Smart phones create a bio-digital flow-cycle with the human beings who owns them allowing information to move at rapid speeds to and from the person and the smart phone. The flicker rate of the smart phones is also being used to transmit coded data through their eyes. Electronic mind control is also being transmitted wirelessly from microwave transmitters and many other sources.
Those who have already had their minds bio-digitally programmed have been programmed to resist heavily all information which contradicts their programming. Therefore, the voices of reason among them remain unheard.
If a topic which they have been programmed to resist is brought up for discussion they immediately either change the subject, scorn the speaker, inform the speaker that they will discuss it later or even walk away from the speaker. Because they have no idea that they have been programmed to resist all discussion on the topic of concern they also dont know how to go about attempting to override their programming to check if they are able to do so.
We must urgently disassemble and ban microwave and millimeter wave transmitters and thereby we would then have to stop using smart phones. There are attempts to turn the whole world into a type of wifi hot spot by electrifying the atmosphere and if that is successful there will then be no point in banning microwave and millimeter wave transmitters after that time because mind control would then be ubiquitous, except for Madagascar which is where our slave masters would possibly live. There are online suggestions that Madagascar has never been sprayed with chemtrails and also that large tracts of land have been purchased in Madagascar by the super-rich new world order cabal.
Many of us have already become wirelessly tethered to computerized control systems where we are already partially permanently enslaved. Many of the rest of us are so heavily bio-digitally programmed that they resist all information we give them on the topic of our enslavement. If all of us eventually become wirelessly permanently enslaved we will never be allowed to see the faces of our slave masters or ever be allowed to know who they are because all transmittions of data to and from them will be transmitted by bi-directional wireless means. The type of data that those of us who have already become wirelessly permanently enslaved receive are voice commands, visual information, pain, electric shocks, forced muscle movement, forced paralysis, and other bodily sensations which are wirelessly transmitted to us which feel like remote wirelessly enabled sexual violation.
Government staff have been so heavily bio-digitally programmed at this late stage that they have been programmed to enslave their fellow human beings on behalf of the slave masters of this world. They have been programmed to enforce our enslavement rigidly using extreme discipline. They have been programmed to lock down each and every country in the world from an economic perspective so that the slave masters can take complete control of each and every business in the world and so that we can be denied the right to even leave our homes. There are easy cures for coronavirus and all who are awake and aware are fully aware that the imposed economic lock down is largely a hoax so that the slave masters can further empower themselves and disempower us.
Many of us who are already wirelessly enslaved are now afraid of those in government who have been given the false authority to have us locked inside psychiatric hospitals if we dare to speak publicly about our wireless enslavement. We continue to do so even though we do so at great risk from this development.
The Richard C Walker PNF TRAC Patent no US6965816 describes in detail the ability to aggressively go in, take over, control, track and manage any system whether it be a human being, an airplane, a car or a motor cycle. You as a human being will be called wetware and there will be control mechanisms, devices and chips put into your body at different places without your awareness and consent which can actually control your muscles even against your own will.


The Richard C Walker PNF TRAC Patent no US6965816 describes in detail the ability to aggressively go in, take over, control, track and manage any system whether it be a human being, an airplane, a car or a motor cycle. You as a human being will be called wetware and there will be control mechanisms, devices and chips put into your body at different places without your awareness and consent which can actually control your muscles even against your own will.  This has already happened to me.

Richard C Walker is believed to be a front man and the real owner of the above patent is believed to be Sir Geoffrey Pattie of the British Privy Council and also of the Pilgrim Society.  The Pilgrim Society   is what the slave masters of the world  collectively call themselves.  Extremely evil satanic and luciferian groups call themselves benign names and hide behind benign professions such as teachers and doctors.

The reason all members of the Pilgrim Society have not been arrested is because they have used technology to mass mind control government staff throughout the world. 

The flicker rate of the smart phones of government staff and others is being used to transmit coded data through their eyes. They are also being bio-digitally programmed by their smart phone to disbelieve all warnings .
Technology is being used to plant false and naïve trust in them towards the evil new world order cabal who wish to centralize control of the world in one location which they alone would then control.

If you use a smart phone you have been programmed to feel tense and uncomfortable whenever subjects which the slave masters do not wish you to consider are introduced and you are programmed to feel at peace when you quickly change the subject. Smart grids are being set up through cities which can turn a whole city into a wifi hot stop so that wirelessly transmitted data can be sent to the brains of the people of that city which would force them to have unusual experiences or to develop unusual belief systems such as a false and irrational belief in the existence of extra-terresterials. Psychiatry is being illegally used to categorise all who inform the public that they have already become wirelessly tethered to the worldwide central enslavement system as being mentally ill which they are not.


I am under cybernetic control which means that external control has been taken of my central nervous system to a large but not complete extent and this patented scientific capability is described under patent number us6965816. My facial muscles can now be externally moved and controlled by others who use wireless electronic means to control the nano technology which has become embedded inside my face and body through inhalation and ingestion because this nano technology has been added to the food, air and water supply without the knowledge of the majority of the men, women and children of this world by leading men who are generally known to be dark occultists.

I can now be forced to say words and whole sentences which I have no wish to say and which does not originate from my brain whenever I am brain to brain linked with the controlled neuro staff who work on an indirect basis for the National Security Agency of the U.S.A. who I believe are heavily mind controlled by the dark occultists who run this world from a central location under a one world government which is yet to be announced to an unsuspecting public.
I am now using rolls of repelling neodymium magnets to create a forcefield around my head in order to successfully curb the endeavours of these as yet unknown assailants who are believed to be dark occultists. This is a work in progress and I will write about it at another time.


The U.S.A. was making excellent financial and technological progress back in the 1960. America was a place of abundance, truth, peace of mind and well informed citizenry. The dark Luciferians and Satanists wished to establish world rule under their own command and they were frightened that the financial and technological progress the people of the United States of America were making would eventually lead to a republican hegemoney if it were not slowed down. To that end, dark occultists who own and run British Military Intelligence and the C.I.A. organised a counter culture for the purposes of slowing down American technological and financial progress. They went on to organise a music festival called Woodstock which was attended by half a million young Americans who went on to be drugged and brainwashed on a farm for three days.
“The victims were isolated, immersed in filth, pumped with psychedelic drugs and kept awake continuously for three straight days and all with the full complicity of the FBI and government officials.” From a Book called ‘Tavistock Institute’ by Daniel Estulin
Food, water and sanitary facilities were in short supply and worst of all there was no way for anybody who wanted to, to leave. After the weekend was over many went on to become fully fledged drug addicts who embraced a counter culture of hedonism. Whenever aspects of hedonism such as sexual promiscuity is tolerated in a society that society collapses after four generations because the family unit is then weakened which allows for excessive and often abusive government intervention into such families. Strong family connections are the back bone of any stable society.  Individual men and women need nurturing, loyalty, fidelity and  emotional support as well as a strong since of family identity in order to thrive and be happy and healthy during their lives.  That all becomes lost to each member of a country if the mains stream media encourage promiscuity through newspapers, magazines and television programming and this leaves the population of that particular country vulnerable to external control.  Further to that, people who are exposed to sexual promiscuity more often than  not eventually become mentally unstable which also leaves them more vulnerable to external control.

We should not allow church and state to get involved in the formation of families through either church rites  or government marriage laws because it is now widely known that both church and state are externally controlled themselves by dark occultists.    Couples who wish to live together and start a family should simply make a widespread public announcement of their intentions combined with having a legal document completed and such a  legal document must be drawn up in a way that it is entirely  independent of compromising state law.     It is  widely known that both the police forces and the military forces of the world are being used by said dark occultists to  enforce the enslavement of their fellow men, women and children by their unquestioning loyalty to the crown forces who are behind our incremental enslavement.


I had attended a medical practitioner for help with irritable bowel syndrome between five and seven times. The medical practitioner who I attended was a practicing psychiatrist and the reason I went to him for help was because I had attended many main stream medical practitioners and specialists and I had been informed that there was nothing that they could do to help me. I read that irritable bowel syndrome was psychosomatic and because of that reason I elected to attend a psychiatrist to see if he could help me to solve my problems with the aforementioned irritable bowel syndrome. He administered medicines and they were absolutely of no help to me whatsoever so I then asked him to put me on disability allowance because I could not afford to exist without financial assistance and I felt that I was unable to work because of the irritable bowel syndrome. The psychiatrist refused to let me have disability allowance on the grounds that people on disability allowance lead aimless lives and eventually commit suicide. Those were his exact words to me “People on disability allowance lead aimless lives and eventually commit suicide.”. The name of the psychiatrist who said this to me is Dr John Connolly, Pontoon Lodge, Pontoon, Castlebar, Co. Mayo. On that occasion he asked me if I had money. I understood at the time that he was asking me if I had enough money to pay his fee which was usually thirty five Euros or Pounds (I dont remember what currency was in use in the Republic of Ireland at that time which I believe was approximately 1989 and it was either Pounds or Euros). I did not realise that he was asking me if I had any financial resources of my own as his question was too vague for me to understand correctly. I now realise that he was asking me if I had any financial resources of my own. I was in a state of distress because of the ongoing irritable bowel problems which I was suffering from and I misinterpreted his question because I had never heard a medical professional asking personal questions about the financial status of the patient before even though I had attended alot of medical professionals before I attended him.
I had no option at that time but to continue working because I was living in rented accommodation and I would have become homeless if I had been unable to pay the rent. I had very little savings to the extent that I felt that I would never waste money of main stream medical practitioners again because they did not appear to care whether I was able to cope or not. I genuinely did not have the money to attend any more medical practitioners because at that time I just had enough money to eat and pay my bills with very little extra.
As far as I can remember Dr John Connolly then informed me that if I needed any further medical assistance I should go to St Teresa’s Unit in Castlebar which is a psychiatric hospital and ask them for help. I had never had any dealings with a psychiatric hospital at that time and I felt uncomfortable about visiting one while looking for help.
If I had applied for social welfare assistance, then in that case I would have had to prove that I was available for work and actively looking for work in order to receive the social welfare assistance so I would have had to lie to the social welfare staff in order to receive the assistance, so that was not a legal option for me.
My questions to all medical lawyers is as follows – If somebody who is legally entitled to disability allowance is legally denied access to it what should they do then? and secondly as follows :- Is there a legal standard of care which medical practitioners should abide by when denying a sick patient access to disability allowance?

During the late nineteen seventies and all through the nineteen eighties I had been attending many and varied main stream medical doctors and other medical specialists while seeking help for my irritable bowel syndrome problems. I attended Professor McCarthy of Forster Street, Galway at least twice about this matter. He informed me that there was nothing whatsoever he could do to help me and he also informed me that he would write me a prescription for some medication if I wanted one and he informed me that the prescription medicine would more than likely make no difference to my problems.
I attended a general practitioner called Dr Betty Maguire in Claremorris on numerous occasions about my irritable bowel syndrome and she sent me for tests to Galway Regional Hospital and so did a number of other general practitioners which I attended. One of the last times that I went as an out-patient for an examination to Galway Regional Hospital to have my irritable bowel syndrome problems investigated I waited in the waiting room from approximately 9.20 am until 5.10 pm in order to be seen. I was the first one in the waiting room that morning and all of the other patients were seen and nobody had called me for my examination. At approximately ten minutes past five in the evening at least four medical personnel came into the waiting room and informed me that they had lost my files. I was in a state of absolute despair but I felt intimidated by the number of staff and by their authority because I had been raised by the Irish educational system to have an extreme fear of authority so I just mumbled that I was alright even though I was not alright and I then left quickly.
Much later I applied for and successfully was awarded disability allowance for my ongoing irritable bowel syndrome. I no longer eat sugar or wheat but I still have problems in that area. I was then placed on a remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation program where I am now being surveilled around the clock while I am inside my own home and I am being delivered voice commands and pain as well as forced muscle movement and other upsetting experiences. All of this is against my will and without my permission and I was not ever made aware that it was going to happen to me before it happened. I have been informed via the aforementioned remote neural monitoring system that all of my muscles will eventually be tied down and I will be denied all of my human rights to even move a finger if you refuse to accept that I must stay in my own home and garden for the rest of my life because certain individuals who have financial power behind the scenes of all of our lives wish to enact a law which would entitle rulers of the future to force any body who is accepting disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome to stay inside their own home and garden at all times and be denied all access to public spaces for the entirety of their lives.

