Extra-terresterial hoaxes were perpetrated by means of large robots dressed up in costumes whose computer or super computer was then interfaced with the brains of human hoaxers who were stationed at remote locations. The human hoaxers were enabled to hear and see by means of cameras and audio devices which were inserted into the robots eyes and ears or by a variety of other means. The human hoaxers were enabled to project their voices and their facial expressions by wireless means through the extra-terresterial robot props.
The witnesses to the extra-terresterial hoax had their brains entrained into a state of absolute trust with no ability to think critically about the experience. Super natural hoaxes have been used throughout the centuries as a means to frighten and distract the masses because an uninformed and frightened population are easy to control.

All super natural hoaxes have been perpetrated in past centuries by means of magic lanterns.  More recently they have been perpetrated by the use of robots and holograms.   I believe that all organised religions are owned, controlled and run by Satanists and this has been the case for thousands of years.  Organised religions are being used to manipulate us from being able to think critically and logically.