Nothing is solid in this world. Solid looking matter is made up of pure vibratory energy particles. When these particles vibrate in their nucleus in the human body a small electrical impulse in generated in our body and according to the laws of physics ‘ When there is an electrical field around a body a magnetic field gets developed automatically. The electromagnetic field around a non-consensual human being enables unknown and unethical scientists to remotely manipulate that human being from a distance provided the unethical scientists have access to the unique electromagnetic print of the human being they wish to target.
EEG computer mind reading was developed in 1974 by Dr Lawrence Pinneo at Stanford Research Centre. By remotely analysing neural activity in the human brain while using electromagnetic radiation scientists can identify unique EEG patterns and relate them to the individual words, thoughts, body movements and emotions of any human subject they wish to monitor from a distance. Further more, by the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation information can be written into the brain and central nervous system of a human subject from a long distance which can force that human subject to hear voices, see visions, feel unwanted emotions, believe what they would not normally believe, do what they would not normally do, experience sensations in their peripheral nervous system, experience disablement in any part of their brain or body, and even experience their own muscles move against their wills. Many such human subjects including myself have even experienced being forced to speak words and phrases against our wills. The hoaxed cover story of demonic possession is still being used to cover up these scientific capabilities.
According to an online document written by John J McMurtrey in 2004, Dr John Norseen of Lockheed Martin Aeronautics is quoted in news articles as saying that thought reading is possible and he predicted that thought reading detectors would be deployed at airports by 2005.
I live at Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. I am a non-consensual victim of what is being called Remote Neural Monitoring and Remote Neural Manipulation and this continued around the clock since spring of 2003 and I was gang stalked throughout 2002. I believe that gang stalkers belong to private armies which are owned and controlled by large corporations.
I live in a remote location and I very rarely left my home in those days because I was in poor health. I lived with my parents at the time and my mother did all of the grocery shopping to the extent that I did not need to travel to my local town except occasionally. Gang stalkers came to my home in the country at dusk so that I would be able to see them walking around my private back garden but I would not be able to see them clearly enough to identify them. One of them would frequently walk on the private footpath at the back of my bedroom after I had gone to bed. He would make plently of noise with his foot steps so that I would definitely hear him walking behind my bedroom. I was very upset and frightened by these occurrences. I also noticed break-ins to my home where items would be moved around.
After many experiences of being gang stalked throughout 2002 I then began to hear intelligent voices and feel all types of sensations on the periphery of my body in the spring of 2003. I did not keep the date of when I began to hear those voice or feel those sensations because I was far too traumatised by my experiences to even think of writing down dates at that time but I believe that it was April 2003. On the night that the full scale electronic harassment began I not only heard voices but I also perceived sensations travelling along my back as if somebody was drawing a complicated butterfly image across my back. This drawing appeared to continue for hours. It occurred every night for weeks and would only stop when I slept. I also felt a large variety of other sensations throughout all parts of my body including sexual stimulation. I did not know anything about the capabilities of haptic technology at that time. Haptic technology is the capability of sending sensations to the peripheral nervous system of a human being in such a way that those sensations can be made to feel similar to the sensations of having hands touching you or insects crawling on you. I knew that all of my experiences were being carried out by the use of wireless enabled technology. They never appeared supernatural in origin to me. I do not believe in organised religions or superstitions.
I was in a state of extreme shock all of the time. I did not tell anyone straight away about it. I was too overwhelmed with shock and I knew they would not understand and would wrongly presume that I was mentally unwell.
Transcranial magnetic stimulation was being used against me to send information into my brain and central nervous system which forced some of my muscles to move against my will. This phenomenon of forced muscle movement started off on a small scale. My finger would move against my will. My wrist would move against my will. My elbow would move against my will. This frightened me far far more than any of the other experiences which I experiences because I felt it would eventually result in whole body takeover. This experience of forced muscle movement has since become far worse that it was back then. My facial muscles are being moved against my will on a daily basis now. My limbs can be moved against my will. My eyes can be rolled against my will and I can be forced to speak against my will. A swearing mans voice has been made to come out of my mouth against my will on a few occasions.
Each night my parents and I would lock our doors but we would not put a security chain or a bolt on any of the doors because my father was blind and he would not be able to escape from the house in case of a fire. If anybody had a copy of the keys of our home at that time they would have been able to enter the home at night. My father had moved to a nursing home in 2011 and my mother passed away in 2012 and I have lived alone in the family home ever since . One night in 2012 while alone in my home I had locked but not bolted the front door. At 6am the following morning I heard someone enter my home and I immediately felt as if I was made to fall asleep possibly by the use of frequency weapons. I woke up much later with no memory of what had occurred. From that time forward I have gone to great lengths to secure my home properly each night with barrel bolts and security chains. However, whenever I am out and about I have no way of stopping strangers from coming in to my home against my will if they have copies of my house keys. Getting copies of house keys can be achieved by sending energy into your pocket in order to take measurements of your keys so it is imperative to use barrel bolts whenever you are inside your home.
Back in the early years of being a victim of electromagnet torture which is also known as psychotronic torture or cybernetic torture or no touch torture or silent torture I attempted to kill myself on a number of occasions and I was nearly successful on two of those occasions. I was informed by those unknown individuals who were transmitting voices inside my head from an unknown remote location by wireless means that they would eventually take full external wireless remote control over my body and when that day arrived they would then paralyse me from head to toe to the extent that I would not be able to move a single muscle in my body ever again. They informed me that they would leave me with the ability to feel pain and they would torture me continually from then on and I would have no way of letting anyone know that I was being eternally tortured because of the total paralysis. They called the state of total paralysis which they had planned for me ‘Full Metal Jacket’.
After one of my suicide attempts I spent time in St Teresa’s Unit which was at that time a mental health facility in Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland. It has since closed down and the mental health department has transferred to the grounds of Castlebar Regional Hospital where I have also spent time due to ongoing trauma from ongoing targeting by directed energy weapons. This cruel, evil control, enslavement and genocide system is meant for you and your family if we fail to have all wireless capabilities throughout the whole world disassembled and banned.
For my full story please read my website which is called www.targetetdindividualsireland.net or please watch some of my seventy five youtube videos which are found under my youtube channel which is called gretta fahey which is my own name.
Yours Sincerely,
Gretta Fahey, Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland.