sugar foods.  The polysaccharides which are multi- sugar foods and are commonly known as starch based foods are built in such a complex way that they are very difficult to digest by almost everyone.  If a sufferer of irritable bowel syndrome abstains from polysaccharides (starch based foods) their gut  health will improve in almost every case.  I was never given this information from any general medical practitioner because general medical practitioners are bound by strict laws and they stick rigidly to the main stream medical control system which involves asking a number of questions and then writing a prescription.  The satanic and luciferian control system who own and control the pharmaceutical industry and the medical training schools do not wish to encourage self-empowerment in the human race.  They wish us to run to an expert every time we have a problem and never to try to solve it ourselves.   If we were told the truth that at least 95% of all illnesses were caused by  lifestyle choices and we could easily cure them by adopting different lifestyle choices then the human race would be self-empowered and we would not bother to involve outsiders in our own health care ever again.  That is the last thing the dark occultists wish to see happen.  Therefore they attempt to render passivity in the masses by misinforming trainee medical practitioners and the general public in every possible way about their own health.  They push the notion that many illnesses are genetic based and that there is nothing we can do about it.   That is the real reason why I was never advised to change my diet when I visited endless general medical practitioners about my irritable bowel syndrome in the past.

Since I became a targeted individual of Remote Neural Monitoring and Remote Neural Manipulation I have been locked on to a continuous two way stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy to the extent that almost any part of my body can be wirelessly interfered with from a remote location by unknown criminal specialists.   When I am sitting on the toilet in the privacy of my own home I nearly always feel a force-field of energy moving around my posterior as well as  my nether regions in general.  This force-field of energy appears to be analysing the contents of my toilet bowl as well as the flow of my urine and any other waste matter that comes out of my body.  While this force-field of energy is being moved around my general nether regions this feeling is accompanied by voices of both men and women who make personal and derogatory comments about me and about my body.   There is never a time when I have any privacy whatsoever.  If Remote Neural Monitoring is applied to everyone on earth except the dark occultists who wish to enslave humanity, all human beings will have their toilet habits analysed on a regular basis as a matter of course.  In order to stop the roll out of Remote Neural Monitoring to the masses of humanity we aught to have all microwave transmitters and millimetre wave transmitters and related paraphernalia banned and outlawed immediately so as to disable all wireless capabilities everywhere while we still can.

“Everything related to human health is controlled by a small group of people who wish to ensure that we do not know how to solve our own health problems. We are being intentionally misdirected by this small group of controllers in order to keep us sick. ”           John Rose.               https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7-5WokavOU

I realise now that the most reason why I may have been chosen as a weapons test subject and targeted individual of directed energy weapons is because I am a free will human being, which is the type of human being that the would-be enslavers of humanity can not get any leverage on for any reason.   The would-be enslavers can not get leverage on me because I am not addicted to any substance  and I don’t drink alcohol.   I am not in debt, I do not have a guilt signature for any reason,  and I have never had children so they can not accuse me of being a bad mother and thereby involve the law. 

I have never been married so they can not turn my husband against me and involve the law, which is a tactic they regularly employ if they wish to disempower somebody.  If I lived in public housing which I don’t,  the would-be enslavers would come up with a reason to evict me.   I live in my family home which I was born in nearly sixty years ago.  If I had been born in a hospital,  which I was not,  the powers that be would have more legal rights over me than they did because of being born at home.  Being born in a delivery room has legal implications which favour the powers that be. 

   More important than any of the other methods of obtaining leverage on me is the fact that I do not belong to any organised religion, as all organised religions were deliberately created in the distant past as mind-control mechanisms in order to enslave humanity. Once you are inculcated into an organised religion you are very easy to manipulate from then on.   Organised religions were created to get humanity to ignore critical thinking so that they become easy prey to social control.   Races of people have been enslaved through manipulation by organised religions on many occasions in the distant past.  I have already stated in another blog that I am an agnostic which is the knowledge that nobody knows whether there is a god or not and nobody knows if there is an afterlife or not.  It is all presumption and is a useful tool as a mind control mechanism to prey upon humanity. 

I don’t subscribe to any other false belief systems such as new age spirituality, a belief in the existence of extra-terresterials or a false belief in constant positive thinking which are all erroneous belief systems which were deliberately created by the powers that be in order to confuse,  destabilize  and distract humanity for the purposes of planetary wide takeover and long term enslavement. 

I no longer own my own car.  I mostly cycle everywhere I need to go and occasionally I am driven by my sister in her car.  By owning a car you might have more involvement with legalities than you can have by being a cyclist.  The electrical components in your car can be targeted with directed energy weapons at any location,  thereby stalling your car  at any time. 

I only socialise  with my extended family in our own homes.   We are all ethical people.    I almost never make new friends because I am wary that the people who were involved in my electronic harassment in the past may try to get close to me and exploit me or set me up in some way.   I no longer currently vote in any election as I  believe that by voting I may be  legally disempowering myself.   I do not now have a birth certificate.  I am now known as gretta of the family fahey.  I live in rural Ireland.   The only reason I am revealing all of this information about myself is in order to advise other targeted individuals that no matter how difficult your life might get always stay away from psychiatry which, unbeknownst to the unwitting mental health staff is just another arm of the slow enslavement system.    (I have dealt with the subject of psychiatry in another one of my blogs on this website www.targetedindividualsireland.net.)

The dark new world order criminal cartel have sprayed much of the world with chemtrail spraying which is purported to contain barium, aluminium, strontium, fungus, metallic particulates and an assortment of other ingredients.  Further to that, a concoction of unnecessary  chemicals have been put into the public water supply, food supply, tooth fillings, medications and vaccinations.  Our bodies were not designed to handle these ingredients and so we become ill.  Largely because of this situation, it has now been calculated that approximately one hundred and twenty five million people in Europe and the United States combined suffer from irritable bowel syndrome.

I am being subjected to a total body and mind  surveillance known as remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation.  I am wirelessly linked by a two way stream of energy  from embedded dust sized technology in my brain and body to a computer network.  All of the electrical activity being generated by my brain and body is downloaded on to the computer systems of neuro operatives who work from an unknown remote location.  This electrical activity is then analysed and categorised by the neuro operatives.  They can tell by the use of their technological capabilities if I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome or not.  Through their remote neural manipulation capabilities they can also manipulate my alimentary canal to act against my best interest at their own will.  These people appear to be extremely evil.  They have informed me that they plan to launch a system in the world where people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome would be banned from using public transport in case of bowel leakage problems.   My reply to them is as follows:-  because of all the chemicals currently being added to our food, water, air, tooth fillings, medications and vaccinations which are not in harmony with our natural body chemistry we are all suffering from a certain amount of irritable bowel syndrome symptoms to one degree or another.  That being the case, they will eventually need to ban everyone on the planet from use of all public transport and we will be obliged to return to using privately owned motor vehicles.  Airports, railway lines, and bus services will have to close their doors, such is the level of over control being currently administered to the public by people who are afraid to admit publicly what they actually do for a living.   The remote neural monitoring industry has grown exorbitantly behind the scenes.  My own government in Ireland are unaware of its existence even though many Irish people are being remote neural monitored in secrecy inside their own homes.




Random human beings and animals are being picked off, one by one, throughout every country in the world, for directed energy weapons testing. This weapons testing is being conducted by criminal gangs, who are experts in the area of signals intelligence and the operation of all types of directed energy weapons, including but not limited to remote neural monitoring and voice to skull direct communication. The criminal gangs are financed by and are given access to these directed energy weapons by a cabal of billionaires and trillionaires who are commonly known as the self proclaimed elite. The criminal gangs are allowed to select who they wish for the purpose of around the clock micro surveillance and voice to skull direct communication harassment, and both mental and physical experimentation. However, all data gained from an assortment of experiments conducted by these so-called signals intelligence operatives is handed over to the self proclaimed elite, who are also the manufacturers of these directed energy weapons.

The self proclaimed elite find this information useful as a tool to further control and enslave humanity. The self proclaimed elite are currently planning to wirelessly connect each human being throughout the world to a computer aided human guidance system, via brain link technology, where each human being would be microsurveilled throughout every second of their lives, totally against their wills. They would also be constantly communicated to by voice to skull direct communication several times each day. This computer enhanced human guidance system has been operated by human beings up to this point. However, evil neuro scientists and computer programmers are currently working towards creating a purely artificial intelligence operated, computer enhanced, human guidance system in order to control every human being on the planet, without the need for a behind the scenes work force.

The signals intelligence operatives can adjust their signals in order to gain vantage inside the human skull, and in order to dip sight into the internals of the human body. The signals intelligence operatives can force their voices onto the hearing centre of the human subject, until such a time that subject has a nervous breakdown, after which time the human subject loses all credibility. Neuroscientists and medical scientists and other high level operatives are granted the capability to dip sight into the internals of the interior of the body of the human test subject, while the human test subject is in the so-called privacy of their own home.

Even though many people have come forward throughout the world telling of their experiences of being weapons test subjects and electronic harassment and voice to skull victims, they are unofficially being gagged by the unrealistic laws of psychiatry. They are being officially disbelieved, followed by incarceration in psychiatric hospitals, followed by forced medication with poisonous, psychotic inducing concoctions, posing as anti-psychotic medication.

The victims of weapons testing are further disbelieved by senior politicians and the main stream media, because both politicians and members of the main stream media are having their brains entrained to a state of sublime indifference by brain entrainment frequencies eminating from both mobile phone towers and from any smart technology which they keep within four feet of their bodies.

Chemtrail aerosol spraying being conducted across our skies on a continual basis for the past several years is being used among other things to create what is commonly known as horizontal drift plasma antennas. (Patent No US6118407.) Horizontal drift plasma antennas are being used to direct and redirect signals, and without this process the signals intelligence operatives would be totally disabled from doing any type of signals intelligence work, including both voice to skull direct communications and electronic harassment. Chemtrails also contain nanobots which can get direct access to the brain and nervous system in both humans and animals. Up until twenty years ago, the only trail that was being generated by large aircraft were contrails, which were residues of steam, among other things, which took all of thirty seconds to dissipate from across the sky. Chemtrails, on the other hand, remain in the sky for up to two hours and expand during that time. We must cease all chemtrailing now.

Enormous amounts of money and human ingenuity is being spent to maintain the illusion of the existence of satellites. Satellites are an invention of the planetary wide, take down propaganda machine. Satellites are purported to be stationary in the thermosphere, which is purported to have a temperature of approximately two thousand degrees centegrade. If this were the case, the satellites would burn up on impact.

A central command and control centre has been created within each continent, where all orders are issued from, to all senior politicians, the police, the intelligence services, the military, main-stream medicine, psychiatry, social workers, senior civil servants, and anybody else who receives government funding. They are now working towards a worldwide human electronic totalitarian control system, through the policies of Agenda 21, under the dubious claims of sustainable development, and I believe they have joined forces with all major organised religions, who appear to be working towards the same agenda. Public education is being used to indoctrinate students into the political principal of collectivism, which means central control of humanity, where everybody is an obedient slave to the same world-wide system of rigid control.

“The existence of systems for telemetering information from sensors, implanted in or on the body makes possible the observation and control of human behaviour without actual physical contact. Through such telemetric devices, it is possible to maintain twenty-four hour-a-day surveillance over the human test subject, and to intervene electronically or physically to influence and control selected behaviour. Throughout Ireland and the world, these sensors and other micro paraphernalia are being implanted into the bodies and brains of selected individuals without their knowledge and consent. Signals intelligence agents gain illegal entry into the homes of these targeted individuals, and with the use of hand held devices, which render the targeted individual and the whole family unconscious, the signals intelligence agents then illegally and immorally implant the selected future weapons test subject with a variety of sensors. The weapons test subject is then brain linked to a super computer, where they will be made available for in-home surveillance and voice to skull interrogation, for many years. These medical sensors, are two way communication systems which transmit data to criminal medical doctors and black budget neuroscientists, who are at secret remote locations. These sensors can wirelessly identify you, track you, analyse every word that comes out of your mouth, and monitor all of your bodily functions

The cover stories which have been used to cover the existence of these non-consensual in-home microsurveillance and human experimentation programs over the past few decades are, among others, the extra terresterial hoax, the religious apparation hoax, the demonic possession hoax, the near-death experience haox, and a wide variety of other hoaxes.

An extremely detailed personality profile of all Irish citizens, both at home and abroad is now archived by the Irish signals intelligence operatives. Personality profiles of Irish people, both at home and abroad are regularly sent overseas, whenever requested by members of organised criminals, who now reside in positions of power throughout the whole world.

We must stop using high definition televisions and high definition computers because of their subliminal influencing capabilities. We must return to the use of analogue televisions both in the home and workplace.

Targeted individuals can easily be identified by the use of an industrial strength microwave radiation meter, which would detect the unique levels of microwave radiation coming out of their bodies.

Targeted Individuals ought to have their biofields photographed in order to identify unique and anomalous patterns in their biofields, in order to compare their biofields to the biofields of non targeted individuals.

The commodity number which corresponds to the number on the original birth certificate of each targeted individual should be checked for any anomalies relating to the stock exchange activities of that commodity number. The wireless voice to skull direct communications have informed me that a birth certificate which was associated with my birth has serious anomalies.

Some targeted individuals have been advised not to publicise their unique stories about their targeting experiences less they destableize the economy. If the self-proclaimed elite succeed in enslaving us, we will have no further use for money.

We aught to divide the land and other resources of the world by the amount of individual humans on this planet under average circumstances.  If there happen to be five billion humans in the world under average circumstances each human being will be given ownership of approximately one five billionth of  the land and all other resources of this planet for their lifetime when they reach a certain age,  a right which will be dissolved after they die.   While each human is alive their one five billionth of the land surface will be their own sanctuary where they can build a home and grow all of their own plant based food under a multi shelf green house system.  They will be able to access their own primary water supply from under the earth.  Primary water is free from all contaminants and chemicals.  They will be given a free energy generator which will generate energy to power  their home and vehicle.  They will be totally autonomous inside their own one five billionth of earth land and they will not be obliged to work outside their own territory unless they volunteer to do so which all healthy humans most probably will.  No human being will be allowed to work more than one day per week outside their own territory because most work will be fully automated and there will be no need to work any longer than that.    No body of individuals will be allowed to inculcate any human with false belief systems.  All children will be taught to think logically.    No human will be obliged to sign legal documents whatsoever because this eventually leads to worldwide enslavement which is currently becoming the case with regard to registering of children at birth.  Humans will be able to access their rightful territory at the age of sixteen by secure means via their word because all children will have been taught that the universe is governed by unseen laws commonly known as Natural Law.    All DNA sampling and unique energy imprint sampling will be banned as this route leads to neurological enslavement.    All inheritance rights will be disallowed.   The contents of the Vatican library will be made public and placed on microfilm for all of humanity to access.   Human kind will regulated themselves by a linear based self regulating system most commonly known as Anarchy which is a system of rules without rulers.   When this new system is in place human kind will take a quantum leap into a place of intellectual and spiritual evolvement because they will no longer need to spend half their lives worrying about obtaining the basics of food and shelter.   This plan is currently capable of being put into place because we already have free energy generators which have been banned from being marketed for the moment but will very soon be for general release.



This website is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net.

The content of this website is not authenticated.  However, it is real.









Enormous amounts of money and human ingenuity is being spent to maintain the illusion of the existence of satellites. The hoax of the existence of satellites was created as part of worldwide takeover war propaganda.

People hear voices and feel electronic harassment while on airplanes because of horizontal drift plasma antennas which is a phenomenon created by chemtrail aerosol spraying, and these antennas are used to direct and redirect signals. Chemtrails contain nanobots which can get direct acess to the brain and nervous system in humans.

In order to escape this electronic prison, it may be only a matter of doing four things. One, we must dismantling all cell phone towers because they generate microwave radiation which is necessary to carry signals and Two, we must also stop chemtrail aerosol spraying which creates horizontal drift plasma antennas which are used to direct and redirect signals.

All of the infrastructure is on the ground, where we can access it and dismantle it. It is my belief that there are no space based weapons.  I don’t know if scalar weapons exist or if they are planetary takeover propaganda similar to the satellite hoax and similar to the globe shaped earth hoax.

We must stop using smart technology, because it is being used to entrain the brains of humanity into a state of happy apathy.

We must stop using high definition televisions and high definition computers because of their subliminal influencing capabilities.




All government funded staff and politicians are legally obliged to carry smart phones, which have the built-in capacity to entrain the brain of the user into a state of indifference when they should be enraged. I believe this smart technology is being used by the hidden occulted establishment to entrain the brains of politicians throughout the world,  Smart phone technology also has evesdropping capabilities. Your conversations, conducted in the privacy of your own home may be being relayed to other people, unbeknownst to you. For further information see https://zoom.us/recording/play/6mb2-sJDiA-xybg7pxpO-LogOI-tPWKhMj6KOIukXW4vu6QJRTJcKRscviItCLuE


There is a secret war being waged across the world that we are not being told about. It is a war of attrition, which is the gradual wearing down of humanity by slowly and incrementally eroding our human rights, by any and every means possible, over a long period of time. This war of attrition is being waged by an unelected cabal of the super-rich, with advanced weapons and warfare tactics that are difficult to perceive or understand. Many of these secret warfare methods involve infiltrating and corrupting all worldwide institutions of power, in order to bring in a planetary wide control system, where the authoritarians would rule the world and where all of the rest of humanity would be electronically controlled slaves. The weapons they are using to enslave humanity are weapons that give you the illusion you are being manipulated from both inside and outside the human body. These weapons have been in development for more than one hundred years and have not yet come into full usage. However, it may be a very simple matter to disempower this technology, and to take back our power.

Many people are being persecuted by a new types of technology, based on radio waves, while in the privacy of their own homes. These people are calling themselves targeted individuals or weapons test subjects. Our governments can not openly admit to the existence and misuse of these weapons because the fabric of society would collapse over night, as soon as people realised that senior politicians and the judiciary could be covertly manipulated by remote means. Whatever might happen, governments have a moral duty to tell their fellow country men and women everything. Evil can only flourish in a climate of secrecy.

Targeted Individuals are people who are selected for persecution and non-consensual experimentation, for no reasons that we know. I have experienced being targeted by these directed energy weapons and also by extreme psychological torture,  and I am telling my story here. It is important that you know about this technology, and who the people are who control it, because if you or your children are ever targeted with these new directed energy weapons, you will know what to expect, and how best to protect yourself. There is a criminal conspiracy of silence in high places with regard to the existence and abuse of Directed Energy Weapons and of weaponised bio-medical telemetry.