My name is Gretta Fahey and my permanent address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland.



In the enclosed photograph you will see that have sewn a large deep pocket on to the front of my woollen cap and I place a roll of repelling neodymium magnets into that cap pocket and I wear it while I am sleeping at night. The cap and the magnets stay in place all night long. This is how Bryan Koffron the whistleblower said he stopped voice to skull direct transmission of voices into his head. I have only done this for one night so far. I keep other rolls of repelling neodymium magnets hanging from the head of my bed and still others left in the bed at night. You can even hang one roll around your neck. They set up a powerful protective forcefield around the brain and body. When I have being doing this for a month I will write about how effective it is at protecting me from directed energy weapon attacks.


If the Gardaí refuse to  accept statements from victims of crime for any reason whatsoever then the gardai are effectively criminals themselves.  Irish citizenry who have been wirelessly brain and body hacked have been reporting that crime which is being perpetrated against them to the Gardaí and said Gardaí have been refusing to accept statements from them and instead the Gardaí have wrongly been mandating that they see psychiatrists, thereby creating a situation where the freedom of the complainant is at stake.

Hacking into the brains and bodies of Irish citizenry for the purposes of electronically harassing and torturing them has been ongoing for decades but the Gardaí are not been informed about these widespread capabilities while they are being trained in Templemore Gardaí Training College.  The Gardaí are wrongly been mandated to send complainers of any and all directed energy weapon attacks for psychiatric evaluation.  Who ever is responsible for mandating that all Gardaí carry out these orders is committing a criminal offence.  When will he, she or they be arrested?


Criminals are criminally hacking into the brains and central nervous systems of citizens of Ireland and both the Gardaí and psychiatrists refuse to believe us whenever we complain about this fact.   The Gardaí refuse to accept statements off us and instead they mandate that we see psychiatrists  who would then mandate that we be incarcerated inside psychiatric hospitals against our wills if we continued to insist that our brains are being hacked into, which is a serious criminal offence.   Psychiatrists and the Gardaí are groups of men and women like ourselves.  They are not infallible.  They can not hide behind the large groups that they belong to.  They do not have extra protection from the law than the rest of the citizenry, or do they?  We will treat their behaviour towards us on an individual Garda and an individual psychiatrist basis when we seek justice.  We are willing to acknowledge that they can not think clearly and that they have not been able to think clearly for many years if not decades due to the fact that they are under heavy mind programming from the technology that they are mandated to use.   Technological experts who are not affiliated with the corrupt worldwide central control system are claiming that the act of holding smart phones or other similar technology close to a person’s head causes both programming and almost imperceptible neurological damage to the brains of that aforementioned person.  Most Gardaí and Psychiatrists  have been seen to keep weaponized smart technology on their persons to the extent that many members of the Irish public  now have lost all confidence in the ability of both the Gardaí and Psychiatrists to function well in the service of the Irish citizenry.

Because of the current situation of Irish citizens who are having both their brains and central nervous systems illegally hacked into  no longer being able to  report the matter to the Gardai for fear of being wrongly incarcerated inside psychiatric hospitals the minute they tell the truth about what is happening to them, those aforementioned Irish citizens are now suffering in silence and they are also doing all in their power to first of all raise awareness of the truth of widespread illegal brain and body hacking  of citizens who peacefully go about their lives inside the Republic of Ireland before they can again attempt to report the matter to a then hopefully  better informed  Garda force at some future time.

We are now enslaved by wireless remote means and the Gardai appear to be enforcing our enslavement by their unquestioning obedience to a worldwide central hierarchical based chain of command where they always appear to take the side of the slave masters against the Irish citizenry who they initially promised to protect and serve.  They are behaving in this way not because they are evil but simply because they are under heavy mental programming, some of which must be coming from the antennas which are atop of each Garda station.  I personally have lost all confidence in the Gardai and even if I was being murdered I would not call them because I am very angry with them because of their ongoing mindless treatment of individuals who are being brain and body hacked by wireless remote means and who have not found a way of proving this matter conclusively to the Gardaí or Psychiatrists.  Because of lack of proof we can not return to a Garda Station ever.  We have asked politicians to provide the Gardaí with technology which would read our energy fields so that the Gardaí would then have conclusive evidence that we are being wirelessly hacked into but nothing was ever heard back by us about that situation.  What is to be done next to solve this ongoing crime against Irish citizenry which is becoming widespread?

My website is called


The whole world is to be turned into a wireless hotspot if the new world order cabal get their way.  We would all then be wirelessly connected to a central human computerized control system by our central nervous systems where we would be issued voice commands by wireless means.  If we failed to obey the voice commands we would then be sent pain or electric shock by wireless means or we would even be eliminated by wireless means without ever knowing who our real enemies are.  I know this to be true because I and more than a million other targeted individuals have been connected to this system for many years.  We are not being believed because most of the men and women who hold smart phones close to their brains have been heavily programmed by wireless means and their brains have been entrained into a state of trust in the system.   There are many easy solutions coming to the fore.   Place rolls of repelling magnets on your person, especially at night while you are sleeping.  The repelling magnets will create a strong force field around your body while will protect you from wireless torture and genocide.  Disassemble and ban HAARP phased arrays and all other paraphernalia which is essential to the enslavement, torture and genocide system.  We should attempt to refuse to register births, marriages and deaths.  Stop all chemtrail spraying of the skies over our heads.  The aforementioned chemtrails contain chemicals, biologicals, heavy metals and dust sized technology and when we inhale and ingest them a neural mesh is being created inside our brains and bodies which creates a smart grid inside of us which allows us to be wirelessly controlled from the inside out.   For further ways to protect yourself from being wirelessly enslaved please check out the following youtube video of Tony Pantalleresco of HerbsPlusBeadWorks which is called “Protecting yourself against frequencies and Nano”  I enclose the link here.


