Criminals are criminally hacking into the brains and central nervous systems of citizens of Ireland and both the Gardaí and psychiatrists refuse to believe us whenever we complain about this fact.   The Gardaí refuse to accept statements off us and instead they mandate that we see psychiatrists  who would then mandate that we be incarcerated inside psychiatric hospitals against our wills if we continued to insist that our brains are being hacked into, which is a serious criminal offence.   Psychiatrists and the Gardaí are groups of men and women like ourselves.  They are not infallible.  They can not hide behind the large groups that they belong to.  They do not have extra protection from the law than the rest of the citizenry, or do they?  We will treat their behaviour towards us on an individual Garda and an individual psychiatrist basis when we seek justice.  We are willing to acknowledge that they can not think clearly and that they have not been able to think clearly for many years if not decades due to the fact that they are under heavy mind programming from the technology that they are mandated to use.   Technological experts who are not affiliated with the corrupt worldwide central control system are claiming that the act of holding smart phones or other similar technology close to a person’s head causes both programming and almost imperceptible neurological damage to the brains of that aforementioned person.  Most Gardaí and Psychiatrists  have been seen to keep weaponized smart technology on their persons to the extent that many members of the Irish public  now have lost all confidence in the ability of both the Gardaí and Psychiatrists to function well in the service of the Irish citizenry.

Because of the current situation of Irish citizens who are having both their brains and central nervous systems illegally hacked into  no longer being able to  report the matter to the Gardai for fear of being wrongly incarcerated inside psychiatric hospitals the minute they tell the truth about what is happening to them, those aforementioned Irish citizens are now suffering in silence and they are also doing all in their power to first of all raise awareness of the truth of widespread illegal brain and body hacking  of citizens who peacefully go about their lives inside the Republic of Ireland before they can again attempt to report the matter to a then hopefully  better informed  Garda force at some future time.

We are now enslaved by wireless remote means and the Gardai appear to be enforcing our enslavement by their unquestioning obedience to a worldwide central hierarchical based chain of command where they always appear to take the side of the slave masters against the Irish citizenry who they initially promised to protect and serve.  They are behaving in this way not because they are evil but simply because they are under heavy mental programming, some of which must be coming from the antennas which are atop of each Garda station.  I personally have lost all confidence in the Gardai and even if I was being murdered I would not call them because I am very angry with them because of their ongoing mindless treatment of individuals who are being brain and body hacked by wireless remote means and who have not found a way of proving this matter conclusively to the Gardaí or Psychiatrists.  Because of lack of proof we can not return to a Garda Station ever.  We have asked politicians to provide the Gardaí with technology which would read our energy fields so that the Gardaí would then have conclusive evidence that we are being wirelessly hacked into but nothing was ever heard back by us about that situation.  What is to be done next to solve this ongoing crime against Irish citizenry which is becoming widespread?

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