Barton L. Ingraham and Gerald W Smith published an article back in 1972, in a United States government document called “Issues in Criminology”, Volume 7, Number 2. The article is called ” The Use of Electronics in the Observation and Control of Human Behavior, and its Possible Use in Rehabilitation and Control”. The article states the following:- “The development of systems for telemetering information from sensors, implanted in or on the body will soon make possible the observation and control of human behaviour without actual physical contact. Through such telemetric devices, it will be possible to maintain twenty-four hour-a-day surveillance over the subject, and to intervene electronically or physically to influence and control selected behaviour”.

This system is now called a computer enhanced human guidance system, soon to be called an artificial intelligence human guidance system, which uses  signals intelligence operatives, who use voice to skull direct communication to wirelessly nag and threaten any human being who is wirelessly connected to the human guidance system, on a second by second basis.

More than forty years later, this electronic control and surveillance system has expanded to such an extent that it is being used to persecute and experiment on hundreds of thousands of people and children throughout the world, who have committed no crime. In some cases, a network of biomedical sensors are secretly being implanted into peoples brains and bodies, by syringe, without their knowledge and consent. This non-consensual medical telemetry has been weaponised in order to control and enslave people. These medical sensors, are two way communication systems which transmit data to criminal medical doctors and black budget neuroscientists, who are at secret remote locations. These sensors can wirelessly identify you, track you, analyse every word that comes out of your mouth, and monitor all of your bodily functions. In the distant past, voice to skull direct communication  has told me that plans are currently being made to implant all children at babyhood with a network of body sensors, which could be used to transmit pain signals to anybody who might not be co-operating with the evil satanic control system. The body sensor network could be used in the future to enslave all of humankind. We must be forever vigilant. Even without these biomedical implants, with the aid of advanced technology, voices or images or pain signals can be transmitted to you, wirelessly, or you can be enslaved or tortured or murdered by remote control. Remote Personal HealthTracking generated revenues of more than four billion Euros in 2013. See www.berginsight.com/ReportPDF/ProductSheet/bi-mhealth6-ps.pdf.

Psychiatry, through intentional false mental illness diagnoses, is being used as a cover for the widespread abuse of these electronic telemetering systems. This method of total enslavement was once intended for most people in the future, but now it will possibly not happen, because humanity will dismantle all mobile phone towers and stop all chemtrail aerosol spraying, and ban vaccinations, smart technology and high definition screens, and return to analogue television. It is possible that some infants and children are being seeded with telemetering sensors through their vaccination programs. This silent human surveillance and control system is slowly spreading from person to person, and will soon include almost everyone, if we don’t urgently find a way of jamming these illegal transmissions and of bringing the unelected cabal of the would-be dictators under control.






CHAPTER ONE. The Current Situation Throughout the World.


Everything you have been told about the world is a lie. An unelected cabal of dark occultists rule the whole world through three city states, which belong to no nation and pay no taxes. These city states are the (inner) City of London, which controls the world economically, Washington D.C., which controls the world militarily, and Vatican city, which is the mind control arm of world control. The whole world is controlled through the crown colonies.. Everyone on the planet who is not one of the would-be dictatorship is considered a slave to these organizations, who dictate the state of affairs across the world. The Vatican , which is the biggest business on the planet, control the drug trade, wars, assassinations, people trafficing and genocide. For further information, please see. .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEydmE57Vew

All armies, secret societies, organized crime syndicates and main-stream news outlets are ruled by this unelected cabal. As well as owning and controlling the Vatican these self-proclaimed elite comprise of European Royal families, private banking families, high freemasons, high Jesuits and the United Nations. For the purposes of this internet and book research paper, I will collectively call them the unelected cabal, even though some people collectively call them the  New World Order, the Illuminati, the Zionists, the Khazars, the Authoritarians, the private bankers, the Human Livestock Farmers, and the dark occultists. All of these people are Luciferians and Satanists, but outwardly deny this. Their people hold prominent positions in every country in the world, and they appear to adopt the belief system of wherever they happen to live.

The electromagnetic weapons currently being used to persecute ordinary people in their own homes are known by many names. They are called psychotronic weapons, directed energy weapons, microwave weapons and ELF weapons. The main- stream media is heavily controlled, and all information concerning the existence and abuse of these directed energy weapons is suppressed from the public. Governments from all countries throughout the world go along with this charade, for fear of repercussions by the powerful.

The weapons testing, trauma based program being run against targeted individuals is based on something known as cointelpro, which is short for counter intelligence program. I know of up to a dozen other targeted individuals throughout Ireland. I believe these cointel based programs are being run on an illegal basis throughout the island of Ireland. I also believe that some Gardaí (Irish police) at a high level, have been compromised through no fault of their own, into becoming involved into all kinds of illegal activity, but I also have no way of proving this.

The unelected cabal of dark occultists have access to classified knowledge, which they have been using to deceive and disempower us for many centuries. They have been hoarding knowledge, secret technology, money and power for hundreds of years.

In order to gradually create a two tier society of a ruling class and a slave class, with no middle class, the unelected cabal, who operate totally above the law, have been secretly pulling strings behind the scenes. On March 9th, 1933, in the U.S.A., an emergency banking act – “House Joint Resolution No 192 – 10, was voted into law, which made the United States and its citizens the property of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank. This made all American citizens into unwitting slaves of the self-proclaimed elite.

These controlling forces behind global banks and corporations are currently setting up a global dictatorship. This has been going on for many centuries, but most of humanity appear to be totally unaware of this. Our rights and freedoms are slowly and gradually being taken away. The unelected cabal have been gradually taking more and more control over all of our fundamental systems. They wish to gain total control over all money, food, water, energy, information, healthcare, technology, land, animals, homes, property and weapons. They wish to create a planetary wide authority, with themselves in charge. They are using U.N. Agenda 21 as a blueprint and action plan to control all people and property in the world. They falsely justify the recommendations in UN Agenda 21 under the misleading excuse of sustainable development.

The American government spend one hundred and ninety Billion dollars, annually, on weapons research. Directed Energy Weapons currently being deployed, include a microwave weapon, manufactured by Lockheed-Sanders, and used for a process known as wireless voice synthesis, which is remote transmitting of voices directly into the brain of any selected target. http:psychophysical-torture.de.tl/.. By 1974, “voice to skull” direct communication  (carried by microwaves) was available as an electronic harassment or communication method for United States Special Forces. This technology is based on modulating a microwave carrier signal with electronically superimposed, subliminal words, and is now being used to force voices and other sounds into the heads of selected targets, totally against the will of that targeted individual, day and night, for years at a time.

A basic version of a weapon, capable of wirelessly transmitting voices directly into people’s brains can be bought online, by any member of the public at www.audiospotlight.com. Remote neural monitoring (using microwave technology to intercept the extra low radio frequencies, emanating from a person’s head, to listen to their thoughts and see what they see,) is also being used against selected targeted individuals.

The science of cybernetics first became public in 1948, when the American professor, Norbert Wiener published a book called “Cybernetics”. At that time, it was already possible to intercept thoughts, memories, and sensory functions such as sight or hearing. One can only imagine what is achievable now, sixty-nine years later. See the work of Robert Naeslund at www.icaact.org

Psychiatry, through intentional false mental illness diagnoses, is being used as a cover for the widespread misuse of various types of directed energy weapons.

Some members of the public, throughout all NATO countries, are randomly selected to be put on non-consensual, experimental programs of psychological harassment and no-touch torture, conducted on them wirelessly, from a distance, through the walls of their own homes, by the use of directed energy weapons. On the instructions of corrupt politicians who owe favours to criminals, government run intelligence agencies conduct invasive surveillance on random people, who are not guilty of any crime. They pick people indiscriminately, and conduct research and experimentation on them, and they are building a behavioral and psychological database, from which they hope to exercise mass control all the way from the individual level to the population level. The members of the public who have been picked for these soft torture programs are known as targeted individuals.

The minds of targeted individuals are being read through signals intelligence EMF brain mapping programs. The Criminal oligarchy figured that if they could find a way to utilize the EMF fields around the body, as a way of keeping tabs on us, that they could use the same system to enslave us. The NSA was charged with finding a way to do so. Their solution was to create a means of scanning the electromagnetic spectrum to search for the unique EMF fields produced by the body. The NSA’s Signals Intelligence EMF scanning network is being used to remotely track us, experiment upon, torture, and even murder us. https://chemtrailsaremindcontrol.shutterfly.com/

When a member of the public is first selected for one of these psychological torture programs, they will be gang stalked for many months, in order to get that person committed to a mental institution and classified as mentally ill. This is an essential part of a non-consensual, electronic harassment program. This enables the perpetrators to carry on torturing the target at will, without any interference from human rights activist’s groups or the police.

Because of the misuse of this technology, humanity is now in an extreme crisis situation. However, most people are in a haze of indifference because of being subliminally mind-controlled through their television sets, and through lilly waves which are being emitted from their electric cables, and through entraining their brains with electronic frequencies  which come from all smart technology, which is being directed through mobile phone towers. The public are also being lied to on an unimaginable scale by the corporate owned and controlled main-stream media.

The ultimate purpose and goal of gang stalking is to create a self-policing society of easily controllable citizens, where all rights have essentially been taken away from the individual, and special privileges are earned through acts of loyalty to the fascist government that currently lurks in the shadows of our society. In a long essay entitled “Nation of Stalkers” Robert Guffey argues that gang-stalking is on its way to becoming the primary means of dealing with non-conformists and especially pesky dissidents. Due process has been suspended. Justice has been contracted out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWTjenxeyw0



My direct experiences of being a weapons test subject has been written about in another post, towards the top of this website.





CHAPTER TWO. – AN GARDA SIOCHANA (The Police Force of Ireland)


I visited an Garda Siochana in Claremorris, Ireland, in February 2014, in order to report my experiences of being targeted with directed energy weapons. They told me that, in light of the fact that I was diagnosed as mentally ill, they would not deal with my suspicions, and sent me to see a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist declared me mentally well, as I had not been hearing voices at that time, and he sent me home. Wikipedia states that the Irish Garda National Surveillance Unit is increasingly using technical and electronic espionage, rather than physical and human intelligence. I wish to know if this electronic espionage technology, that is being used against the Irish public, is regulated? When people ask the police how they might protect themselves if they are ever attacked by weapons which are based on radio waves, the police just say that they have received no instructions from governments, with regards to this issue.

Some governments are instructing their police forces to wear communication devices which pulsate at a frequency of 17.5 gigahertz, which generates aggressiveness and impaired judgement in some police officers. I hope this system will not be implemented in Ireland. We must be forever vigilant.

A few million self-proclaimed elite have organized themselves into a vast network of secret societies, based in all countries throughout the planet. Through murder, blackmail and other criminal means, they have worked their way to the top echelons of society. They hoard secret knowledge and secret technology, which is far in advance of anything the rest of humanity know about. They sit at the very top of all the institutions of power on this planet. They are prepared to be cruel and ruthless, and they despise our naivety and complacency and passivity.

In many overseas countries, these self-proclaimed elite have taken control over the methods being used to initiate the police and military into service. Classic techniques used to create cults are being used in these police and military training centres. All of the systems of indoctrination and brain washing which have been used to create cults, from the ancient world, all the way through to the modern day, are being used, to the letter, in police and military training centres. These methods are also being used in other control based institutions, for example, prison officer training centers.

The police and military experience trauma based abuses in their training camp and initiation regiments. They experience a breakdown and compartmentalization of the mind. www.whatonearthishappening.com

The police and military become left-brain chronically imbalanced. They become lacking in emotions, and they become cold blooded. The police and military are led to believe that there is a social hierarchy, and that their first loyalty is to protect and serve the private banking and corporate controllers. These methodologies of police and military initiation may not have reached Ireland yet, but we must be forever vigilant. The self-proclaimed elite know that the Irish Guards would not be willing to bully their own people. The way the self-proclaimed elite might get around this problem is by sending some Irish guards overseas, and employing foreign police officers to police the Irish people.

We really need the sympathy and help of the military and police, in order to combat the growing power of the self-proclaimed elite. We can only hope to succeed in taking back our power, if the military and police choose to take our side against the self-proclaimed elite. I hope the police prove stronger that the inculcation methods being used against them. According to the following link by Tim Rifat, British Scientist, the Digital Tetra Police Radio System causes disruption of higher brain function and increased suggestibility in any police, who are exposed to this system http://whale.to/b/rifat7.html and also www.rvscience.com. All police throughout the world, and all government funded people should refuse to carry smart phones and any type of government ordered communication system on their person. These technologies are being subverted and are now being used to heavily subliminally influence all government staff to follow the dictates of the Luciferian command. The police and other government staff should use dumb phones (mobile phones that are not smart phones) in order to carry out their police duties.

There are no safeguards in place to protect targeted individuals from deliberate psychiatric misdiagnoses, if they wish to tell their stories to the police. If people who are being targeted by voice to skull military communication technology and other electromagnetic weapons tell their local police of their psychological and physical torture at the hands of the worldwide intelligence services or organised criminals, no matter what the police privately think about the matter, they are obliged to follow the directives laid out by the hidden Luciferian establishment, and they are then obliged to ensure that the targeted person see a psychiatrist, who is obliged by the regulations which have been laid down by his/her profession to have the targeted individual locked up before nightfall. Because of these regulations, the targeted individuals are obliged to invoke the right to remain silent if they are asked by the police or psychiatrists about their experiences of electronic harassment. For further information about police and military inculcation techniques – see www.whatonearthishappening.com.



If the whole of humanity becomes a strong cohesive group, we can easily conquer the self-proclaimed elite and gain back our power. That is why the self-proclaimed elite consistently polarise various groups in society against other groups, at every single opportunity. They achieve this attitude of polarisation at university level and training school level, when students are unable to see the divide and conquer strategy, which is being implemented at all levels of society.

Students in general are being indoctrinated to perceive people as existing in a heirarchical power structure, where some people have more rights than others. This belief system is a sick system which is based on satanic principles and it serves nobody but the self proclaimed elite themselves. We are all equals in this planet of equals. We are all made from the same genetic material. All people are of infinite value, therefore all people are, and always will be of equal status, and deserve to be treated as equals.

At some level, we are being subliminally influenced to put the police on a pedestal, and the police are being subliminally influenced to see ordinary people as beneath them. When I refer to the police, I am not referring to the ordinary police in Ireland, as I rarely interact with them. I am referring to my past experiences of voice to skull direct communication, who sometimes claimed to be the police. Some of them expected me to grovel to them and they expect me to curb my tongue when I was speaking to them. I told one voice to skull direct communication who was claiming that he was a police officer that he was a guardian of the peace, and his salary was being paid by the people of Europe, so as to carry out their wishes. He replied that he was a guardian of the courts. The courts are creations of the establishment, and they are currently serving the best interests of the self-proclaimed elite, who are our would-be enslavers. If they police now consider themselves guardians of the courts instead of guardians of the peace, they have changed sides. They are now on the side of the would-be enslaver instead of being on the side of the people. I hope this is not the case.

Even though the police work for the people, and their salaries are being paid by the tax payer, I believe that on a European and American level, the police are being taught to believe that their should give first loyalty to the self-proclaimed elite, and that they should treat the people they purport to serve, as lesser than them.

I was told on that occasion, to curb my tongue when speaking to the police through the voice to skull direct communication. If somebody was forcing their voice into the centre of your skull, without your permission, late at night, with the use of directed energy weapons, when you were trying to get some sleep, would you feel like being polite.




CHAPTER THREE – Shielding Tips



I have experienced being a targeted individual, and these suggestions are based on my research and experiences. The perps try to make us believe there is nothing we can do to help ourselves. This is a normal strategy of criminals, and it is totally untrue. There is alot you can do, very cheaply and easily, to put a total stop to your targeting, even if you are on a very low income. Get the first suggestion done immediately. It doesnt cost much money. The longer you remain unprotected, the more power they criminals will have gained over you.

Put bolts on the doors of your residence. Put a bolt on your bedroom door. The perpetrators have master keys to most locks. Burgular alarms can be disabled by remote control. Perps will try to enter your home each night in order to break or steal your belongings, as a form of intimidation. They have the ability to render you and your family unconscious while they do this, by the use of advanced technology.

Try to sleep in a bedroom with zero electromagnetic radiation levels. Purchase a Trifield meter to help you find out where there are high levels of electromagnetic radiation in your home. Switch off and unplug all electrical appliances in your bedroom. If fact, you must leave all electrical appliances in another room. Weapons research technicians can utilise inert electrical appliances against you. Ask an electrician to remove any cables or sockets that are near your bed. Even if there is no electricity running through these cables a weapons research technician can use them against you. Consider switching off your electricity at the mains each night.

We all have a human energy field around our body, popularly called an aura. The human aura and meridians can be photographed by using a biofield camera. Meridians, are invisible channels of energy that run through our body in an organized and predictable way.

For a while, I was convinced that my human energy field was being manipulated, and I believed it was being pulled away from my body. This method generated intense fear in me over many years.

Non-Ionising radiation builds up in a bedroom from any electronic equipment that is being used there, for example a television screen or computer screen. When you are sleeping, this non-ionising radiation is directed by the, non-consensual, brain wave experimenters, to your energy field, causing your brain to become positively charged. When they have completed this work, the experimentors then go on to direct extra low frequencies to our brains. This requires special technologies that are unavailable to the public. At this point, the scientific experimentors are enabled to see inside our brains. This is the only method by which the scientific experimenters are able to conduct experiments on the human subject, during the night.

Scientific findings tell us that any type of flowing water, for example, a waterfall generates negative ions. I got some advice from the voice to skull voices that I should keep flowing water in my bedroom, by means of a simple homemade fountain, made from a mini aquarium water pump in a basin of water, causing the water to flow downhill. The flowing water will generate negative ions that will cause interference with the equipment of the scientific experimentors. The negative ions also cause the ionizing radiation to evaporate. Some of the V2K perps led me to believe they were on my side and they told me the neuroscientists will no longer be able to conduct either surveillance or experiments on me because running water would interfere with their equipment. If a targeted individual is in the vicinity of a water fountain or a waterfall or walking by the sea, scientific findings indicate that they should feel a general improvement to their wellbeing. However, now I believe these signals intelligence operatives deliberately lied to me, in order to enhance their abilities to conduct experiments on me. When I slept with a small home made water fountain in my bedroom, I felt I had done something to enhance the abilities of the signals intelligence operatives to conduct experiments on me, because the non-ionizing was allowing my brain to become positively charged, so that the operatives could direct extra low frequencies to my brain. I don’t always trust the information that comes through the Voice to Skull communication network. Not all of these signals intelligence operatives are trustworthy, but some signals intelligence operatives inside the control network are working to try to get some information out to the public about what is really happening behind the scenes in the criminal intelligence network. I don’t understand the science but I have written down much of what I have heard through the voice to skull communication network, in case any science graduate or neuroscientist reading this website will be able to glean some information from it.