I am reading a book called “Artificial Intelligence, Dangers to Humanity” where the author Cyrus A. Parsa claims that smart phones can more easily program the mind of the user than any other digital media device because smart phones create a bio-digital flow-cycle with the human beings who owns them allowing information to move at rapid speeds to and from the person and the smart phone. I myself believe that people are being heavily programmed to resist all knowledge of the capabilities of modern scientific and technological capabilities to enslave them and I believe that they will sincerely regret it if they refuse to acknowledge this situation as well as to put the situation to rights now.

My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland.  My landline home phone number is 0949360901.


Software inside your smart phone or a variety of other digital media devices can be externally programmed from a remote location to transmit frequencies which would change your mood from suspicious to apathetic, or to gullable or even to naïve, and this can all occur without you having any conscious awareness of it ever occurring.  We are now being slowly enslaved and our Irish  politicians and both  senior Gardaí and senior civil servants continue to use smart phones which is very worrying for the rest of the Irish race.

The senior politicians of the Republic of Ireland have signed over some of the resources of our country, the Republic of Ireland in the past to foreign  prospectors.  Were said senior Irish politicians using smart phones or other digital media devices during the time when they signed the relevant  documents  which entitled foreign interests to own and control resources which previously belonged to the Irish people and if they were using digital media devices when signing any and all legal documents in the past were they aware that externally programmed frequencies could have been transmitted from their digital media devices at that time to negatively affect their ability to think clearly?

Can we ban all digital media devices from all government work places and if so when can it be done?


Industrial hemp is the worlds number one resource and it is capable of generating sixty thousand different products and yet it has been banned from the market place by individuals who wish to empoverish us for some of the following reasons:-
The first step to taking over a country and its people is to first of all find ways to empoverish the people of that country. That has already been achieved by banning industrial hemp and by thereby banning all of its products from the market place. We could build, furnish and carpet and power our homes by using industrial hemp as the main raw material to achieve this. We could feed our animals with industrial hemp. It takes only ninety days for industrial hemp to grow to full maturity from seed. It has been banned from the world market place by individuals who wish to take over our countries and to enslave us.
A second step to taking over a country and its people is to destroy the health of the people of the country which has been designated for takeover and enslavement. In medical school, students are being deliverately misinformed about all aspects of human health. This has now become apparent because medical practitioners are coming to the fore online and relating stories of how they given misinformation at medical school and since then through their own private endeavours have found much better ways of treating and curing illnesses, information which was denied to them during their medical training. Further to that, Iatrogenic events in medical practice is the third leading cause of death in the United States at this time.
A fourth step needed in taking over a country and its people is to intellectually dumb them down so that they are unable to think logically and rationally. Magical thinking is encouraged in all areas. Government education is mainly about subjugation, brain washing, mass control and conformity. Children are not been taught how to think critically. A future dictatorship does not wish to be challenged by individuals who are truely educated and independend minded. They would like the population they control to think collectively because they hate individuality because they can not and never could mind control individual thinkers. School has become a process of non-educational programming. Schooling is also being used to make children aware of time constraints so that they could be controlled by this means in the future. Public schooling is now being used to indoctrinate students into the political principal of collectivism which means central control of people.
A fifth step needed to take over a country and its people is to take total control over the main stream media which has already been achieved throughout the world. The dark occultists and others who aim to enslave us have purchased most newspapers, magazines, television stations,publishing houses and film studios. They push the same propaganda from all avenues so that it then becomes more believable when people begin to hear the same message from several different sources. All avenues of information have now been centralized into fewer and fewer hands and those fewer hands are attempting to manufacture a false reality where we would be given fewer basic human rights that those within the dictatorship.
A sixth step needed to take over a country and its people is to take control of the police of that country. At present, masts over police stations affect the beta rhythm of their brains which is responsible for sound judgement in emergency situations. Police are being forced to enforce unjust laws. Police are being denied access to information about directed energy weapons and their true capabilities. They are being wrongly guided to send complainers of directed energy weapons attacks for mandatory psychiatric evaluation, thereby mistakingly covering up in-home wireless torture and in-home attempts at wireless enslavement of good living people through attempts at controlling them through their central nervous systems. An attempt to turn human beings into cyborgs through control of their nervous systems has been partially achieved. With the use of invisible and silent weapons, peoples biological and electrical systems and their minds can be controlled via telephone masts.
A seventh step needed to take over a country and its people is to use brain entrainment and subliminal programming of the populace through television, smart phones and wifi whenever the would be enslavers wish to introduce unjust government ligitation such as privatising property which is owned by the people of that country and thereby allowing it to be purchased by unknown investors who are acting for the dictatorship. Such brain entrainment and subliminal programming and other mind control techniques are being used on you without your knowledge and consent during elections, political meetings, conferences, demonstrations, large consumer purchases such as when purchasing private homes or holiday homes, as well as during court cases. Brain entrainment and subliminal programming has become so advanced now that it can be used to cover whole countries or whole continents at the same time.
An eight step needed to take over a country and its people is to keep them working continually while often performing pointless tasks so that they will not have time to figure out what is really occurring behind the scenes in their lives. It has been widely discovered that at least eighty percent of all work being performed across the world only benefits the would-be enslavers of the human race. In order to provide ourselves with everything we need and in order to lead lives of absolute abundance each man and woman in this world would really only need to work one day per week. Further to that, it is advantageous to the would-be dictatorship to keep both students and workers permanently tired and stressed because conditioning which is installed when somebody is in a state of stress or fatigue goes deeper that conditioning which is installed at other times.
A nineth step needed to take over a country and its people is to deny the people a platform of complaint whenever they are being subject to unjust treatment or when they are being wirelessly tortured inside their own homes. The main stream media refuse to print our stories and politicians refuse to act on our requests for assistance and they refuse to provide technology which would enable us to prove that we are under wireless attack. Universities refuse to reply to our requests for help.
A tenth step needed to take over a country and its people is to encourage everyone to belong to groups or teams. Anyone who lives alone or who acts alone or who is an individual thinker is to be portrayed with suspicion by agents within the main stream media. Group members try to minimize conflict in order to reach a consensus often without critical evaluation of alternative viewpoints. If you belong to a group you are often isolated from outside influences.
An eleventh step to taking over a country and its people is to manipulate the young people into becoming addicted to substances and to sexually depraving themselves by offering them misleading advice when they are too young to be able to assess it critically. If we live lives of loyalty and fidelity to one partner throughout our lives and if sexual behaviour is moderate rather than extreme then we will have peace of mind throughout our lives. The nuclear family is destroyed when people become sexually promiscious thereby paving the way for greater intervention into our lives and manipulation of our lives by a would-be dictatorship.

