One can now use technology to tune in all types of special effects to the human brain provided the human concerned has inhaled and ingested nano technology which eventually comes embedded in that brain as is described in United States scientific patent number US6965816.
I am being subjected to non-consenting brain to brain interfacing with unknown individuals because of embedded technology in my brain. The worst sorts of special effects are tuned into my brains, namely unwanted images of human sexual organs. These unwanted images can now be wirelessly transmitted into the mental imagine centre of the brain of a child. The child would possibly be traumatized by receiving such artificially inserted images. The child would possibly be unaware that such special effects could be artificially inserted into their brains and they would possibly suffer extreme anxiety because of it.
United States scientific patent number US6965816 also describes the capability to control a human being physically by gaining control of their central nervous system and then to wirelessly externally control them like a human robot. Therefore it is now possible that you could be made to act against your own physicality and be forced to commit an act of extreme evil. During a time when you are being forceably wirelessly brain to brain interfaced with unknown criminals who would be working from an unknown remote location you could in essence be forced to drive your vehicle into a crowded scene or you could be forced to pick up a knife and cut off your ear or drive your car over a cliff. Our scientists must urgently develop firewalls for our brains and central nervous systems. We must also disassemble and ban the infrastructure which allows us to be forceably brain to brain interfaced with unknown criminals. What is currently being done to further both of these agendas.
Herein is a link to a video of Professor James Giordiano of Georgetown University Medical Centre speaking about the current capabilities of weaponized brain science. Professor Geordano informs us while speaking on this video that drones and other aerial vehicles can be used to deliver pay loads of neurological viruses, neurological microbes as well as neurological toxins to targeted individuals or targeted groups. He also informs us that nano technology can be used to provide scaffolds that then allow the auto assembly of molecules inside a biological system.
When Professor Giordiano refers to a biological system it is understood that he means a human being or any other sentient being. Assembly of molecules is and has been occurring inside my own brain and body for many years and I now can be partially physically externally controlled by wireless means from a remote unknown location. I know this to be true because a portion of my muscles are being forceably moved against my will on a regular basis. If auto assembly of molecules is occurring inside all of us then it stands to reason that we all can now be externally controlled as Professor Giordano appears to claim. That being the case, would the worlds police have the right to place somebody in police custody just because they have the courage to inform the world that they can and are being partially externally physically remote controlled by wireless means by unknown individuals who carry this out from an unknown remote location?.
Further to the above, I am being regularly gang-stalked by individuals who walk bicycles alone on the Cloongowla Road, outside Ballinrobe, County Mayo, in the Republic of Ireland. All of the men who gang stalk me are large is stature. They have narrow chains hanging from the waist of their pants and they have small padlocks attached to the chains. They hold a bottle of what appears to be water in one of their hands. This gang-stalking has been occurring for approximately two or three years. They work alone. I travel alone by bicycle and I encounter them about once every six weeks to two months. I write about this here now in case something untoward happens to me at any time in the future.
My name is Gretta Fahey and my   permanent address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode   F12 Y560,  , Republic of Ireland. I no longer report my ongoing wireless harassment and psychological torture to the police or to my general practitioner because I have an extreme fear of psychiatry. When in the distant past I was under the care of psychiatry due to the fact that I approached them myself about the voice and other harassment and psychological torture they mandated me to ingest medicines which give me extreme side effects such as tardive akathisia and tardive dysconesia that I was tortured from the inside out by those medicines. Now, I am more frightened of psychiatry than I am of death and I mean that literally. I write about this constantly because it needs to be addressed.
Here is the link to Professor James Giordanos talk on Weaponizing Brain Science.


I have been a wireless slave for seventeen years in the Republic of Ireland. Here is a full explanation of what my enslavement is like and how I was severely punished by psychiatric means for reporting the matter to agents of the Irish state.
I believe that we are now all implanted with nano technology which is to be found throughout our brains and bodies. It got inside us through inhalation and ingestion from chemtrail spraying of the skies over our heads and by many other means. This nano technology which is inside our brains is directly linked by wireless means to computer systems. This allows our would-be enslavers to conduct surveys of our brains and to categorise us under up to a thousand different headings.
We are being analysed for addictions, levels of debt, personality type, attitude, health status, skills, belief systems and many other categories of behaviour and abilities. A selection of us who interest them are then considered for further appraisal and analysis and wireless enslavement via control of our central nervous systems. We could be selected for further appraisal for a reason which might be as simple as our blood group or our location in the world. This further full time intense appraisal and psychological torture is sometimes known as remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation and those who are selected for it are sometimes known as targeted individuals. I am such a targeted individual.
Over the years those who wirelessly control me on a full time basis are sometimes known as neuro operatives. They appear to be bordering on being slaves themselves because they have taken contracts with individuals who only pay them in material possessions and almost never in money. This practice never being paid in money will eventually lead to their total enslavement. I do not know any of them but they speak to me on a constant basis via voice transmissions into my inner ear which is a covert means of communication which is now in common use among the military and intelligence services throughout the world.
Over many years, the aforementioned neuro operatives and others who I am calling neuro staff have gained more and more physical control over my physical body to the extent that they can now take control of my vocal cords and speak through me. They can take control of my facial muscles and move them about erratically. They can nod and shake my head vigorously against my will. When I am brain to brain interfaced with them which seems to be all of the time they can override my muscle control and they can force some of my muscles to move against my will. They can also control some of my internal bodily functions. Simply by operating their own computer systems they can force me into a frenzy of laughter at a moments notice entirely against my will and without my permission.
I once reported the matter to the Gardai who disbelieved my story and instead of validating my statement they sent me for mandatory psychiatric evaluation. I reported the matter to my own general practitioner who also sent me for psychiatric evaluation. I reported the matter in its entirety to both psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses, none of whom believed me because I now know that they are under severe electronic mind control programming. I can not hope to over ride their electronic mind control programming so I write about my unique experiences all the time and place most of the information on my website which is called I also constantly make videos telling of my experiences of being a wireless slave and I place those videos on line in public display in several different video platforms including youtube, bitchute, and others.
I went to a psychiatric hospital of my own accord because I was looking for sanctuary there due to the fact that I had received torture threats from the individuals who transmit their voices to my inner ear by wireless means. I was given mandated psychiatric substances while I was there which had the effect of torturing me internally because those substances caused me to suffer severely from both tardive dysconesia and tardive akathisia. I eventually escaped from the net of psychiatry and I now do not inform agents of the government of my ongoing wireless torture and enslavement because I would much prefer to be dead that to ever be caught in the trap of psychiatric fascist control ever again. Psychiatrists have no idea of the extreme side effects of the substances which they mandate their patients to ingest and they, meaning the psychiatrists, are under severe mind control programming to the point where they abide by their programming and are heedless to any explanations of wireless harassment and torture being told to them by any of their patients. I will never confide in agents of the Irish state again about my wireless enslavement and torture because they are all known to be under external electronic mind control programming but I will continue to reveal all I know to the general public who I wish to help save from a similar fate to mine. I know of several other Irish men and women who are enduring the same fate as myself but they are not being believed either by agents of the Irish state.
This situation which is occurring in the Republic of Ireland is also occurring in almost all other countries throughout the world. Please raise awareness of this so that scientists may develop a firewall to protect our brains and central nervous systmes from external digital signals. The scientific capability which allows others to place their fellow men and women under wirelessly enabled enslavement which is also known as bio-digital control is described in United States patent number US6965816. We the targeted individuals of the Republic of Ireland are now afraid to return to Irish police stations to restate our claims of wireless torture being carried out on us from unknown remote locations because when we do so we are not being allowed to go home afterwards without first attending for psychiatric evaluation. What is to be done in order to break this dead lock with the Irish Gardai,? If you know of any independent scientists who may be able to invent a brain firewall please ask them to do so in order to protect most of the human race from wireless enslavement by a small number of dark occultists who now sit at the top of the worldwide hierarchical based chain of command. If some if not all of the infrastructure which is being used to wirelessly enslave us was disassembled and then banned it would set us free from this wireless enslavement, torture and genocide prison planet. Most of the infrastructure which allows Satanists and dark Luciferians to wirelessly enslave and torture us is at ground level. Satellites are mostly believed to be hoaxes but however both stationary and mobile drones do exist but can easily be shot down by the military.
The reason that the police and military have not been given permission to expose wireless weapons and their current capabilities to the general public is because if they did so the court system would immediately collapse because the public would realise that judges can now be remotely influenced by criminals who use wirelessly enabled electronic mind control weapons as well as wirelessly enabled human central nervous system control weapons. The police and military wont act without permission. They have proven themselves to be unquestioningly obedient and subservient order followers. The orders they follow appear to be generated by the Satanists and dark Luciferians who sit at the top of the worldwide hierarchical based chain of command. The police and military are under severe electronic mind control which comes to them via technology situated in their work place and in some instances it is built into their helmets.
Yours Sincerely,
Gretta Fahey, Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland.


Mass electronic mind control which is coming through our own devices from antennae which are being positioned on tall buildings and high towers is producing behaviour alterations in the civilian population, and most especially employees of most if not all state controlled government institutions.
Government employees have been electronically mind controlled to enslave themselves and their fellow country men, women and children and they are busy doing that now.
Telecom employees are installing 5G against the wills of their own people. 5G will provide the band width to wirelessly enslave, torture and genocide any and all of us. I became a wireless slave in 2003 and even though I have reported the matter to all, nothing has been done to free me.
Electricity workers are installing smart meters against the wills of their own people so that each electrical device which we use can be monitored, controlled or banned from our use by wireless remote means. Smart meters would enable the slave masters to control the temperature and the time spent in our showers each day and they could also remote control how much heating we are allowed in our homes and what temperature our thermostats is set at. This could all be achieved by wireless means from an unknown remote control centre.
University scientists whose salaries are paid by the tax payers use their time to research and develop new technological means of controlling the public. By this means they would eventually enslave themselves.
The police and military use violence to intimidate and control their own people at the behest of Satanists and dark Luciferians who have infiltrated and captured the control of most police forces throughout the world. Police are now enforcing unconstutional laws. They enforced the hoaxed covid-19 lockdown and denied their own people the right to travel on the roads which are owned by the people themselves. The police carried out these activities at the behest of the World Health Organisation which is known to be owned and controlled by dark occultists.

