I am wirelessly non-consensually connected from implants inside my brain and body to a central control network.   I am continually dictated to via brain to brain interface by unknown staff who monitor my brain and body readouts on a continual basis.   Here is a small sample of what these unknown staff members have said to me and to each other about me over the past week as follows:-

“What is she doing now?”   “She is cleaning her own kitchen.”    ” That is my kitchen now.”    “No.  It isn’t.   It is still her own kitchen because we haven’t got a foot hold into the Republic of Ireland at all and it is still a sovereign state.”

“We are controlling your country from inside through wirelessly enslaving some of your people.”

“Where is the fulcrum?”  “We haven’t done it yet.”

” You think we are here for your benefit.   No.  We are here to take down your country and rule it.”

“We can turn you into a mannequin by remote means.”

“You just now gave Gretta Fahey a tremor.   This is where she is fed the information from this technology here and if you stand too close to the technology and then shout the recipient of the information will get a tremor.”

“A political stance is now needed.”

“We have most of this woman under our control.   Prioritise what you want because we can deliver anything.”

“Section this woman.”   “Under what grounds will I section her?”   “Consider your options”   ” She is all but bio-robotized.  We will utilize her for some endeavour.”   ” If she is sectioned she will not be utilized.”

“The readout has been imprinted.”

“Gretta doesn’t like you.”   “We know nothing like that at all.  We like to create division.”

“We are now going to systematically destroy the woman.”

(With regard to a product I ordered off Amazon the following was heard by me)   “She is not working.  She shouldn’t have those lamps.  I am going to block that order.”

“We plan to trap Gretta Fahey inside the force field of her human body and permanently enslave her while she is still conscious.”

“Why would a good living woman from the West of Ireland be saying this if it wasn’t true?.”   “It is true but you must keep quite about it until we get a signed confession out of her.”   “Is there a private security security company saying this to this woman Gretta Fahey and it is overseen by the British police?”

“These people have been told that this woman is under wireless control but she isn’t under wireless control at the moment.”

“Does she wash her teeth?”    “I am doing a systems analysis of her mouth.”   I am doing a systems analysis of her tongue.”  ( Those words which I heard coming from inside my head in the middle of the night while I was trying to sleep were accompanied by pulsing energy inside my mouth moving along the surface of each of my teeth and then moving along the surface of my tongue.)

“Screen time is too high for my liking.”

“I insulted one of the unknown individuals who forced me to listen to his voice which I heard coming from inside my head.   He replied as follows “I was expecting a civilized conversation.”   I then replied to him as follows “You forced me to listen to your voice which I was made to hear coming from inside my head against my will and without my permission so why were you expecting a civilized conversation from me?  You were expecting way too much.”

For further information about my experiences of being wirelessly dictated to and psychologically tortured by unknown neuro operatives over sixteen years because of a non-consensual neural link please see my website which is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net.