Democracy will thrive as soon as we have all wireless enabling infrastructure banned.


Democracy will thrive as soon as we have all wireless enabling  infrastructure banned.

All world power is being centralized in secret in the hands of the Luciferian New World Order Cabal. The Luciferian New World Order Cabal wish to control everyone and everything under U.N. Agenda 2021 and U.N. Agenda 2030.
The Luciferian New World Order have been mass indoctrinating their fellow human beings throughout the world for centuries by censorship of news and by use of mass propaganda. They now control most government staff including the military, the police, politicians, main stream medical personnel, psychiatrists and others by electrical stimulation of their brains. This is being carried out from unknown remote locations by unknown evil doers . Electrical currents are being used to stimulated certain areas of human brains which then trigger certain pathways in the brain to become active. By making sure these brain circuits are repeatedly activated on a daily basis the brain function of a senior politician or a member of the judiciary can be permanently altered. This can be carried out on a large scale to the extent that countries are now being taken over from within by the actions of mind controlled government ministers, judges, military leaders, police and others.
“A whole range of emotions and behaviours can be electrically orchastrated in humans and the individual may have no capacity to resist such control” Quote by Dr Jose Delgado in the 1960s.
“Narrative Disruptors and Inductors refer to jamming the brains thoughts and implanting other narratives by means of transcranial magnetic stimulation of the temporal lobe.” by ‘The Consortium for Strategic Communication of Arizona State University under Professor Steven Corman.
At this point in history, millions of unwilling private individuals are being communicated with by audio messages which are encoded into carrier frequencies which are compatable with the EEG fingerprint of the brain of the unwilling private individual so that the unwilling private individual is forced to hear those audio messages coming from inside his or her own head. In some other instances, unaware individuals are receiving subliminal messages directly into their brains by the same method. They have no ability to resist this subliminal programming which they receive on an ongoing basis. Their lives are being controlled by unknown operatives who transmit microwave signals to their brains and central nervous systems from a distance. The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange has informed us that within a few short years all will be forced to hear voice commands coming from inside their own heads. From then on mental privacy would cease to exist.
Our airspace is being sprayed with metals and other nano materials in order to render it electrically conductive which enables the controllers to transmit digital signals to us for the purpose of controlling us from a distance. However, if we successfully block our airspace from all air traffic for a period of only one month our skies will no longer be conductive and we will be free of both physical and mental wireless enslavement. We must also disassemble all microwave transmitters and return to the use of corded technology.
If you are currently using a smart phone or a tetra communication device both of those devices can be pulsed from a distance with various frequencies which governs various emotions and this would then have the effect of entraining your brain into feeling whatever emotion is governed by the frequency which is transmitted to you at that time. We can no longer allow our senior personnel to place themselves in positions of authority while they allow their brains to be entrained into a myriad of emotions which are being transmitted to them by unknown operatives who work from unknown remote locations and these unknown operatives may be in the employ of the Luciferian New World Order.
Please make your local or national politician aware of this situation at your earliest convenience.