State controlled teachers are now indoctrinating the children into being uncritical thinkers who group think rather than think individual thoughts. The children are being trained to be unquestioningly obedient and to never ever think for themselves but to always ask the permission of a false authority figure such as their teacher if they wish to do anything whatsoever. Children are being taught to be docile and they are never allowed to express anger even when they are being treated unfairly. Teachers are participating in evil and they are actively harming children at the behest of the Satanists and dark luciferians who control the educational system throughout most if not all of the world.
Government politicians have been continually enacting more and more nonsensical laws under the guise of security which are eroding our human rights one at a time.
At this stage, dark occultists such as Satanists and Luciferians own and control most of the worlds financial resources as well as most other resources. They control many judges through various methods such as electronic mind control, electronic wirelessly enabled central nervous system control, blackmail, fear as well as through some judges already being members of their satanic or luciferian organisation.
Some readers might believe that I am exaggerating. I am being entirely truthful. I and many of my country men and women are being wirelessly harassed, tortured and curteilled and this situation has been ongoing by covert means for many decades but for seventeen years in my own case. Nobody does anything to help us free ourselves from this situation. We have reported the matter to the police who refuse to validate our statements on the grounds that wireless enslavement technology does not exist and therefore we must be mentally unwell and should attend for psychiatric evaluation. When under the care of psychiatry, psychiatrists mandate that we ingest substances that have been found to be poisonous and which have such extreme side effects that in some instances it is akin to being tortured from the inside out. Psychiatrists, whose salaries are being paid by the tax payers, are working to enslave their own people because they are now under electronic mind control to the point of stupidity. Their decisions are being backed up by the violence of that state which is another name for the police.
It is preferable for all wireless slaves to inform the public of their plight in an online forum. If you inform the police or a psychiatrist of your plight in private the secrecy which is allowed in such a situation would then allow evil to flourish. Full disclosure allows good to flourish.
My name is Gretta Fahey. I live at Newbrook, Claremorris, County Mayo, Republic of Ireland and my website which I alone own and control is called


Satanists and dark Luciferians are promoting their own people to positions of power throughout the world in order to further their own agenda which is worldwide enslavement and genocide. It has now been adequately proven that the covid-19 pandemic was hoaxed by the use of pseudoscience and by mis-attributing other deaths to covid-19. The Satanists and dark Luciferians have been using mass electronic mind control programming to make the world population believe in the hoax and in a myriad of other hoaxes before that one.

The aforementioned Satanists as well as dark Luciferians are installing large towers in public areas throughout the world which are there to produce behavioural alternations in the civilian population. Windmills throughout the world have a dual purpose. They have not just been installed to produce wind energy. They can also be used to broadcast transmissions which both entrain the brains of people for miles around them and which enable subconscious hypnosis of any and all of the surrounding population.

At this point in time Acoustic Psycho Correction technology exists which transmits audible messages into the human head via bone conduction which means that ear plugs will not restrict the messages. Acoustic Psycho Correction devices are now hand held devices and can be used to mentally torture and torment any non-consenting individual or selection of non-consenting individuals by others who own such devices. The victims are then wrongly labelled as being mentally ill if they dare to complain of hearing voices coming from inside their heads. The reason that they are labelled as being mentally ill without further investigation is because the police and psychiatrists are now under heavy mind control programming themselves and they resist all information which does not come to them from official sources. Sadly, official sources can no longer be trusted.

We must either disassemble and ban all large towers which are being used to manipulate our brains and bodies from remote locations or else we must develop firewalls for our homes which would block digital transmissions from coming into our homes and into our brains and central nervous systems. Is any work being done now in the Republic of Ireland or anywhere else throughout the world to develop such firewalls?
My website which I alone own and control is called


Extra-terresterial hoaxes were perpetrated by means of large robots dressed up in costumes whose computer or super computer was then interfaced with the brains of human hoaxers who were stationed at remote locations. The human hoaxers were enabled to hear and see by means of cameras and audio devices which were inserted into the robots eyes and ears or by a variety of other means. The human hoaxers were enabled to project their voices and their facial expressions by wireless means through the extra-terresterial robot props.
The witnesses to the extra-terresterial hoax had their brains entrained into a state of absolute trust with no ability to think critically about the experience. Super natural hoaxes have been used throughout the centuries as a means to frighten and distract the masses because an uninformed and frightened population are easy to control.

All super natural hoaxes have been perpetrated in past centuries by means of magic lanterns.  More recently they have been perpetrated by the use of robots and holograms.   I believe that all organised religions are owned, controlled and run by Satanists and this has been the case for thousands of years.  Organised religions are being used to manipulate us from being able to think critically and logically.



Many unwilling individuals have already been implanted with various types of implants which are wirelessly connected to computer networks. Some of these implants are similar in scope to coclear implants which are implants given to deaf people in order to enable them to hear. Those implants are wired for sound. Other similar implants are being used to deliver pain and various types of disablement.
Voice commands are being transmitted to the implants and are being heard by the victims. If the victims refuse to obey those aforementioned voice commands then they can go on to receive pain or various other types of punishments. The victims of this science and technology are known as virtual wireless slaves or targeted individuals or by a variety of different names.
I myself am a virtual wireless slave and I have been so for many years. State controlled governments could provide the finance to supply the police with technology which would prove beyond any doubt that we are indeed virtual wireless slaves but they appear to have been forbidden from doing so. Instead they have chosen to regard us as delusional. State controlled governments could also have provided the finances necessary to create firewalls for our brains and central nervous systems in order to protect us from this virtual wireless enslavement which we have been placed in but they appear to have been forbidden from doing so possibly by the Dark Luciferians and Satanists who own and run the world from behind the scenes of our lives and who have been doing so for thousands of years.
Voice commands are being transmitted into implants in my brain which tell me that my meat is contaminated on some occasions when I am about to eat it. In this way the meat industry is being destroyed by covert means. Those voice commands which I hear clearly can also be transmitted subliminally in others in order to eventually generate a distaste for meat in the general population.
A wide variety of subliminal messages are now being transmitted inside the brains of those who have embedded technology in their brains which make the general population hold opinions which were not generated by their own private thought processes and which they may wrongly believe are their own opinions. The dark luciferians and satanists who control all access to this technology are planning to destroy cattle, sheep, pig and poultry farming throughout the world so that they can have more control over the worldwide food supply. This would allow them to artificially engineer famines if they should wish to do so in the future. Please ask your politicial representative to provide the police with technology which can identify those who are wirelessly virtually enslaved and provide absolute proof that this is the case. Please also ask your political representative to provide financial resources to independent scientists in order that they will create firewalls for our brains and central nervous systems so that others may not be forced to endure virtual wireless enslavement such as I and others are enduring now and have endured for many years.
My website is called


All  state employees throughout the world are now under such strong satanic mind control they they work constantly to enslave their fellow men and women. Here are many examples of how they are achieving our enslavement:-
The telecom industry employees are busy installing fifth generation wireless technology throughout the world which will provide the satanist would-be slave masters with the band width to wirelessly monitor, mind control, body control, enslave, torture and genocide all of us as they as they wish. With the wireless band width that the telecom industry are now installing the satanists can send any of us extreme pain if we fail to obey the voice commands which you will soon begin to hear coming from inside your own head.
The electricity supply employees are now busy installing mandatory smart metres on peoples houses so that the satanists can instantly know what device you are using, how long you are using it for and who you are communicating with. They can even know if you cooked a dinner based on your computerized cooker use.
Employees of the pharmaceutical industry are unknowingly blending their products with small amounts of slow acting poison because the satanists who now own and run the pharmaceutical industry know that they can not enslave a vibrantly health and well informed world population.
Psychiatrists are being mind controlled to force their patients to ingest poisonous substances to the extent that their patients are made to suffer internally from extreme side effects and they are not allowed to stop taking those substances while they are under the control of psychiatry, and they are normally never released from the supervision of psychiatry for the rest of their lives if they ever report having an emotional crisis.
The police are enforcing dictates which they have no legal right to enforce because what they are inforcing is not constitutional law and because they are doing this they are committing criminal offences and therefore they are criminals. They are now helping to enslave their fellow country men and women by this means.
Priests deny people the right to choose their own belief system because they inculcate them into christianity when they are still infants with no knowledge of the world. Because of this, those children are never allowed to think logically for the rest of their lives while they remain in the grip of this inculcation because they are then regularly further inculcated due to mandatory attendance at church at least once per week. Priests encourage their followers to pray in a crisis. If a community based crisis were to occur christians would be encouraged to sit at home talking to themselves while the satanic controllers would manage the crisis to further their own agenda. There were at least sixteen other crucified saviours before the fictional Jesus Christ who led lives which were similar to the live of the fctional Jesus Christ such as they all had twelve deciples and they died for three days and then rose from the dead. The Vatican know of the other sixteen crucified saviours and yet they deny all knowledge of them to their faithful followers. The Vatican is controlled by satanists and luciferians and it rules it followers by using a centralized control system.