. A wonderful method of clearing all non-ionising radiation from your brain and body is by earthing yourself on a weekly basis. Dig a hole in your garden and stick your legs into the loose soil for one hour. This practice of earthing will infuse your body with negatively charged ions. This will offer you protection for a full week. Any excess positive charge in your brain discharges into the earth as soon as you earth yourself. We should earth our bodies on a daily basis. It is important that people do not electrically insulate themselves from the ground, by wearing rubber or plastic soled shoes. When we walk barefoot on bare earth, or on the beach daily, we receive health-giving free electrons into our bodies. These free electrons are some of the most potent anti-oxidants known to man. This is called earthing, and it naturally protects the body’s delicate bio-electric circuitry against static electrical charges and interference, while dangerous free radicals are neutralized. www.earthinginstitute.net. EARTHING ranks right up there with the discovery of penicillin. Earthing mats can be purchased for underneath your computer. Earthing sheets can be purchased to put on your bed. These are enormously beneficial for your health.

Most animals will not sleep in an area where the earths energy field is disharmonious. The only animals who will sleep in disharmonious energy fields, full of radiation are cats. I wish to reiterate that I can not verify if this information is correct. New energy vision cameras, invented by the British scientist, Harry Oldfield, which photograph energy fields of all living matter, which might help me to prove or disprove my theories, are not within my financial means.

Human energy field studies are highly discouraged at university level. The self-proclaimed elite wish to hide this field of wisdom from us because a differential in knowledge is there to create a differential in power.

Delete your online google, facebook, twitter and youtube accounts. Otherwise they will be used against you in the future. I believe that the aforementioned online accounts are being used to suck up information from all your social media sites and store them in such a way that this online information, which the perps call meta data, will at some future time be used to build a profile of you, which will then be used to decide your fate, whether you live or die. Meta data is information concerning what websites you choose to visit and how long you remain active in each site. As soon as you delete your google, facebook, youtube and twitter accounts, no further online records will be held about you. All of your past activities will be deleted. If you have no profile, nothing will happen to you. . Taking down the mobile cell phone towers is the key to saving humanity from enslavement and remote controlled death. People can only be targeted by electronic weapons on a local scale if the perpetrators don’t have the use of mobile cell phone towers to both carry and direct the electronic signals.

The best way to cope with constant Voice to Skull military communication transmitted voices is by studying and using Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques. The program the Voice to Skull criminals use is based on illusion and Neuro Linguistic Programming. Check out the work on youtube of Tom Monahan from San Diego, and many other Neuro Linguistic Programming experts. These techniques will help you to counter the negativity of the perpetrators and to heal the perpetrators.

Never give permission to have your brain scanned by E.E.G. The perpetrators will hack into your medical files, and use the information from the EEG to help them map your brain.

When the weapons test operatives are experimenting on a weapons test subject during the night, the amount of light in the bedroom is highly significant.  The direct voice communications informed me that they do their best work  in darkness.   If the bedroom is well lit, it reduces the amount of time they can work on the human test subject without tiring out their own eyes due to some unknown factor.  However, if the human test subject uses a flash lamp also known as a torch and constantly moves it around the room, the weapons test operatives will be unable to do any work until after the weapons test subject goes to sleep.  If the weapons test subject found a method of moving light around the room all night long while they slept  they would then be totally protected from all harm forever.   A night light that follows a strict pattern is of no use.

Take your mattress off your bed, and remove it from your bedroom. The coils on your mattress are claimed to be MRI energy coil arrays. Energy coil arrays may be used to make energy weapons and coil guns. These metal springs on your mattress are radio conductive. It is claimed that they might be used to create a magnetic field, which might be used to effect your energy field negatively. I found this information on the following youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoQITEatw8I. People recommend foam mattresses as an alternative to coil mattresses.

Sleep with potted plants in your bedroom. Plants dampen down ionizing radiation.

We must remove Wifi from our homes. Scientific EMF studies suggest prolonged exposure to Wifi cause tumours as well as memory loss and other forms of brain damage. Experiments find that shrubs die when placed next to wireless routers. Use a hard-wired internet connection.

Free radicals in the body of a targeted individual act like tiny magnets, which are used by the perpetrators for induction purposes. Be careful with your diet and eat food containing anti-oxidants, which destroy free radicals.

When writing of your experiences and offering advice, write everything in the past tense. Psychiatric legal eagles can not touch you then. Psychiatry is not your friend. It has been subverted by the satanic control system. Anti-psychotic medication is brain damaging.

Switch on one or more analogue radios at medium wave. Medium wave is similar to the energy the perpetrators use to target people. This causes too much amplification of energy in the surroundings of the targeted individual, which interferes with the work of the perpetrators.

Throw out your television. We must not leave unplugged televisions or universal remote controls in our homes. They both must be physically remote from our homes. It might be safe to watch television through your computer, provided your computer is not a high definition computer. Televisions emit ionizing radiation. While watching television, your brain can be entrained into the alpha wave state, by the flicker rate and the picture change rate. Your subconscious mind will then be opened up and prepared for programming. Symbolism can then be used to affect you on a subconscious level.

All smart technologies have built in components which are being used to mind control you. If you continue to use smart technology, you will shortly be incapable of independent thought.

If activists were to mail letters through the mail boxes of people in a certain city, giving valuable information to the people of that city with regard to the workings of internal body control weapons, in this situation the intelligence services will direct calming frequencies from telephone towers throughout the city, to every home in the city in order to temporary dull the thinking of the population of that city, and to lull them into a state of relaxation. You must also refuse the new government mail boxes that are currently being sold. It is being claimed that, in the future, nothing but sanctioned mail will be allowed to be put through these boxes eventually. It is also being claimed that the government will have the authority to open these mail boxes, and remove any unsolicited mail, and dispose of it.

Jamming the incoming transmissions is a more effective method than shielding from them. Dr Barrie Trower, retired British physicist, states on one of his youtube videos that it is quite easy to discover what direction the directed energy transmissions are coming from, by the use of a directional meter. He states that it is an easy matter to redirect the beams back to where they came from. However, he states that if you do this, shortly thereafter, the authorities will knock on your door and order you to stop interfering with government wavebands.

If wireless Voice to Skull military communication technology is being used to transmit messages, which you hear inside the centre of your head, you have been put on a trauma based mind control program. You will be threatened with extreme torture at some unknown time in the future. This never happens. You will also be threatened with death, by many different means. Eventually, you will become so used to the constant threats, you will get bored by them. My first experiences of Voice to Skull military communications occurred in 2003, and it is now thirteen years later, and I have not experienced any of their threats of violence.

Stay far away from psychiatry. Psychiatrists will erroniously misdiagnose you as having paranoid schizophrenia. Then you will be incarcerated in a mental hospital, which I prefer to call a prison, you will be forced medicated, stigamatised and have some of your birthrights taken away from you, including your rights to drive a vehicle.

Do not make any new friends after you become a targeted individual. Keep within your circle of extended family, neighbours and old aquaintances. Your new friends will more than likely be perpetrators, who will have alterior motives.

Targeted individuals have a moral obligation to warn the rest of society about the electromagnetic weapons and their ability to slowly erode human freedom. It is very easy to set up a website. I learned how to set up my website by watching youtube videos, which I found helpful. I set up my website in a matter of days. Please outline all of your experiences of being a targeted individual in precise detail on your website. In this way, our elected officials will be able to decipher common threads among all of our experiences, and in that way, they will come up with a way of jamming this Orwellian technology.

Targeted individuals are being advised to surrounding ourselves with orgone pyramids, when we are sleeping. I plan to put small neodymium magnets, monoatomic gold and a quarts crystal into my orgone pyramids. (I have not done this yet.)

All of the digital technologies in our homes emit pulsed electromagnetic frequencies. When we allow a build up of these pulsed electromagnetic frequencies in our homes to reach a certain amplitude, (called electro smog), these frequencies can then be further amplified by remote control, and these energies can then be used to electronically harass and torture the occupants of the home. In my home, there is a digital computer,  and a digital phone. I don’t own a digital television or microwave oven. I plan to replace my digital appliances with analogue ones. I will continue to use my computer, because my computer is not a high definition one.

Make a faraday cage out of screen door mesh. Place it over your mattress and sleep under it.

At this point in time, extensive files exist on each person in western society. Each person is profiled, based on numerous facets of how they live their lives, for example, exam results, amount of tax paid to date, any ailments they suffer from, addictions, credentials, online history, type and amount of television programs they choose to watch, shopping choices which are taken from loyalty cards and credit cards, what electrical appliances you use and how often you use them based on smart meter readouts, social networking activities, charity donations, DNA readout, blood group, employment history and employer references, travel history and many others. A targeted individuals file can be automatically accessed by the shadow government agents, the secret profile of a targeted individual can be read by security personnel, when a target enters a business which is being surveilled by the perpetrators.

Tile the walls of your bedroom with ceramic tiles, and place mylar sheets over your windows, at night.

Shielding paints, shielding clothes, head-wear and shielding socks can be purchased from many online stores. Earthing shoes and earthing bed-sheets can also be purchased online.

It has been suggested that protective energy fields which surround us, are strengthened if we keep orgone ornaments and quartz crystals near us, in our bedrooms.

The perpetrators of this technological harassment have the ability to introduce an icy cold feeling around your feet, when you are lying in bed at night. They can even override the power of an electric blanket. However, they can not introduce cold air to the region of heat surrounding a hot water bottle. Always use hot water bottles when the electronic technique of extreme cold torture is used against you. The perpetrators can not cancel out the heat that comes from a hot water bottle.

Neodymium magnets redirect the magnetic current in the human body. Some people recommend them as an aid to protect against directed energy weapons. However, I dont know enough about them to be able to figure out if they are helpful or harmful. Over many years, the voice to skull communication network have advised me to place a neodymium magnet at my brain stem, at the back of my neck, and to keep it there for a considerable amount of time, for example a full day. Even though I own a very strong neodymium magnet, I have not taken their advice in case it enhances their ability to see deep into the interior of my brain stem.

Cellular phone use can wreak havoc with the human bio-field. When using a cell/mobile phone, always use a hands-free wired air-tube head-set, which keeps the cell phones antenna at a distance of six to seven inches from the body, thus eliminating near field exposure.

Have lots of movement around you while you sleep, in the form of a fan blowing air against your free hanging protective devices, e.g. mylar strips or neodymium magnets or orgone ornaments, in order to keep them moving. Because of the constant movement of these protective devices, the criminal perpetrators have a much more difficult time trying to direct their beams of energy to the source, which may make them cease their targeting of you.

Be careful of dental work. Some people are claiming that dentists are unknowingly inserting crowns or filling material that contain micro computer chips.

We could try sleeping under hollow domes filled with electrified water, using alternating currents, in order to diffuse the directed energy beams, before they hit our bodies.

We should stop ingesting fluoride in water and toothpaste and all other forms. It is an ingredient of rat poison, and it is a sedative. It dumbs you down.

Electronic chemists are the key people to look for information from with regard to bio-weapons. Most of them work for the government or the military, so it might be difficult to find an electronic chemist who might be willing to offer professional help.

We are being lied to on an unimaginable scale, by criminals who are aiming for planetary control. Their war propaganda machine constantly create new lies, and exaggerate their almost non-existent powers, in order to try and make us lose hope. Stay optimistic.

Become an activist. Spread information about the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons. Spread information with regard to helpful shielding tips and with regard to your own experiences of being targeted by these weapons. The enemy needs secrecy to empower themselves. Do not allow them any secrecy. Disclose everything you know now. Secrecy allows evil to flourish. Ask your councillor to organise to have a law enacted which would ban the use of secrecy clauses in all work places.

The person to be targeted needs to live within three kilometers of a telephone towers. That is the only framework that needs to be in place in order to conduct basic weapons assault. We must canvas government officials in order to have all telephone towers dismantled, and we must go back to using land line cables to conduct our business and social affairs. This act alone will ensure freedom for future generations of the human race.

The Voice to Skull transmissions informed me through their technology that if I was successful in shielding their technology from my brain and body, while living in my own home, they would organise a sojourn in prison for me, by falsely attributing me with committing a crime. People in prisons have no way of shielding themselves from non-consensual experimentation with directed energy weapons.

If you are new to being targeted with directed energy weapons, do not write to the media or to senior politicians or to any organised religion, or do not appeal to psychiatry or any type of main-stream medicine. They follow the orders which come from a European central command, which come directly from the self-proclaimed elite. Your letters will be ignored and you may even be locked up in a psychiatric hospital. The best way to legally create awareness that I have found is to appeal to the general public.

THE POWER IS ENTIRELY WITH THE GENERAL PUBLIC. THE GENERAL PUBLIC ARE THE HIGHEST AUTHORITY IN THE LAND. You aught to write a letter to the people of your local city. You must put your name and address on it, otherwise it is illegal. You should tell them of the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons in a general way, but not pertaining to yourself and your own experiences. If you write about your own experiences in particular, the people who receive your letter might report you to psychiatry, and you might get locked up. Warn the public in a general way, and post the letters through their doors yourself. This is perfectly legal, for now. However, when the new post boxes, which are owned by the post office are fully operational, this method of creating awareness might no longer be an option. DO IT NOW.












CHAPTER FOUR– Mind Control.

The United States Department of Defence are spending billions of dollars to link targeted individuals to the Information Integration Centre. I am reading conflicting information about how it is being done. The targets brain is connected wirelessly to the network, and it becomes a transmitter and receiver of information. The targeted person can then receive voices, visions, false memories, heat, cold and pain signals. The targets mind can be read and their life can be destroyed. This may not be happening yet on a large scale. We have a window of opportunity in which to take back our power, and stop this from ever happening on a world wide scale. Some people argue that you don’t need any brain implant or biomedical sensors implanted in the body in order to become a target of electromagnetic weapons, I dont know if this is true. The scientist Jose Delgado was able to control aspects of people and animals behavior with a brain interface device which he called the stemoceiver, back in the 1960s. Keep your doors bolted at night, as ordinary locks can be hacked into with a master key. Burglar alarm systems can be disabled. Do not accept any type of vaccinations or injections, for the moment, in case micro sensors are being imbedded in disposable syringes.

Television is a form of basic mind control, which modifies attitudes and behaviours. In the near future, people who watch television, go to the cinema or use a smart phone will no longer be capable of independent thought. A decade ago, the American government subsidized high definition television sets for their citizens, for approximately seventy percent of the cost. I believe these high definition televisions have a dual purpose.

Pre-recorded brain waves can be artificially injected into the brain, by the use of High Definition Television and other means. This method can be used to artificially input new ideas into the brains of politicians or the judiciary, or indeed, anybody. There is no conscious defence possible against this silent sound hypnosis. This was achievable in 1974. For further information on Silent Sound Spread Spectrum see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IP-IweOk4k8.

High Definition technologies are just the mediums being used to carry the subliminal hypnosis signals to our brains. The real culprit that is actually transmitting the signals to the digital devices in our homes, are telephone masts, which are also known as cell towers in the U.S. Telephone masts have many purposes, so it may not be feasible to demolish them. However, we must find a way of disabling the subliminal hypnosis signals which are being transmitted from them. Many people appear to have no idea how powerful modern mind control technology and subliminal hypnosis really is.

A smart meter is a surveillance device which receives information separately, from all electrical devices in your home. It knows what electrical devices you use, and when you use them. It sends data to your personal file on you whether you used the electric shower or laundry washing machine each morning before you come to work. It can tell the police what time you go to bed at, based on your bedside light use. In some countries the police are using smart meter data to punish people for doing things in the privacy of their own homes. Some people have resisted having a smart meter installed on their property and they were tasered and arrested. All basic inkjet and lazer printers automatically read and store all your private data, which they send to a data bank, where it is sent to a personal file, which is being kept on you. Smart meters have not been rolled out in Ireland yet, but we must be forever vigilant.

If a person voices an opinion in front of their computer microphone, or their smart technology, or their high definition television, a recording of these people, voicing that opinion, can be filed by a technician, and replayed at a later date, to whosoever they wish. At the moment, there is no methodology in place to file these voice recordings automatically. This is all done manually, by brain research technicians. These criminals hope that some day, by the use of voice recognition technology, this information can be filed automatically, by technological means, to the file of the person who the comment is pertaining to..

I will now outline an aspect of what this ability is being used for, at this point in time. If a person gets a letter printed in a small local newspaper, signals intelligence operatives will monitor how local people are reacting, in real time, to that letter, by gaining vantage inside the homes of the local people, using signals intelligence, and by monitoring their responses when they read their newspaper.. Unbeknownst to the people reading and responding to the letter, these unseen signals intelligence operatives will record their response to the letter. Not the actual response itself but a roll played version of the responses will be played at a later date into the ears of the targeted individual.

Targeted individual can be made to hear voices each day, all day long, without a break, and are sometimes kept awake during the night with these voices. There are hundreds of thousands of ordinary people and young children being targeted in this way, throughout the planet, at this point in time. We need to create a method of stopping this nightmare technology, before it spreads to everyone on the planet. In the United States alone, two billion dollars is being spent on an annual basis, on this brain weapons research.

Some people are unwilling to believe this information because their brains are entrained by Silent Sound Spread Spectrum, (U.S. Patent # 5,159,702).












If this remote controlled psychological torture technology is deployed by your government, and you are a government employee, you must never agree to a secrecy clause. Secrecy is synonymous with evil. You must never join a secret society or the secret service. Evil can only flourish in a climate of secrecy. •Why do our governments suddenly think they have the right to keep more and more secrets from the people? The people created their government for their own use. The politicians are employed by the people to do the bidding of the people. The government is a servant of the people. Governments have given themselves a licence to murder people, at will. They then stamp the murder case “Classified” or “Top Secret”. This allows them to get away with murder. All governments should release all classified documents. If they refuse to do this, we should dissolve governments. The population of any democratic country have the authority to dissolve their governments if they wish. When governments start to turn a blind eye to the torture of their own people, by the use of Directed Energy Weapons, it is time they were dissolved. We would then have a period of short term hardship, but in the longer term we would have freedom and abundance. Why are children’s courts being held in secrecy? In some countries, any parent who questions government corruption can secretly be accused of being an unfit parent, and have their children taken away from them, all without any oversight by elected politicians.. •People with academic credentials are technically gagged by their credentials. If they write about what they believe with regards to Directed Energy Weapons, they may lose their hard won credentials,, as they are only allowed to write about what can be proven in a court of law. The method of implementation of the non-consensual human experimentation program is almost invisible and traceless. • •”The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and secret proceedings…” J.F.Kennedy.