A twelfth step needed to take over a country and its people is to deny the people adequate living space because by living in over crowded spaces we are being subjected to undue stress which would make us move maleable to being controlled by false authority figures . If there were a stable six billion individuals on earth and each apartment building was only six floors high we could then give every man, woman and child on earth their own large fifty square metre apartment for the duration of their whole life and it would take approximately twelve million acres of space to build those six floor apartment buildings on and considering that there are thirty six thousand, seven hundred and ninety four million acres of land on earth, after we subtracted the twelve million acres of land needed for the spacious apartment blocks, we would then have thirty six thousand, seven hundred and eighty two million acres of land left for food and for wild animals.
36,794,000,000 Acres of land on earth.
– 12,000,000 Acres needed to give every one their one fifty square metre apartment for life
provided each apartment building was six floors high and the population of earth
remained at a stable six billion.
36,782,000,000 Acres left over for farm land and wild land.
We should enact laws where we are all entitled to own personal property such as our own fifty square metre large home which could be built by industrial hemp building blocks and furnished by industrial hemp furniture and carpeted by industrial hemp carpets. Nobody could then accuse us of wasting the resources of the planet because it only takes ninety days to grow industrial hemp from seed to full maturity so therfure we would not be burdening the planet in any way whatsoever. We would no longer allow laws which would entitle us to own private property such as land, roads, lakes, seas, apartment blocks, banks, museums and government buildings because these publicly owned resources are now being privatized all over the world and are being purchased by the same group of would-be dictators of the world who if allowed to continue would eventually own all of the resources of the planet and legally enslave the rest of us so that we would not be able to live if we ever dared to challenge their future dictatorship. Please raise awareness of this.

Whenever those who run governments from behind the scenes commit crimes they apply the word “classified” to each crime and by this means secrecy allows evil to flourish. Senior politicians and other government staff should refuse to sign secrecy clauses and they should disclose whatever they know about government criminality because full disclosure allows good to flourish. Honesty and truth holds society together.
We must become self-sufficient within each country. We must refuse to finance the intelligence services. We must switch back from digital to analogue communications. We must own and control our own central banks. We must use common law courts whose laws would be enforced by a peoples militia. We must take down HAARP phased arrays. We must not allow children to become unquestioningly obedient order followers because by becoming unquestioningly obedient they could in later life easily be persuaded to commit acts of extreme evil by the would-be dictatorship.


If there were a stable six billion individuals on earth and each apartment building was only six floors high we could then give every man, woman and child on earth their own large fifty square metre apartment for the duration of their whole life and it would take approximately twelve million acres of space to build those six floor apartment buildings on and considering that there are thirty six thousand, seven hundred and ninety four million acres of land on earth, after we subtracted the twelve million acres of land needed for the spacious apartment blocks, we would then have thirty six thousand, seven hundred and eighty two million acres of land left for food and for wild animals.
36,794,000,000 Acres of land on earth.
– 12,000,000 Acres needed to give every one their one fifty square metre apartment for life
provided each apartment building was six floors high and the population of earth
remained at a stable six billion.
36,782,000,000 Acres left over for farm land and wild land.
Industrial Hemp is the worlds number one resource. It is capable of providing us with 60,000 different products including, clothing, carpets, animal feeds, building materials and many others. We have been denied the right to bring industrial hemp to the market place thereby denying us our rightful abundance.
Free energy devices have already been developed but that has also been banned for the market place. The individuals who wish to enslave us have given us a mind set of making work our God where the more we work the higher our self esteem is allowed to become. However, at least eighty percent of the work currently being performed throughout the world is negative, evil, damaging, dangerous and some even pointless work, namely military, intelligence, alcohol, tobacco, most pharmaceuticals, poisonous vaccines, organised religions, governments, schools, and others too numerous to mention.
Human beings are self regulating. Church and state are the two arms of the enslavement system. We should organise ourselves under common law while using common law courts whose laws would be enforced using a peoples militia. Judges and Juries would only ever be allowed to preside in court on one occasion during their lives and they would be selected by the peoples assembly for that occasion.
If we didnt have to spend our whole lives worrying about how to provide a home for ourselves and how to feed ourselves we could then instead spend our whole lives thinking of ways to improve the world for future generations. The happiness levels of the men, women and children of the world would then take a quantum leap into lifes of pure joy. Can we make this happen at this time and how can we make it happen?


