I and many other of my fellow human beings are being wirelessly electronically harassed and tortured while we are attempting to peacefully go about our everyday lives.   We have been non-consensually wirelessly connected to the wireless internet of things which is also called the brain net by our brains and central nervous systems.   Psychiatrists are unwittingly being used to censor all knowledge of this phenomenon because if we dare to complain we are immediately and wrongly deemed to be mentally unwell and we are then incarcerated inside psychiatric hospitals for a short  time but long enough for us to lose our credibility.   We are then forced to ingest poisonous substances which hinder our ability to communicate effectively because these poisons block access to parts of our own minds.     This situation has come about because Sabbatean-Frankist Satanists are now in controlling positions at the top of the world hierarchical based chain of command.

I am wirelessly connected to a network of computers where hundreds of different operatives ask me questions and issue me voice commands by a live wireless bi-directional link.   I have never met any of them and I don’t know who they are but their work appears to be compartmentalized to the extent that most of these operatives do not know what  their colleagues do to me to the extent that while they monitor me via their remote neural monitoring capabilities they often draw wrong conclusions about me.  This is mainly because they have admitted that they can not tell the difference between information which I generate with my own mind or information which has been wirelessly sent into my mind by their own colleagues who because of  work compartmentalization are normally unknown to them.  If some of their unknown colleagues download disturbing images into my mind, these individuals often have wrongly assumed that those disturbing pornographic   type images were generated by my own mind.    I am a  woman of late middle age and  I never watch pornography and I dislike it intensely and any pornographic images which manifests inside my mind have come by wireless means from unknown individuals who either send such an image directly to my mind or they have pre-programmed such an image to be generated  by my mind every time I hear a trigger word.   These unknown neuro operatives once send me a pornographic image of a religious icon in a sexual pose.

We must ban all brain to brain link capabilities because they are being used for torture.  Because of the wireless internet-of-things capabilities I can now be placed on a type of virtual reality hold which I can not escape from where pain can be administered to me.   Brain weapons are being used to enslave the human race.  We must ban 5G and related paraphernalia urgently.

Occasionally I post online a small sample of what the unknown operatives say to me and about me to their colleagues so that if you should become wirelessly linked to the wireless internet of things in the future you will know what to expect.   Here is some of what the voices of these unknown neuro operatives were heard by me to say recently :-

“She must be stopped from wearing trousers.  She must wear skirts.  It is the requirement.”

“They are going to do an analysis just when I am in the middle of my work.   I cant stand it.  Multi triangulations going on.”

“I want her locked away.”

“The scientists here believe that this woman Gretta Fahey doesn’t have anything to hide and that you have been inforcing this woman through extreme punishment.”

“How dare you speak to me like that.  You are a subordinate and you will always remain so.” ( One neuro operative speaking to his own colleague.)

My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland.  My landline home phone number which I publish in order to prove my identity is 0949360901.   My website which I alone own and control is called


Name: Local Area Connection* 1
Description: Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter
Physical address (MAC): 18:56:80:c7:9f:a8
Status: Not operational
Maximum transmission unit: 1500
IPv4 address:
IPv6 address: fe80::97d:381a:51ad:185a%16/64
DNS servers: fec0:0:0:ffff::1%1, fec0:0:0:ffff::2%1, fec0:0:0:ffff::3%1
Connectivity (IPv4/IPv6): Disconnected

Name: Local Area Connection* 3
Description: Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter #2
Physical address (MAC): 1a:56:80:c7:9f:a7
Status: Not operational
Maximum transmission unit: 1500
IPv4 address:
IPv6 address: fe80::586e:f297:11c6:d7db%9/64
DNS servers: fec0:0:0:ffff::1%1, fec0:0:0:ffff::2%1, fec0:0:0:ffff::3%1
Connectivity (IPv4/IPv6): Disconnected

Name: Ethernet
Description: Remote NDIS based Internet Sharing Device
Physical address (MAC): 0c:5b:8f:27:9a:64
Status: Operational
Maximum transmission unit: 1500
Link speed (Receive/Transmit): 150/150 (Mbps)
DHCP enabled: Yes
DHCP servers:
DHCP lease obtained: ‎Thursday ‎17 ‎October ‎2019 06:49:16
DHCP lease expires: ‎Friday ‎18 ‎October ‎2019 06:49:16
IPv4 address:
IPv6 address: fe80::28c6:4650:ca3c:6b9b%12/64
Default gateway:
DNS servers:,
DNS domain name:
DNS connection suffix:
DNS search suffix list:
Network name: 3MobileWiFi-5B19
Network category: Public
Connectivity (IPv4/IPv6): Connected to local network / Connected to unknown network

Name: WiFi
Description: Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265
Physical address (MAC): 18:56:80:c7:9f:a7
Status: Operational
Maximum transmission unit: 1500
Link speed (Receive/Transmit): 115/115 (Mbps)
DHCP enabled: Yes
DHCP servers:
DHCP lease obtained: ‎Thursday ‎17 ‎October ‎2019 06:49:07
DHCP lease expires: ‎Friday ‎18 ‎October ‎2019 06:49:07
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IPv6 address: fe80::78c5:cc3d:c953:93aa%17/64
Default gateway:
DNS servers:,
DNS domain name:
DNS connection suffix:
DNS search suffix list:
Network name: 3MobileWiFi-5B19
Network category: Public
Connectivity (IPv4/IPv6): Connected to local network / Connected to unknown network

Name: Bluetooth Network Connection
Description: Bluetooth Device (Personal Area Network)
Physical address (MAC): 18:56:80:c7:9f:ab
Status: Not Present
Maximum transmission unit: 0
Connectivity (IPv4/IPv6): Disconnected

My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, County Mayo, Republic of Ireland. My website is called
My landline home phone number is 0949360901. My email address is Why am I disconnected from the internet now and often.SSID: 3MobileWiFi-5B19

Protocol: 802.11n
Security type: WPA2-Personal
Network band: 2.4 GHz
Network channel: 9
IPv4 address:
IPv4 DNS servers:
Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
Description: Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265
Driver version:
Physical address (MAC): 18-56-80-C7-9F-A7


I have become wirelessly and non-consensually brain to brain interfaced with individuals who can decipher and sell personal details about me.    I was illegally  placed on a remote neural monitoring program via a two way wireless link  where I have become  linked to a  computer control network and where unknown neuro operatives can now gain access to my brain and body against my will and without my permission.  They receive and transmit data via the bi-directional link and said data includes electrical signals which can generate  voices, visions, electric shocks, pain, forced muscle movement and a wide variety of other unwanted sensations.  I am constantly wirelessly connected to the unknown staff who run  the remote neural monitoring program and I hear them speak to me and about me on a constant basis.   I regularly take note of some of what they say and post it online on my website.   Here is some of what I heard the remote neural monitoring staff say to me and about me to each other recently :-

“We sell that data that we collect from the brain and body of Gretta Fahey.  We can pay forty or fifty men and women from the data that we collect from Gretta Fahey alone.”

“Is there inappropriate material on her personal computer?”  “No.”    “Could we then install inappropriate material without her knowledge or consent.?”

“I have a problem with her.  She is over weight.”

“We are bio-robotizing a woman who has done a lot to raise awareness of this technology, so what do we do to clip her wings.”

“She doesn’t masticate at all.  Does she even brush her teeth anymore.” ( I don’t use fluoride toothpaste because I believe that fluoride is a dumbing down agent and it is toxic so I brush my teeth by putting spearment flavoured essential oil on my toothbrush.)

My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland.   My landline home phone number is 0949360901

My website is called   My email address is


I am non-consensually wirelessly connected to the internet of things which is also known as the brain net and this fate is meant for all of you except for about two thousand individuals who sit at the top of the worldwide hierarchical based chain of command.   Being wirelessly connected to the internet of things is a fate worse than death.   Unknown very controlling individuals speak to me continually throughout each day and they send me voice commands as well as disparaging comments and death threats among other unwanted communications.   They send information to my organs and limbs in order to gain more control over my physical body until such a time as they can completely immobilize and paralyse me if I don’t obey them.   At this point of time after they have spent more than sixteen years wirelessly experimenting on me, they can ground me for several minutes whenever they feel like doing so, by sending information to some of my muscles which temporarily cause me pain.

I post online on my website some of what these inner voices say to me often.  Here is some of what the aforementioned voices have said to me and to their work colleagues about me in the past few days:-

“Why isn’t she eating salad.”   “Why aren’t you eating salad?”   (  I had just finished eating almost a full punnit of grapes when they asked me that.)

“I want her to switch off her computer.”

“Inappropriate conduct in the workplace herself. ”   This was followed shortly after by the following  “I withdraw it.”

“Apprehend her.”

“Why is wifi not operational.”    “Sorry,  That was my fault.”

“I have a problem with her.  She is overweight.”

“This is an innocuous system.”  “No it isn’t.  It is a system of destroying a human being and rendering them immobile so that they cant move a muscle unless we give them permission.”

“Sending all kinds of rubbish to the national press.  We will have to stop her I’m afraid.”

“Get this woman off my screen.”

“Make a quick decision to have this lady sent to a psychiatric hospital.  We don’t want to see any more of this material sent out to the public.”

“Take away your hand.  I want to analyse your bowel.”

“We are not allowing Gretta Fahey to sleep adequately most nights and we are causing her extreme distress as well,  both of which inhibit good digestion.”

“We need you to classify this woman as a deviant.”

My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland.  My landline home phone number is 0949360901.   My website is called   My email address is




Here below is a synopsis of the following linked youtube video by American Intelligence Media of how a small group of individuals enslaved the human race economically and otherwise over the past more than one hundred years.

