It has become apparent to all well informed and free thinking human beings that the Vatican controllers are the real and only power throughout the world.   All roads lead to the Vatican.  It is being estimated that the Vatican controllers now own up to forty percent of all transnational corporations and they are entitled to receive sixty percent of all profits from worldwide commerce.   Further to that, many countries have signed secret contracts to donate up to four percent of the annual  public purse to the Vatican controllers who are known to be dark occultists,   Said dark occultists wish to implant each and every one of us with a variety of microchips and then wirelessly link our brains and central nervous systems to their computer control system and they wish to use the technological capability which is outlined in the internet of things patent number US6965816 to achieve their aims.   I have already become secretly and non-consensually  wirelessly linked  to an unknown computerized control system by both my brain and central nervous system to the extent that I know without any doubt that this capability exists and is being widely used to electronically harass and torture a selection of targeted individuals from most if not all countries throughout the world already.

It has also become apparent to all well informed and free thinking human beings that all agents of the Vatican are simply wealthy slaves who are being controlled through fear.    All of the European monarchies, the Knights of Malta, the British monarchy, the British Privy Council,  the American Senior Executive Service, some movie stars as well as the Pilgrim Society are simply  wealthy slaves with no free will whatsoever.   They all have take oaths of allegiance either directly or indirectly to the Vatican which require them to be unquestioningly obedient to all of the dictates of the Vatican who themselves appear to be controlled either directly or indirectly by the Ninth Circle of Satanists who regularly conduct human blood sacrifices inside crypts of churches after dark throughout most of the world.

It is being claimed widely that Prince Frieso of the Netherlands attempted to leave the Ninth Circle and he was then ritually sacrificed by the Ninth Circle in a very painful manner, while the privately owned main stream media falsely published a report that he had died in a skiing accident.   Many of the wealthy slaves are being given the job of precuring sacrificial victims and they possibly carry out this act because of extreme fear of what will become of them if they refuse.

According to the high profile Vatican watcher and well known author Kevin Annett all church congregations aught to place a statement in the church collection box in lieu of money stating that they will no longer contribute financially to the support of their church until it breaks off all ties with the Satanically controlled Vatican.  Please urgently set this program in motion in your area because many have become wirelessly controlled already and you aught to act urgently in order to save your own children from being wirelessly controlled by said Ninth Circle Satanists who would select children at random for ritual and extremely painful human sacrifice.   Please find link to youtube video of Dr Katherine Horton and Kevin Annett discussing this and other topics.



I am being subjected to non-consensual Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation which is now also known as gaining wireless  cybernetic control of my central nervous system  for  the purposes of overt domination of me and  of all other human beings who come under similar categories to mine which is all human beings who are in receipt of disability allowance for Irritable Bowel Syndrome and similar problems such as bladder problems.    My unique brain signature was entrained into a frequency of terror for at least a full year around 2008 and 2009 as a punishment for attempting suicide on two occasions.   On several occasions during that time I used to wake up suddenly late at night and I would instintly sit rigidly bolt upright in bed immediately upon waking and I would be in a state of extreme terror.   This symptom of my extreme distress is widely regarded as a symptom of someone who has been tortured, either psychologically or physically.

Anybody who experiences non-consensual Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation is automatically and falsely classified as being mentally ill by both state psychiatrists and the police in order to destroy all credible information sources relating to Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation.

I hear the voices of the Remote Neural Monitoring operatives coming from inside my own head because I may have been illegally implanted with a hearing device which I hope to prove in the future in a natural law court.  Man made law which is the law we are governed by is no longer in harmony with moral law to the extent that some of its laws are deemed to be seriously deranged.   Man made law is not fixed and is not immutable and it is therefore illegal under natural law which is the only law that we aught to be governed by.  It has become illegal to write those last few sentences because it is now deemed illegal under deranged man made laws to tell the truth in all cases.   That is why, when I eventually take a law case against my aggressors I will do so under fixed and immutable worldwide natural laws.

I have erroneously asked for psychiatric assistance in past times because of being frightened of my experiences of being under Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation.   In all occasions the psychiatric medication which I then became obligated to take had  extremely distressing side effects and if one were to complain to the mandating psychiatrist about those extremely distressing side effects then the psychiatrist would invariably insist that I would keep taking the distressing psychiatric medication and  would ask me to take extra medication which they would claim would dampen down the distressing side effects.  I feel that I would then be obliged to take two different toxic formulas which would accumulate in my bloodstream and which would give me further devastating side effects.   When the psychiatric patient returns home and should he or she complain about the extreme side effects of the medication at a later date then the psychiatrist would mandate that the patient then return for a stay inside the psychiatric hospital so that the medication could be changed while under observation in case the new medication would cause a severe reaction.   While inside the psychiatric hospital the psychiatrist could then extend the stay or make the in-patient status a permanent arrangement at his or her own free will with any political oversight whatsoever.    That is why patients don’t generally complain at all.  This situation occurs across the board to all psychiatric patients.   The reason I bring it up is because I and other former psychiatric patients have such an extreme fear of this situation ever occurring in the future that we would never knowingly speak to a psychiatrist again ever, and if we were ever forced to do so we would have to falsify all statements to them for fear of ever being mandated to take such toxic formulas again.  Because of this extreme fear of psychiatric medication and the fear of communicating clearly and precisely with psychiatrists that it engenders and for many other reasons previously mentioned on this website,  I now firmly believe that psychiatry is a sham designed to cover up all knowledge of  electronic harassment and torture by individuals wielding directed energy weapons and other advanced weaponry.  Many psychiatrists themselves may be under mind control.

One of the voices which  I continually hear coming from inside my head against my will and without my permission was this morning heard by me to say the following “I often endeavour to get top management to accept vicious likes about Gretta Fahey in order to get paid enough money to live on. Otherwise I would probably starve.”     This and other comments lead me to believe that the Remote Neural Monitoring staff have been constantly lying about me down through the years.

My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland.   My website which I alone own and control is called


Dr Katherine Horton of who is a well known expert on directed energy weapons and voice harassment technologies has informed her youtube viewers that both voice to skull and image to skull experiences are dependent of non-consensual targeted individuals being implanted with technology. I am a targeted individual and it has now been acknowledged that I have a cellular network device implanted under my skin without prior knowledge or without my permission. Who planted it and if there is more than one device who planted them and when were they planted inside my person.?


I am a long term victim of non-consensual remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation.  Over many years unknown neuro operatives have attempted to wirelessly gain more and more external control over my central nervous system which would lead to them having more and more control over the muscles of my face and body.  Their ultimate aim is to bio-robotize me so that they can wirelessly control me from an unknown remote location.

