It is now an established fact that neuro operatives can receive and transmit encoded material to and from the brain and body of a non-consensual human being by wireless remote means, while leaving that human being defenceless against said capability.   This newly discovered capability is causing the rapid  downfall of society as we know it.   Most of the abuses of neuro science and technology are being carried out in complete secrecy behind the scenes of our lives.

Technology has been introduced into my body in a myriad of ways against my will and without my permission when I was completely unaware that it was occurring.   I am now wirelessly connected by a bi-directional stream of energy to computerized equipment which is owned and controlled by unknown adversaries.      Said unknown adversaries  send information to my brain and body which manifests as sounds, voices, still images, moving images, odours, pain, bodily sensations and forced muscle movement among a myriad of other unwanted experiences.   They upload much if not all of the electrical activity which is generated by my brain and body to their computerized technology for translation into everything that I think, say and do on a continual basis as well as for other types of  analysis and as well as  to build an extensive map of my brain which  I am informed via direct brain transmissions is currently ongoing.

As I am a woman in late middle age, the topic of sex has no bearing on my life whatsoever.   However,  the voices which I hear coming from inside my head often mention sex and often send unwanted sexual images to my minds eye which is one of their capabilities.    They once sent an unwanted image into my minds eye of a religious idol in a sexual position.   There are endless possibilities to current capabilities of neuro science and neuro technology, some of which have been made public on many youtube videos by Professor of neuroscience and neuro technology, Dr James Giordano of Georgetown University medical centre in the United States and of late  by many other sources.

Do not allow your child to become implanted with any type of technological device because it could possibly be used by advanced neuro-science to send unwanted sexual images to the minds eye of your child.   Some of the more recent microchips have the capability to be pre-programmed  to cause the implanted victim to be severely penalized if they pass pre-set boundaries.   Personal freedom will be a thing of the past if you allow yourself or any of your children to be implanted with said implants.