Richard C Walker holds patent number 6,965,816, which was issued to him on 15th November, 2005, which can identify, tag, track and control everyone and everything on planet earth. The patent information allows him and his colleagues to put chips into people in order to control their motor responses. Many other people are also working in the development of brain to brain interfaces in order to gain control and even total enslavement over their fellow human beings.
By putting minimal sized electrodes in a network within the brain of a real live human being, some neuro scientists are then able to read and write into the brain function of a real live human being  in real time while working from a remote location, while the human being is fully conscious and going about their life. The targeted human being has no way of shielding his/herself from receiving the digital signals which affect their motor control because the human brain and body have no firewall, as yet.  By this means and others the neuro scientist would then be able to immobilize any human being at any time into a state of absolute paralysis on either a temporary or permanent basis.​ This also allows neuro scientists to remote control a real live human being into committing acts of extreme evil by remote means. Many crimes have been committed throughout the world by this method while the remote controlled human being goes on to be blamed for committing whatever act of evil was committed and the real culprits of the evil who are the neuro operatives remain free of all blame forever after.

The process by which all of this is being allowed to occur is as follows – First, a random anonymous individual is selected for targeting in this manner. They first of all are wirelessly linked from a network of electrodes inside their brain to the computer network which is controlled by the cabal of would-be neuro enslavers. The would-be neuro enslaver read and write into the brain function of the targeted individual over many years. Over time, the neuro enslaver can gain control of all of the muscles of the human body of the targeted individual. When sitting at the computer which is linked to the targeted individual, and while wearing a helmet which is further linked to the brain and body of the targeted individual, the neuro enslaver can read the thoughts of the targeted individual in real time and can reply to them in real time. The neuro enslaver can also force the targeted individual to speak whatever words the neuro enslaver speaks. The neuro enslaver can select any one of a large amount of disturbing images from files on his/her computer and download them to the mental imaging centre of the targeted individual. The neuro enslaver can select from any one of a selection of odours from files on his/her computer and then download them to the nasel cage of the targeted individual. The neuro enslaver can select from any one of a large selection of emotions or feelings and then have them downloaded to the emotional centre of the targeted individual. The neuro enslaver can move the facial muscles or indeed any muscles of the targeted individual at will by this process.

At a later stage when more control has been gained over the brain and body of the targeted individual, the targeted individual reaches a stage when they lose all of their free will and can then be totally controlled by virtual reality and can be made to commit acts of extreme evil by the controllers. I have been informed by the voices of neuro operatives which I hear coming from inside my head that many individuals, especially school shooters have been used in this way on many occasions in the past. This situation of using remote controlled human beings to commit acts of evil is about to get infinitely worse if we don’t immediately use all of the resources of the state in order to stop the roll out of 5G and in order to disassemble the infrastructure which allows neuro enslavement to continue. The police need to have access to spectrum analysers and millimetre wave readers among other equipment in order to establish if complainers of electronic torture are indeed showing signs of having abnormal electronic energy coming from their bodies. Further to that, all members of the public aught to carry on their persons both microwave energy readers and millimetre wave energy readers and should notify the police immediately they notice any unusual energy readings around them.