They  have now gained almost total control over my facial muscles which has led to me now being unable to synchronise my mood with my facial expression.  Last night I was in a sombre and angry mood and yet both my face and eyes were forced to adopt a smiling pose.  Many  human beings have not yet woken up to the nightmarish implications of the Richard C Walker patent number US6965816 which allows  the unacknowledged worldwide central control system personnel to have total control over the central nervous systems of their fellow human beings.  For further information about my own unique experiences of being a non-consensual victim of their wirelessly enabled experimentation please read my website which I alone own and control and which is called


All new recruits to the United States army are deemed to be hearing voices coming from inside their own heads because a voice transmitting technique is being used against them largely against their wills and without their permission.     I am in receipt of this information because I myself am hearing voices coming from inside  my own head via voice to skull communication which is sometimes also known as microwave hearing or synthetic telepathy which is a military capability and has been so for more than fifty years.  Because it is still classified the psychiatry profession deem it necessary to instigate proceedings against us if we speak about this and other matters.


“We have a few blissful years left until enforced telepathic reading.”   Quote by Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks.

The Richard C Walker patent which has also come to be known as the wireless internet of things patent number US6965816 describes the ability of neuro scientists to aggressively go in, take over, control, track and manage any system whether it be an airplane, a car, a motor cycle or a human being.

Non-consensual human experimentation is secretly being carried out with a view to eventually technologically enslave most of the human race.  My name is Gretta Fahey and  I am a long term victim of such non-consensual wirelessly enabled remote experimentation and this process is sometimes known as cybernetic control or remote neural monitoring or a number of other technical names.  I am under neural monitoring as well as physical observation because the neuro operatives can now see my human body in 3D.   Knowledge of this and other processes are continually being suppressed through psychiatry.   I hear the voices of the neuro experimentators coming from inside my head because they have been enabled to wirelessly send me voice commands and other digital signals by wireless means.  I occasionally write down a small selection of what they say to me and to each other about me, and later I post it online so that others may know what to expect if they ever become wirelessly controlled by this process.   Because I have not done this for the past few weeks my note taking has gotten mixed up and I am not sure which information I have already posted online earlier and which is new.  However, here below is some of what I have heard from this unknown neuro operatives recently as follows:-

“She must be stopped  from wearing trousers.  She must wear skirts.  It is a requirement.”

“Women don’t matter because they can always be controlled through sexual conquest.”  (That was said to me in response to the fact that I informed the inner voice command operatives that I plan to take the matter to a natural law court at some time in the future.)

“Gretta Fahey has never adopted a sexual pose in all the times that we have observed her and therefore she should not be put on a sexual program such as is being planned for her behind the scenes.”    This was then followed by another inner voice which was heard by me to say the following    “If raping Gretta Fahey is what you  need to do in order to obtain the needed sexual pose then do so.”

“Rectal exam using propulsion.  We have a buck to earn.”

I asked the remote neural monitoring operatives whose voices I hear coming from inside my head the following question.  “Why don’t you allow me privacy when I am sitting on the toilet.?”   “It is a prerequisite that we analyse your waste” is the answer I then received back.

I felt eight fairly strong tremors and I then asked the remote neural monitoring operatives who and what caused me to get the tremors.   I was then given the following information via one of the inner voices as follows  “We caused them through misadventure.  We were endeavouring to trial a new system which would have given us more control than ever before over your central nervous system in order to eventually make you our slave and then in so doing extrapolate our knowledge onto the whole human race in order to then further our enslavement plans for humanity.”

“No heating will be allowed in the shower room in future.”

“We will have to have her for another while because there is nobody else here for us to practice our black arts on.”

“If you don’t get our of bed I will hurt you.”

Make a quick decision to have this lady Gretta Fahey sent to a psychiatric hospital.  We don’t want to see any more of this material come out to the public.”

“Have we any control over her tongue.?”   “Some.”    “Freeze her tongue.”

I live at Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo,   Republic of Ireland in the same house that I was born in nearly sixty years ago.  I am single and I live alone.  I am in receipt of disability allowance for IBS and sometimes bladder problems.  My website where I describe my experiences of being placed under cybernetic control and of having some of my muscles wirelessly externally controlled  is called   My landline home phone number is 0949360901.




On 23rd November, 2019, an unknown directed energy weapons operative non-consensually carried out a thorough examination of my teeth by remote electronic means and he then informed his colleagues via electronic communication which is sometimes known as voice to skull communication that the mercury amalgam fillings contained in my teeth were placing my whole body under enormous stress and that this has been the case ever since my teeth were filled with said mercury amalgam fillings when I was a child between the ages of seven and eleven years old.  My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland.  I am a non-consensual targeted individual of Remote Neural Monitoring and other types of cybernetic control and I have been so for more than sixteen years.   My website which I alone post information on  is called  My  email address is called  My landline home phone number which I use to verify my identify is 0949360901.


Civilian leaders cannot usually hope to challenge their militaries by means of force, and thus must guard against any potential usurpation of powers through a combination of policies, laws, and the inculcation of the values of civilian control in their armed services. The presence of a distinct civilian police force, militia, or other paramilitary group may mitigate to an extent the disproportionate strength that a country’s military possesses; civilian gun ownership has also been justified on the grounds that it prevents potential abuses of power by authorities (military or otherwise). Opponents of gun control have cited the need for a balance of power in order to enforce the civilian control of the military.

There are two and a half million military slaves in the United States. They are the United States Military. They are obliged to be unquestioningly and submissively obedient to their commander-in-chief. We now understand that they are under microwave mind control and also body control via manipulation techniques not previously understood but now both understood and validated by the United States Supreme Command to be injurous to both the military soldiers themselves as well as to the American people.
The individuals who give orders to the United States military to go forth and to commit acts of extreme evil against other non aggressive members of the human race do not go forth themselves. They remain in contact with each and every military member via wireless control technology. This puts the military team under extreme duress and many go on to commit suicide rather than complete the acts of extreme evil that they are asked to do on a daily basis by this means. If they refuse to be unquestioningly obedient to the wireless voice commands which they receive on an almost daily basis they are then subjected to extreme duress themselves in many and varied ways.


I live alone so that when my internet connection is suddenly blocked on numerous occasions I strongly believe that it is being done by the remote neural monitoring staff who have gained external control over my computer and over my own website which is called   I enclose the following information from my internet ip address which wrongly shows that I had online access at a time when in reality I was being denied access to my own computer. Why have the remote neural monitoring staff been given total control over my life, my brain and my body. I have now been informed by the remote neural monitoring staff who disallow me from going online according to their own will that a judgement has been sent forward to them from a negative group that I have no human rights whatsoever and I must continue my life without said human rights.

Name: Local Area Connection* 1
Description: Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter
Physical address (MAC): 18:56:80:c7:9f:a8
Status: Not operational
Maximum transmission unit: 1500
IPv4 address:
IPv6 address: fe80::97d:381a:51ad:185a%17/64
DNS servers: fec0:0:0:ffff::1%1, fec0:0:0:ffff::2%1, fec0:0:0:ffff::3%1
Connectivity (IPv4/IPv6): Disconnected

Name: Local Area Connection* 3
Description: Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter #2
Physical address (MAC): 1a:56:80:c7:9f:a7
Status: Not operational
Maximum transmission unit: 1500
IPv4 address:
IPv6 address: fe80::586e:f297:11c6:d7db%10/64
DNS servers: fec0:0:0:ffff::1%1, fec0:0:0:ffff::2%1, fec0:0:0:ffff::3%1
Connectivity (IPv4/IPv6): Disconnected

Name: WiFi
Description: Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265
Physical address (MAC): 18:56:80:c7:9f:a7
Status: Operational
Maximum transmission unit: 1500
Link speed (Receive/Transmit): 144/144 (Mbps)
DHCP enabled: Yes
DHCP servers:
DHCP lease obtained: ‎Thursday ‎21 ‎November ‎2019 11:10:26
DHCP lease expires: ‎Friday ‎22 ‎November ‎2019 11:10:26
IPv4 address:
IPv6 address: fe80::78c5:cc3d:c953:93aa%18/64
Default gateway:
DNS servers:,
DNS domain name:
DNS connection suffix:
DNS search suffix list:
Network name: 3MobileWiFi-5B19
Network category: Public
Connectivity (IPv4/IPv6): Connected to local network / Connected to unknown network

Name: Ethernet
Description: Remote NDIS based Internet Sharing Device
Physical address (MAC): 0c:5b:8f:27:9a:64
Status: Not Present
Maximum transmission unit: 0
Connectivity (IPv4/IPv6): Disconnected

Name: Ethernet 2
Description: Remote NDIS based Internet Sharing Device #2
Physical address (MAC): 0c:5b:8f:27:9a:64
Status: Not Present
Maximum transmission unit: 0
Connectivity (IPv4/IPv6): Disconnected

SSID: 3MobileWiFi-5B19
Protocol: Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n)
Security type: WPA2-Personal
Network band: 2.4 GHz
Network channel: 9
Link-local IPv6 address: fe80::78c5:cc3d:c953:93aa%18
IPv4 address:
IPv4 DNS servers:
Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
Description: Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265
Driver version:
Physical address (MAC): 18-56-80-C7-9F-A7e




As far back as 1961, Dr Alan Frey, in his paper “Human Auditory System Response to Modulated Electromagnetic Energy” reported that voices can be beamed directly into an individuals head.   The Pentagon and other

military/intelligence related organizations are now transmitting both audible and inaudible voices into the heads of a large selection of non-consensual individuals and they are doing this from unknown remote locations.  Depending on the frequency used, the emission mode, the energy radiated and the shape and duration of the pulses used, electromagnetic radiation directed against a human body may cause serious burns or other types of pain to that human being.   By both of these methods and others, voice commands can be issued to a human being and if they are disobeyed these voice commands, that human subject can then have a pain signal transmitted to them.  This is how easy you can be enslaved without ever knowing your slave master.  



On April 20, 1976, an Apparatus and Method for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves” was patented. Its inventor was Robert G Malech, of New York. According to the patent abstract, it is an “Apparatus for and method of sensing brain waves at a position remote from a subject whereby electromagnetic signals of different frequencies are simultaneously transmitted to the brain of the subject.” The above is a quote from the Book “Mass Control” by Jim Keith
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“The Pentagon has developed the ability to transmit voices and inflict pain at the touch of a button”

The above is a quote from a book by Alex Constantine called “Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A.” which was published in 1995.   That technological capability has now been installed in the Republic of Ireland where a number of people are being forced to hear the voices as well as to feel the pain of those who have access to this pentagon owned technology.   When they complain they are being wrongly disbelieved by the Gardaí, Psychiatrists, Newspaper Owners and politicians because they and others have been placed under the influence of strong microwave mind control.     There is a political movement in force today to reveal this secret abuse of advanced technology throughout the world before we all become enslaved by it.  We have no time to lose.  This technology is registered under patent number US 6965816.


It is my belief that digital media screens are being used in attacks against the human brain and central nervous system.   I am aware that it is ironic that I am writing this complaint while using a digital media screen but I will stop using my digital media screen forever shortly.   My electricity supply operative recently installed a small digital media screen in my front hall.  I wish to have it taken out again.   I am willing to do without any and all night heating in my home which is bound to happen because I am insisting  on having the digital media screen taken out of my home.

I have been a non-consensual subject of remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation for more than sixteen years and the installation of a digital media screen in the front hall of my home could have alarming consequences to me if it is not removed urgently.   I will contact my electricity supplier within days in order to make this occur.   Any digital media screen needs only to be within five feet of the occupant of the home in order for it to be used against them in many and varied ways including rendering them paralysed by criminals who work from a remote unknown location.   The criminal neuro operatives who have placed me on remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation mostly do their work of gaining almost total  control of my central nervous system from outside Ireland where I live.  This is an emergency situation.  Please do your best to allow all information which I post online be known to the general public so that they can protect themselves from the fate which I have found myself in.

The voice to skull voices which I hear coming from inside my head on a constant basis have informed me today that a European Directive is currently being formulated today which would allow senior police officers throughout the Republic of Ireland and the rest of Europe to use Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation on anyone they saw fit.   This type of neuro technology is considered worse that lethal by anybody who knows its true capabilities.  Please ask all members of the Gardaí Siochana as well as all police officers throughout the rest of Europe to accept statements from anyone who comes to them while claiming that they are being non-consensually subjected to Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation or are being subjected to other types of still classified remote controlled electromagnetic weapons technology.

Yours Sincerely,

Gretta Fahey,  Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland.

Landline Home Phone Number 0949360901.

My website which I alone own and control is called

My email address is




In a lawsuit filed against the National Security Agency in a District of Columbia federal courthouse (civil action 92-0449) a private citizen, John St Clair Akwei gave the enclosed definition of Remote Neural Monitoring as follows:-

A device is used to send coded signals to the brain’s auditory cortex, which communicate directly with the brain to debilitate subjects by stimulating auditory hallucinations characteristic of paranoid schizophrenia.  Without contact with the human subject, Remote Neural Monitoring can map out electrical activity from the visual cortex of a subjects brain on a video monitor.   NSA operatives see what the human subjects eyes are seeing.   Visual memory can also be seen.  Remote Neural Monitoring can send images direct to the visual cortex, bypassing the eyes and optic nerves.   NSA operatives can use this surreptitiously to put images into a surveillance subjects brain.

I am a non-consensual subject of remote neural monitoring and I have been so for more than sixteen years on a continual and constant basis without any break other than for a few minutes on  three or so occasions when I walked beyond the area which had been grid referenced by the remote neural monitoring staff for the purposes of monitoring me. (I live close to a farm and on those three or so occasions I unexpectedly wandered into a near neighbours field which had not been grid referenced.)  I hear the voices of the remote neural monitoring staff coming from inside my head against my will and without my permission on a constant basis.

At approximately two minutes past ten pm on 3rd November, 2019 which is the day I am posting this online, the voice of a woman neuro operative  coming from inside my own head was heard by me to say the following “Have her transferred to a location where I can appraise her properly and that is a demand.”   Why am I being forced to hear her voice coming from inside my head against my will and without my permission while I am attempting to peacefully live my life inside my own home alone and why does she erroneously believe that she will get away with committing acts of extreme evil towards me and what is her official name and her official address and her date of birth so that I can identify her later?


Published on March 2, 2019
Gretta Fahey
My website is called

1. Whoever sits at the top of the hierarchy can be secretly controlled by an enemy.
2. Psychopaths always rise to the top because they are prepared to kill anybody that stands in their way of attaining money, power, status and control.
3. In a hierarchical based control system such as the American Presidency, one man at the top of the hierarchical based control system is suddenly deemed to know everything about everything, and is suddenly deemed to be a fount of all wisdom, a situation which is unreal.
4. No individual will agree to remain at the bottom of a heirarchy unless they are put under either trauma based mind control or else electronic mind control or both. Before electronic mind control became main-stream trauma based mind control was used in the church and state controlled school system through corporal punishment and through various forms of brainwashing which was administered by largely unknowing staff who had themselves become brainwashed on an earlier occasion. After school students are successfully inculcated into the heirarchical based control system very few of them will ever raise their heads above the radar again. They will be unquestioninglfy obedient to the system for the remainder of their lives.
5. When one belongs to a hierarchical based control system, they abandon use of their own conscience for the rest of their lives and they unquestioningly obey whatever orders they are given. Because of this error of their judgement they can be persuaded to go to war and kill other good living human beings for no reason other they the individuals who are to be killed live on a different part of the world.
6. In order for hierarchies to work we need to invent a false concept called authority. Authority is the concept of a diseased mind. It does not exist under natural law which is the only fixed and immutable law on the earth.
7. Human hierarchies are pyramid shaped and they are rigid. They are rigid because the individuals inside them have no human freedom. The individuals at the bottom layers of the hierarchy are denied freedom of expression in many areas. They can not act without the permission of the individuals on the next layer up. They are not allowed access to truth because if they did have access to it they would be able to usurp the leadership at the top of the hierarchy. Those at the top of the hierarchy hoard knowledge through classifying advances in technology because a differential in knowledge leads to a differential in power. The individuals at the very top of the hierarchy are frightened that their power would be usurped by those lower down the hierarchy so in order to stop that ever occurring they disempower those under them in the hierarchy by many means including bring about debt slavery through unfair banking laws, and also having anybody who questions their activities incarcerated in psychiatric hospitals thereby bypassing all laws which would otherwise protect those individuals from false incarceration. The individuals at the bottom of the false hierarchy eventually become passive because they become used to being told what to do. They lose all of their creativity and some even become depressed through lack of free will.
While human hierarchies are rigid, anarchies are fluid. The word anarchy means without rulers. An means without and archon means ruler. An anarchies is a linear based self regulating systems, a system of rules without rulers. Each human being within an anarchy enjoys one hundred percent free will and one hundred percent responsibility for taking care of themselves. In anarchies, human beings are at their most creative and responsible and vibrant. Under moral law, anarchies are the only way we are permitted to run our lives because it is only under systems of anarchy that we have the free will to exercise our conscience before we perform and act.
Hierarchies do not remain at the same level of rigidity over many years and decades. The tend to become more rigid as the years progress because those at and near the top of the hierarchy become more corrupt and more megalomaniac as they years go by. They develop a slave master mind set and they deny freedom of expression to those at the bottom because they do not wish anybody to challenge their leadership. The sooner we return to a linear based self-regulating system the better for the whole human race. Human beings are self-regulating by nature. They do not need to belong to hierarchies which only ever benefit those at the very top.
Some individuals are mind controlled to believe that the ones who sit at the top of the heirarchy are entitled to be there for many false reasons, some of which I have listed herebelow –
As each human being has hundreds of different facets to their characters, there can be no objective way to classify a human being. An accident of birth can not be grounds for conferring a high status on a human being.
“We are not our positions in society, our occupations, our culture, our beliefs, our financial status, our social status, our matrimonial status, our sexuality, our clothes, or how we speak. Take away all of these and we are still ourselves underneath. All of these are superficial identities, like masks. All of these superficial identities are transitory. We are consciousness, having a human experience.
Some human beings attempt to convince their fellow human beings that they have a higher status than the rest of the human race. They achieve this by using mind control tactics over their fellow human beings. They also send messages of their supposed superior status by acting superior at all times. They enhance the message by displays of superiority in the public arena by the skilled use of oratory. They also employ uniforms, titles, credentials , possessions and opulent surroundings to further enhance the lie that they are superior to others in some way. They sometimes pay attendents to attend to their every need and to bow to them when they are in the public arena. They have their staff organise large gatherings of fawning fans whenever they wish to push the notion of their supposed superiority further.
We are all equal. We came into this world empty handed and we will leave this world empty handed approximately eight decades later. We must value equality in the world above all else. Unquestioningly following the orders of our equals leads to acts of extreme evil because when we do so we refuse to take responsibility for our own actions by refusing to assess whether the order given is moral before we carry it out.
School children are erroniously being taught to believe in the concept of survival of the fittest, which is one of the four evil tenets of Satanism.
The worldwide would-be controllers are attempting to create a top down chain of command throughout the world. We aught to instead organise ourselves into a linear based self-regulating system, a system of rules without rulers, a system of self-government where we take back all power which we have erroneously given away to members of the self-proclaimed elite. If we returned this world to a system of anarchy right now the first undertaking we would have to achieve is to take down all technological systems which enable electronic control of both the minds and bodies of human beings and refuse to register births, marriages and deaths. We must urgently practice non-compliance to man made laws but we must comply with natural law in all areas. Natural law is a euphemism for moral law. In order to find out more about natural law you must study the occult. The word occult means hidden.


I am being attacked  and non-consensually experimented on by neuro weapons.   They are secret weapons which have such extreme capabilities that they are considered to be worse than death by those who know about their capabilities.   They are being used to control the brain and central nervous system of those who are targeted by them and this can and is being carried out from a remote location without the criminal neuro operative needing to have direct access to the targeted individual.    The individuals who are targeted by these neuro weapons no longer have the right to control their own limbs or bodily functions without permission of some unknown criminal  operative who could possibly  be a sadist.   Neuro weapons have no place in any society for any reason.

Over many years of my non-consensual experimentation the neuro operatives have gained more and more control over my brain and  central nervous system.  As well as speaking to me by what could possibly be brain to brain interface they also send unwanted disturbing images into the imaging centres of my brain.  I believe that it is possible to send an image into the brain of an individual without them needing to be brain to brain interfaced with a neuro operative.  All images are composed of a series of electromagnetic frequency patterns and the electromagnetic frequency patterns of a very disturbing image could be sent to your brain at any time by the use of a frequency modulator and the signals they produce would be made to over ride your own electromagnetic frequency patterns.   The reason I am explaining this is as follows:

I was send an image of a drab garment by an unknown neuro operative by possibly wireless electronic means.  I told the neuro operative that I did not like it because I like bright colours.   The neuro operatives then informed me that I would not be allowed to wear bright colours.  (I am paraphrasing)   If in the future those who are controlled by remote wireless neuro weapons are no longer allowed to wear bright colours it might be because of perceived status or because if one was forced to become a spy against their will they would be forced to wear unnoticeable and drab clothing.

The subject of neuro technology is being censored from most of the main stream media which is 95% privately owned by those who wish to control all power and resources on this planet and who wish to impose their will on everyone else.   The are known as predatory globalists and they have Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Bushes among their ranks.   They wish to control law enforcement so as to impose their will on the rest of humanity.   They already control schools and universities  which are now promoting socialism to the students.   Capitalism is being demonized but the students are not being informed that the type of capitalism that is being demonized is not in fact capitalism but cartelism.   These predatory globalists demonise United States President Donald Trump at every opportunity because he is attempting to disempower them at every opportunity and to return that power to the human race where it belongs.

We must urgently disassemble and ban microwave transmitters because microwave mind control is being used to subdue systems of government for years.  Nearly all government officials are being forced to work directly under microwave transmitters and they appear indifferent to predatory globalism and the existence and abuse of neuro technology.   As soon as we have microwave transmitters banned they will then return to clear thinking and we can regain our freedom.


I am being non-consensually subjected to remote neural monitoring in combination with remote neural manipulation.   This process allows criminals to monitor all of my thoughts.   Each thought is a unique electromagnetic frequency pattern which is being translated in real time as I think it.   Each image which I imagine or which I remember from the past is also a series of unique electromagnetic frequency patterns which are also being translated in real time as I imagine them.  Therefore I have no mental privacy and the criminals who monitor my thoughts reply to me in real time through a similar process.   I have been informed by one of  these  criminals by this direct communication method that a small number of Gardaí (Irish police) work with them in this type of remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation criminal activity.  They have also informed me that most senior Gardaí and most other Gardaí  know nothing about this secret criminal process.

When these criminals who I call neuro operatives among a variety of other names in my daily online blogs monitor the thoughts of some private individual and if they discover that the private individual who has been monitored has committed an illegal act in the past then the criminal remote neural monitoring staff inform their own Gardaí criminal colleagues of the fact that this is the case.    The criminal remote neural monitoring staff could then then secretly monitor the thoughts of any witnesses to the crime until they eventually obtain proof of the crime.  The criminal remote neural monitoring staff then inform their Gardaí colleagues  some of who  force non-consensual subjects of remote neural monitoring to listen to their voices which the subject hears coming from inside their heads and who are the criminal Gardaí laison officers who obtain information via this criminal process.

I have been informed and I have written several months ago about the fact that because of the fact that each thought we think or each image we imagine is a series of unique electromagnetic frequency patterns, each series of unique electromagnetic frequency patterns which you generate each and every second is being uploaded into your smart phone if you keep it close to your person and it is being used to create a detailed profile of you which is being used against you in secret.   I am assured that this is true by the criminal remote neural monitoring staff who have begun to inform me of how they achieve results in their work.

I have also written about the fact that I believe that I have been placed on this remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation program because the criminal hierarchy who now all but control the whole world wish to create new policies to control all who are in receipt of disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome and other hidden disabilities.  I have not committed any crime.

My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland.  My landline home phone number which a post online in order to verify my identify is 0949360901.  My website which I alone own and control is called


I am currently reading a book called “Virtual Government, CIA Mind Control Operations in America” by Alex Constantine.  I am herein quoting some lines from page 83 as follows:-

“Psychotronic devices that communicate directly with the brain are the hidden trust of the current mind control program.  Subjects are used against their will.  They are often tortured in their own homes with advanced non-lethals of the type developed by the CIA’s mind control crew.   –  and since the subject never lays eyes on his tormentors they need not fear exposure”

I am one of the individuals who is being tortured in my own home with  advanced non-lethal weapons and I have never laid eyes on my tormentors.    I am being forced to listen to their voices which I hear coming from inside my head against my will and without my permission on a constant basis throughout each day and night, whenever  I am awake.     I asked them the following question in the past hour as follows ” Why are police stations and government offices placed directly under microwave transmitters?   The answer I received back from the unknown operatives who place simulations of their voices inside my head was as follows “Microwave mind control has been used to subdue systems of government for years.  Nobody questions it.”

Because there is a thirty year lag between classified projects and declassified projects many individuals especially psychiatrists do not appear to be aware that technology exists which allows criminals to place voices inside the heads of non-consenting and extremely unwilling individuals who are attempting to go about their lives peacefully.

Recently a voice which I heard coming from inside my head was heard by me to say the following “I can not allow my family to know I am involved in this type of harassment.”   and this was directly followed by another internal voice which was heard by me to say the following “I don’t want my family to know that I am involved either.”