I am being subjected to non-consensual neuro experimentation and this means that I am directly connected from my brain and central nervous system to a computerized control network. Those unknown individuals who work at that computerized control network can place me under brain to brain link with their own brains whenever they wish and they can make their own brain waves over ride mine to a large extent. This means that they can talk through me whenever they wish. Whenever they are directly brain to brain linked with me if they speak I am then made to speak the words they speak even if I dont wish to do so.
The American Industrialist Elon Musk has created a neural link device for the purposes of linking human brains with machines. Other high tech companies have creates similar devices. However it is deemed preferable by said industrialists not to need any medical implant for the purposes of linking human brains with machines in order to control those humans. Instead they appear to have sprayed the human race with chemicals, biologicals and nano technology which when inhaled and ingested would then pass through the blood brain barrier of the human concerned and create a neural network inside the human brain which would then serve as a neural link device.
Whether it be through a medical implant or through inhalation of nano technology that the unknown industrialists have linked our brains to a computerized control network both ways appear to engender similar results. The link between the human brain and the control system is bi-directional to the extent that both voice or telepathic messages can then be sent to and from the brain of the non-consensual and unwilling human being. Also images, visions, pain, electric shocks, forced muscle movement and a variety of other unwanted sensations can be sent to the victim. The victim could eventually be crippled or paralysed for life at the will of the unknown perpetrators. Further to that, many of the electric signals which are being generated by the victims brain and body on a continual basis and which is commonly known as bio-data is stolen from the victim by those who work at the computerized control centre that the victim is non-consensually connected to possibly by wireless means.
Because images, visions and pain can be sent to the victim, that victim can be trapped in a virtual reality hell for hours at a time. They can be trapped in a virtual reality simulation to the extent that if they are out and about when it occurs they would not be able to find their way home while trapped inside it.
Elon Musk and other industrialists give the impression that we would be allowed to choose whether to merge our brains with machines but that is not the case in any instance. I have been non-consensuall connected to this computerized control system for many years and I personally know many others that are also connected to it and we are all non-consensual. None of us were ever asked for our permission. You may already be wirelessly merged with this computerized control and enslavement system and you may be receiving subliminal messages from the system itself which you are being led to believe are your own thoughts and opinions. This is the only explanation as to why society disbelieves many of the targeted individuals whenever they claim that they are under neural control which is also known as cybernetic control. Society refuses to listen to our stories. They are almost never written about or spoken about by the main stream media.
Elon Musk and other industrialists are attempting to permanently enslave the men, women and children of the world by merging their brains and central nervous systems with technology so that these men, women and children would be forever after both mind controlled and body controlled from birth to the extent that these men, women and children would never be able to free themselves from enslavement for millions of generations into the future. We are at a grave pivotal point in human history. We must take down the two hundred or so HAARP phased array systems through the world while we still can because they are an integral part of the enslavement system. We must also take down both the microwave transmatters and millimeter wave transmitters and any other antenna or paraphernalia which is being used to further our mental and physical enslavement.

I have been listening to some of the youtube interviews of Cyrus A. Parsa who appears to know what is occurring behind the scenes of our lives in great detail. The main stream media should have given us the information that he gives us. They have let their fellow men, women and children of the world down and they now serve the interests of the would be slave masters and nobody else. The reason for this is that they are under the duress of artificial intelligence as explained by Cyrus A. Parsa and which I have summarised herebelow.

The individuals who created the capability to transhumanize us have been extracting bio-metric information from our brains and bodies whenever we use smart phones.
Smart phones and other digital media devices contain proximity sensors which can tell when you are near them. The smart phone then interfaces with your neural system and extracts data such as health information as well as voice recognition and facial recogniton information from you. The neurological pathways in our bodies and brains have inputs and outputs to the extent that what you hear and see on your smart phone goes through your neurological pathways. Digital frequencies come out of you smart phone whenever you touch it and flow into your neurological pathways which are sometimes called meridians and they slowly and incrementally take control of our minds and of the electrical system in our bodies. Your smart phone could possibly connect to all ten thousand acupuncture points in your body.
The individuals who wish to both control and enslave us through the illegally obtained bio-metric data which they extracted from us via our digital media devices, take our bio-metric data and attach it to a quantum artificial intelligence digital brain, which itself can mobilize drones and robots to hurt us if we should attemt to challenge their dictatorship in a future of 5G and 6G networks. If the 5G system is ever allowed to be installed under a free state the frequencies would then be so fast that people would be totally controlled and many would not even know that they were being totally controlled.
The individuals who wish to control and enslave their fellow human beings by using high technology have found that it is easier to create coding and algorithms which are suitable for a worldwide socialism platform because under a worldwide socialism platform only need one system of control is needed for all and in that way all of the thoughts of the controlled and enslaved men, women and children of the world would be uniform. They would all be programmed to think the same thoughts and to hold the same opinions as each other. This has already occurred for those who hold smart phones close to their heads. They refuse to believe that there is any threat to their freedom whatsoever and they absolutely trust in the good will of the would-be slave masters.
The Chinese government set up concentration camps twenty years ago and they use big technology to scan, hunt, quarantine, kill and organ harvest many chinese people. These people are not missed by society because the population of China is now fifteen thousand million. China is an evil, sinister, orwellian, artificial intelligence state. George Soros was heard to say that the rest of the world would be modelled on China in the future.
We are being sprayed with chemtrails from the skies over our heads on a continuous basis for many years. These chemtrails have been found to contail chemicals, biologicals and nano technology which we inhale and ingest and which are being used to cybernetically change us. I personally believe but can not as yet prove that the would be slave masters do not allow themselves to inhale and ingest the aforementioned formula. I believe that they live in Madagascar where it is believed that no chemtrails are being sprayed and they control the world from there using wireless connections. They do not plan to belong to the worldwide hierarchy of control and instead they would control the hierarchy from outside.
Cyrus A. Parsa has written and published two books which are called ” ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE DANGER TO HUMANITY” and “AI, TRUMP, CHINA, AND THE WEAPONIZATION OF ROBOTICS WITH 5G”. He has conducted many youtube interviews online.


I was placed under neural control in approximately 2003 where neural interface technology was placed inside me without my knowledge or consent. Neural interface technology is bi-directional so it can be used to both steal bio-data from my brain and central nervous system as well as to send unwanted information to my brain and central nervous system in order so that the criminals can gain partial or total control over my central nervous system. One of the staff members of the worldwide criminal organisation who install neural interace technology in unaware men and women transmitted the following message to me this morning as follows
“We are capturing slaves by placing their central nervous systems under neural control so that we can immobilize them at will if ever they are disobedient to our voice transmissions.”
As this method of placing a potential slave under neural control is invisible the burdon of proving that this is occurring throughout the world has been placed with the victims. I am such a victim and I have emailed the Lab director at Imperial College, London, Mr Timothy Constandinou asking him how we the victims of non-consensual neural control should go about proving that this widespread invisible crime has been perpetrated against us. If anybody else has any knowledge of how I can prove that this crime has been perpetrated against me please let me know.
Yours Sincerely, Gretta Fahey, Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland
My Landline Home Phone Number is 094 9360901. My website which I alone own and control is called


Neural interfaces are bi-directional. If you wear a neural interface device in order to control gaming or other technology hackers can then hack into your neural interface device and use it to monitor, influnece and modify your own neural activity without you being consciously aware of it. They can use your neural interface device to externally control your thoughts, feelings and even your own body movements. They can also use your neural interface device to place subliminal or audible messages inside your own head.