Under the various rules which were laid down for me by the military intelligence personnel who spoke to me directly into my skull, by means of Voice to Skull military communication technology, I was ordered not to discuss personal details concerning the lives of my friends and neighbours. I only ever discuss people from a positive perspective. I would never look at people in a negative light. We all have our vices and virtues. None of us have attained perfection in this life.

However, the military intelligence personnel were deeply unhappy that I refused to go along with their regulation to cease discussing minor details about the lives of my neighbours and friends. The Satanic and Luciferian would-be control system wish to know all details about each family in the neighbourhood, but in such a way that each household is a pocket of secrecy, and the secrets are only known to the evil control system.. Secrecy allows evil to flourish. Secrecy is synonymous with evil.

I replied to the two-way communication system personnel that my creator did not send me into this world wearing blinkers. I am an immortal being currently having a human experience. I can not learn from my experience on this earth if I am obliged to live my life while wearing blinkers. It is being claimed online that when the Bilderbergers are holding their annual meeting, the staff where they are staying are not allowed to make eye contact with them. Why arent good people outraged. We are all equals in this planet of equals. We are all made from the same genetic material. Survival of the fittest is a Satanic principle, which is currently being used against us. We must never classify people, because all people are of infinite value. •




CHAPTER SEVEN. – Natural Law versus Organised Religions.


Natural Law is the most hidden knowledge on earth. It is hidden from the masses by the evil oligarchy, who wish to enslave us. They hide it from us because a differential in knowledge is there to create a differential in power.

I learned most of what I know about Natural Law from a website called www.whatonearthishappening.com.

Methods have been set up by which the criminal shadow government social engineers, who are operating from behind the scenes in a vast network of secret societies throughout the world, lock us down into a child-like mindset. They create in us a child-like mindset that somebody is going to come and save us. They indoctrinate us to believe that we must never solve our own problems, but always look to a so called ” authority” figure to solve them for us. The indoctrination methods they use are achieved through the use of government and religion. Belief in government is the binding of the left brain hemisphere. Belief in any type of organized religion is the binding of the right brain hemisphere. Government and religion were created by the multigenerational self-proclaimed elite families to convince humanity to stand down from their responsibility to take real world action to create positive change on this planet. These false belief systems were deliberately created to keep most of humanity in a state of inaction, and to put a ceiling on our true spiritual and intellectual evolvement.

In the past, when invaders wished to take over a country, it was easier to achieve domination by indoctrinating the local inhabitants of that country into belonging to a fake organised religion, rather than invading the country with a large army and getting the locals to surrender. When the local citizens were sufficiently inculcated into this false religion, they would willingly and unquestioningly submit to the invaders. The invading group could easily obtain power, status, money and control of the minds of the locals, without ever shedding a drop of blood.

The story of Jesus has numerous parallels with many other ancient Gods, e.g. Horus, Attis, Kirshna, Dionysys, and Mithra to name a few. They were all born on 25th Dec. by a virgin birth. They all had twelve disciples and performed miracles. They were all eventually crucified, died for three days, and were then resurrected. The reason most of the ancient religions have the same general mythological structure, is because they, as well as Christianity, are all based on astrotheology. The virgin Mary is based on the star constellation Virgo. The Jesus crucification sequence is based on the sun moving south in the sky for six months. By December 22nd, the sun is at its lowest point in the sky, in the vicinity of the Southern Cross star constellation. This is where we get the symbology of the crucifiction . Three days later, on December 25th, the sun moves one degree north, giving us the resurrection. For more information see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88GTUXvp-50 And for further information see a book called “THE WORLDS SIXTEEN CRUCIFIED SAVIORS”by Kersey Graves. We are told that the Vatican library has millions of books and archived documents, therefore, it is safe to assume that the Vatican clergy already know of the numerous duplications between the story of Jesus and numerous other ancient saviours. Yet they never mention this fact to their followers. Why is this??? They have lied to us by omission. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iI3hskYdJPc

The Catholic church is the biggest financial power and property owner in existence. The pope is one of the richest men on earth, while one fifth of the worlds poor is starving to death.

I have abdicated from the Roman Catholic Church, because my beliefs about the Vatican have radically changed, and I am now an agnostic. An agnostic is somebody who believes nobody knows what happens after we die, and I believe organised religions are all about control, money, status and power. I still believe humans are spirits first, and physical second, and we will eventually be held accountable for our actions. I believe everything in the world, including human behaviour runs on strict laws based on mathematics. This is called Natural Law. Whatever behaviour we give out comes back to us in the fullness of time. Perhaps there is a way of tapping into a different reality through deep meditation, or by astral travel, or by the use of mind expanding drugs. However, I have not tried any of these methods.

I believe faith is not a virtue. Reason is the way to truth. There are ten thousand different religions in use today and all of them conflict with each other. The bible supports slavery, bigotry, sexism, and other human rights abuses. I believe the bible is not the word of God. However, it is a very valuable and important source of information. Organized religions don’t own morals. Humanity had a moral system for one hundred thousand years before Christianity was put in place. I live by a set of moral principles, based on Natural Law.

“All churches appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolise power and profit.” Thomas Paine.

Christians must question why they are encouraged to celebrate the re-enactment of a brutal human sacrifice on a weekly basis. The only reason to celebrate an act of extreme torture repeatedly is to imprint the human psyche with fear. Repetition and fear are both powerful mind control methods. The Vatican inculcates us when we are very young children, so that we will be too young to critically analyse what we are being taught.

Around five thousand years ago, the Khazars, who are a branch of the self-proclaimed elite, decided they would set up a book religion and inculcate the surrounding countries into believing in that religion. Five thousand years later, they covertly control all of the organized religions throughout the world. They regularly generate wars in order to further solidify their power. They supply arms to both sides of the war, and they decide the outcome.


For the past six hundred and thirty thousand years, which is as far back as the historian of ancient history, Michael Tsarion has gone, people have settled down with a mate without needing to get written permission off some so called authority. The concept of needing to get permission reduces adult men and women to the status of children, who dont have the ability to make their own decisions. The concept of signing a legal document called a state marriage licence and being legally locked into a relationship is supremely unnatural. Being legally locked into a relationship might make two people feel like pulling away from each other.

If you are legally locked into a relationship with a spouse, you dont know if your spouse is with you because they want to be with you. Perhaps they are with you because they legally have to be with you. This situation engenders suspicion between couples, and destroys the trust and happiness that comes with knowing that somebody you love is with you because they love you in return, and not for any legally binding reason.

Instead of asking for written permission to settle down with a spouse, by getting a state marriage licence, or marrying in a church, an alternative suggestion might be that couples who wish to spend their lives together should make a public declaration of fidelity to each other in front of their friends and families, without involving so called authority figures.   By doing it this way the woman protects her reputation, and nobody can accuse her of having loose morals or being a fallen woman as is so often claimed in the bible about Mary Magdeline.  If you legally marry in the United States or elsewhere, you are not just marrying your spouse, you are also legally marrying the state, which gives the state the legal right to own your children. By obtaining a marriage licence, you lose parental authority if you later have children. According to well known online activist, Sanchos Bonacci, the marriage certificate is the first trap of enslavement. The birth certificate is the second trap of enslavement. Do not fall into these traps. As government staff and politicians are transitory, the state is, in essence, only a piece of paper, and we are expected to ask a piece of paper for permission before we can have an intimate relationship with our life partner. For six hundred thousand years, according to the work of ancient historian Michael Tsarion, people settled down with the life partner of their choosing, without needing to ask anybody’s permission. Why have we been asked to hand over the ultimate treasure of our free will to people whose agenda I no longer respect.

The real purpose of public education is to inculcate young children into the cult of organized religion and government. They are both cults. Inculcation is the opposite to critical and logical thinking. It has been found that people who live within totalitarian regimes are obliged to ask permission of Father government and Mother religion before they are allowed to take action within their own lives. This forces these people to adopt a child-like mindset. In order to function in a happy and well balanced way, an adult human must have a certain level of autonomy. Even when people live with an abundance of money, it has been found that there is a high suicide level among adults who are not allowed a large say in how their lives are governed.

The military are obedient to their general. When the general tells them to jump they all jump.   The military have totally and entirely handed over their free will to the general. The military are willing to commit acts of extreme evil if the general asks them to do so.  The military are order followers.  The general can be any old criminal who happens to wear the fancy uniform of a general.  He could even be mentally insane.   Why do the military obey their general even to the point of committing the most brutal actions.    The only people who wish to go to war are the weapons manufacturers.  They arrange wars behind the scenes and they then manipulate, coerce and lie to the military and the tax payers in order to engage them in the war.  The military are told that some other ordinary people are their enemy.  Their real enemy are the leaders who are safe and comfortable, while they use the military as weapons test subjects.   Those within the military with the courage to question the  authority of the leaders are protectors of human freedom.

Obedience is doing what you are told, no matter what is right. Morality is doing what is right, no matter what you are told.

According to Natural Law, we are morally obliged to govern ourselves. When we live our lives according to the dictates of government and organized religions, we are blindly following orders without questioning them. We are abdicating our moral responsibility to judge whether something is right or wrong, before behaving in a certain way. If we refuse to own our own personal responsibilities, it leads to a totalitarian culture. We are tossing away the greatest gift and greatest duty to always use our own free will. If we refuse to use our own free will, then Natural Law will cause us to lose it. We will become enslaved.

Blind obedience to authority, and blindly following orders without questioning them is the true pathway to evil. When we are weak minded, we take pride in our blind obedience to authority, no matter what the order giver asks us to do. Blindly following orders should never be seen as a virtue. One has a moral responsibility to judge whether something is right or wrong, before carrying out an order. An obedient child or adult is a person who has been psychologically broken. We should always strive to encourage children to be co-operative rather than obedient.

We must urgently enact laws which make it illegal to be an order follower.  Everybody should be obliged to have total freedom and to take total responsibility for all of their actions. This would restore this world to a state of harmony instantly.  This is known as anarchy.

We should never show groveling respect to people with titles, money, status or uniforms. Subordinate male chimps will show their bottoms to the alpha male, which is the same as humans bowing before kings and popes. The only people who demand titles are egomaniacs. Any group who would wish to be called ” the elite” must have lower ego problems. It seems to me that they wish to demean and downgrade us by expecting us to call them that. If we call them the elite, we are implying that we ourselves are common, inferior or lower-class. We should always call them the self-proclaimed-elite instead. After all, we are all equals in this planet of equals. We are all made from the same genetic material. We are conscious awareness, having a human experience. How could these self-proclaimed elite have deluded themselves into believing they are better than everybody else?. They are group thinkers, who look to humanity for their validation and glorification. They are not yet mature enough to get their personal validation internally.

The key to planetary enslavement is through the creation of a pyramid shaped control structure, with only a handful of people at the very top of the hierarchy, with the power to control everything. These hierarchical control structures only exist through government and organized religions. We were never meant to allow ourselves to be subservient to any type of hierarchical control pyramid. Under Natural Law, we are obliged to organize ourselves by a linear control structure. Dismantling the hierarchical structures and decentralizing on a planetary wide scale is our route to freedom.

The independent contractors who operate the signals intelligence computer enhanced human guidance system have their own unique way of catagorising human beings. They had a pledge to only target and micro surveill people they regarded as sub human. They now have decided they have miscategorised at least one of the weapons test subjects, who they should not have targeted under their own laws. This means that now they are operating under a free for all selection process when they are selecting weapons test subjects among themselves as well as from the wider community, from here on in. Under the natural laws which govern human behaviour here on earth, whatever frequency of vibration you give out, this is the only frequency of vibration that you can get back. What this means is if you give our cruelty and injustice, you will get back cruelty and injustice in the fullness of time. This is a testable, proveable, knowable science, and it has been proven scientifically. The independent contractors and signals intelligence operatives will reap what they sow.

I published this blog in the  past.  Since that time the direct voice communications have informed me that a small selection of soldiers have been wirelessly connected to the voice hearing network where they wirelessly  receive messages into the centre of their brains similar to the messages I have received in the past.




CHAPTER EIGHT – Cestui Que Trusts and Legal Name Fraud


Over many years, the Vatican and its popes have set up a system of ownership of all property, all humans, and souls that exist on this earth through the Papal Bulls and Cestui Que Vie Trusts. In 1302, Pope Boniface VIII created a trust called Unum Sanctum, which declared that the Vatican owned the earth and all the souls in it. Until recently on one has ever legally challenged Unum Sanctum. However, Unum Sanctum has recently been rebutted by a well known lawyer from Lake Normond, Colerado, by the name of Cindy Kay Currier. Her website is called www.risetogether.weebly.com. The Vatican later went on to create other trusts which I have listed herebelow. These trusts make people the slaves of the Vatican, even if they are not Roman Catholic, and they are used to claim that the Vatican owns our souls.

1455 Testimentary Trust.

1481 Regis Crown Trust.

1531 Convocation Trust.

The Romanus Pontifex Trust was used to create the crown corporation.

The Crown Corporation, which is another name for church and state, has enticed humans into slavery, via deception.

When anyone uses the legal name on their birth certificate as identification, they are committing an illegal act, and they are considered a criminal. All legal names are owned and copyrighted by the crown corporation. The birth certificate name is considered to be a slave name. A fictional person is created by the government, in the form of the birth certificate. That fictional person is not alive and has no rights. It is a corporate entity, that must function according to corporate parameters and corporate rules.

In the legal world, we are all considered slaves of the crown corporation, and our bodies are presumed property of the crown corporation, which is another name for church and state. Fraud is committed whenever you register a birth. You are signing your child over as a legal slave to church and state, provided they go on to use the registered name.

Church and state are aiding and abetting us into fraud. This makes church and state criminals. Church and state have committed a crime against humanity, because they use trickery to ensnare us, with intent to enslave us. Church and state profit from criminal activity, in as much as all commerce is based on legal name fraud.

Each VOTER Registration is FRAUDULENT as the Legal Name/I.D. is used in order to register to vote. Therefore, as it is true that any/all use of a Legal Name is FRAUD, which is ILLEGAL, it follows that ALL registered voters’ papers are FRAUDULENT! Which means ALL their VOTES were/will be FRAUDULENT too!

I have been called Gretta since the day I was born, and it is the name I use on all documents. The name Gretta has been validated by the fact that it is the name on my drivers licence and bank account. However, by a lucky accident, it is not the name on the birth certificate. If a man or woman calls themselves a name other than the name on their birth certificate, and if it has been validated by some other means other than the birth certificate, then government policy is to accuse you of having an identity crisis, and accusing you of being mentally ill, and incarcerate you in a mental asylum until you agree to use the legal name fraud name, which is on the birth certificate. Governments have no legal rights over you if you don’t use the legal name fraud name.

Not many people know that if a baby is born in their own family home, this fact gives them the right of residence until the day they die. The voice to skull military communication generated voices once told me that a person who is born at home has legal jurisdiction over their own home. I believe there are stringent laws governing what jurisdiction one comes under when one is born in a hospital ward. Parents should look into the legalities of having their baby born in a hospital before they make any decisions about the location the mother chooses to give birth in. I was lucky to have been born in my own family home where I reside now, and as such the self proclaimed elite have absolutely no legal power over me.

Another, and frequently overlooked reason I remain a free woman of this land is the fact that I have legally abdicated from the Roman Catholic church in Ireland no later than 2015. This fact alone means that the catholic church in Ireland does not have a legal say over my right to live or die. I am a free woman of the land and as such I and all human beings should never be put on a program of subjugation and control. I believe all man made laws including admiralty law are fraudulent law because they are out of harmony with Natural Law. Natural Law states that our rights are not written in some anonymous law book. Our rights are actions we take that don’t harm anyone. We all have the same rights. Man made laws have nothing to do with our rights which are birth rights. Some people falsely believe they have the authority to bestow rights. These people can not bestow rights they do not have themselves. They can not bestow the right to agents of church or state to harass me electronically, because they do not have that right themselves and no legislation in any law book can ever turn a wrong into a right.

The voice to skull military communicated voices told me once that if I had earned any credentials that they could use that situation to reign me in by revoking my credentials if I ever wrote anything that they did not publicly sanction. I have no credentials.

There is NO legitimate government, president, prime minister, politician, mayor, etc. All public offices which heretofore claimed a position of ‘authority’ are no longer able to make such claims. There is NO legitimate authority anywhere. The Legal Name Fraud Scandal, what is known as #Namegate, is PROOF positive the whole construct of the control system/government, political influence and decision-making is now at an end. NULL & VOID! https://legalnamefraud.wordpress.com/2016/01/05/namegate-the-universal-political-scandal/

Without legal name fraud at the front line lever, the whole system of control is destroyed. I found some of this information at the following web sites http://www.infowars.co.nz/ https://legalnamefraud.wordpress.com/2016/01/05/namegate-the-universal-political-scandal/

Coupled with the fact that I don’t use the legal name fraud name on the birth certificate the people who would normally have jurisdiction over me dont exist, owing to the fact that I was born in my own home. I believe all individuals are given approximately eighty years of free will by their creator, on the day they are born. Evil forces on this planet try to take our legitimate free will away from us, gradually and incrementally, by making false laws which they have no authority to make under the eyes of our creator. These false laws are not in harmony with moral law, therefore they are immoral laws and also horrible human rights violations. I also believe that the words paralegal and para psychiatry and any other para in use is just another word for crime.

In March 2011, in Washington D.C., U.S.A., victims of organised stalking and electronic harassment addressed the Obama Presidential Bioethics commission on how these crimes are affecting their lives. Please see attached link https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=N9WNGwceeok.

. I recently came across the following website which outlines methods of field research data collection on humans. 1.Ethical guidelines prevent many experiments. Informed consent of the human subjects required by scientific societies, universities and funding agencies alerts the subjects and puts them on their guard. 2.Humans are very self-conscious when they know they are being observed and may intentionally or unintentially alter their behaviour.