I am non-consensually surveilled twenty four hours per day and this unwanted surveillance has continued for more than sixteen years.  This program which I am on is known as remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation.   When anybody is on the aforementioned program they are forced to listen to the voices of unknown neuro operatives which they hear non-consensually coming from inside their own heads  and this situation has been enabled due to extreme advances in neuro technology over the past half century.  Today at 5pm Irish time, one of the voices of the unknown neuro researchers which I heard coming from inside my own head was heard by me to say the following “I can see Gretta Fahey from every angle.”    I know that means that a 3D virtual image of me can be seen on the digital media screen of the neuro operative.   This means that I have absolutely no physical or mental privacy whatsoever and this situation has continued on a constant basis for more than sixteen years.   This is means for all human beings other than the would-be enslavers of the human race who are believed to be Zionists and Sabbatean Frankist Satanists among others.


I am a non-consensual long-term  subject of remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation.  My muscles are being forced to move against my will in many and varied ways.  I believe that my musculature is being adhered to some substance which in turn is being made to move and which then moves my musculature.   This process is now leading to me being bio-robotized and eventually to being moved about like a puppet.    I am a targeted individual and I know of many other such targeted individuals who have endured a similar process and can now be moved about like puppets.   Some of these partially bio-robotized human beings have been interviewd on  Ramola Dharmaraj’s  youtube channel which is called Ramola D Reports, namel y Chris Burton, Galina Kurdina, Philip Walker and others.  Philip Walker also known as Skizit  has often endured take over of his muscles to such an extent that his own hands and fingers were manipulated to move against his will and to delete his own website which he has been working on for many years and which contained much important material about his experiences.  Galina Kurdina experienced whole body takeover and was forced to walk against her will.   Chris Burton was forced to hit himself against his will with his own fist among other unwilling acts.   Both human and animal whole body takeover and bio-robotization is real and is here to stay if governments refuse to disassemble and ban all technological infrastructure which enables this capability.    My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook,  Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland.  My landline home phone number which I use to verify my identity is  the phone number is in my name is 0949360901.   This website is called   It is 3.13am on 31st October, 2019.


I and others have been connected to the brain net for many years so that the monitoring staff can iron out any difficulties which arise in this system before it becomes main stream.    This system is being used to connect people by both their brains and central nervous systems without their knowledge or consent to what is an enslavement system.   If you are about to shake hands with a minor celebrity the system can be used to first send a burst of energy to your hands in order to check if they are clean.    This is among the less invasive capabilities of this human control system.   It can also be used to paralyse, torture or murder you by remote means.   We must do all in our power to disassemble the infrastructure which allows this system to continue invading our lives.   We must begin by disassembling and banning microwave transmitters and we must do it urgently.   Psychiatrists and the Gardaí are not being allowed to know about this system because they would immediately have it stopped.

I believe but can not prove that the individuals who are promoting this cruel control system are Zionists for the most part.   It is being claimed that many  Zionists who are major shareholders in banks and building societies married into British aristocratic families more than two hundred years ago and they have been unobtrusively ruling both the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland for the past two hundred years and this is mostly being done through control of the British Privy Council who in turn have a controlling interest in both the British Government and the American Government.   I  believe that they are attempting to gain total control over the United States through their current control of the United States Senior Executive Service.   They also have controlling interests in most countries throughout the world including Israel which appears to be the linchpin which holds their worldwide empire together.   I believe but can not prove that many of said Zionists practice Sabbatean Frankist Satanism as their religion of choice and that said Sabbatean Frankist Satanists are at the centre of a circle of power in Israel while they are surrounded by other Zionists who are themselves surrounded by good living orthodox Jews and because they surround themselves by said good living orthodox Jews who do not know of the evil deeds of their Zionist and Satanic neighbours they can not be criticized without the criticism being mistakenly taken for anti-semetic doctrine.  How do we fight this evil torture system.


Irish psychiatrists are delivering false psychiatric appraisals on an almost daily basis because they have been denied all knowledge of the remote neural monitoring system which is being set up throughout the Republic of Ireland in secret during the past number of decades.   For further and sometimes extreme details of this remote neural monitoring system please read my website which is called and please watch my youtube channel which is called Gretta Fahey.

My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland.

My landline home phone number is 0949360901.   My email address is


I am being subjected to non-consensual remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation and as a consequence of that I am in receipt of voice to skull direct communications which I hear coming from inside my head.   These voices which I hear coming from inside my head sometimes speak directly to me or at other times they speak about me.     This morning these voices which come  from an unknown source were heard by me to say the following:-

“It will be on her permanent record after she dies.”   “What?”    “Her website”   “No. It won’t.”    “What about her youtube videos?”   “They most certainly will not.   We decide what goes into her permanent record.”   (All of that was said at 5.o6 am on29th October, 2019.)

“The police have asked us to immobilize you so that you will be paralysed from head to toe, Gretta.”   “That essentially means that we would have the ability to paralyse you from head to toe at random times and that this would be carried out by unknown individuals who would then torture you at will as they always do.   The individuals who requested that we organise to generate the ability to paralyse you at will are the British police and not the Irish police.” (This was said at approximately 5.25am on 29th October, 2019.



I am non-consensually linked by a connection from my brain and central nervous system to a computer control system which is being operated by extremely cruel evil doers who hurt me both physically and mentally on a constant basis.   They force me to listen to their voices which I hear coming from inside my head by a brain to brain link process or something similar.   I sometimes post online some of what they say to me.  I sometimes link what they say to the exact time and date they said it and by doing so they might be held accountable at a later time.   The times which are linked to the words which were heard by me are linked to Grenwich mean time which is London time which is the time we use in the Republic of Ireland where I live.   Here is some of what they have been saying to me during the past few days as follows:-

“We have to bury it.”  (by it they meant my website which is called  This was said at 8.26am on Sunday 27th Oct. 2019.

“I’ll knock her off her comfort zone very fast.” This was said at 8.33 pm on Sunday 27th Oct. 2019.

“They don’t appear to be unaware of her but she has a penchant for being bitchy.”

“Let me know when you get her tied down and then I’ll talk to her.”  ” Everything I have ever done has been for the good of this system.  Am I going to be allowed to fail?”   “No.  She will be held back.” This was said at 3 minutes past 3pm on 28th October, 2019.

“You can thank your lucky stars that you are still out there.”   This was said at 3.57pm on 28th October, 2019.

