(1) Police throughout most of the world are now being trained using the same inculcation methods which are being used to inculcate individuals into religious cults.
(2) Many police stations are now being deliberately located close to microwave transmitters, which are being used to mind control the police. We are bathed in a sea of electromagnetic waves. Unbeknownst to most of us, messages are being secretly carried on those carrier waves into the heads of most of society without their consent. Our brains work electromagnetically and with frequency vibration. The predatory satanic New World Order cartel agents have been projecting frequencies containing information into the human brain within the frequency band of human brain activity, and the individual human being who unknowingly receives the information contained in the projected frequencies then believes that information is their own thoughts and opinions.
(3) Police are being used to enforce civil law which is a weapon of dark occultists who wish to enslave us via civil law as well as via technological means. We must return to the use of common law which is a justice system based on natural law and which empowers the human race against the dark occultists who sit at the top of the worldwide hierarchical based chain of command. COMMON LAW serves the human race and is an avenue of justice. CIVIL LAW is a weapon used against the human race by the self proclaimed elite.
(4) When the police are finished their training they then are being asked to attend an elaborate function similar to a wedding where their parents also attend in order to celebrate the fact that they are now about to begin their new employment. This situation is designed to make it difficult and shameful for those junior police officers to leave the police force after such a well advertised elaborate function attended by their parents and families when they eventually discover that they are regularly being asked to enforce immoral laws as part of their work requirements.
(5) Police work is now being so heavily compartmentalized that the police themselves are not being allowed to know what is occurring behind the scenes inside their own countries with regard to abuses of electromagnetic weapons. The only individuals who are allowed to see the overall picture of what is secretly occurring in any country or state are the dark occultists who run each country from the top of the worldwide false hierarchical based chain of command.
(6) The dark occultists and their agents, many of who are high level systems analysts, especially in Dublin City in the Republic of Ireland, control the actual programming of the human linked computerized control system which is being used to link the brains and central nervous systems of unwilling, non-consenting and largely unaware human beings to said computerized control system.
(7) Because police stations are being located close to the aforementioned microwave transmitters and because police themselves are being forced to carry communication devices close to their person on a continual basis during their working hours, it has been reported by Dr Barrie Trower, ex MI5, who is himself a microwave specialist that the numbers of police officers who are developing cancer is above national averages.
(8) When the police undergo initial training, they are being denied access to important information about the current capabilities of electromagnetic weapons, the capabilities of which would reflect in their decision whether to complete their police training course or not.
I include a brief synopsis of only some of the current capabilities of electromagnetic weapons here.
When the human brain thinks a thought it produces an electromagnetic frequency which can be measured by wireless means from a distance and automatically translated into what the human subject has just thought about.
When you undergo an EEG examination your brain wave tracings show up on a computer screen. These brain wave tracings show distinctive patterns all of which have been translated into individual words and feelings and they have been compiled into a computerized dictionary which can be translated at the speed of light into what you are thinking , feeling, doing and saying . By this method anyone’s thoughts can be read and anyone’s activities can be monitored from a remote location by unknown neuro operatives.
A frequency modulator can be used to take frequencies from the human brain and mix them with other incoming frequencies so that the incoming frequencies over ride the original brain frequencies and in this way you can effect the thoughts and emotions of a human being, thereby modifying their behaviour, even without their knowledge. A frequency modulator can be used to modify the behaviour of a law court judge and jury so as to manipulate them to find a defendent guilty or not guilty. It can be used to sports men and women to change the outcome of a football match. It can be used to change the outcome of an election. It can be used on senior politicians to change their decisions. It is being used on psychiatrists to make them wrongly believe that individuals who are being remote neural manipulated are mentally insane. It can be used to turn followers of any organised religion into fanatics which I believe is currently allowed to occur.
Electrical signals are generated inside your head and body whenever you move a muscle. When you decide to move a finger an electrical signal is steered through our brain and central nervous system and travels right down to your finger via your neural system. The movement generates and electric current which generates off your brain and body and which can be read by external means by unknown neuro operatives who work from an unknown remote location. These neuro operatives can then read that electric signal and they can reconstruct the strenght of the current and in what direction it is flowing because we have implants and microdust which contains sensors inside our brains and bodies which now allows them to conduct these manipulations on us from an unknown external location. Neuro scientists and neuro operatives who are agents of the dark occultists can now read out elecromagnetic fields in great detail and have a computer analyse them rapidly so that they can now know what a human being is doing inside the privacy of their own home at all times, down to how many times that human subject blinked their eyes or breathed each day.
Further to that, a frequency modulator can be used to demodulate all electrical signals and then remodulate them and send them back to the human subject in ways that can then force the human subject to move a muscle entirely against their will, either knowingly or unknowingly. The electromagnetic field which surrounds your body when you are in inside such and electromagnetic field can be used against you to force an electric current inside your head and force it to travel down your neural system and into your limb and make that limb move against your will. This can be used to make you fall a break your ankle against your will while allowing you to believe that it occurred accidentally.