If we only disassemble and ban the wireless enabling capabilities the strong mind control capabilities would then be disabled and we would easily be able to free ourselves  as well as all future generations from satanic enslavement.
My website is called


Satanists have been ruling this world from behind the scenes for generations through covertly manipulating government institutions and organised religions. Recently, because of advances in technology said Satanists now have the ability to wirelessly enslave each and every one of us and already many of us have become wirelessly connected to their control system from implants which have been placed inside us through vaccinations and by other means.
The aforementioned Satanists own and control the pharmaceutical industry, main stream medical training schools, police and military training schools, psychiatric training colleges, maratime admiralty law training colleges, social worker training colleges and most if not all other collages where government staff are initially being trained and credentialled.
The aforementioned Satanists have created and now control organised religions. The character of Jesus Christ is a psychological operation which leads followers of the fictional Jesus Christ into falsely believing that they do not have to do anything about challenging and disempowering the Satanists. They are falsely led to believe that the saviour Jesus Christ or some other saviour such as a hoaxed extra-terresterial saviour will save them while they themselves remain passively helpless. Through this psychological operation they give themselves permission to do nothing while we and all future generations of human beings on this earth become enslaved forever to Satanists.
Catholic priests are falsely being led to believe that their work is moral. However, they lock babies into their religion without the babies being allowed to wait until adult hood where they would then decide for themselves whether they wish to join the Catholic church or not. The priests deny these children the right to the logical thinking process because when one belongs to any organised religion one must never indulge in logical thinking and instead must employ faith. Faith based systems simply mean that you believe something for no other reason than you are told to believe it without any scientific backing whatsoever. The only individuals who benefit from the existence of organised religions in this world are satanists who control them. Moral law is sufficient unto itself to keep us all in line.
Government staff are being trained and programmed to be human rights abusers so as to slowly enslave their fellow country men and women and in so doing thereby eventually enslaving themselves.
Satanists have centralized us all under their control and they are now governing us by wireless remote means and by many other means. The only solution for the rest of the men and women of the world now is to decentralize all systems. However, that alone will not work for us unless we create a fire wall for our brains and central nervous systems which is the most urgently needed device that this world needs now.
THE FOUR PILLARS OF A DECENTRALIZED SOCIETY BY Johann Gevers plus my own urgent questions.
For millions of years we lived in small communities of between thirty and seventy people. With the advent of new agricultural practices society became more centralized. Top down centralized control and command of hundreds of thousands of people continued on for ten thousand years and it led to great abuse of people within those centralized societies.
However, we now have the means to return to living and working in a decentralized society where we can live freely and peacefully without interference from third parties.
There are four pillars of the new decentralized society.
1. Decentralized Communication allows us to communicate ideas to each other without censorship and free from the interference of the centralized state and church. Decentralized communication is being achieved via the internet and cryptography, for example bit torrent. However, the presenter Johann Gevers has not heard that our thoughts are now being read by thought reading technology by wireless means and from an unknown remote location. It is now urgently necessary that cryptography be developed so that your thoughts can not be read by unknown others.
2. Decentralized Law.
Choice of law whether it be English law, French law or a law that one devises themselves and agrees to use.
Choice of adjudicator.
Choice of enforcer. (This legal system was used in pre-history.)
Todays world is suffering from so many laws that it is impossible to get much done.
3. Decentralized Production.
Decentralized materials production for example first download a design from the internet and then print it out using a 3D printer without censorship and one can use your own privately owned decentralized energy such as solar powered energy to produce it. You can achieve all of this without any third party interference whatsoever.
4. Decentralized Finance.
Decentralized currency such as bitcoin which can not be censored. It can not be controlled by any government. A digital finance industry has emerged and it is building an ecosystem around bitcoin that will develop digital finance products and services.
Decentralized contracting systems offer a complete universal transaction platform where one can complete financial or legal transactions on one single platform simply and easily. Decentralized currency combined with decentralized contracting gives power to ordinary people. A small number of people have pulled the levers of power but that will no longer be the case.
The Technology of Trust.
It is decentralized. There is no need to involve third parties. It is highly secure and private. It would enable instant worldwide payments and trade and it is easy to use and virtually free.
If one lives in a remote area and they have a business idea within minutes they can incorporate a legal entity and be connected to a worldwide transaction platform which then allows the to safely and securely do business with anyone in the world. The presenter Johann Givens claims that the integrity of the transactions is guaranteed by the technology so that the poorest of people can generate their own wealth while working alone. All coercive monopolists must then become competing service providers.
How can all of the above worldwide decentralization systems work at all in light of the fact that our thoughts can and are being read and in some cases interfered with by wireless remote means by criminals who work indirectly for black budget military intelligence throughout most if not all of the world. Is there any way that we can create a firewall for our brains and central nervous systems? Has such firewalls already been created? How can the ordinary men and women of the world access them?
Here is the link to the aforementioned presentation by Johann Gevers.


The police forces of the United States are both trained and programmed to enslave the American people on behalf of the corporate super rich millionnaires who now run the United States and other parts of the world from behind the scenes.   On one occasion, a United States rancher was being forceably moved off his privately owned ranch by the American police because he was in debt to the corporate super rich millionaire bankers.    Hundreds of fellow ranchers and other Americans came on horseback to the ranch and ran the police off his land.

The American people are now taking back their power from the  super rich and further to that  most of the American police have now taken the side of their fellow  American men and women against said super rich.   The super rich and their bankers initially attempted through means of mind control programming and police training programs to cause division in the United States by turning the police and the people against each other so that the super rich and their colleague bankers would remain unnoticed in the back ground.  However, all of  the American people are now uniting against their common enemy who are  the super rich  corporate owners and their banking colleagues whose ultimate wish is to wirelessly enslave the American people through forced microchipping and the microchips would possibly be hidden inside vaccines.  Once the microchips would be inside the bodies of the American people they would then be connected wirelessly to a central computerized control system where each and every American would receive intense levels of pain if they ever dated to question the dictates of the super-rich and their bankers.   If fifth generation wireless capabilities are activated then the bandwidth would be available for enslavement of all Americans.  Please ask your legislators of disassemble and ban all wireless enabling capabilities throughout the United States combined with the rest of the world.

Government staff are now being trained to be human rights abusers.

Government staff are now being trained to be human rights abusers.  Who decides the curriculum of the government staff training centres throughout Europe, the United States and Canada?   Is it those unelected individuals who sit at the top of the worldwide hierarchical based chain of command because they handle the money and resources of the world?  Who gave them this power or did they just assume it for themselves for selfish reasons?  How do we disempower them and return power to the hands of the populous?  How do we distribute the money and the resources of this world more equally?  When will be distribute the money and the resources of this world more equally?  Will we need to declare war or do we simply need to disassemble and ban the infrastructure which is allowing us to become wirelessly controlled, enslaved, tortured and genocided?  Who are they?

The laws that government staff are helping to enforce against us are not in our interest.  They are in the interests of those unknown individuals who are now at the top of the worldwide hierarchical based chain of command.   If fifth generation wireless capabilities become fully activated then there will be enough bandwidth available to the unknown slave masters to both physically and psychologically torture anybody they wish by wireless remote means without their victims even knowing who is torturing them.

Those of us who are already wirelessly tethered to the control and torture  system can not inform the police of our situation because when we visit the police station and attempt to inform them we are not being allowed home until we forceably attend for psychiatric evaluation.  In that and a myriad of other ways we are continually being censored from informing the public of the extreme dangers we are all in from wireless weapons and implants.