Here is the link to further information http://paws.kettering.edu/~ellis/mycourse/ssci201/r-d-g-t-good-bad.htm.




CHAPTER NINE   – Solution


I love all people, but I hate all public power institutions. At this present time, all the public institutions of power on this planet are being run by a system of organised dishonesty.

I wish to include a quote by Michael Ellner here – “Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.”

Love and Compassion are the true religions to me. But to develop this, we do not need to believe in any religion.” ― Dalai Lama XIV •A basic military strategy is for the aggressor to falsly magnify their strengths. The Zionist Jews have enormously exaggerated their militaristic ability. It is far weaker than we are lead to believe. •Satellites do not exist. They are clearly a hoax. http://www.timetounite.com/fake-satellites-and-nasa-cgi-planets/ •Nuclear warheads do not exist. http://www.big-lies.org/NUKE-LIES/www.nukelies.com/forum/index.html

The criminal oligarchy are few in number. There are seven billion of us.

It is being claimed that the laws that Barack Obama have passed are invalid. It is being claimed that he did not produce a legitimate American birth certificate, which makes his presidency invalid. http://www.mrconservative.com/2013/07/21971-10-facts-that-suggest-obamas-birth-certificate-is-fake/8/

If you are constantly hearing voices by wireless means, you may be linked up to the Information Integration Centre, which is an information highway for humans.

All of the electronic warfare technological infrastructure is on the ground. It can easily be dismantled. •There are two easy methods to instantly dismantle the whole evil human wireless control structure. Either method would work. If cell towers were dismantled, or chemtrail aerosol spraying ceased, vital links needed to carry wireless messages to and from human brains and bodies would no longer be possible. The whole lynch pin of the Zionist takeover plan depends on convincing humanity that satellites exist, and are the main link in controlling humanity. Satellites are war takeover propaganda, and millions of people already know that they don’t and have never existed. We must dismantle cell phone towers, and go back to using land line telephone cables for our industry. You must throw out your high definition television set and your smart phone and all of your smart technology. This technology is being used right now to control your moods. The wireless voice to skull military communication technology transmitted the following information to me, which I believe is important. Mobile phone masts, also known as cell towers are an important part of the infrastructure when targeting someone for the purposes of remote non-consensual experimentation and psychological torture, but in most cases, extra technology is installed on the electricity poles close to the home of the victim. However, in the future, the criminal cabal hope to have this extra non-essential technology installed on all electricity poles throughout the world. WE MUST NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN.

Satellite Hoax and Various other Hoaxes.

Thousands of serious scientists, who disagree with the so called establishment, have no way, other than the internet, of getting their views out to the public, as most of the main-stream media is owned and controlled by this private club of the super-rich. Large numbers of credible scientists are coming forward on the internet, to inform us that human beings cannot travel to the moon, global warming is a hoax, and atomic bombs do not exist. It is being claimed that the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were carpet bombed with napalm, and not wiped out by atomic bombs, as we were previously led to believe. (Nuclear reactors exist, but I believe nuclear bombs don’t exist) These hoaxes were deliberately perpetuated to frighten us into handing over our power to the corrupt bankers, without question For more information see – http://heiwaco.tripod.com/bomb.htm • •The self-proclaimed elite, have attempted to fake the concept of space travel to make them appear to have militaristic dominance of space. They decided to fake the space program outright and use rockets which only needed to fly into the air until they disappeared from sight.Another of their aims was to “appear” to put satellites in space. I understand that satellites do not exist, and that satellite navigation information is gained by mobile phone tower triangulation, and “satellite” television programs are gained through cables. If satellites really existed, all the satellite dishes on the roofs of our houses would point straight up. Google Earth images are taken from aircraft and the global earth image we are continually being shown is a computer composite, not a photograph. Ground based radar is used to take measurements of the weather. We are told satellites are in the thermosphere, which ranges from 600 to 2000 degrees Celsius. If this were the case, the satellites would burn out. The actors who pretend to be aboard the non-existent International Space Station, act out their roles so badly, it appears that they are desperately trying to subliminally let us know that they are obliged to lie to us, under duress, or else they are mind controlled into believing they are actually on something called The International Space Station. If you see what appears to be a satellite in the night sky it may be a drone called “The Pathfinder” or it may be a brightly lit hologram. We are being lied to on an unimaginable scale about issues which we cannot tangibly investigate ourselves. The self-proclaimed elite back up their lies with their own privately owned mainstream media

.”We will know our disinformation plan is complete when everything the American people believe is false” Former CIA director, William Casey. •

The alternative to the child-like mind set of blind obedience to government and organized religion is called Anarchy. Anarchy means – rule by the people, for the people. The word Anarchy is ridiculed and demonized at every possible opportunity, by the oligarchy, because it is the greatest route to tapping in to the true power and freedom of the whole human race. On television, the word Anarchy is always accompanied by images of violence and mayhem so that people will falsly associate Anarchy with evil. In a system of Anarchy, nobody on the planet looks up to anybody else. Nobody on the planet looks down on anybody else. We are all equal, with equal rights. Anarchy is a system of individualism, whereas fascism, naziism, socialism and communism are all systems of vertical collectivism. Vertical collectivism is a system of big government, with centralization of all power in the hands of a few men. Vertical collectivism is the graveyard of freedom. When we vote we are given a few choices of political party. These political parties are all arms of the same head, which is the criminal control system. No matter which party you vote for you still elect the same criminal oligarchy control system. Therefore, we are not being offered a choice, just the illusion of choice. Anarchy as an alternative way of governing ourselves. Anything is better than technological enslavement. Globalization made us all dependent on forces outside of ourselves and it made us vulnerable to enslavement. We must reclaim our power by decentralization of all areas. Each community must become totally self-sufficient. Each country must set up our own not for profit central bank, which is owned by the people, and not by a private family bloodline, which is currently the case. All of human kind must reclaim their power from the evil cabal, by making a few small changes to our lives. We must become self-sufficient. We should access underground “Primary Water”, or else we should install rain-water harvesting systems in all of our homes. People with a back garden can easily grow all of their own food, using modern food production methods which involve growing up to twenty shelves of plants simultaneously, in a greenhouse. A water-powered system of generating free energy which is currently in existence is being suppressed from humanity.

Using advanced psychological manipulation methods, the intelligence services have perfected the art of inducing deep and overwhelming terror in a human being. The intelligence services can only achieve this outcome, if the subject is not allowed to examine, understand and share what is happening to them. In order to continue their dark arts, the intelligence services need to keep humanity in the dark. Isnt it time to disempower the intelligence services forever, by exposing their terror induction methods to the world., Because once we understand exactly how they manage to reduce us to a state of intense and overwhelming fear, only then will we learn how to stop them in their tracks. We must openly list everything the voice to skull military communication system say to us, no matter how frightening, so that others will be fully prepared if it ever happens to them. Some people who read this story will not realize the true implications of this technology, if it is not blocked immediately, Children of the future could be electric shocked by remote control if they don’t get up at a set time in the morning. People are not waking up to the crisis we are in because our water supply is being drugged by a sedative called fluoride, and because of mind-control technology. We should take back our power from the high Jesuits, the Vatican, the Zionists, the private bankers, senior Nasa officials, and the rest of the self-proclaimed elite.

“Freedom and morality are directly proportional to each other. As morality increases in any given society, the freedom of that society will increase. The solution is to understand the Natural Laws and live in harmony with them.” Mark Passio www.whatonearthishappening.com

The contents of this web page are based on my internet and book research and they are also my personal experiences and honest opinions. I have no academic credentials. I took some of my information, word for word, from the websites of other people and I have provided links to where I got most of it. I did this in order to put an overview of all self-proclaimed elite tactics all together on one blog, so I could see the big picture more clearly. I know of many other targeted individuals in Ireland, other than myself. They have woken up to the fact that they have been lied to on an unimaginable scale, by the criminal establishment, all of their lives. For the first time in history, we now know who our enemies are. What is more, a large online opposition of millions of people are forming against these enemies. Now is a good time to take back our power. I am very optimistic that this wireless torture is just a short term phenomenon, for the following reason. Natural Law is not a faith based belief system. Natural Law has been proven to exist by many facets of science. Natural Law is governed by mathematics. Many high profile intellectuals of past times lived their lives by the dictates of Natural Law. Pythagoras, Cicero, Socrates and Gurdjieff were all followers of Natural Law. Natural Law is also called moral law by some sections of society. Natural law states that if you give out kindness and truth you will receive back the same in the fullness of time. If you give out fear, hatred and cruelty you will receive back the same. Nobody is exempt from Natural Law, not even the self-proclaimed elite.

The more I understand psychological torture techniques, the less I fear them. However, I have spent many years in a state of intense and overwhelming fear, because of these methods being used against me. By continuing to share our experiences, we get a clearer picture of how these psychological torture black projects work.




A highly organised criminal cartel, using directed energy weapons to get what they want, are swelling the ranks of the judiciary and the civil service and many other power institutions throughout the world.

This criminal cartel, with thousands of employees, worldwide, are electronically harassing and psychologically torturing people in their own homes, by the use of extremely advanced electromagnetic weapons.

The reason this criminal cartel have become so powerful and so well organised over many many years is because they constantly swell their ranks by deliberately compromising very powerful people, by setting up a honey trap to video tape them in a sexually compromising position, while that influential person has been unknowingly put under the influence of very powerful drugs or alcohol. This practice of sexually compromising very powerful people has been reinacted on a number of occasions in Ireland alone, thereby guaranting that Ireland has fallen under the heavy influence and manipulation of organised crime.  I have been given this information through voice to skull communications which were downloaded to me in the past by signals intelligence operatives using directed energy weapons systems, which are largely unknown to most of the world at this time.

Because of this policy of compromising people in the public arena and then offering positions of power to anyone and everyone who have compromised themselves in various ways, the criminal cartel is expanding its power base on a daily basis. We must act now. We must find a new way of governing ourselves.

There is an easy solution. We must organise ourselves in a linear based control structure, rather than a pyramid based one. We must set up a system of rule by the people for the people where all people have equal power to organise society . Even though we deeply appreciate what the politicians and civil servants of Ireland have done for the Irish people down through the years, this top heavy system is no longer workable.  Top down government can no longer work, because of the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons and organised criminal gangs.

There is a useable natural law structure to be found at a website called www.reignofearth.com.   We must organise our legal system under natural law principles. A Judge and jury will be selected by choice of both the accuser and defendent, from their own community. The guilty party will pay restitution to the victim, rather than suffering a punishment, which is against natural law. The judge will have no political or longterm power.    There is also a useable structure of self government to be found at the many websites of well known activist Larken Rose, of youtube fame.







gretta of the family fahey, Newbrook, Claremorris Co. Mayo, Ireland.

 gretta of the family fahey


The military surveillance that is used in electronic warfare is ground based and it is conducted via signals intelligence. The signals intelligence operators log into the postal code of the person they wish to conduct surveillance on.

The signals intelligence operatives use what is known as conductive surveillance, which is radio frequency eminations coming from a telephone pole relatively close to the home of the target for surveillance, which sends signals to the inner ear of the targeted individual. These signals need to be adjusted for each person, in order to conduct conversations in real time with the subject of interrogation. This process facilitates the signals intelligence operatives to conduct conversations at any time of the day or night with the subject of interrogation.

The human brain has never generated voices in the whole history of humanity. All voices that were ever generated inside the human brain were put there by technology. This facility has been available to signals intelligence operatives for over fifty years, but it is only now coming to the forefront of human awareness. Psychiatry was set up to deliberately obfuscate the cause of people hearing voices which are being generated inside their heads. There is a war on main stream medicine and psychiatry, which allows teaching hospitals to misinform medical students concerning all manner of subjects.

The signals intelligence operatives can adjust their signal in order to gain vantage inside the human skull, and in order to dip sight into the internals of the human body.   The signals intelligence operatives can force their voices onto the hearing centre of the human subject, until such a time that subject has a nervous breakdown, after which time the human subject loses all credibility.  Neuroscientists and medical scientists and other high level operatives are granted the capability to dip sight into the internals of the interior of the body of the human test subject, while the human test subject is in the so-called privacy of their own home.

When the subject is sufficiently subdued then they are transferred to a mental asylum where they are prescribed further debilitating and substantially poisonous substances posing as anti-psychotic medication . After teams of scientists work on the human subject for many years, wirelessly and remotely, they eventually hope to achieve their goals of being able to totally remote control the human subject at will. They assure me that this has never happened, and good people within the profoundly evil control system will continue to ensure it will never happen, by constantly making deliberate mistakes.

Signals intelligence operatives need special permission from a judicial authority in order to place signals inside the home of somebody. However, they don’t bother to request this authority. They place signals inside the homes of who so ever they wish. This makes a mockery out of the law. What this means to humanity is that signals intelligence operatives can see and hear inside the homes of anybody in Western society, any time they wish. If you are being intimate with your spouse, you can be watched by signals intelligence at any time. A video recording of your activities can be downloaded to the local Fusion centre in real time, and it can be watched at a later date by a large variety of people. Senior politicians in Ireland and elsewhere are totally unaware of the capabilities of signals intelligence.

Remote influencing capabilities are covertly being used against western society, via television, cinema and both smart and digital technology.. In the near future, people who use these technologies will no longer be capable of independent thought. There is no conscious defence possible against silent sound hypnosis, which was achievable in 1974, other than removing your television, universal remote control, all smart technology and digital media technology from your home, vehicle and person.

Remote Neural Monitoring has been developed by the American Government after about twenty years of neuro-electromagnetic involuntary human experimentations. Remote Neural Monitoring can send encrypted signals to the audio cortex of the brain directly circumventing the ear. It can also perform electrical mapping of the brain, and is being used non-consensually in vital brain research throughout the western world.

The electrical appliances in our homes send and receive signals of energy to and from each other, and to and from all the other electrical appliances in the neighbourhood. These energy signals are creating a smart grid, which can be used to create holograms, both inside the home and also across the sky. These holograms can appear as extra-terrestrials, or as demons, or even religious apparitions. These holograms, combined with mind control technology have led many people to mistakenly believe that they are in the presence of extraterresterials or religious figures. The extraterresterial hoax, the demonic possession hoax, the remote viewing hoax, and the religious apparation hoax, the akashic record hoax, the spontaneous combustion hoax, and virtually all other supernatural hoaxes are being used as cover stories to hide the existence and abuse of the electronic surveillance and control grid, and the vast capabilities of electronic harassment weapons.

This horrifying invasion of privacy can easily be stepped down to a local level by dismantling mobile cell phone towers and taking other basic precautions. It is widely believed by credible scientists that the existence of satellites is a fiction, which was created in order to convince people that there was no escape from this electronic prison. If immediate action is taken to dismantle the mobile cell phone towers, we will all be freed from this electronic concentration camp to a large extent.

The contents of this website are largely based on conversations I have had in the past with signals intelligence operatives, who spoke to me through Voice to Skull military communication transmissions, directly into my brain. These signals intelligence operatives who work in the area of surveillance claim to have signed legally binding secrecy clauses, which stop them from telling the public of the extreme danger we are in at the moment, with regards to science and technology. One of the ways signals intelligence operatives can get vital information out to the public, without being incarcerated for breaking their legally binding secrecy clauses is by transmitting their voices by the use of Voice to Skull military communication transmissions directly into the brain stem of targeted individuals who have been selected, through no fault of their own, for micro surveillance, for the purposes of non-consensual human experimentation..

My name is gretta of the family fahey, newbrook, claremorris, co. mayo.

My email address is gretta 2011@hotmail.com

This website is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net









I found this information at the following website link  https://www.instructables.com/id/Excess-Energy-Pulse-Motor/

I am reposting it on my own website because I believe it is important information to help the human race.  There are currently numerous free energy devices in development but which are not allowed on the public market.


This is an open source project – Sharing is caring! Patents only benefit a few, sharing benefits the many.

This Instructional is to build an Excess Energy ‘Tri-field OC10110 Pulse Motor’. I had built a large prototype a few years back. I had it running with just one coil and three magnetic fields with great success, this has 3 sets of coils and 3 magnetic fields, plus photon charge and heat recovery! This is a self running motor/generator with excess energy generation. Is it Free Energy? Some of it is energy lost by conventional electronics which is recovered and re-used so I would term it ‘Ultra efficient’, but there will be a break even point providing free energy financially at some point in the future. It also derives energy from outside of the motors running losses (i.e Heat and Friction) in the form of Photon capture.

Much more testing to be done to see exactly how much excess energy we have and for how long, it will depend on your configuration ultimately(how many coils, gauge of wire, additional circuits ), but what I will show you here will get you on your way to self experimentation or if you like you can copy my set up.

Like most custom made projects costs can rise quickly, you could spend $300 for the 3D kit parts for the latest MK3 parts. But the beauty is you can buy part by part and build up over time if price is an issue. The rest of the parts are quite cheap and many can be found on ebay.

The 3D printed parts I make $1 – $10 (no more than $10) a part via Shapeways. As you can imagine its taken several years and lots of errors and several $1000’s to get to this point, so please don’t begrudge me a few dollars to recoup costs and the sharing of ideas. I provide these instructions and the 3D parts for sale for personal use only.

(You could order one coil end and mock the rest up in wood or make a wax cast and make silicon molds to keep the costs down. My first build was in 15mm Nylon plastic sheets and stood 20″ tall, it can be done in a few months. But this one is a miniature version with the benefit of the frame parts having been designed and printed saving lots of work. You could get this all up and running in a day or two)

This instructional is to build an excess energy pulse motor of my own design, it supplies its own power and excess. Nothing is set in stone, the kit and its parts are custom to your experiments, I show only one way of many!

The build is quite involved not too complex (I try to simplify) and its evolving. There may be details that have changed or parts that may change (improvements), but once you have a basic model you can easily upgrade parts. I will do my best to update those, but I cannot promise to hold your hand on everything, initiative may be required, but there is nothing that the average guy or gal cannot handle with a little thought and Googling!

Customizable :

i.e You could have multiple discs, or two models side by side driven from one driver coil.

You could have the axle drive a small starter electric motor , that then becomes a generator.

You could use the axle end to drive a ‘Dirod’ static energy generator and then feed this back to an Axle driven ‘Atmo motor type rotor’ ..more free energy!

Note: This is my first Instructional, sorry if its doesn’t tell you everything you want to know, I have tried to include the major steps.

This is an open source project – Sharing is caring! Patents only benefit a few, sharing benefits the many.

