Digital slavery is the most urgent problem that the human race must solve. Criminal neuro operatives have been given the capability of gaining direct access to the brain and central nervous system of many individuals who have been secretly and non-consensually implanted at a time when they were rendered unaware that it was occurring. These targeted individuals then become wirelessly and non-consensually linked to the wireless cerebral internet which is also known as the internet-of-things. If you become connected non-consensually to the internet-of-things your fate is sealed. No one will come to your assistance because they will refuse to believe you owing to lack of proof on your part.. You will be forced to hear, see, feel and move at the will of the criminal neuro operatives. Find a way of protecting your children from this hell on earth while you still have time because if the process of linking the populace to the wireless internet-of-things becomes fully automated you could become technologically enslaved yourself, and it can be made to be an almost instantaneous process.

Some of the cover stories that are being used to cover up the abuse of individuals who are already connected to the wireless cerebral internet are the religious apparition hoax, the poltergeist hoax, the demonic possession hoax and the extra-terrestrial visitation hoax. Whenever an targeted individual is wirelessly brain to brain interfaced with a criminal neuro operative, if the criminal neuro operative should laugh then the targeted individual is also forced to laugh. If the criminal neuro operative should swear then the targeted individual is also forced to swear totally against their wills. If a male criminal neuro operative was wirelessly brain to brain interfaced with a small child and if that criminal neuro operative should swear and grimace then that child would be forced to swear using a mans voice and they would be forced to grimace and they would then be falsely diagnosed by church members of being demonically possessed. Demonic possession is a hoax. All parts of it can be explained scientifically.

Remote controllable robots of all shapes and sizes can be manufactured to look like extra-terrestrial visitors. They then can be wirelessly controlled from a great distance by criminal operatives in order to fool the unwary into falsely believing in the existence of extra-terresterials visitors. This is being carried out as psychological operations in order to confuse the main stream media as a precursor to the take over and digital enslavement of the human race. We have been lied to on an unimaginable scale for many decades or even centuries.

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