I am a long term non-consensual subject of remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation. I am being brain to brain interfaced with unknown neuro operatives against my will and without my permission. The brain activity of the neuro operative that I am brain to brain interfaced with and who is known as the encoder is recorded and then transmitted in real time to my brain and my brain then decodes the pattern of information that the encoder has generated. The encoders brain activity over rides my own brain activity to the extent that whatever words the encoder speaks come out of my mouth against my will and without my permission. This is known as forced speech. I spoke using a mans voice on a number of occasions even though I am female.
My website is called and I have been writing about my experiences of being a non-consensual human experimentation subject for many years.


Brain computer interfacing is being illegally used to acquire brain signals from unaware human subjects and to then transfer them to an external device where translation algorithms are then used to translate the acquired brain signals into most if not all of what the unaware human is doing, saying, thinking and feeling.
Because brain computer interface technology is bi-directional subliminal information is then being sent to the unaware human subject to bio-digitally program him or her without their knowledge or consent. The human subject or subjects can be programmed to hate a member of their own family or their own community or even a senior politician and this is being done by the use of engineered artificial intelligent algorithms.
The frequencies which are eminating from your smart phone are being used to entrain your brain so please keep your smart devices in faraday bags when they are not in use.
There are many methods of stealing your brain signals and one of these involves placing a device inside one of your ears while you are unaware that it is occuring in order to collect your brain signals using the science of EEG.

Brain computer interfacing is being used to send voice commands, images, pain, electric shock, artificial feelings and forced muscle movement to men and women who are known as targeted individuals.   This is all being covered up by false psychiatry or deliberately created hoaxes such as the demonic possession hoax or the hoax of an extra-terresterial presence.  Bio-robotizing a real human being is also being planned so that the all of the free will of a human being can be taken away completely and they would never be able to move a single muscle again  while all of their muscle movements would be controlled externally by wireless means.   The individuals behind brain computer interface crime are extremely cruel.  Some of the staff who work for them may be being externally controlled themselves.


A brain computer interface which is sometimes called a neural control interface is a bi-directional communication pathway between a human brain and an external source. When using dry EEG electrodes combined with a Visual Evoked Potentials based brain computer interface high speeds of communication between the human subject and the external source can be achieved. A brain computer interface collects and interprets brain signals from a human subject and then translates them into everything that human being is thinking, saying, doing and feeling as well as giving direct feedback to that human subject often against the will and without the permission of said human subject.
Because they are bi-directional brain computer interfaces can either be used to repair or to destroy the sensory motor functions of a human being. A brain computer interface can be used to send voice commands to a non-consensual human subject complete with pain, electric shock or immobilization of they fail to comply with said voice commands. Brain computer interfaces are ultimately intented to be used by dark occultists to control and enslave the human race.
Brain computer interfaces are being used to send subliminal voices to unaware individuals who then interpret those subliminal voices as their own personal thoughts and opinions. This capability could be used to influencing voting at public election times if the relevant technological paraphernalia is placed close to a voting centre and this has been allowed to occur numerous times in the past. Brain computer interfaces can also be used to send subliminal voices to senior politicians who then interpret those subliminal voices as their own opinions in order to influence them to sell public assets to members of the dark occult who wish to eventually purchase all of the public assets throughout the world by slow and incremental means in order to ultimately enslave the human race by this and many other means.
The dry electrodes which are needed in order to invade the brain of a human being and then both read and control their thoughts and even their motor function can be placed both on or inside their brain. If said dry electrodes are sprayed from the skies over our heads during supposed geo-engineering activities some of them with land in our hair. Otherwise we will ingest and inhale them through the food, water and air supply where electromagnetic radiation is used to render our blood brain barrier more permeable allowing electrodes to go into our brains and to create a neural network in there.
There are currently many science and technology companies throughout many parts of the world working to find a way of controlling their fellow human beings by directly accessing their central nervous system and then by researching methods of immobilizing them if they refuse to obey the dictates of the worldwide central control system. The employees of said science and technology companies may work at their own eventual enslavement because of being mind controlled themselves through brain computer interfaces or through having become enslaved through student debt or through being controlled through their own central nervous systems or because during the course of their experimentation on the central nervous system they are being deliberately informed that they are working on a monkey rather than on a non-consensual and extremely unwilling  live human being.

Emerging advances in neuro-science demand the enactment of neuro specific human rights laws in order to protect us from still classified capabilities which are now in use throughout most countries of the world . Please canvas your politicians about this matter today.


The unknown perps who are forcing my muscles to move against my will by wireless remote means by transmitting modulated electromagnetic frequencies to my central nervous system have said that they would prefer to be imprisoned rather than to have to continue to attempt to bio-robotize a real live human being. However, they can not turn themselves in to the police without arousing suspicion in the individuals who control the computers that they themselves have become willingly tethered to without realising what they were letting themselves in for. They now regret everything that they have done to myself Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland.   The perps themselves have informed me via voice to skull classified military direct voice transmission technology which inserts voices directly into my cranium that they are currently visiting Great Britian but they are originally from the United States.


Shungite is a black carbon based stone found in Northern Russia near Finland.   It provides protection against the effects of electromagnetic radiation.  There are several books written about the unique properties of shungite.

If you wear  a thin layer of elite shungite measuring at least one tenth of an inch in thickness  in eye pads while sleeping you will protect yourself from criminal neuro operatives who might wish to  access to your brain and central nervous system which can be accessed through your eyes.  Wearing pendents or ear rings made from shungite also provides protection.  It takes three shungite nuggets of any size to create a coherent field, meaning the field of each nugget unites with the other two energy fields to produce a whole new field of greater ‘cohesion’.  Therefore it may be better to wear both a shungite pendent with a pair of shungite ear rings for optimal protection during each day.