Happy experimenting,

Oliver Cohen (UK)

Step 1: Ordering the 3D Parts

Firstly by starting this build you agree to share the build instructions on different websites and if you are able posting videos of your completed build and adjustments/improvements if any. YOU MAY OBTAIN 3D PART FILES FREE OF CHARGE FROM ME , ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU OFFER TO SHARE THEM WHEN YOU POST YOUR DESIGN.

The experimental parts of the main body are here https://www.shapeways.com/shops/FreeEnergyMotorKit

you will need:

1 x Electronic housing

2 x Battery housing

2 x Coil ends (choose option 1 or 2)

1 x Complete Inner coil set

1 x Bobbin

14 x Tritium holders (Use of Tritium very experimental at this stage, may not produce any benefit other than looking cool!)

1 x 5mm Round file

1 x 10mm Half round file (plastic modelling file -ebay)

3D printed holes are fairly tight, usually by about 0.5mm or so they will probably need filing out to the correct size. In later steps use the 5mm aluminium rods as a guide, file holes until you can slide them in snug. Bearings the same on the 10mm holes.

If you cannot afford the parts then you may copy the design freely for personal use in a non magnetic medium (wood, nylon etc NOTE: Aluminum and Brass will cause drag on the magnetic field do not use on the main parts). Be aware that if you do intend to copy the design that the diagram of the Inner core section in pencil is not 100% as the 3D design. The jutting out section needs to accomodate a Square bobbin 40Hx40Wx43mm L.

This is an open source project, which can only be made better by me sharing it with everyone and it being improved along the way.

Step 2: Winding the Bobbin

You need:

250g 23AWG

250g 26AWG

4 x Peltier 40mm x 40mm x 4mm Thermoelectric generator pads (ebay – from China) (2 required for this step)

Heatsink Plaster 10g (ebay – type that fixes heat-sinks to computer processor chips)

The bobbin is specific to the design, it incorperates waste heat into electricity as well as its primary functions of detecting magnetic field and pulsing the disc rotor. This is a Bifilar winding, meaning we wind the two wires together and tightly.

Winding the Bobbin: Set up the two coils of 23AWG and 26AWG on a dowell or rod so they are free spinning. Next take wire from each of the spools 23 and 26AWG and enter about 15cm (6″) into the hole on the bobbin center. Now you should have 15cm of wire coming out of the end of the bobbin. Next get some small insulation tape to secure the wire to the center of the bobbin. and start winding evenly and tightly with 23 and 26 AWG wires together as you go.

Wind up to the slots on each side, and when you are evenly in line with the slots hold the wire tight and pass the through the upper hole with about 15cm sticking out of the end of the bobbin DO NOT CUT THE WIRE YET. KEEP TENSION ON THE WIRES use some insulation tape to hold tension temporarily.

Next: Slide in the two Peltier pads to check for space – There should be no more than 2mm space between the pad and the coil, if there is continue winding the coil until there is an even gap of around 1mm.

Next: Tape the coil (which will be quite square in shape) with insulation tape all over the copper wire, ONE LAYER OF Insulation tape only.

Next use thermal cement on the sides where the Thermoelectric pads slide in and make good contact, leave the coil and bobbin upright and let it set.
NOTE: During opperation we need some cooling of the coil so we collect heat from the sides only.

Step 3: Winding the Coil Ends

The ‘Coil Ends Part’ come in two configurations Option 1 and Option 2. Which you select depends on whether you will wind pancake flat coils or standard bobbin type coils. I would recommend the new MK2+ Coil end with built in bobbins.

You will need:

26 AWG or higher (26, 28, 30 also fine)

The preferred option here would be the fixed bobbin part. The power generation should be superior.

Wind 4 coils around the fixed Bobbins in alternating directions, i.e wind one clockwise and the next anti-clockwise and so on. The reason for this is that when a coil has current induced in it, it becomes a magnet, and by alternating we can promote an attract/repel/attract/repel momentum. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CUT EACH COIL, just continue winding from top of last coil to bottom of next bobbin, but remember to alternate the direction of winding.

Keep coils tight and tape with insulation tape keeping the start end free and the finish end free.

IF YOU CUT EACH OF THE COILS :Next wire the coil ends together in series end to start of each coil and continue end/start, end to start end…. You will then have two wires one at the very start and one at the very end.

To build a pancake coil you will probably use 28+AWG for this: cut out a round piece of card 30mm Diameter (across) with 10mm hole in the centre. glue the wire as you go and keep it flat with a weight. Personally I have not done this, but I have bought pancake coils from ebay (they are part of a wireless charging set). There are Youtube videos on winding pancake coils. Remember to either invert every other one or wind alternate directions and connect in series.

Step 4: Setting Up the Rotor Disc/Stator

The Rotor disc has 4 pre drilled holes in the upper and lower surface.

You will need:

Counter sunk Neodynium N42 Magnets:

4 x North facing 12mm diameter x 4.2mm thick 2.5KG+pull

4 x South facing 12mm dia x 4.2mm thick 2.5KG+pull

6 x North facing 15mm diameter x2mm thick 2.5KG+ pull

circle compass


2mm drill bill + 2mm Drill stop

22 x 2.2mm dia x 6.5mm (HW602 ebay Brimal components)

10 x 2.5mm dia x 6.5mm machine screws (5mm heads)

8 x 2.5mm dia x 10mm machine screws (for axle fixer)

Super glue

First step : Offer the centre hole upto the axle or one of the 4.75mm aluminium rod supports. If the hole is to small get a 5mm round file and twist it half and inch in and the same on the other side a few times until its a nice snug but easy fit in the axle.

Draw a circle with a compass 75mm diameter (set compass to radius =37.5mm), on the flat face mark with a pencil at the edge 6 points at 39.27mm apart and draw the hexigram (See diagram). Pull those marks down with a set square to mark the edge every 39.27mm. This will give you 6 lines on the edge.

Next mark 5mm from the top of the edge and mark horizontally. These are the point at which you should predrill with a 2mm drill bit to a depth of 5mm. WARNING Do not drill too long or fast as the plastic will melt. cool the drill bit at each hole if required (mine was fine at a slow rate).

Next Affix 4 x Counter sunk North facing magnets to the top (screws must be no longer than 5mm).

Next repeat above for bottom face with South facing magnets.

Finally fix the 6 , 15mm dia x 3mm magnets to the edge.

Next :

Pop the disc onto the axle (or in my case one of the 4.75mm aluminium supports!) put two dabs of super glue around (NOT ON THE CENTRE HOLE!) the centre hole to affix the AXLE FIXER. Place the axle fixer on and adjust it to centre, the bore is a bit larger so make sure you centre it as best you can by eye. The super glue will hold it so you can drill out the holes to a depth of 10mm from the (5mm into main disc, 5mm through the axle fixer hole = 10mm). Use 4 x 2.5mm x 10mm machine screws to fix axle fixer in place. You will also need a grub screw when it comes to fixing the disc to the axle later.

Step 5: Setting Up the Inner Core and Deuterium-Tritiun Fusion Rods

You will need :

Pre-wound Bobbin

1 x 3D MK4+ Complete Inner Coil set

14 x Tritium holders (if you are doing experimental fusion/electron leak option or you just want it to look cool!)

14 x 3mm x 22.5mm Tritium cores (Green or Yellow) in borosilicate tubing (if doing experimental fusion/electron leak option or want a cool futuristic glowing machine!)

Insulation tape

(WARNING: At time of writing Deuterium-Tritium Fusion is a nuclear fusion technique. I have yet to build this part or test it myself – There may be zero benefit other than looking cool! The main issue would be that the temperatures involved would be impracticable. Chances are slim, but we can still look at realizing the free electron flow which comes from the radioactive material Tritium or at least trying! Experimentation would have to be done while there is current flowing around the coil sets wrapped around the Tritium core.) If you are implementing the Tritium core fusion rods(theory) experimental side then insert the Tritium cores in each end of the Tritium holders (dab of super glue, make sure aligned properly by setting it in between coil pegs until glue sets), next wind very small gauge magnet wire 28AWG+ around the centre of the Tritium core 5-10mm wide secure in place with tape or glue the ends with tension leaving coil ends to be measured or connected to (They may not need connecting to anything as in theory the may snatch free electrons from the Tritium gas and induce that current into the main inner coil sets). Next insert in line with coil winding pegs. Un-tested and highly experimental at this stage. At the very least it should make the model look cool in the dark! In theory Electrons being emitted should create some electron flow (current) in the surrounding wire for 12.5 years when it will reduce by half. In theory it could potentially create nuclear fusion which may/should be possible as the Tritium starts to degrade into Deuterium-tritium This is vastly complex and will need some serious tinkering and testing to see if there is any possible benefit, but the principle is Deuterium-Tritium in a vacuum with a coil wrapped around it horizontally with a vertical coil wrapped around that closely with current induced within and maintaining a magnetic field to hold the reaction, all of which should be possible with this machine (more research experiment needed). You can read more here :

DT Fusion and containment).

Next : You will see the 7 small pegs on the inside of the inner. These are used to wind copper coils on from top to bottom 26 AWG should be fine (LEAVE A NICE STARTING PIECE and FINISH Strand 150mm Turns etc I will leave to your experimentation I used 33 turns on each peg). More copper equals more energy capture! ALTERNATE the windings (see diagram c=clockwise, ac=anti-clockwise) start with the model standing in front of you with the jutting out square section to the left. Start winding on the upper left peg in a ‘anti-clockwise’ direction then moving to the peg to the right and coiling clockwise and the next anti-clockwise and so on. (The reason as mentioned earlier is that coils carrying current become magnetic and by alternating the windings we can create an attract/repel/attract/repel…situation.

You may find dabbing the upper and lower pegs with super glue helps retain the coils in place. Then the middle of each winding can be zip tied to keep it tight, and stop it un-ravelling.

I recommend some 2.5mm zip ties to tie the centre of the coils to the posts, This will give the disc a few mm of spinning room.

(In later steps you will find that you will have to insert the axle and disc into this centre piece and then assemble the model as it is impossible to insert the disc once this part is mounted.)

Step 6: Electronic Housing

You will need:

1 x 3D Electronic housing part

1 x 2N3055 Transistor

1 x IN4001 Diode

1 x IN4007 Diode

1 x Neon bulb needs to be able to take upto 30-50v spikes

1 x Optional 1k Pot variable resistor (remember resistance causes energy loss through heat)

1 xSoldering Iron and Lead Free Silver Solder 1mm dia

1 x Peltier thermoelectric pad 40 x40 x 4mm

Construct circuit of your choosing or use this one (diagram):

Note that the pins on the transistor are off to one side when viewed horizontally and are not central.

Look at the pins and orient vertically in front of you with the pins furthest away from you. The left pin is the ‘Base’ and the right pin is the ‘Emitter’ solder a IN4001 Diode across the two pins with the silver band on the diode towards/pointing at the left side ‘Base side’.

The metal housing of the transistor is the ‘Collector’ connect a IN4007 to the screw hole with the band of the diode pointing outwards away from the transistor. (wrap is around the screw hole and solder)

The Neon bulb or 12v LED connects across the Transisitor from the ‘Collector’ (metal housing) to the ‘Emitter’ (right pin).

Solder a wire of 150mm to the IN4007 diode attached to the Collector (This goes to Charging +)

Solder another wire at the opposite end of the Collector (use a few winds around other screw hole and solder)(This goes to Power Coil AWG23 and from there to Charging -)

Solder two wires 150mm long to the Emitter (one will go to Running -) (the other goes to Trigger coil AWG26)

Terminate all wires into a terminal block for later connection to coil etc… ( I taped and marked the ends of each i.e – RUN, T1 (Trigger coil), T 2, P1 (Power coil), P2 etc)

Invert 2N3055 and predrill 2 x 2mm holes or use thermal cement/adhesive and fix to the 3D part, slide the Thermo Peltier heat to electricity pad into the rear and if you require the metal heatsink cement that onto the pad. If you need to file down solder on the top side of the transistor then do. Any gap between the round top of the inserted transistor and the heat pad can be built up flush with thermal adhesive (as in heatsink type)

Step 7: Main Body Construction

You have a choice here:

How long do you want the model to be? we will assume 150mm for this:

You will need:

3 x Aluminium rods 4.75mm/5mm thick by 200mm long (you can cut these to size after the motor is assembled and you know the final length or leave an over hang for future mods!.)

1 x Aluminium Tube inner diameter 6.4mm, outter 8/10mm (3/8″ tube is good) cut into 6 x 30mm pieces and 6 x 15mm pieces

8 x 5mm Drill stops

4 bearings 10mm outer dia x 5mm internal dia x 4 or 5 mm thick.

1 x Silver Steel ground 3/16″ (4.75mm) central rod 8″ long(200mm ish) (projects beyond model for axle use i.e generator)

Central rotor disc with magnets in place

The 3D parts ; Battery Housing, Electronic housing, 2 x coil ends , 2 x Inner coil rings with supports in place/completed unit.

Glue bearings into Battery housing, 2 Coil End parts and the Electronic housing part. do this on a flat surface so the bearings are flush with one end of the piece. Wait until glue sets, before proceeding.

NOTE: You will not be able to complete the build util all additional steps have been made, however this is an exercise in making sure all holes are ready for later assembly, You can leave the battery holder connected as per picture.

Start with the Battery housing, insert 3 x aluminum rods on the top and two bottom left and right holes. Put 3 drill stops on. Now insert the main Steel rotor shaft.

30mm 3/8″ tube pieces (3 of go after in between the Battery housing and the first ‘Coil End part’.Place spacers of 15mm on after the ‘coil end’ Then put the ‘Inner Coil set on’ then 15mm spacer, followed by next coil end, then 30mm spacer before the final Electronic housing unit.

The spacers for the coil end to inner parts are going to depend on whether you are using the built in bobbin part or a pancake style. The Pancake style can be spaced 10-15mm or less. The built in bobbin would be around 15/20mm depending (experiment, you just need to be 1 or 2mm clear of the edges of the inner coil part ).

When you have the inner coils on mark the centre of the inner coil set on the Steel axle with a marker pen.

Remove Axle and centre the disc on the mark, glue and affix the Axle fixer with glue and screws, including a grub screw on the axle fixer into the axle itself. (use small 5mm screws for the fixer onto the disc, slowly predrilling helps)

The rest should be a repeat of the spacing exercise, spacing only really matters on the ‘Coil Ends to ‘Inner coil’ get it as close as you can, without the magnets being interfered with. At the end finish with 5mm drill stops.

Now you know how its going to fit together, disassemble until all parts are complete.

Step 8: Finishing Electronic Fitments (Battery Housing)

You will need 5A Terminal blocks

5 x 2.5v 20F Capacitors = 12.5v total for running (I believe this model will run at voltages in the 2.5-5v range also need to test best output for input)

8 x 10mm LEDS (glue these into battery housing)

12v battery (Can be any AH. 12-35Ah is a smallish size) This could then feed a grid tie inverter perhaps!

1 x IN4001 diode

Capacitor bank: place capacitors side by side -+-+-+-+-+ Solder them in series. Leave the first negative then solder positive to negative to positive to negative etc leaving the last positive. On the unsoldered negative and positive solder a black wire on the negative and red on the positive. Tape it all up with insulation tape (not to thick! ) place in the battery holder.

Note: When inserting LEDS they may be tight, but if too tight use very fine sand paper, on a dowel if you have big fingers like me!

LED Photon charging: Notice that the LEDS have two pins, and one is shorter than the other (on some big 10mm LEDS you will have the same size leads! Look into the LED you will see a large node and a thin node, the thin side is to be our NEGATIVE). The shorter one is to be our positive. Place the eight 10mm LEDS in the battery housing LED holes. Connect them in parallel (short to short , long to long) (READ BOLD TEXT BELOW BEFORE CONNECTING)now connect our Positive (short lead) of the LEDS to the Capacitor bank Positive, then our long lead to the Capacitor bank Negative by way of solder or a terminal block. They should not light up at any time, if they do you have the polarity the wrong way around with 12v you will blow the LEDS most likely also. You could test with 3v to make sure first!Also shine a torch on them with a multi meter connected and read the negative voltage. We are wiring these in un-conventional fashion, because we want unconventional results- meaning electricity generation! . These LEDS are providing upto 1.8V each from day light. (Just another free energy input outside of motor friction and heat losses)

NOTE IMPORTANT: Place a 1N4001 Diode from the red cable of the LEDS to the Capacitor bank, this will ensure that energy flows from your LEDS and not to them The Band of the diode points furthest away from the leds and closest to the capacitor bank.

Test main bobbin coil for continuity. Hold a meter on one strand and touch all the others in continuity mode you should have only one beep from the one other strand. Continue for other strands one by one. You can test for resistance instead if you don’t have continuity, a small resistence indicates continuity and very large figure indicates no continuity.

Follow the circuit diagram in the previous steps to join to the main driver and trigger bifilar coil and charging and running battery. This is best done into a terminal block. Ensure that the varnish on the enameled copper coil is removed on the section entering the terminal block (scrape off 10mm with a knife to make a good contact).

The charging battery is the 12v battery external to the model, and the running battery is the capacitor bank within the model, all energy accumulators are available to feed the running battery as required, the charging circuit and ‘Excess’ can go to the charging battery. Remember that your LEDs are providing some voltage in the day time but this will drop off at night. Ignor the input generation of the LEDS as a bonus to the run battery.

Step 9: Electric Motor/generator Mod and Test.

Capacitor bank charged. Spin the axle and disc, if you have the latest 3D parts you will probably have an electric motor to start the device.

Electric motor mod:

You will need :

small 21/22mm dia x 20/35mm motor with 2mm shaft

2 or 2.5mm Pulley (2mm plastic fits fine, but you may need 2.5mm on a metal pulley)

5mm main shaft pulley (3D printer 5mm bore pulleys are good – ebay)

M2.5mm x 4mm L Grub screws for above

N4001 Diode

belt to drive axle/rubber band!

superglue/plastic adhesive

The motor fits in the bottom of the Battery Housing (glue it in position when happy) , fit the 2mm bore pulley on the motor shaft and align the axle pulley above it and set the band on. You may have to grub screw the pulleys or glue them.

The electronics are simple a diode N4001 is soldered on the + side of the motor with the band pointing away and a red wire soldered to the Capacitor running bank. A negative is soldered from the – side of the motor to the negative side of the Capacitor bank. – that takes care of electricity generation.