A hierarchical based chain of command is being set up throughout the world and less than two thousand people sit at the top of that hierarchy. They are the Pilgrim Society and they are now in the driving seat of worldwide economic fascism. They are a terrorist group who practice economic predatory tactics and because of this we have all become economic slaves to them. They are mostly composed of the grand children and great grand children of a small number of men who held enormous power in the early twentieth century.
Cecil Rhodes of the British East India Company is known to have been a psychopathic insane individual. He visited South Africa on behalf of the British empire and while he was there he stole both their gold and diamond resources. He distributed the gold among the Rothschilds and he gave the diamonds to the deBeers who were also members of the Rothschild family. While he was in South Africa he had tens of thousands of people killed under the auspices of British Imperialism. He set up the Round Table Society which was a fore runner of the Pilgrim Society. The Pilgrim Society control the United States by their control of the Senior Executive Service and they control the United Kingdom by their control of the British Privy Council. Many other feeder groups feed into their worldwide control system including The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, The Bilderburgers, The World Economic Forum, The Aspen Institute, The Bohemian group, the FBI, the CIA and the United States state Department.
In 1909 members of the british parliament recruited spies inside the Duma in Russia. In 1917 the British cabinet authorized the war cabinet to provide funds to the Tsar of Russia for the purposes of stopping the Bolshovicks. Sir Alfred Milner was assigned to go to Russia and to provide the Tsar with the assigned money. They met in Linengrad and Sir Alfred Milner pulled the plug on the plan and refused to hand over the money to the Tsar. He defied the instructions of his own parliament. In order to be able to get away with such an act Sir Alfred Milner would have to have been the head of the British Empire with total decision making power. He continued the Round Table which Cecil Rhodes had set up and which later became the Pilgrim Society. Sir Alfred Milner went on to set up concentration camps with the help of General Lord Roberts and he had thirty thousand people killed in the Transvaal region of South Africa. Sir Alfred Milner made British Imperialism which was really fascism corporate and world wide.
In 1905 the British parliament hosted a meeting where Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin were present. Trotsky, Linen Stalin and later Marks and Engels all received similar if not the same British Marksist training.
In 1909 a similar meeting was held by the British parliament which luckily for the world has been documented. At that meeting Mi5, Mi6 and GCHQ were set up. They were composed of newspaper men whose job it was to lie.
Currently we have no free markets. The Federal Reserve bank makes sure of that. Algorithms are being used to set prices of all goods and services. The United States is now a collective corporate dictatorship.
The Pilgrim Society are using their own privately owned main stream media to attack United States President Donald Trump. They are white supremacists and racists. A portion of the top members of the Pilgrim society are Sabbatean Satanic Sorcerers. They are experts at creating false flag events. False flag events are known by the extreme levels of details which are published on the main stream media only one day after the event. The whistleblowers names are never mentioned which generally means that what is being published is propaganda rather than news. No one is doing any investigative journalism anymore.
The agenda of the Pilgrim Society has gone on for more than one hundred years without being exposed because they use several layers of secrecy to cover up their activities. Cecil Rhodes instructed them to use Jesuit like tactics of layers of secrecy. Not alone do they use Jesuit secrecy methods but they also use state secrets of each country to help cover up their deeds. Further to that, the British Privy Council has its own supreme court which trumps all of the other courts in the United Kingdom and in the British common wealth and which they use to get them out of trouble.
The Power of the Pilgrim Society mostly lies in Fleet Street, London, England because the British Privy Council is situated there and the Inner temple of lawyers is situated there and both the media and intelligence service and worldwide banking centre is based there. All is based in Fleet Street.
The most senior members of the United States Senior Executive Service are also members of the Pilgrim Society. They do not control all of what occurs in the United States, they merely control the direction of what is occurring. The United States Senior Executive Service belong to a union which means that with one command they all must obey.
The United States voting machines are now being controlled through optex software. The people of the United States must return to paper voting rather than electronic voting.
The Jesuit methodologies of taking over a country from the inside are as follows:-
Inter a country and infiltrate its control system. Take over the education system and the communication system and use both of them for the purposes of brain washing the citizenry. Receive the keys of the city from the citizenry and by the time their army arrives they come out and hand the keys of the city to the army. The Jesuits own and control over twenty universities in the United States. These universities are thought by some to be brain washing centres in the sense that the students are taught to be materialistic rather than spiritual.

Other online sources including David Icke have claimed that dark occultists who are known as the Sabbatian-Frankist death cult are taking over control of the world by wirelessly linking all human brains to the wireless internet of things which has become widely known as the brain net, as follows:-

The Protocols of the learned elders of Zion is a document which predicts worldwide takeover by Zionists.   This document was wrongly claimed to be a hoax by Allan Dulles and the  Times newspaper.  However, all of its predictions are now occurring.

There are two levels of technology, one hidden and one in the public arena. A differential in knowledge leads to a differential in power.  Whenever technology is presented to the public arena we are being informed that it has just been invented which is almost never the case.  It may have been invented up to one hundred years earlier and said dark occultists have well laid plans in place for its use before they introduce it into the public arena while often using a front man such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk to falsely present it to the public as the owner and controller.   If anybody knows about hidden technology for reasons that they are a  non-consensual victim of  human experimentation by said technology and they attempt to inform the public about the existence and abuse of this technology before it is officially ready to be laid out before the public, that individual will be presented as mentally unwell and many and varied attempts will be made to have them incarcerated inside a psychiatric hospital with no further way of contacting the public with further information.

The Sabbatian-Frankist Satanic death cult are setting up a smart grid to cover every inch of the earth.   They need fifth generation wireless technology to be fully set up and activated in order to give them the band with they need to operate this smart grid effectively.   They would then be able to control the brains and central nervous systems of the whole human race by artificial intelligence and they could effectively immobilize you if you refused to be obedient to their authority.  They would also control everything you own by the use of this wireless network.

The Sabbatian-Frankist Satanic death cult are now setting up a massive control centre in Israel and all major technology companies such as Microsoft are now moving there.  Their aim is to control the whole world from Israel.  They would decide what electromagnetic frequencies to broadcast to human brains from that central control point in Israel  if necessary.  They could broadcast frequencies to send the human race into a state of rage or passivity if they so wished.  We could disable this system by disassembling and banning phone towers and by severing undersea fibre optic cables.  The existence of satellites are generally agreed to be one of their numerous hoaxes.   Psychiatry is being used to censor all knowledge of this system from the public.

The Rothschilds are believed to belong to the Sabbatian-Frankist death cult who wish to be our enslavers.  It is believed that the late Jeffrey Epstein ran a blackmail ring in order to blackmail world leaders so as  to then bring them under the control of the Sabbatian-Frankist death cult leadership.  Electromagnetic frequencies may have been used against those world leaders in order to manipulate them to act out of character in deviant ways so that they could then be blackmailed.


I am  connected to the wireless internet of things which some are calling the brain net and I have been non-consensually connected it for many years.   As the years go by I am finding out more and more of the current extreme capabilities of smart phones and other smart devices.    One of the reasons that I may have been connected to it was because I was and still am in receipt of disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome.   Half of my disability allowance is paid for by Irish tax payers and the other half is paid by tax payers from the rest of Europe.    Those European tax payers have no way of knowing if those in receipt of disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome are genuinely entitled to it or if they are claiming for it dishonestly so  somebody or some group had me connected to the wireless internet of things against my will and without my permission.

I am informed that if you own a personal smart phone and you carry it around with you on a constant basis, the smart phone will record everything you think, say and do while you have it close to you, at least within five feet of you.  Every time you think a thought you generate a unique electromagnetic frequency which is downloaded to the smart phone and it is then wirelessly transmitted to a central location where it is automatically translated into that unique thought.  . All of your other thoughts, words and actions which also generate their own unique electromagnetic frequencies are stored at that central location as well.   That central control centre stores unique details about you such as how long you sleep each night, how often you eat, what your moods are like and many other personal details.

I don’t carry a smart phone with me and I don’t have any digital media devices on my bicycle which is my mode of transport. I live out in a rural area and I don’t often encounter any digital media devices other than my personal computer.    Because of a lack of digital media devices in my environment, the engineers who monitor me via smart engineered technology can not obtain as much detail about my daily habits as they would like and this is causing consternation among the team of bio-engineers who keep me on file with regard to my claim for irritable bowel syndrome.

Not alone are all of the electromagnetic frequencies which are generated by the brains and bodies of individuals who are wirelessly and non-consensually connected to the smart grid automatically stored at a central location and also automatically translated into everything we think,  say and do but as well as that, a frequency modulator is used to send us back other electromagnetic frequencies which are made to over ride our own electromagnetic frequencies to the extent that now our arms and legs can be forced to move against our wills among many other unwanted experiences.  Information is being wirelessly sent to my brain and central nervous system over many years to the point that now I can be grounded at the will of the unknown bio-engineers who illegally remote neural monitor and remote neural manipulate me.   At this stage, my right leg can be disabled for a short space of time by wireless means at their will.   When I am cycling my bicycle I can be made to come off it in a state of pain and I am unable to complete my journey until I recover, a process which can take between five and twenty minutes.   This has happened to me on many occasions while said bio-engineers speak to me by live link directly to the hearing centre of my brain.

These unknown bio-engineers who I regard as criminals sometimes tell me what I should eat, what time I should get up in the morning at,  what I should spend my money on,  and even when I should visit the bathroom.  Wireless technological capabilities now exist that can enslave human beings while it appear to their own families that they are free will human beings.  Are NASA staff wirelessly enslaved because they continually lie to us about everything they inform us of?


id=10.1371/journal.pone.0172400Published: February 22, 2017

Published: February 22, 2017
Recently, brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) based on visual evoked potentials (VEPs) have been shown to achieve remarkable communication speeds. As they use electroencephalography (EEG) as non-invasive method for recording neural signals, the application of gel-based EEG is time-consuming and cumbersome. In order to achieve a more user-friendly system, this work explores the usability of dry EEG electrodes with a VEP-based BCI. While the results show a high variability between subjects, they also show that communication speeds of more than 100 bit/min are possible using dry EEG electrodes. To reduce performance variability and deal with the lower signal-to-noise ratio of the dry EEG electrodes, an averaging method and a dynamic stopping method were introduced to the BCI system. Those changes were shown to improve performance significantly, leading to an average classification accuracy of 76% with an average communication speed of 46 bit/min, which is equivalent to a writing speed of 8.8 error-free letters per minute. Although the BCI system works substantially better with gel-based EEG, dry EEG electrodes are more user-friendly and still allow high-speed BCI communication.