Dark occultists run our world from behind the scenes through the use of an invisible and false hierarchical based chain of command which is largely based on financial control. However, I believe that they are outside the false hierarchy rather than at the top of it for the reason that everybody inside a rigidly controlled hierarchy spends a small protion of their time either grovelling to superiors who are one step further up the worldwide hierarchical ladder than they are and they spend the rest of their time rigidly controlling those further down the false worldwide hierarchy than they are.
I believe that the dark occultists who run our world through financial means live and work in Madagascar for the following two possible reason. It has been reported by a mathematician who calculated the routes which geo-engineering aircraft were taking that they were avoiding Madagascar. It has also been reported that Zionists who are front men for Sabatian Frankist Satanists have purchased large tracts of land in Madagascar.
We have been implanted with nano technology which when then wirelessly connected to computer control networks renders us partially enslaved. It is logical and rational to believe that those who wish to wirelessly enslave us in this way would not subject themselves to such abuse and that they would remain out side such a system. I myself have been wirelessly tethered to a computer control network for many years and that is how I know without any doubt that there is a serious attempt by dark occultists to enslave all of their fellow men, women and children of the world. Many are in a state of disbelieve because they are possibly already wirelessly tethered to the system and subliminal messages may already be being transmitted to their brains without their knowledge and consent.
You can easily save yourself by the following methods. Take small amounts of boron three times per day and this is widely available in capsule form from all good health food shops. It is purported to destroy or else eliminate the nano material inside your body.
Place rolls of neodymium magnets, wrapped in duct tape in a way that each magnet is repelling the next one to it in the roll, close to your head or body either in your pocket or inserted in your cap. This will provide a protective field around you at all times. Please watch Tony Pantaleresco on his youtube channel which is called HerbsPlusBeadWorks demonstrate how to roll the repelling neodymium magents in a roll.
Canvas your government to have all two hundred HAARP phased array installations throughout the world taken down and banned because they are an essential part of the worldwide enslavement system and without them we will be free.
Please send me feedback if you know anything about geo-engineering in Madagascar. Are their visible chemtrails in the skies of Madagascar because I believe there are possible none whatsoever.
Those who are purported to be at the top of the false worldwide hierarchical based chain of command are very possible controlled by others who are very definitely outside said hierarchy. They are the ones who the world would like to see exposed for their attempts to wirelessly enslave each and every one of us from implants inside us.
Anybody can now be wirelessly sent frequencies to control their feelings and moods. I was once sent frequencies which induced feelings of terror in me for a full year as part of the human experimentation program I have been non-consensually placed in. If this should happen to you it might help to alleviate the frequency weapon induced negative feelings if you place your computer or phone inside a faraday bag each night and also switch off the electricity to your bedroom at the mains each night before you go to sleep. Faraday bags which are suitable for holding a small notebook computer or a mobile phone are widely available online.



The Richard C. Walker patent number US6965816 describes the ability to aggressively go in, take over, control, track and manage any system whether it be an airplane, a car, a motor cycle or the central nervous system of a human being. I Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland an a non-consensual victim of neuro experimentation where over many years more and more of my central nervous system is being externally, wirelessly controlled by unknown operatives who speak to me by wireless means as they work of my central nervous system. Here below is a short synopsis of some of what these individuals who transmit their voices to me via military technology and which I hear coming from inside my head have informed me of in the past few weeks.

“It is not a binary system. It is a digital system andit has taken over several aspects of thewomans body and brain.”
“If she continues to expose this system we will hurt her.”
“The roads will be privately owned some time in the future and then no one will be allowed to use them without the permission of the slave masters.”
“My name is Anastasia Lochlin.”
“We dont hear anything from the staff that are monitoring her and we dont know why.”
“We are attempting to preprogram your jaws to obey our commands as well as to over ride your superior commands.”
“By relinguishing all rights to your home and family and then by coming with us is now the only way you would be given any freedom. Otherwise you would not be able to move a muscle by the time we are finished encoding your central nervous system.”
“Can we feel the toes?” “Not yet.” “I can feel all of your facial muscles.” “When this process of totally submerging you in our consciousness is completed we will then be able to walk and talk through you.”
“This information is not available to anyone else as yet because it is black budget military technology and we have been warned not to speak about it”
“Overt control of this woman Gretta Fahey has now become feasable.”
The voice to skull military technology enabled voices once informed me via voice to skull that they informed their neuro operatives that I am a systems design rather than a real living non-consensual and extremely unwilling human being so that the neuro operatives would continue their work of encoding me for bio-robotization. They have already taken partial control of my facial, neck, eye and several other muscles.
The voice to skull inner voices once gave me the following name and address as follows:-
Eamon Clohessy, 14 Willow Lane, Clondalkin, Co. Dublin. They then told me that he is the Director of Public Information Systems for the Republic of Ireland as part of the criminal syndicate which we are all involved in.
The voice to skull inner voices have also given me the following names during the past few months or years as follows:-
Emma Byron – dealer. Maurice Chambers – passed away. He was murdered. He was once head of the secret police in the Republic of Ireland. Keith Summerville – one of the neuro staff. Peter Hoagland – with the C.I.A. and directly involved with my electronic harassment and non-consensual neuro evaluation. Jack Henderson, Allan Lucas, Max Stafford. Other names I have heard the voice to skull inner voices mention often over the past number of years are Jessica, Martha, Madeline and John Henry who was a previous neuro staff member and who was claimed by them to have been murdered.

I have informed the Gardai in my home town of Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland of my ongoing experiences of wireless remote controlled psychological torture.  They refused to accept a statement from me on the grounds that I was mentally ill.  They did not allow me to finish telling them of my ongoing experiences and instead they brought me to see a police psychiatrist Dr John O Toole for mandatory psychiatric evaluation. I was cool and composed when I first went in to the Garda Station in Claremorris to make that statement. I was then remotely made to feel far too warm by wireless remote means in order that I would be discredited in front of the Gardai who I spoke to on that day. I believed that I would be wrongly evaluated as mentally ill if I continued to pursue the topic with the police psychiatrist Dr John O Toole so I sidelined the conversation in order to protect myself from wrongly being incarcerated inside a psychiatric hospital and forceably made to ingest toxic substances which are so harmful that ingesting them is akin to being tortured from the inside out to the extent that I would prefer to be dead that to ever have to go through the experience of spending time inside a psychiatric hospital ever again.

I know sixteen other targeted individuals from the Republic of Ireland whose private contact details I have obtained and who are being wirelessly tortured inside their own homes, some of them are being wirelessly physically burned and at least one other is experiencing external wireless control of his central nervous system where his arms and legs are being forceably moved against his will.