A Satanic Control System has been controlling the world for thousands of years and now it is being exposed. The Department of Homeland Security is run by the Jesuits. The Jesuit Superior General, the Black Pope, not only controls his powerful Jesuit Order, but also controls the powerful Knights of Malta, top-level Knights of Columbus, and the top-levels of Freemasonry. Through his control of the top levels of Secret Societies (especially Knights of Malta and high-level Freemasons), he controls the top intelligence agencies of the world. A good example of this occurred in World War II: the top intelligence man in the OSS (later CIA) was Knight of Malta William “Wild Bill” Donovan; the top intelligence man in Nazi Germany on the eastern front was German Knight of Malta General Reinhard Gehlen; and the top intelligence man in the Soviet Union was Knight of Malta Prince Anton Turkul (who used Jesuit priests for his couriers). Thus, the Jesuit Order was in control of the major combatants, and able to ‘steer’ the war in the directions they wanted – and in the process to slaughter millions of their favorite targets. teleprompter: https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/dctvt... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtYdQamXyMM&list=PLTqEXdGACJWcHF0-uGpjqcIWAVUTcAhNL&index=4 ****************************************************************************** The mass is a ritual of soft satanism where the participants celebrate the reenactment of a brutal human blood sacrifice on an altar. They then repeat certain phrases so that they may be mind controlled through repetition to remain faithful to the belief system which they have been inculcated into before they were allowed to reach the age of reason. Stay away from churches. They are mind control centres. The Head of the Jesuits who is also known as the black pope controls secret societies throughout the world. Secrecy allows evil to flourish. Full disclosure allows good to flourish. The Jesuits, the Freemasons and all other secret societies throughout the world are evil doers of the most absolute evil. The World Economic Forum is backing a program known as ‘The Internet of Bodies’. The ‘Internet of Bodies program controllers would force most people throughout the world to be implanted with technology which would spread throughout their bodies resulting in all parts of their bodies being connected to a computer network and possibly a super computer where their private and personal data which is continually generated by their body and brain is uploaded on to a supercomputer. Also information would be sent into their brain and central nervous system which would control their ability to think clearly and it would also control their physical body resulting in anybody who challenged the system being paralysed or being sent intense pain or death. Further to that, ‘the internet of bodies program’ is not meant for everybody most especially the head of the Jesuits himself or in fact any of the Vatican controllers. You can not afford to remain complacent any longer. If you refuse to act now you could be paralysed from a remote location in some future time if you try to act then. Extremely evil groups select benign names for themselves such as ‘The Society of Jesus’ or ‘The Jesuits’ in order to engender trust in them by an unsuspecting public. Evil was hiding in plane sight but it is now being exposed for what it is.

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