Citation: Spüler M (2017) A high-speed brain-computer interface (BCI) using dry EEG electrodes. PLoS ONE 12(2): e0172400.
Editor: Dingguo Zhang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, CHINA
Received: June 28, 2016; Accepted: February 3, 2017; Published: February 22, 2017
Copyright: © 2017 Martin Spüler. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.
Data Availability: The data can be publicly accessed with the following DOI:
Funding: This work was supported by the German Research Council (DFG; SP 1533/2-1) and the Open Access Publishing Fund of the University of Tübingen. The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.
Competing interests: The author has declared that no competing interests exist.
A Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) is a device that allows to control a computer by brain activity only, without the need for muscle control [1]. Its main purpose is to restore or improve communication for paralysed patients. While there are different kinds of BCI that either rely on motor imagery [2] or the detection of event-related potentials like the P300 [3], BCI systems based on visual evoked potentials (VEPs) are currently the fastest method to establish non-invasive BCI control [4, 5]. Using code-modulated visual evoked potentials (c-VEPs), it was shown that participants could spell more than 20 error-free characters per minute (> 140 bit/min) [4]. When using steady state visual evoked potentials (SSVEPs), the communication speed can further be improved by using frequency and phase information of the SSVEP to reach communication speeds up to 60 characters per minute (> 300 bit/min) [5].
While these results show that VEP-based BCIs allow for high-speed communication in a lab environment, there are only few efforts to transfer those systems out of the lab and make them useable for a broader audience. One of those few approaches is the Tübingen c-VEP BCI, which was previously shown to reach spelling speeds of more than 20 error-free letters per minute and in another work was improved to control mouse and keyboard of the Windows® operating system, thereby enabling a user to completely control a computer and use arbitrary applications by means of his brain activity only [6]. While this is an important step towards improved useability of a BCI system, the use of gel-based EEG devices still limits the applicability, as gel-based EEG is time-consuming to apply, can not be applied by the user itself, and “few people are ready to wash their hair each time they wish to use Word or a LaTeX editor” [7].
To solve this problem, dry EEG electrodes have been developed that are quick to setup and allow to measure EEG without the need for conductive gel. While there are a variety of different dry electrodes being developed [8–15], there are also commercially available dry EEG electrodes that deliver good results and have been shown to work for BCI applications using P300, SSVEP and motor imagery [16, 17]. Further, there are consumer-grade EEG headsets with dry electrodes or easy to apply wet electrodes that don’t need the application of conductive gel like the Emotiv EPOC. While such systems have also been used for BCI applications [18], the signal quality of such EEG hardware is not comparable to professional devices and their use is not recommended for serious applications [19].
A good comparison of different dry EEG electrodes developed and tested can be found in Baek et al. [20] who review and discuss several publications. They conclude that dry electrodes allow the acquisition of spontaneous EEG signals with lower signal quality than gel-based EEG electrodes and that movement artifacts are a larger problem in dry electrodes. Nevertheless, signal quality is good enough to record P300 and SSVEP response to use them for BCI applications.
While dry electrodes haven’t been tested with a c-VEP BCI system so far, the aim of this study was to test if commercially available medical-grade dry EEG electrodes can be used with a high-speed c-VEP BCI and what algorithmic improvements of the system are necessary to deal with the increased signal-to-noise ratio of dry EEG electrodes.
c-VEP Brain-Computer Interface
The c-VEP BCI system used in this study is the one presented in a previous publication [4], where it is described in more detail. With this system, 32 target stimuli are displayed on a computer screen, which are modulated with a pseudo-random code and allow the user to select one of 32 characters. The 32 targets are arranged as a 4 × 8 matrix and 28 complementary non-target stimuli are surrounding the targets (Fig 1 shows a screenshot of the stimuli as presented to the user). For modulation of the stimuli, the same pseudo-random code was used for all stimuli, but was shifted 2 bit for each stimulus, resulting in a time lag τs = 2/60 = 0.033 s between two consecutive targets. If the user focuses on a stimulus, the changes in luminance, based on the pseudo-random code, evoke a potential with a special shape that can be observed in the EEG, the so called code-modulated visual evoked potential (c-VEP). Based on the time lag of the c-VEP, it can be detected which stimulus the user is focusing on and thereby which character the user wants to select.

PowerPoint slide
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Fig 1. Screenshot of the c-VEP BCI.

A: screenshot during a trial. The letter in the lower right corner serves as a backspace symbol during the free-spelling condition and allows the user to correct mistakes. B: screenshot of the letter N being selected and the other characters being grayed out to indicate a selection.
EEG recordings.
EEG was recorded with a g.tec g.USBamp amplifier (g.tec, Graz) at a sampling rate of 600 Hz. A notch filter at 50 Hz and a bandpass filter between 0.5 Hz and 60 Hz was applied during recording. 15 g.Sahara electrodes (g.tec, Graz) were used, which are active dry electrodes, each consisting of 8 pins made of a special golden alloy. The electrodes were placed according to the 10–20 system (Fz, T7, C3, Cz, C4, T8, CP3, CPz, CP4, Pz, PO3, POz, PO4, O1, O2) and referenced to a dry electrode at Oz. The ground electrode was placed at the right mastoid. As the dry EEG electrodes do not support impedance measurement, impedance was not checked. But the signal was inspected visually and electrodes that appeared to be very noisy were moved around a little, to remove hair between electrode and skin and thereby get better contact of the electrodes.
Processing and classification of EEG signals.
To deal with the different noise floor of the dry electrodes, a zero-phase FIR bandpass filter with the range of 1 Hz to 30 Hz was applied to the data. For classification of the c-VEP, a spatial filter using canonical correlation analysis (CCA) was constructed [21] and a template of the c-VEP was constructed by averaging multiple trials. By shifting the template, according to the time lag of the target stimuli, templates for all targets were obtained. To detect which target the user was focusing on, the Pearson correlation between the recorded EEG and all templates was calculated and the target with the highest correlation was chosen. Although a different method using a one-class support vector machine (OCSVM) and the euclidean distance showed better classification results than using correlation [22], correlation has the benefit of delivering a normalized output in the range [-1, 1], which is an important feature that was needed for the dynamic stopping method, which will be introduced in the next section.
To train the system, a co-adaptive calibration process was used (as in [4]), in which the participants where given 64 characters to write and they received immediate feedback starting from the first letter. After the calibration phase, adaptation was turned off and the system was tested with a fixed classifier.
Averaging and dynamic stopping.
While the c-VEP BCI with gel-based EEG used a 1.05 s window of EEG data to classify the user’s intent, it was expected that this might not be enough data when using the c-VEP BCI with dry electrodes, due to the lower signal-to-noise ratio of these electrodes. Therefore, an averaging method was used, in which multiple trials (called epochs in this context) are presented in a row and the signal is averaged over multiple epochs before classification. Such an averaging method is also used in the popular P300 BCI [3] and allows high classification accuracies even with a bad signal-to-noise-ratio. In this study, different number of epochs to average were tested ranging from 1 to 3 epochs.
Further, we introduced a dynamic stopping method that collects epochs until a certain stopping criterion is reached. Such dynamic stopping methods were previously used in P300 [23, 24] and SSVEP BCIs [25]. After each epoch, the average of the collected epochs is calculated and the data is classified by correlating the data with the templates. If one of the correlations is > 0.4, the trial stops and the corresponding target is selected. Otherwise, more data is collected until the stopping criterion is reached. As the averaging over multiple epochs improves the signal-to-noise-ratio of the data, the dynamic stopping method should ensure that enough data is collected to ensure a high quality of the prediction.
As mentioned above, correlation was used in this work as it is better suited for dynamic stopping. Using OCSVM would result in a distance value for each template. As the distance values depend on the data of each subject, the range in which they are distributed varies, which makes it difficult to find an appropriate threshold as it is different for each subject. On the other hand, correlation delivers a normalized output in the range [-1, 1], thereby making it possible to choose one threshold which works for all subjects.
Study design and participants
For this study, 12 participants were recruited, who all were students at the university. They were either paid for participation in this study (8 € per hour) or received credits relevant for their studies. All subjects had normal or corrected-to-normal vision and no previous BCI experience. The study was approved by the local ethics committee of the Medical Faculty at the University of Tübingen and written consent was obtained from all participants.
For each subject, the experiment was divided into 4 blocks, which were separated by short breaks. In each block, one of the 4 conditions (averaging of 1, 2, 3 epochs, and dynamic stopping) was tested. One block consisted of 3 runs, with each run consisting of 64 trials. In the first run, the system was calibrated in a co-adaptive manner, in which the participants received feedback from the BCI during the whole calibration process. After the first run, the classifier and spatial filter did not change and to evaluate the performance of the system, it was tested in 2 runs, which is a total of 128 trials (letters). For the 3 blocks using 1, 2, or 3 epochs for averaging, the same settings (number of epochs to average) was also used for the training. Thereby, the total time needed for calibration of the system was 125, 192, and 259 seconds, respectively. For the dynamic stopping condition, the system was calibrated using 3 epochs to average, but tested afterwards with dynamic stopping.
To ensure that results are not confounded by non-stationary effects over time, the order, in which the 4 blocks were presented, was permuted for each subject. Thereby it was ensured that the occurrence of each block was distributed equally over time.
As block 4 used the dynamic stopping approach, there was a possibility that the stopping criterion would be very hard to reach in case of a bad signal-to-noise-ratio, potentially resulting in a very long time needed for one trial. Therefore, block 4 was prematurely terminated if the first 32 testing trials took longer than 10 minutes, which was the case for 2 subjects (S06 and S12).
To evaluate the performance of the c-VEP BCI with dry electrodes and compare the different methods, accuracy and bitrate were used as measures. Accuracy is the percentage of correctly selected letters, while the bitrate is based on the information transfer rate (ITR) proposed by Wolpaw et al. [26]. The ITR giving the information per trial (bit/trial) with N being the number of classes (N = 32 in this study) and P being the accuracy is defined by:

Dividing the ITR by the time in seconds needed to select one letter (including inter-trial-interval) yields the bitrate in bit/sec. While the ITR is a widely used metric to assess the performance of BCIs, it is problematic as it should only be used when certain criteria are met [27]. Further, it represents a theoretical upper bound of how much information can theoretically be transmitted with this BCI using an optimal encoding strategy. As a user won’t be able to use such optimal encoding strategies, but rather select the desired letters and delete errors with a backspace-command, the ITR is not a good indicator of the real performance. To assess the real transferred information, measures like utility metric [28] or equivalent approaches [29] can be used, which take into account that every wrong letter has to be corrected by selecting a delete-command. Based on this idea, we calculated the average correct letters per minute (CLM) which is given by

where T is the average time in seconds for one trial and P the accuracy. As this metric delivers an exact number of how many letters a user can write per minute, taking into account that all errors are corrected by the user, so that the written text contains only error-free letters, this metric is a more direct measure of the BCI performance as experienced by the user.
To illustrate the problems of ITR to assess real-life performance and the benefits of CLM, a short example is given. Assume the c-VEP BCI has two options to use either 1 sec. of data to achieve 29% accuracy or 19 sec. of data to achieve 100% accuracy (with 1 sec. break between two trials). This performance would translate to a bitrate of 18 bit/min for the 1 sec. option and 16 bit/min for the 19 sec. option, which would lead to the decision to use the 1 sec. option. However, with 29% accuracy the system is not useable at all, while it is slow but perfectly useable with the 19 sec. option. Looking at the CLM, the 1 sec. option would results in 0 CLM, while the 19 sec. option would result in 3 CLM. Thereby, the CLM clearly reflects the usability of a system, while the bitrate does not.
Comparison with gel-based EEG study
To compare the results using dry EEG electrodes with results using gel-based EEG electrodes, we used data from a previous study [4], in which 9 subjects used the c-VEP BCI with 32 gel-based EEG electrodes (Acticap, Brainproducts). The c-VEP BCI was calibrated first using 64 trials (1 epoch) and afterwards tested with 576 trials using 1 epoch. For online classification, an OCSVM was used with an ErrP-based online adaptation [4]. As the number of electrodes and the method of classification were different in the online gel-based EEG study, results can not directly be compared. Therefore, we performed an offline simulation of an online experiment with the gel-based EEG data using only 15 electrodes (same positions as for the dry electrodes) and the same classification method (with 1 epoch) as was used with the dry EEG.
The main results of the study is that the c-VEP BCI with dry electrodes performed best using the dynamic stopping approach with an average accuracy of 75.9%. With an average time per trial of 13.63 s, this corresponds to a bitrate of 46.2 bit/min or 8.76 correct letters per minute. Detailed results for the accuracy can be found in Table 1, for the bitrate in Table 2 and in Table 3 for the correct letters per minute.

Table 2. Average bitrate for the c-VEP BCI with dry EEG electrodes.

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Table 3. Average correct letters per minute (CLM) for the c-VEP BCI with dry EEG electrodes.
Comparing the dynamic stopping method to the fixed stopping, the dynamic stopping performed better with all performance metrics (Accuracy, bitrate, CLM). While the dynamic stopping method showed a significantly higher accuracy than all fixed stopping methods (Wilcoxons test, p < 0.05), there was no significant difference between the methods regarding the bitrate (Wilcoxons test, p > 0.05). The average correct letters per minute (CLM) using dynamic stopping was higher than for the fixed stopping using 1 or 3 epochs (Wilcoxons test, p < 0.05), but the difference to the fixed stopping with 2 epochs was not significant (p > 0.05).
While accuracy and bitrate are more commonly used metrics, they are of lesser importance to the user, which is why we evaluated the system also in correct letters per minute, as a user-centered metric. With dynamic stopping, only 1 out of 12 subjects had an accuracy lower than 50% and a CPM of 0. While classification accuracy was still above chance level, it was not good enough to enable BCI control for those subjects. With the fixed stopping, the number of subjects who couldn’t control the BCI was much higher, with 6 out of 12 having a CPM of 0 in the fixed stopping condition and 5 out of 12 subjects having a CPM of 0 with fixed stopping and 2 or 3 averaged epochs.
Comparison with gel-based EEG study
The results from the comparison of gel-based EEG with dry EEG electrodes are shown in Table 4. When comparing the results from the gel-based EEG data with 15 electrodes, accuracy, bitrate and CLM are significantly higher than for the dry EEG (p < 0.005, Wilcoxon’s ranksum test).

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Table 4. Comparison of dry EEG with gel-based EEG.
Analysis of c-VEP waveform
To investigate possible reasons, why the c-VEP BCI with dry electrodes works well for some subjects, while it does not for others, the c-VEP waveform was analyzed. Therefore, an offline analysis was performed to estimate classification accuracy using only a single channel. The channel with the highest classification performance for each subject was assumed to be the one where the c-VEP was strongest. Subjects were split into two groups depending on their classification performance. Average and individual c-VEPs are shown in Fig 2. While the group with the high performance shows a clear c-VEP waveform, such a c-VEP is not visible in the group having a low performance. In the low performance group, subjects S06 and S09 stand out as their average c-VEP shows clear signs of artifact contamination.

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Fig 2. Average c-VEP waveform from the individual electrode where the c-VEP was strongest.

Average over subjects is shown as bold black line and the individual subjects are shown by colored lines. A: for the 6 subjects with the highest performance B: for the 6 subjects with the lowest performance.
As the c-VEP BCI has previously been shown to achieve very high communication speeds with gel-based EEG electrodes [4], this work evaluated the performance of the c-VEP BCI using commercially available dry EEG electrodes. To cope with the worse signal-to-noise ratio expected with dry electrodes, changes in the signal processing chain were made and most importantly an averaging method and a dynamic stopping method were introduced to deal with the more noisy signals.
In a previous study using gel-based EEG electrodes [4], the subjects reached an average accuracy of 96%, which corresponds to 144 bit/min and an average of 28.4 correct letters per minute. In the here presented study, using dry EEG electrodes, an average accuracy of 76%, corresponding to 46.2 bit/min is reported which translates to an average of 8.76 correct letters per minute. As the results of the online study using dry electrodes are not directly comparable to the online results of the gel-based EEG study, an offline analysis was performed on the gel-based EEG data to evaluate performance using the same number and positions of electrodes and same methods for classification as for the dry EEG study. Performance dropped to an accuracy of 84%, which corresponds to a bitrate of 112 bit/min or 20.7 correct letters per minute. When comparing these results to the performance with dry EEG electrodes, the performance of the dry electrodes is significantly lower.
However, there seems to be a large inter-subject variance in the performance. For 1 out of 12 subjects the BCI did not work and had an accuracy below 50%, thereby leading to 0 correct letters per minute. 3 other subjects could use the system but had accuracies below 70% which is considered as threshold for satisfactory BCI communication [30]. On the other hand, 8 out of 12 subjects reached accuracies above 80%, which enabled those subjects to write with an average of 12.4 correct letters per minute. One subject even reached a communication speed of 19.9 correct letters per minute (or 106.5 bit/min). While the results using the dry EEG electrodes are significantly lower than with gel-based EEG, this still shows that the c-VEP BCI can be used with dry EEG electrodes for high-speed BCI communication.
Regarding the comparison of the different averaging and stopping methods tested in this study, the dynamic stopping method achieved the best results. For the fixed stopping condition, results were best when averaging 2 epochs, which is unexpected as one would assume to have a better signal-to-noise ratio when averaging over more data (i.e. using 3 epochs). One explanation could be that the longer trial length with 3 epochs led to a disengagement effect that negatively affected the BCI performance. However, even if an average of 2 epochs was the best setting for the fixed stopping condition, 5 out of 12 subjects could not communicate (0 correct letters per minute) and the accuracy and CLM were significantly lower than for the dynamic stopping method. These results show that it is not the best option to use the same BCI methods when switching from gel-based to dry EEG electrodes, but it is important to change the BCI algorithms to cope with the increased noise of the dry EEG electrodes. If such methods are implemented, performance can be significantly increased and thereby allow a broader userbase to successfully use the BCI.
Regarding the fact, that the classification accuracy was not high enough for some subjects to enable BCI control, it raises the question of what the causes are for the low performance. In motor imagery BCIs, there is a phenomenon called BCI illiteracy [31], which describes the fact that 15% to 30% of the users are not able to control a motor imagery BCI. Such a phenomenon could also be accountable for the effect seen in this study. However, in previous c-VEP BCI studies with gel-based EEG electrodes, such an effect was never reported and it worked well with all subjects (only one exception is reported due to the subject having trouble with its contact lenses [4]). To further investigate this issue, it is recommended for future studies to compare dry and gel-based EEG in the same subjects to verify if the effect found in this study is related to the dry electrodes.
The analysis of the c-VEP waveform shows that for the subjects with high performance, the c-VEP waveform is very similar to the one obtained in the gel-based EEG study [4]. For the subjects with low performance, the c-VEP is not clearly visible and there are signs of artifact contamination for 2 subjects. As dry EEG electrodes are very sensitive to movement artifacts, this is a likely explanation for low performance. For the other subjects with low performance, the c-VEP is also less prominent, which is likely due to a bad signal-to-noise ratio of the dry electrodes. The reasons are unknown, why there is a strong inter-subject variability in the signal-to-noise ratio. One possible explanation may be found in the physical properties of the subjects (very thick hair, use of hair products), but this point remains speculation as such properties were not systematically evaluated in this study.
The c-VEP BCI has previously been shown to reach very high communication speeds with gel-based EEG electrodes. As users of the BCI system could profit from the increased useability of dry EEG electrodes, this study evaluates the performance of the BCI system with dry EEG electrodes. To deal with the lower signal-to-noise-ratio of the dry electrodes, different methods were tested and a dynamic stopping method showed the best results which enabled the subjects to write an average of 8.76 error-free letters per minute. While the performance of the BCI system with dry electrodes shows a high variability between subjects, it also shows that high-speed BCI communication with dry electrodes is possible and that bitrates > 100 bit/min can be achieved.

