The Richard C Walker PNF TRAC Patent no US6965816 describes in detail the ability to aggressively go in, take over, control, track and manage any system whether it be a human being, an airplane, a car or a motor cycle. You as a human being will be called wetware and there will be control mechanisms, devices and chips put into your body at different places without your awareness and consent which can actually control your muscles even against your own will.  This has already happened to me.

Richard C Walker is believed to be a front man and the real owner of the above patent is believed to be Sir Geoffrey Pattie of the British Privy Council and also of the Pilgrim Society.  The Pilgrim Society   is what the slave masters of the world  collectively call themselves.  Extremely evil satanic and luciferian groups call themselves benign names and hide behind benign professions such as teachers and doctors.

The reason all members of the Pilgrim Society have not been arrested is because they have used technology to mass mind control government staff throughout the world. 

The flicker rate of the smart phones of government staff and others is being used to transmit coded data through their eyes. They are also being bio-digitally programmed by their smart phone to disbelieve all warnings .
Technology is being used to plant false and naïve trust in them towards the evil new world order cabal who wish to centralize control of the world in one location which they alone would then control.

If you use a smart phone you have been programmed to feel tense and uncomfortable whenever subjects which the slave masters do not wish you to consider are introduced and you are programmed to feel at peace when you quickly change the subject. Smart grids are being set up through cities which can turn a whole city into a wifi hot stop so that wirelessly transmitted data can be sent to the brains of the people of that city which would force them to have unusual experiences or to develop unusual belief systems such as a false and irrational belief in the existence of extra-terresterials. Psychiatry is being illegally used to categorise all who inform the public that they have already become wirelessly tethered to the worldwide central enslavement system as being mentally ill which they are not.