Next to set up starting: Take a positive from the Capacitor bank and run it through the ‘Push to make’ switch and then add a suitable resistor (maths alert! V = IR , meaning Voltage of the motor in my case 3.5v has to equal IR (current draw (which you should have) multiplied by Resistance (which you wont have but can find R = V/I in my case we need a 9v drop to provide 3.5v so 9/0.67 = 13.43 Ohms I think!! So for my set up im using two 5 Watt resistors in series a 10 Ohm and 4.7 Ohm , since the starter will be used for a very brief start up of the disc, 5 Watt rating should be fine (refer to measuring current draw below, or seek youtube vid!) after adding the resistor solder it directly to the motor before the diode (i.e As close to the motor pin as you can, the black end of the diode! Don’t solder it it front of the diodes band)

Wait for glue to set, Fix bobbin in place and use a nylon bolt and nuts to get it as close as you can to the magnets without causing it to touch. A few mm away would be good.

Attach the Metal Heat sinks to the sides of the bobbin Thermo-electric heat pads if required (ebay aluminium heatsinks 19mm x 19mm x 5mm from China are cheap).

NOTE: We need some cooling of the coil so we collect heat from two sides only.

You should from here be spinning and good to go!

Next Experiment:

Find connect only the main driver coil as per the circuit diagram and measure current draw.

To measure current draw you will need:

A multimeter

You need to measure current draw by disconnecting the main + to the the POWER coil. You place the positive lead of the multimeter (SET to 1 Amp or 10 Amp setting) on the positive of the coil cable and the negative probe to bridge the connection back to the positive in the circuit. Imagine that the + wire is left where it is and you slide in the meter in between the positive wire only. Search youtube for ‘measuring current draw’ if confused.

When you have a current draw you can then add up the coil ends and inner coils to see if the cover the draw, if not add the heat pads and LEDs and see if that covers the draw. Excess will charge the battery.

Step 10: Over Charge Protection

I wanted to have a voltage switch that disconnected the running battery when the charged battery reached say 13.5V. This is an overcharge protection. Any voltage under this figure means the pulse motor will run. This way we could have a load on the charging battery (grid tie inverter/led lights etc) and if that load failed (i.e mains power cut would mean a grid tie Inverter shuts down) the battery would be protected from over charging by the machine shutting off.

Monitoring of the charging battery was also required and so I contacted a company called REUK.co.uk, I emailed Neil there and he kindly altered a LVD (low voltage disconnect) and made it a HVD (High voltage disconnect). The following is a link to the circuit with built in battery status display:

HVD with display

The circuit will be powered by the charging battery, and will create a very small power draw (When it exceeds the High Voltage cutoff) of around 1mA it wont drain the battery by leaving it there for a very long period!

The setup:

The positive wire from the running capacitor bank is interrupted and run through the REUK circuit and the relay treats this as the switch wire that will be opened at 13.5v and higher (user programmable voltage) thus stopping the run power to the pulse motor.


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doomworx (author)russ_hensel2016-12-31

Why is this so controversial? Any magnetic motor when connected to an alternator can generate more energy than it consumes



Technology now exists that can wirelessly harass and torture somebody behind closed doors totally unbeknownst to the rest of their family and community.   This is happening in all Western countries and anybody can be selected for this remote wirelessly enabled harassment and torture.   Luckily there is an easy and immediate solution.  There exists  central locations within each country where the entire  electricity grid can be shut down and where the entire microwave transmitter apparatus can be shut down at the same time, thereby shutting down all wireless enabling capabilities within that entire country.     Please agree verbally and in written form to shut down both all electricity and all wireless capabilities for an agreed amount of time within an agreed time frame in order to establish if this action gives relief to the wireless  torture vicitms during the previously agreed shut down time.

Beware of using perfume or aerosol sprays because they may contain particulates which imbed the lungs with neural dust, which can then be used by criminals to wirelessly constrict your lungs from a remote location, leading to death.




Self sufficiency within each European country is being strongly discouraged by the European Union. Each country in Europe is being financially supported to focus on only a few key industries. Eventually the would be enslavers hope to engender a situation where each country throughout the world focuses totally on producing a key number of products, and each country would totally rely on an worldwide central point of distribution of goods , to distribute all products that a country might need. If a country refuses to comply with any of the dictates of the, by then, fascist dictators, the fascist dictators would refuse to allow that dissenting country to receive the goods they need in order to live. In this way, the would be dictators would have rigid control over all countries. This central point of control of goods inwards is already in place throughout Europe.

If we allow this planetary wide control system to continue, all people, other than the control group will be put on an artificial intelligence controlled human guidance system, similar to the manually controlled human guidance system I was trialled on for a number of years, which I have written about in detail throughout this website.

I have been listening to the well known expert on chemistry,  Dr Curtis Duncan on youtube.  He is claiming that the chemical atrazine turns male fish into females.  He further claims that it causes male frogs to develop female brains and to assume the female mating position.  He also claims that atrazine is in 94% of American drinking water but it is banned in Europe.



When people hear voices, for what ever reason, there should be a moral requirement that they transcribe everything the voices are saying to them, because, in all cases, these voices are being transmitted to them by the use of Voice to Skull military communication technology, which was widely reported as being used in the Iraq war as Voice of God weapons.

People who have experienced cancer or major transplant surgery are often featured in magazines, telling us of their experiences in great detail. They sometimes show us photographs of their breast surgery scars. Unlike victims of voice harassment,  stories of the experiences of cancer survivors are never censored.  Will victims of voice harassment,  ever have accounts of what their voices are saying to them, published openly, in the main-stream press.  If we ever attempt to tell the world of our voice hearing experiences, we are immediately transported to a mental hospital, where no one can access us, and we are given large doses of dumbing-down, anti-psychotic concoctions posing as medication, to shut us up.

Why are voice hearers discouraged from ever discussing the content of their conversations?.

“Traditional practice in behavioural psychology concentrated on either distracting the patient or ignoring references by the patient to the voice hearing experience, with the hope that the patient would concentrate on ‘real’ experiences, which would then be positively reinforced (the assumption being that the voice hearing was a delusional belief). The effect of this approach is to discourage the discussion about the voice hearing experience but without eradicating it (P.D.J. Chadwick, Birchwood, & Trower, 1996). ” http://www.intervoiceonline.org/about-voices/essential-facts

Because of this policy of censuring all public discussion of what voice hearers actually hear, the fact that all of the voices are being transmitted by the use of directed energy weapons, using advanced psychological torture methods, goes unreported. Who gains from this criminal policy of suppression of information?

Article 19 of the UN Human Rights Charter explicitly states:

“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”


Below is a list of some of the technologies and various patent numbers, which have been published to support the existence of directed energy based technologies.

U.S. patent no 6506148, granted to Hendricus G Loos, in 2003, enables nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic frequencies, emitted from television screens and other monitors.

Microwave Hearing   The Stocklin Patent # 4858612, and The Brunkan Patent # 4877027

Microwave hearing is a scientific fact. Existing radar units can be modified to transmit a beam of pulsed microwave energy into a person’s skull which causes sounds such as ticks, buzzes, hisses, knocks, chirps, and words. The sounds, which originate from within, above, or behind the head, are transmitted to the inner ear via bone conduction. This has been a capability since at least 1960.

Ultrasound transmission of Voice/Silent Sound       The Lowery Patent  #6052336,   Monroe Patent #5356368,    and Norris Patent #5889870.

Synthetic Telepathy                                               Patent #6587729 and #3951134

Thought Reading Capacity                                       Kiyuna Et Al Patent #5785653

Target Tracking Technology  –                                          Hablou Patent #5448501

and Fullerton Patent #6400307              and                    Rowan Patent  #4893815.



It has been widely reported that the military has used the Voice of God weapon also known as LRAD during the Iraq war in order to create chaos within the ranks of the enemy combatants.

At least one method of Voice to skull transmission, using microwave pulses much like radar, is not particularly new. During World War II, technicians working in the path of energized radar antennas discovered they could hear a buzz, seeming to originate inside their skulls. For further information see https://targetedindividualscanada.com/2010/06/24/article-what-is-voice-to-skull/


Psychiatrists use implied authority, by claiming that they are in the know regarding the existence or non-existence of voice to skull military communication devices.  Psychiatrists could not have any knowledge of top secret military weapons testing, bearing in mind that top level security is employed in all areas when it comes to weapons testing on human beings.

The basis on which schizophrenia is diagnosed should be re-evaluated in light of the existence of directed energy weapons. The overwhelming power of ridicule is used at every turn against us, targeted individuals, in order to suppress the existence of these remote neural monitoring, and electronic brain link weapons. Please ensure that politicians in Ireland and elsewhere enact laws safeguarding people who claim experiences of voice harassment, from psychiatric intervention. Psychiatrists who falsely diagnose all voice hearers as being mentally ill are apologists for criminals, and should themselves be incarcerated, which will shortly be the case.






The existence of “Black Magic”  is a hoax.  The whole concept of the existence of the supernatural has been hoaxed for thousands of years by the use of secret science and technology and by the use of black operations.  Dark occultists own and control most organised religions and secret societies which they have set up thousands of years ago.  In order to effectively control the human race they use fear.   Demonic possession is easily hoaxed.  Human beings can be made to grimace and contort and swear against their wills and without their permission either by the use of imbedded technology inside them or by outside control of their human energy fields, thereby controlling their muscles.   Dark occultists can not conjour up anything whatsoever.  They can falsely lead you to believe that they have the power to conjour up the supernatural in order to instill fear in you.

The clergy do not think logically.   They support faith over logic.  Faith is a vice.  Logical thinking is a virtue.  The dark occultists twist every human belief by 180 degrees.  The clergy support organised dishonesty.  They have been inculcated at an early age.  It is not their fault that they have been deliberately misled.  Money and ingenuity has been used to deliberately mislead them.  Please align with the truth rather than with popular sentiment.

Natural law is backed by science.   Always align with nature.  Do not align with transhumanism.  It has been created by dark occultists in order to enslave and torture the human race.




The social credit system is a digital dictatorship which runs by itself based on algorhythms. Nothing can be questioned. Once a person has a social credit number all of their credit behaviour in life is recorded and can be evaluated using algorhythms. Their every action is tracked and judged. This social credit system has been up and running in China for many years on an optional basis. It is due to become operational on a mandatory basis for all Chinese citizens in 2020 The Chinese people are wrongly being led to believe that they are being recorded by the cameras which have been erected at every street corner. However, many of them are being recorded by a system called remote neural monitoring which is a system where each human being is wirelessly attached to a two way stream of electromagnetic energy from their unique brain signature. All of the electrical activity of their brains and bodies is being read on a constant basis by wireless means and then stored in computer centres for later analysis by data scientists who now work in secrecy . Their personal remote neural monitoring data is also being analysed and then used to either credit or debit their social credit record without their knowledge or consent. When you are being subjected to remote neural monitoring your thoughts are being surveilled.

What you do, say and even think is being credited or debited to your social credit score if you live in Western China. Thought surveillance is a capability that I myself have experienced on a constant basis for more than fifteen years while living in Ireland, Europe. Thought surveillance is a reality now. Your thoughts are then replied to in real time mostly by neuro staff who work in secrecy but a system of using pre-programmed voice bots is being set up to attempt to reply to human thoughts in a similar manner in the future but such a system is for the most part not up and running yet.

If your social credit score falls too low you will be blacklisted and banned from buying train or airplane tickets. You may be restricted from visiting golf courses, civic amenity centres or other venues. Fifteen million chinese people have already been banned from travelling because of social misdeeds. You may be banned from renting a house.

Your social credit score is debited if you jump a queue, if you buy too many video games, if you make a mistake while driving a vehicle or if you post what is deemed to be fake news online or if you jay walk, or if you smoke cigarettes while on trains, among scores of other actions. Criminal, academic and medical records all blend into your score. Your shopping habits also blend into your score. Your score can change in real time depending on what you place in your shopping trolley. If you place alcohol in your shopping trolley your score would immediately be reduced. If your social credit score drops significantly your internet speed can be lowered significantly and this can be achieved by algorhythms without much significant intervention of human beings if it becomes mainstream in the future .

There is an app on smart phones which records your steps as you walk. If you take regular exercise you will be awarded extra points.

If you marry somebody with a lower social credit score than your own social credit score you will lose points on your own social credit score.


Your are deprived of your passport on occasions.

Ten million chinese people have seen the dark side of the social credit system and they are activating against it. The job of the Chinese main stream media is to be a propaganda machine for the people who are setting up the social credit digital enslavement system. The main duty of the chinese main stream media is to indoctrinate the people and to stop them knowing the facts. If you try and expose high level corruption you will be blacklisted as dishonest or for some other reason.

If you would wish to know your social credit score at any instant it would be freely available for viewing on your smart phone. All social credit scores for everybody would be public for everyone to monitor if they wish.




Facial recognition is being used in China. The chinese government has a data base containing the facial details of everyone over eighteen years old. While you are being scanned into the facial recognition data base you are required to produce a range of facial expression

Blood samples, voice samples and fingerprint samples are being taken from people throughout most of the world. Technology is at the centre of a brutal repressive crackdown on personal freedom.

If your social credit score drops too low you are sent to an education and training centre which in reality is a concentration camp where you are obliged to study political propaganda twelve hours per day. Some people die while in the concentration camps because of poor living conditions. The social credit score system is a form of political extremism. We need to limit world political power immediately. The think tank personnel who have developed this social credit system in order to eventually enslave their fellow human beings have become dangerous extremists. They have a dark satanic and luciferian mind set.



I myself am being subjected to remote neural monitoring for more than fifteen years where my brain and spinal cord are now intertwined with a network of computers so that all electrical activity which is being generated by my brain and body is being stored in data banks and then later is presented as readouts to teams of data analysts who go on to award points to my social credit score based on my daily and weekly and month long activities. Individuals who are totally unknown to me force their voices inside my head by wireless means throughout each day and even wake me up during the night to rate me as a human being. They have placed me under thought surveillance on a continual basis. They can also decipher everything I do and say all day long by reading the electrical activity coming from my brain and body which tells them how long I sleep, how often I eat, when I visit the bathroom, when I shower, what mood I am in, how long I spend using my computer , how I spend my money, how quickly I pay my bills, and a multitude of other pieces of private information about me.

They give me a number which can go up if they approve of my activities and it can go down if they disapprove of my activities.

Your number would be publicly ranked against the entire population in the future.

Some believe that under this social credit system people will be afraid to step outside the prescribed opinion set because they will be afraid to lose points in their social credit rating . If your social credit points drop you would lose the right to use public transport or to have a passport or many other birth rights. However, I have found the opposite to be true in my own case. Being subjected to remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation is so enslaving and so intrusive into my life that I have become more and more outspoken over the years because under this program life is not worth living and I dont care if somebody kills me for being outspoken or not and I dont care if I lose all my social credit points and eventually starve to death. That is how evil this system is. I am suffering constant extreme torment because of this system so I do whatever I like and I pay no heed to how I am rated. The dark luciferians who may have designed this system would not be part of the social credit system. It is a slave system for the rest of the human race other than said dark luciferians.

While details concerning the Chinese social credit system is online I believe that people of the western world are covertly having all of their online activities, shopping loyalty card history, academic credentials, medical records, illegal activity records, charity donations, work records and all other available records vacuumed up in order to have algorhythms give them a social credit score. The following five basic headings are being used in China to have each Chinese citizen assessed for a social credit score.

1. Credit History – Pay Bills on time.

2. A persons ability to fullfil personal obligations.

3. Personal Characteristics.

4. Behaviour and preference. – shopping habits, time spent online,

5. Interpersonal relationships. How many social credit points do your friends have which is public information.

Praise the slave masters online if you wish to earn extra social credit points.

Mentally stable individuals do not wish to control or to be controlled. They strive for self-mastery. Damaged individuals become keen to control others or to be controlled. They need to reflect off their fellow human beings and are unable to stand alone emotionally.. Authoritarians are very damaged human beings and they ruin the lives of their fellow human beings in the process. Authoritarians everywhere – learn to stand alone and like your own company without needing to give your fragile ego a boost by attempting to control and enslave your fellow human beings. Whenever you try and control one of your own equals you are revealing a great deal about yourself. You are revealing that you are insecure and you need to reflect off another to give your own ego a boost.

If someone wishes to stop corruption from being revealed then they are corrupt also under natural law which is the only law that is fixed and immutable on this planet. It is the only law that is based on observable reality. Man made laws are being built on a false reality construct. Some of them are so deranged that a human being would also have to be deranged to support them. If you are required to sign a secrecy clause never ever do so on the grounds the secrecy allows evil to flourish. Check out the background of anybody who ever asks you to keep secrets for the state or otherwise. We are currently being enslaved with the backing of state legislature.

There is a very easy solution to stop this soon to be world wide social credit rating system in its tracks. We simply aught to have all microwave transmitters disabled, disassembled, banned and outlawed. Thereafter no wirelessly enabling capabilities will exist to support this system. The existence of satellites are a well known hoax among those who have already become aware of the fact that we have been lied to on an unimaginable scale for many decades.








For millions of years well informed human beings have known that it is much easier to use mind control cults in order to control their fellow human beings rather than to keep them under their control by the use of a standing army.   These well informed  bloodline families have become experts in the type of psychology that is necessary to keep the masses under mind control rather than body control.   These bloodline families have created most if not all of the organised religions on the planet and they have done so over thousands of years if not hundreds of thousands of years.

Logical thinking has no part to play in organised religions.   The control cult leaders dissuade all use of logic in the primary and secondary school system.   When initiating any new organised religion the control cult leaders use any and all means possible to initiate their possible followers into a new false belief system.   They use repetition  and reverence and ritual.  They use opulent displays and magnificent surroundings.  They use fear as the corner stone of all belief systems.    If they succeed in convincing their congregation that something of a super-natural nature has taken place during a solemn procedure then they are well on their way to success in the takeover of the whole country via the minds of the population.

From that day on they begin to organise themselves into a hierarchical based control system.  Heirarchical based systems are always intrinsically evil because once you belong to a hierarchical based system you are expected to be obedient to the hierarchical based chain of command.  You are dissuaded from using your own free will.  You are persuaded to unquestioningly follow the dictates of the leader.   In order to do that you must never exercise your own conscience.   Whenever somebody asks you to ignore your conscience and obediently follow their orders without any perspective of their true objectives they are the embodiment of evil.