The above information is obtained from
The author wants to thank Simone Kurek for recording the data.


The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, who is currently said to be dying in Belmarsh prison, South East London,  has been quoted as saying the following words:-

“We have a few blissful years left until enforced telepathic readings”

Most of the human race are being unknowingly prepared to have their brains non-consensually connected to something that is being called the brain net, and which is also known as  the cerebral internet or the internet of things within the next few years.  This process is being  achieved by using the capabilities outlined in  Patent number US 6965816 which was filed on October 1st, 2002 by Agilent Technologies Engineer, Richard C Walker and said patent is titled PFN/TRAC system FAA.  PFN/TRAC stands for Primary Focal Node/Trusted Remote Activity Controller.  The information provided in the aforementioned  patent is being  used to aggressively go in, take over, control, track and manage any system whether it be an airplane, a car, a motor cycle, a human being or indeed any sentient being.   Human beings are being called wetware and we are currently being implanted with control mechanisms, devices, electrodes, sensors and chips in a variety of places throughout our brains and bodies, which are being used to externally control our own muscles against our wills among other uses.

I and numerous other human beings have already been non-consensually implanted and connected to the above mentioned internet of things by a bi-directional stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy and I personally believe that it is a fate worse that death.   I am being monitored around the clock by remote analysis of the electrical activity being generated by my brain and body which is being automatically translated into when I sleep, when I am eat,  when I  use the bathroom,  when I speak, what I actually say, what I am thinking about and everything else I do on a continual basis.   Voice commands are being transmitted to me which tell me what I should eat and what I should purchase and when I should sleep.  Life is not worth living without personal freedom.  I have no mental privacy and very little freedom.  I long for death and this lifestyle is meant for you if it is not disassembled and banned soon.

By reading and translating the vastly different types of electromagnetic frequencies which are constantly being generated by my brain and body this internet of things system allows my thoughts to be read as well as allowing unknown neuro monitoring operatives to  reply to them in real time, among many other unwanted experiences.

I take notes whenever I experience the forced voice transmissions of the unknown operatives who wirelessly monitor me from an unknown remote location, on a continual basis, both day and night while I attempt to go about my everyday life in my own home.

The following is what occurred in my life just now

I was relaxing and I felt  the inside of my right foot being stung.    I asked the unknown neuro operatives who remote neural monitor and  manipulate my brain and body what they were doing to my foot.  A member of the remote neural monitoring team replied as follows:-

“I am actuating your foot in order to enlarge your instep in order that you might stand more solidly if or when you are bio-robotized.”

Here below are a small sample of other utterances which  I heard these unknown neuro operatives say to me via voice to skull transmissions as follows:-

“We sell information gleaned from the brain and body of Gretta Fahey in order to continue our endeavours.”

“Rapid deployment of some means of shutting this woman up is necessary now. ”

“This is building up into a horror show.  It is looking like that from my point of view.”

“We can see her in technicolour whenever she is outside her home.”

As well as all of the other unwanted experiences I am being forced to experience I have now discovered that recently I am not being allowed to access parts of my own understanding owing to the fact that I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and I hear conversations coming from inside my head that I am not allowed to understand.

My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland and I am a targeted individual of remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation since early 2003.   My website which I alone own and control is called My landline home phone number is 0949360901.   My facebook page is called


I am wirelessly non-consensually connected from implants inside my brain and body to a central control network.   I am continually dictated to via brain to brain interface by unknown staff who monitor my brain and body readouts on a continual basis.   Here is a small sample of what these unknown staff members have said to me and to each other about me over the past week as follows:-

“What is she doing now?”   “She is cleaning her own kitchen.”    ” That is my kitchen now.”    “No.  It isn’t.   It is still her own kitchen because we haven’t got a foot hold into the Republic of Ireland at all and it is still a sovereign state.”

“We are controlling your country from inside through wirelessly enslaving some of your people.”

“Where is the fulcrum?”  “We haven’t done it yet.”

” You think we are here for your benefit.   No.  We are here to take down your country and rule it.”

“We can turn you into a mannequin by remote means.”

“You just now gave Gretta Fahey a tremor.   This is where she is fed the information from this technology here and if you stand too close to the technology and then shout the recipient of the information will get a tremor.”

“A political stance is now needed.”

“We have most of this woman under our control.   Prioritise what you want because we can deliver anything.”

“Section this woman.”   “Under what grounds will I section her?”   “Consider your options”   ” She is all but bio-robotized.  We will utilize her for some endeavour.”   ” If she is sectioned she will not be utilized.”

“The readout has been imprinted.”

“Gretta doesn’t like you.”   “We know nothing like that at all.  We like to create division.”

“We are now going to systematically destroy the woman.”

(With regard to a product I ordered off Amazon the following was heard by me)   “She is not working.  She shouldn’t have those lamps.  I am going to block that order.”

“We plan to trap Gretta Fahey inside the force field of her human body and permanently enslave her while she is still conscious.”

“Why would a good living woman from the West of Ireland be saying this if it wasn’t true?.”   “It is true but you must keep quite about it until we get a signed confession out of her.”   “Is there a private security security company saying this to this woman Gretta Fahey and it is overseen by the British police?”

“These people have been told that this woman is under wireless control but she isn’t under wireless control at the moment.”

“Does she wash her teeth?”    “I am doing a systems analysis of her mouth.”   I am doing a systems analysis of her tongue.”  ( Those words which I heard coming from inside my head in the middle of the night while I was trying to sleep were accompanied by pulsing energy inside my mouth moving along the surface of each of my teeth and then moving along the surface of my tongue.)

“Screen time is too high for my liking.”

“I insulted one of the unknown individuals who forced me to listen to his voice which I heard coming from inside my head.   He replied as follows “I was expecting a civilized conversation.”   I then replied to him as follows “You forced me to listen to your voice which I was made to hear coming from inside my head against my will and without my permission so why were you expecting a civilized conversation from me?  You were expecting way too much.”

For further information about my experiences of being wirelessly dictated to and psychologically tortured by unknown neuro operatives over sixteen years because of a non-consensual neural link please see my website which is called


On October 1st 2002 Agilent Technologies Engineer Richard C Walker filed a patent application number 10 260 525 which was later called US patent number 6965816 and titled PFN/TRAC system FAA  and this patent would subsume all other patents in order to control everybody and everything on planet earth and this patent is euphemistically known as “the internet of things” patent.    However, it is now believed that Richard C Walker is a front man and that the patent is in reality owned and controlled by Sir Geoffrey Pattie of the Pilgrim Society as well as of the British Privy Council which works within the City of London Financial District.    A number of   “American Intelligence Media” youtube videos  give details about the Walker patent which many believe to be owned by Sir Geoffrey Pattie of the British Privy Council and which is being used in an attempt to technologically enslave the whole human race other than the would be enslavers who are thought to be members of the Pilgrim Society.   This PFN TRAC patent capability has been put in place already at many levels and is  being used to aggressively go in, take over, control, track and manage any system whether it be an airplane, a car, a motor cycle, a human being or an animal.   Human beings are being called wetware and control mechanisms, devices and various types of chips are being put into our bodies and brains at different places which can control our muscles against our wills. However, the above mentioned American Intelligence Media are providing antidotes to the PFN TRAC patent capabilities on their youtube videos and their websites.  I am a long time victim of remote wireless experimentation by unknown operatives who use the technological capabilities outlined in this patent to wirelessly force the muscles of my face and body to move against my will in an attempt to eventually totally bio-robotize me.    I list the antidotes offered by the American Intelligence Media and other sources here below

1. Keep a piece of carbonized ionized iron (steel) on your skin such as a a necklace. Any type of steel which doesn’t rust will do such as stainless steel. It will absorb the digital signals and keep you safe.
2. Take a product called carbon 60 or C60 mixed with olive oil. Toxins are neutralised within minutes of taking it because the toxins in the human body pull electrons off the carbon 60.
3. Use shungite which is a stone found in Russia and if you keep it near you of if you hold a peice of it in each hand it will cause coherence from electric bombardment. It neutralises radiation and it makes the bio-electric energy of our bodies more coherent.
4. Take a product called ormus which puts your brain waves into gamma waves. Your brain waves go into harmony when ormus is in your mouth.
5. Use an antenna sink hole in your home.
6. Take bentonite clay in order to detoxify your body from neural dust.
7. Peat moss can be turned into a fibrous material and worn as clothing and will act as a faraday cage.
8. Make printed sigils, free copies of which can be obtained from and place them around your home.
9. Purchase a qube which transduces erratic electromagnetic energy into coherent energy among other capabilities according to the owner of
10. The American Intelligence Media youtube presenter Douglas Gabriel said that there is a way that negative energy waves can be cohered into positive energy waves so that the more we are bombarded by 5G the more positive energy will be in our homes. Please check the following youtube link for information


Most of us have inhaled and ingested particulates which have penetrated the blood brain barrier and turned our brains into two way transmitters and receivers.   The technology was activated in my brain and body many years ago without my consent and I have been non-consensually receiving voices and other transmissions every since.  I sometimes post online some of what these voices say to me in order to warn others of the extreme danger we are in from wireless technological enslavement.   Here is a small sample of what I heard these unknown voices say to me and about me among themselves in the past number of weeks as follows:-

“We can move her body against her will.  We could make her create havoc in a workplace.  She would have no control over it.”  (Forced muscle movement can easily be achieved by wireless means by the use of a frequency modulator  against anyone who has been implanted in a certain way.)

“We gave classified ourselves as slave masters and we have classified Gretta Fahey as a slave because she has been deemed to have no legal rights.”

