Some targeted individuals of non-consensual wirelessly enabled neuro weapons research are claiming that their right arms are being taken over and remote controlled against their own volutanry free will.
Other targeted individuals of non-consensual wirelessly enabled neuro weapons research are claiming that their own faces can be taken over and remote controlled to speak and grimance against their own voluntary free will.
Other targed individuals on non-consensual wirelessly enabled neuro weapons research are claiming that their own arms can be made to punch themselves in the chest against their own voluntary free will.

Unwilling targeted individuals of remote neural monitoring and non-consensual neuro weapons research are in the hundreds of thousands throughout the world. They are fully aware that remote control of an unwilling human being is possible. However, government staff have all been given smart phones which they are legally obliged to carry on their persons and which appear to have strong remote influencing capabilities. Government staff appear to resist any message of truth which is being given to them by targeted individuals of non-consensual neuro weapons research about any aspect of government corruption. In fact government staff are heavily predisposed to locking up all targeted individuals in government run psychiatric institutions where these targeted individuals are then systematically forced to ingest what are now known to be neuro toxic substances which make them unable to clearly illucidate there horrific experiences in an effective way from that time on.

Targeted individuals of wirelessly enabled non-consensual neuro weapons research and remote neural monitoring have a clear understanding of the scientific method behind what is happening to their brains and spinal cords totally against their own voluntary free will largely because of the work of the owner of a youtube channel called “lookoutfacharlie”. This is basically how he explains the scientific basis behind their claims at the following youtube link

The skies over our heads are being illegally sprayed with chemtrails which contain metallic particulates and a fungus called acremonium among other substances.
It has been proven scientifically that two or more metals in the human body create a battery out of that human body.

The acremonium fungus becomes a fungal biomass inside the human body which produces manganese oxide or lithium manganese oxide. This manganese oxide when produced by the human body has electrochemical properties. This manganese oxide inside the human body can also be used as a makeshift electrode. When the manganese oxide biomass reaches a certain level inside the human body electricity can then be made to move through the human body by criminal operatives using wireless directed energy weapons who work from unknown locations, some of which could be thousands of miles from where the targeted individual lives.
Chemtrails are being illegally sprayed over our heads on an almost daily basis which ensures that there is a continuous supply of both the acremonium fungus and the relevant heavy metals in our bodies at all times, which enables our bodies to continually create the radio frequency sensative chemicals that the directed energy weapons operatives need to be able to constantly harass and torture targeted individuals.

A vibrating tattoo has been developed and patented by nokia. The ink is made from feromagnetic or electrosensative powder such as iron oxide. When a human being gets a tattoo with this type of ink their tattoo can be linked to their mobile phone and their skin will vibrate if they receive a text message. This is a proven science and it therefore proves that targeted individuals are telling the truth about being severely harassed by electronic weapons and they are not mentally ill as previously thought.…/nokia-patents-vibrating-tattoos-te…
It is unnecessary for a human being to have an implant in order for them to become a target of directed energy weapons.
Guard against ingesting substances containing manganese oxide, which is now found in most multivitamins.
In order to clear the fungal biomass and remove the heavy metals from your body please take some of the following substances
Potassium Iodide, Borax, Baking Soda, Epson Salts, Oil of Oregano Super Strength 73, Switch off the electricity supply to your home every night because a supply of electricity in your environment helps the fungal spores to manifest. Earth yourself on a daily basis by walking barefoot on bare earth or on the beach. If this is not possible purchase earthing equipment online and use it often. You will then notice a significant reduction in your electronic harassment and torture symptoms.