“You putrid bitch.”   This was said at 8.20pm on 28th October, 2019

My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo. Republic of Ireland.   My website is called



Mr Peter Hynes
Mayo County Manager,
Mayo County Council,
The Mall,
Co. Mayo,

Dear Mr Hynes,
I and many other individuals throughout the Republic of Ireland are planning to take a legal case against Mayo County Councillors as well as psychiatrists, the Gardaí and all politicians in general because we believe that they have attempted to pervert the course of justice.
Many individuals throughout the Republic of Ireland including myself are being electronically harassed and tortured by remote means by the use of directed energy weapons or some other remote means and when we complain officially we are wrongly deemed to be mentally ill.
Neuro weapons experts have come online in large numbers explaining that neuro science and technology is now so advanced that some weapons which are based on advanced technology are capable of hurting individual human beings both physically and psychologically from a distance and that this is now being carried out by unknown neuro weapons experts while they work from an unknown remote location.

The people of the Republic of Ireland will shortly be technologically enslaved by these weapons if action is not taken urgently to disband the 5G network and to disable all other related paraphernalia. The capabilities which are outlined in patent number 6965816 are being used to silently and secretly connect the brains and central nervous systems of more and more Irish individuals on an almost daily basis to the internet of things which is sometimes known as the brain net.

On October 1st 2002 Agilent Technologies Engineer Richard C Walker filed a patent application number 10 260 525 which was later called US patent number 6965816 and titled PFN/TRAC system FAA and this patent would subsume all other similar patents in order to control everybody and everything on planet earth and this patent is euphemistically known as “the internet of things” patent. However, it is now believed that Richard C Walker is a front man and that the patent is in reality owned and controlled by a member or members of the British Privy Council and of members of the Pilgrim Society which is a group who are believed to control both said British Privy Council and the Senior Executive Service of the United States as well as exercising a controlling force in banking and large corporations.

I sent a letter to many of the individuals throughout the Republic of Ireland whose contact details I have and who like myself claim to be silently and secretly attacked by electronic weapons while they are attempting to live peaceful lives inside their own homes and elsewhere. If they all should decide not to put their names to the legal case which will be taken against you, I will go ahead with it myself anyway strictly in order to raise awareness among the general public of this attempt to technologically enslave the Irish people and not for any personal financial gain.
Over the past number of years I have sent many letters to members of Mayo County Council asking them to investigate the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons throughout Ireland as well as to put a stop to them. They have not done so. We continue to be electronically harassed and tortured inside our own homes. I know of one lady who has committed suicide because of this ongoing invisible and secret torture and I can provide evidence for this. I plan to use the law to raise awareness of an extreme threat to the freedom of the people of Ireland and to that end I plan to sue you and others in order to force all of you to carry out an act of officially and publicly accepting the existence of, and also of officially and publicly raising awareness of the existence and abuse of invisible directed energy weapons rather than for an amount of money which is not at issue at all to me or to others who are being similarly wirelessly attacked with these weapons. I plan to use the law to force the Irish government to publicly admit the existence and abuse of microwave mind control against the Irish people. Most government staff as well as most senior Gardai now have to work directly under microwave transmitters which are. known to transmit digital transmissions which are being used for nefarious purposes and there is currently no known defence against said microwave mind control. When one is under the influence of microwave mind control one is generally unaware of how powerfully and dangerously it effects their thinking.
We do not have any evidence to support the fact that we are being illegally harassed and tortured with directed energy weapons. We can not as yet gather evidence because we do not have access to a spectrum analyser or to a non-lineor junction detector which would give us undisputed proof that this is happening to us by external wireless technological means. I asked a County Councillor, Cllr Martin Finn when he called to my home while canvasing for the local election in early summer of this year to organise for Garda Stations to be provided with spectrum analyzers so that we could prove scientifically that we are being wirelessly electronically harassed and tortured so therefore it is safe to assume that it is only a matter of time until this equipment is provided.
We have evidence that the Gardai are not accepting statements from us for no good reason and that is one of the reasons why I and others are taking this court case. When we complain to them of our harassment and psychological torture they refuse to accept statements from us and then we are immediately mandated to attend for psychiatric evaluation. When we then speak to the attending police psychiatrist we are obliged to withdraw half of the story that we informed the attending Garda of in order to save ourselves from wrongly being immeditaley incarcerated inside a psychiatric hospital if we should persist with telling the truth.
We have evidence to support the fact that psychiatrists are also perverting the course of justice by falsely declaring us as mentally ill without any reason whatsoever other than that we inform them that we are hearing voices and feeling sensation and experiencing a variety of other unwanted experiences, all of which can be engendered by the capabilities which are outlined in the Richard C Walker wireless internet of things patent number 6965816 and that is another reason why I and others are taking this court case. When we are wrongly incarcerated inside psychiatric hospitals for telling the truth to psychiatrists about being targeted with wireless directed energy weapons or other unknown electronic weapons we have to later withdraw our true story and falsely claim that we were mentally ill when we experienced being attacked by said directed energy weapons or other military weapons from a distance, in order to eventually gain release from psychiatric hospitals. This scenario is being played out all over Ireland and the rest of the world by psychiatric attendees who all are aware that psychiatry is a scam which has been developed to control the flow of information regarding a large variety of weapons which are being used to harass, torture and physically harm both human beings and other sentient beings from a distance.
We have supporting evidence that senior politicians as well as Mayo County Councillors are ignoring all attempts to help us gain evidence of our ongoing electronic harassment and psychological torture and that is another reason why we are taking this court case.
We are now afraid to return to Garda stations for the purposes of reiterating our claims of electronic harassment and psychological torture as well as many other unwanted harassment experiences because we believe that the only option open to junior Gardai at this stage is to again send us for both unnecessary and unwanted psychiatric evaluation. This would more than likely end up in us being committed to psychiatric hospitals where we would be mandated in ingest toxic substances which cause extremely distressing side effects in all occasions from my own experiences, and which are so extremely distressing that they are akin to being tortured from the inside out as far as I am concerned.
I believe that some of your colleagues in the political and legal world will look for ways to delay the advancement of this legal case until such a time as the aforementioned weapons capabilities are introduced as useful tool in fighting crime and until they are legally recognised as a lawful way of fighting crime. If you successfully disallow their delaying tactics the human race will then be enabled to bring in a paradigm of true freedom, abundance, honesty and free energy into our reality and we will then enable ourselves to enjoy fewer working hours for the rest of their lives which is easy to accomplish because most work being carried out currently is being done for reasons which are not in the best interests of the majority of humanity.