” We will hurt you very badly if you eat food that we don’t sanction.”

“We are no longer in the installation process.  We are in the information process.   You will be obedient to my command.”

“These individuals are not allowed personalities.  They are only allowed prototypes.”

“While we have wireless reach of somebody we can compromise them.”

“I hate these modern conveniences.  Break a few of them.”  (That was said in response to a remark I made that I had switched on the dishwasher and the tumble dryer.)

“Tell her she is not allowed to use her computer at certain hours.”

“She doesn’t need online access because she is not working full time.”

“I am not a moderator.  I am a slave master and she will do what she is told.”

“Rope her.”

“We can afford to lose her.  She hasn’t done anything for us.”

“If you don’t co-operate with me I’ll make you blind and deaf.”

“Where are you off to?.   I’ll hurt you if you don’t answer me.”

“Enforced muscle movement in order to hybridize into the system in order to bio-robotize the human being.”

“I don’t care if she is non-consensual.  If I ask her a question she will answer it.  Otherwise, she will experience extreme pain.”

“Are the cameras off?”   “There are no cameras.”   “She is too heavy to lift”  “She will electrocute herself so we wont be able to recover her body.”

For more information my website is called


When Barack Obama was president of the United States he had hundreds of journalists and whistleblowers locked up.  However, President Donald  Trump has never had any journalists or whistleblowers locked up.

It is my own personal belief based on my independent research that the President of the United States, Donald Trump is being deliberately demonized on the main stream media by the CIA in order to unjustly impeach him and I believe that unbeknownst by many of their own staff the CIA actually work for the British Crown and not for their own United States citizenry.

.   This  view point  is endorsed by an online source called the American Intelligence Media who report the findings of hundreds of independent researchers who laborously examine legal and financal documents in order to establish who is really behind the attempt to wirelessly and technologically enslave the human race by wirelessly connecting our brains and central nervous systems to a central human control and enslavement system from dust sized implants which we have already been made to inhale and ingest.  This viewpoint  is also endorsed by high profile online journalist,  Alex Jones of Texas Liberty Radio.

“The future does not belong to globalists.  It belongs to sovereign independent nations.”    Recent Quote by U.S. President Donald Trump.


If circumstances were normal which they are not, psychiatrists would receive prison sentences for attempting to dissuade the police from investigating wireless directed energy weapons enabled crimes against members of the general public throughout the world on the false reasoning that such individuals were mentally ill.

However, in view of the fact that microwave mind control is being used on almost a worldwide  scale and in view of the fact that  psychiatrists are not able to mentally over ride the mass microwave mind control because microwave transmitters are deliberately being erected very close to  hospitals and nursing homes  where the majority of psychiatrists  work they are not to blame.  They have a public duty to now  reconsider all past diagnoses of mental illness of totally sane and well behaved human beings and to cancel such false diagnoses.

Psychiatrists have recently admitted that they have been forbidden from conducting any independent research into psychiatry whatsoever so they are legally obliged to take all of what is now known to be their false psychiatric based belief system  from a few men at the top of a psychiatric hierarchical based chain of command.  These unknown men are now known to have a private hidden agenda of their own which is not known to many but which is known to myself  because of the fact that I am non-consensually wirelessly linked by a bi-directional  wireless link to unknown individuals who communicate with me by this wireless link and they have been doing so for many years.

In the past, I have informed the Irish police who are known as the Gardaí as well as my general practitioner and also many psychiatrists as well as psychiatric nurses about the fact that I was hearing voices and experiencing many other unwanted wirelessly generated directed energy assaults.  I was not believed by any of them at any time.  The Gardaí did not allow me to finish speaking before they assessed me as needing to see a psychiatrist so I was unable to inform  them of the full extent of my experiences and I was also unable to give them a statement of the fact that I was experiencing the full force of directed energy weapons assaults.  So, in order to protect myself from being illegally incarcerated inside a psychiatric hospital  and mandated to ingest toxic substances I was then forced to tell the police psychiatrist that I was no longer hearing voices, even though that was not true and is still not true.

I no longer report that I am hearing voices and experiencing many other unwanted wirelessly generated  directed energy assaults to my current general practitioner because he failed to take me seriously when I first informed him  of this fact.    I am unable to inform any government employees that I am being violently assaulted by  directed energy weapons without illegally losing my freedom.   Government employees are unable to speak freely without fear of losing their positions because of extreme legal constraints.   Therefore communication between government employees and the  men and women who they work with is severely undermined because of harmful man made laws.

How can we now improve honest and truthful communication between government employees and the individuals who they work with?   I suggest that we communicate online using skype or zoom while simultaneously  having our conversations broadcast live to the rest of the world.   In that way, the secrecy which is now allowing evil to flourish would be totally eliminated for ever.  Please consider this strategy when communicating with targeted individuals.

If you fail to take this matter seriously, your children will be wirelessly and technologically enslaved before long and you will experience the same fate yourself.

US6470214 B1 |: US Airforce patent from 1996 that can send “Voice to Skull” microwaves which makes you hear voices coming from inside your head

Yours Sincerely,

Gretta Fahey.

Kathrine Zappone is a puppet politician in the paid service of the self proclaimed elite.



Today is 23rd September, 2019.  Many Europeans and those further afield have already been unknowingly wirelessly connected to a central control system from a large variety of implants in their brains and bodies.    Many are under wirelessly enabled microwave mind control.   Many have been inculcated  into states of unquestioning obedience during their time at college and training school.   Many have studied false and misleading information during their time at college and training school.  Many are having their brains entrained by frequencies of apathy and passivity which are being wirelessly sent to their brains via phone towers and via microwave transmitters without them being aware of it.    Others are being sent information via the aforementioned phone towers to their brains and to their central nervous systems in order to develop a scientific method of rendering them immobile if they refuse to obey the voice commands that they receive from unknown neuro operatives who work from an unknown location.   I am one of these.    I receive voice commands, pain, images, forced muscle movement, sensations and a variety of other unwanted experiences on a continual basis and this has been the case for more than sixteen years.   Every few days I  post online  what these unknown neuro operatives have been heard by me to say in the previous days leading up to the post.   Here below is a small selection of what they have been saying to me recently :-

“What are we doing?”   “Nothing”    “The subject isn’t available to us.  She is transfixed by a lighting system.”   (That was said in response to the fact that I was in bed alone in my home and I happened to be shining an ultra violet torch around my bedroom and because the lighting in my bedroom was rendered abnormal by the ultra violet light the neuro scientists and other neuro operatives could not then continue their remote wireless experimentation on my brain and central nervous system.)

“The bowel system is not what we are interested in.  We are interested in bio-robotizing the woman.”

“This woman is going to cop it and I’ll make sure she does.”   ” She has criticized the system to an extreme degree and she won’t get away with it.”   “I have nothing on her”   “Find something.”

“She is entitled to peace of mind, the same as everybody else.   You’re the culprit, not her.”

“You’ll be placed under a hold if you don’t watch yourself,  you stupid woman.”

“Gretta.  We are not going to have a problem with you in the future because you are not going to be able to deal at all.”

“Is there any way we can deal that would ruin this woman.”

“Whose house is she in today. ”  “Her own.  She has the right of residence to live there until she does but she does not actually own it.”

“Gretta.  We haven’t shut down the study.  We just claim to do so when other people are listening in order to impress them.”

“You are living an unsustainable lifestyle”   “We will force you to accept our help.”  (This was said to me because I don’t work and I claim disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome.)

“Is someone attempting to sabotage these programs?   This program failed.  Are we having a problem?   We are endeavouring to report a criminal offence.”

“No we are not.  We can validate that this woman never has committed a crime in her life.”

“Incinerate the bitch.”

“We will maintain her in a controlled demeanour throughout.”



I hear intelligent sounding voices coming from inside my head which I know are being transmitted to me via technological means.  I keep records of a very small sample of what I hear them say to me and I post this information online often.  The following is some of what I heard these internal voices say to me recently.

“The urethra has been injured.  Who injured it?”.   “I did.”   “Why?”  “Carelessness”.

“Silence her.”

“Inhibit her somewhat.”

“We own and control all local newspapers around this woman’s home.”   Your name wont be published.”

“I am a senior executive.  I don’t get involved in disability allowance disputes.”

“I am expressedly disappointed in your attempts to enslave this woman.  You have not bound one of her legs yet.”

“I am denying that you are a human being.”

“Where’s the priest in all this.   It is inoperable without a religious belief”.    ( I am an agnostic.   I love the human race but I believe organised religions are control cults.)

“We move the force field around this woman in order to allow her leg to move”.

“Is she sexually compromised.? ”    “No.  She wrongly thought we could get an energy imprint off her by wireless remote means while she was showering so she wrote about it while thinking it must be true.   She is single and alone with no wish to be part of a couple.  We wish her to be so but she consistently refuses.”

“Get out of the bedroom.”  ( I was taking an afternoon nap.)    “I hardly think it appropriate that she should be in bed during the day”.

“I don’t know why I wouldn’t get a pen knife and stab her in the face”.




The capability exists for criminals with advanced wireless technology and a knowledge of how to use it to gain external wireless control of the muscular structure of an unlimited number of non-consensual  individuals via gaining access to  the central nervous systems of those individuals.  The targeted individuals would need to spend time in front of digital media screens in order to allow this to happen to them.  The individuals who have been captured in this way are known by some to be under synaptic control because the criminals who capture control of them do so by tying down individual neurons in their central nervous system over a number of years but leave them autonomy most of the time until enough neurons have been tied down to finally control all of the targeted individuals movements.   The targeted individual is then wirelessly enslaved but left with enough ability to speak and eat some of the time and only at the will of the criminal perpetrators.  The only way I know of to stop this situation happening to you and yours is to cease all use of digital media.   However, I am not sure if that advice is accurate because I have received it from an unreliable source.  Many individuals who are aware of this capability wrongly believe that they are already under synaptic control themselves and are afraid to act against any orders which comes from central command.  However, they should act against the orders of the central command technological enslavers while they still can.   They should now disassemble and ban all digital media screens.  Please act on this now.


