Cybernetics began with a series of ten conferences which were held between 1946 and 1953 and they were sponsored by the Josiah Macy, Jr Foundation
Scientists drew up a list of similaraties between the behaviours of sentient beings and the behaviour of machines which let them to believe that the human nervous system is really just an automaton which is subject to linear mathematical modelling.
Because of the science of cybernetics our central nervous systems can now be modelled mathematically, can be ordered and can be wirelessly remote controlled similar to a machine to act in ways which are against our wills thereby turning a selection of us into human cyborgs which is also known as bio-robots.
Also because of the science of cybernetics our brain can now be modelled mathematically and it can be ordered and it can be wirelessly programmed similar to a computer.
The dark occultists who now have centralized control of the world attempt to neutralize anybody who attempts to inform the world that they themselves have become fused with a network of computers and are being placed under more and more external wireless control as the days go by. They do this by placing those in positions of authority under cybernetic mind control or else cybernetic body control or both. All of those who are in positions of authority and who have been cybernetically mind controlled now have similar mind sets which they would not have, had they not been covertly placed under cybernetic mind control.
The cyberneticists as well as they brain scientists and other scientists and technologists inform us that their will eventually lead to world peace and universal mental good health. However, those who are under partial cybernetic body control by wireless means are fully aware that cybernetic control of the brains and the central nervous systems of most of the human race will lead to worldwide enslavement, torture and genocide which is being overseen by Satanists and dark Luciferians. Because most leaders are under cybernetic mind control they resist all information which they receive about the matter.
Central Nervous System Control is explained scientifically under United States Patent Number U.S. 6965816.

I obtained some but not all of my information from a book called ‘Tavistock Institute’ by Daniel Estulin.
I myself am under partial cybernetic central nervous system control by wireless remote means and I know of many others who are also under this type of partial central nervous system control also by wireless means.