Human beings have enjoyed freedom of expression ever since we first lived on earth.  Archaeologists  have found evidence to suggest  that humans have lived on earth for at least five hundred million years.    Therefore human beings have enjoyed freedom of expression for at least five hundred million years.   Who has the authority to take away our freedom of expression after five hundred million years of us enjoying it.   Nobody of course.  However,  leaders of control cults are well aware that their organised religions will fall into disuse if we are freely allowed to express the truth of what they really are.   They really are mind control methods which are in widespread  use to persuade us to abandon logical thinking,  and  to give away our money and our free will to individuals whose true agenda we can never know.

The logical definition of the phrase ” a faith based belief system ”   is a belief system that has been given to children at a very young age.  They have never been taught to analyse the faith based information logically.   It is taught  that if they question the faith based teaching they could face eternal damnation.  They are inculcated into the false  belief that having “faith” without analysis is a positive attribute when in actual fact it is a negative attribute.  Constant repitition in the form of prayer and church attendance is then used to keep the faithful inside the false belief system.   Because of this repetition, they are unable to deprogram themselves for the entirety of their lives.    The controllers of the organised religion then become wealthy and powerful and enjoy a high status in society.

If the Irish referendum is passed on 26th October, 2018, blasphemy will no longer be a criminal offence and that is wonderful news.




If a criminal neuro operative is able to obtain a sample of your DNA and a copy of your unique brain signature , these things in conjunction with  neural dust which you may have been inhaling and ingesting and may  already be in your brain, spinal cord and body can then be used to link you to a remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation network and you can never escape from it again unless you receive a strong pulse of magnetic energy which is capable of destroying all of the internal settings of the neural dust.

We have all been inhaling and ingesting neural dust for the past few decades , which has lodged in our brains, spinal cords and throughout our bodies.   This neural dust is being sprayed on us by chemtrail spraying of the sky.   Neural dust particles in the bodies of a random selection of individuals are being individally linked by a two way stream of electromagnetic energy to a computer network.

Over many years a human being can have their brain, spinal cord and sub groups of their muscles intertwined with a computer network so that computer operators can move sections of their muscles totally against their wills and without their permission.

Energy weapons in combination with Neural dust particules in the brain in combination with biochips are being used to transmit voices, visions, and sensations into the brains of targeted individuals.     Many of these individuals are forced to have virtual reality experiences without the need to wear a virtual reality headset.   Energy weapons can be used to transmit imperceptable voices into the brains of human beings.  These imperceptible voices  are being used to subliminally influence largely unaware members of the public to vote a certain way in elections or to cut their own children out of their wills and instead leave their money to questionable works of charity.  These new technologies can also be used to remotely influence couples to divorce each other.  Energy weapons can be used to  burn down your home by remote wireless means.   They can also be used to cause organ failure in any human being also by wireless remote means.

This neural dust  can be used to entrain a human being to feel any emotion.

We must urgently disable, disassemble and ban microwave transmitters now as well as all related paraphernalia,  so as to disable wireless weapons throughout the planet.  We aught to purchase a non-smart mobile  phone which is devoid of  a screen which is being marketed for blind people.   Search online under the phrase “screenless phone”.   We use this non-smart screenless mobile phone every day to try and detect digital signals.   It is imperative that each street in each and every town purchase their own community owned electromagnetic spectrum analyser.  Do not register it to any occultist controlled government because if you do that the dark occultists could claim ownership of it and confiscate it. Use the electromagnetic spectrum analyser to detect what transmitter the digital signals are coming from.  Disable, disassemble, destroy,  ban and outlaw said digital  transmitter and receiver.

It is obvious that government officials are being electronically mind controlled.  Individuals are being tortured inside their own homes to the point of force suicide  by the use of advanced technology for many decades and government officials have done nothing to help them.  We must now take back the power that was taken from us at our birth by the dark occultists who have been controlling information, weapons and wars for thousands of years.


It is my profound knowledge that there are multiples of individuals throughout mostly Britian who are helping each other to tie down the synapses of my body bit by bit.  To that end their work is co-ordinated by a group of individuals who are known throughout the world as the self-proclaimed elite,  in order to organise these disparate individuals  to work in tandem with each other  on a daily basis so that they may eventually tie down all of the synapses in my body so that they would  be able to then paralyse me from head to toe  some day or else to some day bio-robotize me.

A large portion of these disparate individuals who work alone throughout Britian have no way of knowing what they are doing or who they are doing it to.  They have been informed that they are attempting to achieve something of great importance for the human race.  Instead they are indirectly helping to enslave themselves because if human bio-robotization becomes widespread the bio-robots will be forced to  go on to enslave others.

I along with most other human beings in the western world have inhaled and ingested neural dust.  I have been informed that some neural dust particulates have coagulated inside my brain at this stage into nodes  to the extent that these nodes have become  miniature very basic smart phones so that I am permanently online whether I use digital media or not.  I have no way of proving this.

After more than fifteen years of being targeted  with directed energy weapons and both remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation the muscles of my face and neck can be  moved by wireless means   by individuals who remain unknown to me and who work from a remote location. Said individuals move  the muscles of my face and neck at their own will.  It is only a matter of time until I am completely bio-robotized and there may be ways  of stopping it from happening either by drinking ozonated water which might help to dislodge the neural dust inside my body.  These unknown criminals can now disengage small groups of my muscles on a temporary basis from time to time causing me to walk with a pronounced limp for a short space of time.   The pronounced limp reappears and disappears at disparate intervals.

The abuses of remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation capabilities is the real reason why we have no European Parliament of any consequences.  Most people are in the know about remote neural manipulation and they are afraid to speak out.


If you donate your sperm or eggs to a sperm or egg bank, they can hypothetically be used to create children in secre, some of whom could be raised in a setting far away from the rest of the human race where they could be hypothetically schooled into believing in  a false set of beliefs with  a totally distorted understanding of reality.

They could in essence be used for scientific experiments where their DNA could be spliced with the DNA of a lower animal.   Please ban and outlaw sperm and egg banks and all related scientific enquiries  including neuro science as a matter of great urgency.




It is an acknowledged worldwide truth that secrecy allows evil to flourish and full disclosure allows good to flourish.   Whenever targeted individuals of remote neural manipulation and other types of electronic harassment speak to psychiatrists or general practitioners or the police about their extreme experiences of wirelessly enabled electronic harassment as well as in some instances both psychological torture and perhaps even wirelessly enabled physical torture,  they are generally obliged to do so in private.  Privacy amounts to secrecy and secrecy allows evil to flourish.   Because these government officials exercise what we now know to be  false authority they either knowingly or unknowingly cover up the extreme crimes that are continually being perpetrated on targeted individuals worldwide.    Individuals who are being targeted by energy weapons are now avoiding all contact with said government officials because they have lost trust in all government officials.

However, we targeted individuals throughout the world are good will, good living individuals who love our fellow human beings.  We wish to expose the extreme crimes which are being perpetrated against the human race by criminals who wield energy weapons.   We are willing to meet any and all government officials and any member of the general public in a pre-arranged outdoor meeting place, not near any telephone mast or other remote influencing installation.  We invite random members of the general public to help us expose energy weapon crime by video recording said meeting and immediately uploading the video footage to the internet and world wide web.

Extreme worldwide crimes of torture and harassment are being committed on good will, good living human beings while these human beings are both in the privacy of their own homes and attempting to peacefully go about their lives.   The capability exists to carry out the same torture protocol on you and your children if these criminals so wish.


Many good will human beings throughout Ireland and the rest of the world are being monitored and harassed by criminal neuro operatives who use wireless electronic weapons while these good will human beings are trying to go about their lives peacefully. Wireless electronic capabilities are also being used to mass mind control the whole of society by entraining their brains into a state of false contentment while their civil rights are being slowly but surely eroded on a daily basis.

Individuals who have already been linked by wireless means to a covert in-home monitoring system are attempting to convince the rest of the human race to urgently have all wireless capabilities disassembled and banned across the board. Some others reply that wireless capabilities are essential to maintain the economy of our country which in turn would maintian our current standard of living. However, the economy can no longer be part of the equasion because wireless capabilities are being used to burn down homes by remote wireless means. Wireless capabilities are also being used to inflict pain and torture of a number of human beings via deeply imbedded implants and other means while these human beings are inside their own homes attempting to live peaceful lives.

Wireless capabilities can be used to burn  human beings to death in a covert war.  When metal objects such as spoons are placed in a microwave oven they catch fire.  We are now being informed that we have metallic particulates inside our bodies and brains which we inhale and ingest due to chemtrail spraying of the skies over our heads in a process known as geoengineering.  These metallic particulates are currently  being found in our food supply.  The capability exists to turn microwave transmitters which are attached to telephone towers way up to a much higher power transmission.  It may be possible to control these microwave transmitters from one central location.  Therefore the capability now exists  to burn us inside our homes due to these metallic particulates being inside our bodies.   A cover story could then be provided that we were burned to death by the spread of wildfires during hot weather.


Wireless capabilities are being used to force private human beings to hear intelligent voices issuing commands to them via implants during which these intelligent voices are being heard by them coming from inside their own heads. If the victim should refuse to obey the commands of these inner voices they are being informed by these inner voices that their utilities including electricity, water and waste collection will be stopped and their bank accounts will be disabled and if their are in public housing they will be evicted forthwith. These intelligent sounding inner voices are telling the human subjects concerned that this wireless enslavement system is being means for everyone. It is currently being set up throughout the republic of Ireland. It is commonly known within the network as remote neural monitoring.

Please consider having all wireless enabling transmitters and related paraphernalia disassembled and banned urgently.

Individuals who have already been placed on remote neural monitoring attempt to explain to psychiatrists and others exactly what they are experiencing. A strongly conditioned false belief in the validity of psychiatry has been etched into the minds of society over many decades and centuries. They are giving credence to a university discipline that has can not be backed by scientific means. Psychiatry is based on non-science. Psychiatry is based on the subjective opinions of psychiatrists. There is no test available to support their subjective opinions.

Psychiatry is currently being furthered as a back door to currently disempower anybody who attempts to highlight the truth that they have been placed on a remote neural monitoring system. The victim is being told that there is no such system in existence as remote neural monitoring. They are being told that they have a chemical imbalance in their brain which is genetically determined and they will have it for life and there is nothing they can do about it and they will forever be limited and restricted and they must continually ingest tablets which dampen down their creativity, their sensitivity and their awareness. They are being told that they are sick and the psychiatrist can see this but that they can not.

The entire field of psychiatry is now implicated in covering up the crime of remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation. However, because of the wide use of electronic mind control especially against individuals who live or work near telephone towers and because of the fact they all of Irish society are unknowingly ingesting and inhaling nano particulates which eventually become imbedded in their bodies and brains, their brains are now working to the dictates of external programming rather than the power of their own minds. The signals which subliminally influence them are coming from telephone towers in their environment and are redirected to their brains from smart engineered technology inside their homes and offices. We can easily return to wired technology without it impacting our quality of life. Please consider having telephone towers and related paraphernalia urgently banned.

There is currently a small hole in the Titanic.  It can very easily be repaired.  However, many on board are asleep and are unaware of the danger.  If we wait until 5G which is fifth generation wireless technology become operational within the next year the technological capabilities of our enemies to wirelessly enslave us will become infinitely more powerful.  5G can remote neural monitor hundred of thousands of human beings simultaneously, whereby they would hear a Siri type voice issuing them commands  via voice to skull direct communication.  These commands would come from the hearing centres of their own brains.  If they failed to obey these commands they could receive an electric shock or they could have their utilities cancelled within days.  I know this situation to be the case because I have been on this cruel system for more than fifteen years, and I am aware of at least one dozen of my fellow Irish men and women who are also currently on a similar control and enslavement system.

If anybody complains that they can no longer do their work of running a successful economy because of widespread disquiet due to widespread demands to have telephone towers and transmitters and related paraphernalia urgently disassembled and outright banned we aught to reply that we live in one of the most rich and fertile countries in the entire world with the capacity to provide the whole world with an abundant food supply so we are not likely to go hungry.  Further to this, when the Irish race stop paying taxes and bank interest  to the super-rich dark occultists who currently are attempting to impoverish us by any and all means and when we totally control our own country and our own money supply, our standard of living and quality of life will increase exponentially.

My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo.  My website where I outline my experiences of being on a remote neural monitoring control and enslavement system  is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net






Technology exists that can subliminally influence people to act against their own best interests. This technology is built into smart phones and high definition television screens and high definition computer screens.

Technology also exists that can wirelessly interrogate people in their own homes, by the use of voice to skull military communication networks, which are being operated by signals intelligence personnel.  This and many other types of advanced technology is currently being used against selected members of the general public throughout most of the world, at this point in time. Our governments can not openly admit to the existence and misuse of these weapons because the fabric of society would collapse over night, as soon as people realised that senior politicians and the judiciary could be covertly manipulated by remote means. There is an easy solution.

We are living in the illusion of a democracy. People who question the authority of their government or who do not conform to the government control system are being put on covert psychological torture programs, which have been initiated by an unknown criminal cabal. These psychological torture programs are conducted by military intelligence operatives with the aid of remote controlled electronic technology, using brain-wave science. These psychological torture programs are being conducted on people throughout the world, and they are being covered up by false mental illness diagnoses. Other cover stories that are currently being used to suppress information about the existence of sophisticated electronic weapons are the extra-terresterial hoax, the religious apparation hoax, the channelling false information hoax, and the near-death experience hoax. All of these hoaxes and many more can easily be generated by the use of electromagnetic weapons which can create holograms, and voice harassment, which can be wirelessly transmitted from a distance.

Electronic weapons are currently being used to de-democratize society and to gradually and incrementally turn all countries into dictatorships. There is a planned program to take over all countries throughout the world in this way. Senior politicians are surrounded by people who stop real information getting through to them, and who create a false reality for them. Politicians in the know are being silenced by the threat of remote controlled electronic torture. A false reality is also being created for the general public via the controlled main-stream media. Remote influencing capabilities are being used to re-inforce this false reality.

A central command and control centre has been created within each continent, where all orders are issued from, to all senior politicians, the police, the intelligence services, the military, main-stream medicine, psychiatry, social workers, senior civil servants, and anybody else who receives government funding. They are now working towards a worldwide human electronic totalitarian control system, through the policies of Agenda 21, under the dubious claims of sustainable development, and I believe they have joined forces with all major organised religions, who appear to be working towards the same agenda. Public education is being used to indoctrinate students into the political principal of collectivism, which means central control of humanity, where everybody is obedient to the same world-wide system.

There is abundant evidence that we have been lied to on an unimaginable scale in order to keep us from interfering with the plans of an unelected criminal cabal who are currently manipulating governments from behind the scenes. It is being widely claimed by credible scientists that nuclear weapons are a hoax, space travel and the existence of satellites are also a hoax. Electronic weapons are being used to kill any scientist who questions the fraudulent science being created by this criminal cabal.

We, the general public are the highest authority in the land. Because of advances in knowledge and capabilities, we no longer need a government. Governments deliberately cause problems in order to expand their power and keep people trapped in a cycle of dependence. We are all equals in this planet of equals. We are all equally capable. Governments dont want us to be self reliant, because that would make them redundent. When we elect governments to make our decisions for us, we are adopting a child-like mind set. We must run our countries ourselves, using a system of anarchy, which is a system of RULES WITHOUT RULERS.


There are two easy methods to instantly dismantle the whole evil electronic surveillance and enslavement system. Either method would work. If mobile phone masts were dismantled or disabled, or chemtrail aerosol spraying ceased, vital links needed to carry wireless messages to and from human brains and bodies would no longer be possible. Additionally, we should urgently find a way of disrupting the electronic signals by using some type of jamming system.. I believe that if we dismantle our telephone masts as a matter of urgency, we are freeing ourselves and our children from a future of rigid enslavement in a planetry wide electronic concentration camp of our own making. Some telephone mast technology has now been placed on the top of church steeples and tall trees in some European countries, but the active signals from these can be easily detected by means of signal detection meters, so that they can be dismantled also. I am not advocating breaking the law, even though I believe our laws are no longer in harmony with moral laws. We are now in the middle of a silent war, being fought with weapons that leave no trace. In an emergency situation, when there is no time to physically dismantle mobile phone masts, militaries could render all mobile phone masts useless, with pulses of electromagnetic energy. Without telephone masts, electronic weapons can still be used, but only on a local scale.


Throughout the world, remote controlled electronic weapons can only legally be used by government agents. I believe that tax money is being used to wirelessly electronically harass and torture selected people who have committed no crime, while these people are in their own homes.

Please research abuses of signals intelligence.Please consider the idea of having telephone masts dismantled.

Please consider the idea of dismantling the intelligence services.

Please consider the idea of switching from digital television back to the old system of analogue television.

All countries must enact a law, banning the misuse of any type of directed energy weapon which can be used to attack and torture people through the walls of their homes.

All countries must provide financial incentives to people with the knowledge and ability to jam the electronic signals of these nightmare weapons.

We should ask politicians and judiciary and all people who are agents of governments to cease using technologies which might allow them to be remotely influenced, into making decisions not in the best interests of their people. If a person with a government funded position insists in continuing to use digital and smart technologies, the citizenry can no longer trust their ability to have sound judgement, and these government funded staff includes the police, and the military intelligence personnel.

We should enact a ban on the use of all secrecy clauses in politics. Politicians are public servants. They can not serve us if they refuse to answer our questions. In some countries, politicians have begun to avoid answering our questions by answering a different question, not asked. This is not democratic. Secrecy is synonymous with evil.

In some countries, agents of the government, including military and police are now being falsely taught that they have excessive powers which have not been granted to them under their constitutions. The general public are the highest authority in any country.


If the unknown criminal cabal should succeed in their plan to enslave humanity, which they wont, humanity would never be able to release themselves from their enslavement. If we act now to expose the covert electronic holocaust, it will make a huge difference to the freedoms and happiness of billions and billions of future children, growing up on this planet. We must rally all governments to have all telephone masts dismantled immediately. Without telephone masts, we can still continue to use landline phones for our business and social use, without any negative impact on our lives

Please do not organise a human rights march. These marches are being deliberately infiltrated by trouble-makers, and, in some instances, mood altering technology is covertly being used against the marchers. I have friends, throughout the world, who claim they are being electronically harassed in their own homes by electronic weapons. The electronic surveillance and control system is never openly talked about or reported in the predominantly privately owned and controlled main-stream media. . Remotely transmitted mood altering technology exists which can make you feel apathetic and indifferent. I believe all of the points that I have raised here are true but I can not prove them.

If you ever find yourself on a virtual reality in-home torture program, switch off your electricity supply at the mains every night, or else switch off all electricity to your bedroom each night. This will help you to a large extent.