The Neuro-Specific Human Rights Bill

Shad Budge started this petition to all of humanity
By signing this petition, I support the efforts of enacting this bill into the legislation of every country across the globe.
Visit our website here:
Neuro-Specific Human Rights Bill
Rapid advancements in human neuroscience and neurotechnology open unprecedented possibilities for accessing, collecting, sharing and manipulating information from the human brain. Such applications raise important challenges to human rights principles that need to be addressed to prevent misuse or unintended negative consequences. This proposal assesses the implications of emerging neurotechnology applications in the context of the human rights framework and suggests that existing human rights are not sufficient to respond to these emerging issues. After analysing the relationship between neuroscience and human rights, we identify four new neuro-specific human rights that will be vital in the effort of protecting the human brain: the right to cognitive liberty, the right to mental privacy, the right to mental integrity, and the right to psychological continuity.
The right to cognitive liberty
The right of individuals to use emerging neurotechnologies as well the protection of individuals from the coercive and unconsented use of such technologies. The right and freedom to control one’s own consciousness and electrochemical thought processes is the necessary substrate for just about every other freedom. Cognitive liberty is necessary to all other liberties, because it is their neuro-cognitive substrate. As such, cognitive liberty resembles the notion of ‘freedom of thought’ which is usually considered the essential justification of other freedoms such as freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom of press, and freedom of religion. Cognitive liberty is a conceptual update of freedom of thought that takes into account the power we now have, and increasingly will have to monitor, manipulate, and alter cognitive functions. Some legal scholars such as Boire and Sententia have interpreted the right to cognitive liberty with special focus on the protection of individual freedom and self-determination from the State. For example, Sententia has claimed that “the State cannot forcibly manipulate the mental states, and implicitly the brain states of individual citizens”.
Given its conceptual complexity, cognitive liberty is multi-dimensional. Bublitz recognizes at least three “interrelated but not identical dimensions”. These are: (i) the liberty to change one’s mind or to choose whether and by which means to change one’s mind; (ii) the protection of interventions into other minds to protect mental integrity, and (iii) the ethical and legal obligation to promoting cognitive liberty. These three dimensions configure cognitive liberty as a complex right which involves the prerequisites of both negative and positive liberties: the negative liberty of making choices about one’s own cognitive domain in absence of governmental or non-governmental obstacles, barriers or prohibitions; the negative liberty of exercising one’s own right to mental integrity in absence of constraints or violations from corporations, criminal agents or the government; and finally, the positive liberty of having the possibility of acting in such a way as to take control of one’s mental life.
The right to mental privacy
The formal recognition of a right to mental privacy, which aims to protect any bit or set of brain information about an individual recorded by a neurodevice. This right would protect brainwaves not only as data but also as data generators or sources of information. In addition, it would cover not only conscious brain data but also data that is not under voluntary and conscious control. Finally, it guarantees the protection of brain information in absence of an external tool for identifying and filtering that information. Paul Wolpe has suggested that due to fears of government oppression, we should draw a bright line around the use of mind-reading technologies:
“The skull should be designated as a domain of absolute privacy. No one should be able to probe an individual’s mind against their will. We should not permit it with a court order. We should not permit it for military or national security. We should forgo the use of the technology under coercive circumstances even though using it may serve the public good”
Similarly, it has been argued by J Stanley that “non-consensual mind reading is not something we should ever engage in”. The claim is that mind-reading techniques constitute “a fundamental affront to human dignity”. Consequently, “we must not let our civilization’s privacy principles degrade so far that attempting to peer inside a person’s own head against their will ever become regarded as acceptable”. In short, the right to mental privacy is to protect people against access to their brain information and to prevent the indiscriminate leakage of brain data across the infosphere.
The right to mental integrity
This reconceptualized right should provide a specific normative protection from potential neurotechnology-enabled interventions involving the unauthorized alteration of a person’s neural computation and potentially resulting in direct harm to the victim. For an action to qualify as a threat to mental integrity, it has to: (i) involve the direct access to and/or manipulation of neural signaling (ii) be unauthorized –i.e. must occur in absence of the informed consent of the signal generator. As neurotechnology becomes part of the digital ecosystem and neural computation rapidly enters the infosphere, the mental integrity of individuals will be increasingly endangered if specific protective measures are not implemented. The forced intrusion into and alteration of a person’s neural processes pose an unprecedented threat to a person’s mental integrity.
The growing field of memory engineering will likely represent a paramount challenge to the right to mental integrity. Several techniques have been developed to engineer, boost, or selectively erase memories from a person’s mind. For example, Nabavi and colleagues used an optogenetics technique to erase and subsequently restore selected memories by applying a stimulus via optical laser that selectively strengthens or weakens synaptic connections. These findings may hold big potential for the treatment of such diseases as Alzheimer’s and PTSD. At the same time, however, the misuse of these techniques by malevolent actors may generate unprecedented opportunities for mental manipulation and brainwashing. On the long term-scenario, they could be used by surveillance and security agencies with the purpose of selectively erasing dangerous or inconvenient memories from people’s brains as portrayed in the movie Men in Black with the so-called neuralyzer. The potential motives of illicit memory alteration are various, including increasing national security or exerting control over individuals or groups.
The right to psychological continuity
The right to psychological continuity can be seen as a special neuro-focused instance of the right to identity. What the right to psychological continuity aims to prevent is the induced alteration of neural functioning. The right to psychological continuity will protect the mental substrates of personal identity from unconscious and unconsented alteration by third parties through the use of invasive or non-invasive neurotechnology.
In addition to mental privacy and mental integrity, people’s perception of their own identity may be put at risk by inadequate uses of emerging neurotechnology. Changes in brain function caused by brain stimulation may also cause unintended alterations in mental states critical to personality, and can thereby affect an individual’s personal identity. In particular, it has been observed that brain stimulation may have an impact on the psychological continuity of the person, i.e. the crucial requirement of personal identity consisting in experiencing oneself as persisting through time as the same person. Several cases have been reported in scientific literature in which deep brain stimulation (DBS) has led to behavioral changes such as increased impulsivity and aggressiveness or changes in sexual behavior. A study involving patients treated with DBS showed that more than half of them articulated a feeling of strangeness and unfamiliarity with themselves after surgery “I do not feel like myself anymore”; “I feel like a robot”. In parallel, memory engineering technologies may impact a person’s identity by selectively removing, altering, adding or replacing individual memories that are relevant to their self-recognition as persons.
However, threats to this right are more likely to happen outside clinical settings. For instance, in the context of intelligence and military agencies, it has been reported that over the last decades violations of human rights have taken place in experiments involving brain implants, drug administrations, electromagnetic shock therapy, sensory deprivation, isolation, physical, psychological, verbal and sexual abuse, hypnosis, the attempted creation of Manchurian candidates, the implantation of false memories and induction of amnesia. Most of these experiments were conducted on unwitting and helpless civilians and in the absence of any external review or representation for the experimental subjects or any meaningful follow-up. The new knowledge and technologies in the field of neuroscience clearly offer new and more efficient possibilities for carrying out unconsented personality changes. For example, Pycroft recently reported the concern that brain implants like DBS are vulnerable to attack by third parties who want to exert malicious control over the users’ brain activity. They called this risk of modification of a person’s brain activity through unauthorized use of neuro devices by third parties ‘brainjacking’.
Negative consequences of brainjacking include (i) information theft, which would result in a violation of the right to mental privacy; (ii) cessation of stimulation, draining implant batteries, inducing tissue damage, and impairment of motor function, which would result in violations of the right to mental integrity. However, some possible consequences of brainjacking such as alteration of impulse control, modification of emotions or affect, induction of pain, and modulation of the reward system could be achieved even in absence of any violation of mental privacy and integrity. In those circumstances of unauthorized modification of the cognitive-emotional-affective dimension a different type of human right violation seems to be at stake: the violation of the right to psychological continuity.
In short, the right to psychological continuity ultimately tends to preserve personal identity and the coherence of the individual’s behavior from unconsented modification by third parties. It protects the continuity across a person’s habitual thoughts, preferences, and choices by protecting the underlying neural functioning.
The volume and variety of neurotechnology applications is rapidly increasing inside and outside the clinical and research setting. The ubiquitous distribution of cheaper, scalable and easy-to-use neuroapplications has the potential of opening unprecedented opportunities at the brain-machine interface level and making neurotechnology intricately embedded in our everyday life. While this technological trend may generate immense advantage for society in many ways, its implications for ethics and the law remain largely unexplored. We argue that in the light of the disruptive change that neurotechnology is determining in the digital ecosystem, the normative terrain should be urgently prepared to prevent misuse or unintended negative consequences. In addition, given the fundamental character of the neurocognitive dimension, we argue that such normative response should not exclusively focus on tort law but also on foundational issues at the level of human right law.
This proposal of neuro-specific human rights in response to emerging advancements in neurotechnology is consistent with and a logical continuation of the proposal of developing genetic-specific human rights in response to advancements in genetics and genomics as set out by the Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights, and the International Declaration on Human Genetic Data.
The freedom of thought, freedom from slavery, torture and inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment are regarded by international human rights law as not subject to any exceptions and, therefore, as absolute rights. Absolute rights cannot be limited for any reason. No circumstance justifies a qualification or limitation of absolute rights. Absolute rights cannot be suspended or restricted, even during a declared state of emergency. The right to cognitive liberty, the right to mental privacy, the right to mental integrity, and the right to psychological continuity should also be enacted into law as absolute rights.
All credit for the Neuro-Specific Human Rights proposal belongs to Dr. Marcello Ienca and Dr. Roberto Andorno. Excerpts from their paper have been used in an effort to enact new human rights.


Cybernetics is the fusion of man with machine. Secret cybernetic experimentation has been ongoing for possibly a century or more. Because of cybernetic warfare being waged in secret against me and against millions of other men and women throughout the world I now have what appears like thousands of two way wireless connections going from both my brain and my central nervous system to a super computer or a network of computers. However, it could be just field of energy surrounding my whole body which is being controlled from a distance.
I am continually being spoken to my unknown cybernetic operatives who work on my body and brain from a controlled remote location. I am forced to listen to their voices against my will because of implanted devices inside my skull. Here is a small selection of what those unknown individuals have said to me in the past twenty four hours as follows:-
“I suppose you have no dishes to wash.”
“Do you know Damian Prenty.” (He is a neighbour of mine.)
“Block everything. We are in trouble.”
” There is something not quite right about this system if the people who manufactured the system are afraid of it.”
“The publication of this is now out of the question.”
Further to the above the aforementioned cybernetic operatives who experiment on me without my permission have informed me that some day they will externally control every muscle in my body and when that day arrives they will be able to paralyse me from head to toe if I do not obey their commands. They have informed me that when that day arrives they will force me to become a sex slave. I am a woman of sixty years old and I am single and alone because I chose to be single and alone. I dont ever go out socially in the evenings because I much prefer to wait at home and read a book or go online. I am frightened by their threats.



“Vaccine Implants are now smaller than a hair’s width and are injected with vaccine and flu shots. Millions have had this done unknowingly. These ‘biochips’ circulate in the bloodstream and lodge in the brain, enabling the victims to hear ‘voices’ via the implant. ”


Technology which has been illegally implanted inside my head is being used to transmit messages to me by criminals who wirelessly manage some parts of my life from an unknown remote location . I am considered to be someone who is under wireless cybernetic control. I am unprotected and defenceless against it. Cybernetics is a science which has been in development since at least the 1940s and the word cybernetics means the fusion of man and machine. Those who label victims of cybernetic warfare as mentally unwell is a crime against humanity because when you do so you are helping to cover up a method that might be used in future to enslave your own children. Those who continue to wrongly label victims of cybernetic warfare is mentally unwell will some day in the near future receive long prison sentences. Beware of that.
The information transmissions of the criminals generate pain and forced muscle movement in various parts of my body and they also contain messages which are threatening, demeaning, nagging and very very frightening. Here are some of the messages which have recently been transmitted by wireless means to the technology which is embedded inside my head some of which are the voices of the criminals speaking among each other about me and some of which are the voices of the criminal speaking directly to me as follows:-

“If she doesnt believe in an organised religion she will feel incredible amounts of pain.”
” Does she put out for men?. “No.”
“If we took the system down we would have no money so we are continuing to do it for money.”
“Why do we take on individuals with clear consciences. They are very difficult to manipulate.”
“I understand I have free reign to take control of her money.” “That is not the case yet.”

“She could put us in jail.”