I hear the intelligence sounding  voices of unknown individuals coming from inside my own head and this is happening without my consent.   When I was interviewed in the distant past by a number of psychiatrists none of them advised me to have myself tested for the presence of cochlear implants.   Why was this?

I am experiencing constant broadcast assaults as follows.    All of the electromagnetic frequencies being generated by my brain and body are being non-consensually wirelessly transmitted to a network of supercomputers where they are being translated into evoked potentials which are in turn being automatically translated and categorized into the words that I speak, the thoughts  that I think,  the sounds  that I hear, the muscle movements that I make, the images that I see, the feelings that I feel, as well as the internal activity of my bodily organs.   A frequency modulator can then be used to send electromagnetic frequencies back into my brain and body to force me to hear inner voices and to see both external images and internal minds eye images,  to experience forced muscle movements  and to experience having my vocal cords manipulated against my will to produce words which I did not generate of my own free will, among a vast number of other unwanted and non-consensual experiences.

My name is Gretta Fahey from Claremorris, Ireland and I am a victim of non-consensual experimentation and I have been so for many years.   The voices which I hear coming from inside my head were heard by me to say the following  ” We have bound ninety percent of the body of Gretta Fahey at this stage.  When we have one hundred percent of her bodily movements placed under our control we have been informed numerous times that we will then disable her own ability to move her own muscular structure and we will than take over complete and total control of all of her bodily movements from that day forward.   Gretta herself can put a stop to this by ceasing to be in the company of any and all digital signals.”

For many years I have been experiencing forced muscle movement.  I now experience forced and vigorous movement of my facial muscles, neck muscles, eye muscles and vocal cords among some other muscles against my will and this often occurs while the voices which I hear coming from inside my head speak among themselves about having external control of many of my muscles.  A Boston, Massachusetts, based online journalist called Ramola Dharmaraj has interviewed many individuals, including myself,  who have reported both forced muscle movement and whole body takeover, on her youtube channel which is called Ramola D Reports.

A patent exists which outlines a method of controlling the central nervous system of a human being by external means and the patent number for this patent is US6506148 B2 and it is dated 14th January, 2003 and the patent holder is Hendricus G. Loos, who is said to be an inventor from California.   He holds approximately nine other patents which give information about how to either manipulate or control the central nervous system of a human being by wireless external means.   For further information on this patent please click on the following link

If the day ever came when the individuals who place a simulation of their voices inside my head ever gain one hundred percent control of my bodily movements would even my closest relatives be able to discern that I would no longer be acting of my own volition?   The inner voices have informed me that the answer to the aforementioned question is definitely no.    If this is in fact true how many individuals alive in the world today are under external wireless control with no ability whatsoever to speak or move a muscle of their own free will.    I imagine they would rather be dead.  How can we, the human race, discern who if anybody is under total external wireless control with no free will whatsoever and how can we set them free from this type of imprisonment?   How can we,  the human race, gain back control over the ninety five percent privately owned main stream media which is owned by a cabal of central bankers  and their associates  who work out of the London Financial District and who will not allow their associates from ever mentioning the subject of wireless control of human beings in any of their top newspapers to date and which is in opposition to the wishes of the rest of the human race?.

Yours Sincerely,

Gretta Fahey,  Newbrook,  Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560,  Republic of Ireland.   Landline Home Phone Number 0949360901.   Mobile Phone Number 0870692278.


Government staff of all government departments are now being trained to act as a unified force against individual human beings in order to override their human rights especially in instances where the government wish to wrongly categorise a human being as mentally ill.    This situation is being created because all government staff are attending training centres where advanced mind manipulation technology is in use which is being used to read their thoughts and to send mind controlling signals into their brains for the purposes of rendering them unquestioning and servile towards individuals who are above them in the by now worldwide hierarchical based  chain of command.   On occasions when there is a question over the valid knowledge base of a human being which is in conflict with government propaganda there is a need by special interest groups to have said human being silenced.   In such occasions, a unified force of government staff would be used to  manipulate the spouse of the human being to take the side of the government in order to have the victim wrongly committed to a mental hospital.   Sometimes this system of  having a unified force of government staff  can be used to  intimidate parents  if said parents are found to be teaching their children about topics which conflict with government interests or if those aforementioned parents are found to be dissenting from government policy in other ways.

The Slave Masters Are Using Powerful Invisible Weapons Against Us.

Every time you think a thought, feel an emotion, move a body part, speak or act, then the neurons in your brain fire up and they generate an electromagnetic frequency which would then show up as a unique pattern on an electroencephalogram machine which is more commonly known as an EEG machine.
Each of these electromagnetic frequencies which you are generating all day long have totally unique patterns similar to words in a book. These unique patterns have all been identified and categorised and placed in a type of computerized dictionary. Software has been created that uses that computerized dictionary to translate all of the electromagnetic frequencies that a human brain and body generates at the same speed which the brain generates the frequencies into the thoughts, words, feelings, actions and movements of that human being on a continual basis.
Therefore if you were continually attached to an EEG machine as you went about your daily life and if some body else had access to the software that automatically translates the unique electromagnetic frequencies that your brain and body were generating they could know from looking at their computer screen every word that you say each day in combination with every emotion that you feel, every thought that you think, every time you move a body part, how long you sleep for and how often you eat, among other deeply personal details of your life that you thought were private.
In the past few decades people have been illegally and non-consensually implanted with either nano technology or micro technology or both to the extent that these illegal brain and body implantations allow unknown criminals to wirelessly steal and store all of the electromagentic frequencies which the brain and body of the victim generate and this is being done against the will and without the permission of the victim.
These unknown criminals can now know everything that you think, do, say and feel as well as how long you sleep for and how often you eat, among other things. They can analyse the data which your brain and body generates and they often sell it to foreign powers so that other unknown criminals can also know your most private thoughts, words and actions.
The story is much worse than simply losing all of your privacy.
These unknown criminals can also broadcast electromagnetic frequencies back into your brain and body without your permission if they have illegally obtained your unique brain signature. They can broadcast electromagnetic frequencies which contain words, images, pictures, pain, forced muscle movement as well as emotions and feelings. They can broadcast pornographic images into the mind of a child. They can broadcast voice commands to you and if you disobey them they can then broadcast a pain signal into your brain and body. They can broadcast frequencies into you that cause your brain or body to malfunction and you might never know who they are or why they are doing it. They can broadcast frequencies to any organ of your body which cause it to malfunction. In more advanced cases of human body takeover they can control your vocal cords and they can cause you to speak against your will, even in a voice that does not sound like your own. They can now wirelessly kill you. They can do all of this from a remote location without you ever knowing who is doing it to you.
If senior politicians from any country wished to reveal the existence and abuse of this technology to the police or to the military of their country they would not be able to do so without whoever is monitoring the data being generated by their brains and bodies finding out that they attempted to reveal this information and their country would then receive no more foreign funding.
We need to urgently disassemble and ban whatever technology is enabling the wireless capabilities which allows human beings to be tortured on a continual basis while inside their own homes.
There could be devices on the electricity poles adjacent to peoples homes which is allowing them to be wirelessly tortured on a continuous basis for years at a time. What do we need to have disassembled and banned in order to free ourselves from being constantly tortured by this evil technology? We can not depend on senior politicians or senior police officers any longer because they may have already been wirelessly tethered to the human control system and can not speak about anything without being externally monitored. They could possibly be under mass electronic mind control too and in order to free humanity from mass mind control we should take down and ban all microwave transmitters and related paraphernalia.
When targeted individuals of these wireless brain weapons report their experiences to the police, the police then wrongly recommend that in all instances they undergo psychiatric evaluation. Psychiatrists are misled to believe that people who report being targeted by thought reading technology and other wireless weapons are mentally unwell and said psychiatrists are also instructed to legally force the victim to ingest harmful substances which have extremely distressing side effects. Because of this, targeted individuals are now afraid to inform government officials of their ongoing experiences of being wirelessly tortured which allows this extreme crime to remain hidden from the public.
The individuals who wish to enslave us may have been traced to agents of the British Crown. Many hundreds of individual researchers have examined legal documents and have followed a worldwide financial trail which leads to the London Financial District, the Vatican and Washington DC which are three privately owned countries within other public countries and the individuals who work inside them do so without any public oversight.
They have gone to enormous lenghts to mislead the public by attempting to misdirect the blame for the attempt at world control on to non-existent fictional enemies such as sentient artificial intelligence, the supernatural and extraterresterial visitors, none of which exist in reality.
Many individuals throughout Ireland are already wirelessly connected to this control system where all of the electrical activity being generated by their brains and bodies is being uploaded to a super computer. I am one such individual and I have the contact details of sixteen other Irish people. My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. My website is called I also wish to recommend the website of a Dublin based targeted individual which is called


I am a non-consensual targeted individual of remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation.  The electromagnetic frequencies which are being generated by my brain and body are being collected wirelessly and translated into everything I think, do, say, feel, how often I eat, how often I visit the toilet, and how much exercise I take on a constant basis among other things.   Electromagnetic frequencies are also being sent to my brain and body in order to force me to hear voice commands, feel electric shocks, feel pain signals, see visions, see pictures,  be deprived of sleep, be artificially made to feel extremely cold, be artificially made to feel extremely hot, and have my own muscles move against my will among a number of other things.   I have been placed on this program because I am in receipt of disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome and the so called world management team wish to create a policy where individuals who are in receipt of disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome can have their lives controlled by government agents and government laws.   I hear the voices of the criminals who terrorise me all day long every day of my life.   They threaten my life, they insult me  and demean me on a constant basis.   I often post online some of what they say to me in order to prepare other targeted individuals of these programs for what they might experience in the future themselves if these programs are not stopped by banning all transmitters and wireless enabling capabilities.   Here is some of what the perpetrators of this technological enslavement program have said to me today as follows:-

“Showing your arse to the men.”   (I was alone in my yard and I bent down in order to free out a water channel that had become blocked.)

