Criminal Neuro Operatives sometimes call me ‘it’ instead of ‘she’.

Some unknown criminal while communicating with me from an unknown remote location while using bio-communication which is also known as voice to skull direct military communication was heard by me to say the following after I mentioned that I had bacon for my evening meal, as follows:-
“Is there a meat bolus in her belly?”
I then felt him applying pulses of directed energy around my intestines until such a time as he found the meat bolus. He then pulsed it with directed energy for a short while in order to analyse it and to take readings from it.
The unknown criminals who speak to me via voice to skull direct military communication sometimes discuss me as if they are discussing an animal. They say things such as “She is feeding now” instead of saying “She is eating a meal now.” Sometimes they call me “it” instead of she. This is a tactic which is always used when criminals wish to create a slave mind set in someone. They also sometimes speak to me as if I am a small child which is another means of demeaning me, for example “Do you need to go to potty.”