My name is Gretta Fahey.  I abide at Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland.   I declare that I am of sound mind.  I have been a non-consensual and extremely unwilling neuro weapons research subject and I am a target of forced transhumanism for more than fifteen years.     This weapons research and forced transhumanism has been conducted on me by unknown assailants by wireless means.    I have been tormented and psychologically tortured while I go about my everyday life by both wirelessly conducted voice harassments and wirelessly conducted non-consensual bio neuro testing both on and in my person.  I have never met said unknown evil assailants and I have never accepted money, favours or gifts from these unknown evil assailants who have harassed and psychologically tortured me throughout these past  fifteen years and more.  Furthermore I would never accept money, favours gifts or bribes from them or any other criminal organisation now or in the future.