We are all now wirelessly connected to a centralized control system without our knowledge and consent.   Some of us have already been activated for voices, visions and partial control of our central nervous systems by wireless means.      I am one such victim.  Last night, in the middle of the night I was given the following message by wireless means directly into my brain.   “The Irish government has given us central nervous system control of Gretta Fahey.   The Irish government are asleep at the wheel.”

External Control of the central nervous system of a man or woman can now be taken by wireless means and the methodology being used to achieve this is described in detail in patent number US 6965816.  Whenever we move one of our muscles we generate a unique pattern of electromagnetic frequencies and this unique pattern of electromagnetic frequencies is then identified and can be demodulated and  sent back to our central nervous system which allows others to force that particular muscle to move against our wills.

I don’t believe that the Irish government or any other government are asleep at the wheel.  I strongly believe that their brains have been negatively  interfered with by technological means in mass and I am very keen to establish exactly how they have been interfered with.   We are on the brink of technological enslavement and those of us who are deeply aware of this do our best to create awareness of it in others but they have been programmed to strongly resist all messages that we give them.  I easily  talk with others about a large variety of different subjects without any problem but any time I attempt to bring up any subject that is not in alignment with the programming that government staff and others have received by various technological means I am met with extreme resistance.   They will not even let me speak at all about a topic which is not in harmony with their programming.    Do they receive their programming at university or through smart phone use or while at musical festivals which are well known mind control events?   I have not fully established  what exact methodology is being used to entrain  the brains of many of my country men and women into a state where they resist all information I and others attempt to give them about the fact that we have all become wirelessly connected to a centralized control system from technology which has become embedded in our brains and bodies and if we are to escape enslavement we must disassemble and ban all microwave transmitters and all wirelessly enabling  infrastructure throughout  the world right now.   Further to that, what do we do to create a situation where government staff and other mind controlled individuals come out of their state of mental apathy and naive trust in the world control system   and take some action to safe us all from wireless enslavement?