Back in the late 1940, American scientists who were being sponsored by the Josiah Masy Jnr Foundation drew up a list of similaraties between the behaviours of sentient beings and the behaviour of machines which let them to believe that the human nervous system is really just an automaton which is subject to linear mathematical modelling.
Because of the science of cybernetics our central nervous systems can now be modelled mathematically, can be ordered and can be wirelessly remote controlled similar to a machine to act in ways which are against our wills thereby turning a selection of us into human cyborgs which is also known as bio-robots.
Also because of the science of cybernetics our brain can now be modelled mathematically and it can be ordered and it can be wirelessly programmed similar to a computer.
Many men, women and children throughout the world are now being wirelessly fused with machines and we are all being left unprotected and defenseless against all torture which we receive wirelessly be this method. Many have already committed suicide. We all appeal to governments to supply us with non-linear junction detectors or other technology which would enable us to prove that this is occurring but members of governments are often themselves unknowingly under wireless mind control and so far our pleas have been resisted on the false belief that anyone who states they are being sent voice commands and other digital signals into their brain or body is mentally unwill.
Central nervous system control of a human being is described in scientific detail in United States Patent Number US6965816.


Cybernetics began with a series of ten conferences which were held between 1946 and 1953 and they were sponsored by the Josiah Macy, Jr Foundation
Scientists drew up a list of similaraties between the behaviours of sentient beings and the behaviour of machines which let them to believe that the human nervous system is really just an automaton which is subject to linear mathematical modelling.
Because of the science of cybernetics our central nervous systems can now be modelled mathematically, can be ordered and can be wirelessly remote controlled similar to a machine to act in ways which are against our wills thereby turning a selection of us into human cyborgs which is also known as bio-robots.
Also because of the science of cybernetics our brain can now be modelled mathematically and it can be ordered and it can be wirelessly programmed similar to a computer.
The dark occultists who now have centralized control of the world attempt to neutralize anybody who attempts to inform the world that they themselves have become fused with a network of computers and are being placed under more and more external wireless control as the days go by. They do this by placing those in positions of authority under cybernetic mind control or else cybernetic body control or both. All of those who are in positions of authority and who have been cybernetically mind controlled now have similar mind sets which they would not have, had they not been covertly placed under cybernetic mind control.
The cyberneticists as well as they brain scientists and other scientists and technologists inform us that their will eventually lead to world peace and universal mental good health. However, those who are under partial cybernetic body control by wireless means are fully aware that cybernetic control of the brains and the central nervous systems of most of the human race will lead to worldwide enslavement, torture and genocide which is being overseen by Satanists and dark Luciferians. Because most leaders are under cybernetic mind control they resist all information which they receive about the matter.
Central Nervous System Control is explained scientifically under United States Patent Number U.S. 6965816.

I obtained some but not all of my information from a book called ‘Tavistock Institute’ by Daniel Estulin.
I myself am under partial cybernetic central nervous system control by wireless remote means and I know of many others who are also under this type of partial central nervous system control also by wireless means.


The would-be controllers of the world who are Satanists and Dark Luciferians have indirectly created a unique way to abuse our human rights.  They have created a strategy where anybody who thinks and acts independently in a way that challenges their false authority is deemed to be unworthy of acting under their own free will.   Agents of the state are then manipulated to organise many of the relatives and friends of the aforementioned independent thinker to surround said independent thinker and independent challenger of false authority inside their own home and brow beat them to conform to a hidden agenda of the world controllers.  If the independent thinker  refuses to do so the relatives will sometimes, believing to be acting of their own free will but heavily manipulated, will then organise for psychiatric intervention for no good reason other than the fact that the independent thinker and independent challenger of false authority does not believe what they believe and does not act like they wish him or her to act.   This form of interventionism is a human rights abuse if it is suggested by an agent of the state and not by a relative and it has no place in this world where free will is a birth right under natural law which is the only fixed and immutable law on earth.   All man made laws are now known to be illegal because they are not fixed and neither are they immutable.  We must guard the human rights of all because if one individual loses their human rights we all lose our human rights because we are all equal under civil  law.

If an agent of the state ever suggests to a relative that they aught to organise an intervention against a family member or a friend it will be assumed that said agent of the state is in breach of the law.


Certain individuals who practice Luciferiansim and Satanism are advocating for permanent centralizing of all power on earth in their hands. These dark occultists wish to control all agricultural land from a central location and they wish to control all energy use from a central location. They wish to wirelessly tether all men, women and children to computer control, enslavement, torture and genocide systems from a central location. They already control worldwide false psychiatry from a remote centralized location. When psychiatrists knowingly mandate that their patients forceably take drugs which torture their patients from the inside out, that psychiatrist is committing an act of torture. When psychiatrists force one of their patients into a temporary coma that psychiatrist is committing an act of torture. When psychiatrists knowingly force or brow beat one of their vulnerable patients to accept electroconvulsive therapy where is not ever in their interests to accept because it forever damages their cognative abilities, those psychiatrists are committing acts of torture. Psychiatry and the psychiatric rule book called the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders have been devised by dark occultists over many decades and even centuries to control anyone who challenges unchallenged assumptions which are not in their interests and this is the case throughout most of the world. When psychiatrists because of guidelines pronounce sane individuals as being mentally ill because those sane individuals state that they are wirelessly controlled from a remote location by unknown individuals, those psychiatrists are covering up knowledge of criminal activity by their decisions. False psychiatry is a menace to society and it must be disassembled and banned throughout the world today.
Luciferians and Satanists are torturing a large number of microchipped  individuals by wireless means from unknown remote locations at this point in history and both psychiatrists and lawyers are covering this up for the benefit of said Luciferians and Satanists in exchange for money. We would no longer be allowed to handle our own money if we were permanently enslaved so if you are acting out of financial self interest you are furthering your own enslavement and those of your fellow men, women and children of the earth for many centuries and even millinnia to come.  Refuse all vaccines because they likely now contain microchips.
Take down the infrastructure which allows them to wirelessly torture people and animals by remote control.


Physical Remote Control of Humans is now possible and happening under United States Patent Number US6965816. Targeted individuals throughout the world are complaining that they are being wirelessly controlled through their central nervous systems. This wireless remote control system is also being used to control the peripheral nervous system of humans to make them feel pain. It is also being used in some cases to control some of the bodily functions of targeted individuals. It is such a fear inducing experience to feel ones own muscles move against ones will that it often induces the targeted individual to a state of teeth chattering fear, accompanied by suicide attempts.

If you are one of the many who are attempting to raise awareness of this wireless system of remote controlling and thereby enslaving human beings it is advisable to now circumvent the official government control system because governments, unknown to themselves, have been set up to censor all knowledge of the aforementioned physical remote control of humans capability by forcing anyone who complains of experiencing this phenomenon to attend for psychiatric evaluation where they are more often than not then forceably incarcerated inside a psychiatric hospital.

Wireless directed energy weapons are non-operational in water in all circumstances so therefore in order to protect yourself you might try sleeping under a hollow dome filled with water and you might try using a hollow mattress filled with water. However, stopping the upcoming wireless system of control, enslavement, torture and genocide altogether is a simple matter of disassembling and banning all infrastructure which enables it. However, many individuals are currently under microwave mind control and they are proving difficult to get through to. They foolishly believe that because they personally are not under wireless attack, torture and enslavement nobody is. You have an urgent duty to raise awareness of the existence and widespread abuse of wireless directed energy weapons before you and your family are targeted by it.

If food scarcity is being deliberately engineered to occur in the future, cattle might be wirelessly killed in the fields due to the fact that they may already be under a type of wireless control via the new cattle ear tags which are now in use. We must cease to ear tag our cattle and other farm animals until such a time as the aforementioned wireless infrastructure has been disassembled and banned forever.


Electronic mind control is being administered on some occasions when large gatherings of people gather together such as at music festivals, at religious gatherings and at football matches. I never went to any of the above gatherings for the past few decades for reasons of poor health. In fact I dont go out socially or I dont attend church. I have not gone to a social event for at least twenty five years. I feel that I can think clearly and that I am not under electronic mind control but I feel that many others are under it.
Black budget military neuro scientists and neuro technologists and a wide variety of other scientists and technologists have spent the past many decades developing technology which is now being used by them to wirelessly tether, control, torture, enslave and genocide any man or woman which has been selected at random or otherwise for this form of wirelessly tethering, controlling, enslavement, torture or even genocide. Universities are then enabled to wash these dirty technologies in the sense that those universities go on to further develop them for a small number of years so that those universities can claim to the general public that they created all of the aforementioned technologies themselves so that no public mention is ever made of black budget clandestine military activities.
Those men and women from most countries of the world who have been wirelessly tethered to the aforementioned control, enslavement and torture system are now being controlled to varying degrees by this system which some have called the beast system. I am one.
I do not attend church or even belong to any organised religion. However, in the future if I refuse to attend church I could well be placed into a virtual lake of fire complete with the pain, the visual images of flames around me, the visual images of scary entities around me and the sounds of screaming coming from those scary entities. This is a wirelessly enabled neuro scientific and neuro technological capability which has been completed and has already been used to many individuals throughout the world. Many of them have mistakingly believed that they were experiencing a supernatural event but they were not. Virtual torture complete with visions, sounds, odours and other sensations is now easily achievable but also easily stoppable, simply by remoting all infrastructure which allows it. However, our government representatives may be still under electronic mind control, especailly if they regularly attend large gatherings such as music festivals, religious gatherings and football matches.