“We will take you down with that action, you stupid cunt.”  ( I was alone in my yard and I held my hand behind my back in order to stop the perpetrators from place swirling energy around my nether regions which they often do because they wish to establish if I have any bladder or bowel problems which I am claiming disability allowance for.)

“My staff need to get readings of bowel anomalies so that we can verify that you have irritable bowel syndrome.”

“Put a marker on this system.”

“She shouldn’t be living alone for one thing.  Should she?”

“Put an end to her life.  That’s all I’m saying.”

“Well done.   We have now got a system in place where we can now monitor her from inside for the rest of her life.”

My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560,  Republic of Ireland.   My website is called


There are two centralizations of power in the world now and one controls the other but who controls who?   One centralization of power is the three privately owned states within states acting as one unit which are the London Financial District, The Vatican and Washington DC which the so called ruling  elite work out of.    All world banking is being centralized in the privately owned London Financial District while the privately owned Washington DC is considered to be the control centre for the military wing of the new world order and the Vatican  is  now considered the mind controlling and inculcation centre of the new world order.   The individuals who own and run these three privately owned states within publicly owned countries work beyond the reach of governments because they work through  world banking,  giant corporations, the main stream media and the intelligence services  which they are purported to own and run themselves.   Many publicly run bodies feed into their central control system which is considered to be the British Crown.

The other possible centralization of power  may be a rogue branch of the intelligence service which has armed themselves with wireless weapons and which is outwardly taking orders from agents of the British Crown such as Arvinder Sambei but who may have used wireless weapons to secretly enslave Arvinder Sambei and other agents of the British Crown by possibly gaining wireless control of their central nervous systems and immobilising them if they refuse to obey all orders.  One can now partially wirelessly control the physicality of some human beings through controlling their central nervous systems to the extent that those human beings can be physically remote controlled to commit acts which are not in their own best interest.  There are patents and informants to support this.   Agents of the British Crown who appear to be controlling the whole world could possibly either be under microwave mind control or physical body control.  However, the individuals who control the British Crown have endeavoured to rigidly control all wireless weapons and to heavily compartmentalize the work of the intelligence services to the extent that it might be impossible for a rogue branch of the intelligence services to ever break away and attempt to gain control of the top of the heirarchical based chain of command wirelessly while working from a remote location which is how these weapons are being used.    It is being claimed that the only ones who have any freedom left in the world today are the unsuspecting individuals at the bottom of the worldwide hierarchical based chain of command and we are the individuals who must act to free the others from both mind control and physical body control weapons.   Which group control the world?.  Is it the British Crown and their allies or is it a rogue branch of the worldwide intelligence services?


The crown estate owns the privately owned London Financial District.  Who’s names are on the deed of ownership?

Who owns the privately owned Vatican state and if it is non owned by the Pope of Rome who’s names are on the deed of ownership?

Who owns the privately owned Washington D.C.  Who’s name or names are on the deed of ownership?

It may become clear who runs the whole world based on the names on the deeds of ownership of The London Financial District, The Vatican State and Washington DC.   The entire worldwide banking system is being run from the London Financial District and the aforementioned three privately owned states within countries are the seats of the so called ruling elite so therefore when the names of the owners of those privately owned states are known we will be closer to knowing the names of the would be slave masters of the human race.


I am a non-consensual targeted individual of wirelessly enabled electronic control and I receive voice commands and wirelessly delivered pain  via a live link between me and the criminal brain weapons experts. Because the live link is bi-directional the criminal brain weapons experts can read the electrical activity which is being generated by my brain and body and by this means and others they can know what I am doing and saying throughout each day.   I have no privacy whatsoever and this situation is meant for you if the microwave transmitters are not taken down and banned now.

I sometimes publish some of what the wirelessly delivered voices of the criminal operatives of this human control system say to me and here is some of  what they have been saying to me and about me to each other in the past two days as follows:-

“What will we do with her when she is ours?”

“We can’t have you sending out information like this.”

“Is there anyone in Dublin to put a stop to this woman’s nonsense.”

“Keep a civil tongue in your head.”

“I’m out.   I am letting go of my investment in this woman.”

“We haven’t anything on her but I could make up something pretty quick.”

“What evidence have you against this individual.”    “None whatsoever.  She never committed a crime in her life.”   You better manufacture some evidence then.”

“Recently we’ve had a lot of activity in this area and we’re very keen to get a system in place.”

“There is pressure on the side of her jaws at the moment. ”   “Do we care.”  “No”.

“She drinks.”   “She doesn’t drink alcohol.”  “I didn’t say she drinks alcohol.”

“I own you and everything about you.”

“Put a muzzle on her.”

“We wish to bring people who have irritable bowel syndrome under government control.”

“Ask Dunnes Stores to cease selling yellow and white garments as well as red and white garments because it is confusing my system of knowing the status of the human being which I see on my screen.”

“Open the bowel is not the case.”    This was said while I was sitting on the toilet in the privacy of my own home where I was entirely alone and the outer doors were locked.

“They saw me moving the body.”   ( The last sentence “they saw me moving the body” was said by one of the criminal brain weapon experts in relation to the fact that the individuals who force me to become brain to brain interfaced with them against my will and without my permission through illegal implants and electrodes and other particulates inside my head and body can move the trunk of my body up and down by wireless external means when I am lying in my bed alone at night.  These same individuals  have illegally placed implants in my eyes which show up as fluorescent green when I shine an ultra violet light into my eyes so I can prove that they are there.   They informed me that other operatives who work from a different location than the aforementioned group of operatives and whose job it is to monitor all of what I see and hear on a continual basis would have seen my body moving up and down in my bed against my will because on this particular occasion I happened to look down at my body while it was occurring.  They further informed me that the second group of operatives have a duty to report any anomalies to head office and they would have reported that my body  was being moved  against my will.  For some reason the first group of operatives are afraid that the second group of operatives who are responsible for monitoring all my audio and visual input will report that they have been moving the trunk of my body vigorously by wireless external means via control of my central nervous system and this has happened on many occasions down through the last number of years.


A human control and enslavement system is being set up throughout the world which would render you paralysed from head to toe if you failed to obey the slave masters.  We  are believed to have inhaled and ingested nano particulates  which can penetrate the blood brain barrier and which adhere to the neuro transmitters of our brains and also to our central nervous system.    These nano particulates in combination with implants and also in combination with samples of our DNA may be needed to complete the process of physical control of the body of a human being.   This human body control system is being developed behind the scenes throughout the world.  Many individuals have become non-consensual victims of experimentation where their own limbs are being moved against their wills and where their vocal cords are being controlled against their wills on occasions.    Ramola Dharmaraj who is a renowned online journalist from Boston, United States has interviewed many individuals who have publicly confessed to being partially under electronic wireless  physical control.  Her interviews can be found at her youtube channel which is called Ramola D Reports and also at her website which is called

We do not as yet know who the slave masters are but a group of individuals who have a youtube channel called American Intelligence Media believe that all roads lead to London, England and to the crown corporation.   We do not know yet who are the slave masters and who are the slaves among the British Privy Council and among the Pilgrim Society but that is where their research is leading.   The American Intelligence Media believe that the Pilgrim Society is the head and body of the slave system with lots of other feeder groups coming from across the world.

I myself am under wireless electronic control from my central nervous system where a selection of my facial and neck muscles as well as my eye muscles and vocal cords are being remote controlled against my will on a random basis.   I no longer involve agents of the government in my affairs because when I informed them about this situation in the past they refused to believe me and they wrongly accused me of being mentally unwell.  I believe them to be under strong remote influencing due to the presence of advanced technology in their environment which they have no real understanding of and which they need to disassemble and ban right now.  Subliminal messaging comes through such technology.  Who is responsible for deciding what subliminal messages are sent through this remote subliminal messaging system and where is said subliminal messaging central control system located in Ireland and where is it located in the United Kingdom ?.  Where is said subliminal messaging central control system located in the United States and who runs it there?

The slave masters are currently beyond the reach of governments because they work through the banking system and through giant corporations.  They have no conscience and they are willing to torture and kill millions of their fellow human beings whenever they wish.  Some of their staff may be under central nervous system wireless external control and may be partially immobilized if they are not subservient to the slave masters.  Others of their staff may be under a form a post hypnotic control.   Because of this unique situation we have no way of knowing who among them are  the slave masters  and who among them are the enslaved  so therefore we can not know exactly who among them are  intent on wirelessly enslaving us via gaining wireless control of our central nervous systems.   We must disempower them now by disassembling and banning microwave transmitters, smart street lighting and CCTV cameras which have also been fitted with smart technology.   We must pull back from the brink of enslavement now.  Don’t allow your children to be vaccinated and don’t register your children at birth.  You are legally enslaving them when you register their births according to man made law which is now totally out of harmony with moral law.   Act now while you can or else your children will be rigidly enslaved and you could also be rigidly enslaved.


I am known as a smart citizen because I have been wirelessly linked to a human control system without my permission.   The wireless link which links me to the human control system is bi-directional.   I hear voice commands  and I experience forced muscle movement through the bi-directional wireless link.  The voice commands which I hear are sometimes known as voice to skull direct communication and are sometimes known as microwave hearing among other names.  Every week or so I post online some of what the operatives who speak to me via the  bi-directional wireless link have been saying to me.   They are rude and threatening to me.   I am equally rude to them.    The following are a selection of what they have been saying to me and to each other about me recently:-

“We now have a synapsis movement in the right arm.”

“How dare you disobey me.”

“What is this woman doing in our home.”

“You don’t own anything.  We own everything.”

“I have invested money in you.”

“We have a right to visit our own system.”

“Do you wash yourself or anything.”

“Juxtaposition your system somewhere else because I have taken back control.”   (That was not said to me or about me.  It was said by one of the criminal operatives to a colleague.)

If you wish to know more of what the unknown staff who run the wireless human control system have been saying and doing to me please read my website which is called