The hand proprioception and touch interfaces (HAPTIX) program is used to wirelessly stimulate the peripheral nervous system, forcing people to unwillingly feel vivid sensations of touch and proprioception while they are alone in the privacy of their own beds at night. It is very frightening if you have not been informed about this technological capability. I have experienced it many times against my will and without my permission.
Brain chips will be commercialized as deep brain stimulation devices or chip/biosensors for mankind to experience in their homes or businesses, for virtual enjoyment, pleasure, treatment for diseases of the mind, monitoring, diagnostics, energy harvesting, augmentation of artificial intelligences and computers, counter control measures, exploitation, the declaration of a cyber war and physical dominance of human beings at many levels of life according to Dr Hildegarde Staninger in her book “Global Brain Chip and Mesogens.”
The Richard C Walker patent which has also come to be known as the wireless internet of things patent number US6965816 describes the ability of neuro scientists to aggressively go in, take over, control, track and manage any system whether it be an airplane, a car, a motor cycle or a human being.
Any individual throughout Ireland or the rest of the world who complains to the police that they are being targeted by unknown assialants who use electromagnetic weapons to electronically harass and torture them by wireless remote means while the complainant is inside their own homes are being disbelieved by a highly trained police force who have been erroneously trained to assume such individuals are displaying signs of mental illness when in fact these individuals are in fact telling the whole truth. Why are the police unable to think clearly anymore.? Why are the police unquestioningly obedient to orders which we know are coming indirectly from the dark occultist run worldwide hierarchical based chain of command?. We know that it is because the police are under microwave mind control and inculcation programming.
I myself have attempted to inform the Irish Gardai Siochana (Irish Police) that I am being targeted with electromagnetic weapons on an ongoing basis which involves hearing the voice transmissions of the unknown neuro operatives coming from inside my own head, a capability which is in common use throughout the world and has been so for many decades. This capability of transmitting voices inside the heads of non-consensual and extremely unwilling individuals has been patented under a variety of different patent capabilities.
I and others have neural dust inside our brains and bodies which when coagulated into nodes can be used to transmit information from most of our brains and bodies to neural implants which are located inside our bodies. Because these neural implants are wirelessly linked to computer systems which are owned and controlled by the dark occultist run new world order they are being used to wirelessly send myself and others voice commands, visions, disturbing images, forced muscle movement, feelings of being very hot or very cold, pain signals, electric shocks and a wide variety of other unwanted experiences. I am currently on a continual live link to this unknown human control system where the voices of the unknown neuro operatives speak to me on an almost continual basis every waking moment of my life. Because I have been wirelessly linked to this control system for more than sixteen years the unknown individuals who run this human control system deliberately send information into my central nervous system which allows them to take more and more control over the movement of my facial and neck muscles. They can now control my facial muscles to such an extent that I can not always co-ordinate my facial muscles with my current mood. For instance, they can force me to smile when I am in sombre mood.
These unknown neuro operatives have succeeded in taking total control of the bodies of some human beings for short amounts of time and forced these targeted individuals to act against their own will, for instance people have come forward and were interviewed on the “Ramola D Reports” online youtube channel and confessed that their own fist was made to hit themselves in their own face over and over again, and they were made to walk and talk against their will. Individuals of note who Ramola D interviewed and who confessed to experiencing these unwanted experiences are Christopher Burton, Galina Kurdina and Philip Walker among others.
When I attempted to inform the Irish police of my experiences of being targeted on an ongoing basis by wireless electromagnetic weapons they appeared to disbelieve me and they then talked over me before I was finished speaking. They informed me that they were taking me to a police psychiatrist for psychiatric evaluation. I realised that if I continued telling him and them of my true experiences of being the target of wirelessly remotely controlled electromagnetic weapons the police psychiatrist would have me wrongly incarcerated inside a psychiatric hospital for further evaluation where I would lose my freedom and where I would then be mandated to ingest toxic psychiatric drugs for the remainder of my life, a fate which I believe is worse than death. That is why I was forced to withdraw half my story when I met with the police psychiatrist. I have not been back to the police since that occasion and I am afraid to return to them because I and all other Irish individuals who are being targeted by electromagnetic weapons have all failed in our attempts to persuade the Irish police that our stories are true and that time is short before they themselves will be targeted in the same way if they remain in denial of the existence and extreme ongoing abuses of electromagnetic weapons throughout the Republic of Ireland and most of the rest of the world. Time is short. Please act now.
My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland.
My landline home phone number is 0949360901.
My website where I outline my experiences of being targeted by electromagnetic weapons over many years is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net.