Yours Sincerely,

Gretta Fahey, Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560,
Landline Home Phone Number 0949360901, Mobile Phone Number 0870692278


I am a targeted individual of non-consensual human experimentation and human bio-robotization.   I am being non-consensually communicated with by criminals who use electromagnetic frequencies to do so.    When I write about this method of non-consensual direct communication I sometimes call it voice to skull or brain to brain communication or a variety of other names such as microwave hearing or synthetic telepathy or neural transmissions or a number of other descriptive names.   I enclose a small sample of what these criminals were heard by me to say recently by this direct communication method as follows:-

“We the gang stalkers and electronic operatives who have been non-consensually experimenting on you over many years succumb to disablement and immobilization if we fail to push the interests of the would-be enslavers, and the only way the world can help us now is by taking down the telephone masts.  Further to that we would be far happier to be locked inside a prison cell that to continue on with our current predicament.”

I also heard  some  of the criminals say the following:-

“If you ever cross my path I will kick you. ”

“They are giving me a package deal here.   I don’t have to reveal my identity.”

“If we are not making arrangements for Gretta Fahey to see a psychiatrist we have to control her by some other means.  We have to activate. ”

“All of the bio-robotization team are on time clocks.  They get hurt if they don’t complete their actions.”

The voices which I hear coming from inside my head by technological means have informed me that the microwave transmitters which are currently attached to telephone towers can be trained horizontally rather than pointing out as they are at the moment and that this can be achieved by wireless remote means and that they are a danger to the individuals who live under them.

I heard the voices mention the name Eamon Clohessey on many occasions as pertaining to the island of Ireland.   I don’t know him or anything about him other than that and I don’t wish to get him into trouble if he is innocent of all crimes.


Advances in technology have allowed any and all individuals who frequent the dark web to interact with the world virtually while living outside their own bodies.    This capability is effecting worldwide politics and you, as a community leader, have a duty to inform yourself about this capability.

There are houses springing up around the world which are known as broadcast houses which contain equipment which allow individuals to live in this virtual world.   They visit the broadcast house where they are given a broadcast suit to wear.  They then sit under what looks like a salon hair dryer and this allows them to broadcast out.  They then broadcast a hologram  of themselves which is made of electromagnetic frequencies and they use this hologram of themselves to give themselves a virtual reality out of body experience.  They see, hear and feel from the point of view of the hologram and not from the point of view of their own bodies which are lying in a catatonic state in the broadcast house.

These individuals can stand beside you as a hologram broadcast.   They can walk around your house as a hologram broadcast and they can even attack certain individuals as a hologram broadcast.   Their real bodies are lying in a catatonic state in the broadcast house while the are having a technology induced out of body experience as a hologram broadcast.

Neurological control is first of all gained over the central nervous systems of targeted individuals.  If and when this has been achieved, the out of body experiencer can then totally take over the body of a targeted individual to the extent that they can then speak through the targeted individual as well as use the brain and body of the targeted individual to walk around and to act in various ways.

Visiting broadcast houses and living virtual lives has proven so addictive that many individuals now spend their whole lives living out of body virtual lives while their own bodies are in a catatonic state in the broadcast house.   They finance this lifestyle by using the virtual reality out of body experiences to commit acts of evil which they get paid for.

A differential in knowledge leads to a differential in power.   There are two levels of knowledge in the world today.  What is being presented by the main stream media as ground breaking new scientific discoveries are nothing but century old information.   Very advanced technology is in the hands of the individuals who live outside and who control the worldwide hierarchical based chain of command.   They have been spying on you and I for the past century from the virtual world.   You are now living inside a false reality construct which has no bearing on reality.   If you wish to survive in the future you will inform yourself of real reality.  You can download an app for your phone which will inform you of electromagnetic  frequency anomalies in your surroundings.  Please investigate this urgently.  You will find excellent information in the youtube video channels of Jay Metro 788, targeted individual and sherry’s research and review,


I am non-consensually hearing voices coming from inside my head which are being transmitted to me by illegal voice to skull military communication technology which has two way capabilities.   Every few days  I post online a small sample of what I have recently been hearing.  Here below is some of what I have heard coming from inside my own head against my will and without my permission in the past few days.

“She has a legal right to be offended but she has an obligation to answer any questions I put to her.”

“This woman is indulging in unsequestered purchasing without our approval.”    (I made a few small purchases by using cash rather than a cash card so the purchases could not be listed and categorised by the neuro operatives who have illegally placed me on remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation.)

“We are not pushing her to suicide at the moment but pushing her to suicide would be better than this.”

“We know who you are and we know where you live.”

“I am going to antagonize Gretta Fahey until such a time as I can gain access to her home in a police convoy.”

I was cycling my bicycle along a road near my home in a country area when I found a large metal object which had fallen on to the road from a passing vehicle.  I got off my bicycle and I moved the object into the ditch so that it would not cause an accident.   I was admonished for moving the obstacle by one of the voices which I hear coming from inside my head and that unknown voice was heard by me to say the following:-

“People wont be on the road in future.  Many of them would be locked inside smart cities and we would own the roads, primarily for our own uses but some would grant permission to be chauffeured around.   Self-driven cars wont come into being now.  All bandwidth would be used for the purposes of microwave mind control and millimetre wave body control.   Several individuals who would then control the world’s population strictly, without any knowledge of us and our technology becoming evident at all.”

I asked the unknown neuro operatives whose voices I hear coming from inside my head who was the wealthiest politician in Great Britain and Ireland and they answer I received back was Adrian Soames.

I heard one of the voices of the unknown neuro operatives tell a colleague that I had finally been bio-robotized.  The colleague was then heard by me to say the following   “Bring her in so and I will control the situation.  The pharmacist will determine if she is taking her medicine.  She will be sent to a psychiatric hospital.”

I continue to hear those voices possibly by brain to brain link.   These unknown individuals whose voices I hear coming from inside my head speak about me among each other and they manipulate their words in ways that the listener will misunderstand the meaning of what they say.  Extremely versatile information modules can be presented in any light and here are some examples   “She aught to take a bath now and again” is sometimes said because I shower daily but I do not own a bath and I have no access to one and the listener is wrongly led to believe that I am in need of a wash.   Another example of word manipulation is as follows “She drinks a lot.”   The listener is wrongly led to believe that I drink alcohol but that is not true because I drink only ever water or tea.  A third example of word manipulation which is being used against me by the neuro operatives when speaking about me to each other and to unknown outsiders is as follows “She is cleaning up.”  This is sometimes said when I am cleaning my home and it allows the listener to wrongly believe that I am making a lot of money when in fact I live off my disability allowance alone and I do not earn or receive any money besides whatsoever.