Psychiatrists are suppressing the truth about external wireless control of some human beings who are known as smart citizens or transhumans or targeted individuals. Psychiatrists appear to have total naïve trust in what those Luciferians at the top of the hierarchical based chain of command tell them is real. Psychiatrists have the mind set of trusting children. Targeted Individuals are being wirelessly tortured inside their own homes and psychiatrists unquestioningly diagnose them as mentally ill without ever discussing that the symptoms the targeted individual is experiencing may have originated from the abuses of classified technology. Psychiatrists have let the human race down. Many wirelessly tortured individuals can not speak openly about their wireless torture for fear of psychiatrists. They feel that they must discuss their wireless torture experiences in secret among themselves. There is a great amount of anger in the world against psychiatrists because they smugly imply that they have authority on the subject of the existence or non existence of wireless weapons. Enclosed herein is a link with valuable information which goes some way in explaining what is really happening throughout the world right now with regard to the use and abuse of advanced wireless technology.