Criminals are writing computer codes into my central nervous system. How can I prove that this is occurring to me?

I have become wirelessly connected to the World Economic Forum backed ‘internet of bodies’ program by a bi-directional stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy which is being received and transmitted from implants and biosensors and nano material which has been illegally implanted inside my body.     Data is being stolen from my brain and body.   Data is also being sent to my brain and body.  By body is being computer coded by unknown neuro scientists who work from an unknown remote location.   An invisible silent crime is being committed against me.  The Police dont believe me because I can not prove it because I lack evidence.  How do I stop the aforementioned neuro scientists from transmitting computer codes to my body in order to eventually gain total external control of my central nervous system so that they could then permanently totally enslave me. How can I provide evidence to the people of the world that this aforementioned crime is being perpetrated against me?