Notes from the interview given by Canadian resident Galina Kurdina who was being interviewed by the world renowned online journalist Ramola D. on her youtube channel called Ramola D Reports and the interview is to be found at the following online link

American Universities Brown University and Rice University received nineteen million dollars to create layers of nano chips on the human cortex for the purposes of direct brain computer interface, and also for the development of artificial intelligence equipment, psychotronic equipment, nano chips and so on.
There American Universities do not create these technologies. They just wash dirty military technology which has already been in development for decades. These technologies in reality cost hundreds of billions of American Dollars in development over the past several decades.
Galina Kurdina went on to say that The special Rappator on torture, Nils Melzer, reported to the 43rd session of the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations Organisations in Geneva, Switzerland on 28th February, 2020, that cyber torture is widely spread all over the world and that thousands of people report of the same symptoms and that they are victims of these psychotronic attacks. (Psychotronic attacks means remote mind and body control attacks.)

I myself believe that there are ongoing attempts to censor or ridicule all information about wireless torture which is carried out on good living individuals by unknown criminals who work from unknown remote locations. Information about how this technology works in contained in United States patent number US6965816.
Electronic Mind control is being used to give many the impression that we live in a harmoneous world where no one would ever wirelessly torture another human being. Electronic mind control is being used to create a mind set of child-like naivity in some government appointed individuals. If those individuals have not heard about wireless weapons from trusted advisors they then tend to believe that the aforementioned wireless weapons do not exist at all. If you have not been officially informed about the existence and abuse of wireless weapons it may be because one is normally not informed in advance that they are about to be enslaved via wireless remote control of their central nervous system.



A paleo ketogenic diet will definitely cure cancer, heart disease, epilepsy, bi-polar disorder, irritable bowel syndrome, alzheimers disease, alcoholism, diabetes and most other modern diseases which are caused by eating diets high in carbohydrates and sugars.

Meat, Fish, Chicken, Eggs, low glycaemic vegetables such as cucumber, celery, spinach, or tomatoes, low glycaemic berries, seeds, nuts, nut butters, nut milk,

Eggs, Bacon, Linseed Bread spread with nut butter, Cereal made from any of the following, freshly ground linseed which is also known as flax seed, freshly ground hemp seed or sesame seed or sunflower seed or pumpkin seeds mixed with nut milk.

A tin of mackeral or a tin of corned beef with cucumber, celery, tomato lettuce, egg and mayonnaise.

Lamb chop with cucumber, celery, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise with linseed bread spread with nut butter.
On a paleo ketogenic diet you must avoid all food which has a high glycaemic index such as most carbohydrates and sugars. You must avoid potatoes, grains, dairy products bananas and all sweet fruit. You can eat most berries. You can eat from a large selection of food and after two weeks you will lose all cravings for food and for anything else that you might crave and you will only feel like eating twice per day.

Below is a quote from the PK COOKBOOK by Dr Sarah Myhill and Craig Robinson.
“I was blown away by a study by the Californian neurologist, Professor Dale Bredersen. He took 10 patients with Alzheimers disease and cured nine out of ten of them with a PK diet plus other simple nutritional interventions. (The one failure was a lady who could not stick to the diet.) A feature of his regieme was that the daily ration of food had to be eaten within a ten hour window of time – that is, 14 hours of the day had to be fasting. ”
Possible Grocery List

loose celery……………………………………………………………………………………..1.00……………….
loose cucumbers……………………………………………………………………………….1.00………………
loose courgette…………………………………………………………………………………1.00………………
Supervalu Baby Leaf Spinach………………………………………………………………..1.50………………
Supervalu Tomato Tray 6 piece …………………………………………………………….1.00………………

Supervalu Goodness Flax Seed 300 grams……………………………………………..1.80……………….
Supervalu Goodness Golden Linseed 500 grams …………………………………….1.99……………….
Supervalu Goodness Sesame Seed 150 grams………………………………………..1.00……………….
Supervalu Goodness Sunflower Seed 150 grams……………………………………..1.00……………….
Nua Naturals Hemp Seeds Shelled 200 grams…………………………………………6.50……………….
Dr Oetker Bicarbonate of Soda 200 grams………………………………………………1.79……………….
Supervalu Olive Oil 1 litre …………………………………………………………………..3.69………………
Alpro Organic Soya Milk Unsweetened 1 litre………………………………………….2.69……………..
Alpro Coconut Unsweetened Drink 1 litre ……………………………………………….2.69……………..
Meridian Peanut Butter 280 grams………………………………………………………….3.59……………..
Kelkin Smooth Peanut Butter 350 grams ………………………………………………….3.79……………..

Supervalu Free Range Medium Eggs 18 Pack…………………………………………….5.00……………..
Supervalu Back Rashers unsmoked 500 grams…………………………………………..5.00……………..
Mackerel Easy Peal 115 grams………………………………………………………………..1.80……………..
John West Low Drain Steamed Mackerel Fillets in Brine 110 grams ………………2.59……………..
John West Wood Smoked Irish Mackerel in Oil 110 grams……………………………2.59……………..
Supervalu Tuna Chunks in Brine 3 Pack 80 grams ………………………………………..1.73…………….
Supervalu Tuna Chunks in Brine 4 pack 160 grams……………………………………….4.40…………….
Minced Beef (Could possibly be fried with celergy or courgettes).500 grams…..5.00…………….

Supervalu Original Tea Bags 160 464 grams………………………………………………..2.00…………….
Four roll Pack of Supervalu Kitchen Roll……………………………………………………1.80……………..
Cushelle white toilet tissue family pack 24 roll…………………………………………10.00…………….
Large Bottle White Vinegar…………………………………………………………………….2.00…………….
Supervalu Wash Up Liquid 500 mils……………………………………………………. …..1.00…………….
Liquid Handwash………………………………………………………………………………….2.50…………….
Ecover all in one dishwasher tablets 22 piece…………………………………………….8.50…………….
Ecover Rinse Air 500 millilitre ………………………………………………………………..5.04…………….
Supervalu Bin Liners 50 litres…………………………………………………………………..2.00…………….
Supervalu Dishwasher Salt 2 Kilograms……………………………………………………..1.09…………….
Duracell AA/AAA/9 volt Batteries…………………………………………………………….7.00…………….
Thin Bleach…………………………………………………………………………………………..1.00…………….

250 grams of linseeds – the golden linseed may rise better than the brown.
270 mils of water.
a half teaspoon of sea salt or himilian salt.
A metal baking tin. You can not use a silicon or a ceramic baking tin because they do not get hot enough. It is the intense heat that makes the bread rise.
You can use a coffee grinder or a neutra bullet to grind the linseeds. Grind 125 grams of linseeds followed by another 125 grams. Grind them until the ground seeds are going up the sides of the neutra bullet and then falling into the centre. Add water and salt and mix into a dough.
Line the baking tin with a generous amount of lard.
The oven needs to be very hot preheated to 220 degrees but it can be as hot as 240 degrees. Bake the bread for one hour.
Dr Sarah Myhill has another recipe for Paleo Ketogenic bread in one of her books which is called ‘Prevent and Cure Diabetes’. There are many different recipes for Paleo Ketogenic bread to be found online.
Breathe into your stomach. Chew your food well, Avoid gluten, Eat raw ginger and garlic, take colostrum,
Take probiotics, Warm water in the morning on a empty stomach with ginger.
Take only small amounts of onion, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, cayenne and turmeric for three days. You will feel bad because of fungal die off.
Avoid wheat because agglutinen in wheat germ is a potent bowel toxin. Agglutinen blocks the pancreas from releasing digestive emzymes. Agglutinen blocks the gall bladder from releasing bile.
Wheat phylates bind minerals and block absorbtion. Wheat phylates bind nearly all iron and magnesium and some calcium and zinc. Consuming wheat causes numerous mineral deficiencies. The proteins in some modern types of wheat have unnatural structures which show up as stressors such as asthma, skin rashes, acid reflux, stomach upset and other upsets. Wheat disrupts endocrines. The gliadin protein in wheat is highly addictive.
If you master your brain waves using a biofeedback device during a THETA brain wave state (just before sleep) which is 4-8hz, you will have vivid memories from your childhood.
BETA waves 14-40hz concentrating
ALPHA waves 8-13hz inactive
THETA waves 4-8hz just before sleep
DELTA waves 0-4hz asleep



Street lighting is being used to entrain the brains of those who live inside towns and cities into a state of happy apathy and inertia. This is occurring even to wirelessly tethered targeted individuals who live in towns and cities and who are already partially wirelessly enslaved. Many of them are able to over ride the effects of the brain entrainment coming from the street lights in order to raise awareness of the partial virtual enslavement which they are living under. I am also a partially wirelessly enslaved targeted individual but I do not live in a town or city so therefore I am not being subjected to the brain entraining effects of street lighting and I am also not being subjected to the debilitating effects of thousands of smart phones being used by other users in my immediate area.
Because our brains and bodies have become imbued with nano particulates and because we have become implanted with microchips we can be wirelessly externally controlled via our central nervous systems, a capability which is explained in detail in patent number US6965816. Our muscles, our internal bodily functions, our thoughts, our memories, our feelings, our sexuality, our appetite for food and our peripheral nervous systems can all be externally wirelessly controlled by unknown others while they work from unknown remote locations. We are in grave danger of being permanently and totally enslaved but because of wireless external control of the brain waves of some authority figures very little is being done to expose this enslavement, torture and genocide system to the public in general. Please do your part in raising awareness of this system today.
Further to the above, the covid-19 pandemic is a scientifically proven hoax as has been proven by a myriad of academics online but they have not as yet managed to access the main stream media which is owned and controlled mostly by those who wish to enslave us.
Organise the general public to take down the infrastructure which allows the above described wireless enslavement, torture and genocide of the men and women of the world. Some parts of the world are not under satellite surveillance as you have been led to believe due to many and varied hoaxes which have been implanted in the minds of the general public down through the past few decades and even centuries by a break away society. We have been lied to on an imaginable scale.    My website is called   I have been subjected to seventeen years of non-consensual remote wireless experimentation which is being perpetrated on me by unknown neuro operatives who may or may not themselves be subjected to  some type of wireless remote subjugation.


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Every organ, body part, chakra, gland, thought, feeling and belief emits a unique energy signature.
Every time we move a muscle we generate a unique pattern of electromagnetic frequency activity which has been calibrated by science.
Each unique pattern of electromagnetic frequency activity has been compiled into a type of dictionary of nearly all possible unique patterns of electromagnetic frequency activity which is possible for the human brain and body to generate and in this type of dictionary each unique pattern of electromagnetic frequency activity is then matched with what muscle movement that particular pattern generates.
If you for instance sign your name you generate a unique pattern of electromagnetic frequency activity. This precise activity which your brain generates when you sign your name can be read from a distance because that precise information which the signing of your name generates can be encoded in a carrier wave and then transmitted by wireless electronic means to an unknown location. This encoding and then transmitting of electromagnetic frequencies is known as frequency modulation.
Demodulation is the recovery of original information at the distant end from the carrier which is achieved by criminal scientists in order to decipher the information which came to them encoded on the carrier wave. Once criminal scientists have obtained the unique pattern of electromagnetic frequency activity which is needed to create your signature they can then recreate your signature whenever they wish. They can also use brain entrainment frequencies to lull you into a temporary state of disengagement or lack of concentration while at the same time they would resend you the unique pattern of electromagnetic frequency activity which allows you to sign your name to a document and they would then enable you to forget that you have signed said document forever if necessary. This system of unethical signature generation is occurring widely across the world right now.
Scientists can temporary lull a victim of electromagnetic frequency attacks into a state of mental disengagement of certain parts of their brain or body for a short space of time and said criminals can then send signals to the mind of that victim in order to enable that victim to generate a considerable amount of writing which does not originate from the mind or the brain of that victim. This is known as automatic writing and this capability of automatic writing is backed by science and has nothing whatsoever to do with the supernatural.


Most government officials including the police, psychiatrists, the military, and many senior politicians are being controlled by artificial intelligence maintained mind control but there is worse to come. Here is the basic scientific explanation of how this is being achieved :-
Each government staff member is now wirelessly tethered from technology inside their person to a central computerized human control system. Each and every time that government staff member thinks a thought they generate a unique pattern of electromagnetic frequency activity which is then automatically transmitted by wireless means to a computerized control centre where it is automatically translated into the thought that was generated. When that government staff member generates an unapproved thought, that thought when automatically transmitted by wireless means to the central control system and then translated is immediately deleted from the subjects mind by the system of pre-programmed algorithms. This system is now known as Artificial Intelligence Maintained Mind Control.
Targeted individuals of non-consensual neuro experimentation are also wirelessly tethered from technology inside their persons to a central computerized human control system. Each and every time they move a muscle that unique muscle movement generates a unique pattern of electromagnetic frequency activity which is then automatically transmitted by wireless means to a similar computerized control centre where it is automatically translated into whatever muscle was moved. Programs are now being written which will automatically deny the targeted individual the ability to move a single muscle in their body if ever they attempt to carry out an unapproved act. That act could be as simple as eating a forbidden food such as animal flesh if the slave masters who are creating this system should decide that eating meat is inappropriate for all men and women other than themselves. This system is known as Artificial Intelligence Maintained Human Body Control.
The hoax of Artificial Intelligence becoming sentient is simply a hoax. There is a simple method in use which can make a robot appear to be autonomous and that is when the computer which governs the robot is brain to brain linked with a real live independently thinking man or woman. Artificial Intelligence on its own is simply vast numbers of pre-programmed algorithms generating pre-programmed actions. The enemy always exaggerates their capabilities and that is why the hoax that artificial intelligence could become sentient was generated many years ago.
We aught to immediately disassemble and ban all wireless enabling infrastrusture across the world as fast as possible before we become forever rigidly enslaved. You can not depend on your local government because most if not all of them are under rigid mind control so you aught to act of your own initiative. If you do not act there may be nobody to act on your behalf so you now have one hundred percent responsibility for your own future freedom.


We are all in imminent moral danger.   Our brains and bodies have been saturated by nano technology.

  Wireless external control can now be taken of our muscle movements.  Wireless external control can be taken of our internal bodily functions.

Wireless external control can now be taken of our sexual function.   Wireless external control can be taken of our appetite for food.

Wireless external control can be taken of our visual cortex and we can be forced to see disturbing visions.

Wireless external control can be taken of our audio cortex and we can be forced to hear voices which threaten to torture us.

Wireless external control can be taken of our peripheral nervous system and we can be forced to feel pain.

Wireless external control can be taken of us in order to torture us to death from four or five thousand miles away.  

If and when 5G becomes fully activated then the bandwidth will be available to control everyone and all sentient beings at the same time.  It is your moral duty to make sure all wireless enabling infrastructure is disassembled and banned now.   



There is no scientific basis for the germ theory whether bacterial or viral. The medical establishment was once legally challenged to prove that a virus caused measles and they failed to do so. A supreme court judge in Germany found in the favour of the legal challenger who was a virologist named Dr Stefan Lanka against the medical establishment.
In order to prove the existence of covid-19 the medical establishment need to be able to isolate the virus and categorise it with its genetic make-up. They then need to produce an original scientific paper which proves that this particular virus is thesole cause of that particular disease which it is attributed to causing. This has never been done for measles, HIV or corid-19. Therefore the world has been shut down without any proof.
Even by the recognition of the medical establishment, the particulates which they have named viruses are not alive. They don’t meet any of the scientific criteria for being alive because they do not replicate, they do not eat, they do not excrete and they have got a minimum DNA. They are dead. They are bits of protein.
Medical doctors and scientists who are brave enough to speak out are challenging the medical establishment to come up with the proof of the existence of covid-19. The problem starts with medical education. Trainee medical doctors are told that that a certain bacteria or a certain virus causes a certain manifestation. Trainee medical doctors are never shown the esperiments to say how that information came about. It is all being built on assumptions.
Louis Pasteur admitted at the end of his life that he was completely wrong and that he was a fraudster.
The above information is to be found at the following youtube link

The youtube video itself is called ‘What is disease and how to stay healthy. The keys to life’ by David Parker, Dawn Lester, Clive de Carle.Measles Virus put to the test

Here is some more online information about the legal challenge of Dr Stefan Lanka against the medial establishment which he subsequently won, and it is to be found at the following link

Dr. Stefan Lanka wins in court…

Since the early 1990s, German biologist Dr. Stefan Lanka has been at the forefront of challenging the medical theory stating that viruses are the cause of infectious diseases such as hepatitis, AIDS, the flu, polio, herpes, or measles. Caroline Markolin has presented Dr. Lanka’s activities in her lecture video “Virus Mania” in great details (watch Part 2 of the recordings on this website – starting at 08:08).

Based on his studies in virology, Dr. Lanka discovered that viruses are vital components of simple life-forms that do not exist in complex organisms such as humans, animals, or plants. His research shows that the viruses believed to cause “viral infections” are in reality ordinary cell particles that have been misinterpreted as constituents of the viruses in question. Dr. Lanka also determined that viruses don’t have a destructive effect on the host, as commonly believed. These findings are in full accordance with the discoveries of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer who demonstrated already in the 1980s that contrary to the standard theory, microbes do not harm the organism but play instead a supportive role during the healing process of diseases (see Fourth Biological Law of the New Medicine).

The “measles virus trial” between Dr. Stefan Lanka and German medical doctor David Bardens has by now received international attention (see the 2015 reports in CTV News Canada and BBC News). The court case has not only heated up the ongoing “virus debate”. It also fuelled the discussion about the justification of childhood vaccination and of vaccinations in general.

Here is a brief overview of the court proceedings:

On November 24, 2011, Dr. Lanka announced on his website that he would offer a prize of € 100,000 to anyone who could prove the existence of the measles virus. The announcement read as follows: “The reward will be paid, if a scientific publication is presented, in which the existence of the measles virus is not only asserted, but also proven and in which, among other things, the diameter of the measles virus is determined.”

In January 2012, Dr. David Bardens took Dr. Lanka up on his pledge. He offered six papers on the subject and asked Dr. Lanka to transfer the € 100,000 to his bank account.

The six publications are:

1. Enders JF, Peebles TC. Propagation in tissue cultures of cytopathogenic agents from patients with measles. Proc Soc Exp Biol Med. 1954 Jun;86(2):277–286.

2. Bech V, Magnus Pv. Studies on measles virus in monkey kidney tissue cultures. Acta Pathol Microbiol Scand. 1959; 42(1): 75–85

3. Horikami SM, Moyer SA. Structure, Transcription, and Replication of Measles Virus. Curr Top Microbiol Immunol. 1995; 191: 35–50.

4. Nakai M, Imagawa DT. Electron microscopy of measles virus replication. J Virol. 1969 Feb; 3(2): 187–97.

5. Lund GA, Tyrell, DL, Bradley RD, Scraba DG. The molecular length of measles virus RNA and the structural organization of measles nucleocapsids. J Gen Virol. 1984 Sep;65 (Pt 9):1535–42.

6. Daikoku E, Morita C, Kohno T, Sano K. Analysis of Morphology and Infectivity of Measles Virus Particles. Bulletin of the Osaka Medical College. 2007; 53(2): 107–14.

Dr. Lanka refused to pay the money since in his opinion these publications did not provide adequate evidence. Subsequently, Dr. Bardens took Dr. Lanka to court.

On March 12, 2015, the District Court Ravensburg in southern Germany ruled that the criteria of the advertisement had been fulfilled ordering Dr. Lanka to pay up. Dr. Lanka appealed the ruling.

On February 16, 2016, the Higher Regional Court of Stuttgart (OLG) re-evaluated the first ruling, judging that Dr. Bardens did not meet the criteria since he failed to provide proof for the existence of the measles virus presented in one publication, as asked by Dr. Lanka in his announcement. Therefore, Dr. Lanka does not have to pay the prize money.

On January 16, 2017, the First Civil Senate of the German Federal Court of Justice (BGH) confirmed the ruling of the OLG Stuttgart.

Critics of the judicial verdict argue that Dr. Lanka’s victory is solely based on how he had formulated the offer of reward, namely to pay the € 100,000 for the presentation of a single publication of evidence (which Dr. Bardens was unable to provide). This argument, however, distracts the attention from the essential points.
According to the minutes of the court proceedings (page 7/ first paragraph), Andreas Podbielski, head of the Department of Medical Microbiology, Virology and Hygiene at the University Hospital in Rostock, who was one of the appointed experts at the trial, stated that even though the existence of the measles virus could be concluded from the summary of the six papers submitted by Dr. Bardens, none of the authors had conducted any controlled experiments in accordance with internationally defined rules and principles of good scientific practice (see also the method of “indirect evidence”). Professor Podbielski considers this lack of control experiments explicitly as a “methodological weakness” of these publications, which are after all the relevant studies on the subject (there are no other publications trying to attempt to prove the existence of the “measles virus”). Thus, at this point, a publication about the existence of the measles virus that stands the test of good science has yet to be delivered.
Furthermore, at the trial it was noted that contrary to its legal remit as per § 4 Infection Protection Act (IfSG) the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the highest German authority in the field of infectious diseases, has failed to perform tests for the alleged measles virus and to publish these. The RKI claims that it made internal studies on the measles virus, however, refuses to hand over or publish the results.

Dr. Lanka: “With the Supreme Court judgment in the measles virus trial any national and international statements on the alleged measles virus, the infectivity of measles, and on the benefit and safety of vaccination against measles, are since then of no scientific character and have thus been deprived of their legal basis.”
If you wish to know exactly how the covid-19 hoaxed pandemic has been created please watch the following live explosive interview which the independent researcher David Icke gave to Brian Rose on a platform called London Real. This interview was subsequently deleted from youtube and can now be found on another video platform which is called at the following bitchute link
David Icke stated on the aforementioned interview that the medical establishment control the covid-19 death figures in various ways and one such was is by misattributing death from other causes to death after being tested positive from covid-19 and further to that, because the covid-19 virus has never in fact been identified, the test that is being given is for a genetic material which is known to be found in the bodies of most healthy individuals and it is not for covid-19 at all.
If we attempt to challenge the by now well known covid-19 hoax then psychiatric labelling is being used as a tool to suppress us. Psychiatric labelling is now being used as a means to deny individual freedom to many who attempt to publicly challenge the false reality which is being created by the by now mostly privately owned main stream media. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders is a political document which is being used by the establishment on some occasions to shut people up if they speak up voluntarily or write the truth and then come to the attention of the main stream media. Millions of people are now being falsely labelled as mentally ill. Patients have been diagnosed with “chemical imbalances” despite the fact that no test exists to support such a claim and the fact that there is no real conception of what a correct chemical balance should look like.
If 5G is erected and activated on a worldwide scale then members of the world military or world intelligence service acting alone could then wirelessly torture someone else to death on the other side of the world without experiencing any legal repercussions to themselves. 5G is millimeter wave technology which is capable of carrying extreme pain signals which can be made to lock on to your unique energy imprint signature and then to torture you by wireless means. If you wish to have a normal future where you enjoy free will you will immediately do something about it today.



Trojan horse technology has been introduced into most countries of the world and it has damaged the brains of its users to the extent that they are no longer able to retain information about the fact that they are in extreme danger of being enslaved very shortly by wireless means if they dont act. Military technology known as the active denial system sends a beam of energy towards an individual which causes them unbearable pain without actually killing them. They must instantly run away but many who are paralysed or wheelchair bound or elderly or have learning difficulties do not know how to get out of the beam. Still others can be locked into the beam because it can be wirelessly locked on to their own unique energy signature so that they can not escape it and they are then forced to commit suicide instantly. The active denial system uses 5g millimeter wave technology to transmit signals to a targeted individual. If 5G millimeter wave transmitters are erected and activated throughout the world somebody who lives four thousand miles away from you can then torture you to death by wireless means and there will not be any legal repercussions for their actions whatsoever.

Please contact your political representative and ask them to have all wireless enabling capabilities disassembled and banned now so that we can enjoy living under our own free will in the near future.



My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. I am a non-consensual and extremely unwilling victim of ongoing neuro research which is being conducted wirelessly by unknown criminal neuro operatives while they work from an unknown remote location. I have been embedded with either nano or micro technology or even some even larger technology throughout my brain and body. which allows those unknown criminals to speak to me whenever they wish using voice to skull technology or some similar means of direct brain communication. The electricity that travels through my brain and body which allows me to move my muscles and to think my thoughts is being usurped to allow unknown others to externally control some of my muscles, some of my brain patterns and some of my internal bodily functions.
Some thing has occurred recently which has highly alarmed me so I wish to expose it widely in order to stop it from ever happening. The criminals who use computerized technology to manipulate my central nervous system have threatened me that they would send around men to my house late at night. They informed me that they would possibly first of all dull my thinking and then they would possibly clone a recording of my sisters voice which they would use to convince me to open my front door believing that it was her who was outside. The voices of the neuro operatives then led me to believe that if the men then gained access to my home they would rape me. I heard via voice to skull the following conversation between two of the neuro staff as follows:-
“You can not orientate her because of her age.” (I am sixty and far too old to be interested in romance or intimacy.)
This was then followed by another voice to skull operative who was heard by me to say the following “We dont care if she is orientated or not. We will camoflage the fact that she is not orientated by forcing her to generate signals of being sexually orientated.”
Another voice to skull operative was then heard by me to say the following “She will lock her door and bolt it with a twelve bolt system. You wont be able to attack her in any way if you can not get the agent to be allowed inside her privately owned family home.
I am very frightened by the possibility that my thinking could be dulled by wireless external means in order to get me to open my door to strangers.
My website which I alone own and control is called


Labelling people who experience directed energy weapons attacks as being mentally ill is an ongoing crime against humanity.   The ongoing support of psychiatric and other  government  systems for such mis-labelling has been sufficient to prevent targeted individuals from informing the public of the widespread existence and abuse of such directed energy weapons.   Mind control plays a part in government inaction.   Victims of such directed energy weapon attacks are suffering extreme degrees of torture and have now lost all trust in the capabilities of government staff to over ride their wireless enabled mind control.   We must urgently disassemble and ban all wireless enabling capabilities and return to the use of corded phones and  other corded computerized devices.



The world is currently being set up behind the scenes in a world wide pyramid shape where we receive orders from the a small group of men and women at the top of the pyramid and because we have standardized the functioning of the world wide pyramid in a rigid and ordered way what ever orders are sent from the top of the pyramid must be carried out in the same systematic way throughout most of the world.
We have wrongly been led to believe that Bill and Melinda Gates, Elon Musk, Nancy Pelosi, the Bushes, the Clintons, Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, Barack Obama and other well known figures are at the top of the worldwide pyramid. That may be the case but they are not the ones who run the world. The individuals who run the world do so from outside the pyramid. For the benefit of this article I am calling them the controllers. They control the technology which allows them to wirelessly mind control those at the top, middle and bottom of the pyramid. We are all being wirelessly mind controlled by those who operate the worldwide wireless mind control and wireless body control technology. The controllers have no public face. They are unknowns.
The controllers have set up Bill and Melinda Gates and the others who are currently at the top of the worldwide pyramid to take the heat when the anger of the masses increase to a level of widespread civil disobedience while the controllers themselves remain anonymous and inconspicuous while living in a quite part of the world. The controllers would then likely watch us on their screens if and when we arrested and imprisoned those at the top of the heirarchy without realizing that their actions stem from being heavily wirelessly mind controlled by the controllers themselves. The controllers would then watch us on their screens while we reorganised the world in a way that would be based on the wireless mind control messages which they would continue to send us. The controllers would then watch us on their screens while we settled back to living our lives believing that we had all of our enemies imprisoned and that we were once again living and working under our own free will.

The worldwide controllers have access to technology which is at least fifty years ahead of what you and I have access to.  They have superior health to us due to their hoarding of knowledge and technology.   They are aware of the fact that refined sugar is so poisonous that it is as bad for human health as cigarette smoking is.  They have knowledge of the optimum diet that supports human health.  They are disciplined, healthy, wealthy, and knowledgeable.  They take their work of worldwide takeover and enslavement of their fellow men very seriously.  They  ensure that we are manipulated to eat refined sugar, drink alcoholic beverages and watch depraved television programming  as a distraction while they set about dumbing us down, destroying our health and wirelessly both mind controlling and body controlling us while many of us are unaware of their very existence.   When you see a senior politician eating refined sugar or drinking an alcoholic beverage you then know for sure  that they could never be one of the controllers.  The controllers despise every form of undiscipline.

We have been deliberately led to falsely believe that the earth is a spinning ball. Mind control of the masses has now become so strong that those who are largely unaware of its existence and use against them will believe anything they are mind controlled to believe provided the lie is constantly repeated on an almost daily basis. Images of a spinning ball earth are projected onto our screens constantly throughout each day. The word ‘global’ is attached to most newspaper and television headlines. The controllers know their plan for worldwide domination will fail if we begin to research flat earth science and if we then realise that we have been lied to on an unimaginable scale for hundreds of years by an unknown breakaway secret society. Because the earth is flat and fixed it has been arranged that not all countires are under aerial surveillance. If the earth were a spinning ball nobody anywhere would be able to live their lives without being surveilled from the air. If you speak to civil engineers and airline pilots they will inform you that they do not take any curvature of the earth into consideration in the course of their work. You will discover that railway lines have been built which travel for a thousand miles or more while remaining level without any curvature whatsoever. However, electronic mind control has now become so strong that it takes alot of mental strength to over ride false teachings. We must disassemble and ban all wireless enabling capabilities immediately.